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V. 15

2 v.

Haines, J. T. The wizard of the wave. F's S. Half yearly abstract of the medical sciences. V. 45,6.
D. v. 27

Ph., 1867. 8°

10-801 Haines, R. Cooley, T.'m. 'Life and character of Halifax, C. Montague, Earl of. (Sanford's British


23-171 Hair, art of preserving the

10–769 Halfpenny, 'w. and J. 'Rural architecture in the Perry, B. C. The human h.


Chinese and gothick taste; designs for arches, Hair and wool. P. A. Browne


bridges, garden seats, temples, &c. L., 1852. Hajji Baba of Ispahan. J. Morier


5-36 Hajji Baba in England. J. Morier

18-2267 Hali meidenhad. Cockayne, O. (Ed.) (E. E. T. S., Hajji Baba in Turkey, &c. J. Morier 18-2268

pt. 18] .

v. 10 of 22-1043 Halcombe, J. J. The speaker at home; chapters Haliburton, T. c. Historical and statistical account on extempore and memoriter speaking, lec

of Nova Scotia. Halifax, 1829. 2 v. 89 turing, and reading aloud ; and on the physiol.

26496 ogy of speech, by W. H. Stone. 1., 1859 Letter-bag of the Great Western; or, life in a


18-1322 Halcyon.' H. Wade 20-491 Nature and human nature

18-1323 Haldane, Alexander. Memoirs of the lives of Robert Rule and misrule of the English in America. Haldane and James A. Haldane. N. Y., 1853.

N. Y., 1851

262_627 80 30-1446 Sayings of Sam Slick

18-1324 Haldeman, s. s. Affixes in their origin and appli- Sam Slick's wise saws and modern instances cation, exhibiting the etymologic structure of

18-132) English words. Ph., 1865 22-108 Yankee stories

18-1321 Analytic orthography ; an investigation of the Halkerston, P. Collection of Latin maxims and sounds of the voice and their alphabetic nota

rules in law and equity; with an English transtion; including the mechanism of speech, and lation. E., 1823.80

2-344 its bearing upon etymology. Ph., 1860. 80 Hall, A. Life and character of the Rev. S. Judd.

B., 1854

30-1082 Hale, Mrs. c. L.' Woodland lays, legends, and Hall, A.'o. A coroner's inquisition.' F's M. D. charades. Ph., 1868 23–1008

21-113 Hale, C. R., 8. H. Jones, and H. Morion. Report - The Manhattaner in New Orleans; or, phases

on the Rosetta stone. Ph. 1858. 4° 28a_160 of "crescent city'' life. N. Y., 1851 266459 Hale, D. Thompson, J. P. Memoir of, with select Hall, B. Account of a voyage of discovery to the writings


west coast of Corea and the great Loo-Choo Hale, E. E.If, yes, and perhaps: Four possibili- island. Ph., 1818. 8°

296-22 ties and six exaggerations; with some bits of Extracts from a journal written on the coasts of fact


Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in 1820. Ph., 1824. – Kansas and Nebraska ; the history, geographi

266–179 cal and physical characteristics, and political Lieutenant and commander; autobiographical

position of those territories. B., 1854 262_321 sketches of his own career, from fragments of Margaret Percival in America


voyages and travels. L., 1862 294_201 Ninety days' worth of Europe. B., 1861

Patchwork. Ph., 1841. 2 v.

276_154 276-576 Skimmings; or, a winter at Schloss Hainfeld, in Hale, G. S. See United States digest" (in the law Lower Styria. Ph., 1836

276_155 division of the article on U. S.)

Travels in North America in 1827,8. Ph., 1829. Hale, M., Chief-justice. Jurisdiction of the lords'

266-306 house or parliament, considered according to See Captain Hall in America. ancient records ; with an introductory preface, Hall, B. H. Collection of college words and cusincluding a narrative of the same jurisdiction toms. N. Y., 1859

22-111 from the accession of James I, by F. Har. History of eastern Vermont to the close of the grave. L., 1796. 40


18th century; with a biographical chapter and Hale, N. Stuart, 1. W. Life of .


appendixes. N. Y., 1858.8° 264_431 Hale, s. History of the United States, to 1817. Hall, B. R. Frank Freeman's barber shop 18–1328 N. Y., 1840. 2 v. 262_95 The new purchase.

18-1329 Hale, S. J. Boarding out

18-1313 Teaching, a science: the teacher an artist. N. Y., Flora's interpreter, and Fortuna Flora. Re


13-100 vised edition. B.


Hall, C. Memoirs of Marshall Hall. L., 1861. go Keeping house and house-keeping 18–1317

30-1377 Liberia; or, Mr. Peyton's experiment 18–1314 Hall, c. F. Arctic researches, and life among the Manners ; or, happy homes and good society. Esquimaux; being the narrative of an expeB., 1868. 80


dition in search of Sir John Franklin in 1860-2. New cook-book. Ph., (1857)

N. Y., 1865. 89

266_489 Northwood

18-1315 Hall, C. H. True protestant ritualism : a review of Traits of American life


a book entitled “The law of ritualism.'' Ph., Woman's record. N. Y., 1851. 80 30-719


32-2248 Halen, J. van. Narrative of imprisonment in the Hall, C. W. Twice taken

18-1318 dungeons of the inquisition at Madrid, and Hall, E. The puritans and their principles. 2d ed. journey to Russia. L., 1827. 2 v. 8° 276–188 N. Y., 1846. 80

2644429 Half a million of money. A. B. Edwards 18-1004 Hall, E. B. Life and times of John Howard. Half brothers. A. Dumas 18-926 Providence, 1855. 8°

30-1607 Half century, the. E. Davis

264-625 Memoir of Mary L. Ware. B., 1853 30–736 Half hours with the best authors. C. Knight 33-485 Hall, E. H. Appleton's hand-book of American Half hours with the best French authors. L., 1867. travel-the Southern tour. N. Y., 1866 8° 22-1074

266-572 Half hours with the best letter-writers and autobi- National tax law, as amended; with a complete ographers. C. Knight


compendium of stamp duties. N. Y., 1863 Half hours with the microscope. E. Lankester

2-236 9-1034 Hall, Fitzedward. See Early English text society; Half-sir. 'G. Griffin

18-3680 Sherring, M. A. Half tints: table d'hote and drawing-room. N. Y., Hall, Francis. Travels in Canada and the United 1867


States in 1816,7. B., 1818. 8° 264-46

2 y.

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v. 1.

Hall, Frederic. Life of Maximilian I, late emperor Hall, R. Miscellaneous works and remains; with

of Mexico; with a sketch of the empress Car- a memoir by 0. Gregory, and a critical estilota. N. Y., 1868


mate of his character and writings by J. Hall, F. W. Rambles in Europe; or, a tour through Foster. L., 1849

32-287 France, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Hall, Sarah. Selection from writings; with a meIreland in 1836. N. Y., 1838. 2 v. 276–712

moir. Ph., 1833 .

33-157 Hall, G., memoir of, by G. H. Bardwell 30-223 Hall, Spencer. See Gonzales, T. Hall, H. The distiller ; adapted to the use of farmers | Hall, s. c. Book of British ballads. L., 1853. 4° and distillers. Ph., 1818. 89 6-494

23-1311 Hall, H. B. Scottish sports and pastimes. L., 1851 Book of gems; the modern poets and artists of


Great Britain. L., 1853. 3 v. 80 23-564 Hall, James. Legends of the west 18-1319 Hall, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. The book of the Thames, Memoir of Thomas Posey. (S. A. B. 19)

from its rise to its fall. L., 1859. 8° 271_595

30-497 – Ireland ; its scenery, character, &c. L. 3 v. Notes on the western states. Ph., 1838 260-603 80

276-1208 Romance of western history; or, sketches of - A week at Killarney, with descriptions of routes history, life, and manners in the west. Cin.,

thither. L., 1865. 49

270_756 1857

26–462 Hall, Mrs. S. C. Animal sagacity. L. Sm. 40 Sketches of history, life, and manners in the

9-699 west. Ph., 1835. 2 v. 266-44 The buccaneer

18-1338 - The west ; its commerce and navigation. Cin., Can wrong be right?

18-1337 1848

266-45 Marian; or, a young maid's fortunes 18-1332 See McKenney, T. L.

Midsummer eve

18-1333 Hall, James, LL.D. Geology of New York. Alb., Pilgrimages to English shrines; with notes and 1843. 4°


illustrations by F. W. Fairholt. L., 1850. - Paleontology of New York. aib., 1847,52 2 v. 80

276-387 2 v. 4° 9_1228 Sketches of Irish character

18–1339 - and J. Ď. Whitney: Report of the geological The whiteboy

18-1335 survey of the state of Iowa.

v. 1, pts. 1, 2. Hall, W. H. New encyclopædia. 3d ed. v. 1. L. 1858. 49


33-1500 - Report on the geological survey of the state of Hall, w. w.. Bronchitis and kindred diseases, in Wisconsin. 1862. 4°


language adapted to common readers. N. Y., Hall, John. Education of children. i. Y., 1825 1852

10-137 13-102 Consumption. 'N. Y., 1857

10-169 · History of the Presbyterian church in Trenton, Health and disease: a book for the people. N. Y., N. J. N. Y., 1859


10-182 Hall, John. (Sanford's Br. poets) 23-69 Sleep. 3d ed.' N. Y., 1863

10-348 Hall, J. C. Interesting facts connected with the Hall's journal of health. N. Y., 1854–64. 11 v. 80 animal kingdom; with some remarks on the

10-312 unity of our species. L., 1841. 8° 9–560 Hallam, A. H. Remains in verse and prose ; with Hall, J. E. Memoirs of eminent persons. Ph., a preface and memoir. B., 1863 33-429 1827. 8°

30–811 Hallam, H. Constitutional history of England, from Hall, J. S. Book of the feet; a history of boots and the accession of Henry VII to the death of

shoes; also, hints to last-makers, and remedies George II. B., 1829. 3 v. 80 274_518 for corns, etc. N. Y., 1847

6-183 Introduction to the literature of Europe in the Hall, J. V. An autobiography, ed. by Newman 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. N. Y., 1841. Hall. L., 1865


22-1076 Marshall. Lectures on the nervous system View of the state of Europe during the middle and its diseases. Ph., 1836. 8° 10–615

ages. 10th ed. L., 1853. 3 v. 8° 274-3439 · Prone and postural respiration in drowning and Same. P., 1821. 4 v.

278_3438 other forms of apnea or suspended respiration. Halleck, F. G.' Poetical works. N. Y., 1858 L., 1857 10-335

23-109,612 The two-fold slavery of the United States; with – Poetical writings, ed. by J. G. Wilson. N.Y. , a project of self-emancipation. L., 1854 2-693


23-1020 Memoirs, by Mrs. C. Hall

30-1377 Alnwick castle, and other poems. `N. Y., 1845 Hall, Mrs. Matthew. Queens before the conquest.

23-108 L., 1834. 2 v.

30–795 Fanny, with other poems. n. y., 183923-86 - Royal princesses of England, from the reign of Halleck, *. w. Elements of military art and George I. L., 1858


science; or, course of instruction in strategy, Hall, N. The Christian philosopher triumphing over fortification, tactics of battles, &c. N. Y., death: a narrative of the closing scenes of the


6-619 life of the late W. Gordon ; with a memoir of Same. 2d ed. 'N. Y., 1859

6-620 J. D. Godman, by T. Sewall. Ph. 32-640 International law ; or, rules regulating the in- The land of the forum and the vatican; or, tercourse of states in peace and war. San thoughts and sketches during an easter pil

Francisco, 1861. 8°

2-173 grimage to Rome. L., 1859 276-363 Hallelujah. G. Wither

23-526 - Lectures on temperance and missions to the Haller, A. V. Moderate monarchy; or, principles

masses; also, an oration on Christian liberty ; of the British constitution, described in a nartogether with his reception by the New York

rative of the life and maxims of Alfred the Union League Club. Reported by W. Ander- great and his counsellors; with notes and son. N. Y., 1868


commentaries on the present state of the Sermons; with a history of Surrey chapel and its British constitution, by F. Steinitz. L., 1849 institutions. N. Y., 1868 32-2423

274_520 Hall, R. Works; with a brief memoir, by 0. Greg. Hallett, s. Industrial and financial resources of the

ory, and observations on his character as a U. S., as developed by official returns. N. Y., preacher, by J. Foster. 11th ed. L., 1853.

1864. 8°

1-188 6 v. 80

32–774 Halley, R. An inquiry into the nature of the sacra- Works; with a brief memoir of the author. 1st

ments. 2d ed. L., 1854.

32-2205 complete ed. N. Y., 1830. 2 v. 8° 32-104 Halliday, S. B. Lost and found; or, life among the Gregory, o. Memoir of

poor. N. Y., 1859


2 v.


2 v.

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4 v.

Hallig, the. J. C. Biernatzki

18-331 Hamilton, Anthony. Memoirs of Count Grammont; Halliwell, J. 0. Brief hand-list of books, manu- with a biogra whical sketch of Count Hamilton,

scripts, &c., illustrative of the life and writings and a translation of the epistle to Count
of Shakespeare. L., 1859

Grammont. Ph., 1836. 8o

30-213 Collection of letters illustrative of the progress Same, with title Memoirs of the court of Charles of science in England, from the reign of Eliz

II, by Count Grammont, ed. by Sir W. Scott. abeth to that of Charles II. L., 1841. 80

Also the personal history of Charles, and the 11-198 Boscobel tracts. L., 1846 .

30-216 Dictionary of Archaic and provincial words, Hamilton, E. Letters on the elementary principles

obsolete phrases, proverbs, and ancient cus- of education. 6th ed. L., 1818. 2 v. 13-103 toms, from the 14th century. L., 1855. 2 v. Benger, E. O. Memoirs of

30--1214 80

22-114 Hamilton, G. Gymnastics for boys, and calisthenics The early history of freemasonry in England. for young ladies. L., 1840

20-377 2d ed. L., 1844

2-694 Hamilton, H. Č. Index to the pictorial history of Introduction to the evidences of Christianity. England; forming a complete chronological 2d ed. L., 1859 .


key to the civil and military events, lives of - Letters of the kings of England, now first col- remarkable persons, and the progress of the lected; with historical introduction and notes. country. L., 1850. 80

27-297 L., 1846. 2 v.

270-513 Hamilton, James. 'Sinai, the Hedjaz, and Soudan; - Life of William Shakespeare. l., 1848. 80

wanderings arvund the birthplace of the 30-1073

prophet, and across the Æthiopian desert. (Ed.) Nursery rhymes of England. 6th ed. L., 1857. 8°

28-247 L.

23-881 Hamilton, James, D. D. Lessons from the greit - Shakesperiana; a catalogue of the early editions

biography. L., 1857

32-653 of Shakespeare's plays, and of the commenta- Life of Jaines Wilson, of Woodville. N. Y., ries and other publications illustrative of his

30-1187 works. L., 1841. 80

21-198 Memoir of Lady Colquhoun. n. Y., 1951 Hallock, W. A. Memoir of Harlan Page: L. 30–1538

30-1413 Sketch of the life and labors of the Rev. Justin Our Christian classics; readings from the best Edwards. N. Y., 1855


divines, with notices, biographical and critiHalloween. A. C. Coxe 23-1024 cal. L., 1859.

32-1310 Halls, J. J. Life and correspondence of Henry Memoir of Henrietta Wilson

4-12) Salt. L., 1834. 2 v. 8°

30-1891 | Hamilton, John. On truth and error; thoughts in Halm, F. Son of the wilderness; a dramatic poem, prose and verse, on the principles of truth, in five acts. N. Y., 1848


and the causes and effects of error. Camb., Same, under title of Ingomar, the barbarian. 1856

32-1345 F's S. D. v. 12

24–221 Hamilton, J. c. History of the republic of the Halpine, C. G. Baked meats of the funeral 18–1320 United States, as traced in the writings of Life and adventures, songs, services, and speeches Alexander Hamilton and of his contemporaof private Miles O'Reilly 18–1326 ries. N. Y., 1857. 6 v. 80

264-364 Halsey, L, J. The literary attractions of the bible; Life of Alexander Hamilton. N. Y., 1834,40. or, a plea for the word of God, considered as

30-221 a classic. N. Y., 1858 32–746 Hamilton, J. P. Reminiscences of an olà

sportsman. Halsted, C. A. Life of Margaret Beaufort, mother L., 1860. 2 v.

20-362 of Henry VII. L., 1839. 80 30-2318 Hamilton, N. E. S. A. Inquiry into the genuineness - Richard III as duke of Gloucester and king of of the manuscript corrections in Mr. Collier's England. Ph., 1844. 8°


annotated Shakspere, folio, 1632; and of cerHalsted, o. Account of the new method of curing taiu Shaksperian documents likewise pub. dyspepsia. N. Y., 1830


lished by Mr. Collier. L., 1860. 4° 24-96 Hambleton, J. P. Biographical sketch of H. A. Hamilton, Robert, LL. D. Inquiry concerning the

Wise; with a history of the political campaign rise and progress, the redemption, present in Virginia in 1857; and a review of the posi

state and management of the national debt of tion of parties on the eve of the presidential

Gt. Britain. Ph., 1816. 8°

1-239 campaign of 18.56. Rich., 1856. go 202_604 Hamilton, Robert, M. D. Amphibious carnivora, Hamburg, Schüller-Fest in (1859)


herbivorous cetacea, &c. [Jardine, Sir W., Hamburgisches Wechselbuch. J. v. Döhren 34-2291 N. I. 25}

v. 11 of 9-594 Hamel, F. J. Protestantism in peril; a commentary British fishes." (Jardine, Sir w., N. 1. 36, 37) on the tractarian tendencies of the age. L.,

v. 2, 3, of 9_596 1865. 80


Whales, cic. (Jardine, Sir w., N. 1. 20) Hamerton, P. G. Painter's camp in the highlands,

v. 12 of 9-594 and thoughts about art. . Camb., 1862. 2 v. Hamilton,

Rowland. Resources of a nation ; a series 5-304 of essays. L., 1863. 8°

3-115 Hamilton, Alexander. Works; comprising his cor- Hamilton, R. W. The revealed doctrine of rewarus respondence and his political and official and punishments. L., 1853

32-2207 writings, exclusive of the Federalist, civil and Hamilton, S. History of the national flag of the military. Ed. by J. C. Hamilton. N. Y.,

United States. Ph., 1852

264353 1850. 7 v. 8°

264_946 Hamilton, T. Annals of the peninsular campaigns, Hamilton, J. C. Life of


from 1808 to 1814. Ph., 1831. 3 v. 27-2025 Ilistory of the republic as traced in the Men and manners in America. P., 1833. So writings of 264-364

266-469 Renwick, J. Life of

30-457 Youth and manhood of Cyril Thornton 18–1340 Riethmüller, C. J. A. Hamilton and his con

Hamilton, Sir W. Discussions on philosophy and temporaries


literature, education and university reform; See Federalist.

with an introductory essay by R. Turnbull. Hamilton, Anthony. Fairy tales and romances. N. Y., 1853. 8°

11272 Trans. from the French. L., 1849 18-3838 Lectures on metaphysics and logic. Ed. by H. Mémoires de Grammont; précédés d'une notice L. Mansel and J. Veitch. B., 1839,60. 28. 9 sur la vie et les ouvrages d'Hamilton, par M.

15-129 Anger. Voyage de Chappelle et de Bachau. Metaphysics. Collected, arranged, and abridged mont, P., 1857 .

by F. Bowen. Camb., 1861


2 v.

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Hamilton, Sir W. Philosoplıy; arranged and Hamond, M. (J. Huen-Dubourg.) Life of the edited by 0. W. Wight for the use of schools

Cardinal de Cheverus. Trans. by R. M. and colleges. 2d ed. N. Y., 1854. 8°

Walsh. Ph., 1839

30-132 15-126 Hampden, A. Hartley Norman

18-1343 - Baynes, T. s.

Essay on the new analytic of Hampden, J. Forster, J. Life of 30–167,174 logical forms

15–194 Hampden, R. D. Fathers of Greek philosophy. E., - Bolton, M. P. W. Examination of principles of

1862. 80

15-187 15-300 Life of Thomas Aquinas; a dissertation of the Grote, G.' Review of Mill's examination of scholastic philosophy of the middle ages. L., Hamilton


15-127 - Mansel, H, L. Philosophy of the conditioned Hampole. See Rolle of H.

1.5-284 Hampshire. Brayley, E. W., and J. Britton Masson, 1. Recent British philosophy 15-260

v. 6 of 276-474 Mills, J. S. Examination of

Handbook' for travellers :

270-484 See Reid, T.

Warner, R., jr. Exuact from Domes-day book Stirling, J. H. Philosophy of perception 15–270

274_4015 Hamilton (Sir W.) versus Mill; a thorough discus. Hampson, R.T. Origines patriciae; or, a deduction

sion of Mr. John Stuart Mill's examination of of European titles of nobility and dignified Hamilton's logic and philosophy. Part I, on offices from their primitive sources. L., 1846. chapters 17, 18, and 19. E., 1866. 8° 15–337


274_3442 Hamilton, W. J. Researches in Asia Minor, Pontus, Hamst, Olphar

. [Pseud.] Sce Thomas, Ralph. and Armenia ; with some account of their Han d'islande. V. Hugo

34-3416 antiquities and geology. L., 1842.. 2 v. 8° Hanaford, Mrs. P. A. Field, gunboat, hospital, and

· 286-189
prison. B., 1866

264–786 Hamilton, W. R. Elements of quaternions. L., 1866. Frank Nelson

18-1348 80

14-124 The young captain ; a memorial of R. C. Derby. – Lectures on quaternions; containing a system

B., 1805

30–1714 atic statement of a new mathematical method. Hanbury, B. Historical memorials relating to the Dub., 1853. 80


independents, or congregationalists, from their Hamilton, W. T. The' " friend of Moses ;'* or a rise to the restoration of the monarchy, A. D. defence of the Pentateuch, as the production

1660. L., 1839-44. 3 v. 80

32-852 of Moses and an inspired document, against Hancock, Sallie J. Montanas

18-3747 the objections of modern skepticism. N. Y., Hancock. Thomas. Personal narrative of the origin 1852. 80


and progress of the caoutchouc or India Hamiltons. Mrs. C. Gore


rubber manufacture in England. L., 1857. 80 Ilamlet. See Shakespeare.

6-338 Hamlet travestie. J. Poole

24-214 Hancock, Thomas.' The peculium; an endeavor to Hamley, E. B. Lady Lee's widowhood 18-1341

throw light on some of the causes of the - Operations of war explained and illustrated. E., decline of the society of Friends. L., 1859 1866. 40 6-1013

32-874 Story of the campaign of Sebastopol. E., 1855. Hancock, Thomas, m. b). Essay on instinct, and go


its physical and moral relations. L., 1824. go Hamlin, A. c. Martyria ; or, Andersonville prison.

15-310 B., 1866

26«-837 Hancock, w. - An emigrant's five years in the free Hamlin, H. Hayes, J. L. Life and speeches of states of America. L., 1860

266-390 30-1675 Hancock, W. N. Impediments to the prosperity of Hamlin, 11. a. L. Lawrence, M. W. Memorials of

Ireland. L., 1850

274-1449 32-473 Report on the supposed progressive decline of Hammond, c. Pilgrimage of Thomas Paine and

Irish prosperity. Dublin, 1863. 8° 274-1448 others to the seventh circle in the spirit world. Hand, the. Bell, C. Mechanism and endowments Rochester, 1852

32-1854 Hammond, James. (Bell's poets of G. B.) 23-494 Zachrie

, J. Advice in the management of 10-406 (Sanford's Br. poets)

23-233 See Fingers. Hammond, J. D. History of political parties in the Hand and glove. A. B. Edwards

18-1003 state of New York to 1840. Alb., 1842. 2 v. 80 Hand and word, the. Gerald Griffin 18-3678

264-97 Hand but not the heart. T. S. Arthur 18-172 - Life and times of Silas Wright. Syracuse, 1848. Handbook for India ; being an account of the three 80


presidencies and of the overland route. L., Hammond, M. E. Florence

1859, 2 v.

286-334 Hammond, M. M. Memoir of Captain M. M. Ham- Handbook for Hythe. H. Busk

6–573 mond. N. Y., 1858

30-1056 Handbook for travellers in central Italy. 4th ed. Hammond, S. H. Hills, lakes, and forest streams. L., 1857

276_493 N. Y., 1854

266-265 Handbook for travellers in Devon and Cornwall. Wild northern scenes; or, sporting adventures 4th ed. L., 1859

276-554 with the rifle and the rod. N. Y., 1957 Handbook for travellers in northern Europe ; includ


ing Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, – and L. W. Mansficia. Country margins and and Russia. L., 1849,58. 2 v. 276_488

rambles of a journalist. N. Y., 1855 260-280 Handbook for travellers in France; a guide to NorHammond, W. A. Military medical and surgical mandy, Brittany, the rivers Seine, Loire,

essays prepared for the United States sanitary Rhône, and Garonne; the French Alps, Dauconimission. Ph., 1864. go


pliine, Provence, and the Pyrenees. 6th ed. Robert Severne

L., 1858

276-485 Statement of the causes ishich led to the dis- Handbook for travellers in Greece. New ed. L., missal of Surgeon-General W. A. Hammond ;


276_496 with a review of the evidence. N. Y., 1864. Handbook for travellers in Kent and Sussex. ..., 80


27b_483 Treatise on hygiene, with special reference to Handbook for travellers in northern Italy. 9th ed. the military service. Ph., 1863. 80 10-306

L., 1858. 2 v.

276_492 Hammond, W. A. Wakefulness. Ph., 1866 Handbook for travellers in Portugal. 2a ed. L.,

10-580 1856

270-487 18-3451

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Handbook for travellers in southern Germany. 8th Hanna, W. The last day of our Lord's passioa. ed. L., 1858

N. Y., 1863.

32-1062 Handbook for travellers in Spain. ' R. Ford 270-486 Memoirs of the life and writings of Thomas Handbook for travellers in southern Italy. 3d ed. Chalmers. N. Y., 1850-2. 4 v. 30-621 L., 1858

276_494 Wycliffe and the Huguenots; or, sketches of the Handbook for travellers in Surrey, Hampshire, and rise of the reformation in England and of the the isle of Wight. L., 1858


early history of Protestantism in France. E., Handbook for travellers in Switzerland and the Alps


32-935 of Savoy and Piedmont. 8th ed. L., 1858 Hannah Thurston. ' B. Taylor

18-3157 27b-491 Hannay, D. Ned Allen

18-1335 Handbook for travellers in Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, Hannay, J. Characters and criticisms; a book of and Somersetshire. New ed. L., 1859 276-555 miscellanies. E., 1865

33-1297 llandbook for travellers on the continent; being a Satire and satirists. N. Y., 1855 22-1078 guide to Holland, Belgium, Prussia, northern Singleton Fontenoy

18–1335 Germany, and the Rhine from Holland to Hannett, J. Bibliopegia ; or, the art of bookbinding. Switzerland. 12th ed. L., 1858 276_481

4th ed. L., 1848

6-495 Handbook for visitors to Paris ; containing a descrip. Hannibal. Abboti, J. History of 30-226

tion of the most remarkable objects in Paris, Macdougall, P. L. Campaigns of 29a-117
with general advice and information for Hannover, A. Construction and use of the micro-
English travellers in that metropolis, and on scope. Ed. by J. Goodsir. E., 1853. 8°
the way to it. L., 1864

11-280 Handbook of angling. By Ephemera. [E. Fitzgib- Hanover. Wilson, w. R. Travels in Norway, etc. bon] 20-380

270_827 Handbook of English ecclesiology: 1., 1847 32-2448 See Brunswick, house of; England. Handbook of games. H. G. Bohin

20-181 Hanover, Mass. Barry, J. S. Historical sketch of Handbook of German literature. G. J. Ader

26-634 34-2298 Hans Brinker. M. E. Dodge

18-888 Handbook of London, past and present. P. Cun- Hansard, T. C. Process of printing. [See History ningham

of the processes, etc.).

6-343 Handbook of pictorial art. R. St. J. Tyrwhitt 5-311 Typographia; an historical sketch of the origin Handbook of practical receipts; or, useful lints in and progress of the art of printing ; with pracevery-day life. N. Y., 1860


tical directions for conducting an office. L., Ilandbook of Rome and its environs. 5th ed. L.,

1825. 89

21-311 1858

270-495 Hanseatic league. L. de Boisgelin 27h-1214 Handbook of parlor magic; magician's own book Hansford. St. G. Tucker

18-3335 20-191 Hanson, J. H. The lost prince; facts tending to Ilandbook of U. s. navy. B. s. Ösbon


prove the identity of Louis XVII of France, Handbook of universal biography. P. Godwin

and the Rev. Eleazar Williams. N. Y., 1854 30–1702

30-769 Handbook of young artists and amateurs in oil Hanworth

18-1346 painting ; being chiefly a condensed compila- Häolé, A. Sandwich island notes. n. Y., 1854 tion from the celebrated manual of Bouvier,

29b-238 with additional matter selected from the labors Happiness. Art of employing time

15-332 of Merimée, de Montabert, and others. By Essay on public happiness

292192 an American artist. N. Y., 1856 5-171 Harris, J. Dialogue on

353 Ilandbook of the man of business. 2d ed. L., 1865 Happy thoughts. F. C. Burnand

33-1398 1-261 Haps and mishaps in Europe. Mrs. S. J. Lippincoit Handbook to Europe. J. H. Siddons : 276-562

276_392 ilandbook to the cathedrals of England. [Eastern, Harar, exploration of. R. F. Burion 286-226 western, and southern divisions.] L., 1861-4. Harbaugli, H. Fathers of the German reformed


church in Europe and America. Lancaster, Ilandbuch der Geschichte der poetischen national


32-881 litteratur. G. G. Gervinus

34-2402 Heaven;or, an earnest and scripturalinquiry into llandel, G. F. Oratorio, Judas Maccabæus, in vocal the abode of the sainted dead. 2d ed. Ph., Novello's rev'd ed. B. 80 5-792


32-344 Sacred oratorio, the Messiah, (composed in the The heavenly home. Ph., 1851

32-472 year 1741.) Ed. by V. Novello. B. 8° 5-789 Heavenly recognition; or,

and Ramsay, E. B. Genius of


scriptural discussion of the question, Will we Schælcher, V. Life of


know our friends in heaven? Ph., 1851 Handie. J. Abbott 18-31

32-345 llandley cross. R. S. Surtees

18-1344 - Life of Rev. Michael Schlatier, 1716 to 1790. Handmaid to the arts. 2d ed. L., 1764. 2 v. 8o 5-8

Pli., 1857

30-934 Handy horse-book; or, practical instructions in the Harbinger'; devoted to social and political progress.

general care and management of horses. By v. 5, 6, and 7 (imperfect). N. Y., 1847. 2 v.
a cavalry officer. E., 1865

2-1100 Haney's base-ball player's book (1868). H. Chad- Harbours: Stevenson, T. Design and construction of wick 20-320

6-87 Hankey, T. Principles of banking, with remarks Harcourt, E. v. Letters bj Historicus on on the working of the bank of England. L.,

questions of international law, repripted from 1867. 89


the Times, with considerable additions. L., Hankin, C. C. Life of Mary Anne Schimmelpen

1863. 89

2-188 ninck; including autobiography. Ph., 1879. Harcourt, L. V. Doctrine of the deluge, vindicat


ing the scriptural account from the doubts Planmer, M. The chronicle of Ireland. 'Dub., 1809. which have been recently cast upon it by geo80.

278_1453 Ilanmer, T. Correspondence; with

, a memoir of his
logical speculations. L., 1838. 2 v. 80

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34–3431 Examples of integral calculus. L., 1850 14-158 Hard map!e. Miss A. B. Warner

4 v.

2 v.




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2 v.

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