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3 v.

Hazard, S. United States commercial and statistical Head, N. Daily walk with wise men; or, religious

register; containing, documents, facts, and exercises for every day in the year. N. Y., other useful information illustrative of the his


32-1139 tory and resources of the American union, Headache. Harvey, w. Rheumatism and neuralPh., 1840–42. 6 v. 8°


10-200 Hazeltine, M. J. Brevity and brilliancy in chess; a Mease, J. Causes, cure, and prevention of collection of games culled from the whole

10-864 range of chess literature. N. Y., 1866 •Wright, H. G. Causes and cure of 10-343

20-26 See Brain ; Nervous system. Ilazen, E. Popular technology; or, professions Headland, F. w. Action of medicines in the system. and trades. N. Y., 1846

L., 1867. 8°

10-702 Same. N. Y., 1841 6-859 Same. L., 1859. 8°

10-204 Hazen, J. A. Five years before ihe mast; or, life Headland home. Mme de Lesdernier 18-4134 in the forecastle aboard of a whaler and man- Headless horseman. Mayne Reid

18-2629 of-war. Ph., 1854

296-262 Headley, J. T. The Adirondack; or, life in the Hazlett, Helen. [Pseud.] Sce Tatem, Miss.

woods. N. Y., 1849

26"-166 Hazlitt, w. Characters of Shakespear's plays. L., Chaplains and clergy of the revolution. N. Y., 1817. 8°


30–1477 Criticisms on art; sketches of the picture gal- Farragut and our naval commanders. N. Y., leries of England. Ed. by his son. L., 1843.

1867. 89

30-1994 2 v.

5-9 Grant and Sherman ; their campaigns and gen. Lectures on the dramatic literature of the age of erals. N. Y., 1866. 80

30-1867 Elizabeth. 3d ed. L., 1840

22-1084 The great rebellion ; a history of the civil war Lectures on the English comic writers. Ph., in the U. S. Hart., 1863–6. 2 v. 8° 264_493 1819. 80

22-1085 The imperial guard of Napoleon; from Marengo Same. B.,

to Waterloo. N. Y., 1851

274_1745 Lectures on the English poets. 3d ed. L., Letters from Italy. N. Y., 1848 270-203 1841

22-1086 Life of U. S. Grant. N. Y., 1868. 8° 30–2367 Life of Napoleon Buonaparte. N. Y., 1847.

Life of general H. Havelock. N. Y., 1859 30-382

30–1142 Men and manners, sketches and essays. L., Life of Oliver Cromwell.' n. Y., 1848 30-120 1812

33-401 Lives of Winfield Scott and Andrew Jackson. The round table; a collection of essays on liter- N. Y., 1852 .

30-707 ature, men and manners. L., 1841

33-399 Life of Winfield Scott. N. Y., 1861 30–748 Sketches and essays. L., 1839

33-394 Luther and Cromwell. N. Y., 1852 30-692 Spirit of the age; or, contemporary portraits. Miscellaneous works; with a biographical sketch. Ph., 1848

N. Y., 1849. 2 v.

33-101 Table' talk; opinions on books, men, and things. Same. N. Y., 1-50

33-102 Ph., 1848. 2 v.

33-393 Napoleon and'his marshals. N. Y., 1847.25. See Ireland, A.

30-388 Hazlitt, W. C. British Columbia, and Vancouver Sacred mountains. n. Y., 1847 : 32-108 Island. L., 1858

266-344 Sacred plains. By J. H. Headley, (sic.) ButHand-book to the popular, poetical, and dramatic falo, 1856

32-349 literature Great Britain to the restoration. Sacred scenes and characters. ' n. Y., 1850 L., 1867. 8° 21-204

32-291 History of the origin and rise of the republic of Second war with England. N. Y., 1853. 2 v. Venice. L., 1858. 4 v. 80 278_2272

262_312 Memoirs of William Hazlitt. L., 1867. 2 v. 8o - Washington and his generals. N. Y., 1847. 2 v. 30-1937

30-539 Remains of the early popular poetry of England. Headley, P. c. The hero boy; or, life and deeds of L., 1864–6. 4 v..


lieutenant-general Grant. N. Y., 1864 Shakespeare jest-books; reprints of the early

30–1554 jest-books supposed to have been used by Historical and descriptive sketches of the women Shakespeare. L., 1864. 2 v. 33-1373

of the bible. Auburn, 1850

32-298 He knew he was right. A. Trollope 18-3280 Life and naval career of vice-admiral D. G. FarHead, E. W. “Shall” and “Will;" or, two chap

ragut. N. Y., 1865

30-1726 ters on future auxiliary verbs. 2d ed. L. Life of Mary, queen of Scots. Auburn, 1853 22-128

30-760 Viga Glum's saga

18-1383 Life and military career of maj.-gen. P. H. Head, F. B. Bubbles from the Brunnen of Nassau.

Sheridan. N. Y., 1865

30–1727 6th ed. L., 1841

276-42 Life and military career of maj.-gen. W. T. The emigrant. N. Y., 1847

Sherman. N. Y., 1865

30-1613 A faggot of French sticks; or, Paris in 1851. Massachusetts in the rebellion. B., 1866. go N. Y., 1852 276-252

26__834 A fortnight in Ireland. N. y., 1853

270-286 Miner boy and his Monitor; the career and Life and adventures of Bruce, the African achievements of John Ericsson. N. Y., 1865 traveller. N. Y., 1841 30-55

30-1585 Rough notes taken during some rapid journeys The patriot boy; or, life and career of maj.-gen. across the Pampas, and among the Andes.

0. M. Mitchell. N. Y., 1865

30-1587 B., 1827 260_47 | Headlong hall. G. Peacock :

18–2471 The royal engineer. L., 1868. 8.: 6-628 Heads and hands. W. G. Blaikie

2-547 Head, G. Home tour through the manufacturing Heads of the people; or, portraits of the English.

districts of England, in the summer of 1835. Drawn by Kenny Meadows. With original N. Y., 1836


essays by distinguished writers. Ph., 1841. Rome; a tour of many days: L., 1849. *3 v. 8°

33-384 go 270-463 Headship of Christ.' H. Miller

32-1161 Head, James H. Home pastimes; or, tableaux vi- Headsman. J. F. Cooper

18-716 vants. B., 1860.

20-183 Heady, M. The farmer boy [Washington); and Hearl, J. H. The horse and his riier. L., 1860 20-369 how be became commander-in-chief. Edited H ad of the family. Miss D. M. Muloch 18-2288

by W. M. Thayer. B., 1864


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Healey, F. Collection of two hundred chess prob.
lems. L., 1866

Health and longevity. Account of

persons remark-
able for their health and longevity 10-764
Alcott, W. A. Lectures on life and health 10-269
Beale, L. J. Laws of health

Brown, J. Lay sermons to working people

Champley, J. Health and longevity 10–724
Coule, W.E. Hints on health

Coles, L. B. Philosophy of health 10-136
Combe, A. Principles of physiology applied to
preservation of health

Comings, B. M. Preservation of health 10-147
Dunglison, R. Human health

Ellis, J. Avoidable causes of disease 10-389
Fowler, O. S. Physiology applied to health

Gairdner, w. T. Public health 10-279
Hall, W. W. Health and disease 10-182
Influence of railway travelling on public health

Johnson, J. Economy of health 10-64
Jones, J. H. Man, moral and plıysical 32–948
Moore, G. Health, disease and remedy 10–149
Mussey, R. D. Health ; its friends and foes

, F. v. ' Histoire naturelle de la santé

Ridge, B. Health and disease

Scoffern, J. Science of health

Sinclair, J. Code of health and longevity

- Smith, Southwood. ' Philosophy of health

Strange, w. Seven sour
sources of health

Restoration of health

Thackrah, C. T. Erfects of arts, irades, etc.,

Tilt, E. J. Elements of health

Tourtelle, E. Principles of health 10-109
Warren, J. C. Preservation of health 10-145
Winslow, F. Light: its influence on life and

- See Disease; Hygiene; Longevity; Sanitary;

Health, husbandry, and handicraft. H. Martineau

Health in the tropies. w. J. Moore 10-301
Health trip to the tropics. N. P. Willis 266-258
Healthy liomes and how to make them. W. Bard-

Heap, G. H. Central route from the valley of the

Mississippi to California - Journal of the expe-

dition. Ph., 1854. L., 1854. 80 266-268
Heard, I. V. D. History of the Sioux war and

massacres of 1862,3. N. Y., 1863 264_528
Hearing. Clark, J. H. Sight and h. ; how pre-
served and how lost

Harvey, W. On the ear

Jones, T. W. Defects of sight and h. 10-181

See Ear; Deafness.
Hearn, W. E. Plutology ; or, the theory of the
efforts to satisfy human wants. L., 1864. 80

Hearne, T. Ductor historicus; or, a short system
of universal history. L., 1714

Remains; being extracts from MS. diaries, with

notes by P. Bliss. L., 1869. 3 v. 30-2420
Huddesford, W. Life of

Heart. Drury, W. V. Fatty discases of, with
homeopathic treatment

Fitch, S. S. Diseases of

Greenhow, E. II. Connection of bronchitis and
diseases of the h.

Hasse, C. E. Diseases of

of circulation

Hope, J. ' Diseases of the h. and great vessels

Markham, w. o. Diseases of

Heart. Power, J. H. Anatomy of arteries and

Walsh, w. . Diseases of the i, and great

See Blood.
Heart, the. M. F. Tupper

Heart and cross. Mrs. M. Oliphant 18-2377
Heart-drops. J. C. Whittlesey

Heart histories. T. S. Arthur

Heart of Mid-Lothian. Sir W. Scott 18-2702

See Prison du comté d'Édinbourg 34-4998
Heart whispers. W. Atson .

Hearth-stone. S. Osgood

Hearts and homes. Mrs. S. Ellis

Hearts unveiled. S. E. Saymore

Heartsease. Miss C. M. Yonge

Heat. Box, T. Heat as applied to the useful arts

Boyle, R. Experiments touching cold 11-296
Fife, T. Heat a mode of cure

Lardner, D. Treatise on

Metcalf, S. L. Caloric

Rumford, B. T., Count of. Essays v. 2 of

Stewart, B. Elementary treatise on 11-311
Tyndall, J. Heat considered as a mode of

On radiation

See Chrono-thermal system ; Steam.
Heath, C. Manual of minor surgery and bandaging:
3d ed. L., 1866

Heath, D. D. See Bacon. F.
Heath, N. Treatise on arithmetic. Ph., 1855 14-34
Heather, J. F. Elementary treatise on descriptive
geometry, etc. L., 1851

Treatise on mathematical instruments. L., 1859

Heath's picturesque annual. See Ritchie, L.
Heaven. Harbaugh, H. Scriptural inquiry into the
abode of the sainted dead

Holcombe, W. H. Our children in h. 32–2404
Killen, J. M. Our companions in glory 32-1040
Kimball, J. W. Heaven

Life in heaven

Macdonald, J. M. My Father's house 32-1160
Thompson, A. C. The better land 32-886
Williams, H. D. Voices from the silent land

– See Future state ; Swedenborg, E.
Heaven and its wonders. E. Swedenborg 32-621
Heaven opened. M. Winslow

Heavenly Father. E. Naville

Heavenly home. H. Harbaugh

Heavenly recognition. H. Harbaugh 32-345
Heaven's antidote to the curse of labor. J. A.

Heavens, the. Guillemin, A. Popular astronomy

Le Ciei

Mudie, R. The heavens

See Astronomy.
Heavysege, C. The advocate ; a novel. Montreal,
1865. 80

Saul; a drama. B., 1869

Heber, A. Life of R. Heber; with selections from

his correspondence and private papers, and a
journal of his tour in Norway, Sweden, Ruis-
sia, Hungary, and Germany, and a history of

the Cossacks. N. Y., 1830. 2 v. 80 30-232
Memoir of Reginal Heber, abridged. B., 1856

Heber, R. Poetical works, with memoir. [See

Crabbe, G., Heber, and Pollok] . 23-65
Life of the Rev. Jer. Taylor ; with a critical
examination of his writings. Hart., 1832

Narrative of a journey through India, 1824-26.
Ph., 1828. 2 v. 80

Palestine and other poems; with memoir. Ph.,



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Hebra, F. On diseases of the skin, including the Heeren, A. H. L. Ancient Greece. Trans. by G. exanthemata. Trans. and ed. by C. H. Fagge.

Bancroft. 4th ed. L., 1845. 80 272_3150 v. 1. L., 1866. go

10-837 Historical treatises—the political consequences Hebrew language. Gesenius, F. H. W. Hebrew

of the reformation; the rise, progress, and grammar


practical influence of political theories; the Levi, D. Lingua sacra


rise and growth of the continental interests of Parkhurst, J. Hebrew and English lexicon Great Britain. Oxf., 1836. 8 274_3444

22-191 Manual of ancient history, particularly with Sharpe, s. History of H. literature 28a-74

regard to the constitutions, the commerce, Wilson, J. P. Easy introduction to 22-354

and the colonies, of the states of antiquity. 3d Wolf, J. R. Hebrew grammar

ed. L., 1840. 80

292_14 Hebrew men and times. J. H. Allen

32-949 Manual of the history of the political system of Hebrew poetry.

Caunter, J. H. Poctry of the Europe and its colonies. Oxf., 1834. 2 v.


274_3443 Herder, J. G. Spirit of

22-1089 Heerman, F.' Guldene' Annotatien. “Amst., 1685 Hutchinson, E. "Briet view of 32-1116

34-2999 Lowth, R. Sacred poetry of the Hberews Hegel, G. W. F. Lectures on the philosophy of


history. Trans. by J. Sibree. L., 1857 Taylor, I. Spirit of 22-1228

292_93 Hebrew prophets. Trans. by R. Williams Stirling, J. H. Hegelian system : 15-272 32-1793 Heidelberg. G. P. R. James

18-1624 Same, by G. R. Noyes :

32-1851 Heidelberg catechism in German, Latin and EngSee Bible.

lish; with an historical introduction, preHebrew tales. H. Hurwitz


pared by the direction of the German reformed Hebrews. See Jews.

church in the U. S. N. Y., 1863 32-1104 Hebrews, epistle to. American bible union's ver- Bethune, G. W. Lectures on

32-1188 sion of See Bible

32-2061 Tercentenary commemoration of 32-1934 Barnes, A. Notes on 32-703 Heidenmauer. J. F. Cooper

18-717 Mohl, C. B. Notes on

32-2033 Heights of Eidelberg. Miss Tatem 18-3142 Sampson, G. V. Translation of, with notes Heighway, 0. W. T. Leila Ada, the Jewish con


vert; an authentic memoir. N. Y., 1834 Hebrides. Anderson, T.' Account of 276-100

32-315 Boswell, J. Journal of tour to 276_101 Same. Ph.. [1853]

32-316 Jolinson, S. Journey to the western islands of The relatives of Leila Ada ; with some account Scotland


of the present persecution of the Jews. N. Y., See St. Kilda ; Scotland.


32-317 Hecker, I. T. Aspirations of nature. 3d ed. N. Heimath der Frau, die. O. Wildermuth 34-577 Y., 1859

32-2193 Extrait du trad. en Français. Par 0. WilderHecker, J. Scientific basis of education, demon


344368 strated by an analysis of the temperaments, Heimskringla. Snorro Sturleson

21_2796 and of plirenological facts in connection with Heine, H. Sämmtliche Werke. 5te Auf., Ph., the mental phenomena, and the office of the 1860.. 6 v.

34-523 Holy Spirit in the processes of the mind. 2d ed. Book of songs. Trans. by C. G. Leland. Ph., N. Y., 1868, 8°


23-691 Hecker, J. F. C. The black death in the 14th cen- De l'Allemagne. P., 1855. 2 v. 34-5248 tury. Trans. by B. G. Babington. L., 1833 De la France. P., 1857

34-3390 10–713 Lutèce-lettres sur la vie politique, artistique, et Epidemics of the middle ages. 3d ed. L., 1859. sociale de la France. P., 1861 343391 80

10-228 Pictures of travel. Trans. by C. G. Leland. Heckewelder , J. Account of the history, manners, Ph., 1855

33-627 and customs of the Indian nations who once Poems, complete. Trans, in the original metres, inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighboring with life, by E. A. Bowring. L., 18.59. states. Ph., 1820. 80 264_100

2:-1,48 Narrative of the mission of the United Brethren Reisebilder. Precédée d'une étude sur Heine, among the Delaware ard Mohegan Indians, par Gautier. P., 1858.

34-3: 92 1740-1808. Ph., 1820. 80 26a_99 Arnold, M. Essay on

30-2349 Rondthaler, J. Life of

30-233 Strodtmann, A. Heinrich Heine's Wirken and Heckington. Mrs. C. Gore


Streben, dargestellt an seinen Werken 34-601 Hector O'Halloran, fortunes of. W. H. Maxwell Heir of Redclyffe. Miss C. M. Yonge 18-3618

18-2137 Heir of Wast-Wayland. Mary Howitt 18-1511 Hedericus, B.' Grecum lexicon manuale. Ed. nov. Heiress, the. T. S. Arthur

18-181 P. H Larcheri. L., 1825. 40 34-494 Heiress, the. Ann S. Stephens

18-3006 Hedge, F. H. Prose writers of Germany. Ph., Heiress of Haughton. Mi's. A. Marsh . 18-2106 1848. 80

22-1088 Heiress of Kilgoran, the. Mrs. J. Sadlier 18-3921 Reason in religion. 'B., 1865 32-1641 Hekim Bashi. H. Sandwith

18-2727 Sec Essays and reviews.

Held in bondage. L. De Larame

18_1393 Hedge, L. Elements of logick. B., 1829 15-247 Heldenbuch, das (the book of heroes). See Illust. Hedges, I. A. Sorgo; or, the northern sugar plant. of northern antiquities Cin., 1803

4-164 Helen. M. Edgeworth 18-974; v. 4, 18-977 Hedges and everyreens. 'J. A. Warder 4-156 Helen and Arthur. Mrs. C. L. Hentz 18-1402 Hedjaz, travels in. J. Hamilton

286-247 Helen and Olga. Miss A. Manning 18-2038 Heeren, A. H. L. Historical researches into the Helen Courtenay's promise. Mrs. c. H. Glover politics, intercourse, and trade of the principal

18-3754 nations of antiquity - Asiatic nations. L.,

Helen Ford. H. Alger, ir.

18-3762 1846. 2 v. 80 281-67 Helen Halsey. W. G. Simms

18-2865 Same. Oxf., 1833. 3 v. 80 282_674 Helen Leeson

18-1391 Historical researches into the politics. inter. Helena's household

18-3845 course, and trade of the Carthaginians, Ethio. Hélène de Mecklembourg - Schwerin (Duchesse pians, and Exyptians. Trans. from the Ger- d'Orleans), Mémoire de, par Mme d'Harman. Oxf., 1838. 2 v. 8°

289-68 court

34-3951 30-259

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Hélène et Suzanne. X. Marmier

34-3929 Henderson, E. The Vaudois ; comprising observaHeliodorus. Æthiopicorum libri decem, ab. I. tions made during a tour to the valleys of Bekkero recog. Lips., 1855


Piedmont in 1844; with remarks respecting – Etiopics; or adventures of Theagenes and the history and condition of that interesting Chariclea

people. L., 1858

276-518 Heliondé. S. Whiting

18–3735 Henderson, J. M. History of the rebellion in CeyHellas. T. Chase .


lon during Lord Torrington's government, Hellborn, H. K. v. Life of Franz Schubert, trans. affording a comparison with Jamaica and

by A. D. Coleridge, with an appendix by G. governor Eyre. L.. 1868. 80 281-260

Grove. Lond., 1869. 2 v. 30-2436 Henderson, P. Gardening for profit. N. Y., (1867] - Franz Schubert; a musical biography (abridged]

4-264 from the German, by E. Wilberforce. L.,

Practical Åoriculture. N. Y., 1869

4-322 1866

30–1774 Henderson, T. S. Memoir of the Rev. E. HenderHellimer, R. Episodes de la Guerre des Etats


30-1230 Unis, 1861–62. Mémoires du Yankee, James Henderson, w. Notes on the folk lore of the northiTrevor. Limoges et P. 8°


ern counties of England and the borders; Heloise. Mrs. E. Robinson


with an appendix on household stories by S. Help to the reading of the Bible. B. E. Nicholls Baring-Gould. L., 1866

274-536 32-2243 Henderson, Wm., M. D. 'Homeopathy fairly repreHelper, H. R. Impending crisis of the South.

sented ; A reply to Dr. Simpson's IlomcoN. Y., 1857.


pathy misrepresented.'' E., 1853 10-186 -- Compendium of impending crisis. N. Y., 1860 Same. Ph., 1854. 89

10-186a 264_356a Hendrickson, J. See Decow, S. Helping hand series. May Mannering

Hen fever, history of. G. P. Burnham 4-204

18-4095 to 4100 Henfrey, A. Outlines of the natural history of Helps, A. Companions of my solitude. B., 1852 Èurope—the vegetation of Europe; its condi.

tions and causes. L., 1852 .

9-933 - Essays written in the intervals of business. N. Henfrey, B. A plan, with proposals, for forming a Y., 1852


company to work mines in the United States. - Friends in council ; a series of readings and dis- Ph., 1797. No. 16

v. 1 of 1-341 course thereon. B. and C., 1849 33-540 Hengstenberg, E. W. Commentary on ecclesiastes, Same, 2d series. B., 1853. 2 v.. 33–542

with other treatises. Trans. by D. W. Simon. Same. New series. L., 1859. 2 v. 33-543

Ph., 1860. 8°

32-1362 Organization in daily life. L., 1862 33-544 Commentary on the psalms. Trans. by P. Realmalı. B., 1869


Fairbairn and J. Thomson. 3d ed. E., 1851 and H. P. Thomas. Life of C. Columbus. L.,

-57. 3 v. 8°

32-1360 1869

30-2415 Dissertations on the genuineness of Daniel and - Spanish conquest in America, and its relation to

the integrity of Zachariah, and on the history the history of slavery and to the government and prophecies of Balaam. Trans. by B. P. of colonies. N. Y., 1856-61

4 v.

Pratten and J. E. Ryland. E., 1848. 80 Helvetic confederacy. Planta, J. History of

32-1361 270-2415 Hening, Mrs. È. F. History of the African mission See Switzerland.

of the Prot. Epis. Church of the U. S. N. Helvétius, C. A. De l'Esprit. P., 1843 34-4201

Y., 1850

32-1321 Hemans, C. J. History of ancient Christianity and Henkle, M. M. Primary platform of Methodism. sacred art in Italy. L., 1866 278_2273

Louisville, 1851

32-1446 Hemans, F. Poems. B., 1826. go

23-112 Henlé, J. Treatise on general pathology. Trans. Chorley, H. F. Memorials of


by H. C. Preston. Ph., 1853. 8° 10-475 Hempel, c. J. Homeopatlıy, a principle in nature; Hennell, S. S. Present religion; as a faith owning

its scientific universality unfolded ; its de- fellowship with thought. L., 1865 32-1756 velopment and philosophy explained, and its Hennessy, H. Discourse on the study of science. applicability to the treatment of diseases Dub., 1859

11-213 shown. Ph., 1860. 80

10-594 Henningsen, C. F. ' Twelve months cainpaign with - New homeopathic pharmacopæia and posology. Zumalacarregui in Navarre and the Basque Compiled and trans. from the works of Buch

provinces. Ph., 1836

279-2100 ner, Gruner, and Jalır.

1850 Henriade, la. F. M. A. de Voltaire 23-586; 10-322

34-3899 ; v. 8 of 34-4868 - and J. Beakley. Homeopathic theory and Henrici, 0. Skeleton structures ; especially in their practice. N. Y., 1865. go


application to the building of steel and iron Henderhorst; the brave drummer boy. w. s. Dodge bridges. N. Y., 1867. 80

6-58 30-1972 Henricy, Casimir. La Perle de Gravelines ; des Henderson, A. G. See Cousin's philosophy of Kant. Aventures de Baleiniers. B. & L., 1856 Henderson, E. Book of the twelve minor prophets.

34-4073 Trans., with a commentary, critical, philo- Henries, book of illustrious. J. Capgrave 30-2020 logical, and exegetical. And., 1860. go Henrietta Harrison. Miss E. Leslie

18-1849 32-1592 Henrietta Temple. B. Disraeli

18-896 Divine inspiration; or, the supernatural influ- Henriques, M. B. de F. Trip to the Azores. B., ence exerted in the communication of divine


296-268 truth, and its special bearing on the composi. Henry II, of Eng. Lyttelton, G. Life of 30-2013 tion of the sacred scriptures. 2d ed. L., Henry III, of France. Freer, M. W. Court and 1847

times of

274_1720 Same. L., 1852

32-2199 Henry IV, of France.

Memoirs of Henry the Iceland; or, the journal of a residence in 1814,15; great, and of the court of France during his containing observations on the natural pbe- reign. L., 1824. 2 v. go

30-1828 nomena, history, literature, and antiquities of Abbott, J. S. C. History of

30-1039 the island ; and the religious character, man. Capefigue, B. H. R. Gabrielle d'Estrées et la ners, and customs of its inhabitants. E.,

politique de

34-5402 1818. 2 v. 8°

La ligue et Henri IV

34-5404 Same. Abridged. B., 1831 276-88 Freer, M. W. Keign of

27-1721 to 3 Memoir by T. S. Henderson 30-1230 James, G. P. R. Life of

N. Y.,

[blocks in formation]


Henry IV. of France. Michelet, J. Histoire de Henshaw, J. P. K. Work of Christ's living boily.
France. v. 10,11

Balt., 1843. 81

et MM. de Villeroy et Puisieux. Lettres à Henslowe, 'W. H. The phonarthron; or, natural

l'Ambassadeur de France en Angleterre. system of the sounds of speech. L., 1810. So
Amst, 1733. 2 v.

See Sully's memoirs.

Hensman, A. P: Hand-book of the constitution;
Henry V, of Eng. Tyler, J. E. Life and character short account of the rise, progress, and present


state of the laws of England. L., 1860 274_541
Henry VII, of Eng. See Halsted, c. A.

Henson, J. Father Henson's story of his own life ;
Henry VIII, of Eng. Froude, J. A. History of with an introduction by II. B. Stowe. B.,


- Tytler, P. F. Life of

30-691 Hentz, Mrs. C. L. Aunt Patty's scrap-bag. (Lost
See Camden soc. publ. v. 21

daughter, etc.)

Henry, prince of Portugal. Major, R. H. Life and The banished son, and other stories of the beart
results of

Henry VIII and his court. Mrs. C. Mundt 18-3893 Courtship and marriage; or, ile joys and sor-
Henry, A. Travels and adventures in Canada and

rows of American life

the Indian territories, 1760–76. N. Y., 1809. Eoline; or, the magnolia vale


266-48 Ernest Linwood

Henry, C. Madeleine. P., 1862
34-3395 Helen and Arthur

Le Roman d'une femme laide. 3me ed. P., Linda ; or, the young pilot of the Belle Creole

Henry, C. s. Considerations on some of the ele- see Robert Graham.

ments and conditions of social welfare and The lost daughter, and other stories 18-1404
human progress. N. Y., 1861

2-703 Love after marriage, and other stories 18–1405
Doctor Oldham at Greystones, and his talk there Marcus Warland; or, the long moss spring

- See Cousin, v. Psychology.

Mob cap, and other tales

Henry, J. Sketches of Moravian life and character; Planter's northern bride

comprising a general view of the religious and Rena ; or, the snow bird

educational institutions of the Unitas Frat. Robert Graham ; a sequel to Linda" 18-1410
run. Ph., 1859
32–814 Victim of excitement, &c.

Henry, M. Miscellaneous works, and an appendix Hepworth, Geo. H. Whip, hoe, and sword; or, the
on what Christ is made to believers, by Philip

gulf department in '63, B., 1864 266-476
Henry. L., 1830. 2 v. 80

32-2015 Héquet, G. Madame de Maintenun. (1635–1719.)
Communicant's companion. Ph., 1843 32–1385 P., 1853

See Comprehensive commentary:

Her majesty's mails. W. Lewins

Henry, M. S. History of the Lehigh Valley ; with Her majesty's tower. W. H. Dixon 272_337
a complete history of all its internal improve- Herald of health. N. Y., 1864. V, 3. 80

ments, progress of coal and iron trade, etc. Heraldry and genealogy. Baigent, F. J., and C. J.
Easton, 1860. 8°


Russell. Manual of heraldic illumination
Henry. Patrick. Everett, A. H. Life of. (S.A.B.


, c. English heraldry

Wirt, w. Life and character of 30-237

Manual of

Henry, Paul. Life and times of Jolin Calvin. Trans. Burke, J. B. Heraldic register

by H. Stebbing. N. Y., 1851,

80 Cussans, J. E. Grammar, with armorial bear-

Henry, Philip. Life of, by M. Henry 32-2015

Debrett's house of commons and judicial bench,
Henry, R. History of Great Britain, from the first


invasion of it by the Romans. 4th ed. L., Edmondson, J. Complete body of 2724032
1805,6. 12 v. go

274_538 Fairbairn, J. Crests of Great Britain and Ire-
Henry, T. C. Etchings from the religious world. land

Charleston, 1828. 80

32-110 Hampson, R. T. Origines patricix 274_3412
Henry, W. C. Memoirs of the life and scientific re- Lawrence, J. Nobility of the British rentry
searches of John Dalton. L., 1854. 8° 30–1222

Henry and Henrietta, stories of. H. Dufresne 18–916 - Lower, M. A. 'Curiosities of i.

Henry Dunbar. M. E. Braddon
18-388 Manual of

Henry Esmond. W. M. Thackeray 18-3185 Millington, E. J. H. in history, poetry, and
Henry Masterton. G. P. R. James

Henry Milner. Mrs. Sherwood. Part 4 18-2838 Moule, T. Bibliotheca beraldica 21-335

Sequel to. Mrs. M. M. Sherwood 18-2839 Planché, J. R. Pursuivant of arms, or heraldry
Henry Morris; or, living for an object : 18-1392

foundell upon facts

Henry of Guise. G. P. R. James .

18-1625 Playfair, W. British family antiquity 27-4019
Henry of Ofterdingen. F. von Hardenberg 18-1347 Porny, M. A. Elements of

Henry Powers (Banker). R. B. Kimball 18-1744 See Family history; Genealogy ; Knighthood;
Henry St. John. J. E. Cooke

· 18-702

Peerage and baronetage; Rank.
Henry Smeaton. G. P. R. James

18-1627 Herapath, J. Mathematical physics; or, the mathe.
Henshaw, S. E. Our branch and its tributaries ; matical principles of natural philosophy. v.
being a history of the work of the northwest-

1, 2. L., 1847

ern sanitary commission and its auxiliaries, Heraud, J. A. See Educator, the

during the war of the rebellion. Chicago, Hérault, V. Les eaux de Taunus

1868. 80

261–1040 Herbert, Algernon. Cyclops Christianus; or, an
Henshaw, J. P. K.' Memoir of the life of Rev. R. argument to disprove the supposed antiquity

C. Moore; with a selection of sermons. Ph., of the Stonehenge and other Melagithic erec-
1842. 80


tions in England and Brittany. L., 1849. 8
Two lectures, in answer to inquiry, " What is

the true construction of the terms, priest, altar, Herbert, Auberon. Danes in camp; letters from
and sacrifice, as used in the offices of the

Sönderborg. L., 1864

church ?" with an appendix on apostolical Herbert, C. Italy and' Italian literature. L., 1835
succession. Balt., 1843. 8°



2 v.


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