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Grands hommes 'en robe de chanıbre. A. Dumits Grant, U. S. Denison, C. W. The tanner boy 34-3219

30-1515 Grange, E. et x. de Montépin. The Corsican For president, etc.

264_1021 brothers. F's S. D. v. 12 24-221 Headley, J. T. Life of

30-2367 Granger, J. Biographical history of England, from

Grant and Sherman

30-1807 Egbert the great to the revolution. 5th ed. Headley, P. C. Hero boy

30-15.34 L., 1924. 6 v. 80

274_471 Larke, J. K. Gen. Grant and his campaigns See Caulfield, J.

26_,531 Granier de Cassagnac, A. de. Causes de la

Grant and his venerals

30-2016 révolution Française. P., 1850 34-4588 Phelps, C. A. Lite and political services of Grant, Alexander. Einics of Aristotle, illustrated

30-2387 with essays and notes. v. 1,2. L., 1857,8. Richardson, A. D. Personal history of 30-2406 80

15-136 Stowe, II. B. Men of our times 30-2375 Grant, Allan.' [Pseudj See Wilson, J. G. Grantham, J. Tron ship-building; with practical Grant, Anne. Essays on the superstitions of the

illustrations. L., 1858

6-615 Highlanders of Scotland. L., 1811. 2 v. Grantly manor. G. Fullerton

18-1116 274_1406 Grants to the eastern coast of Central America Memoir and correspondence. Ed. by J. P. Grant. commercial and agricultural company, by the 2. ed. L., 1845. 3 v.


state of Guatemala. 2d ed. L., 1810. So Memoirs of an American Jady, with sketches of

260-64 manners and scenery in America, as they Granville, A. B. St. Petersburg ; à journal of existed previous to the revolution. N. Y., travels to and from that capital. L., 1829. 1846

2 v. 80

276-93 Grant, Asabel, The Nestorians ; or, the lost tribes

, The spas of England and principal sea-bäthing containing evidence of their identity. N. Y., places. L., 1841. 3 v.

270-5 1841

32-98 Spas of Germany. 2d ed. L., 1839. 80 277-945 Laurie, T. Dr. Grant and the mountain Nes- Granville, G. (Bell's poets of G. B.) 23-178 torians.

32-441 Granville, Mary. See Delany. Grant, Charles. History of Mauritius; er, the isle of

Granville de Vigne. L. De Larame 18-1393 France, and the neighboring islands. L., Grapes and grape culture. Allen, J. F. Culture of 1801. 4°

the grape vine

4-66 Grant, Colesworthy. Anglo-Indian domestic lite; Du Breuil

, A. Vineyard culture improved 4-290 a letter from an artist in India to his mother Fuller, A. S.' Grape culturist

4-186 in England. Calcutta, 1862. 80 286-398 Hoare, c. Cultivation of the gråpe vine 4-19 Rural life in Bengal; illustrative of Anglo-Indian Husmann, G. Cultivation of the native grape suburban life. L., 1860. 80 286-388

4-249 Grant, E. B. Beet root sugar and the cultivation Mead, P. B. American

American grape culture 4-271 of the beet. B., 1867 .

6-329 Mohr, F. The grape vine; its management Grant, G. Panorama of science; or, guide to knowl

4-282 edge. L., 1852

11-94 Muench, F. American grape culture 4-224 Grant, James. Bench and bar. ' Ph., 1839.2 v. Strong, W. C. Culture of the grape 4-231

30-32 Woodward, G. E. and F. W. Graperies 4-215 The British senate; or,

second series of random See Wine. recollections of the lords and commons. Ph., Grasses. Buckman, J. Natural history of 4-238 1838. 2 v.

30-243 Flint, C. L. .Grasses and forage plants 4-58 Every-day life' in London. Ph., 1839.2 v.

Gratitude ; an exposition of the 103d psalm. J. 276_720 Stevenson

32-544 Greai metropolis. N. Y., 1837 279-474 Grattan, H. Select speeches, and letter

on the Same. 2d series. Ph., 1838. 2 v. 274_473

union, with a commentary on his career and Impressions of Ireland and the Irish. Ph., 1845

character, by D. 0. Madden. Dub., 1845. 274_59 80

33-037 Random recollections of the house of lords, from Madden, D. o.' Life of :

30-2312 1830 to 1836. Ph., 1836

30-244 See Phillips, C. Sketches of London. Ph., 1839.

Grattan, T. C. Agnes de Mansfeldt 18_3863 276_735 Chance medley of light matter

1_1066 Walks and wanderings in the world of literature. Civilized America. L., 1859. 2 v. 80 266-345 Ph., 1840. 2 v.

33-74 History of the Netherlands. Ph., 1831 27_2799 Grant, James, (barrister.) Law of corporations.

History of Switzerland. L., 1832 . 274 22.59 Ph., 1854 v. 82 of 2-55 Jacqueline of Holland

18-1257 Grant, James. (R. A.) Adventures of Rob Roy Grauert, E. F. New method for learning the


Portuguese language. N. Y., 1863 22-99 Bothwell: 18-1247 Grave et gai. A. F. Tytler

34-5059 C'avaliers of fortune ; or, British heroes in for. Graveyards. Walker, G. A. Gatherings from eign wars. L., 1859 30-1098

294_246 Jane Seaton ; or, the king's advocate 18-1249

Sce Buriai.
Letty Hyde's lovers; or, the household 18–1251 Gravel, treatment of. J. Civiale .

10-639 Mary of Lorraine

18-1252 Graver thoughts of a country parson. A. K. H. Oliver Ellis ; or, the fusiliers


32-1031 Grant, J. A. A walk across Africa ; or, domestic Graves, Mrs. A. J. Women in America ; an exnotes from my Nile journal. E., 1864. 8°

amination into the moral and intellectual 286_484

condition of American female society. N. Grant, Judith S. See Divighi, 11. G. o.

Y., 1844

2-694 Grant, R. History of plıysical astronomy to the Graves, J. R. Sec Brownlow, w. g. middle of the 19th century. L., 1852. 8° | Graves, R. Lectures on the four last books of the


pentateuch ; designed to show the divine Grant, v. s. ' Report of the armies of the United

origin of the Jewish religion. 9th ed. L., States, 1864,65. 80

1858. 80


33 Adams, W. T. Our standard bearer 30-2395 Graves, R. J. Studies in physiology and medicine. Badeau, A. Military history of 30-2343

Ed. by W. Stokes. L., 1863. go 10-187 Coppée, H. Grant and his campaigns 26–726 Gravesend, history of. R. P. Cruden. 271-310


2 v.

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Gravitation. See Mechanics.
Gravities and gaieties. S. F. Glenn 33-1137
Gray, Alice. Lily Huson

18–1259 Gray, Alonzo. Elements of chemistry, experimental and theoretical. N. Y., 1854

8-95 – Elements of natural philosophy. N. Y., 1850

11-86 Gray, Asa. The botanical text-book, for colleges,

schools, and private students; comprising an introduction to structural and physiological botany, and principles of systematic botany. 2d ed. N. Y., 1845

9-38 Same. 3d ed. Ñ. Y., 1850. go

9-39 First lessons in botany and vegetable physiology. N. Y., 1863. 8

9-41 Manual of the botany of the northern United

States. (The Mosses and Liverworts, by W. S. Sullivant.) 4th revised edition, to which is added garden botany. N. Y., 1863. 80

9-40 Gray, Barry. (Pseud.] See Coffin, R. B. Gray, D. Poems; with memoirs of his life. B., 1864

23-749 Gray, Mrs. Hamilton. History of Rome, for young persons. 2d ed. L., 1858

272_2262 Emperors of Rome, from Augustus to Constan

tine, being a continuation of the history of Rome. L., 1850

274-2263 History of Etruria. L., 1843,4. 2 v. 80 274–2264 Tour to the sepulchres of Etruria in 1839. 3d ed. L., 1843

276-621 Gray, Henry. Anatomy, descriptive and surgical.

2d Amer, from the enlarged Lond. edition. Ph., 1867. R. 8°

10–1007 Gray, James. The mediatorial reign of the Son of God. Balt., 1821. 89

32-1099 Gray, John. Lectures on the nature and use of money. E., 1848. 8°

1-98 Gray, S. O. British sea-weeds. L., 1867 9-96 Gray, T. Poetical works. Edited, with a life, by J. Mitford. B., 1862

23-294 Same, edited by H. Reed. Pl., 1853 23-294a

23-496 and W. Mason. Correspondence. Edited by

J. Mitford. 2d ed. L., 1855. 8° 30-1646 Gray, W. Historical sketch of the origin of English

prose literature. Oxf., 1835. 80 22-1067 Gray. See Grey. Graydon, A. Memoirs of a life chiefly passed in

Pennsylvania within the last sixty years.
Harrisburg, 1811

30-213 Grayson, E. Standish the Puritan

18-1262 Grayson, W. J. James L. Petigru; a biographical sketch. N. Y., 1866

30-1751 Graziella. A. de Lamartine

34-3476 Great and good ; or, Alfred, the father of his people

30-1544 Great and good deeds of Danes, Norwegians, and Holsteinians. 0. Malling

274-2778 Great battles of the British army. New edition, in

cluding the Russian war. L., 1855 274_45 Great Britain and Ireland, united kingdom of.

Antiquities, bibliography and topog

Brand, J. Popular antiquities

274_101 Camden, W. Britannia

276_1219 Remains

279-190 Capper, B. P. 'Topographical dictionary 25-90 Chambers, R. Book of days

33-953 Gough, R. British topography

21-310 McCaul, J. Britanno Roman inscriptions

274_770 Macpherson, J. Introduction to history of

27a-4017 Nicolson, W. English, Scotchi, and Irish historical libraries

21-536 Simpson, J. Y. Archaic sculpturings 272_3546 The topographer

274_4054 Travels. Bartlett, W. H. Illustrated views of 276–1216

Great Britain and Ireland-continued.

Bradshaw's itinerary for railway and telegraphic conveyance

276-579 Burritt, E. London to John O'Groat's 270-687 Colton, C. Four years in G. B. 275-139 Cruttwell, C. Tour through

270-297 Gilpin, W. Observations on

276-358 Haussez, Baron d’, Great Britain in 1833

276_144 Howitt, W. and M.' Ruined abbeys and castles

27-073 Humphrey, H. ' Tour in

270-157 Jones' views of the seats of noblemen and gentlemen

270-1227 Kohl, J. G. Ireland, Scotland, and England

276-221 Latocnaye, M. de. Promenade d'un Français dans la Grand-Bretagne

34-4815 Lippincott, S. J. Stories and legends 27"-445 Newte, T.' Tour in E. and Scotland in 178.5

276-39.5 Stewart, c. S. Sketches of society in 276_178 Richardson, M. A. Borderer's table-book

272_1003 Victoria's journal

276-924 Westall

, W. Great Britain illustrated 271–1217 Miscellany Bradshaw, G. Railway map

25-47 Burn, J. S. History of parish registers 27-165 Campbell, J. Survey of

25-307 Massy, R. T. Mixed tribes in Great Britain and Ireland examined

274.809 McCormick, J. State papers and letters 271-773 See British empire ; England; Colonies ; Natu

ral history; and names of sub-divisions. Great cities of the ancient world. T. A. Buckley

299_75 Great cities of the middle ages. T. A. Buckley

274_3374 Great cities of the world. J. Frosi

29a_74 Great commanders. G. P. R. James 30-1010 Great consummation. J. Cumming 32-1041 Great consummation. J. A. Seiss

32-1064 Grcat country, the. G. Rose

206-097 Great Eastern, voyage du. 0. Comctiant 31-4162 Great elm, the. J. Abbott

v. 9 of 18-15 Great events described by distinguished historians, ed. by F. Lieber

29_20 Great exhibition, the. H. P. Aroid :

270-925 See Industrial exhibitions. Great expectations. C. Dickens

18-865 Great expectations realized. E. H. B. Mason

32-10.382 Great facis. F. c. Bakewell

6-810 Great governing families of England. J. L. Sandford and M. Townsend

274_10.18 Great harmonia, the. A. J. Davis

32-1351 Great Hoggarty diamond. W. M. Thackemy

18-3193 Great iron wheel examined.' w. G. Brownlow

32-1552 Great metropolis. J. Grant

274_473,4 Great preparation. J. Cumming

32-906 Great question. H. A. Boardman

32-573 Great rebellion, the. J. M. Botts

264_838 - J. T. Headley

26a_493 Great Salt lake. "Gunnison, J. W. The Mormons in

204_288 See Salt lake. Great stone-book of nature. T). T. Ansted 9-20.5 Great tribulation. J. Cumming

32-133 Greatest plague of lite. H. and A. Mayhew 18-2100 Greathed, H. H. Letters written during the siege of Delbi. L., 1858. go

286-315 Greatness and decline of César Birotteau. “H. de Balzac.

18-270 Grebo language, dictionary of. J. Payne 22-11 Grebo prayer hook. Bede kinede

34-2921 Grecian a rehitecture, beauty in. Aberdeen 5-373 Grecian stories. M. Hack


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Rangabe, A. R. Progress and

Greece. Antiquities, manners, and customs. Greece-continued.

Anthon, C. Grecian. antiquities 27_3051 Miscellany,
Bojesen, E. F. Grecian antiquities 274_3072 Ampére, J. J. Etudes litteraries 84-3023
Fosbroke, T. D. Manufactures, manners, and About, E. Grèce contemporaine 34-3005


Greece and the Greeks of the present day Heeren, A. H. L. Ancient Greece 274_3150

276-429 Hermann, C. F. Political antiquities 274_3154 Becker, W. A.' Charicles

274-3039 Müller, C. 0. The Doric race 274_3110 Benjamin, 8. G. W. The Turk and the Greek Potter, J. Antiquities of Greece 274-3210,1

27b-918 St. John, J. A. Manners and customs of Chase, T.' Hellas, her monuments, etc. 270-618 ancient Greece

274_3225 History of modern Greece, with a view of its · Smith, W. Dictionary of antiquities 272_3239 geography, antiquities, and present condition Wachsmuth, W. Antiquities of the Greeks

27-3287 274_3275

A. R. Progress and present position History.

274-3218 Bonner, J. Child's history of 274_3076 Stephanini, J. 'Personal narrative: 30–499 Clinton, H. F. Civil and literary chronology Stuart, R. Monuments of

5-112 of

274_3092 Wordsworth, C. Description of 270_539 Clough, A. H. 'Greek history from Themistocles See Antiquities; Athens ; Coins and coinage; to Alexander


East; Eastern Europe; Ionian islands; LeComstock, J. L. Greek revolution 274_3102

vant; Macedonia ; Manners and customs; Duruy, V. Histoire grecque


Morea ; Mythology ; Numismatics.
Felton, C. C. Greece, ancient and modern Greece, pictorial, descriptive, and historical. C.


276_539 Curtius, E. History of

27a-3105 Greck, the, and the Turk. E. E. Crowe 285-327 Finlay, G. Greece under the Romans 274_3125 Greek church. Finlay, G. Byzantine and Greek Byzantine and Greek empires, 716 to 1453 empire.

274-3126 27«-3126 Haxthausen's Russian empire

276-574 From crusaders to Turks 271_3127 Neale, J. M. Holy eastern church 32-868 Greece under Othoman and Venetian domi

Essays on liturgiology

32-1964 nation


Southgate, H. Visit to the Syrian church Hellenic kingdom and Greek nation 271_3130

286-472 History of the Greek revolution 274_3129 - See Eastern church. Gillies, J. History of ancient

274-3136 Greek colonies. Rochette, D. R. Histoire critique Goldsmith, 0. History of Greece 274-3137 to 9 de l'etablissement des colonies grecques Gordon, T. History of 274_3141

34-4535 Grote, G. History of

27a-3145 Greek language and literature. Grammar and History of Greece. S. P. C. K. 272_3286

lexicography. Howe, 8. G. Historical sketch of 274_3158 Buttmann, P. Griechische grammatik 34-2393 Keightley, T. History of


Greek grammar for higli schools 22-54 Malkin, F. History of

Irregular Greek verbs

22-53 Millingen, J. Memoirs of the affairs of 274-3188 Cassel's lessons in Greek

22-65 Mitford, W. History of

272_3192 Goodwin, W. W. Syntax of the Greek verb Müller, c. 0. History and antiquities of the

22-94 Doric race

274_3110 Hadley, j. Greek granimar for schools and Pococke, E., et al. History of Greece 272_3206


22-106 Schmitz, L. History of 272_3228 Hedericus, B. Græcum lexicon

34-494 Smith, W. History of . 274_3234 Junius, L. The Greek verb

22-141 Stanyan, T. Grecian history

274-3238 Külner, R. Grammar of the Greek language Tennent, J. E. History of modern 274_3242

22-146 Thirlwall, C. History of

272_3247 Liddell and Scott. "GreckEnglish lexicon Thucydides. Grecian war 272_3254 to 7

22-391 De bello peloponnesiaco

34-342 Parkhurst, J. 'Greek and English lexicon 10 Travels and geography.

the new testament

22-193 Anderson, R. Peloponnesus and Greek islands Port Royal. Greek grammar

22–202 276-53

Primitives of the Greek tongue . 22-204 - Baird, H. M. 'Travels in

276_415 Winer, G. B. Grammar of the new testament Barthelemy, J. J. Travels of Anacharsis the diction

22-288 younger in G.

276_52 Versification. Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grèce

Hermann, G. Elementa doctrinæ metricæ 34-4504,4871

34-384 Blaquiere, E. Letters from

276-199 O'Brien, w. Ancient rhythmical art 22-701 Bremer, F. Travels in

276_642 Tate, J. Introduction to Greek metres 22-731 Chandler, R. Travels in


History and selections. Colton, W. Views of 276-238 Anstice, J. Choric poetry

234813 De Vere, A. Picturesque sketches of 270_397 Bland and Merrivale. Greek anthology 33–147 Sketches of G. and Turkey

275-230 Browne, R. W. History of Greek literature Giffard, E. Visit to 276-54

22-947 Hand-book for travellers 276_496 Burges, G. Greek anthology

33-109 Modern traveller

296_275 Coleridge, H. N. Study of the Greek classic Olin, S. Greece and the golden horn 276-774


22-981 Pausanias. Descriptio Graeciae

34-329 Cleveland, c.'s. 'Compendium of classical Pericardis, G. A. Grece of the Greeks 276–861


22-976 Senior, N. W. Journal in 276-521 Darley, G. D. 'The Grecian drama

22-1010 Slade, A. Travels in

276–125 Donaldson, J. W. History of the Greek drama Smith, W. Dictionary of geography 25-104

22-1029 Sonnini, C. S. Travels in

The new cratylus

22-421 Stanbope, L. Greece in 1823,4

271-55 Elton, C. A. Specimens of Greek poets 2:3-813 Stephens, J. L. Travels in


Felton, C. C. Greece, ancient and modern Taylor, B. Travels in 270-530


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Greek language and literature-continued.

Green, Matthew. (Bell's poets of G. B.) 23-489 Gladstone, W. E. Homer and the Homeric age (Sanford's Br. poets):

23-233 22-1061 Green, Matthias. English grammar, given in the Kennet, B. Lives of the ancient Grecian poets simplest and most attractive method ever pro

pounded. L.

22-101 Matthiae, A. History of Greek literature 22-1134 Green, M. A. E. Lives of the princesses of England Mills, A. Poetry of the ancient Greeks 22–1142

from the Norman conquest. L., 1850–2. 4 v. Müller, K. 0. History of ancient Greek litera

30–725 22-1154 Green, R. w. Scholar's companion ; or, a guide to Mure, w. Critical history of the language and the orthography, pronunciation, and derivaliterature of ancient Greece


tion of the English language. Ph., 1836 Peter, W. Specimens of the poetry of Greece


Green, T. J. Journal of the Texian expedition Pierron, A. Histoire de la littérature greque against Mier. N. Y., 1845. 8. . 26"-41

34-3992 Green, U. See Hertzberg. Ramage, c. t.' Beautiful thoughts froin Greek Green, W. Annals of George III. L., 1808. 2 v. authors 22-1371

27a_478 - Romances of Heliodorus, Longus, and Achilles Plans of economy; or, the road to ease and Tatius. Trans. by R. Smith

independence. L., 1823

6-180 Talfourd, T. N., et al. History of Greek litera- Green, W. H. The Pentateuch vindicated from the

22-1226 aspersions of Bishop Colenso. N. Y., 1863 Greek philosophy. Cornwallis, c. F. 'Small books

32-1008 on great subjects . 33-64 Green hand, the. F. Chamier

18-1066 Grant, A. Ethics of Aristotle

15–136 Green mountain boys. D. P. Thompson 18-3222 Grote, G. Plato and companions of Sokrates Green room, authentic memoirs of the 24-217

15-256 Greenaway, Lieut..col. Farming in India, considHampden, R. D. Fathers of :


ered as a pursuit for European settlers of a Greek soldier, narrative of. P. Mengous 296-297

superior class. L., 1864

4-194 Greeley, H. American conflict: a history of the Greene, B. F. See Magnetism of ships.

great rebellion in the United States, 1860–5; Greene, G. W. Biographical studies. N. Y., 1860 intended to exhibit especially its moral and

30-1257 political phases, with the drift and progress of

Historical view of thie American revolution. B., American opinion respecting human slavery


26--651 from 1776 to the close of the war for the History of the middle ages, for colleges and union. Hartford, 1864-6. 2 v. 89 264_560

schools. (Chiefly from the French.) N. Y. Art and industry, as represented in the exhibition

294_115 at the crystal palace. N. Y., 1853 6-856

Life of Gen. Nathaniel Greene. v. 1. N. Y., Crystal Palace and its lessons. N. Y., 1851.

1867. 80

30-2348 8o. ppl.


Life of Nathaniel Greene. (s. A. B. 20) 30–497 Glances at Europe, including notices of the great Greene, J. The insect-hunter's companion. L., 1863 exhibition, or world's fair. N. Y., 1851

9-559 276-250 Greene, N. Life, by G. W. Greene 30-2348,497 History of the struggle for slavery extension or Johnson, W. Life of

30-2007 restriction in the United States. N. Y., 1856. Greene, R. Pandosto

v. 1 of 24-77 80

264-999 and G. Peele. Dramatic and poetical works; - Overland journey from New York io San Fran- with memoirs of the authors, and notes by A. cisco. N. Y., 1860

Dyce. L., 1861. 80

24-115 - Recollections of a busy life; including reminis- Greene, S. S. Treatise on the structure of the Eng.

cences of American politics and politicians, lish language; or, the analysis and classificawith miscellanies, and a discussion with R. D.

tion of sentences and their component parts. Owen of the law of divorce. N. Y., 1868.

Ph., 1860

22-103 89

30-2403 Greene, w. Manuel Matamoros: his life and death. – and J. F. Cleveland. ' Political text-book for 1860.

L., 1866

30-1921 N. Y., 1860. 80

264-674 Greener, 'w. Gunnery in 1858; a treatise on rifle, Parton, J. Life of .


cannon, and sporting arms; describing the Green, Ashbel. Domestic and foreign missions of newest improvements in fire-arms. L., 18.18. the Presbyterian church of the U. S. Ph.,


6-617 1838

32-2154 Greenhill, T. 'The art of embalming; wherein is Life of. Written by himself. Prepared for the shown the right of burial, and funeral cere.

press hy J. H. Jones. N. Y., 1849. 8° 30–593 monies, especially that of preserving bodies - Memoirs of the Rev. J. Eastburn. Ph., 1828 after the Egyptian method. L., 1705. 40 30–140

10–643 Green, c., and s. T. Wells. Summary view of the. Greenhow, Robert.' History of Oregon and Califormillennial church, or united society of be

nia, and the other territories on the nortlılievers, commonly called Shakers. Alb., 1823 west coast of North America; accompanied


by a geographical view and map. B., 1845. Green, F. 1., and J. W. Congdon. Analytical class


26_316 book of botany. N Y., 1857. 40 9-43 Memoir, historical and political, on the northGreen, H. Observations on the pathology of croup; west coast of North America, and the adja. with remarks on its treatment by topical med

cent territories ; illustrated by a map and a ications. N. Y., 1859. 80


geographical view of those countries. W., Pulmonary tuberculosis ; its history, pathology, 1840. 80

266_92 and treatment. N. Y., 1864. go 10-749 Greenhow, Rose. My imprisonment; and the first Green, Jonathan H. Twelve days in the tombs ; or, year of abolition rule in Washington. L., a sketch of the last eight years of the reformed


26^_537 gambler's life. N. Y., 1850 30–1518 Greenland. crantz, p. ` History of G. 26_54 Green, Joseph H. Spiritual philosophy ; founded Egede, H. Description of

266-643 on the teaching of the late S. T. Coleridge. Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe islands Ed., with memoir of author's life, by J. Simon.

296_251 L., 1865. 2 v. 8°

See Arctic regions.


[blocks in formation]

Greenland. O'Reilly, B. Greenland and the adja- Gregory, G. Essays, historical and moral. 2d ed. cent seas

L., 1788. 80

33-316 Greenleaf, B. Elements of geometry and trigonome- Letters on literature, taste, and composition. try. B., 1862

L., 1808. 2 v.

22-645 Key to the above. B., 1862:

14-97 Gregory, J. Comparative view of the state and National arithmetic on the inductive system;

faculties of man with those of the animal combining the analytic and synthetic methods. world. 6th ed. L., 1774. 2 v. 15-298 B., 1854

14-22 Gregory, J. G. The state of the church and the Treatise on algebra.' 37th ed.' B., 1860 14-92 worlı at the final outbreak of evil. Appendis Greenleaf, L. N. King Slam, and other atrocities by Mrs. A. P. Joliffe. Reprinted from the in verse: including a humorous history of the

London edition. Ph., 1867

32-1885 Pike's Peak excitement. N. Y., 1868 23-1002 Gregory, 0. Letters on the evidences, doctrines, Greenleaf, s. A treatise on the law of evidence.

and duties of the Christian religion. 9th ed. 12th ed. by J. F. Redfield. B., 1866,7. 3 v.

L., 1857

32-745 80

2-328 Mathematics for practical men; a common place Greenough, Horatio. Tickerman, H. T. Memorial book of principles, theorems, rules, and of

tables. Ph., 1854

14_25 - ? Apelles and his cotemporaries 18-155

Memoir of Robert Hall; witli an essay on his Green well, D. Essays. L., 1866


character and writings, by J. Foster. L., 1850 The patience of hope; with an introduction by

30-601 J. G. Whittier. B., 1862

32-1027 Gregory, 'w. ' Handbook of inorganic chemistry. A present heaven. B., 1863


Fourth Am. from 3d English ed., to which is Two friends. B., 1863


added the physics of chemistry by J. M. Greenwood, Grace. [Pseud.) See Lippincott, s. J. Sanders. N. Y., 1857. go

8-112 Greenwood, James. Adventures of Reuben Davidger Grellet, S. Seebohm, B. Life and labors of 30–1247

18–1204 Grenville, Lord. Substance of a speech on distresses Curiosities of savage life. l., 1864.2 v. go and discontents in manufacturing districts.

L., 1820. 8°

274_12.53 Little ragamuffin, and Mildred's wedding Grenville papers; being the correspondence of R.


Grenville, Earl Temple, and the Right Hon. Wild sports of the world; a loy's hook of nati- G. Grenville, their friends and contemporaries.

ral history and adventure. L., 1862. 8° 9-994 Ed. by W. J. Smith. L., 1852. 4v. So Greenwood, James, B. A. Rudimentary treatise on

274480 navigation ; with an essay on storms and ex

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343136 Chester

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21-185 Greer, S. W. Quakerism; or, the story of my life; Gretton, Mrs. G. The Englishwoman in Italy; im

by a lady who, for forty years, was a member pressions of life in the Roman states and Sar. of the society of friends. Pl., 1832 32–1532 dinia. L., 1860. 2 v.

271_582 See Elly, S.

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philosophical history of plants. L., 1682. Greg, W. R. The creed of Christendom. L., 1851.


9-1213 80

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272_195 1853. 2 v. 80

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30-1983 nal of a Santa Fe trader. N. Y., 1844.2 v. Grey,

Mirs. E. C. Alice Seymour

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18-1273 Gregorian and other ecclesiastical chants, adapted to The duke and the cousin

18-1275 the psalter and canticles, as they are appointed

The flirt.

18-1276 to be sung in cliurches. From the second Gambler's wife

18-1972 London ed., with a supplement. B. 89 5–1077 Gipsy's daughter

18_1275 Gregorovius, F. Corsica ; picturesque, historical,

Good society

18-1232 and social; with a sketch of the early life of Hyacinthe

18-1275 Napoleon, and an account of the principal Lena Cameron; or, the four sisters 18-1277 families, suggested by a tour in the island in Lion-hearted

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Little beauty

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differential and integral calculus. Camb., Young prima donna: a romance of the opera
1841. 80

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lustrated, on the principles of modern philoso- traditional listory of the New Zealand race.
ply. L., 1798. 3 v. 8°

L., 1855


V. 40


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