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Mackintosh, James. Memoirs; ed. by R. J. McLeod, J. Narrative of a voyage to the Yellow Mackintosh. B., 1853. 2 v. 80 30-759

sea, along the coast of Corea. Ph., 1818. 8° Speeches. See Chatham, Burke, et al. 2-931

280-86 et al. History of England. L., 1830–4. 10 v.

McLeod, L. Travels in Enstern Africa ; with the 27a-780

narrative of a residence in Mozambique. L., Mackintosh, John.' Macleod, n. 'Memorials of

1860. 2 v.

286-341 30–1996 Macleod, N. The earnest student; being memorials Mackintosh. See McIntosh..

of J. Mackintosh. L., 1863

30-1996 Macklin, C. Love à la mode. M. B. D. 5 24-142 Eastward. L., 1966. 8°

280_533 The man of the world: a comedy. B. D. v. 1 Highland parish

18-2004 24-143 Old lieutenant and his son

18-2003 Same. D. L.T. 24-107 Parish papers. L., 1862

32-1038 Same. B. B. T. v. 24

24-71 Reminiscences of a highland parish. L., 1867 Same. I. B. T. v. 16 24-141

33-1311 Kirkman, J. T. Life of; with his observations The starling

18–3871 on the drama

30-1019 and T. Guthrie. Wind-wafted seed. L., 1868 MacKnight, T. History of the life and times of

32–2429 Edmund Burke. L., 1858-60. 3 v. 80 Maclise, j. comparative astrology. 1., 1847. ^ 30-1063

9-1239 Life of Henry St. Jolin, viscount Bolingbroke. Surgical anatomy. Ph., 1859.

10-462 L., 1863. go

30-9.59 Maclure, W. Observations on the geology of the The right honorable' Benjamin Disraeli ; a liter- United States ; with remarks on soils. Ph., ary and scientific biography. L., 1854. 89

1817. 8°

9-339 30-1137 Opinions on various subjects dedicated to indus- Thirty years of foreign policy; a history of the trious producers. New Harmony, 1831. 8° secretaryships of the earl of Aberdeen and

2-779 viscount Palmerston. L., 1855.80 271–1251 McMahon, B.' American garilener's calendar, adMaclachlan, A. N. C. Napoleon at Fontainebleau apted to the United States. 9th ed. Ph., and Elba; being a journal of occurrences in

1839. 80

4-22 1814,15, with notes of conversations by the late Same. 11th ed. Pi., 1857. go : 4-22 Sir N. Campbell ; with a memoir of the life McMahon, J. H. See Aristotle. and services of that officer. L., 1869. 89 MacMahon, T. W. Cause and contrast; an essay

274_1794 on the American crisis. Richmond, 1862. 8 McLachlan, c. I dine with my mother. F's M. D.

264_1904 V. 14

24-113 McManus, H. Sketches of the Irish highlands; See Decourcelle, A.; and L. Thiboust.

descriptive, social, and religious, with special Maclaren, A. Training in theory and practice. L., reference to Irish missions in West Connaught. 1866. 8°

L., 1863

271-683 Maclaren, c. Plain of Troy described ; and the Macmillan, H. Bible teachings in nature. N. Y.. identity of the Ilium of Homer with the new


32-2298 Ilium of Strabo proved. E., 1863. 8

- Foot notes from the page of nature; or, first 286-426

forms of vegetation. Camb., 1861 9-58 Sketch of the geology of Fife and the Lothians. Macmillan's magazine. Ed. by David Masson. 2d ed. 1866

v. 1-19. Camb., 1860-9. 8°

17-159 Maclaurin, Colin. Treatise on fluxious. L., 1801.

McMurtrie, H. Sketches of Louisville and its en2 v. 80


virons ; including a Florula Louisvillensis. McLean, John. Notes of a tweniy-five years' ser- Louisville, 1819. 8°

266-596 vice in the Hudson's bay territory. L., 1819. Macnaghten, S. Select cases argued in the bigh


court of chancery. 2d ed. Ph., 1851. 8° MacLean, J. See Hooker, J.

v. 74 of 2-55 Maclear, G. F. The Christian statesman and our MacNally, L. Fashionable levities : a comedy. . Indian empire ; or, the legitimate sphere of

v. 10 of 24-141 government countenance and aid in the pro- Macnamara, H. Nullities and irregularities in law. motion of Christianity in India. 2d ed.

Ph., 1855.

V. 89 of 2-55 Camb., 1859 32–819 M'Naughton, J. H. “Babble brook's

songs. B., 1864 History of Christian missions during the middle

23-768 ages. Camb., 1803

32–1769 MacNeill, H. (Walslı's Br. poets v. 3.1) 23-30 Outlines of old testament history for youth. MacNevin, T. Lives and trials of eminent Irishmen. Ph., 1869

Dub., 1846. 89

30-339 McLennan, J. F. Primitive marriage; an inquiry – Memoir of R. L. Shiel. I, 1847. So

2-856 into the origin of the form of capture in iar- M'Nicoll, D. H. Dictionary of natural history riage ceremonies. E., 1863. 80 294_161

terms; with their derivations, including the Macleod, A. C. Acholic diseases; comprising jaun

various orders, genera, and species. L., 1863 dice, diarrhæa, dysentery, and cholera ; with

9-981 treatise on bile, the bilious function, and Macnish, R. Anatomy of drunkenness.' N. Y., 1835 the action of cholagogues. L., 1866. 8°

10-76 10-682 - Tales, essays, and sketches; ivith the author's MacLeod, D. Bloodstone


life. By D. M. Moir. L., 1844. 2 v. 30–1654 Life of Mary, queen of Scots. N. Y., 1857

M'Parlan, J. Statistical survey of the county of 30-978 Donegal. · Dub., 1862. go

270-872 - Life of Sir Walter Scott.' N.Y., 1852 30-716 Statistical survey of the county Leitrim. Dub., Pynnshurst

1802. Yo

276-934 McLeod, G. A. H. Sen drifts

18-2005 McPherson, E. Political history of the United Macleod, G. H. B. Notes on the surgery of the war States during the great rebellion ; with organi

in the Crimea ; with remarks on the treat- zation, legislation, and general proceedings ment of gunshot wounds. Ph., 1862 10–253

of the rebel administration. W., 1864. 8° Macleod, H. D. Theory and practice of banking;

264_571 with the elementary principles of currency,

Same. 2d ed.' w., 1865. 80

264_5714 prices, credit, and exchanges. L., 1855,6. Political manual for 1868.

1868. 80 2 y. 8° 1-177


2 v.



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2 v.

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Macpherson, J. Introduction to the history of Madden, R. R. Travels in Turkey, Egypt, Nubia,
Great Britain and Ireland. L., 1771. 40

and Palestine. Ph., 1830. 2 v. 285-85

274_4017 The Turkishi empire in its relations with Christi. Macpherson, s. c. 'Memorials of service in India.

anity and civilization. L., 1862. 2 v. 8 Ed. by W. Macpherson. L., 1865. 8° 30–1770

274_3183 Macpherson, W. Law relating to infants. Ph., A twelvemonth's residence in the West Indies, 1843. 80

v. 41 of 2-55

during the transition from slavery to appren. Macpherson letters. A. c. Hills

ticeship. Ph., 1835.

26-76 Macqueen, F. Rights and liabilities of husband and United Irishmen; their lives and times. Ph., wife, at law and in equity. Ph., 1848,9. 80

1842. 2 v.

30-340 v. 59 & 66 of 2-55

Third series. Düb., 1846.' 3 v. 8° 30-340 M'Queen, Hugh. The orator's touchstone; or, Maddox, J. M. The king and the deserter. F's S. eloquence simplified. N. Y., 1854 22-672

D. v. 39

24-221 M'Queen, J. Memoir on Abyssinia. See Isenberg, Maddyn, D. o. Chiefs of parties; with original C. W.

anecdotes. L., 1859. 2 v.

30–1177 Macray, W. D. Annals of the Bodleian library. Madeira. Dix, J. A. Winter in

276-236 Oxford, 1598–1867. L., 1868 21-218 Sketches in

276-406 McRae, A. T. Map of the battle ground of Green Madeleine, une nouvelle. c. Henry 34-3395 brier river. Richmond 26_1903 Madeleine. C. P. de Kock

34-4761 McRee, G. J. Life and correspondence of James Madeleine. J. Sandeau

34-3712 Iredell. N. Y., 1857,8. 2 v. 80 30-1133 Madelène, J. de la. Brigitte, le Comte Alghiera. McSherry, J. History of Maryland, from 1634 to

P., 1861

34-4087 1848. Balt., 1849. 8° 264_142 Madeline. T. S. Arthur

18–181 M'Sherry, R. El Puchero; or, a mixed dish from Madeline. Julia Kavanagh

18_1718 Mexico. Ph., 1850 266-209 Madeline. Mrs. A. Opie

v 1. of 18_2394 M'Vickar, John. Outlines of political economy. Madeline Clare. C. Mayne

18-2165 N. Y., 1825. 80 3-153 Madelon. E. About

34-4628 See Coleridge, S. T. Aids to reflection 15-22 Madelon Hawley. W. E. Bridee

18-329 Macvicar, J. G. Philosophy of the beautiful. E., Mademoiselle cinquante millions. St. Mars 34–4022 1855

5-202 Mademoiselle Cleopatre. A. Houssaye 34-5608 MacWhorter, A. Yahveh Christ; or, the memorial Mademoiselle de Belle-Isle. A. Dunias 34-3224

name; with an introductory letter by N. W. Mademoiselle de Cardonne. H. A. A. de Gondrecourt
Taylor. B., 1857

McWhorter, G. C.' Popular hand-book of the New Mademoiselle de Clermont.' Mme de Geulis
Testament. N. Y., 1864

34-3348,4730 Madagascar. Drury, R. Adventures in Mademoiselle de La Fayette. Mme de Genlis v. 5 of 30-1878

18-1170 Ellis, Mrs. s. s. Social and religious progress of Mademoiselle de la Seiglière.' J. Sandeau 34–3713

281-422 Mademoiselle de la Seiglière : comédie. J. Sandeau Ellis, W. History of 284_64

34-3723 Three visits to

286-275 Mademoiselle de Malepeire. C. Reybaud 34-3643 Missions and martyrs in 32-1330 Mademoiselle de Marsan. C. Nodier

34-3605 Pfeiffer, I. Lasi travels

296-187 Mademoiselle de Maupin. T. Gautier 34-3346 Voyage à M.

34-3969 Mademoiselle du Rosier. A. Achard 34-4002 Riaux, F. Notice historique

34-3969 Mademoiselle de Tournon. Mme de Souza 34-4260 Rochon, Abbe. Voyage to

29b-54 Mademoiselle la Quintinie. Mme Dudevant 34-41.54 Ryan, B. W. Visit to

286_145 Mademoiselle la Ruine. X. de Montépin et E. Madame Bovary. G. Fleubert


Madame de Beaupré. Mrs. C. Jenkin 18-4165 Mademoiselle Mariani. A. Houssaye 34-4074
Madame de Maintenon. Mme de Genlis 18-1169 Mademoiselle Merquem. Mme Dudevant 18_4077
Madame de Rieux. Mme C. Reybaud 34-4254 Mademoiselle Million. Mme U. Ratazzi 34-5264
Madame de Sommerville, J. Sandeau 34-3718 Mademoiselle Mori

18-2006 Mme de Stael. A. Bölte

18-4183 Mademoiselle Robespierre. St. Mars 344023 Madame de Valnoir. C. P. de Kock

34-4833 Madge; or, night and morning. H. B. Goodwin Madame Fontenoy 18-2008

18-2007 Madame Gil Blas. P. Féval

34-3328 Madiai, story

of the; with notices of efforts made Madame n'est pas chez elle. M. de Grandfort in Europe and America in their behalf. N.

Y., 18.13

32-446 Madame Olympe. H. Murger

34-5368 Madison,'J. Letters, and other writings. Published Madame Pistache. P. Féval


by order of congress. 1769–1836. Ph., 1865. Madame Rose. A. Achard

4 v. 80

262_725 Madame Thérèse. Erckmann-Chatrian 18-4163 Papers purchased by order of congress; being Madden, D. O. Life of H. Grattan. See Davis, T.

his correspondence, and reports of debates 30-2312

during the congress of the confederation, and Madden, Sir F. See Bible ; Layamons Brut.

his reports and debates in the Federal conMadden, R. R. The history of Irish periodical

vention. W., 1840. 3 v. 8°

262_765 literature. L., 1867. 2 v. 80 22-1124 Rives, W. C. Life and times of 30-1204 Infirmities of genius illustrated. Ph., 1833. 2 Madoc. R. Southey

23-279 33–406 Madonna Mary. Mrs. Oliphant :

18-3888,3797 Lite and martyrdom of Savonarola ; illustrative Madonne de Marçay

34-4650 of the history of church and state connexion. Madras. Report of the sanitary commissioner for 2d ed. L., 1854. 2 v. 8o.

1866. 80

10–1011 Life and times of Robert Emmet; also a memoir Madrid, imprisonment at. J. van Halen 27h-188 of Thomas Addis Emmet. N. Y., 1857 Madrid in 1835; sketches of the metropolis of Spain


and its inhabitants, and of society and man. Literary life and correspondence of the countess ners in the peninsula. By a resident officer.

N. Y., 1836. 8°

Phantasmata ; or, illusions and fanaticisms of Maffei, Count. Brigand life in Italy: a history of
protean forms productive of great evils. L., Bourbonist reaction. L., 1865. 2 v.
1857. 2 v. 80



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N. Y.,

"Maga excursion papers;" traveller's notes 295–289 Magoon, E. L.

Westward empire; or, the great Maga social papers. N. Y., 1867 .


drama of human progress. N. Y., 1856 "Maga social papers." About babies, good-looking

29a-170 people, etc.

33–1385 Maguire, J. On the measures of ratios. See New18-3869,3953

14-9 Magasin des enfans. Leprince de Beaumont 34-5064 Maguire, J. F. Father Mathew; a biography. Magazin de librairie. P., 1858. 4v. 8° 34-4522

N. Y., 1864

30-1486 Magdalen Hepburn. Mrs. M. Oliphant 18-2383 The Irish in America. N. Y., 1868

266-674 Magee, W. Atonement and sacrifice. L., 1849. 8

its ruler and its institutions. N. Y., 32-1357 1860

276_782 Magendie, F. ' Compendium of pliysiology. Trans. Maguire, T. Essay on the Platonic idea. L., 1866. by E. Milligan. E., 1823. 8°


15-287 Magens, N. An essay on insurance. 1., 1755. 2 v. Magyars

, poetry of the. J. Bowring 23-866

1-524 Mahábárata, selections from the ; ed. by F. Johnson. Maggie Miller. Mrs. M. J. Holmes

L., 1842. 80

22-388 Magic. Adams, W. H. D. Dwellers on the thres- Mahaffy,'J. P. See Fischer, K. hold

11-237 | Mahan, A. Modern mysteries explained and exBrewster , n. Letters on natural m. 11-11

posed. B., 1855

32-1579 Ennemoser, J. History of

11-241 Science of logic; or, an analysis of the laws of Piesse, G. W. S. Chymical, natural, and phys- thought. N. Y., 1857

15-212 ical m.

20-202 The science of natural theology. B., 1867 Wylde, J. Magic of science : 11-169

32-2367 See Necromancers.

Mahan, D. H. Elementary course of civil engineerMagic ring, and other oriental fairy tales 18-2009 ing. N. Y., 1846. go

6-126 Magic staff. A. J. Davis

30–1510 Elementary course of military engineering, pt. Magician's own book; or, the whole art of conjuring; I; comprising field fortification, military

being a complete handbook of parlor magic. mining, and siege operations. N. Y., 1865.
N. Y.


6-648 Magician's show-box, and other stories 18-2010 - Industrial drawing; comprising the description Magicien des salons. Richard


and uses of drawing instruments, the conMagie, D. Spring-time of life, or, advice to youth. struction of plane figures, etc.

1855. N. Y., 1855


5-101 Magill, E. N. French grammar; with a French, Treatise on fielà fortification. . N. Y., 1860 English, and Latin vocabulary. B., 1867

6-647 *22-160 Mahan, M. The exercise of faith in its relation to Maginn, w. Fraserian papers; annotated, with a authority and private judgment. Ph., 1851 life of the author, by R. S. Mackenzie. N.

32-326 Y., 1857

33-338 The spiritual point of view; or, the glass re– Homeric ballads and comedies of Lucian. versed : an answer to Bishop Colenso. N. Y., Trans. and annotated by R. S. Mackenzie. N.


32-1012 Y., 1856 23-950 Mahà ràjas, history of the sect of

32-1631 Odoherty papers. N. Y., 1855. zv. 33-335 Mahávansi, the rájá-ratnácari, and the rájá-vali; Shakespeare papers. Annotated by R. S. Mac- forming the sacred and historical books of kenzie. N. Y., 1856


Ceylon; also, a collection of tracts illustraMagliano, P. da. See Francis of Assisi.

tive of the doctrines and literature of BuddMagna charta. Somers, Ld. Rights of English

hism. Trans. from the Singhalese; ed. by 2-866

E. Upham. L., 1833. 3 v. 8°. 32-1860 – Thomson, R. "Historical essay; with charter Mahomet. See Mohammed. in Latin and English

2-180 Mahon, Lord. See Stanhope, P. H. Magnalia Christi Americana. c. Mather

32-135 Mahony, F., and F. Murply. Reliques of Father Magnet stories. M. A. Mackarness, et al. 18-2011 Prout; ed. by C. Yorke. L., 1860 33-791

- Palmer, L. Drifting and steering 18-3935 Mahoney, s. 1. Six years in the monasteries of Magnetiseur, le. F. Soulie


Italy, and two years in the islands of the Magnetism. Annuaire magnetique et meteoro- Mediterranean, and in Asia Minor ; containlogique de Russe


ing a view of the manners and customs of the Bache, A. D. Discussion of magnetic and popish clergy. Ph., 1836

276_78 ineteorological observations v. 14 of 11-502 Mahraita empire, notes on late transactions in. R. Plates


284_406 Davis, D. Manual of

11-17 Mai, A. See Bible. Harris, W. S. Rudimentary m. 11-298 Maid of honor. Mme de Bawr 18-2013,3648 Hopkins, E. Terrestrial m. 9-331 Maid of Orleans. Miss J. Robinson

18-1198 Scoresby, W. Voyage for magnetical research Maiden, the. Arthur, T. S., [in three eras) 18-189

296_162 Maiden and married life of Mary Powell. Miss A. Walker, E. Terrestrial and cosmical m. 11-315 Manning

18-2042 See Electricity ; Galvanism ; Mesmerism. Maiden aunt. °R. B. Knowles

18-2014 Magnetism of ships, and deviations of the compass ; Maiden sisters

18-2015 a series of papers from the transactions of for: Maidment, J. Scottish ballads and songs, historieign societies, by Poisson, Airy, Smith, Evans, cal and traditionary. E., 1868. 2 v. 80 and Rundell; with other papers and docu

23-999 ments. Reprinted under direction of T. A. Maillard, A. M. Matrimonial shipwrecks ; or, mere Jenkins, chief of bureau of navigation ; ed.,

human nature

18-2019 and the memoir of Poisson translated, by B. Miles Tremenhere

18-2020 F. Greene. W., 1867. 80.

11-331 Main, J. Illustrations of vegetable physiology, Magoon, E. L. Living orators in America. N. Y., practically applied. 2d ed. L., 1835 9-98 1849

22-675 Main, R. Practical and spherical astronomy: - Orators of the American revolution. N. Y., 1848 Camb., 1863. 89

12-64 30–1737 Rudimentary astronomy.' L., 1852 12-87 – Proverbs for the people; or, illustrations of Main, T. J., and T. Brown. Indicator and dynam

practical godliness drawn from the book of ometer; with their practical applications 10 wisdom. B., 1849

the steam-engine. Ph., 1864. 8 6-364



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Main, T. J., and T. Brown. Marine steam-engine. Maitres Sonneurs. Mme Dudevant

34-3699 From the 4th L. ed. Ph., 1864. 8° 6-504 Maitresse anonyme. E. Scribe

34-3732 Questions on subjects connected with the marine Maitresse de maison. S. Ulliac-Trėmadeure 34-3876 steam-engine, and examination papers. Ph., Maitresses du roi. St. Mars ,

34-5346 1863

6-505 Maittaire, M. Annales typographici, ab artis invenia Main gauche et la main droite. St. Mars 34-5336

origine ad annum MDXXXVI. Hage-Com., Main sanglante. X. de Montépin

1719-22. 3 v. 4°.

21-328 Maine, H. S. Ancient law ; its connection with the Maize. See Indian corn.

early history of society and its relation to Majendie, V. D. Up among the Pandies; or, a year's
modern ideas. L., 1861 8°

service in India. L., 1859

286-308 Maine de Biran. See Naville, E.

Major, R. H. The life of Prince Henry of Portugal, Maine. Thoreau, H. D. Maine woods 266_456

surnamed the Navigator, and its results. L., Water-power of

1868. 80

30-2357 Williamson, W. D. History of 264_228 Major Downing's letters. Seba Smith :

18-2948 Willis, W. Law, courts, and lawyers of 2–191 Major Gabagan. W. M. Thackeray 18–3182,3193

Winthrop, T. Life in the open air 33-955 Major Jones' courtship and sketches of travel. W. Maine historical Society collections. Portland, T. Thompson

18-2028 1831-59. 6 v. 80

264-645 Major Roger Sherman Potter, life and adventures of, Mainstone's housekeeper. Eliza Meteyard 18-2200 by Pheleg von Truesdale

18-2029 Maintenon, F. d'Aubigne de. Lettres sur l'éduca- Majorca, an autumn in. J. w. ciayton 27"-9.55 tion des filles, avec un commentaire, et des Make or break. W. T. Adams

18–3940 notes par T. Lavallée. P., 1854 34-3502 Making of the American nation. J. A. Partridge Le Roi, J. A. Curiosités historiques 34-4578

262-828 See Genlis, Mme de; Héquet, G.

Mal du siècle.' H. Conscience

34-3159 Mainzer, Dr. Music and education. L., 1848. go Malacology. See Conchology ; Mollusca.

5-1045 Malan, C. H. A. Les grains de Seneve, ou Recueil Mair, J. Book-keeping modernised; or, merchant de traités-religieux. P., 1844. 2 v. 34–5163

accounts by double entry, according to the Malan, S. C. Life and times of St. Gregory the illuItalian form. 4th ed. E., 1786. 8° 1-47

minator. L., 1868. 8°

30-2393 Mair, R. H. Debrett's illustrated house of commons, An outlive of the early Jewish church, from a and the judicial bench. L., 1867 274-327

Christian point of view. L., 1867. v. 1. 89 Educator's guide, or handy book. L., 1866. 8°

32-1976 13-131 Systematic catalogue of the eggs of British birds, Maison abandonnée Mme M. Joly 34-4077

arranged with a view to supersede the use of Maison blanche, la. C. P. de Kock 34–476.5

labels for eggs. L., 1848. 89

9--688 Maison blanche. Mme E. de Pressensé 34-3629 See John, gospel of. Maison de glace. A. Dumas 34-5441 Malaria. La Roche, R.

10-360 Maison de Paris. E. Berthet

34-4733 See Fevers. Maison de Penarvan. J. Sandeau

34-3720 Malayan India. Cameron, J. Our possessions in Maison du baigneur. A. Maquet 34-5215

281-468 Maison isolée. É. Souvestre 34-4684 Favre, R.' Wiid tribes of

296-319 Maison Nucingen. H. de Balzac .

34-3057 Malaysia.' Lay, G. T. Notes during voyage in Maison No. 3. F. Soulié 34-3765

296-193 Maison rouge. E. Souvestre 34-5459 Osborn, s. Journal in

286-348 Maistre, J. de. Letters on the Spanish inquisition, Thomson, J. T. Glimpses into life in the far with notes and illustrations by T.J.OʻFlaherty.


28b-462,3 B., 1850

32–1751 Wallace, A. R. Malay archipelago 286-100 Les Soirées de St. Petersbourg, ou Entretiens See Eastern archipelago ; Indian archipelago. sur le Gouvernement temporal de la Provi. Malbone. T. W. Higginson

18-1412 dence. P. et Lyon, 1854. 2 v. 8° 34-4552 Malbrook; a novel

1844072 Maistre, Xavier de. (Euvres complètes. P., 1859 Malcolm, 3. The history of Persia, containing an


account of the religion, government, usages, Maitland, C. Church in the Catacombs; a descrip- and character of the inhabitants of that king. tion of the primitive church of Rome, illus

dom. L., 1829. 2 v.

284_,56 trated by its sepulchral remains. L., 1846. 8° – A memoir of central india, including Malwa


and adjoining provinces, with the history and Maitland, F. L. Narrative of the surrender of condition of that country. 2d ed. L., 1824. Buonaparte, and of his residence on board


284_116 H. M. S. Bellerophon. B., 1826 274_1798 The political history of India, from 1784 10 1825. Maitland, J. See Lauderdale, J. M., earl of.

L., 1826. 2 v. go

282_218 Maitland, J. A. Cabin boy's story

18-2027 Kaye, J. w. Life and correspondence of Diary of an old doctor 18-2021

30-1228 Lawyer's story; or, the orphan's wrongs Malcolm, J. P. Anecdotes of the manners and cus


toms of London, from the Roman invasion to The old patroon


1700. 2d ed. L., 1811. 3 v. go 274_794 Sartarog

18-2023 Miscellaneous anecdotes, illustrative of the man. Three cousins


ners and history of Europe during the reigns Wanderer


of Charles II, James II, William III, and Watchman

Queen Anne. L., 1811. 8°

272_3493 Maitland, S. R. The dark ages: a series of essays, Malcom, H. Travels in southeastern Asia, emintended to illustrate the state of religion and

bracing Hindustan, Malaya, Siam, and China, literature in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th cen

with a full account of the Burman empire. B., turies. 3d ed. L., 1853. 8° 274_3490

1839. 2 v.

286-9 Essays on subjects connected with the reforma- Theological index-references to the principal tion in England. L., 1849. 8° 32–2052

works in every department of theological Maitre d'armes. A. Dumas

literature. B., 1868. 8°

32-2304 Maitre d'école. F. Soulié

34-3772 Malebranche, N. de. 'Euvres 1me serie ; Recherche Maitre Guérin, coinédic. É. Augier 34-4666

de la verite, precedé d'une introduction par J. Maitre Pierre. E. About

Simon. P., 1846

34-5165 Maitres mosaistes. Mme Dudevant 34-3687,4948 Malepeyre, M. F.' See Pradal, M. P.

2 v.

[blocks in formation]

2 v.


Malet, W. W. An errand to the South in the sum- Malte-Brun. [Malte-Conrad Brun.] Universal mer of 1862. L., 1863


geography; or, a description of all parts of Malformations of the organs of sight. W. R. Wilde the world on a new plan, according to the


great natural divisions of the globe; accomMalham, J. Naval gazeiteer; or, seaman's complete panied with analytical, synoptical, and eleguide. 1st Am. ed. B., 1797.

mentary tables. Ph., 1827-9.

6 y.

80 25-109

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Physical history of mankind


of man.


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