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Lardner, 1). Cabinet cyclopædia. Grattan, T. C. Lardner, D. Same. First Amer. ed., with notes bv
History of Netherlands

B. F. Joslin. Ph., 1832

Herschel, J. F. W. Astronomy 12-8 and C. V. Walker. Manual of electricity,
Study of nat. philosophy


magnetism, and meteorology. L., 1814. 2 v.
llistory of Rome. 2 v.

Holland, J. Manufactures of metal. 3 v. Lardner, N. Works, with a life by Dr. Kippis.

L., 1815. 5 v. 49

Kater, H., and D. Lardner.' Mechanics 11-35 Same. L., 1829. 10 v. 80

Keightley, T. Outlines of bistory. 294-18 The historie of the heretics of the two first
Lardner, D. Treatise on arithmetic 14-4

centuries after Christ, etc. ; with large addi-
Treatise on geometry


tions by J. Hogg. L., 1780 4o . 32-2109
Treatise on heat

11-38 Lares and penates; or, Cilicia and its governors.
Hydrostatics and pneumatics 11-39,40

W. B. Barker

Lardner, D., and C. V. Walker. Magnetism Large, J. Evenings with John Bunyan; or, the
and meteorology. , 2 v.


dream interpreted. N. Y., 1861 32-950
Mackintosh, Sir J., et al. History of Eng. La Rive', A. de. Treatise on electricity, in theory
land. 10 v.


and practice. Trans. by C. V. Walker. L.,
Moore, T.' Ireland. '4 v.

1853–8. 3 v. 8°.

Nicolas, H. Chronology of history294-27 La Rive, w. de. Le Comte de Cavour. P., 1863
Phillips, J. Treatise on geology. 2 v.

9-282 Reminiscences of the life and character of Count
Porter, G. R. Manufacture of porcelain and Cavour. Trans. by E. Romilly. L., 1862.


Silk manufacture

6-394 Larke, J. K. General Grant and his campaigns.
Roscoe, H. British lawyers 30-469

N. Y., 1864 .

Scott, W. History of Scotland. 2 v.

Grant and his generals, (interspersed with ad-

vertisements.) N. Y., 1865. 40 30-20:6
shelley, M. w., et al

. Lives of the most Larkin, E. The true effigies ; or, portraiture of
eminent literary and scientific men of France. the chief philosophers, bistorians, poets,
2 v.


grammarians, and orators. L., 1659 30–309
Lives of eminent literary and scientific Larkin, J. Practical brass and iron founder's guide ;
men of Italy, Spain, and Portugal. 3 v.

with numerous practical rules, tables, and re-

ceipts for gold, silver, tin, and copper found-
Sismondi, J. c. I. de. Fall of the Roman

ing, plumbers, bronze, and bell founders,
empire. 2 v.

jewellers, etc. Pl., 1853

Italian republics.

27-2468 Larkins, W. G. Handbook of English literature.
Southey, R. "Early naval history of England L., 1867

272_1101 Larned, s., life and eloquence of. R. R. Gurley
siebbing, H. Christian church. 2 v.

32-206 La Roche, M. de. See Memoirs of literature.
Reformation. 2 v.

32-207 La Roche, R. Pneumonia ; its supposed connection,
Swainson, W. Animals in menageries 9-6336 pathological and etiological, with autumnal
Geography and classification of animals fevers; an inquiry into the existence and


morbid agency of malaria. Ph., 1854. 80
Habits and instincis of animals 9-638

Natural history of birds. 2 v. 9-639 La Rochefoucault-Liancourt, F. A. F., duc de.
Natural history of fishes. 2 v. 9-637

Travels through the U. S., the country of the
Natural bistory of quadrupeds 9-610

Iroquois, and Upper Canada, in 1793-7. L.,
Study of natural history

1799. 4°


9-641 Laroche Héron. See Courcy de Laroche.
Treatise on malacology

9-643 Larochejaquelein, M. L. V. de. Memoirs. Ph.,
and W. E. Shuckard. History and

1816. 80

natural arrangement of insects

9-644 Laromiguière, P. Leçons de philosophie sur les
Thirwall, C. History of Greece.

principes de l'intelligence. 4me ed. P., 1826.

Course of lectures on astronomy

12-2 Larpent, F. S. Private journal during the Pen-
Hand-book of meteorology and astronomy. insula war, from 1812 to its close. 3d ed. L.,
Pu., 1954. 80

1854. 89

- Museum of science and art. i., 1854–6. 12 v. Larra, M. J. de. Obras completas de Figaro. 20
in 6

ed, P., 1857. 2 v. 80

Popular lectures on science and art. N. Y., Larrabee, W. C. Asbury and his coadjutors. Ed.
1846. 2 v. 80


by D. W. Clark. Cin., 1854. 2 v. 30–1599
Railway economy; a treatise on the new art of Larrey, D. J. Surgical memoirs of the campaigns

transport, its management, prospects and re- of Russia, Germany, and France. Trans. by
lations--commercial, financial and social. N.

J. C. Mercer. Ph., 1832. go

Y., 1850

6-62 Larue, Jean. Bibliotheque des négociants. Con-
Rudimentary treatise on the steam-engine. 7th tenant le Traité de l'arithmetique, Traité du
ed. L., 1864


commerce, Traité des changes, &c. Lyon,
The steam-engine familiarly explained and illus-

1769. 4°

trated; with an historical sketch of its inven. Laryngoscope.

Laryngoscope. Czermak, J. N. Treatise on
tion and progressive improvement, its appli-

cations to navigation and railways, with notes Mackenzie, M. Use of

by J. Renwick. Ph., 1836. go. 6-502 Larynx. Mackenzie, M. Nervo-muscular affections
Treatise on arithmetic, theoretical and practical.

14-4 Tobola, A. Chronic diseases of 10–778
– Treatise on geometry, and its application to the Larwood, J., and J. C. Hotten. History of sign-
L., 1840


boards from the earliest times to the present
Treatise on heat. New ed. L., 1839 11-38

day. 2d ed. L., 1866

Treatise on hydrostatics and pneumatics. L., La Salle, A. E. G. de. Sicile. ' [L'univers]


8 v.

3 v.


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4 v.


La Salle, R. C. de. See Falconer, T.; French, B. F., Latham, R. G. Nationalities of Europe. L., 1863. hist. coll. of Louisiana, v. 1 ; Joutelle

2 v. 80

274_3475 Las Cases, E. A. D. M. J. de. Le Sage's historical, Native races of the Russian empire. L., 1954. genealogical, and chronological atlas. Trans.

2723942 from the French. To which have been added Natural history of the varieties of man L, six maps composed by Mine Coindé. L.,

1850. 80

298-187 1813. fo

294_415 Norway, and the Norwegians. L., 1840 274_455 Select maps from ailas. ' [ By E. L. Lawton.) Latham, W. The states of the river Plate ; their (U. S.] 40


industries and commerce. L., 1866. See American atlas; Lavoisne.

269-611 Mémorial de Sainte-Ilélène. P.

4° Lathbury, T. Guy Fawkes; with fac-simile of the 34-4798

anonymous letter, and of the miraculous Life, exile, and conversations of the Emperor

2d ed. L., 1840

272_714 Napoleon. L., 1835. 4v. 8° 30-381 History of the book of common prayer, and Same. B., 1823. 3 v. go


other books of authority; with an account of La Somnambula. V. Bellini


the state of religion and religious parties in Laspée, H. de. Calisthenics; or, the elements of England, from 1640 to 1660. L., 1858. go bodily culture on Pestalozzian principles. L.

32-821 80

20-398 History of the nonjurors; their controversies Laselle, Mrs. N. P. Annie Grayson 18-1810

and writings. L., 1845. 89

32-1971 High life in Washington. [Same as “Hope Lathes. Northcott, W. H. Treatise on 6-381 Marshall'']

18-1809 See Turning. Hope Marshall ; or, government and its offices. Lathrop, D. W. The case of the general assembly

18–1809 Last Athenian. v. Rydberg

of the presbyterian church, before the su18-2709

preme court of Penna. Ph., 1839. 8. 39-14:30 Last baron of Crana. Jolin Banim

18–275 Lathrop, J. H. Eulogy on Clay. Madison, 18.12. Last century of universal history. a. C. Ewald


30-1607 29a-270 Latimer, H. Sermons and remains, ed. by G. E. Last chronicle of Barset. A. Trollope 18-3209,3300 Corrie. Camb., 184.5. 80

32-1212 Last day of our Lord's passion. W. Hanna Latin language and literature. Grammar and


lexicography. Last days of a king. M. Hartmann 18-38,52 – Ainsworthi, R. Dictionary, English and Latin Last days of Lee. J. E. Cooke 18-707

22-) Last days of Pompeii. E. L. Bulwer-Lytton Andrews, F. A. Critical Latin-English lexicon 18-482

22-399 Last decade of a glorious reign.' M. W. Freer

and s: Stvildard. Grammar of the Latin 274_1723 language

22-7 Lust enemy conquering and conquered. G. Burgess Arnold, T. K. First and second Latin book 32-563

22-11 Last leaves. A. Smith

3:3-1401 Elyot, t.' Latin-English dictionary 22-359 Last leaves of American history. E. Willard Harkness, A. Latin grammar for schools 264-249

22-120 Last nights of Pompeii; and lays and legends. S.

Hedericus. Græcum lexicon :

34-494 L. Fairfield

23-84 Hermann, G. Elementa doctrinæ metrice Last ninety days of the war in N. C. C. P. Spenser

34-384 262_841 Hill, J. Synonyms

22-306 Last of the barons.' E. L. Bulwer-Lytton 18–481 Holy-oke, F. Dictionarium

22-133 Last of the foresters. J. E. Cooke

18–704 Kenrick, J. Exercises on syntax 22-142 Last of his name. E. Perce 18–2475 Key, T. II. Latin grammar ·

22-144 Last of the Incas. G. Aimard

18-94 Krebs, J. P. Guide for writing Latin 22-119 Last of the Mohicans. J. F. Cooper

18-722 Monteith, A. H. Latin without a master 2.2-170 Last of the Mortimers. Mrs. M. Oliphant 18–2380 Noel, F. Gradus ad Parnassum 34-4934 Last of the patriarchs. J. Cumming 32-604 Port Royal Latin grammar

22-203 Last of the Plantagenets. G. W. Dasent 18-3969 Prompióriun parvulorum. Camden soc. pub. Last of the Saxons

v. 25, 54 and 89

27219.5 Last warning cry. J. Cumming 32–19.58 Public school Litin primer

22-206 Late Jaurels. By the author of "Wheat and tares” Ramsiiorn, L. Dictionary of Latin synonyms 18-3690

22-207 Latham, B. Lcctuire on the sewage difficulty; Yonge, c.n. English-Latin dictionary 22-297 reply to J. D. M. Pearce. L., 1867. go Zumpt, C. G. Lateinische grammatik 34-23394


Grammar of the Latin language 22-299 Latham, il. Black and white; a journal of a three History and selections.

months' tour in the United States. L., 1867. Browne, R. W. Roman classical literature

22-948 Latham, Mrs. P. M. Baronscliffe; or, the deed of Cleveland, c. D. 'Compendium of classical other days


22-976 Latham, R. D. See Orr's Circle of the Sciences. Coleccion de refranes de la lengua castellana Latham, R. G. Descriptive ethnology. L., 1859. con su correspondencia Latina

34-11 go 294_101 Donaldson, J. W. Varronianus

92-122 Dictionary of the English language; founded Dunlop, J. History of .

22-1039 on that of S. Johnson, as edited by J. H. Elton, C. A. Greek and Roman poets 23-815

Todd. v. 1 in 2. L., 1866. 2 v. 40 22-392 Matthias, A. History of Roman literature - Elements of comparative philology. L., 1862.

22-1181 80

22-462 Peter, w. specimens of the poetry of Rome Hand-book of the English language, for the use

2:3-186 of students of the universities and higher Pierron, A. Histoire de la littérature Romaine classes of schools. N. Y., 1856. 22-148

34-3993 Logic in its application to language. L., 1856 Riley, T. ' Dictionary of quotations 22-1180 15-151 Thompson, H. llisiory or

22-1241 – Man and his migrations. ' n. Y., 1852 29–167 See Romance languages.

2 v.

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4 v.

Latitude. Mackay, A. Methods of determining Laurie, S. S. On primary instruction in relation to

12-103 Latocnaye, M. de. ' Promenade d'un Français dans

Laurieducation Grand inna dole mountain Nestorians. l' Irlande, et dans la Grand Bretagne. Dub.,

B., 1833

32-441 1797. 80

34-4815 Woman and her Saviour, in Persia. B., 1863 Latouche, H. T. de; (dit Henri de.) Clement XIV

32-1077 et Carlo Bertinazzi; correspondance inédite.

Laus Veneris, and other poems. A. C. Swinburne B. et L., 1840 34-4319

23-878 Léo; Roman. B. and L., 1840. 2 v. 34-4320 Lauzun. See Birun. Un mirage. B., 1842 34-3483 Lavollée, C. Les Philippines

34-4659 Latour, A. L. Historical memoir of the war in La Vallée, J. Les récits d'un vieux chasseur. 2me West Florida and Louisiana, in 1814,15. Ph.,

edi. P., 1800

34-4092 1816. 2 y. 80

26--121 Lavallée, T. S. Histoire de Paris. 2me ed. P., 1857. Latour-Landry. See Early English text society

2 v.

34-5181 v. 19 of 22-1043 - Histoire des Français depuis le temps des Gaulois, La Trappe, visit to monastery of. W. D. Fellowes jusqu'en 1830. 16e ed. P., 1865. 276_796

34-5182 La Traviata. G. Verdi


- Physical, historical, and military geography, Latreaumont. E. Sue


from the French. Ed. by A. F. Lendy. L., Latrobe, C. J. Journal of a visit to South Africa,


25–182 in 1815,6; with some account of the mission- La Vallière, F. L. de la B. le B., duchesse de.

Les ary settlements of the united brethren. N.Y.,

confessions, écrites par elle-même, et corrigées 1818. 80


par Bossuet, avec un commentaire historique The rambler in Mexico. ' N. Y., 1836 206-67

et littéraire par R. Cornut. 2e ed. P., 1858 The rambler in North America. L., 1835. 2 v.

34-3485 80.

206-66 La Valliere, duchess de. Mme. de Genlis 18-1169 La Trobe, J. A. Music of the church considered Lavater, J. C. Essays on physiognomy. Engray

in its various branches, congregational and ings by T. Holloway. Trans. by II. Hunter. choral. L., 1831. 8°

L., 1789. 3 v. in 5. 40

10-1000 Latrobe, J. H. B. History of Mason and Dixon's Samé. Trans. by T. Holcroft, to which are line. Ph., 1854. 8°


added one hundred physiognomical rules, and Latter-day pamphlets. T. Carlyle


memoirs of the life of the author. 11th ed. Latter days. Mrs. Sherwood v. 2 of 18-2837

L., 1860. 8°

10-240 Latter days of Jerusalem and Rome. D. McCaus- Lavaysse, J. F. D. Statistical, commercial, and land


political description of Venezuela, Trinidad, La Tude. See Clairon.

Margarita and Tobago. L., 1820. '8° 266–653 Land, W., life of J. N. Norton 30-1483 Lavengro. G. Borrow

18-355 Lander, T. D. Legendary tales of the Highlands. Lavergne, A. M. A. de L. de. Le Cadet de famille. 3 v.

N. Y., 1857.

34-4636 See Price, Sir U.

Le chevalier du silence. P.,


34-5333 Lauder, W. Office and dewtie of kyngis. [E. E. Lavergne, L. G. L. G. de. Royer Collard, orateur T. S. pt. 3] v. 2 of 22-1043

34-4675 Lauderdale, J. M., earl of. Inquiry into the nature The rural economy of England, Scotland, and

and origin of public wealthi. E., 1804. 8° 3–135 Ireland. From the French. E., 1855. 80 Saame. 21 ed. E.. 1819 3-136

4-252 Letters to the peers of Scotland. Dub., 1795. Same; with notes lvy a Scottish furmer. E.,


4-252 Laugel, A. Les causes et caractères de la guerre La Villemarqué, T. H. de.' Myrdhinn ; ou l'encivile aux États-Unis. 89


chanteur Merlin, son histoire, ses euvres, Les États-Unis pendant la guerre, (1861–65.) son influence. P., 1862

34-5365 P., 1866

34-3489 See Taylor, T. The United States during the war. N. Y., Lavinia. Ĝ Ruffini

18-2697 1866, go

266-567 Lavoisne. Complete genealogical, iristorica!, chronoLes problèmes de la vie.' P., 1867. 34-3490

logical, and geographical atlas; according to Laujardière, C. C. B._See Brillaud-Laujardière.

the plan of Le Sage, greatly improved. From Launenhaftes weib. E. F. Carlen


the last L. ed. Improved by C. Gros and J. Laura. Mme. Dudevant


Aspin. 3d Am. ed. Ph., 1821. 1° 25-355 Laurel Hill cemetery, guide to

266-535 See American atlas. Laurence, J. L., and R. C. Moon. Handy book of La Voye, M. de. Eugénie, the young laundress of ophthalmic surgery for the use of practitioners.

the Bastille

18-1815 P11, 1866, 8o

10-657 Law, H. Rudimentary treatise on logarithms. L., Laurencin, A. F. Z. Clapelie, dit. Ma femme et 1859

14-201 mon parapluie. P. T. B.

34-4181 Law, J. Money and trade considered ; with a proLaurent, A. Chemical method, notation, classifi- posal for supplying the nation with money. cation, and nomenclature. Trans. by W. Glasgow, 1700

1-315 Odling. L., 1855. 8° 8-57 Thiers, L. A. Memoir of

30-1188 Laurent, P. M., (dit Laurent l'Ardeche.) Histoire

Law, S. D. Copyright and patent laws of the U. S., de l'Empereur Napoléon illustrée par H.

1790 to 1866 ; with notes of decisions, and Vernet. P., 1839. go


forins and indexes. N. Y., 1866 2-296 – History of Napoleon, from the French. N. Y.,

Law, W. An humble, earnest, and affectionate ad. 1843. 2 v. 8°


dress to the clergy. Ph., 1819 32-2155 Laurentia. G. Fullerton

18–3777 Law. General and comprehensive. Laurentius Gallus. See Lorens.

Anthon, J. The law student

2-298 Laurie, James. System of universal geography; Bentham, J. Works

2-543 founded on the works of Malte Brun and Blackstone, W. Commentaries 2-10,259 Balbi. L., 1851. 80

25-72 Bouvier, J. Institutes of American law 2-114 Laurie, Joseph. Elements of homeopathic practice Law dictionary

2-11 of physic. 4th Am. ed. Ph., 1861. 8o 10–293 Bowyer, G. Conumentaries on

v. 86 of 2-55 Laurie, S. S. On the philosophy of ethics. E., Broom, H. Coustitutional and common law 1866. So 15-286

2-321 30–1123 23-1029

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Law. Burlamaqui, J.J. Principles of natural and Lawrence, E. Lives of the British historians. N.Y.,

1855. 2 v.

30-8:54 Cicero, m. T. 'Treatise on law's 2-613;33–186 Lawrence, F. * Life of Henry Fielding; with notices (rosby, F. Everybody's lawyer


of his writings, his times, and his contempo. Domat, J. The civil law

raries. L., 1855

30-1001 Fonblanque, A., jr. Household law 2-300 Lawrence, G. A.' Barren honour

18-1816 Holmes, J. The statesman

2-720 Border and Bastille. N. Y., [1862] 200-450 Kent, J. Commentaries on American law 2-48 Brakespeare

18-1925 Kerr, R. M. Student's Blackstone 2-259 Breaking a butterfly; or, Blanche Ellerslie's Kinne, A. Blackstone, in question and answer ending

18-18233 2-309 A bundle of ballads. L., 1864

23-709 Lois rurales de la France 34-4274 Guy Livingstone; or, thorough

18-1817 Maine, H. S. Ancient law

2-165 Maurice Dering; or, the quadrilateral 18-1819 Montesquieu, C. de S. de. Esprit des lois

Sans Merci ; or, kestrels and falcons 18-1824 34-3569 Sword and gown

18–1813 Patterson, J. Compendium of English and Lawrence, J. Nobility of the British

gentry; or, Scotch law


the political ranks and dignities of the Britisha – Pomeroy, J. N. Introduction to municipal 1.

empire. 2d ed. L., 1827

274_717 2-199 Lawrence, Mrs. M. W. Esperance 18-1821 Spence, G. Equitable jurisdiction of court of Light on the dark river; or, memorials of Mrs. chancery

H. A. L. Hamlin. B., 1854

32-17: Story, J. Commentaries on the conflict of 2-274 Marion Graham ; or, higher than happiness Taylor, J. Elements of civil law 2-164

18-1820 Tracy, 'a.s. C. Review of Montesquieu's spirit Lawrence, P. H. ' Litliology; or, classification or of the laws


rocks, with their English, French, and Ger. Wade, J. The cabinet lawyer


man names, and the most important minerals; Wooddesson, R. Lectures on the laws of Eng. according to the system of B. v. Coita. L., land

v. 39 of 2-55
1865. 4°

9-249 Young, a. w. Citizens, manual

2-921 Lawrence, R. See Enoch, tlie book of 32-1941 History and reform.

Lawrence, S. The lawyers. F's M. D. v. 7 Brooke, E. General account of the laws and

24-113 law writers of England

2-286 Lawrence, T. 'Williams, D. E. Life and correspond Brown, 1). P. Review of Lord Brougham 2-622

ence of

30-1079 Crabb, G. His:ory of English law 2-26 Lawrence, William. Marriage by the morall law of Eardley. Wilmot, J. E. Lord Brougham's law God, vindicated against all ceremonial laws of reforms


popes and bishops destructive to filiation ali. Goguet, A. Y. Origin of laws


ment and succession, and the government of Herbert, W. Antiquities of the inns of court familyes and kingdomes. 1680. sm. 4° 2-294

32-124 Long, G. 'Two discourses in Middle Temple Lawrence, William, F. R. s. ' Leciures on comparahall

V. 60 of 2-5.5

tive anatomy, physiology, zoology, and the Michelet, J. Origines du droit français 34-488.5 natural history of man. 9th ed. L., 1818 Principles of law reform. By P. Q. 32-2503

9-722 Smith, T. B. C. Law reform

2-212 See Thought not a function of the brain 15-345 Miscellaneous.

Treatise on the diseases of the eye. New ed., American law magazine .


with numerous additions, by I. Hays. Ph., American law review

1854. 8°

10-144 Brewster, F. c. Rights and duties of lawyers Lawrence, w. R.' Extracts from the diary and


correspondence of the late Amos Lawrence; Brown, G. w.' Relation of the profession to with a brief account of some incidents in his society

life. B., 1855. 80

30-860 Buil, H. Legal maxims

v. 50 of 2-55 Lawrie, J. The Roman or Turkish bath ; together Coode, G. Legislative expression v. 60 of 2–55 with barege, medicated, galvanic, and bydro. Sharswood, G. Professional ethics 2-172

pathic baths. E., 1964

10-409 Smith, P. A. History of education for the Lawrie Todd. J. Galt

18-1135 English bar

2-161 Laws. See Law; and names of governments. Tellkampf, J. L. Essays on 2-163 Laws from heaven. W. Arnot

32-603 Wharton, G F. Legal maxims

2-248 Lawson, G. Injuries of the eye, orbit, and eyelids. See Codes; Commercial I. ; Courts; Criminal l.;

Ph., 1867. go

10-73) Equity; International l. ; Jurisprudence ; Lawson, J. P. History of remarkable conspiracies Maritime l. ; Medical jurisprudence; Mercan- connected with European history during the tile l. ; Military l. ; Poor laws; Practice, and

150, 16th, and 17th centuries. E., 1829. 2 v. the divisions and subjects of practice ; Property; Punishment; Slave-trade; slavery"; Lawson, w. 'Geography of coast lines. 5th ed. Societies ; Trials; and names of governments.

L., 1865

2.5-124 Law and lawyers; or, sketches and illustrations of - Geography of river systems. L., 1865 25-125 legal history and biography. Ph., 1841. 2 v. Lawson, Wij. History of banking; with a com


prehensive account of the banks of England, Law library, the. Edited by T. Sergeant and J. C. Ireland, and Scotland. 2d ed. L., 1855. 86 Lowber. Ph., 1833-54. 90 v. 80 2-55

1-88 Law merchant of the United States. G. Caines 2-21 Who's who in 1867.' L.

274-1233 Law of lite: with special reference to the physical | Lawyer. Mrs. L. C. Tuthill

18_3:34 eclucation of girls. E. Blackwell 10-157 Lawyers. Bennet, W. H. Biographical sketches Law on its trial. A. H. Dymond


from the note books of a law reporter 30-1920 Luw register, the. Jobn Livingston 2-361 Bigelow, L. J. Bench and bar

30-1974 Lawrence, Abbot. Memoir of N Appleton 30-1606 Browu, D. P. The forum

30-920 Lawrence, Amos. Lawrence, W. R. Extracts from Campbell, J., Ld. Lives of the lord chance diary and correspondence


30-733 - Thayer, W. M. Poor boy and merchant prince Lives of the chief justices

30-666 30-1008 Foss, E. Judges of England

[blocks in formation]

Lawyers. Fournel, J. F. Histoire des avocats Lea, I. Contributions to geology. Ph., 1833. 8° 34-4887

9-1218 Grant, J. Berich and bar

30-32 Extracts from the proceedings of the academy Jeaffreson, J. C. A book about lawyers 2–332 of natural sciences, of papers by Isaac Lea. Law and lawyers

[Conchology.) Ph., 1866. 8°

9-728 Miller, S. F. Bench and bar of Georgia Fossil foot-marks in the red sandstone of Potts.

ville. Ph., 1852. 4o .

9-1247 O'Brien, Ė. His character and rule of holy life Observations on the genus unio, etc. v. 9-12.

Ph. 40

9-1244 O'Neall, J. B.' Tlie bench and bar of South On a fossil saurian of the new red sandstone Carolina


formation of Pennsylvania ; with some acRoscoe, H. Eininent British lawyers 30-469

count of that formation; also, on some new and T. Westminister ball


fossil molluscs. Ph., 1858. 4° 9-1246 Shcil, R. L. Sketchies of the Irish bar 30-772 - Synopsis of the family of Naiades. 3d ed. Ph., Tyson, J. R. Integrity of the legal character

1852. 40

9-1245 2-622 Lea, M. C. Manual of photography. Ph., 1868. go – Updike, W. Memoirs of the Rhode Island bar

0-873 30-532 and E. L. Wilson. Photographic mosaics; an Welsby, w. N. Lives of eminent English annual report of photographic progress. Ph., judges


6-876 Willis, w. Law and courts of Maine 2-191 See Newman's manual

6-894 See Chief justices.

Lea. See Lee. Lawyer's secret. M. E. Braddon

18–385 Leach, W. T. Introductory lecture before the merLawyer's story. J. A. Maitland


cantile library association. Montreal, 1854. 8° Lay, G. T. The Chinese as they are ; notes by E.

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in distribution of water

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law, the wager of battle, the ordeal, and the dies; with the Roman martyrs, and other torture. Ph., 1866

poems. N. Y., 1869



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