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Marryat, Frederick. Percival Keene . 18-2083 Marshall, Charles. Introduction to the knowledge Peter Simple


and practice of gardening. B., 1799. 2 v. Poor Jack 18-2088b

4-24 The phantom ship 18-208.5 Same. 5th ed. L. 1813.


4-24* The poacher

18-2087 On planting and rural ornament; a practical The privateersman


treatise. 3d ed. L., 1803. 2 v. 8° 4-25 Settlers in Canada

18–2090 Marshall, Christopher. Passages from [his] diary. Snarleyyow; or, the dog fiend 18-2091

kept in Philadelphia and Lancaster during Valerie


the American revolution. v. 1. Pl., 1839-49 Marryat, H. 'One year in Sweden; including a

26-626 visit to the isle of Götland. L., 1862. 2 v. Marshall

, c. H. Butler, w. A. Memorial of 276_786

30-1967 A residence in Jutland, the Danish isles, and Marshall, E. C. Book of oratory; a new collection Copenhagen. L., 1860. 2 v.


of extracts in prose, poetry, and dialogue. Marryat, J. History of pottery and porcelain, medi


33-556 evaland modern. L., 1857. 8o. 5-95 History 'of the United States naval academy, Marrying by lot. C. B. Mortimer

18-2274 with biographical sketches, and the names of Marrying for money, Mrs. M. Daniels 18-810

all the superintendents, professors and graduMarrying too late. "G. Wood

N. Y., 1862

204_471 Marsden, J. B. Dictionary of Christian churches Marshall, F. Population and trade in France in and sects, from the earliest ages of Chris

1861,2. L., 1862

1-157 tianity. L. 80

32-1085 Marshall, G. W. Index to the pedigrees container Marsden, W. Bibliotheca Marsdeniana. Catalogue in the printed heralds' visitations. L., 1866. of books and manuscripts collected with a


274_800 view to the general comparison of languages,


, II. ' The history of Kentucky. v. 2. and to the study of oriental literature. L., Frankfort, 1824. 8°

26a_131 1827. 4° 21-329 Darlington, W. Memorials of

30-692 History of Sumatra; containing an account of Marshall, John, (Chief justice.) Life of George

the government, laws, customs, and manners Washington, with an introduction containing of the native inbabitants; with a description a compendious view of the colonies planted of the natural productions. 3d ed. L. 1811. by the English on the continent of North


America. Ph., 1804-7. 5v. 8o and atlas 4° Marshi, A. Adelaide Lindsay 18-1067

30-551 Angela

18-2100 Same, with atlas. 2a ed. Ph., 1832. 3 v. go Aubrey 18-2101

30-550 Castle Avon

18-2102 Same, written for the use of schools. Pl., 1839 Emilia Wyndham 18-2103

30-549 Evelyn Marston

18-2104 Opinion in the case of Garnett, exr. of Brooke Father Darcy, and Norman's bridge 18-2105

v. Mocon, et al. Richmond, 1825. 8° 2-64 Heiress of Haughton

18-2106 Writings upon the federal constitution. Lettice Arnold

1839. 80

2-782 Protestant reformation in France; or, history Marshall, John, F. R. Š. Outlines of physiology, of the Hugonots. L., 1847. 2 v. 8° 32-310

human and comparative. L., 1867. 2 v. Ravenscliffe 18-2108

10-813 Rose of Ashurst 18-2109 Marshall, Nelly. As by fire :

18-2112 Time, the avenger, and triumphs of time Marshall, S. Treatise on the law of insurance.

First Am. ed. B., 1805. go

2-03 Marsh, c. See Wightman, Mrs. C.

Marshall, T. F. Speeches and writings. Ed. by Marsh, C. C. Science of double-entry book-keeping W. L. Barre. Cin., 1858, 80

2-783 simplified. Ph., 1830. 89

1-84 Marshall, T. W. M. Christian missions; their agents, Marsh, G. P. The camel ; his organization, habits,

and their results. N. Y., 1864. 2 v. 89 and uses, considered with reference to his

32-1105 introduction into the U. S. B., 1856 9-585 Marshman, J. c. Life and times of Carey, MarsbLectures on the English language. N. Y.,

man, and Ward ; embracing the history of 1860. 80


thie Serampore mission. L., 1859. 2 v. go Man and nature; or, physical geography as

30-1124 modified by human action. N. Y., 1864. 8° History of India to the close of Dalhousie's


administration. v. 1, 2. L., 1867 28a-243 Marsh, Mrs. G. P. 'Wolfe of the Knoll, and other Marston, C. D. Fundamental truths. L., 1866 poems. N. Y., 1860. 23-571

32-2265 Marsh, H. The history of the politicks of Great Marston, John. Works; with notes, and some ac

Britain and France, from the conference at count of his life and writings, by J. O, Halli-
Piilnitz to the declaration of war against G. B.

well. L., 1856.

24-83 L., 1800. 80

274_3501 Marston, J. W. 'Anne Blake. F's s. D. v. 34 24-221 Marsh, James. See Coleridge, s.r.

A hard struggle. F's S. D. v. 39 24-221 Marsh, John. Epitome of general ecclesiastical his- A lady in her own riglit

18-2113 tory from the earliest period ; with a con- A life's ransom; a play. F's S. D. 1.36 24-221 densed account of the Jews since the destruc- Tlie patrician's daughter. F's S. D. v. 32 24-221 tion of Jerusalem. N. Y., 1864 . 32-1449 Pure gold. F's S. D. v. 41

24-221 - Temperance recollections; an autobiography. Marsupialia. G. R. Waterhouse v. 10 of 9-594 N. Y., 1866

30-1796 Marteille, J. Autobiography of a Frenclı protestant Marsh, J. B. Robin Hood


condemned to the galleys. Trans. from the Marsh, J. W. Memoir of A. F. Gardiner. L., 1857 French. L., 1866

30-1883 30-948 Same, with title; The Huguenot galley-slave. Marsh, L. The apocatastasis; or, progress back- N.Y., 1867

30-18836 wards; a new “tract for the times." Burling- Marten, H.' Forster, J. Life of 30-168,174 ton, 1854. 80

32-1616 Martene, E. De antiquis ecclesiæ ritibus libri. Marsh, Wilmot. Biblical versions of divine hymns, Antuerpiæ, 1763. 4 v. in 2. fo. 34-492

withi annotations. L., 1845. 89 32-1779 Martha ; a memorial of an only sister. A. Reed Marsh, Williamn, life of. C. Wightman 30–1965


3 v.

2 v.

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4 v.

Martha, opera of. F. v. Flotow

5-908 Marthe, A. Dormont

34-3188 Martial, M. V. Epigrammata. L., 1816 34-159

Epigrammaton libri. Evitit F. G. Schneidewin.
Lips., 1853

34-361 Martial and the moderns. A. Amos

22-906 Martial law as allowed by the law of England. W. F. Finlason

2-299 Martial law. See Military law. Martiall, J. See Calfhill, J.; Fulke, W. Martin vs. Mackonochil. See Phillimore, Sir R. Martin, B. Bibliotheca technologica ; or, a philo

logical library of literary arts and sciences. L., 1747

3:-916 Martin, C. The civil costume of England, from the conquest to the present time. L., 1842. 4°

274-4046 Martin, c. v. Bijon littéraire; anecdotes historiques

et extraits moraux des prose auteurs et poètes français. L., 1837

34-5172 Martin, E. See Labiche, E., et Martin. Martin, E. W. Life and public services of Schuyler

Colfax, together with his most imporiant speeches. N. Y., 1868. 8°

30-2388 Martin, F. Natural History, trans. from 37th German ed., by S. A. Myers. N. Y., 1861. 2 v.

9-947 Martin, Fr. Commercial landbook of France. L., 1867

1-292 Statesman's year-book; a statistical, genealog

ical, and historical account of the states and sovereigns of the civilized world. L., 1864-9.

292-194 Martin, H. listoire de France, jusqu'en 1789. 4me ed. P., 1865. 17 v. 80

34-4864 History of France, trans, by M. L. Bootii-the age of Louis XIV. B., 1865. 2 v. 8° 274_1810 Decline of the monarchy. 1866. 2 v.

274_1811 La Russie et l'Europe. P., 1866. go 34-4855 Martin, J. A bibliographical catalogue of books

privately printed. L., 1834. 2 v. 4° 21-330 Same. 2d ed. L., 1854. go

21-331 Martin, L. Esprit de Voltaire. B. et L., 1855 34-4118 Martin, L. C., and C. Trübner. The current gold

and silver coins of all countries, their weight and fineness, and their intrinsic value in Eng. Jish money. L., 1863. 80

1-326 Martin, M. A voyage to St. Kilda. 4th ed.

L., 1753. 8°

276-920 Martin, N. Poëtes contemporaines en Allemagne. P., 1860

34-3919 Martin, Þ. Histoire de l'expédition française en Egypte. P., 1815. 2 v. 8°

34-4921 Martin, R. M. Chiva ; political, commercial, and

social; in an official report to her majesty's government. L., 1847. 2 v. 8° 281-147 History, antiquities, topography, and statistics

of eastern India. L., 1838. 3 v. 8° 284-45 History of Austral-Asia, comprising New South

Wales, Van Diemen's island, Swan river, and

South Australia. 2d ed. L., 1839 296-209 History of the British possessions in the Indian

and Atlantic oceans, comprising Ceylon, Penang, Malacca, Sincapore, the Falklanci

islands, St. Helena, etc. L., 1837 286-505 History of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, the Sable

islands, New Brunswick, Prince Edward island, the Bermudas, Newfoundland, &c. &c. L., 1837

266--007 History of the possessions of the East India Company. L., 1837.

286-564 History of the West Indies, comprising Jamaica,

Honduras, Trinidad Tobago, Grenada the
Bahamas, and the Virgin isles. L., 1836. 2 v.

266-609 History, statistics, and geography of Upper and

Lower Canada. 2d ed. L., 1838 266--609 Ireland before and after the union with Great

Britain. 2d ed. L., 1848. 8. 27*-1478

Martin, R. M. Progress and present state of British

India ; a manual for general use, based on ollicial documents. L., 1862

281-409 Martin, S. Extra work of a London pastor. L., 1803

52-2192 Martin, T. See Dante; Horace. Martin, T. M. The national crisis. Pb., 1862. 8°

32-1519 Martin, W'm. Peter Parley's annual. L., 1867. go

33-13.54 Book of sports, games, and athletic exercises . L.

20-193 Martin, w. c. L. General bisiory of bumming

birds ; or, the trochilidae ; with especial reference to the collection of J. Gould. L., 18.52

9-38+ History of the dog; its origin, physical and

inoral characteristics, and its principal varie. ties. L., 1845

9-38:3 History of the horse ; its origin, plıysical and

moral characteristics, its principal varieties, and domestic allies; with an appendix on the diseases of the horse, by W. Youait. L., 1872

9-583 See jouait

, w: Martin Marprelate controversy. W. Maskeli

32-2319 Martin Beck. 'A. Harris

18-13,1 Martin Chuzzlewit. C. Dickens

18-869 Martin, l'enfant trouvé. E. Sue

34-3315 Martin Merrivale, his mark. J. T. Trowbridge

18-3324 Martin Pole. J. Saunders

18-2740 Martin Ratuler. R. M. Ballantyne

18–2.36 Martindale, J, C. History of the townships of By.

berry and Moreland, in Philadelphia. Pl., 1867

20-86 Martine, A. Perfect letter-writer and American

manual of etiquette. N. Y., 1867 33-750 Martineau, H. Biographical sketches . 30-2433

British rule in India ; a historical sketch. L., 1857

284_180 The charmed sea

18-3855 Deerbrook

18-2115 Eastern lite, past and present. Ph., 1818.

286-539 England and her soldiers. L., 1859 274_801 Feats on tlic fiord

18-2114 Guide to Windermere ; with tours to the neigli

boring lakes, and other interesting places. 4th ed. L. .

276-519 Hlay-time to hopping

18-2116 Ilealth, husbandry, and landicraft. L., 1861

33-893 History of England during the thirty years'

peace, 1816–46. L., 1849. 2 v. 8° 274-4000 Introduction to history of the peace, (1800–15.) L., 1851. 8°

274_4005 History of the peace; being a history of England

from 1816 to 1854; with an introduction, 1800-15. B., 1864-6. 4 v.

272_802 The hour and the man

18-2117 Household education. Ph., 1849

13-138 How to observe- Morals and manners. N. Y., 1838

15-46 Our farm of four acres and the money we made by it. 111b ed. L., 1859

4-117 Popular tales by Harriet Martineau. L.,1862. 8v.

The charmed sea; Berkeley, the banker
Briery creek; The three ages; The Farrers of bude
Life in the wilds; The hill and the valley : Brooke and
Manchester strike; Cousin Marshall; Ireland
Home abroad, etc.
Demerara ; Ella of Garveloch ; Weal and woe in Garre-

Sowers and ren pers; Cinnamon and pearls; A tale of the

Messrs. Vanderput and Snoek; The loom and the lugver
Retrospect of western travel. N. Y., 1838. 2 v.

26"-78 1845

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2 v.

Brooke fama

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2 v.

2 v.


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Martineau, H. Society in America. N. Y., 1837. Mary, queen of Scots. Letters; with an historical


introduction and notes, by A. Strickland. A See Comte, A.

new edition. L., 1845.

30-1638 Martineau, J. Essays; philosophical and theologi. Lettres, instructions et mémoires ; publiés sur cal. B., 1866. 80


les originaux, et les MSS. du state paper office, Miscellanies. B., 18.52


accompagnés d'un résumé chronologique, por Martineau, R. See Ewald, h.

A. Labanoff. L., 1844. 7 y. 8° 34-4782 Martinet, Albe. Religion in society; or, the solu. Abbott, J. History of

30-61.5 tion of great problems, placed within the Bell, H. G. Life of

30-352 reach of every mind. N. Y., [1850.) 2 v. Benger, E. 0. Memoirs of the life of 50-66. in 1

32–1757 Caird, A. M. Mary Stuart, her guilt or in noP.,

30-1770 1844,5. 5v. go

Campbell, H. Love letters of

30-23: 2 - La niña en casa.

T. T.

Chalmers, G. Life of

30-351 Martingale. See English country life 33-52 Headley, P. C. Life of .

30-760 Martingale, Hawser. [Pseud.] See Sleeper, J. S. Laing, S. History of Scotland 274_183: Martins of Cro’ Martin. C. Lever

18-1881 Lamartine, A. de. Mary Stuart 30-1176 Martinus Scriblerius. See Unsuspected observer. MacLeod, D. Life of

30-978 Martin, H. Journal and letters; abridged. N. Y., Mignet, F. A. A. Histoire de Marie Stuart 18.11 30-1007

34-39.53 Sargent, J. Memoir of:

History of

30-1212 Martyn, W.C. A history of the English Puritans. See Froude, J. A. History of England N. Y., 1867. 32-2332

279-425 The pilgrim fathers of New England. "N. Y., Mary and Florence. A. F. Tytler

18-3373 1867 32-2333 Mary and Hugo. E. (. Smith

18-2932 Martyr of Brentwood. W. H. G. Kingston 18-1769 Mary Barton. Mrs. E. C. Gaskell

18-1149 Martyr of Lebanon, Assad Shidiak. I. Bird 30–1590 Mary Bell. J. Abbott

18-10 Martyr of the Pongas. H. Caswall 30-966 Mary Brandegee. Cuyler Pine

18-2510 Martyr of Sumatra. H. Lyman. 30-911 Mary Bunyan. S. W. Ford

18-1125 Martyr president, the. R. H. Newell 23-794 Mary of Burgundy. G. P. R. James 18-1635) Martyr wife. T. S. Arthur

18-181 Mary Derwent. Mrs. A. S. Stephens 18-3007 Martyria. W. Mountford 18-3892 Mary Elmer. Mrs. F. M. Whitcher

18-3970 Mariyria ; or, Andersonville prison. A. c. Hamlin Mary Erskine. J. Abbott

18-11 204_837 Mary Lindsay. Lady Ponsonly

18-3575 Martyrs. Brown, J. n. Baptist martyrs 32-536 Mary Lyndon ; or, revelations of a life'. An autoButler, A. Lives of

biography. N. Y., 1855

18-3906 Foxe, J. Acts and monuments: book of martyrs Mary of Lorraine. J. Grant

18–1252 32-2010,11 Mary Powell, maiden and married life of. Miss A. Hodgson, w. Lives, sentiments, and sufferings


18-2042 Mary Sealiam. Mrs. Grey

18-1279 - O'Reilly, Myles. Irish martyrs and confessors Mary-Lafon. [Pseud. for Lafon, J. B.] See Jali


fry, the knight. – Tayler, Rev. C. B. Memorials of English m. Maryland. Banvard, J. Tragic scenes in bistory of 32-439

26_336 Martyrs du foyer. A. Kolland 34-5374 Bozman, J. History of

26a_19 Martyrs of the mutiny. J. Jenkins

32-1562 Chandler, J. R. commemoration of the landMartyrs, les. R. F. A. de Chateaubriand 34-5414

ing of the pilgrims

26"-611 Martyrs, the. R. F. A. de Chateaubriand 18–621 Constitution of

2-968 Martyrs of science. Sir D. Brewster

30–48 Davis, G. L. Birth and growil of toleration in Martyrs of Spain. Mrs. E. Charles 18-2119

209-334 Marvel, Ik. [Pseud.) See Mitchell, D. G.

Griffith, T. w. Early history of 264-9:3 Marvell, A. Poetical works; with a memoir of the Hawks, F. L. Ecclesiastical history of author. B., 1857 23-443

v. 2 of 32-1334 Marvels of nature. E. Noyce

9-949 Higgins, j. Industrial resources of 206-677 Marvels of rond-life. H. J. Slack

9-629 Jacobs, M. Notes on rebel invasion of 264-508 Marvels of science. S. W. Fullom

32-2232 Latrobe, J. H. B. History of Mason and Dixon's Marx, A. B. General musical instruction. B. 8°


262_611 5-1200 McSherry, J. History of

26"-142 - Die Lehre von der musikalischen komposition, Neill, E. D. Colonial history of 26__880 praktisci theorisch. Leip., 1847–52. 4 v. 8° Noyes, G. F. Campaign sketches in 264-502

34-2252 Maryland institute for the promotion of the mechanic Theory and practice of musical composition. arts. Catalogue of books. Balt., 1865. go Trans, and ed. by K. S. Saroni. N. Y., 18.12.

21-385 80

5-1051 Twelfth annual report. Balt; 1860 6-881 Mary, mother of Christ. Charles, Mrs. E. Mary, Masaniello of Naples. Mrs. H. R. St. Jobn the handmaid of the Lord 32-1636

27_2457 Melia, R. The woman blessed by all genera- Mascaron, J. See Bossuet, J. B.; Fléchier, E. tions

32-2511 Masenius, J. Sarcotis, et Caroli V. Imp. panegyris Wiseman, N. Sermons on


carmina ; tum de heroica pocsi tractatus. L., Mary I, queen of England. Tytler, P. F. England 1771

34-451 under Edward and Mary

274_1180 Masheder, R. Right Hon. Wm. Ewart GladMary II, of England. Strickland, A. (Lives of stone, M. P.; a political review. L., 1865 the queens) v. 10,11 of 30–446

274-805 Mary Beatrice, or Modena, queen consort of James Masius, H. Studies from nature. Trans. by C. II, of England. Strickland, A. [Lives of

Boner. L., 1854. 80.

9-1038 the queens]

v. 9,10 of 30-446 Maskell, W. History of the Martin Marpelate conMary, queen of Scots. Letters and documents con

troversy in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. I, nected with her personal history; with an

32-2319 introduction, by A. Strickland. L., 1842,3. Mason, C. History of the holy catholic inquisition

Ph., 1835


3 y.

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Mason, E. H. B. Civilizing mountain men; or, Massachusetts. Buck, E. Ecclesiastical law of sketches of mission work among the Karens.

32-1770 Ed. by L. N. R. 2d ed. L., 1862 32-1058 Carpenter, w. u. History of

264-513 Samc, under title “Great expectations realized.” Discussions on proposed constitution 2-950 Ph., 1862

32-10582 Flint, C. L. Reports on agriculture of 4-300 Mason, E'V. Southeri poems of the war. Balt., Headley, P. C. Massachusetts in the rebellion 1867 23-890

264834 Mason, G. C. Application

of to manufactures. Hitchcock, E. Final report on geology of N. Y., 1838 6-366

9-1203 Newport illustrated, in a series of pen and pencil Holland, J. G. History of western M. 26-389 sketches. N. Y., 1854

266-536 Hutchinson, T. History of province of M. bay Mason, G. H. Costume of China, illustrated by

262-110 sixty engravings, with explanations in Eng. Johns, H. T. Life with the forty-ninth M. volunlish and French. L., 1800. 4° 286-337

268-573 Mason, John, (L. R. C. S. E.) Three years in Tur

Minot, G. R. History of Massachusetts bay key; the journal of a medical mission to the

26*-411 Jews. L., 1860. 80

281-379 Moore, G. H. History of slavery in 262-778 Mason, Jolin, (Maj.) Ellis, Geo. E. Life of. (S. Thornton, J. W. Landing at Cape Anne A. B. 13) 30-497

264492 Mason, Rev. John. Treatise on sell-knowledge, Washburn, E. Judicial history of 264-647

showing the nature and benefit of that im- Young, A. First planters of colony 202_236 portant science, B., 1821

15-47 See Rafn, C. C. Antiquitates Americanae Mason, J. M. Van Vechten, J. Memoirs of 30-894

34-496 Mason, L. Musical letters from abroad, including

See Andover;' Beverly; Boston ; Cape Cod; detailed accounts of the Birmingham, Nor- Hanover; Lowell; Plymouth; Puritans; wich, and Dusseldorf musical festivals of 1852.

Taunton ; Woburn.
N. Y., 1854
5-1009 Massachusetts historical society collections.

First and G. J. Webb. The Lyrist ; a selection of series. v. 8, 9, 10. B. 3v. 8° 264_387 new songs, duetts, and trios. B., 1838. 4° Second series. v. 4-10. B. 6 v. 8° 26o-388

5-974 Massachusetts state prison. Haynes, G. Pictures Mason, William. Poenis. 4ih ed. n. Y., 1774. 8. from prison life

2-702 23-797 Caractacus ; a dramatic poem. m. B. D. v. 2

Massacre of St. Bartholomew. Normand, 1. de
Two eras

272_1689 24-142 Massacre of Saint Bartholomew. H. Wiiite 272_1954 Same. B. B. T. v. 16 :

24-71 Massacre of St. Bartholomew. Mme de Bawr 18-2013 Elfrida ; a dramatic poem. M.B.D.v. 2 24–142 Massé, A. Pas Encore ! Geneve et P., 1862 34-3911 Same. B. B. T. v. 16 24-71 Masses. Farmer, H. Moss in B flat

5-954 See Gray, T., and W. Mason .

30-1646 Haydn, J. Fourth, sixth and sixteenth masses Mason, W. `Arts, advancement; method of short- (in B flat)

5-851 hand writing. L., 1682

Mass in c. No. 2

5-8.50 Mason, W., and E s. Hondly. Method for the Mass in G. No. 7

5-853 piano-forte. N. Y., 1867. 4°

Third mass in D

5-852 Mason and Dixon's Line. Latrobe, J. H. B. History Monti's mass in B flat

5-874 of

26a-611 Mozart, J. C. W. T. Second mass in C 5–801 Mason, N. H. Hill , J. B. History 262-643

Seventh mass in B flat

5-802 Masonic biography and dictionary. A. Row 2–839

Twelfth mass

5-803 Masonic discourses. J. R. Chandler


5-804 See Freemasonry

Peters, W. C. Selection

5-953 Masonic harp, the. G. W. Chase 5-1082 Weber, C. M. v. Mass in G

5-863 Masonic register. L. Hyneman

2-733 Massett, s. C. “Drifting about ;' or, what “Jeems Masonic museum. J. Hardcastle


Pipes of Pipesville saw and did" 18-2121 Masonry. Dobson, E. Rudimentary treatise on Massey, G. Poems. 4th ed. B., 1864 23-451

6-41 Shakspeare's sonnets, never before interpreted; See Building; Freemasonry.

his private friends identified, together with a Masquerade, and other poems. J. G. Saxe 23–842 recovered likeness of himself. L., 1866. 80 Masques d'or, les. A. des Essarts 34-4621

22-1129 Massachusett language. Eliot, J. Indian gram- Massey, William. 'Origin and progress of letters

. mar begun

v. 9 of 264-388
L., 1763. 80

21-321 Massachusetts. Charters and general laws of the Massey, William, M.P. History of England during

colony and province of Massachusetts Bay; the reign of George III. L., 1855–60. 4 v. go carefully collected from the public records and

273-810 ancient printed books, with an appendix. Massie, J. w. America; the origin of her present Published by order of the general court.

conflict; her prospect for the slave, and her 1814. 80


claim for anti-slavery sympatlıy. L., 1864 Records of the governor and company. Ed.

266-497 by N. B. Shurtleff. B., 1853. 5 v. in 6. 4° Massillon, J. B. Petit carême; sermons et morceaux

choisis. P., 1863

34-3513 Speeches of the governors, from 1765 to 1775, Sermons; with life of the author. L., 1826. 8° and the answers of the liouse of representa

32-137 tives to the same, with their resolutions and Morceaux choisis de. See Pascal :

34_3572 addresses for that period, and other public See Fléchier, E. papers relating to the dispute between this Massingberd, F. C. The English reformation. country and Great Britain, which led to the

ed. L., 1866

32-1907 independence of the United States. B., 1818. Massinger, P.' Plays; with notes, critical and ex. 80


planatory, by W. Gifford. L., 1845. 30 Barry, J. S. History of 26_362

24-21 Batchelder, S., jr. Laws relating to manufac- The bondman. M. B. D. v. i

24-142 turmg corporations

The duke of Milan. D. L. T. v. 4 24-107 Bradford, A History of, 1620–1820 264_032 A new way to pay oid debts. B. 1. v. 1 24143 History of,. 1764-177) 264-633 Same. F's S. D. v. 5


24-921 10-538 Mathew, T. Bermingham, J. Memoir of 30-354 Headland, F. W. Action of medicines 10-204 M: aire, J. F. Father Mathew

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Massinger, P. A new way to pay old debts. M. Materia medica, therapeutics, and pharmacy.
B. D. v. 3


Langham, W. Garden of health 10-773 — and Field. Tlie fatal dowry.' M. B. D. v. 1 Morfit, C. Pharmaceutical manipulations 8–38

24-142 Nelivan, J. M. Uses of medicines 10-309 et al. The old law.' v. i

24-98 Parrish, E. Introduction to practical pharmacy Masson, A. M. B. Gaudichot. Un Couronne

10-287 d'Épines. P., 1862

34-3514 Stille, A. ' Therapeutics and materia medica See Scribe, A. E. Théâtre com.-v.

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Tully, w. Materia medica

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10-201 [ Barrière, J. F.].

V. 23 of 34-3519 – Sce Diseases; Dispensatories; Chemistry; Ec Masson, D. British novelists and their styles ; be

lectic medicine; Electricity , Electro-physioloing a critical sketch of the history of Britishi gy; Homeopathy; Inhalation ; and names prose fiction. B., 1859


of diseases, and remedies. Essays, biographical and critical; chiefly on Materia musica. J. C. Engelbrecht

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15-279 30-1130 Paine, M.' Discourse on soul and instinct 15-92 – Recent British philosophy ; a review, with criti- Thought not a function of the brain 15-345 cisms; including some comments

on Mr.
Materials for thought. G. Allen

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and W. G. Peck. Mathematical dictionary Master minds of the west. E. P. Hood 33-106

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Mathematical tables

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11-507 80

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18-2124 Materia medica, therapeutics, and pharmacy. Bal

- See Algebra ; Arithmetic; Calculus; Conic sec. lard, E., and L. B Garrod. Elements of tions ; Equations ; Geometry ; Logarithms; materia medica and therapeutics . 10-373

Porisms; Probabilities; Quaternions; Trigo. Barton, E. S. Essay towards a materia inedica

nometry. of the U. S.

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ecclesiastical history of New England, (1620 use of electricity

98.) Hart.. 1920. 2 v.

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the earlier days of American colonization ; - Dunylison, R. "Therapeutics and materia medica with introductory preface by G. Offor. L.,


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. 10-385 Alb., 1843. 4°

9-1226 Garrod, A. B.' Essentials of materia medica Matheson, J. See Reed, A

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