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Kingsley, James L. Life of Ezra Stiles. (S. A. B. Kirby, M. and E. Bundle of sticks

18-1777 16) 30–497 Rose-colored spectacles

18-1778 Kingsley, John L., and J. P. Pirsson. Laws and Kirby, R. S. The new, wonderful, and entertain

practice of all nations relating to patents for ing magazine; or, curiosities of nature and inventions. N. Y., 1848. 80


art. L., 1825. 8 (no title page] 33-658 Kingsmill, J. Chapters on prisons and prisoners, Kirby, W. On the power, wisciom, and goodness and the prevention of crime. 3d ed. L.,

of God, as manifested in the creation of ani. 1854. 80


mals, and in their history, habits, and instincts. Kingston, W. H. G. Antony Waymouth; or, the Ph., 1836. 80

9-574 gentlemen adventures 18-1763 Freeman, J. Life of

30-1162 – Blue jackets; or, chips of the old block; a nar- and W. Spence. Introduction to entomology ;

rative of exploits of British seamen, and of or, clements of the natural history of insects; events in the naval service during the reign comprising an account of their metamorplioses, of Queen Victoria. L., 1854. go 274-692

food, stratagems, habitations, societies, etc. Boy's own book of boats, including vessels of

Ph., 1846. 8°

9-575 every rig and size ; with instructions how to Kirchhoff, G. Researches on the solar spectrum, and make sailing models. L., 1868


the spectra of the chemical elements. Trans. Cruise of the Frolic


by H. E. Roscoe, L., 1862,3. 2 v. 4° 8-503 Dick (aslow

18-1764 Kirk, J. Inquirer's companion ; being conversa Ernest Bracebridge; or, schoolboy days 18–1766 tions interesting to such as are seeking rest in The fire ships

the truth of God. L., 1858

32-1810 Fred Mukham in Russia ; or, the boy travellers The mother of the Wesleys: a biography. Cin., in the land of the Czar. N. Y., 1858 275-457


30-1624 -- Infant amusements; or, how to make a nursery

Kirk, J. B. Practical observations on cholera ashappy. L., 1867


phyxia ; a report to the Greenock board of Lusitanian sketches of the pen and pencil. L.,

health. N. Y., 1832. 8°

10-80 1845. 2 v.

276-108 Kirk, J. F. History of Charles the bold, duke of Mark Seaworth, a tale of the Indian Ocean Burgundy. Ph., 1864-8. 3 v. 8° 274-1766

18-1707 Kirkaldy, D. Results of an experimental inquiry Marmaduke Merry, the midshipman; or, my into the tensile strength and other properties early days at sea


of various kinds of wrouglıl-iron and steel. Paul Gerrard, the cabin boy

2d ed. Glasgow, 1863. 80

6-358 Peter the whaler

18-1770 Kirkbride, T. S. See Penna. hospital for the insane. The prime minister. 3 v.


Round the world; a tale for boys 18-1771 Kirke, E. Pseud. See Gilmore, J. R.
Salt-water; or, the sea life and adventures of Kirkland, C.. M. [Mrs. M. Clavers.] Evening
Neil d'Arcy


18-1785 Three hundred years ago; or, the martyr of Forest life

18-1786 Brentwood

18-1769 IIolidays abroad; or, Europe from the west. Kington, T. L. History of Frederick II, emperor N. Y., 1849. 2 v.

27b-159 of the Romans. Camb., 1862. 2 v. 80

Memoir's of Wishington.' n. Y., 1857 30-943 30-1393 New home-who'll follow

18-1787 Kinmont, A. Lectures on the natural history of School-girl's garland; a selection of poetry. N. man, and the rise and progress of philosoplıy;

Y., 1864

23-708 with a biographical sketch of the author. Western clearings

18-1788 Cin., 1839. 80

294_258 Kirkland, F. Cyclopædia of commercial and busiKinnaird, D. The merchant of Bruges ; or beggar's ness anecdotes. N. Y., 1864. 2v. 80 1-187

bushı; with alterations and additions. D. L. The pictorial book of anecdotes, and incidents T. v.7.


of the war of the rebellion. Ilart., 1866. 8° Kinne, A. The most important parts of Black

264-854 stone's commentaries reduced to questions Kirkland; s., life of. s. K. Lothrop, (S. A. B. 25.) and answers. 2d ed. N. Y., 1839. go 2-309

30-497 Kinnear, J. B. Principles of reform, political and Kirkman, J. T. Life of Charles Macklin, with his legal. L., 1865. 80


observations on the drama, &c; forming a Kinzie, Mrs. J. H. Wau-bun; the "Early Day” comprehensive history of the stage. L., 1799. in the northwest. N. Y., 1856. 80 264_59

2 v.

30-1019 Kip, L. Army life on the Pacific. N. Y., 1859 Kirkman, T. P. First mnemonical lessons in geome


try, algebra, and trigonometry. L., 1852 Kip, w. I. Catacombs of Rome as illustrating the

14-156 church of the first three centuries. N. Y., Kirkton, J. Secret ind true history of the church of 19.54


Scotland, from the restoration to the year - The early contlicts of Christianity. n. Y., 1850 1078; with an account of the murder of Arch


bishop Sharp. Edited from the MSS., by C. - Early Jesuit missions in North America ; com- K. Sharpe. E., 1817. 4o

52-2014 piled and translated from the letters of the Kirkwood, D. Meteoric astronomy; a treatise on French Jesuits, with notes.


shooting-stars, fire-balls, ærolites. Ph., 1867 264_413

12-95 History, object, and proper observance of the Kirkwood, J. P. Collection of reports and opinions holy season of lent. N. Y., 1869 32-2249

of chemists, in regard to the use of lead pipe Kipping, R. Elementary treatise on sails and sail- in the distribution of water. N. Y., 1859. 80 making. L., 1865 6-640

8-118 - Rudimentary treatise on masting, mast-making, Kirwan. ' Pseud. See Murray, n.

and rigging of ships. 100. ed. L., 1866 6-6339 Kirwan, A. V. Host and guest; a book about Kippis, A. Life of Captain James Cook. L., 1788. dinners, wines, and desserts. L., 1864 6–193

30-2001 Modern France ; its journalism, literature, and Same. Basil, 1789.' 2 v.

society. L., 1863

276_791 A narrative of the voyages round the world perKirwan, R. Elements of mineralogy. 2d ed. L.

, formed by Captain James Cook; with an ac

1794-6. 2y. 80

9-246 count of his life. L., 1839 290-310 Kissing the rod. E. Yates

18-3604 See Lardner, N.

Kit Bam's adventures. M. C. Clarke: 18-653

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N. Y.,

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2 v.

2 v.

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8 v.

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Kit-cat club, memoirs of the persons composing the; Knapp, S. L. Advice in the pursuits of literature ;

with a prefatory account of the origin of the containing historical, biographical, and criti. association ; with portraits after paintings by cal remarks. N. Y., 1832

22-1112 G. Kneller. L., 1821. 40

30-2034 Biographical sketches of eminent lawyers, Kit Kelvin's kernels


statesmen, and men of letters. B., 1821. 8 Kitchell, W. Second annual report of the geological

30-289 survey of New Jersey, for 1855. Trenton, Knaves and fools. 'E. N. Whitty 18-3502 1856. 8°

9-247 Kneeland, A., (ed.). Philadelphia universalist magKitchi-Gami. J. G. Koli


azine and Christian messenger. Pb., 1821-3. Kitchiner, W. The economy of the eyes ; precepts


32-1702 for the improvement and preservation of the

Review of trial, conviction, and final imprison. sight. L., 1824


ment for the alleged crime of blasphemy. B., The traveller's oracle. L., 1827. 2v. 80


32-1548 298_261 Kneeland, s. 'See Annual of scientific discovery. Kitto, J. Cyclopædia of biblical literature. New See Smith, C. H. ed. Revised by Rev. H. Burgess. E., 1856. Knelb, P. H. The narratives of an old traveller.


From the German by a lady. Ph., 1854. 8° Daily bible illustrations, being original readings

296-208 for a year, on subjects from sacred history, Kneller, Sir G. See Kit-cat club. biography, geography, antiquities, and the- Knickerbocker; or, New York monthly magazine. ology. N. Y., 185i.


(Afterwards American monthly.) v. 1-16, The bistory of Palestine, with introductory 31-64. N. Y., 1831–64. 8

17-56 chapters on the geography and natural history Knickerbocker's New York. W. Irving 18-1582 of the country. L., 1852

284_96 Knick-knacs from an editor's tabie. L. G. Clark Illustrated history of the holy bible. Ed. by A.

33-233 Bond. Norwich, C., 1866. 8° 32–1990 Knight, Charles. Cyclopædia of the industry of all The lost senses: deatness, and blindness. N. Y., nations L., 1851. 8°

6-874 1852

33-201 Cyclopedia of London. (An abridgment of Ryland, J. Memoirs of .

" London.") L., 1851. 80

270-749 Thayer, W. M. From poor-house to pulpit

Half-hours with the best authors; selected and 30-1330

arranged with biographical and critical notices. See Journal of sacred literature.

N. Y., 1847. 4 v.

33-485 Kitty Trevylyan's diary. Mrs. E. Charles 18–854 Half bours with the best letter-writers and Klencke, R. F. H. and G. Schlesier. Lives of the

autobiographers. L., 1867

33-1348 brothers Humboldt, Alexander and William. Knowledge is power; a view of the productive Translated and arranged from the German by forces of modern society. B., 1856 3-129 J. Bauer. N. Y., 1853 30-729 Sanie. 2d ed. L., 1859

3-130 Klim, Nikolaus. ÎPseud.) "See Holberg, L. von. The land we live in ; a pictorial and literary Klippart, J. II. Land drainage. 2d. ed. Cin., 1867 sketch-book of the British empire. L. 4 v.


276-1201 The wheai plant; its origin and culture. Cin., London. 'L., 1841–3. ov. go

270-1218 1860

4-107 The old printer and the modern press. L., 18.54 Klipstein, L. F. Analecia Anglo-Saxonica. N. y.,

30-16.53 1849. V. 2. 22-1110 Once upon a time. 'L., 1854. ' 2 v.

33-178 – Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon language. N. Y., Pussages of a working life during half a century. 1857

L., 1864,5. 3 v.

30–1494 Kliyogg. See Rural Socrates.

Popular history of England; an illustrated Klob, J. M. Pathological anatomy of the female history of society and government from the sexual organs. Trans. by J. Kammerer, and

earliest period to our own times. L., 1856B. F. Dawson. N. Y., 1865. · 89 10-780

62. 8 v. go

274_697 Klopstock, F. G. Messiah. L., 1826. 4 v. in 2. Shadows of the old booksellers. L., 1865. 80 80 23-918

21-66 Döring, H. Biographie :


William Shakspere'; a biography. L., 1851. and M. Memoirs of. Trans, from the German.

30-1135 Ph., 1810

30-293 Ste English cyclopædia. Klose, C.' L. Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart, Knight, Cornelia. Autobiography of Miss C. K.; commonly called the Young Pretender; with

with extracts from her journals and anecdote notes of the rebellion in 1745. L., 1845. 2 v.

books. 4th ed. L., 1861. 2 v. 80 30-1374 8.

30-1201 Knight, Mrs. H. C. Huntington, Lady, and her Klosterheim. T. De Quincy:

friends. N. Y., 1853

30-805 Knapp, A., and W. Baldwin: The Newgate calendar. Life of James Montgomery. B., 1857 30-984 L., 1824-8. 4 v. 80

274695 New memoir of Hannah More; or, life in hall Knapp, F. Chemical technology; or, chemistry and cottage. N. Y., 1851

30-654 applied to the arts and to manufactures. Knight, H. G. Architectural tour in Normandy ; Trans. by Ronalds and Richardson; with with some remarks on Norman architecture. notes by W. R. Johnson. Ph., 1848. 2 v.

2d ed. L., 1841

27_303 80

8-13 Knight, R. P. Analytical inquiry into the princiSame. New edition ; hy Ronalds, Richardson, ples of taste. 2d ed. L., 1805 . 15-11 and Watts. L. 1855-67. 3 v. in 7. Knighi, W. H. Diary of a pedestrian in Cashmere

and Thibet. L., 1863. 8°

29_428 1, 11, 1855–Fuel and its applications.

Knight of the golden melice. J. T. Adams 18-1792 V. 1, pts. III, IV, V, 1863,5,7— Acids, alkalies and salts.

18-1880 V. 2, 1845-Glass, aluin, potteries, &c.

Knight of Gwynne. C. Lever
V. 3, 1831--Food, &c.

Knight of Mauléon. (Same as Iron band.) A. Dumnas Knapp, G. C. Lectures on Christian theology.

18-935 Trans. by L. Woods, jr. Ph., 1853. 8° Knighthood. An accurate historical account of all


the orders of knighthood at present existing Knapp, J. Autobiography. 'N. Y., 1868 30–2372 in Europe ; with dissertations, by an officer of Knapp, M. L. Researches on primary pathology, the order of Saint Joacbim. L., [1803.] 2v. and the origin and laws of epidemics. Ph.,


2743576 1858. 2 v. 8° 10-539 Carlisle, N. Concise account



V.1, pts.

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2 v.

Knighthood. Doran, J. Knights and their days Knox, J. P. Historical account of St. Thomas, and


incidental notices of St. Croix and St. Johns. – See Chivalry: Crusades; Garter, order of; N. Y., 1852

264_284 Heraldry ; Knights templars; Middle ages; Knox, R. The races of men : a fragment. Ph., 1850 St. John, order of.

29a-163 Knightly soldier. Biography of H. W. Camp. H. Knox, T. w. 'Camp-fire and cotton-field; southern C. Trumbull


adventure in time of war; life with the Union Knighton, Lady D.

Memoirs of Sir William armies, and residence on a Louisiana planta-
Knighton. Ph., 1838. 80

tion. N. Y., 1865. 80

26_736 Knighton, W. Elihu Jan's story; or, the private Knox, V. Essays: moral and literary. N. Y., 1793. life of an eastern queen. L., 1865 286-471

33-973 - Forest life in Ceylon. L., 1854. 2 v. 286-217 Kobell, F. von.

Sketches from the Mineral kingPrivate life of an eastern king. N. Y., 1855


9-1029 286-205 See Schouw, J. F. Knights and their days." J. Doran 274_3397 Koch, C. The Crimea and Odessa; journal of a Knights hospitallers. See St. John, order of.

tour, with an account of the climate and vegeKnights of the frozen sea; a narrative of Arctic dis

tation. L., 1855

276-646 covery and adventure, by the author of Koch, C. W. Revolutions in Europe from the sub" Harry Lawton's adventures." N. Y., 1867

version of the Roman empire in the west, till 296-252

the congress of Vienna. Trans. by A. CrichKnights of Malta. See St. John, order of.

ton; with a continuation to 1815, by M. Schoell. Knights of Rhodes. See St. John, order of.

Middletown, 1833

274_3469 Knights of the round table. See Arthur, king.

Same; with a'sketch of the late revolutions in Kniglis templars. Addison, C. G. 274_3351

Greece, Poland, Belgium, and France, by J. Creigh, A. Knights templars of Penna. 2-626 Barrett, and a comprehensive account of the See Knighthood.

revolutions in France, Italy, the German states Knill, R. Birrell, C. M. Life of


and Hungary, in 1848,9. Hart., 1850. 80 Knitting. Ronaldson's gilt book of useful and or

27"-3470 namental knitting and crochet work 6-215 Same; to abduction of Napoleon. "L., 1839. go See Needle-work.

274-3471 Knitting-work. B. P. Shillaber

18-2841 Koch, R.See Stein, A. Knolles, R. The generall historie of the Turks ; Kock, C. P. de. André le Savoyarıl. P. 4° 34-4834

together with the lives and conquests of the L'ane à M. Martin. N. Y., 1863. 4° 34-4801 Othoman kings and emperours. [L.) 1638. fo

Le barbier de Paris. P. 4°

34-4759 294_409 Un bon enfant ; un homme à marier ;

un mari Knout and the Russians. G. de Lagny 270-860

perdu. P. 4°

34-4837 Knowledge. Craik, G. L. Pursuit of knowledge

Le Cocu. P. 4°

34-4836 under difficulties

30-1801 to 4 Contes et chansons; Mme de Valnoir. P. 4° - Dick, T. Diffusion of 13-66,7

34-4833 Fichte, J. G. The science of .


La demoiselle de cinquième.' P., 1857. 3 v. Knowledge is power. C. Knight 3-129

34-5145 Knowledge for the people. J. Timbs 11-70 L'enfant

ma femme. P. 40

34-4758 Knowledge of God. R. J. Breckenridge 32-719,20 La famille braillard. P., 1861. 3 v. 34-5147 Knowledge of living things. A. N. Bell 9-907 Une femme à trois visages. P., 1860. 5 v. en 3 Knowles. F. C. “The monetary crisis considered;"

34-5149 being incidentally a reply to Mr. Horsley

La femme, le mari, et l'amant. p.' 40 34-4757 Palmer's pamplilet. L., 1837. 8° 1-285 La fille aux trois jupons. 4me ed. P., 1864 Knowles, J. Life and writings of Henry Fuseli.

34-5148 L., 1831. 3 v. 80 30-193 Frère Jacques. p. 40

34-4802 Knowles, J S. Dramatic works. 'L., 1856. 2 v. Georgette. P. 40

34-4752 24-70 Gustave ; Edinond et sa Cousine. P. 40 34-4764 Samé. L., 1841-3. ' 3 v.

24-69 L'homme de nature et l'homme policé. Roman. Brian Boroihme. F's S. D. v. 15 24-221

P. 4°

34-1772 The bridal, (adapted from The maid's tragedy Jean. P. 4°

34-4835 of Beaumont and Fletcher.) F's S. D. v. 6 Un jeune homme charmant. P. 4:

31-4773 24-221 Lu laitière de Montfermeil. 4°

34-4760 – The elocutionist : a collection of pieces in prose Madeleine.

P. 4o.

34-4761 and verse. 13th ed. Belfast, 1837 33-596 La maison blanche. P. 40

34–4765 Fortescue, a novel

18-1795 Le millionaire. P., 1857. 5 v. in 3 31-5146 George Lovell 18–1797 Mon voisin Raymond. P. 4°

34-4804 The hunchback. Fss. N. v. 2

24-221 M, Choublanc à la recherche de sa femme. Ed. The idol demolished by its own priest : an

interdite. B., 1858.

34-5144 answer to Cardinal Wiseman's lectures on M. Dupont. P. 4°

34-4803 transubstantiation. L., 1852 32-1284 Moustache. P. 40

34–4762 Love. F's S. D. v. 9 24-221 Ni jamais ni toujours. P. 40

34-4771 The love chase. F's S. D. v. 3

24-221 La pucelle de Belleville. P. 40 34-4760 Virginius. F's S. D. v. 4

Sour Anne. P. 40

31-4768 The wife. F's S. D. v. 1 24-221 Un tourlourou. P. 40:

34-4765 William Tell. Fs S. D. v. 5

24-221 Zizine ; les enfants de maitre Pierre. P. 4° Knowles, R. B. The maiden aunt 18-2014

34-4770 The use of sunshine

18-3388 Kock, H. de. Les amoureux de Pierrefonds. P. 80 Knox, Capt. Harry Mowbray 18-1794

34-4668 Knox, C. E. A year with St. Paul; or, fifty-two les- Les enfants du Boulevard. P. 1864

34-5150 sons for the Sundays of the year. N. Y., 1863 Les femmes de la Bourse. Ed. interdite. Naum

bourg, 1858 ..

34-5152 Knox, J. History of the reformation of religion La haine d'une femme. P.,

1861 :

34-5153 in Scotland, with several other pieces, and a Koecker, L. Essay on the diseases of the jaws, and memoir by W. McGavin. 2d ed. Glasgow, their treatment. L., 1828. 89

10–71 1832. 80

32-122 Kætsveld. The manse of Mastland. Trans. from - McCrie, T. Life of

30-291,2 the Dutch by Thomas Keightley 18–2058

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3 v.

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25 v.


Kohl, J. G. Austria, Vienna, Prague, Hungary, Kotzebue, A. F. F. von. Theater. Wien, 1831. Bohemia, and the Danube; Galicia, Styria,

34-2202 Moravia, Bukovina, and the military frontier. The wise men of the east ; a comedy. From L., 1843. so


the German, by Mrs. Iuchbald. I. B. T. v. 21 Ireland, Scotland, and England. L., 1844. go

24-141 276_221 See Inchbala, Mrs. Lover's vows. I. B. T. v. 8 Kitchi-Gami; wanderings round lake Superior.

24-141 L., 1860. 8°

265-465 Kotzebue, o. von.' Voyage of discovery into the Russia and the Russians in 1842. Ph., 1843. 8° South sea and Beering's straits, for the pur


pose of exploring a northeast passage. L., Russia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kharkoff, Riga, 1821. 3 v. 80

29b-233 Odessa, the German provinces on the Baltic, A new voyage round the world. 1., 1830. 2 v. the Steppes, the Crimea, and the interior of

290-294 the empire. L., 1844. go


Kramer, 'w. 'Aural surgery of the present day. Travels in Canada, and through the states of Trans. by H. Power. L., 1863. 8° 10-830 New York and Pennsylvania. L., 1861. 2 v. Krapf, J. L. Travels, researches, and missionary


labors during a residence in Eastern Africa. Travels in Ireland and Scotland. N. Y., 1844.

B., 1859. 8°

280-314 80.

271-161 See Isenberg, c. w Kohlrausch, F. History of Germany. Trans. by Krascheninnikot. S. P. History of Kamtschatka J. D. Haas. N. Y., 1847. 8° 276-2610

and the Kurilski islands; with the countries Koliades, C. Ulysses Homer; or, a discovery of the adijacent. Trans. from the Russian by J. true author of the Iliad and Odessy. L., 1829 Grieve. Glocester, 1764. 4°

286_920 21-210 Krasinski, H. Private anecdotes of the late and Kolk. See Schröder van der Kolk.

present emperors of Russia, the king of PrusKolliker, A. Manual of human microscopic anato. sia, and the sultan. L., 1858

294_104 my. L., 1860. go

10-231 Krasinski, V. Sketch of the religious liistory of the Kollonitz, P. The court of Mexico. Trans. hy J. Slavonic nations. E., 1851. 89 32–1724 E. Ollivant. L., 1867. 8o.

266-667 Krebs, J. P. Guide for writing Latin. And., 1843 Koningsmarke. J. K. Paulding 18-2456

22-149 Koonawur. See Kunawur.

Krepp, F. c. 'The' sewage question ; a general reKoops, M. Historical account of the substances

view of all systems and methods for draining wbich bave been used to describe events, and

cities and utilizing sewage. L., 1867. 89 to convey ideas from the earliest date. L.,

10-1004 1800. 8°

21-316 Krider, J. Sporting anecdotes, illustrative of the Kopp, H. See Liebig, J., et al.

habits of certain varieties of American game. Kæppen, A. L. The world in the middle ages; an Ed. by H. M. Klapp. Ph., 1853. 80 20-39.5

historical geography. N. Y., 1854. fo 25-370 Krilof and his fables. W. R. S. Ralston 18-4023 Koran, ihe. See Mohammed

32–185, 1167 | Kröger, A. E. See Fichte, J. G. Korb, J. G. Diary of an Austrian secretary of lega- Krüdner, Mme J. de Wietinghoff de. Valérie; avec tion at the court of Czar Peter the great.

une preface de Sainte-Beuve. P., 1855 34-3449 Trans. by Court MacDonnell. L., 1863. 2 v. Kruger, F. First discovery of America and its early


civilization. Trans. and enlarged from the Körner, c. 1. Life ;' with selections from his German, by W. L. Wagener. N. Y., 1863 poems, tales, and dramas. Trans. by G. F.

262-306 Richardson. L., 1845.

80 30-294 Krummacher, F. A. Parabeln. Ste Ausg., Essen, Sämmtliche werke. B., 1863. 4 v. in 2 34-532


34-138 Körner, C. G. Life ; with selections from writ- Parables. From the German

18-1796 ings

30-294 Krummacher, F. W. David, the king of Israel. Schiller, J. C. F. von. Briefwechsel mit K.

Trans. by M. G. Easton. N. Y., 1868 32–2413

34-521 Early days of Elisha ; with an introduction by Correspondence with K.

Rev. G. Spring. N. Y., 1853

32-393 Kortum, C. A. The Jobsiad; a grotesco-comico- The risen Redeemer ; the gospel history from heroic poem. Trans. by C. T. Brooks. Ph.,

the resurrection to the day of Pentacost. 1863

23-679 Trans. by J. T. Betts. N. Y., 1863 32-1073 Kossuth, L. Select speeches; condensed and The suffering Saviour; or, meditations on the abridged by F. W. Newman. N. Y., 1854

last days of Christ. Trans. by S. Jackson. 33-512 B., 1856

32-082 Kossuth in New England; a full account of his See Monod, A., et al.

visit to Massachusetts; with his speeches and Kryczynski, J. N. The recovery of Poland. Ph., the addresses that were made to him. B.,


272_2939 1852. 8°

33-191 Kuenen, A. The pentateuch and book of Joshua – Teft, B. F. Hungary and Kossuth 274-2685

critically examined. Trans. from the Dutch Koster, H. Travels in Brazil in 1809–15. Ph., 1817. and edited by J. W. Colenso. L., 1865. So 2 v. 80 266-146

32-1.525 Kotzebue, A. F. F. von. Life, by himselt. See Kugler, F. T. Handbook of painting; the Gerautobiography, v. 9 and 10


man, Flemish, Dutch, Spanish, and French - Pizarra. Altered by R. B. Sheridan. F's S. schools. Ed., with notes, by Sir E. Head. D. v. 3

L., 1854. 2 v.

5-129 Same." See Sheridan, R. B. : v. 12 of 24-141 The Italian schools. From the German. Ed., Dramatic works. See German theatre.

with notes, by Sir C. L. Eastlake. 3d ed. L., 24-165 1855. 2 v.

5-128 Sketch of the life and literary career of; with Pictorial history of Germany during the reign

the journal of his tour to Paris; written by of Frederick the great; comprehending a himself. Trans. by A. Plumptre, with a complete history of the Silesian campaigns, general abstract of his works. L., 1800. 8° and the seven years war. L., 1845. 8. 279-2612

30-295 Kübner, R. Grammar of the Greek language, for The stranger. F's S. D.'v. 2


the use of high schools and colleges. Trans. Same. Trans. by B. Thompson. I. B. T. v. 15 from the German by B. B. Edwards and S.

H. Taylor, 6th ed. N. Y., 1859 23-146


2 v.

v. 1-3

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Kunawur, account of. A. Gerard
286-214 Labor and live. E. Elliott

18-1001 Kunst-kalender. M. Schasler

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Paris in America. Trans. by M. L. Booth. sition of the biblical cosmology and its rela

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rador life

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F's M. D. v. 22 of the Bible and astronomy," by Rev. A.

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P., 1861

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La Cava ; or

, recollections of the Neapolitans. L., 1863. 80

1860. 80

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perpetuity, conflicts and triumphs of the one See Lungs; Respiration boly catholic and apostolic church. N. Y., Lackington, J. Memoirs. See autobiography. v. 1868 32-2422

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[I. W. S.] B., 1854

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Memoir of

30–1458 Labor. Blaikie, W. G. Heads and hands 2-547 Lacordaire et Swetchine. Correspondence publiée Blanc, L. Organisation du travail 34-4296

par Falloux. 3me éd. P., 1864 34-4086 Capital and labor

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18e siècle. 3e éd. P., 1812. 6 v. 8° 34-4873 Cobbett, W. Legacy to laborers 2-616 Histoire de la révolution française. I, II, Daniel, E. Prize essay on hou's of 1-211

Assemblée constituante. III, Assemblée legisDewees, J. Rights of


lative. IV, V, VI, Convention nationale. Fawcett , H. Economic position of the British P., 1821-5. 6 v. 80

34-4692 laborer

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L., 1855

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architectes, des chefs d’usines industrielles, et des agriculteurs. P., 1857–65. 4° et 8° 21-325,6




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