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Aventures de Saturnin Fichet. F. Soulié 34-3758 Babylon. Rich, C. J. Journey to, in 1811 281–97
Aventures d'un emigre. X. de Montepin 34–4391 Babylon the great ; or, men and things in the
2'me partie. X. de Montepin .


British capital. 2d ed. L., 1828. 2 v. 80
Aventures d'une famille perdue dans la désert.

M. Reid

34–4383 Bach, J. 's. Sammlung der Clavier-compositionen.
Aventures de William 'Wythe. x. de Montepin Herausg. von F. Chrysander. Wolfenbüttel.

4 v. in 3. 40

Aventures du dernier Abencerage. R. F. A. de Bachaumont, L. P. Mémoires. V. 3 34-3519

Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVI. et la famille
Aventures du prince Chènevis. L. Gozlan 34-5088


Aventurier, l'. X. de Montepin

34-4392 See Chapelle.
Avery Glibun. R. H. Neweli

18-3918 Bache, A. D. Discussion of the magnetic and
Avesta ; the religious books of the Parsees. From meteorological observations made at the

Spiegel's German trans, of the original MSS. Girard college observatory, in 1841-5. With
By A. H. Bleeck. L., 1864. 80 32–1413

plates. [Sm. cont, to knowl.] W., 1862. 40
Avoidable causes of disease, insanity and deformity.

Ellis, J.

10-389 Reports on the coast survey. See United States.
Avolio, and other poems. p. H. Hayne 23-554 Report on education in Europe, to the trustees
Awake, thou sleeper! J. A. Clark


of the Girard college. Phil., 1839 8° 13-25
Awakening of Italy. J. A. Wylie

276-811 See Brewster, D. Treatise on optics 11-12
Awards. Billing, s. Law of a. and arbitrations. Bache, Anna. Adventures of a fire-screen 18-241
v. 51 of

2-55 Bache, F. The penitentiary system. Letter to
Kyd, S. Treatise on the law of

R. Vaux. Phil., 1829. 80°.

Awas-1- Hind; or, a voice from the Ganges; being See Wood, W. B.

a solution of the true source of Christianity. Bache, R. Notes on Columbia, 1822–3, with an
L., 1861


itinerary of the route from Caracas to Bogota.
Axel. E. Tegner

Phil., 1827 .


. Davidson, J. British and Roman re- Bache, R. M. Young wrecker of the Florida reef

Ayenbite of inwyt. ' [E. E. T. s. pt. 23j vol. 12 of
[E. E. T. s. pt. 23j vol. 12 of Bacheler, o., and R. D. Owen. Discussion on the


authenticity of the bible. Phil., 1854 32–1566
Ayesha, the maid of Kars. J. Morier 18-2265 Bachelier de Salamanque. A. R. Le Sage 34–4315
Aylmer, F. Cruise in the Pacific. From the log Bachelor kings of England. A. Strickland 30–1445

of a naval officer. L., 1860. 2 v. 296_182 Bachelor of Salamanca. A. R. Le Sage 18–1845
Aylmers of Bally-Aylmer. G. Griffin 18-3678 Bachelor of the Albany. M. W. Savage 18–2734
Ayrshire legatees. J. Galt

18–1133 Bachelor's sketch book. (Reminiscences of lonely
Ayton, R. The rendezvous. F's M. D. vol. 16


24-113 Bachelor's story. 0. B. Bunce

Aytoun, W. E Ballads of Scotland. 2d ed." E., Bachman, J. Panorama of the seat of war. N.
1859. 2 v.

Y., 1861. fo

Bothwell, a poem.

In six parts. B., 1856 Back, G. Arctic land expedition. (1833–35. ]

Lond., 1836. 8°

Lays of the Scottish cavaliers, and other poems. Back bone, E. H. Dixon

N. Y., 1866

23-839 Backgammon. Carleton, J. w. (see Sturges
Azarian. Harriet E. Prescott

Azaglio, M. d'. Florence betrayed. (Same as

Pardon, G. F. (Capt. Crawley.) Theory and
Niccolò dei Lapi.)


Azores. Henriques, F. H. de. Trip to 296-268 Backhouse, J. Narrative of å visit to the Australian
Azuni, M. D. A. Maritime law of Europe. N. Y., colonies. Lond., 1843. 8°

1806. 2 y. 8°

2-4 Narrative of a visit to the Mauritius and South
Africa. Lond., 1844. 80

Baalim. Oort, H. Worship of B. in Israel 32-1767 Bacon, B. C. Statistics of the colored people of
Babbage, C. Economy of machinery and manufac- Philadelphia. 2d ed. Phil., 1859.24 pp.
tures. Phil., 1832


The exposition of 1851 ; or, views of the in- Bacon, D. Philosophy of the plays of Shakspeare

dustry, the science and the government of unfolded. With a preface by N. Haw.
England. 2d ed. L., 1851. go 6-807

thorne, L., 1857. 80

Ninth Bridgewater treatise. A fragment. From Bacon, D. F. Lives of the apostles of Jesus Christ.
the 2d L. ed. Phil., 1841. 8° 32-2107

N. Y., 1846. 8°

Passages from the life of a philosopher. L., Bacon, F., Lord Verulam. Workis. collected and
1864. 80


edited by J. Spedding, R. Leslie and D. D.
Babble brook songs
. J. H. M'Naughton 23–768
Heath. Bost., 1861. 15 v.

Babcock, S. A. Itinerant side

18-240 The same, with 'life by B. Montagu.
Babees book. [E. E. T. S., pt. 32.]' vol. 18 of 1841. 3 v. R 80.

22-1043 Essays. Bost., 1820

Babington, R.' Law of auctions. ' Phil., 1837. 8o. Same." With annotations by R. Whately. N.

v. 19 of 2-55
Y., 1857. 8°

The law of set-off and mutual credit. Phil., Letters, life and occasional works. By J. Sped.
1834. 8°

v. 6 of 2–55
ding. L., 1861. 2 v. 8°

Babo, J. *M.° otto of Wittelsbach ; Dagobert : New Atlantis

tragedies. T. G. T., 4

24-165 On the proficience and advancement of learning.
Baboo, the, and other tales

Lond., 1852

Babrius. Fables. Trans. into English verse from Thoughts on holy scripture. Compiled by J.
the text of Sir G. C. Lewis, by J. Davies. G. Hall. N. Y., 1802

L., 1860

23-731 Craik, G. L. Bacon, his writings and his philo-
Baby worlds. Gumpach, J. v.


Babylon. Foster, C. Monuments. P. 3d of 22-444 Dixon, W. H.' Personal history of 30-1302
Layard, H. A. Discoveries in 284_102

Story of the life of

Rawlinson, G. Five great monarchies 284–196 Fischer, K. Francis Bacon of Verulam 15-116
Rennell, J. Topography of ancient B. 281–97 Mallet, D. Life of

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Bacon, F., Lord Verulam. Napier, M. Lord Bacon Bailey, S. Letter to a political economist on the

subject of value. L., 1826. 8°

3-14 Tyler, s.' The Baconian philosophy 15-70

Letters on the philosophy of the human mind. See More's Utopia

L., 1855–63. 3 v. 8°.

15-195 Bacon, J. Theory of coloring. Lond., 1866 6–477 Rationale of political representation. L., 1835. Bacon, L. Thirteen historical discourses on the


2-520 completion of two hundred years from the be- Received text of Shakespeare's dramatic writginning of the first church in New Haven. N. ings, and its improvement. L., 1862–66. 2 v. H., 1839. 8°


24-126 Bacon, N., memoir of. ' w. Ware. [s. A. B., 13] Theory of reasoning. 2a ed. l., 1852.80 30–497

15–198 Bacon, T. s. 'Controversy with J. Hughes upon Baillie, Joanna. Dramas. L., 1836. 3 v. 80 24-2

the Roman and reformed churches. N. Y., De Monfort, a tragedy. I. B. T. v. 13 and 24

24-141 Baddeley, P. F. H. Whirlwinds and dust storms Metrical legends of exalted characters. Lond., of India. An investigation into the law of

1821. 80

23-6 wind and revolving storms at sea. L., 1860. Baillie, John. Life' studies. i., 1857

30-983 89

11-304 Memoir of A. L. Newton. N. Y., 1858 30–1068 Baddington peerage. G. A. Sala

18-2724 Memoir of Captain W. T. Bate. L., 1859 30–623 Badeau, A. Military history of U. S. Grant. vol. St. Augustine. A biographical memoir. N. Y., 1. N. Y., 1868. 8°


30-1110 The vagabond. N. Y.,

33-403 Bailments. Story, J. Law of

2-96 Badeley, E. See Pusey, E. B.

See Bail. Bader, Clarisse. La femme biblique. :P., 1866. 8° Baily, F. Doctrine of life annuities and assurances,


analytically investigated. L., 1813. 8° 1-158 Badger, G. P. Nestorians and their rituals; with

The same.

Edited by H. Filipowski. Liverthe narrative of a mission to Mesopotamia pool, 1864. 80

1-1582 and Coordistan. L., 1852. 2 v. 8° 32–1791 Baily, L. R. Perils of the sea, and their effect on Badham, C. D. Prose halieutics or ancient and policies of insurance. L., 1860. - 8o 2-345 modern fish tattle. L., 1854

20–308 Bain, A. The emotions and the will. L., 1859. 80 Treatise on the esculent funguses of England.

15-162 L., 1847. 8

9-3 Badia y Leblich, D. Travels of Ali Bey in Morocco,

English composition and rhetoric. A manual.
N. Y., 1867

22-603 Tripoli

, Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria and Mental and moral science. A compendium of Turkey, 1803–7. Phila., 1816. 2 v. 8° 281-41 psychology and ethics. L., 1868 15-340 Badois, C. Grammaire anglaise d' après le système On the study of character, including an estimate d'Ollendorf, à l'usage des Français. N. Y., of phrenology. L., 1861. 8°

15-186 1867

34-5024 The senses and the intellect. L., 1855. 8° 15–161 Baedeker, K. Paris, including routes from London Bainbridge, W. Harris, T. Life and services of to Paris, and from Paris to the Rbine and

30-25 Switzerland. Hand-book for travellers, with Baine, A. c. Harmonious relations between divine map and plans. Coblenz, 1865 276_761

faith and natural reason; the divine office of Bagehot, W. The English constitution. L., 1867 the cliurch. Baltimore, 1861


Baines, E. History of the wars of the French revo. Estimates of some Englishmen and Scotchmen.

lution, from 1792 to 1815, with the civil history L., 1858. 8°


of Great Britain and France during that period. Bagley, W. Practice at the chambers of the judges Phil., 1819. 4 v. 89.

272_1604 of the courts of common law in civil actions. Baines, E.,'jr. History of the cotton manufacture Phila., 1837. 80.

V. 15 of 2-55

in Great Britain ; with a view of the condition Bahawalpur. Shahhamet Ali . History 284_183

of the classes engaged in its several depart. Bague d'Argent, la. Paul Perret

ments. L. 80

6-279 Baigent, F. J., and C. J. Russell. Practical manual Baines, Thomas. Explorations in southwest Africa. of heraldry and of heraldic illumination. L.,

A journey in 1861–2 to Lake Ngami and the 1864. 80

Victoria falls. L., 1864. 89

28b_455 Baikie, R. Observations on the Neilgherries, in- Baines, Thomas. Liverpool in 1859. The port and cluding an account of their topography, cli

town of L., and the harbor, docks and commate, soil and productions, and of the effect merce of the Mersey. L., 1859. 80 1-147 of the climate on the European constitution. Baird, H. M. Life of the Rev. R. Baird. N. Y., Calcutta, 1834. 8°


30–1765 Baikie, W. B. 'Narrative of an exploring voyage up Modern Greece. Narrative of a residence and the rivers Kwóra and Bi’nue in 1854. L.,

travels in that country, with observations on 1856. 80


its antiquities, literature, language, politics, Bail. Petersdorf, ċ. Law of.

v. 10 of 2-55
and religion. N. Y., 1856

276_415 See Bailments.

Baird, R. Christian retrospect and register: a sumBailey, N. Universal etymological English dic- mary of the scientific, moral and religious pro

tionary. vol. 1. 8th ed. L., 1737. vol. 2. gress of the first half of the 19th century. N.
2d ed. 1731. 2 y. 8°

Y., 1855

32–557 Bailey, P. J. Angel world, and other poems. B., Impressions and experiences of the West Indies 1850


and North America in 1849. Phila., 1850 Festus-a poem. B., 1850 : 23-5

260-213 The mystic, and other poems. B., 1856 23–391 - Memoir of the Rev. J. Sanford. Phila., 1836 The age; a colloquial satire. B., 1858 23-503

30-473 Bailey, s. Critical dissertation on the nature, Religion in America ; or, an account of the measures and causes of value. L., 1825. 80 origin, relation to the state, and present con.

3-13 Discourses on various subjects. i., 1852.80

dition of the evangelical churches in the U.S. N. Y., 1856. 8°

32-15 15-281 Sketches of Protestantism in Italy, past and Essays on the formation and publication of present, including a notice of the origin, his

opinions, on the pursuit of truth, and on other tory, and present state of the Waldenses. B., subjects. B., 1854

15-197 1845

32-178 34-3400


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2 v.

2 v.

Baird, R. Visit to northern Europe; or sketches of Balbo, C. Life and times of Dante Allighieri.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Translated from the Italian by T. J. Bun.
N. Y., 1841.

bury. L., 1852. 2 v.

30-1055 Life by II. M. Baird

30-1765 Balch, W.'s. Ireland, as I saw it-character, conSee Perrin.

dition and prospects of the people. N. Y., Baird, R. H. American cotton spinner, and mana


271-226 gers' and carders' guide. Ph., 1851 0-280 Baldwen, F. Two brides; or the French Château Baird, W. Cyclopædia of the natural sciences. and the English home

18-245 L., 1858. 809

9-982 Baldwin, E. Annals of Yale college. New Haven, Baked head and other tales 18-242

13-24 Baked meats of the funeral. C. G. Halpine 18–1320 Baldwin, G. C. Representative

Baldwin, G. C. Representative men. 'N. Y., 1960 Bakei, A. E. Glossary of Northamptonshire

32-838 words and phrases, with examples of their Baldwin, H. General view of the origin and nature colloquial use, and illustrations from various of the constitution and government of the authors, to which are added the customs of

United States. Ph., 1837. 80

2-324 the county. L., 1854.

22-23 Baldwin, J. G. Flush times of Alabama and Mis. Baker, B. F. Burning ship; a cantata. Words by sissipi

18-247 H. M. Ticknor. B. 40

5-956 Party leaders ; sketches of Jefferson, Hamilton, and Southard, L. II. Complete method for the Jackson, Clay, Randolph, and others. N. Y., formation and cultivation of the voice. Illus


264_320 trated by numerous and comprehensive ex. Baldwin, M. W. Calkins, w. Memorial of 30–2360 amples and solfeggios from works of Pan, Baldwin, S. Survey of the British customs; conseron, Päer, Garandè, Bagioli, Winter, and

taining the rates of merchandize, with tables others. B., (1852.) 4°

of duties. L., 1770. 4°

1-500 Baker, C. R. Practical and scientific fruit culture. Baldwin, T., and J. Thomas. New and complete B., 1866


gazetteer of the United States. Ph., 1854. Baker, D. Life by W. M. Baker :


25-112 Baker, D. E. Biographia dramatica ; or, a com- – et al. Universal pronouncing gazetteer, with a panion to the playhouse. L., 1782. 2 v. 8°

map. 8° Ph., 1845.

2:1-118 24-3 Same, 8th ed., with sup. Ph., 1849 25-106 Baker, E. D. ' Addresses on the death of, delivered See Thomas, J.

in the senate and house of representatives, Baldwin, W. Correspondence compiled by W. 1861. W., 1862. 80


30-1949 Baker, G. E. Life of W. H. Seward, with selec- Baldwin, W. C. African hunting from Natal to the tions from his works. N. Y., 1855 30-821

Zambesi, 1852–60. N. Y., 1863 28b-411 Baker, G. M. Amateur dramas. B., 1867 20–155 Bale, J., Kynge Johan. A play. Camden soc. Baker, J. M. View of the commerce of the U. S., pub., v. 2

274_195 and the Mediterranean seaports; with maps Balfe, M. W. The opera of the Bohemian girl. of the principal harbors. Ph., 1847. 89 1-4

B., 40

5-894 Baker, L. C.. History of the United States secret Balfour, C. L. Morning dew drops ; or, the juvenile service. Ph., 1867. 80

abstainer. 4th ed. L., 1859

2-1061 Baker, R. Chronicle of the kings of England, to Sketches of English literature, from the four

Charles, 2d ed. L., 1653. fo. 274_4004 teenth to the present century. L., 1852 Baker, S. W. The Albert Nyanza, the great basin

22-921 of the Nile

, and explorations of the Nile Balfour, J. H. Botanist's companion ; or, directions L., 1866. 8


for the use of the microscope, and for collectThe Nile tributaries of Abyssinia. Ph., 1867. ing plants. E., 1860

9-5 286-579


Botany and religion. 3d ed. E., 1859 Baker, T. Elements of mechanism. L., 1858 Class book of botany, an introduction to the


study of the vegetable kingdom. E., 1859. Elementary treatise on land and engineering 80.

9-6 surveying. L.

6-8 Manual of botany, an introduction to the Principles and practice of statics and dynamics. study of the structure, physiology, and classiL., 1851


fication of plants. 3d ed., revised by J. Mathematical theory of the steam-engine. L., Williams. L., 1855

9-17 1864

6-470 Ball, B. L. Rambles in eastern Asia, including Mensuration. L., 1865


China and Manilla, during several years' Baker, Capt. V. British cavalry, with remarks on

residence. B., 1856

284-235 its practical organization. L., 1858. 8° 6-557 Ball, Edward. Inventive drawing. A practical Baker, W. M. Life and labors of the Rev. D.

development of elementary design. L., 1864. Baker. Ph., 1858. 8°


5-759 Bakewell, F. c. Electric science; its history, phe- Ball, Edward. The floating beacon. ' F's S. D., nomena, and applications. L., 1853 11-105

24-221 Great facts; a popular history and description Ball, John (Ed.) Peaks, passes, and glaciers. A

of the most remarkable inventions during the series of excursions by members of the Al.
present century. L., 1859

pine club. L., 1859. 80

270-514 Bakewell, R. Introduction to geology; with an Ballads. Allingham, w. Ballad book 23-848

outline of the geology of England and Wales. Aytoun, W. E. Ballads of Scotland 23-551 First Am. ed., edited by Professor Silliman, Bell, R. Early b.

23–726 with an outline of his course of lectures on Black letter b.

23-961 geology. New Haven, 1829. 80 9-209 Boy's book of b.

23-618 Introduction to mineralogy. L., 1819. 8° 9-210 Childs, F. J. English and Scottish b. 23-450 Baking. White, J. Art of.

6-232 Collier, J. P. Book of Roxburghe b. 23-557 See Bread.

Dixon, H. B. and songs of the peasantry of Balaam and his prophecies. Hengstenberg, E. W.


23-811 32-1361 Evans, T. od b. with some of modern date Balbi, A. Abrégé de géographié. 24 cartes et plans.

23–844 Ouvrage adopté par l'université. P., 1842. go Hah, s. c. Book of British b.

23-1311 34-4523 Hayes, E. B. of Ireland

23-596 - See Laurie, J. 25-72 Hugo, V. Odes et ballades


V. 23

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Ballads. Ingledew, C. J. D. B. and songs of York. Baltimore. Griffith, T. W. Annals 264_93 shire

23-602 Maryland historical society. Constitution and Inglis, H. B. from the German


by-laws. 1867 Lawrence, G. A. Bundle of b. 23–709 Maryland institute: Twelfthi annual report

: Leigh, E. B. and legends of Cheshire 23-740


6-881 Mackay, C. B. and lyrical poems 23-458

Catalogue of library

21-385 Maidment, J. Scottish b. and songs 23-999 Mercantile library association. Annual reports. Prior, R. C. A. Ancient Danish b. 23–616

1846, 52, 57 Rodd, T. Spanish b. relating to the twelve

Catalogue of library. With additions peers of France 23-843

21-386,7 Taylor, T. B. and songs of Brittany 23-808

Charter, constitution, etc. Thackeray, W. M.


Peabody institute. History to 1868 21-231 Same.

v. 1 of 18–3193 Public schools. Twenty-ninth annual report of Tupper, M. F. B. for the times 23-301

the commissioners. Balt., 1858. 13-175 Wilkins, W. W. Political b.

23-617 Report of the committee of grievances and See Scottish ballads, Songs Poetry.

courts of justice of the house of delegates of Ballantine, J. Chronicle of the hundredth birthday Maryland on the recent mobs and riots; with of Robert Burns. E., 1859. 80 30-2022

depositions. Annapolis, 1813

204_6 Essay on ornamental art as applicable to trade Balzac, H. de. The alchemist. Trans. by 0. W. and manufactures. L., 1847. 89 5-723

Wight and F. B. Goodrich .

18-269 Ballantyne, J. R. The Bible for thé Pandits. First Beatrix. P., 1856

31-3041 three chapters of Genesis diffusely and unre- Les célibataires. P.; 1857. 2 v.

34-3045 servedly commented in Sanskrit and English. Chat-qui-pelote; Bal de Sceaux; La bourse ; L., 1860. 89


M'me. Firmiani; Une double famille. P., - Christianity contrasted with Hindu philosophy; 1860

34-3035 an essay in Sanskrit and English. L., 1859. Les chouans. P., 1859

343051 32-1766 Le contrat de mariage ; 'Un début dans la vie. First lessons in Sanskrit grammar, with an in- P., 1856

343039 troduction to the Hitopadesa. 2d ed. L., Courtisanes. P., n. a.

34-3052 1862. 89 22-24 Le cousin Pons. P., 1862

34-3059 Ballantyne, R. M. Coral island 18-250 La cousine Bette. P., 1858

343058 The dog Crusoe 18-251 Le curé de village. P., 1859

343061 Fighting the flames; a tale of the fire brigade Études analytiques. P., 1860 34_3065,6


34-3062-4 Freaks on the fells 18–263 Eugénie Grandet. P., 1860

34-3014 Gascoyne, the sandal wood trader 18-262

The same in English

18-271 The gorilla hunters

18-252 La femme de trente; Femme abandonnée ; Hudson's bay


Grénadière; Message; Gobseck. P., 18.59 The life boat 18-264

34-3038 Mabel Grant

18-255 Greatness and decline of César Birotteaux Man on the ocean. L., 1863 296-209

18-270 Martin Rattler

Histoire des treize. .P., 1859:

34-3054 Red Eric

18-257 Honorine ; Le colonel Chabert; La messe de Shifting winds


l'Athée; L'interdiction ; Pierre Grassou. P., Snowflakes and sunbeams; or, the young fur


34-3042 traders 18-261 Illusions perdues. P., 1857. 2 v.

34-3050 Ungava ; a tale of Esquimaux land 18-258 Louis Lambert. P., 1858

34-3064 Wild man of the west

18–259 Le lys dans la vallée. P., 1862 34-3019 World of ice

18-260 La maison Nucingen ; Secrets de la princesse ; Ballard, E., and A. B. Garrod. Elements of materia

Les employés ; Sarrasine; Facino Cane. P., medica and therapeutics, with additions by R.


34-3057 E. Griffith. Ph., 1846. go 10-373 Le médecin de campagne. P., n.

p., n. a. 34-3060 Ballitore, annals of. M. Leadbeater 274_716 Mémoires de duex jeunes mariés; Une fille d' Ballons, hist. de, et des locomotives aëriennes. . L.

Eve. P., 1856

343037 N. Bescherelle, aine 34-4862 Modeste Mignon. P., 1802

34-3040 Ballot, the. Denison, s. c.' Is the ballot a mis- La paix du ménage; Fausse maitresse ; Étude take?


de femme; Autre étude de femme; La grand Nugent, Lord.' The b. discussed :


bretèche; Albert Savarus. P., 1856 34-3036 See Elections.

Les Parisiens en province. P., 1857 34-3047 Ballou, II. Eleven sermons, with critical and ex- La peau de chagrin. P., 1862

31-3062 planatory notes by A. Kneeland. Ph., 1822 Le père Goriot. P., n. d.

343055 32-1484 Les petites miseres de la vie conjugale. P. Notes on the parables of the new testament

34-3066 Ports., 1812 32-1483 Petty annoyances of married life

18-272 - Treatise on atonement; its glorious consequences Physiologie du mariage. P., 1860 34-3065

in the final reconciliation of all men to holi- La recherche de l'absolu. P., 1860 34-3063 ness and happiness. Ports., 1812 32-1485 Les rivalités. P., 1857 .

3+3048 Ballou, M. M. Miralda. F's M. D. v. 33 24-113 Scénes de la vie de Campagne 34-3060,1 Ballyblunder; an Irish story

18–265 Scénes de la vie de province 34–3045,150, 4689 Ballyshan castle; a tale.

By Sheelah :
18–207 Scénes de la vie militaire

34-3051 Same, under title of Mother's request 18-267a Scenes de la vie Parisienne. P., 1835. 4v. go Balmes, J. Protestantism and catholicity compared

34-4690,3052,59 in their effects on the civilization of Europe.

Scénes de la vie privée. P., 1834. 4 v.

4 v. 89 Balt., 1851. 80 32-717

314688 Baltic, the.' Earp, G. P. Baltic campaign. (1854) Same. P., 1842. 3 v. go 34–4687,:30:35-42 272_808 Traité des excitans modernes .

34-3101 McGregor, J. "The Rob Roy canoe on 27"-834 Ursule Mirouet. P., 1877

34-3043 Residence on the shores of 279_823 Gautier, T. Honoré de Balzac

34-3343 Scott, C. II. B., Black sea and Crimea 279-923 Gozlan, L. Balzac en pantoufles 31-4072 Baltimore. Directory. J. W. Woods. 25-130 Mirecourt, E. de. Balzac


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1-u. P.

2 v.

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Balzac, H. de. Surville, m'me L. Balzac, sa vie Bank of Pennsylvania. Rules of the office at Easton
et ses euvres

See Tiroir du diable.

Bank of the v. s. Carey, m. Spirit of Jackson
Bamford, S. Dialect of South Lancashire; or, Tim

ism by Aristides

Bobbin's Tummus and Meary; with his rliymes Clarke & Hall. History of

and an enlarged glossary of words and phrases Exhibit of losses at the office in Baltimore 2-108
chietly used by the rural population of the General statement, 1836

manufacturing districts of South Lancashire. Memorial of H. D. Gilpin and others 1-141
2d ed. L., 1856

22-923 Report of committee of directors, 1833 1-141
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- See Our martyr president ; Reed, w. B.; Schuy-

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1-4. p.

The croppY

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