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Kalendar, royal and court, and city register for 1817

17-96 Kalevala, selections from. Trans. from a German

version, by J. A. Porter. N. Y., 1868 23-993 Kaloolab. W. S. Mayo

18-2167 Kames, II. H., Lord. Life and writings of. E., 1807. 2 v. 4°

30-2010 Elements of criticisin. 2d ed. E., 1763. 80.

22-001 Same. 30 Am. ed. N. Y., 1819. 2 v. 22-662 Same. Ed. by A. Mills. N. Y., 1810 22-663 Sketches of the history of man. E., 1788. 4 v. go

291-78 Kampfe, M. H.

Waaren-Berechnungen. Lubeck, 1791. 2 v. 40

34-2301 Kamtschatka. Krascheninnikof, S. P. History of

286-920 Kümtz, L. F. complete course of meteorology

Trans., with notes and additions, by C. V.
Walker. L., 1845

11-159 Kane, E. K. Arctic explorations ; the second Grin

nel expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853–5. Ph., 1856. 2 v. 8o

291_133 United States Grinnell expedition in search of

Sir John Franklin ; a personal narrative.
N. Y., 1854. 80

296-112 Elder, W. Biography of

30-1012 Love life of

30-1732 Smucker, S. M. Life of

30-1037 Kane, P. Wanderings of an artist among the In

dians through the Hudson Bay company's
L., 1857. 8°

260-357 Kane, R. Inilustrial resources of Ireland. 2d ed. Dub., 1845 .

270-854 Kangaroo nunters. Anne Bowman

18-367 Kangaroo land. A. Polehampton

291-199 Kansiis. Brewerton, C. D. War in 264_317 Copley, J. Kansas, and the country beyond

266-6337 Corning, Mrs. W. H. What Fanny Hunter saw and heard in

266_315 Hale, E. E. Kansas and Nebraska

264_321 Hughes, T. Struggle for

206-473 Mudge, B. F. First annual report on geology of

9-330 Phillips, W. Conquest of

20-348 Robinson, H. A. Six months in 205-308 Three years on the border of

260-309 Tomlinson, W. P. History of recent troubles in

264_590 Kansas Pacific railway.' See Palmer, W. J. Kant, I. Critique of pure reason. Trans. by J. M. D. Meiklejohin. L., 1860

15-109 Bolton, M. P. W. Examination of principles of

15-300 Cousin, V. Lectures on philosophy of 15-174 Fischer, K. Commentary on critick of pure

15-285 Hayward, F. · Analysis of the critick of pure reason

15-168 Kapp, F. Life of F. 'w. Steuben. 1859

Karamsin, N. M. See Kelly, w. K.
Karl Krinken. Susan and Å. B. Warner 18-3448
Karr, Alphonse. Agathe et Cécile. P., 1856 34–3426

Le Chemin le plus court. P., 1860 34-3427
Clovis Gosselin. P., 1856

34-3428 Encore les femmes. 2me ed. P., 1858 34–3431 La Famille Alain. P., 1861

34-3432 The Alain family. Trans. by R. B. Brough

18-1707 Les fées de la mer. P., 1851

34-5096 Les femmes. P., 1864

34-3430 Geneviève. P., 1860

34-3433 Les Guépes. P., 1859. 6 v.

34-3434 Midi à quatorze heures. P., 1862 34-3440 La Pénélope Normande. P., 1860 34-3441 Une Poignée de Vérités. P., 1857 34-3442 Promenades hors de mon Jardin. P., 1859

Karr, Alphonse. Roses noires et roses bleues.

Les soirées de Sainte Addresse: P., 1858 34-3444
Sous les orangers.
P., 1859

31-3445 Sous les tilleuls. P., 18.58

34-3446 300 pages Mélanges philosophiques. P., 1878

34-3147 Voyage autour de mon Jardin. P., 1857 37-3448 A tour round my garden. Trans. from the

French; revised and ed. by J. G. Wood L., 1853

9-979 Jacquot, c. 1. B. Alphonse Karr 34-4398 Kars, siege of. H. Sandwitle

286-512 Kate Aylesford. C. J. Peterson

18-2178 Kate Coventry. G. J. W. Melville

18-2178 Kate Clarendon. E. Bennett

18–321 Kate Felton. Mrs. Weston.

18-3190 Kate Kennedy: a novel; by the author of "Wondrous strange"

18–1710 Kate Marstone

18-1709 Kate Vinton. H. B. McKeever

18-1996 Kate Weston. Jennie De Witt

18_3789 Kater, H., and D. Lardrer. Treatise on mechanics. L., 1830

11-3.5 Katharine Ashton. · Miss E. M. Sewell.

18-281: Katherine Morris; an autobiography 18-1713 Katharine Walton. W. G. Simms

18-2866 Kathay. W. H. Macaulay

29b-101 See China seas. Kathie Brande. Miss Parr

18-2433 Kathleen. By the author of " Raymond's heroine"

18-1712 Kathrina. J.G. Holand

23-966 Katie Stewart; a true story

18-1272,3631 Katmandu. Oliphant, L. Journey to 286-153 Kauffman, C. H. Dictionary of merchandize, for the use of counting houses. 2d ed. L., 1805.

1-221,2 Kavanagh, Julia. Adele

18-1713 Beatrice

1&1714 Daisy Burns

18_1716 Dora

18-4058 French women of letters; biographical sketches. L., 1862. 2 v.

30-1403 Grace Lee

18-1717 Madeline

18–1718 Nathalie

18-1719 Queen Mab

18–1721 Rachel Gray

18-1723 Saint Gildas; or, the three paths 18_1722

18-1721 A summer and winter in the two Sicilies. L., 1858. 2 v.

271_502 Same. Leip., 1858. 2 v.

276-502 Women of Christianity, exemplary for acts of

piety and charity. N. Y., 1852 32-363 Kavanagh. H. W. Longfellow

18-1935 Kay, J. Social condition and education of the people of England. N. Y., 1863

2-755 The social condition and education of the peo

ple of England and Europe. L., 1850. 2 v. 80

2-756 Kay, s. Travels and researches in Caffraria; de.

scribing the character, customs, and moral

condition of the tribes. N. Y., 1834 281-70 Kaye, J. Ecclesiastical history of the second and

third centuries ; illustrated from the writings

of Tertullian. Camb., 1826. 8° 32-1776 Kaye, J. W. Christianity in India ; an historical narrative. L., 1859. 8°

32-809 History of the Sepoy war in India, 1857,8. 3d ed. L., 1865. 3 v. 8

292_219 History of the war in Afghanistan. L., 1857,8

284_205 Life and correspondence of Charles, Lord Meicalf. L., 1858. 2 v. .

30–12:29 Life and correspondence of 1. 'St. George Tucker. L., 1854.

30-1316 Life and correspondence of Sir J. Malcom. L., 1856. 2 y. 8°


Seven year's



N. Y.,

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Kaye, J. W. Lives of Indian officers. [Civil and Keightley, T. The Shakespeare-expositor. L., 1867 military.) L., 1867. 2 v. 80 30-1985

24-200 Kayser, C. G., et al. Index locupletissimus libro- See Koetsvela.

rum :-Bücher-Lexikon, enthaltend alle von Keil, K. F. Commentary on the book of Joshua. 1750 bis ende des Jahres 1858, in Deutschland

Trans. by J. Martin. E., 1857. 80 32-763 und in den angrenzenden Ländern gedruckte Keiley, A. M. In vinculis ; or, the prisoner of war. Bücher. L., 1834-60. v. 4° 21-323

N. Y., 1866

264_829 Kean, C., lite and theatrical times of. J. W. Cole Keith, A. Demonstration of the truth of the Chris

tian religion. N. Y., 1839

32-119 Keane, N. The towers and temples of ancient Ire- Evidence of prophecy.' N. Y., 1839

32-121 land ; their origin and history discussed from Evidence of the truth of the Christian religion, a new point of view. Dub., 1867. 4°

derived from the literal fulfilment of proph274_1463

ecy; particularly as illustrated by the history Kearley, G. Links in the chain; or popular chap- of the Jews, and by the (liscoveries of recent iers on the curiosities of animal life. L., n. d.

travellers, 37th ed. L., 1859. 32-901

9-668 The harmony of prophecy; or, scriptwal illusKearsarge. See Edge, F. M.

trations of the apocalypse. N. Y., 1851 32-324 Kearsley, Complete peerage of England, Scot- Keith, Mrs. C. P. Memoir of. Ed. by W. C. land, and Ireland, with an extinct peerage of Tenny. N. Y., 1864

30-1536 the three kingdoms. L.

274-670 Keith, P. Sysiem or physiological botany. L., Keate, G. Account of the Pelew islands, com

1816. 2 v.

9-12 posed from the journals and communications Keith, R. M. See Smyth, G. Romance of diploof Captain H. Wilson and some of his officers.

30-2324 L., 1788. 40

296-506 Kelham, Ř. Dictionary of the Norman or old Saune. L., 1789. 80


French language. Sce Bouvier, J. 2-111 Keating, G. History of Ireland to the English in- Keller, F. Lake dwellings of Switzerland and

vasion. Trans. by J. O'Mahony. N. Y., other parts of Europe. Trans, and arranged
1857 80

by J. E. Lee, L., 1866. 8°

274_3159 Keating, W. H. Narrative of an expedition to the Kelley, J. F. Humors of Falconbridge 18-1727

source of St. Peter's river, Lake Winnepeek, Kelley, W. D. Replies to George Northrop, Esq., in Lake of the Woods, etc., under command of the joint debate in the fourth congressional S. H. Long. Ph., 1824. 2 v. 80 26-73

district. Ph., 1864. 80

264-977 Keats, J. Life, letters, and literary remains. Edited The south : its resources and wants; addresses by R. M. Milnes. N. Y., 1848


at New Orleans, at Montgomery, and at Poetical works. N. Y., 1855

Philadelphia. W., n. d.

2044977 Same; with life. B., 1864

23-381 Kelley. See Kelly. Kebbel, T. E. English statesmen since the peace of Kellogg, A. 0. Shakspeare's delineations of in1815. L., 1868. 80


sanity, imbecility, and suicide. N. Y., 1866 Keckley, E. Behind the scenes; or, thirty year's a

24-166 slave and four years in the white house. N. Kellogg, E. Charlie Bell, tlie waif of Elm island Y., 1868 30-2361

18-4171 Keddie, W. Cyclopædia of literary and scientific Kelly, C. E. Arthur Merton

18-1725 anecdotes, L., 1854 33-126 The old barracks

18-1726 Kedge-anchor. W. Brady

6-571 Kelly, H. False delicacy; a comedy. B. B. T. v. Keeler, R. Gloverson and his silent partners


24-71 18-4169 - A word to the wise ; a comedy. . B. B. T. v. Keen, w. w. See Mitchell,'s. W., et


24-71 Keene, H. G. The Moghul empire from the death Kelly, J. The American catalogue of books; with of Aurungzeb to the overthrow of the Mah

list of pamphlets, sermons, and addresses on ratta power. L., 1866. 80


the civil war, from 1861–6. N. Y., 1866. 8° Keene, J. B. Handbook of practical guaging, with

21-208 instructions in the mode of ascertaining the Kelly, J. B. Summary of the history and law of strength of spirits and wines. P., 1868 14-191

usury. Ph., 1873. 80

v. 75 of 2-55 Keene, Laura. See Shakespeare Midsummer night's Kelly, M. Reminiscences; with original anecdotes dream

v. 28 of 21-221 of distinguished persons-political, literary, Keeping house and housekeeping. Mrs. S. J. Hale. and musical. N. Y., 1826.80 30-285

18-1317 Kelly, P. The universal cambist : a treatise on the Keeping up appearances. T. s. Arthur


exchanges, monies, weights and measures of Keightley, T. Account of the life, opinions, and all leading nations and their colonies. 2d ed. writings of J. Milton ; with an introduction to

L., 1821. 2 v. 4°

1-504 Paradise Lost. L., 1855. 8°

30-908 Kelly, W. Life in Victoria ; or, Victoria in 1853 and - Crusaders; or, scenes, events, and characters, Victoria in 1858. L., 1859. 2 v. 8° 291_258

from the times of the crusades. 4th ed. L., Kelly, W. K. Curiosities of Indo-European tradi. 1852


dition and folk-lore. L., 1863 294_190 History of England, from the earliest period to History of the house of Austria, from the ac1839. N. Y., 1840. 5 v.


cession of Francis I to the revolution of 1848. - Same. Edited by J. T. Smith. in. Y., 1848.

In continuation of the history written by 2 v. 8°


Archdeacon Coxe. With genesis; or, details - History of Greece. `N. Y., 1848.80 27a-3169

of the late revolution, by an officer of state. History of Rome. N. Y., 1848. 80 278-2304

Trans. from the German. L., 1853 274_2551 History of the Roman empire, from the acces- See Coxe, Wm.

sion of Augustus to the end of the empire History of Russia, from the earliest period to of the west; being a continuation of the His. the present time. Compiled from the most tory of Rome. Ed. by J. T. Smith. N. Y., authentic sources, including the works of 1818. go


Karamasin, Tooke, and Segur. L., 1854. Mythology of ancient Greece and Italy. 3d ed.

274_2930 L., 18.54. 8°

32–1047 Kelly. See Kelley. Same, for use of schools. 8th ed. L., 1858 Kellys and O'Kellys. A. Trollope

18-3291 32-1047a Kelso, 1. Stars and bars; or, the reign of terror in - Outlines of history. L., 1831

Missouri. B., 1863

264_556 20-33 go



2 v.


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2 v.

Kemble, F. A. Journal. Ph., 1835. 2 v. 261-10 Kennedy, James. Essays, ethnological and lin

Journal of a residence on a Georgian plantation guistic. Ed. by C. M. Kennedy. L., 1861. go in 1838. N. Y., 1863 266_437

292_197 Plays. L., 1863

24-210 – Modern poets and poetry of Spain. L., 1852. Poems. B., 1859


22-1111 A year of consolation ; or, sketches of Italy. Kennedy, James, M. D.' Conversations on religion Ñ. Y., 1847


with Lord Byron, and others, held in CephaKemble, J. M. Horac ferales; or, studies in the lonia, a short time previous to his lordship’s archæology of the northern nations. L.,

death. Ph., 1833

32-120 1863. 4°

274-4023 Kennedy, John. The divine life; a book of facts State papers and correspondence illustrative of and histories, showing the manifold workings the social and political state of Europe, from

of the Holy Spirit. Ph., 1857

32-692 the revolution to the accession of the house Work and conflict; or, the divine life in its of Hanover; with historical introduction,

progress. L.

32-974 biographical memoirs, and notes. L, 1857. Kennedy, Joseph. Night vision; a poem. Ph., 80


23-718 Kemble, J. P. Macbeth, and King Richard the Kennedy, J. Ć. Algeria and Tunis in 1845. L., Third ; an essay in answer to remarks on

1846. 2 v.

286-523 some of the characters of Shakspeare. L., Kennedy, J. G. C. Agriculture of the U. S. in 1860; 1817


compiled from the original returns of the 8th Boaden, J. Life of

W., 1864. 4°

4-500 Kemble, Maria T. The day after the wedding. Population of the U. s. in 1860; compiled from F's S. D. v. 5


the original returns of the 8th census under Personation. F's M. D. v. 15


direction of secretary of interior. W., 1864. 4° The point of honor; a play. [From “Le de

26a_1309 serteur" of Mercier.] I. B. T. v. 13 24-141 Preliminary report of the eighth census, 1860. Kemlo, F. Watch-repairer's hand-book ; being a W., 1862. go

264_760 complete guide to the taking apart

, putting Kennedy,'Jno. P. Horse shoe Robinson 18-1735 together, and thoroughly cleaning the English Memoirs of the life of William Wirt. Ph., 1849. lever and other foreign watches, and all

2 v. 8°

30-591 American watches. B., 1869

6-499 Same. Ph.,

30-591 Kemp, E. How to lay out a garden ; intended as a Mr. Ambrose's letters on the rebellion. N. Y., general guide in choosing, forming, or im


262-703 proving an estate. 2d ed. L., 1858 4-94 Quodlibet

18-1734 “Kemp, Father." Old folks concert tunes. B., Rob of the Bowl

18-1736 (1860.] Ob. 80 5-1075 Swallow barn

18-1737 Kemp, T. L. Phasis of matter; an outline of the Kennedy, J. S. Notes on the battle of Waterloo ; discoveries and applications of modern chem

with a brief memoir of his life. L., 1865. 80 istry. L., 1855. 2 v. 8-71

272_1764 Kemp, W. Nine daies wonder. Camden soc. pub., Kennedy, P. Legendary fictions of the Irish Cells v. 11

279-195 Kemp, Mrs. Conversations on England as it was Kennedy, w.' Texas; rise, progress and prospects and is. L., 1858


of the republic of Texas. L., 1841. 2 v. Se Kempis, Thomas à. Imitation de Jésus Christ.

262_1037 Tr. du Latin. Valence, 1850 34-4286 Kennet, B. The antiquities of Rome; with two Of the imitation of Christ; with the book of the essays, concerning the Roman learning and sacrament, Trans. from the Latin by J.

Roman education. Ph., 1822. 80 274-2309 Payne. L., 1763. 8°

32-1648 Lives and characters of the ancient Grecian Kendall, E. O. Uranography, or a description of poets. 2d ed. L., 17:35. 80

30-287 the heavens ; accompanied by an atlas of the

et al. Complete history of England, with heavens. New ed. Ph., 1855 12-153

lives of all the kings and queens to the Kendall, G. W. Narrative of the Texan Santa Fé

death of William III. L., 1719. expedition. N. Y., 1844. 2v. 266_59

274_4000 Kendrick, A. C. Life and letters of Mrs. E. C. Jud- Kenneth, the rear guard. c. m. Yonge 18-3020 1860 30-1259 Kenneth, story of. B. Taylor

18-3163 Kendrick, T. T. C. The Ionian İslands; manners Kenney, F. The illustrious stranger. F's M. D. and customs; sketches of the ancient history;

24-113 with anecdotes of the Septinsulars. L., 1822. Kenney, J. Ella Rosenberg. F's s. D. V. 37 89 274-3172

24-221 Kendrick. See Kenrick.

Fighting by proxy.' F's M. D. v. 29 24-113 Kenilworth. Sir W. Scott

18–2764 The Irish ambassador. F's M. D. v. 5 24-113 Same in French 34-4996 Matrimony. F's M. D. v. 14

24-113 Kennard, J. S. Joseph H. Kennard, D. D. ; a me- Raising the wind. F's M. D. v. 4 2+113 morial. Ph. (1868. ]

30-2354 Sweethearts and wives. F's S. D. Kennaway, J. H. On Sherman's track; or, the

24-221 south after the war. L., 1867 266_582

Kenny, c. Manual of chess. n. Y., 1859 20-34 Kennedy, E. S., (ed.) Peaks, passes, and glaciers. Kenney. G. B. Taylor

18-3161 2d series. L., 1862. 2 v. 8°

276-515 Kenrick, F. P. The primacy of the apostolic see See Ball, John.

vindicated. 3d ed. N. Y., 1848. go 32-716 Kennedy, Grace. Works. E., 1834.

Vindication of the Catholic church, in a series 18-3876

of letters addressed to the Rev. J. H. Hop. Anna Ross

kins. Balt., 1855

32–1739 Decision

18-1732 Kenrick, J. Ancient Egypt under the Pharaohs. Dunallan

N. Y., 1852. 2 v.

282_99 Father Clement; profession is not principle. Exercises on Latin syntax, adapted to Zumpt's Decision


grammar; with extracts from Muretus. 4th Jessy Allen, the lame girl

ed. L., 1838. 80

22-142 Profession is not principle

18–1731,2 Roman sepulchral inscriptions; their relations to Kennedy, H. A. Waits and strays, chiefly from the archæology, language, and religion. L., 1858. chess board. L., 1862

2742312 25-348

3 v.


N. Y.,

v. 16

V. 10

6 v.

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q. v.)


Kenrick, P. R. The validity of Anglican ordina- Key of the universe. L., 1866

9-1023 tions, and Anglican claims to apostolical suc- Key to the bible. D. Dobie

32-182 cession examined. 2d ed., in which are Key to the knowledge of and use of the bible. J. H. inserted replies to Essays on Anglican


32-2471 ordnations," by a layman; and " Anglican Keyes, E. w. Special report on savings banks. ordinations valid," by J. F. Russell. Ph.,

Alb., 1868.80

1-252 1848. 8°

32-1991 Key-notes of American liberty. N. Y., 1866 Kenrick. William, (of Newton, Mass.) American

264_1009 silk grower's guide; or, the art of raising the Keyser, R. Religion of the Northimen. Trans. by mulberry and silk. B., 1839

B. Pennock. N. Y., 1854

32–519 Kenrick, William, LL.D. Falstaft's wedding. M. Keystone monthly, the. v. 1. Lancaster, 1859,60. B. D. v. 4.


go (Continuation of “The Page monthly ;' Poems; ludicrous, satirical, and moral. L.,

17-209 23-382 Khamis, le. L. C. P. de Castellane 34-4517 Rhetorical grammar of the English language. Khan's tale, the. J. B. Fraser

18-3821 L., 1784. 8

22–143 Khanikoff. Bokhara ; its amir and its people. Trans. Kenrick. See Kendrick.

from the Russian by C. A. de Bode. Kent, J. Commentaries on American law. 2d ed.

1845. 80

285-213 N. Y., 1832. 4 v. 80

2-48 Khondistan. Campbell

, J. Service amongst wild Same. 9th ed. B., 1858. 4v. go

tribes of

28b-430 Duer, J. Life of 30–1681 Kiana. J. J. Jarves

18-1663 Kent. E. W. Brayley v. 7 and 8 of 270–474 Kickleburys abroad. W. M. Thackeray Handbook for travellers in 276_483

v. 2 of 18–3193a Smith, J. R. Bibliotheca cantiana 21-265 Kidd, c.' On æther and chloroform as anæsthetics. Kentucky. Arthur, T. S., and W. H. Carpenter. 2 ed. L., 1858

10–187 History of .

262_521 Kidd, J. Adaptation of external nature to the physiCollins, L. Sketches of


cal condition of man. Ph., 1833 11-34 Marshall, H. History of

266–131 Kidd, R. B. Delineation of the primary principles Owen, D. D. Report on geology of, 1854,5 of reasoning. L., 1856

15-221 9-1211 Kidd, S. See Morrison, R.

30-2323 Kenyon, w. A. Poetry of observation, and other Kidder, D. P. Sketches of residence and travel in poems. B., 1851


Brazil; embracing historical and geographiKepler, J. Brewster, Sir D. Life of 30–48

cal notices. Ph , 1845. 2 v.

266–62 Keppel, G. Personal narrative of a journey from and J. C. Fletcher. Brazil and the Brazilians, India to England. Ph., 1827. 8° 286-73

portrayed in historical and descriptive Keppel, H. Expedition to Borneo for the suppres- sketches. Ph., 1857. go

26"-332 sion of piracy. N. Y., 1846

280-71 See Fletcher and Kidder. Ker, H. Travels through the western interior of Kidder, F. History of the First N. Hampshire regi. the United States, 1808 to 1816; with de

ment in the war of the revolution. All., scription of a great part of Mexico. Eliza

1868. 80

264-965 bethtown, 1816. 8° 260-61 Kidneys. Basham, w. R. Diseases of

10-665 Keraniou, A. de. See Dumanoir.

Dickinson, W. H. Albuminaria

10-819 Kératry, E. de. Rise and fall of the Emperor Stewart, T. G. Treatise on Bright's diseases of Maximilian; a narrative of the Mexican em

10-877 pire, 1861-7. L., 1868


See Urinary organs.
Kerr, Jacob. The several trials of the Rev. David Kidwell, J. Original essay on the coming of the
Barclay. Elizabethtown, 1814

son of man. Cin., 1830

32–1482 Kerr, James. Domestic lite, character, and cus- Strictures on the subject of future and endless toms of the natives of India. L., 1865

punishment. Cin., 1830

32–1482 28°–563 Killarney, week at.

Mr. and Mrs. s. C. Hall - Review of public instruction in the Bengal

276_756 presidency from 1835 to 1851. L. 1853. 8° Killen, J. M. 'Our companions in glory ; or, society


in heaven contemplated. N. Y., 1862 Kerr, Orpheus C. Pseud. See Newell , R. H.

32-1040 Kerr, Robert, F. R. I. A. The gentleman's Killen, W. D. The ancient church ; its history,

house; or, how to plan English residences, doctrine, worship, and constitution traced for
from the parsonage to the palace. 2d ed. the first three hundred years. N. Y., 1859.
L., 1865.


32-843 Kerr, Robert, F. R. S. History of Scotland during Kilpatrick and our cavalry. J. Moore 264–654 the reign of Robert I. E., 1811. 2 v. 80 Kilvert, F. Memoir of the life and writings of Rev.


R. Hurd; with a selection from his corre. Kerr, R. M. "An action at law. 'Ph., 1854. go

spondence and other unpublished papers. L., v. 83 of 2–55 1860. 80

30-1291 Kerr, R. M. See Blackstone, w.

Kimball, J. W. Heaven. B., 1857

32-652 Kerr, W. S. R., marquess of Lothian. The confed. Kimball, R. B. Cuba and the Cubans. N. Y., erate secession. E., 1864


266-558 Kettell, S. Specimens of American poetry; with Henry Powers, (banker)

18-1744 critical and biographical notices. B., 1829. In the tropics, by a settler in Santo Domingo. 3 v.

N. Y., 1863

266-436 See Goodrich, S. G.,

Prince of Kashna

18-1739 Kettell, T. P. History of the great rebellion. v. 1. Romance of student life abroad

18–1740 Worcester, 1862. 80 261_551 St. Leger

18–1741 Southern wealth and northern profits, as ex- Students abroad

18-3977 bibited in statistical facts and official figures. Undercurrents

18–1742 N. Y., 1860. 8° 1-228 Was he successful ?

18–1743 Key, F. S. Poems; with an introductory letter by Kimber, E. The peerage of England. 2d ed. L., R. B. Taney. N. Y., 1857


278–688 Key, T. H. Latin grammar on the system of crude Kimber, T., jr. Railroad map of the southern forms. L., 1846 .


states; showing connections with PhiladelPhilological essays. L., 8° 22-461

plia. Ph., 1802

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2 v.

Kincaid, J. Adventures in the rifle brigade, in the

peninsula, France, and the Netherlands, 1809 -15. Ph., 1835. 89

272_691 Kindergarten guide. "Mann, H., and E. P. Peabody

13-169 Kindersley, E. c. See Bayard. Kindling; or, a way to it. By a Sabbath-school teacher. N. Y., 18.56

32-635 King, Charles. British merchant; or, commerce preserved. L., 1721. 24 v. 8°

1-44 King, Charles, LL.D). Memoir of construction,

cost, and capacity of the Croton aqueduct; with an essay on ancient and modern aqueducts, N. Y., 1843. 4°

6-1008 King, C. W. Antique gems; their origin, uses, and

value as interpreters of ancient history, and us illustrative of ancient art; with hints to gem collectors. L., 1860. 8°

5-190 The natural history, ancient and modern, of

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H. Morley 23-1012

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