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Leavitt, T. H. Peat as an article of fuel. 3d ed. Lee, A. A life hid with Christ in God; being a B., 1867


memoir of Susan Allibone, chiefly compiled Lebanon Churchill, c. H. Mouni Lebanon 280_518

from her diary and letters. Ph., 1856 Urquhart, D. History and diary 28-184

30-A8 Lebanon co. (Pa.), history of. I. D. Rupp

The unscarchable riches of Cirist ihe theme of 264_176

the ministry. N. Y., 1843. 8° 32-1291 Le Bas, ċ. w. Life of Wiclif. N. y., 1832 30-566 Lee, Ann. Evan, F. W. Biography of 33-796 Le Boys des Guays, J. F. E. Letters to a man of Lee, Arthur. Lee, R. H. Life of

30-317 the world. Chicago, 1868

32-2409 Lee, Anna M. Memoirs of eminent female writers, Lebrun, M. Manuel du cartonnier. P., 1845

of all ages and countries. Ph., 1827 30-318

34-4094 Lee, A. T. The Irish church ; its present condition, Lebrun. See Pigault-L.

its future prospects. L., 1866 32-2397 Lechler, G. V. Acts of the apostles ; a commen- Lee, B. Contributions to the pathology, diagnosis, tary ; with homiletical additions by C. Gerok.

and treatment of angular curvature. Ph., Trans., with additions, by C. F. Schaeffer.


10-704 [See Lange, J. P.]

32-2029 Lee, Maj. Gen. c. Moore, G. H. Treason of 2643440 Leckie, D. R. Journal of a route to Nagpore, and Life of. J. Sparks. (S. A. B. 18) 30-497

à journal from that place to Benares. Lee, C. H. The judge advocate's vade mecum. 2d
1800. 4°

ed. Richmond, 1864. 80

26-182 Lecky, W. E. H. History of the rise and influence Lee, D. K. Master builder; or, life at a tiade 18-1822

of the spirit of rationalism in Europe. N. Y., Lee, Edwin. Continental travel; an appendix on 1866. 2 v.


the influence of climate and the remedial Le Clerc, Jean." Negotiations secretes touchant la advantages of travelling. L., 1848. 8° paix de Munster et d' Osnabrug, (1642-54.)

276_841 La Haye, 1725. 4 v. fo

34-4970 The principal baths of France; considered with See Arrianus, F.; Grotius, H.; Jortin, J.

reference to their remedial efficacy. 4th ed. Le Clerc de Septchenes. The religion of the ancient

L., 1866

10-072 Greeks illustrated by an explanation of their The principal baths of Germany; considered mythology. L., 1788. 80


with reference to their remedial efficacy. 4th Leclercq, M. T. Proverbes dramatiques; nouv. éd. ed. L., 1863

10-670 précédée de notices par Sainte-Beuve et Meri- The principal baths of Switzerland and Savoy ; mée. P. 4 v.


with notices of some Swiss mountain resorts, Lecomte, F.

War in the United States; report to and remarks on the action of mountain air. the Swiss military department; preceded by L., 1865

10-07:3 a Ciscourse to the federal military society as- Watering places of England; considered wirie sembled at Berne, August 18th, 1862. N Y., reference to their medical topography and 1863

remedial resources. L., 1863

10-343 Leçons et modèles d'éloquence judiciaire. P. A. See Aimé-Martin, L. Berryer

34-4613 Lee, E. B. Life of Jean Paul F. Richter ; with his Leconte, J. L. Classification of the coleoptera of autobiography. B., 1842

2 v.

30-411 North America. W., 1861,2. [Sm. misc. - Memoirs of Rev. Joseph Buckminster, and of col. v. 3]


his son, Rev. J. S. Buckminster. 2d ed. B., List of the coleoptera of North America. Part I. 1851

30-1033 W., 1863–6. [Sm. misc. col. v. 6) 11-188 Naomi; or, Boston two hundred years ago New species of North American coleoptera.

18-1826 Part I. W., 1863–6. 80 [Sm. misc. col. Parthenia; or, the last days of paganism 18-1827 v. 6] 11-188 Lee, Harriet. Canterbury tales

18-1834 See Boston journal of natural history 9-910 Lee, Henry. Observations on the writings of Thomas Leconte, P. L'Art de converser et d'écrire, chez Jefferson ; with particular reference to the at. la femme. 3me ed. P., 1862 34-5013

tack they contain on the memory of the laie Lecourbe, H. Opinion sur la conspiration de Moreau, Gen. Henry Lee. N. Y., 1832. 8 30-316

Picbregru, et autres, sur la non-culpabilité de Lee, Henry, M.D. Diseases of the veins, hæmorrhoi. Moreau ; et procès-verbal de ce qui s'est passé dal tumors, and other affections of the rectum. entre les juges. P., 1814. 8° 34-3962

2d ed. L., 1866. go

10-662 Lectures journalières. E. Souvestre 34-5059 Lee, Herbert

. The avenger. F's S. D. v. 30 24-291 Lectures on the physical phenomena of living beings. Lee, Holme. [Pseud.] See Parr, Miss. C. Matteucci 10-78 Lee, Mrs. H. F. Elinor Fulton

18-1831 Lectures on the results of the exhibition, delivered Familiar sketches of sculpture and sculptors. before the society of arts, manufactures, and

B., 1854. 2 v.

5-60 commerce. Ph., 1852

0-808 Historical sketches of the old painters. B. Lectures pour les familles. 0. Vallée 34-5060


5-17 Lectures pour tous. A. de Lamartine 34-3468 Huguenots in France and America.

Camb.. Lectures read at a mechanics'institute in the country.

1843. 2 v.

32-112 1851 33-203 Same. Canib., 1843. 2 v. in i

32-1125 Lectures' to ladies on practical subjects. 3d ed. Same. B., 1852.

32-112 Camb., 1857

33-988 Life and times of Martin Luther. B., 1839 Lectures to young people in manufacturing villages.

30-335 D. Clarke

33-446 Life and times of Thomas Cranmer. Ph., 18.55 Ledderhose, C. F. Life of Philip Melancthon.

30-1085 Trans. from the German by G. F. Krotel.

Lee, J. Lectires on the history of the church of Ph., 18.55


Scotland. Ed. by W. Lee. E., 1800. 2 v. Lednum, J. History of the rise of methodism in

32-969 America. Ph., 1859

32–1668 Lee, J. H. Origin and progress of the American Ledyard, J. Travels and adventures; comprising party in politics ; embracing a complete his voyage with Capt. Cook's third and last

history of the Philadelphia riots in 1844. Pb., expedition ; his journey on foot round the


26_555 gulf of Bothnia to St. Petersburgh, etc. 2d Lee, J. Y. Evidence of abstracts of title to real ed. L., 1834. 8°


property. Ph., 1847. 8° v. 58 of 2-55 Sparks, J. Life of

30-313 Lee, M. Dr. Wilmer's love; a question of conSame (S. A. B. v. 24)

science : novel

18-3952 18-1701

2 v.

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v. 1




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Lee, N. The rival queens; or, death of Alexander Leeser, I. The Jews and the Mosaic law, contain

the great; a tragedy. D. L. T. v. 1 24-107 ing a defence of the revelation of the pentaSame. L. B. T. y. 16,22


teuch, and of the Jews for their adherence to Same. M. B. D. v. 1


the same.
Ph., [1833.] 8°

32-116 Theodosius ; a tragedy. M. B. D. v. 1 24-142 Le Fanu, J. S. All in the dark

18-3799 - Same. B. B. T., v. 5 24-71 Guy Deverell

18-1836,4184 Lee, Robert, M. D. 'History of the discoveries of House by the church-yard

18-3746 the circulation of the blood in the ganglia A lost name

18-1825 and nerves, and of the action of the heart. Tenants of Malory :

18-3927 L., 1865. 8° 10-598 Uncle Silas

18-1836 Lee, Rev. Robert. The family and its duties; with

Wylder's hand

18-1837 other essays and discourses for Sunday read- Lefebvre, R. See Laboulaye. ing. L., 1863

32-2363 Lefebvre de Cheverus. See Cheverus. Lee, Russell. Stories from Russia, Siberia, Poland, Le Fevre, I. Priestley, J., [ed.] History of the and Circassia. L., 1853

sufferings of

30-348 Lee, R. E. Pollard, E. A. Lec and his lieutenants Lefèvre, J., [lit Lefèvre-Deumier.] Vittoria Col

P., 1850

34-3492 Lee, Mrs. R.' Anecdotes of animals. Ph., 1853 Le Franc de Pompignan, J. J. Didon. c.A.T. 9-666

34-3140 The African wanderers

18-1828 Lefranc. See Tour de Babel, in list of dramas. Lee, R. H., jr. Life of Arthur Lee; with his politi- Legacies. Wood, W. Treatise on V. 18 of 2-55 cal and literary correspondence, and his paper's Legacy to laborers. W. Cobbett

2-616 on diplomatic and political subjects. Legal adviser. E. T. Freedley

2-131 1829. 2 v. 80

30-317 Legal and political hermeneutics. F. Lieber 2-770 Life of Richard Henry Lee, and his correspond- Legal rights of women. E. D. Mansfield 2-778 By his grandson. Ph., 1825. 2 v. 80 Legard, F. D., [ed.] More about farm lands. L.,


13-123 Lee, R. I., LL.D.' Memoir of the life of Harriet Legare, H. s. ' Writings; prefaced by memoir of his Preble; containing portions of her corre

ed. by bis sister. Charleston, 1846. 2 v. spondence, journal, and other writings. N.


33-135 Y., 1856 30-924 Legend of Montrose. Sir W. Scoit

18-2755,6 Lee, Samuel. Inquiry into the nature, progress, Legend of the Rhine. W. M. Thackeray and end of prophecy. Camb., 1849. 8°

18–3187,3193 32-828 Legend of the Waldenses. M. J. Windle

18-3553 Lee, Sophia. Canterbury tales

18-1835 Legendary, the.
N. P. Willis, (ed.]

33-601 Chapter of accidents ; a comedy. D. L. T. v. 2 Legendary fictions of the Irish Celts. P. Kennedy 24-107

18-1738 Same. B. B. T., v. 21

24-71 Legendary history of Ireland. L. Tachet de BarLee, W. Inspiration of holy scripture ; its nature


274_1419 and proof. N. Y., 1857. 80 32-654 Legendary tales of the ancient Britons. L. L. J. Lee. See Lea.


18-2194 Leech, D. D. T. List of the post offices in the United Legendary tales of the Highlands. T. D. Lauder States; with the names of postmasters on the

18-3874 13th of July, 1857 ; also the regulations and Légende de Mahomet; traduit par G. de Tassy: laws of the post office department. W., 1857.

[See Coran ]

34-4107 8° 25-168 Légende des siècles. V. Hugo

34-3406 Leech, H. H. ' Letters of a sentimental idler, from Légende fatale, une. Ponson du Terrail 34-4373 Greece, Turkey, Egypt, etc. N. Y., 1869 Legende of goode women. G. Chaucer 23-710 286-608 Légendes de la charité. C. Lafont

34-3455 Leech, s. Thirty years from home; or, a voice Légendes pour les enfants. P. Buiteau 34-5068 from the main deck, B., 1843

291-31 Legendre, A. M. Elements of geometry and trigoLeech, T. Dozens vs. tens. L., 1866 14-172

nometry. Trans. from the French by D. Leech. See Leach.

Brewster; revised by C. Davies. Ph., 1843 Leechman, J. Logic; designed as an introduction

14-39 to the study of reasoning. 4th ed. L., 1864 Legends and lyrics. A. A. Proctor 23-506

15-318 Legends and poetry of the Hudson. N. Y., 1868 Leechman, w. See Hutcheson, F.

264_1019 Leeds, L.' W. Lectures on ventilation. N. Y., Legends and records. C. B. Tayler 18-3153 1868. 80

6-61 Legends and stories of Ireland. S. Lover 18-1946 Leeds, W. H. Rudimentary architecture; for the Legends of the American revolution. G. Lippard use of beginners and students. L., 1854

18-1914 5-374 Legends of Brittany. E. Souvestre 18–2965 Leeds, duke of. See Danby, earl of.

Legends of Charlemagne. T. Bufinch 18-469 Leeds. Dialect of L. and its neighborhood 22–1114 Legends of the Christian east. B. St. John 18–2712 Leeke, W. History of Lord Seaton's regiment at Legends of the conquest of Spain. W. Irving Waterloo ; with many of the author's remi

18–1577 niscences of his military and clerical careers. Legends of the flowers. Susan Pindar 18-2514 L., 1866. 2 v. 89 274–718 Legends of the isles. C. Mackay

23-458 Lees, F. R. Argument for the legislative prohibition Legends of the library at Lilies. Lord and Lady of the liquor traffic. L., 1857


18-2351 Lees, J. Laws of the customs; with the tariff, or Legends of the lintel and the ley. w. c. Dendy customs table, and customs forms. L., 1859

18-831 1-97 Legends of the monastic orders. Mrs. A. Jameson Lece, w. N. Drain of silver to the east, and the

5-100 currency of India. L., 1864

1-176 Legends of the north of Scotland. H. Miller Tea cultivation, cotton, and other agricultural

274_1347 experiments in India ; a review. L., 1863 Legends of Number Nip. Mark Lemon

18-3822 4-181 Legends of Rubezahl, etc. J. C. A. Musäus 18-3710 Tour through the tea districts of Eastern Ben- Legends of the wars in Ireland. R. B. Joyce gal, 1864,5. Calcutta, 1866. 89 286-572

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v. 2


Legends. See Fairy tales and legends; Mythology. Leighton, R. Works; with a life of the author by Legge, J. The Chinese classics ; with a translation, J. N. Pearson. N. Y., 1846. 8° 32-769 critical and exegetical notes, prolegomena, Leighton court. 11. Kingsley

18-1750 and copious indexes. v. 1-3. Hong Kong,

Leila Ada. 0. W. T. Heighway

32-315;316 1861-5. 4 v. 80

22-894 Leila Ada, relatives of. 0. W. T. Heighway 32-317 Legion of liberty, and force of truth; containing the Leil home. A. F. Tytler

18-3370 thoughts, words, and deeds of some prom- Leila in England. A. F. Tytler

18-3371 inent apostles, champions and martyrs. N. Leila ; or, the island. A. F. Tytler 18-3372 Y., 1857

2-761 Leila; or, the siege of Granada. E. L. Bulwer. Legislative assemblies. ·Cushing, L. L. Law and Lytt n

18-483 practice of .

2-269 Leisler, Jacob, administration of.' c. F. Hoffman See Parliamentary law.

(S. A. B. 13)

30-497 Legislative guide. J. B. Burleigh 2-267 Leisure, economy of. S. T. Wallis

33-737 Legislation. Wrottesley, Ld. Thoughts on 2–917 Leisure hour, thie. L., 1852-68. 17 v. 80 17-505 See Constitution ; Government; Political science Leisure hours. E. A. Andrews

33-3 and politics; Representative government; So.

Leisure hours in town. A. K. H. Boyd 33-471 ciology.

Leisure labors. J. B. Cobb

33-346 Legouvé, G. M. J. B. Le mort d'Abel. C. A. T. Leitch, W. God's glory in the heavens. L., 1973

34-3140 Legouvé, E. W. Béatrix, ou La Madone de l'art. Leitrim county. McParian, J. Statistical survey of 1860 34-3494

270-934 ,

F. v. 6]

34-3519 Edith de Falsen. 6me ed. P., 1860 34-3495 Leland, A. Joys and sorrows of home

18-1810 Histoire morale des femmes. P. 34-3493 Leland, C. G. Meister Karl's sketch-book. Pb., Jeune homme qui ne fait rien ; comédie en 1


33-5.59 acte, en vers. P:, 1861

34-4096 Poetry

and mystery of dreams. Ph., 1856 23-6-9 - and A. E. Scribe. Par droit de conquête; comé- Sunshine in thought. N. Y., 186:3 33-427

die en 3 actes en prose. P., 1859 34-3496 The Union Pacific railway, eastern division; See Scribe.

or, three thousand miles in a railway car. Le Grand. See Fabliaux.

Ph., 1867. 8°

266-676 Legris de la Tude. See Clairon.

Leland, H. P. Americans in Rome. N. Y., 1863 Légurat, le c'te de. Le chant des Hellènes. P. 1856

270-503 34-4141 Leland, Rev. John. The advantage and necessity Le Hardy, E. Home nurse and manual for the sick- of the Christian revelation ; shown from the L., 1863


state of religion in the antient heathen world. Lehigh co. (Pa.) Rupp, I. D. History of

Ph., 1818. 2 v. 80

32-125 262_264, View of the principal deistical writers, with obLehigh valley. Henry, M. S. History of 262_451

servations upon them, and some account of Lehmann, C. G. Manual of chemical physiology. the answers that have been published against Trans., with notes and additions, by J. C. them. L., 1837. 8°

32-126 Morris. Ph., 1856. 80

8-35 See Morgan, T. Physiological chemistry. Trans. from 2d ed. Leland, or Laylonde, John. Life and writings of. by G. E. Day. Ed. by R. E. Rogers. Ph.,

W. Huddesford

30-320 1855. 2 v. 80 8-36 Leland, O. S. Beatrice. F's S. D. v. 37

24-221 Same. L., 1851-4. 3 v. 80 8-36a Caprice. F's S. D. v. 38

24-221 See Funke, 0.

The rights of man.

F's M. D.

24-113 Le Hodey de Saultchevreuil, N. Conduite du sénat Leland, T. History of Ireland, from the invasion sous Buon parte. P., 1814. 8° 34-3962

of Henry II, with a preliminary discourse on Leiba, F. de. Cuando no se aguarda, y principe the ancient state of that kingdom. Dub., 1814. tonto. T. T. E. v. 5 .



2741465 Leibgarde, die. J. B. Fremont

34-582 Life and reign of Philip of Macedon, P., 1758 Leibnitz, G. W. v. Mackie, J. M. Life of 30-319

2 v. 8

30-2012 and S. Clarke. Papers relating to the princi- | Lélia. Mme Dudevant

34-3695 ples of natural philosophy and religion. L., Lemaire, H. Chefs d'euvre de morale ; Recueil 1717


à l'usage de la jeunesse. P., 1820. 2 v. Leicester, R. Dudley, Earl of. Correspondence,

34-5160 1585, 6. Camden soc. pub. v. 27 271–193 Lemaistre, J. "See Maisire, J. de. Leicestershire. Britton, J.

v. 9 of 276-474 Lemaistre, J. G. Travels after the peace of Amiens Burton, W. Description; containing matters through parts of France, Switzerland, Italy of antiquity, history, armoury, and genealogy and Germany. L., 1806. 3 v. 8° 276_8:2

272_4014 Le Maout, E. Leçons élémentaires de botaniqne. Evans, A. B. 'Words, phrases and proverbs of (2 series.) P., 1844. 2 v. 8° 3+4:33

22-84 Lemercier, N. L. Agamemnon ; Frédégonde et Leidy, J. Elementary treatise on human anatomy. Brunehaut. C. A. T. v. 2

3+3140 Ph., 1861. 8° 10-301 Plaute; Pinto. C. A. C. v. 8

34 31:39 Report on some of the insects injurious to our Lemoine, G. See Scribe, A. E. Théâtre Com. v. shade trees. Pl., 1862. 8°

11-213 Lemoine Montigny, Mme R. M. Jacquot, C. J. B. Leigh Edward. Treatise on religion and learning Les contemporains

34-1401 and of religious and learned men. L., 1656. Lemon, Mark, (adapt.) Grandfather Whitehead. R. 80

F's S. D., v. 2

24221 Leigh, Egerton. Ballads and legends of Cheshire. Gwynneth Vauglian. Fis s. D. v. 39

21-221 L., 1867

23-940 The jest book; the choicest anecdotes and say. Leighi, J. H., and R. Dalzell.' Equitable doctrine of ings selected and arranged by Mark Lemon. the conversion of property. Ph., 1834. 8° Camb., 1865

18-1843 v. 5 of 2-55 Legends of Number Nip

18-3892 Leighton, A. 'Curious storied traditions of Scottish

Leyton Hall

18-1036 18-1838 Loved at last

18-118 Romances of the old town of Edinburgh. E., Mind your own business. F's S. D. v. 12 1907 18-3873

24-221 9-250




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Lemon, Mark. Wait for the end .

18-1847 Leo X. [Giovanni de Medici.] Murray, J. Select - Up and down the London streets. 'L., 1867. 8. biography

V. 2 of 30–1915 276-836 – Roscoe, W. Life and pontificate of 30-314 Lempriere, c.' Notes in Mexico in 1861 and 1862. Leone Leoni. Mme A. Dudevant

34-3703 L., 1862

266-666 Leonard, Agnes. Myrtle blossoms. Chicago, 1863. Lempriere, J. classical dictionary; containing


33-1132 a copious account of all the proper names - Vanquished

18-3970 mentioned in ancient authors; with the value Leonard, C. E. Mechanical principia; containing of coins, weights, and measures used among

all the various calculations on water and the Greeks and Romans. 3d Am. edition.

steam power, and on the different kinds of Ph., 1822. 89


machinery used in manufacturing. N. Y., – Universal biography. n. y., 1810. 2 v. 80


6-346 30-1699 Leonard, P. Records of a voyage to the western Lena Cameron. Mrs. Grey


coast of Africa, for the suppression of the Lena Rivers. Mrs. M. J. Holmes

slave trade. Ph., 1833

Lenau in Schwaben. E. Niendorf
34-587 Leonidas; a poem. R. Glover

23-181 L'Enclos, Ninon, et Marion Delorme. P. Lacroix Leonora. M. Edgeworth 18–975,6; v. 10 of 18-977

34-4102 Leonora; a lyric drama. J. R. and W. H. Fry Lending a hand; or, help for the working classes.

5-835 C. Bickersteth 2-966 Leonora D'Orco. G. P. R. James

18-1623 Lendy, A. F. Elements of fortification, field and Leontine. Mrs. Maberly

18-1961 permanent; for the use of students, civilian Léopold de Kérnys.

A. de Brèhat

34-5146 and military. L., 1857

6-633 Leo-Wolf, W. Remarks on the abracadabra of the See Lavallée, T.

nineteenth century; or, on Dr. S. HahneLenglet du Fresnoy, Nic. Methode pour étudier man's homeopathic medicine, with particu

l'histoire, avec un catalogue des principaux lar reference to Dr. C. Hering's" Concise view historiens, et des remarques sur la bonté de of the rise and progress of homeopathic medileurs ouvrages, et sur la choix des meilleures

cine." N. Y., 1835. 8°

10–350 editions. P., 1735. 2 v. 40

34-4985 Le Page du Pratz. History of Louisiana, or of the Lennard, C. E. B. Travels in British Columbia ; western parts of Virginia and Carolina ; con

with the narrative of a yacht voyage around taining a description of the countries that lie Vancouver's island. L., 1862. go 26b-663

on both sides of the river Mississippi. L., Lennard, D. B. Tales from Molière's plays 18–1841

1774. 8°

262-69 Lennox, Mary. Ante bellum; southern life as it Leper, and other poems. R. Hyneman 23-352

18-4073 Lepidóptera. See Entomology ; Insects. Lennox, W. P., Lord. Drafis

on my memory; be- Lépine, E., et A. Daudet. La denièrer idole ; ing men I have known, things I have seen, Drame en 1 acte, en prose. P., 1862 34-3497 places I have visited. L., 1866. 2 v. 8° 30–1758 Leprince de Beaumont, Mme Marie. Education Fifty years biographical reminiscences. L., complete, ou Abrégé de l'histoire universelle, 1863, 2 v. 89


mélé de géographie et de chronologie. Rouen, – Pictures of sporting life and character. L.,

1762. 2 v.

34-4478 1800. 2 v.

20–401 Magasin des enfants. Ed. revue par Mme Recreations of a sportsman. L., 1862. 2 v. Lambert. P.

34-5064 20-402 Lepsius, C. R. Standard alphabet for reduciny unLenny, s: G. 'Man of business; or, the gentleman's, written languages and foreign graphic systems stewaru's, appraiser's, farmer's, and trades

to a uniform orthography. 2d ed. L., 1863. man's useful companion. Ipswich, 1822


22-153 14-192 Lermont, L. 'Ups and downs

18–1844 Lenoir, v. €. The logographic emblematical Le Roi, J. A. Curiosités historiques sur Louis XIII, English spelling book. 2d ed. L., 1818. 80 Louis XIV, Louis XV, de Maintenon, de Pom


padour, du Barry, etc. P., 1864. 8° 34-4578 Le Normand, M. A. Historical and secret memoirs Le Sage, A. [Pseud.) See Les Cases.

of the Empress Josephine. Trans. by J. M. Le Sage, A. R. Le Bachelier de Salamanque. P.,
Howard. Ph., 1854. 2 v.


34-4315 Lenormant, Mme. Coppet et Weimar, Mme de Bachelor of Salamanca

18-1845 Staël et la gr. duchesse Louise. P., 1862. 8° Crispin ; Turcaret. C. A. c. v. 3 34-3134

34-4507 Le diable boiteux; augmenté des entretiens des Madame de Staël and the Grand Duchess Louise ; cheminées de Madrid. P., 1821. 2 v. 34–4312

a selection from the unpublished correspond- – Gil Blas de Santillane. P., 1813. 4 v. en 2 ence of Madame de Staël and the Grand

34-4311 Duchess Louise of Saxe-Weimar, from 1800 to

Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane, accompagnée 1817. L., 1862. 8°


de notes et d'une preface, par St. Marc GirarSouvenirs et correspondance tirés des papiers de din. P., 1857

34-3498 Mme Récamier. 2d ed. P., 1860. 2 v. 80 Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane 18-1846

34-4559 Histoire de Guzman d'Alfarache. P., 1819. 2 v. Memoirs and correspondence of Madame Re

34-4314 camier. Trans. and ed. by J. M. Luyster. B., Œuvres choisies. P., 1813

34-4457 1867

30-1889 Lescure, M. de. Eux et Elles-Histoire d'un ScanLent. Discourses on retirement and self-denial

dale. P., 1860

34-3500 32-2251 Lesdernier, Mad. de. Headland home

18–4134 Kip, w. i. History, object, and proper observ: Lesley, J. P. Iron manufacturer's guide to the furance of


naces, forges, and rolling-mills of the United Sewell, E. m. 'Readings for


States, with discussions of iron as a chemical See Holy week.

element, an American ore, and a manufacLenz, W. de. Beethoven et ses trois styles ; tured article, in commerce and in history. Analyses des Sonates de piano. B., 1854. 2 v.

N. Y., 1859. go

6-361 34-3999 Man's origin and destiny, sketched from the Léo, A. “Un divorce. P., 1866.


platform of the sciences. P., 1868 292_265
Leo. D. Cook
18-3654 Manual of coal and its topography.

Ph., 1856 Lé H. de Latouche 34-43

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Leslie, F. Early races of Scotland and their monu- Lessing, G. E. Döring, H. Biographie 34-6:00)
ments. E., 1866. 2 v. go
278-1343 Stabr, A. Life and works of

31-15812 Leslie, C. R. Autobiographical recollections. Edit- Lesson of life, and other poems. G. H. Boker 23-28

ed, with a prefatory essay on Leslie as an artist, Lessons from the great biography. J. Hamilton
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the age of the Medici, and of our own times. and T. Taylor. Life and times of Sir Joshua N. Y., 1845. 2 v.

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2 v.

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1841. 2 v.

Directions for cookery, in its various branches. Light and dark of the rebellion. Ph., 1863
Ph., 1861

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land. L., 1865. 8°

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of coquetry: a dramatic romance. Ph., 1874 ture in the Polar seas and regions. N. Y., 1839

24-60 296_124

Le Texier. Recueil des pièces de théâtre, nouvelleSame. L., 1850


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18-1867 Cora and the doctor

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18-1322 wedded lite.

18-1856 Letter from a gentleman in Dublin. J. Bush Howard and his teacher, and other stories

270_808 18–1858 Letter-writers and autobiographers, half hours with. I'll try

C. Knight

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5-694 and domestic economy

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Writing; and names of languages. Lespin:sse, J. J. E. de. Letires; avec une notice

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L., 1847. 2 v. 80

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at comedy in tive acts. Trans., with notes in Letters from a late eminent prelate. w. Warburion German, by W. C. Wrankmore. B., 1866

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Va., 1862



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