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Arthur, W. The successful merchant. Life of Mr. Arts et mctiers. Savary, J. et P. L. Dictionnaire
S. Budgett. N. Y., 1853


The tongue of fire; or, the true power of Chris- Arts of beauty. Lola Montez

tianity. N. Y., 1860

32-894 Arvine, K. Cyclopædia of anecdotes of literature
Arthur, Wm., M. A.' Etymological dictionary of and the fine arts. B., 1855. 8° 33–377
family and Christian names. N. Y., 1857 Cyclopædia of moral and religious anecdotes.

N. Y., 1857. 80

Arthur Arundel. Horace Smith 18-2936 Asbury, F. "Larrabee, w. C. A. and his coadju.
Arthur Carryl. L. Osborne


Arthur Conway. E. H. Milman
18-1800 Strickland, w. p. Life of

Arthur et Théobald. J. B. J. Champagnac 34–5076 Ascanio. A. Dumas

Arthur Merton. Caroline E. Kelly
18-1725 Same

Arthur Mervyn. C. B. Brown

184448 Ascham, R. Whole works, with life, by J. A.
Arthur O'Leary. C. Lever

Giles. L., 1865. 4 v.

Artillery. Barnard, J. G., and W. F. Barry. A. The scholemaster. Edited, with notes, by J.
observations of the army of the Potomac E. B. Mayor. L., 1863

6-561 See, also, Schoolmaster, the

Gibbon, J. Manual

6-604 Toxophilus; the school of shooting. L., 1866
Instruction for field a.

Kingsbury, c. P. Elementary treatise on a. Ash, J. New and complete dictionary of the Eng.

6-636 lish language, with a comprehensive gram.
Lippitt, F. J. Tactical use of a.

mar. L., 1775. 2 v. 80

Luce, S. B. Instruction for naval light a. 6–637 Sentiments on education, collected from the
Simienowicz, C. Great art of

best writers. L., 1777. 2 v.

Taubert on use of field a.

6–702 Ashango land. Du Chaillu, P. B. Journey to
Tousard, L. de. Artillerist's companion 6–707

Artist and craftsman

18–3831 Ashe, J.

The masonic' manual. "Lectures on free-
Artist in Cuba, our. G. W. Carleton

masonry. N. Y., 1855. 80

Artist life and character. J. Smith

5-119 Asher, D. On the study of modern languages in gen.
Artist, merchant and statesman.

c. E. Lester eral, and of the English language in particular.
L., 1859

Artist's chromatic hand-book. J. P. Ridner 5-52

Asher, J. An autobiography. Phil., 1862. 30-1506
Artist's manual. J. Cutbush

6-831 Ashhurst, J., jr. Injuries of the spine, with an anal.
.. Artist's (Dürer's) married life. *L. Schefer

ysis of nearly four hundred cases. Phil., 1867

Artist's dream, the. E. Vincent

18–4071 Ashley, J. Memoirs and considerations concern.
Artist's life in Morocco. Mrs. Murray 276-531 ing the trade and revenues of the British colo.
Artist's repository; or, encyclopædia of the fine

nies in America. Lond., 1740-3. 2 v. 80
arts. L., 1808. 4 v. 8°

Artists. De Piles, M. Lives of painters 5-423 Ashmun, J. Gurley, R. R. Life of 30–1395

Ellet, Mrs. Women a. in all ages 5–154 Ashpitel, A., and J. Whichcord. Town dwellings.
Foa, E.
Etudes sur les plus célèbres artistes An essay on the erection of fire-proof houses


in flats. L., 1855. 8°
Gould, J. Dictionary

30 11 Ashton, T.J. On the diseases, injuries, and malfor.
Jameson, A. Memoirs of early Italian painters mations of the rectum and anus, with re-


marks on habitual constipation. From the 3d
- Lester, c. E. Artists of America

English ed. Phil., 1860

Marchese's painters, sculptors and architects of Ashwell, š. Practical treatise on the diseases pecu.
the order of St. Dominic


liar to women, with notes by P. B. Goddard.
Spooner, S. Anecdotes of painters, engravers, Phil., 1845. go

sculptors, and architects
5-62 Ashworth, J. Strange tales

Thornbury, G. W.

British a. from Hogarth to Asia. Ainsworth, W. F. Travels in the track of

the ten thousand Greeks

Tuckerman, H. T. Book of artists 5–580 Ball, B. S. Rambles in eastern A. 286-235
Sketches of Am. painters

5-21 Benjamin, J. J. Eight years in A. 284-322
Vasari, G. Lives of painters
30-684 Bodenstedt, F. Morning-land

See Painters, Sculptors.

DuCouret, L. Recollections of travel in A.
Artizan, the. Vols. 17 & 18. L., 1859–60. 2 v.


6-1020 Far off
, or A. described :

Artizan club. "See Bourne, J.

Farr, E. History of the Assyrians, Chaldeans
Arts. Amer. academy of a. and sciences. Memoirs

and Medes

of .

11-519 Ferrier, J. P. Caravan journey 286-236
Conversations on nature and art

11-16 Forster, G. Journey from Bengal to England
Description of vegetable substances used in the

6-834 Goodrich, s. G. Lights and shadows of Asiatic

Figuier, i. Applications de la science aux history

a l'industrie
34-3909 Heeren, A. H. L. Researches

- Fosbroke, T. D. A. and manufactures of the Holmes, W. R. Sketches on the shores of the
Greeks and Romans

Handmaid to the a.

5-8 Jones, Sir w., et al. Dissertations on history
Repertory of arts and patents

and antiquities

Potter, A. Principles of science applied 6–910


Ure, A. Dictionary of a.

6–438,9 Malcom, H. Travels in southeastern A. 286-9
Whole body of a.

5-495 Martin, R. M. British possessions 281-565
See Art; Fine arts; Decoration; Design.

Michie, A. Siberian overland route 281-532
Arts of design in the U. S. W. Dunlap

5-5 Mignan, R. Winter journey through Russia to
Arts and artisans at home and abroad. J. C.



6-416 Mitchell, J. and R.' The Russians in 280-483
Arts and sciences. Emporium
6-846 Polo, Marco. Travels

Goguet's origin of a. and s.

6-851 Rawlinson, G. Five great monarchies 280–196

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Asia. Rennell, J. Comparative geog. of western A.

25-99 Royal Asiatic society journal

284_222 Shaw, S. Journals

30–600 Tilley, H. A. Eastern Europe and western A.

29b-231 Vámbéry, A. Travels in Central Å.

286_461 Sketches, additional chapters on travels, and on ethnology

280_466 Veniukof, V. Russians in central A. 280-483 Wood, W. M. Fankwei

281-299 Xenophon's anabasis

28_133 - Cyropaedia

284-86 See Babylon, Cabul, Cilicia, Euphrates, In

dian archipelago, Mesopotamia, Persepolis,

Tigris, Palestine, Syria. Asia Minor. Anderson, J. Bible light from bible lands

32-603 Chandler, R. Travels

286-244 Fellows, C. Travels

286--249 Fletcher, J. P. Residence at Nineveh 285_568 Hamilton, W. J. Researches

286-189 Haxthausen's Transcaucasia

28b-177 Mengous, P. Greeks and Turks in 290-297 Modern traveller

296-282 Neale, F. A. Eight years in

286–156 See Aleppo, Arrårat. Asian mystery: S. Lyde:

32-946 Asiatic annual register, or a view of the history of

Hindustan, and of the politics, commerce and literature of Asia for 1799–1805. 1801-7. 7 v. 80

282221 Asiatic chiefs. J. Szeredy

274_3549 Asiatic researches ; or, transactions of the society in

stituted at Bengal, for inquiring into the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences and literature of Asia. v. 1-20. Cal. 1788–1836. 40

284_405 Same. 5th ed. v. 1-9. 'L., 1806-9. 80 282-58 Asiatic society. Journal of the royal A. S. of Great Britain and Ireland. L., 1836-67. 22 v. 80

284_222 Askew, Anne. See Manning, Miss A. Faire gospeller

18-3782 See Webb, M.

32-1675 Asmodeus at large. E. L. Bulwer

18-496 Aspects of nature. A. von Humboldt 25-63 Aspden. Documents produced in the case of the succession of M. Aspden. Phila., 1837. 8°

264_738 Aspen court. 'Shirley Brooks

18-435 Aspenwold

18–208 Asphaltum mine at Hillsborough, N. B. Vol. 4 of

1-346 Asphodel

: 18-3675 Aspirations of nature. j. t. 'Hecker

32-2193 Assad Shidiak. Bird, 1. Martyr of Lebanon

30-1590 Assalini, P. Observations on the disease called the plague. N. Y., 1806

10-2 Assassins. Von Hammer's history of the A. 281-148 - Walpole, F. The ansayrii

286-294 Assassinat du Pont-Rouge. Ch. Barbara 34-4012 Assassinations. See Lincoln, A., Perceval, S. Assaying Bodemann & Kerl's ass. of lead, copper, silver, gold,


6-286 Lieber, 0. M. Assayer's guide

6-362 Mitchell, J. Manual of practical a. 8-85 Overman, F. Practical a.

9-280 Phillips, 3. A. Gold mining and a. 6-391 Assemblies of the people. Carrington's inquiry into law of.

274-1253 Asser of St. David's. Annals of the reign of Alfred

274_449 Association. A. Brisbane

2-560 Association of medical superintendents of American

institutions for the insane. Transactions at the twenty-first annual session. H'b'g, 1867.

10–793 Assolan:, A. Un Quaker à Paris. P., 1866 34-5006

Assolant, A. Scènes de la vie des Etats-Unis. P., 1859.

34-3028 Assurance. See Insurance. Assyria. Fletcher, J. P. Travels in A. 284-568

Foster, C. Monuments. Part 3rd of 22-444
Fraser, J. B. Mesopotamia and A. 28465
Rawlinson, G. The five great monarchies.

282_196 Smith, G. V. Prophecies

32-973 See Nineveh. Astié, J. F. Louis XIV. and the writers of his age.

Trans. by E. N. Kirk. B., 1855 22–918 Aston, F. See Tchinovnicks. Astor library. Catalogue. Part I. Authors and

books. N. Y., 1857-61. 4 v. 8° 21-448 Astoria. Franchere, C. Voyage to the northwest coast

265-262 - Irving, W.

266-53,4 Astra Castra. H. Turnor

11-501 Astrakan, de Paris à. A. Dumas

34-3265 Astro-theology W. Derham

32-1813 Astrology. Cooke, C. Curiosities of occult literature

12-92 Lilly, W. Prophecies

12-105 Wilson, James. Complete dictionary of 12-46 Astronomical and meteorological observations,

made at the U. 8. naval observatory, 1852–64. W., 1862–4. 4v. 4o .

12–155 Astronomical geology. R. G. M. Browne 9-238 Astronomical instruments. See Sextant. Astronomical society. See Royal A. S. Astronomy. Adams, G. Essays

12-1 Airy, G. B. Lectures

12–55 Errors of observations

12-52, Arago, F. Lectures

12-2 Popular a. .

12-45 Popular lectures

12-27 Bartlett, W. H. C. Spherical

12-47 Blunt, C. F. Beauty of the heavens 12-40 Bouvier, H. M. Familiar a.

12-32 Brewster, D. More worlds than one 12-29 Brocklesby, J. Elements

12-62 Brünnow, F. Spherical

12-75 Burritt, É. H. Geography of the heavens and class-book of astronomy

12-35 Atlas

12-36 Carpenter, W. B.

Mechanical philosophy, horology and a.

11-14 Carrington, R. C. Spots of the sun 12-151 Chambers, G. F. Descriptive a.

12-91 Hand-book

12-51 Chauvenet, Wm. 'Spherical and practical

12-150 Darby, W. A. Astronomical observer 12-71 De Morgan, A. Book of almanacs 12-72 Denison, E. B. A. without mathematics -83 Dick, T. Celestial scenery

12-3,4 Practical astronomer

12-6 Siderial heavens

12-5 Drayson, A. W. Common sights in the heavens

12-50 Ecce cælum

12-97 Ennis, J. The origin of the stars 12–81 Gauss, C. F. Theoria motus

12-34 · Gilliss, J. M. U. S. naval astronomical exp. to Chili

200-1000 Godfray, H. Treatise

12-82 Grant, R. History of physical a.

12-30 Guillemin, A. Le ciel

34-4716 The heavens

12-157 Gummere, J. Elementary treatise 12-44 Harris, J. Dialogues

12-7 Herschell, J. F. W. Results of astronomical observations

12-152 - Outlines of

12-8 Treatise on

12-9 Hind, J. R. Mustrated London

12-24 Introduction

12-61 Jeans, G. Practical a.

12-68 Kendall, E. 0. Uranography



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Astronomy. Kurtz, F. H. Bible and a. 32-680 Athenæum, Philadelphia. Catalogue of library, with
– Laplace, P. S. Exposition du systeme du charter and by-laws. Phil., 1829. 8° 21-472

34-4694 Providence. Catalogue of' library. Prov.,
Lardner, D. Lectures

1853. 80


12-25 Athenaus. Deipnosophists; or, banquet of the
Leitch, W. God's glory in the heavens 12–79 learned. Trans. by C. D. Yonge. L., 1854.
Lewis, G. C. A. of the ancients

3 v.

Loomis, E. Practical a.

12-33 Athenian letters. See Yorke, Philip, et al.
Recent progress

12-20 Athens. Beckh, A. Public economy of the Athe.


Mackey, S. A. Mythological a. of the ancients Bulwer, E. L. A., its rise and fali

12-77 Colton, w. Visit

Main, R. ' Practical and spherical à. 12-64 Corrigan's ten days in A.

Rudimentary a.

12-87 Schömann, G. F. Assemblies of the Atheni.
Mitchell, O. M. A. of the bibie

Planetary and stellar worlds
12-10 Stuart, J. Antiquities

Popular a.

12-42 Atheos; or, the tragedies of inbelief. 'N. Y., 1862
Mudie, R. The heavens

Norton, w. A. Spherical and physical, with Atherley, E. G. Law of marriage and other family


settlements. Phil., 1840.89, v. 27 of 2-55
Narrien, J. Historical account
12-76 Athern, Anna. Here and hereafter

Practical a. and geodesy

12-57 Atherton, C. J. Nature's parables. Lond., 1865
Newton, 1. System of the world : 11-54

Nichol, J. P. Phenomena of the solar system Athletic sports for boys. N. y., 1866 20-306

12-14 Atkins, A. B. The church the pillar of the truth.
Planetary system

Sermon. Phil., 1858. 89

System of the world
12-15 Atkinson, J. C. British birds'


and nests popu-
Olmsted, D. Introduction to

larly described. L., 1861

Letters on
12-43 Play hours and half holidays

Playfair, J. Outlines

11-57 Sketches in natural history, with an essay on
Robinson, H. N. Treatise on

reason and instinct. L., 1861

Rolfe, W. J., & J. A. Gillet
12-99 Walks and talks

Schædler, F. Book of nature

11-92 Atkinson, T. W. Oriental and western Siberia ; a
Smyth, C. P. Experiments in Teneriffe 276–557 narrative of seven years' explorations and
Somerville, M. Mechanism of the heavens

adventures. N. Y., 1858. 80 286-261

12-19 Travels in the regions of the upper and lower
Tomlinson, F.' Recreation in

Amoor. L., 1860. 8°

Walker, A. System of familiar philosophy Atkinson, Mrs. Recollections of Tartar steppes and


their inhabitants. Lond., 1863. 280-410
Ward, Mrs. Telescope teachings 12-41 Atkinson, Wm. Principles of social and political
Watson, J. C. Theoretical a.


economy; or, the laws of the creation and
Webb, T. W. Celestial objects for common diffusion of wealth investigated and ex.

plained. v. 1. Lond., 1858. 80

Whewell, w. A. with reference to theology Atkinson, W. P. Classical and scientific studies,


and the great schools of England—a lecture.
Plurality of worlds


With additions. Camb., 1865. 8 13-22
Wilcocks, A. Temporary star of 1572 12–158

Dynamic and mechanic teaching. A lecture
Wilson, John. Lost solar system of the ancients before the American institute of instruction.

57 pp. Camb., 1866

See Almanacs; Astrology ; Comets; Earth; Atlantic and transatlantic sketches. Lauchlan
Navigation ; Nautical almanacs; Solar sys-


tem; Stars; Telescopes; Tides; Planets. Atlantic club book

Asylum for fugitive pieces in prose and verse. L., Atlantic monthly. A magazine of literature, art


and politics. Vol. 1-21. Bost., 1857–68.
Asylums. See Hospitals.

21 v. 80

At anchor; a story of our civil war

18–209 Atlantic ocean. Abbott, J. Rollo the Atlantic
At home and abroad. B. Taylor

At home in Paris. W. B. Jerrold

276_743 Wallich, G. C. North-Atlantic sea-bed 9-1243
Al odds. Baroness Tautphæus

18-3145 See Azores.
Atala. Chateaubriand

18-3648 Atlantic tales. From the Atlantic monthly 18-215
Atala, et René. Chateaubriand 34–3114,5411 Atlantic telegraph, the. Field, H. M. History of
Athalie. J. Racine

Athanasius, St. Festal epistles. Oxford, 1854.80 Its history. L., 1866

32-1255 Mullaly, J. Laying of the cable

Historical tracts. Oxford, 1843. si 32-1256 Russell, W. H.

Select treatises-Controversies with the Arians. Atlas prize essay. S. Laing, Jr.

Oxford, 1842–44. 2 v. 8o.

32-1257 Atlases. American a. (historical and geographical)
Atheism. Buchanan, J. Modern a. 32-612

Cudworth, R. Atheism confuted 15-25 American military pocket a., 1776 25–178
Lewis, T. Plato against the atheists 32–1535 Atlas classica

Naville, E. Lectures on modern a. 32-1723 Ten select maps ; intended as an accompani-
Wharton, F. Modern skeptical theories 32–810 ment to Mayo's ancient geography and his-
See Infidelity ; Skepticism.

tory. Phil., 1815. 4°

Athene Cantabrigienses. Cooper & Thompson Beers, D. G. A. of State of Delaware 25–312
30-1707 Black's General a.

Athenaeum, journal of literature, science and the Bradford & Goodrich. Üniversal illustrated a.
fine arts for 1832-35, 40–60, 64-8. L., V. y.


17–500 Butler, s. A. of ancient geography 25-13
Athenæum, Boston. Catalogue of library. B., Colton's general

1827. 8°

21-393 Hughes & Long. A. of classical geography 25-107

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The a.


Atlases. Johnson's new illustrated family a. 25–374 Audouard, M'me 0. Les mystères du sérail et des
Lavoisne. Historical and geographical 25–355

harems Turcs. 2e éd. P., 1863 34-5399
Le Sage. Historical, genealogical, chronologi. Audubon, J. J. Ornithological biography, or an
cal and geographical a.


account of the habits of the birds of the U. S.
Select maps from

Phil., 1832. 8°


25-310 St. John, Mrs. H. Adventures and discoveries
Mitchell, S. A. New reference a. 25-373

New universal a.

25-362 Auerbach, B. Christian Gellert, and other sketches
New atlas of the West India islands 25-304

New general a.
Phil., 1832

25-366 Dichter und Kaufmann. Mannh., 1855 34-584
Popple, H. British empire in America 25–369 Dorfgeschichten. Phil., 1855. 3 v. 34-525
Quin, E. Historical a.

294_413 Joseph im Schnee.-Erzählung. Stutt., 1860
Smedley, S. L. A. of Phil.

Spruner, K. von. Historico-geographical hand- Little barefoot


25-308 On the heights. · Leips., 1867. 2 v. 18-220
- Tanner, H. S. New universal a. 25-360 Spinoza : ein denkersleben. Mannheim, 1854
See Charts; Maps.

Atmosphere. See Aerostation.

Aufavre, A. "Les enfants de la neige. P., 1863.
Atmospheric actions. Webster, W. H. D. Treatise

11-274 Aughey, J. H. The iron furnace—slavery and se-
Atmospheric · railway system. ' R. Stephenson cession. Phil., 1863

6-1029 Augier, E. Les effrontés-Comédie en 5 actes en
Atomic theory. Brown, s. 'Lectures on 8-44

prose. P., 1861

Atonement, the. Ballou, H. Treatise on 32-1485 Le fils de "Giboyer-Comédie en 5 actes en
Barnes, A.
in its relations to law
prose. N. Y., 1863. 80


Maitre Guérin-Comédie en 5 actes en prose.
Beecher, ċ. Investigation of 32-1179

N. Y., 1865. 80

Gilbert, J. The Christian a.

32-2198 et E. Foussier. Les lionnes pauvres-Piece en
Oxenham, H. N. Catholic doctrine of 32-1659

5 actes en prose. S'me ed. P., 1858 34-3030
Symington, W. The a. and intercession of – et J. Sandeau. Le gendre de M. Poirier-Com-

édie en 4 actes en prose.

Nouv. ed. P.,
Atonement and sacrifice. Magee, w. Scriptural 1861

doctrine of

32-1357 Le pierre de touche-Comédie en 5 actes en
Atonement, the great day of. C. E. Nebelin 32-2377

prose. P., 1860

Atrophy of the brain. J. L. C. Schroeder Van der Augustine, St. Confessions. Revised from a former


translation by E. B. Pusey. Oxford, 1840.
Atson, Wm. Heart whispers, with sketches of a 80.

tour through nine southern states. Memphis, The same. Edited by w. g. T. Shedd. And.,


Attaché in Madrid ; or, sketches of the court of – Les confessions. Tr. par P. Janet. P., 1859
Isabella II. N. Y., 1856

Attachments. Locke, J. Law and practice of Exposition on the book of psalms. os., 1847-
foreign a.

V. 81 of 2-55
57. 6 v. 89

Attic philosopher in Paris. Ė. Souvestre

18-2961 Homilies on the gospel of St. John and his first
Atticus. R. P. Ward


epistle. Ox., 1848–9. 2 v. 8° 32-1261
Attila. G. P. R. James

18-1606 Sermons on selected lessons of the new testa-
Attorney, the. J. T. Irving

ment. Ox., 1854-5. 2 v. 80

Attorneys general. Digest of the opinions of. C. Short treatises. Ox., 1847. 8°

C. Andrews

2-218 Baillie, J. Biographical memoir of 30-1110
Atwater, C. History of the state of Ohio; natural

Schaff, P. Life and labors of

and civil. Cincinnati, (1838. ] 8° 264-843 Augustus. See Cæsar.
Atwood, T. The history of the island of Dominica. Aunet, Mme. L. d'. See Biard.
L., 1791. 8°

260-652 Aunt Honor's keepsake. Mrs. J. Sadlier 18-2706
Attwood, T. The Scotch banker-articles on bank- Aunt Margaret. Jac. Abbott

v. 9 of 18–15
ing and currency. 2d ed. L., 1832 1-312 Aunt Margaret's troubles. See Mabel's progress.
Au bord de la mer. M'me A. de parin 34-5011 Aunt Patty's scrap-bag. C. L. Hentz. See Lost
Au bord des lacs helvétiques. H. Ghika 34-4031


Au bord du lac. E. Souvestre

34-3779 Aunt Phillis's cabin. Mrs. M. H. Eastman 18-963
Au coin du feu. E. Souvestre
34-3780 Aurélian. H. Conscience

Au jour le jour. F. Soulié
34-3757 Aurelian. W. Ware

Auber, P. History of the rise and progress of Aurelius. See Antoninus.

British power in India. 2d ed. L., 1846. Aurora borealis. Snow, R. Observations of 11-u. p.
2 v. 80

274_36 Aurora Floyd. Miss M. E. Braddon 18_381
Auberlen, C. A. See Lange, J. P.

Aurora Leigh. Mrs. E. B. Browning 23–286,419
Aubigne, J. H. Merle de. See Merle d'Aubigne. Aus herz und welt. H. C. Andersen 34-605
Aubrey, J. Miscellanies upon various subjects. Auscultation and percussion. S. S. Allison 10_424
4th ed. L., 1857
33-345 J. Skoda .

Aubrey. Mrs. A. Marsh
18-2101 Austen, Jane. Emma

Aubrey Conyers. E. M. Stewart
18-3018 Mansfield park

Auckland, Wm. Eden, Lord. Journal and corre- Northanger abbey

spondence. L., 1861. 4 v. 8° 274_40 Persuasion

Auckland isles. Musgrave, T.

Pride and prejudice

296-242 Sense and sensibility

Auctions. Babbington, R. Law of

v. 19 of 2–55 Austin, A. Won by a head. A novel 18-229
Audibleness of thought, by Alethinos. (H. F. Austin, G. Chironomia ; or a treatise on rhetorical

delivery. L., 1806. 4°

Audin, J. M. v. History of the life, works and doc-

Austin, J. Lectures on jurisprudence, or the philoso-
trines of J. Calvin. Trans. by J. McGill. phy of positive law, with notes and fragments.
Louisville. 8°

L., 1861-3. 3 v. 8°

Auditor general. See Names of states.

Austin, J. G. The outpost


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2 v.


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Austin, J. T. The life of Elbridge Gerry; with Authentic memoirs of the green-room ; including cotemporary letters. Bost., 1828–9.

sketches of the performers of the theatre 80

royal. Lond. (1814]

24-217 Austin, Sarah. Characteristics of Goethe. From

Same continued. 2 v.

24-218 the German of Falk, Von Müller, and others. Authority. Lewis, G. C. Influence of 15-149 Phil., 1841. 2 v. 30-206 Author's jewel. 8. Simpson

33-486 Fragments from German prose writers, with Author's daughter. Mary Howitt

18-1509 sketches of the authors. N. Y., 1841 33–100 Author's mind. M. F. Tupper

33-270 Germany, from 1760 to 1814; or, sketches of Authors. Allibone, S. A.

Critical dictionary
German life, L., 1854

of English literature

21-294 Austin, S. F. Map of Texas. Pub. by H. S. Tan. Books and authors

22-942 Phil.

25-179 De Quincey, T. Essays on the poets and other Austin Elliot. H. Kingsley :

English writers

30-1868 Australasia. Backhouse, J. Visit to Australian

Literary reminiscences

30-1933 colonies 296_5 D'Israeli, İ. Calamities of a.

22–1019 Bennett, G. Gatherings of a naturalist 290–176

Quarrels of a.

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22-1144 condition

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tific men of France

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Britain and Ireland

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H. Chamberlain

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1864. 8°

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