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Goldsmith, 0. Life of Richard Nash, of Bath. Good company for every day in the year. B., 1866 Dub., 1762 30–397

33-804 Miscellaneous works. Collected by J. Prior. Good English.' E. S. Gould

22-449 N. Y., 1850. 4 v. 33-133 Good fight. C. Reade

18-2585 Same. With an account of his life and writ- Good for nothing. G. J. W. Melville

18-2176 ings, by W. Irving. Ph., 1847. 8° 33-132 Good Hope. Irons, W. Settlers' guide to the cape With an account of his life and writings.

286-303 N. Y., 1809.


see Cape of Good Hope. Roman history, for the use of schools, revised Good knight, the. See Bayard, P. du Terrail. and corrected by W. Grimshaw. Ph., 1830 Good old times. Miss A. Manning

18-2037 Good society. Mrs. Grey

18-1282 She stoops to conquer; comedy. B. B. T. v. Good thoughts in bad times. 'T. Fuller 32-1067 26 24–71 Good time coming. T. S. Arthur

18-171 Same. B. D. v. 1

24-143 Good words. Ed. by Norman Macleod, D. D. v. Same. F's S. D. 10

6-8. L., 1865–7. 8°

17-49 Same. M. B. D. v. 4

24-142 Goodale, S. L. Principles of breeding; or the physSame. S. B. T. v. 4


iological laws involved in the reproduction Vicar of Wakefield


and improvement of domestic animals. B., Le Vicaire de Wakefield; notice et notes par 1861

4-140 C. Nodier. P., 1847

34-3990 Goode, F. Better covenant practically considered; Forster, J. Life and adventures of


with notes on the Sinai covenant, general reIrving, W. Biography of


demption and sympathy of Christ. Ph., 1854. - Life of. With select writings 30-211


32-1356 Goldsmith, 0. R. Gems of penmanship, etc. N. Same. Ph., 1836

32-97 Y., 1845. Ob. 4°

5-783 Goode, W. The case as it is; or, a reply to letter Goldsworthy family, the. W. Gilbert 18-3806

of Dr. Pusey to Archbishop of Canterbury ; Golovin, I." The Caucasus. L., 1854. 80 296–249

with a

statement of the doctrines of the The nations of Russia and Turkey, and their tractators as expressed by themselves. Ph., destiny. L., 1854

1842. 8°

32-1291 Golownin, W. Memoirs of a captivity in Japan, in The divine rule of faith and practice ; a defence

1811-3 ; with observations on the country and against the dangerous errors of the authors of the people. 2d ed. L., 1824. 3 v. 80

the Tracts for the times and the Romanists. 286-491 2d ed. L., 1855. 3 v. 80

32–1707 Gomery of Montgomery: c. A. Washburn 18-1207 The doctrine of the church of England as to the Gomez de Mier, J. E. Handbuch der neueren

effects of baptism in the case of infants. N. spanischen literatur; in prosa und versen.


32-1519 2te Ausg. Hamburg, 1853

34-2398 The nature of Christ's presence in the eucharist; Goncourt, E. L. A. et J. A. H., de. Histoire de

or, the true doctrine of the real presence vinMarie Antoinette. 2me ed. P., 1859. 8°

dicated in opposition to the fictitious real 34-4580

presence asserted by Archdeacon Denison et Gondrecourt, H. A. A. de. Le baron la Gazette. al. L., 1856. 2 v. 80

32-1517 N. Y., 1854. 80

34-4071 Goodell, William. American slave code in theory Le bonhomme Nock. N. Y., 1858. 80

and practice. N. Y., 1853

2-672 34–4617 Goodell, William, D.D. The old and the new ; vr, [Echo des feuilletons, 22e année.] 34-4733 changes of thirty years in the east, with some Mlle de Cardonne; Parrain et Marraine. N.

allusions to oriental customs, as elucidating Y., 1853. 8°

scripture. N. Y., 1853

32-454 - Mémoires d'un vieux Garçon. N. Y., 1855. Goodhue, J. A. The crucible; or, tests of a re8°


generate state ; with an introduction by Rev. Le pays da la peur. P.

E. N. Kirk. B., 1860

32-1405 Le pays de la soif. P.

34-4069 Goodhugh, W. The English gentleman's library Le prix du sang. N. Y., 1858. 8° 34-4531

manual. L., 1827. 8°

21-182 La vieille fille. P., 1857.

34-4068 Goodman, G. The court of King James 1; with Une vraie femme. P., 1856. 2 v. 34-4066

letters illustrative of the personal history of Gongora, L. See Churton, E.


distinguished characters, now first published Gonzalès, L. J. E. Serment de la Veuve ; Nou- from the original MSS. by J. S. Brewer. L., velle. P., 1861 .

1839. 2 v. 80

274_464 Gonzalez, T. Documents from Simancas relating Goodman, M. Experiences of an English sister of to the reign of Elizabeth, (1558–68.). Trans. mercy. L., 1862

10-746 and edited, with notes and introduction, by S.

Sisterhoods in the church of England, with Hall. L., 1865. 89


notices of some charitable sisterhoods in the Gonzalez de Clavijo, R. Narrative of embassy to Romish church. 2d ed. L., 1803 32-2289

the court of Timour at Samarcand, A. D. Goodman, W. Social history of Great Britain dur1403-6. Trans. with notes, a preface, and a ing the reigns of the Stuarts. 2d ed. N. Y., life of Timour Beg, by C. R. Markham. L.,

1845. 2 v.

274_465 1859. 80

286-561 Goodrich, Charles A. History of the United States, Gonzalve de Cordoue. J. P. C. de Florian 34-4062

for the use of schools ; revised and brought Gooch, R. Important diseases peculiar to women, down by W. H. Seavey. B., 1867 264_958

with other papers; prefatory essay by R. The land we live in ; travels, sketches, and adFerguson. L., 1859. 8°


ventures in North and South America ; with Good, J. M. The book of nature. B., 1826.2 v. sketches of historical events. Cin., 1859. 8 9-924

260-470 See Lucretius.

Goodrich, Chauncey A.' Select British eloquence; Good, T. The true principles of scientific cutting ; embracing the best speeches entire of the

a complete system for fitting the human most eminent orators of Great Britain ; with shape. . 2d ed. L., 1837. 8°


sketches of their lives, and critical and exGood, W. W. Political, agricultural, and commer- planatory notes. N. Y., 1856. 80 33-663

cial fallacies ; or, the prospect of the nation Goodrich, C. B. Lowell lectures; the science of
after twenty years
“ free trade." L., 1866.

government as exhibited in the institutions of 89


the United States. B., 1853. 80 .. 2-676 33-552


3 v.


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Goodrich, C. R. See Silliman, B., jr. 6-1024 Goodrich's sixth school reader. Ed. by N. Butler. Goodrich, F. B. Man upon the sea; or, a history


33-5.57 of maritime adventure, exploration, and dis. Goodsir, J. T. The Westminster confession of faith covery; comprising a detailed account of re

examined on the basis of the other Protestant markable voyages, ancient as well as modern.

confessions. L., 1868. go

32-2.506 Ph., 1858. 8°

29b-154 Goodwin, D. R. Southern slavery in its present Tricolored sketches of Paris, 1851–3. N. Y.,

aspects; containing a reply to a late work of 1855


the bishop of Vermont on slavery. Ph., 1864 Tribute book; a record of the munificence, self

2-679 sacrifice, and patriotism of the American peo. Goodwin, E. Lily White ; a romance 18-1202 ple during the war for the union. N. Y., Goodwin, F. Domestic architecture. L., 1833. 4° 1865. 80 264_1201

5-752 and F. L. Warden. Romance after marriage. Rural architecture; designs for rustic, peasants', F's S. D. v. 24


and ornamental cottages, lodges, and villas; See Brougham, J. ; Goodrich, S. G., et al.

with specifications and estimates. L., 1835. Goodrich, S. G. (Peter Parley.) Balloon travels

2 v.

5-703 of Robert Merry and his young friends Goodwin, H. Memoir of C. F. Mackenzie. Camb.,

1864. 80

30-2336 Curiosities of human nature. B., 1843 30–1926 Goodwin, Mrs. H. B. Dr. Howell's family 18-1200 Enterprise, industry, and art of man, as dis- Madge; or, night and morning

18-2007 played in fishing, hunting, commerce, naviga- Sherbrooke

18-3716 tion, mining, agriculture, and manufactures. Goodwin, T. S. Natural hisiory of secession. N. B., 1845

Y., 1864

264_526 Famous men of ancient times. B., 1843 30–1924 Goodwin, w. w. Syntax of the moods and tenses Famous men of modern times. B., 1843

of the Greek verb. 2d ed. Camb., 1865 30-208

22-94 Fireside education. ' n. ., 1838 13-95 Gookin,

D. Historical account of the doings and Glance at philosophy, mental , moral, and social; sufferings of the Christian Indians in New

England, in 1675–7. Amer. antiq. soc. trans. – Glance at the physical sciences; or, the wonders

v. 2

264-636 of nature. B., 1844

11-275 Gooroo Simple, strange adventures of. A. H. Illustrated natural history of the animal king


18-1204 dom, relative to agriculture, commerce, Gopsill's Penna. state business directory. I. Costa manufactures, and the arts. N. Y., 1859. 2 v.

23-156 80

9-558 Gopsill's Phila. city and business directory. I. Costa Illustrative anecdotes of the animal kingdom.

2.5-1.57 B., 1845

9-682 Gorani, j. Memoires secrets et critiques des cours - History of the Indians of North and South

des gouvernemens et des moeurs des princi. America. B., 1844


paux états de l'Italie. L. et P., 1794. 3 v. Lights and shadows of African history. B.,

31-5388 1844

2824232 Gordian knot, the.. Shirley Brooks 18-438 – Lights and shadows of American history. B., Gordon, C. A. China from a medical point of view, 1844


in 1860; with a chapter on Nagasaki as a san. - Lights and shadows of Asiatic history. B., 1844 itarium. L., 1863. 8°

285-424 284-231

Gordon, C. G. See Wilson, A. Lights and shadows of European history. B., Gordon, Lady Duff. The French in Algiers ; 1, The 1814


soldier of the foreign legion, by Č. Lamping; Literature, ancient and modern.' B., 1845

2, The prisoners of Abd-el-Kader, by i de 22-1065

France ; trans. from the German and French. - Lives of benefactors. N. y., 1844


28-7 Lives of celebrated American Indians. N. Y., - Letters from Egypt, (1863–65.) ' L., 1865 1843 262_782

286-486 Lives of celebrated women. B., 1837 30-1928 Gordon, Elizabeth, last duchess of. Life and letManners and customs of nations. B., 1844

ters, by A. M. Stuart

30-2313 294_216 Gordon, G. Å. See Aberdeen. Manners, customs, and antiquities of the Indians

Gordon, Hewes. Lovers and thinkers 18-1206 of North and South America. B., 1814 Gordon, Mrs. M. Christopher North ; a memoir of


John Wilson, E., 1862. 2 v. 30-1419 – Illustrations of the vegetable kingdom. Hart.,

Gordon, Thomas, and J. Trenchard. Cato's letters; 1819

9-42 Petite histoire universelle. Ph., 1860 34–5193

or, essays on liberty, civil and religious, and

other important subjects. 6th ed. L., 1735. Pictorial history of England. Ph. 274_468

2-682 Recollections of a lifetime; or, men and things Gordon, Thomas, F. R. s. History of the Greek I have seen. N. Y., 1856. 2 v. 30-931

revolution. 2d ed. L., 1844. 2 v. So Peter Parley's own story; from the personal

274_3141 narrative. N. Y., 1864

30-1482 Gordon, T. F Digest of the laws of the United Sow well and reap well—the same as Fireside States; including the treaties with foreign education

13-959 and adventures of Gilbert

powers, and an abstract of the judicial de. Travels, voyages,

cisions relating to the constitutional and Go-Ahead in foreign parts


statutory law. 4th ed. Ph., 18.12. 8 2-126 Wonders of geology. B., 1845


History of New Jersey, to the adoption of the The world and its inhabitants. B., 1845 9-1001

federal constitution. Trenton, 1834. & See Bradford, T. G.

262_88 et al. A history of all nations from the earliest History of Pennsylvania, to the declaration of periods to the present time. B., 1851. 2 v.

independence in 1770. Ph., 1829.


2694405 In preparing some of these works, Goodrich was

Gordon, William. General counting-honse and man assisted by s. kettell, R. Robbins, N. Hawthorne, W. A. Alcott, J. Lowell, and others.

of business. 2d ed. E., 1770. 8° 1-30 Goodrich's fifth school reader. Ed. by N. Butler. Universal accountant and complete merchant ; Louisville

new modelled. 6th ed. Dub., 1797 1-31 23-395 34-3368

4 v.

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N. B.

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N. Y.,

Gordon, William, D. D. History of the rise, prog- Gospels. Norton, A. Internal evidences of the ress, and establishment of the independence genuineness of

32-1993 of the United States. N. Y., 1801. 3 v. 8

Translation of, with notes : 32-1932

262_87 Robinson, E. Harmony of, in Greek 32–1511 Gordon, William, M. D. Hall

, n. Christian philos- Scrivener, F. H. Collation of Greek VSS. opher triumphing over death 32-640

32-2018 Gordon, W. R. Three-fold test of modern spiritual- Ségur, c'sse de. Évangile d'une grand’nère ism. N. Y., 1856 32-2194

34–491 Gordon of Duncairn


Tischendorf, c. sinaitic' manuscript 32-2409 Gore, C. F. The abbey 18-1210 Trench, R. C. Studies in

32-1967 Abednego

18–2417 Westcott, B. F. Introduction to the stu ly of The birth-right 18-1211

32-1026 The cabinet minister

18-1212 Wieseler, K. Chronological synopsis of 32-1415 Castles in the air

18-1213 See Christ; Matthew ; Mark; Luke; John Ceci); or, adventures of a coxcomb 18-1214 Goss, C. C. Statistic:1 history of the first century Courtier of the days of Charles II . 18-1238

of American Methodism. N. Y., 1956 The dean's daughter 18-1216

32-2150 The Hamiltons; or, official life, in 1830 18-1218 Gosse, P. H. Ancient and modern history of the Heckington

rivers of the bible. L., 1850

32-1799) Inundation; or, pardon and peace 18-1221 Same, ed. by G. B. Cheever, under title of Sacreal Life's lessons



32-1790 The maid of Croissey. F's M. D. v. 4 24-113 The aquariam ; or, the wonders of the deep sea. Mammon; or, the hardships of an heiress

2d ed. L, 1856

9-532 18-1223 The birds of Jamaica.

L., 1847

9-5:53 Man of fortune

18-1224 The Canadian naturalist. ' L., 1860 9-1036 Progress and prejudice

18-1230 Evenings at the microscope; or, researches Queen of Denmark


among the minuter organs and forms of animal Self .

life. L., n. d.

9-55) Story of a royal favorite :

18–1232 History of the British sea anemones and corals. Temptation and atonement

L., 1800. 89

9-574 The two aristocracies 18-1237 Land and sea. L., 1865

9-927 Gore, N. N. S. Rational refutation of the Hindu Letters from Alabama, chiefly relating to natphilosophical systems. Trans. by F. Hall.

ural history. L., 1859

201_398 Calcutta, 1862. 8°

32-1338 Lite in its lower

, intermediate, and higher forms ; Görgei, A. My life and acts in Hungary, in 1848,9. or, manifestations of the divine wisdom in the N. Y., 1852 .


natural history of animals. N. Y., 1857 Gorges, E. See Nerval, G. de 34-3603

9-550 Gorges, F. Brief narration of the original under- Omphalos; an attempt to untie the geological takings of plantations in America. Maine

knot. L., 1857

9-327 hist. col. v. 2

26_645 Popular British ornithology, containing a familGorilla. See Owen, R.


iar and technical description of the birds of Gorilla country, stories of. P. Du Chaillu 286-583

the British isles. L., 1853 .

9-557 Gorilla hunters. R. M. Ballantyne

18-252 Sacred streams. See ancient and modern, above. Gorostiza, M. E. Indulgencia para todos. T. T. A year at the shore. L., 1865

9-925 E. v. 5. 34-2 Gossip. H. Morley

18-2271 Görres, J. Germany and the revolution. Trans. Gossips of Riverton. A. B. Haven

18-1300 by J. Black, L., 1820. 8o.

274_2588 Gossner, J. Life of Martin Boos, Roman Catholic Gorrie, P. D. Episcopal Methodism as it was and priest in Bavaria, persecuted for the faith, is. Auburn, 1852

A. D. 1797-1816. L., 1855 .

30–9:32 Gorst, J. E. The Maori king; or, the story of our Gostick, J. German literature. E., 1849 22-1064 quarrel with the natives of New Zealand. L., Goth and Hun. A. Paton

270-455 1864

Göthe, J. W. v. Sämmtliche Werke. Stutt., u Gorton, J. General biographical dictionary. 1.,

Tubing., 1850. 30 v. in 18.

34-2412 1851. 4 v. 8°

30-1703 Autobiography, or truth and poetry ; from my Gorton, S. Simplicity's defence against seven-headed life. Ed. by P. Godwin. N. Y., 1846,7. 2 v. policy; with notes and appendixes by W. R.

30-204 Staples. Rhode Island hist. soc. v. 2 20^-581 Same. Ph., 1855. 2 v.

30-2044 Mackie, J. M. Life of. (S. A. B. 15) 30-497 Campaign in France. Trans. by R. Fairie. L., Gosch, C. A. Denmark and Germany since 1815,


274_1731 with maps. L., 1862. 80

274_2596 Correspondence with a child. B., 1859 33-481 Goscben, G. J. Theory of the foreign exchanges. Dramatic works; comprising Faust, Iphigenia 4th ed. L., 1864. 8°


in Tauris, Torquato Tasso, Egmont, trans. by Gospel in Burmah. Mrs. M. Wylie 32-875 A. Swanwick; and Goetz von Berlichingen, Gospel in the trees, the. A. Clark

trans. by W. Scott. L., 1851

24-19 Gospel, its own advocate. G. Griffin 32-301 Egmont; a tragedy in five acts. B., 1841 24–15 Gospel promises. J. Alleine

32-1390 Essays on art. Trans. by S. G. Ward. N. Y., Gospel studies. A. Vinet


5-224 Gospels, Anglo-Saxon version. Edited by B. Thorpe, Faust; a dramatic poem. Trans. into Englisia

and reprinted by L. F. Klipstein. 3d ed. N. prose, with notes by A. Hayward. B., 1859
Y., 1851

24-14 Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels in parallel col. Same Trans, into English verse by T. Martin. umns with the versiwns of Wycliffe and Tyn

E., 1865

24-17 dale. Arranged with pref. and notes by J. Faust; a tragedy. Trans. into English verse Bosworth. L., 1865. go

by J. Birch. L., 1839. 80

24-16 Barnes, A. Notes on

32-696 Same. Trans. with notes by C. T. Brooks. B., Burt, N. C. Hours among


24-19 English harmony of

32–1928 Same. Trans. by L. Filmore.' L., 1847 24-13 Furness, W. H. Unconscious truth of 32-2445 Faust and Marguerite. F's S. D. v. 35 24–221 Jacobus, M. W. Notes on

32-442 10 4 Hermann and Dorothea. Trans. by T. C. Por- Jones, G. Life-scenes from

ter. N. Y., 1854 .


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32-u. p.

--Göthe, J. W. v. Letters to Leipzig friends. Ed. Gould, M. T. C. Report of the trial of Friends, at

by 0. Jahn. Trans. by R. Slater, jr. L., Steubenville, Ohio, 1828. Ph., 1829. 80

Minor poetry. 'Trans. by W. Ġ. Thomas. Ph., Gould, S. B. See Baring-Gould.
1859. 80

23-588 Gould, T. B. Hodgson, W. Select letters of; with
Novels and tales


Poems and ballads. Trans. by W. E. Aytoun Gould, T. R. The tragedian; an essay on the his-
and T. Martin. N. Y., 1859


irionic genius of Junius Brutus Booth. N.
Schriften. Reutlinger, 1784. 2 v. 34-2296

Y., 1868

Select minor poems. Trans. by J. s. Dwight Gould, W. M. Zephyrs from Italy and Sicily. N.

Y., 1852

Sorrows of Werter

18-1193 Goulding, F. R. The young Marooners 18-1239
Stella ; a drama. T. G. T. v. 6

24-165 Gounod, C. Faust; a lyric drama in five acts ;
Truth and poetry; from my own life 30-204

for piano solo. B. 4°

Wilhelm Meister's apprenticeship 18–1195 Goupil, E. See Bernutz, G. (in supplement.)
Austin, S. Characteristics of. From the Ger- Gouraud, Mlle J. Peter Lipp. Adapted from the
man of Falk, et al.

French .

Belani, H. C. R. Göthe und sein Liebeleben Gouraud, F. F. See Fauvel-Gouraud.

34-542 Gourdon, É. Chacun la sienne. P., 1864 34–5326
Döring, H. Biographie
34-600 Louise.' 11me ed. P., 1862.

Eckermann, J. P. Conversations with 30–207 Gourgaud. See Montholon and Gourgaud.
Lewcs, G. H. Life and works of . 30-802 Gourlay, R. General introduction to statistical ac.
Ulrici, H. Göthe in relation to Shakspeare count of Upper Canada. L., 1822. 8° 26–598

24-47 Statistical account of Upper Canada. L., 1822.
See Reynard the fox.

2 v.

and F. Schiller. Correspondence 33-1241 Gout. See Rheumatism and gout.
Göthe and Schiller. Mrs. C. Mundt 184131 Goutte d'Eau. E. Souvestre

Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels, etc. See Gospels. Gouty philosopher. C. Mackay

Gothic architecture. See Architecture.

Gove, M. S. Lectures to women on anatomy and
Götland. Marryat, H. Visit to isle of . 270_786

physiology, with an appendix on water cure.
Gotthelf, Jeremias. [Pseud.) See Bitzius, A.

N. Y., 1846

Gotthold's emblems. C. Scriver
32-833 Governess. "'M. P. Blessington

Göttliche Komödie in Rom. L. Schefer 34-592 Governess. Mrs. Sherwood

v. 6 of 18–2837
Gottschalk, F. Roscoe, T. German novelists Government. Alden, J. Science of 2-508
v. 2 of 18-3785 Bacon, F. New Atlantis

Gouge, W. M.' Fiscal history of Texas ; embracing Boardman, G. D. Civil g. a divine ordinance

an account of its revenues, debts, and cur-
rency; with remarks on American debts. Bristed, C. A. ' Interference theory 2-5.59

264_296 Brougham, H. Principles of

A short history of paper money and banking in Harrington, J. Oceana, and other works
the United States; with an inquiry into the

principles of the system, P., 1833 1-230 Humboldt, w. von. Duties of

Gouger, H. Personal narrative of two years' im- Johnson, S. M. Free government 2-748
prisonment in Burmalı. L., 1860 286-377 Lewis, G. C. Best form of

Gough, J. Memoirs of. See Wagstaffe, T.

More, Sir T. Utopia

30–1651 O'Brien, W. S. Principles of

Gough, R. British topography; or, an historical Priestley, J. Essay on first principles of 32-2503

account of what has been done for illustrating Proudhon, P. J. Le principe du droit et du
the topographical antiquities of Great Britain


and Ireland. L., 1780. 2 v. 4° 21-310 Rousseau, J. J. Contrai social. V. 5 34-4841
Goulburn, E. M. The acts of the deacons. 2d ed. Sidney, A. Discourses on

L., 1867
32-2259 Sismondi's philos. of

The idle word; shori religious essays upon the Volney, C. F. Ruins

gift of speech, and its employment in conver- Wrottesley, Ld. Thoughts on

sation. N. Y., 1866

Young, A. W. Science of

The office of the holy communion in the book See Citizen's manual; Constitution; Federal
of common prayer. N. Y., 1867 32-1876

government; Parliamentary government;
Thoughts on personal religion, being a treatise Political science and politics ; Representative
on the Christian lite in its two chiet elements,

government; Sociology; and

devotion and practice. N. Y., 1864 32–1182

Gould, A. A. See Agassiz, L. J. R.

Government and the currency. H. Middleton 1-125
Gould, B. A. See Dudley observatory 11-213 Governors of New Plymouth and Massachusetts
Gvuld, E. S. Good English. N. Y., 1867 22-449

bay, lives of the. J. B. Moore 30-1050
John Doe and Richard Roe

18-1241 Gower, J. Confessio amantis, edited and collated
Gould, G. (Ed.) Documents relating to the set-

with the best MSS. by R. Pauli. L., 1857. 3 v.
tlement of the church of England by the act


of uniformity of 1662 ; with an historical (Sanford's Br. poets)

v. 1 of 23-18
introduction by P. Bayne. L., 1862. 89 Gowrie; or, the king's plot. G. P. R. James 18-1623

32-1015 Gozlan, L. Aventures merveilleuses et touchantes
Gould, J. Biographical dictionary of painters, sculp- du prince Chènevis et de sa jeune sœur. 2me
tors, engravers, and architects. New edition,

éd. P., 1852

with an appendix and reminiscences of emi- Balzac en Pantoufles. Éd interdite. B. and
nent painters, by C. J. Nicuwenhuys. L., L., 1856

1839. 2 v.
30-1711 Chateaux de France. P., 1857. 2. v.

Gould, Jolin S. Report on food and diet, with ob-

La comédie et les comédiens. 3me ed. P., 1859
servations on the dietetical regimen suited for

almsbouses, prisons, and hospitals; also on La dernière sæur grise-Celeste. P., 1878
heating and ventilation, with practical recom-

mendations. N. Y., 1852. 8°

10-330 Les éinotions de Polydore M: rasquin. P., 1857
Gould, J. W. Swell life at sea


[blocks in formation]

Gozlan, L. La famille Lambert; comédie en 2 Graham, S. Lectures on the science of human life; actes, en prose. P., 1857

34-5210 with a biographical sketch of the author. N. Histoire de cent trente femmes; Le Niagara ; Y., 1858

10–323 Échec à l'éléphant; La terre promise. 3me

Treatise on bread and bread-making. B., 1837 ed. P., 1858 34-3369

6-182 Il faut que jeunesse se paye;

comédie en 4 actes,

Graham, Thomas. Elements of inorganic chemistry, en prose. P., 1858

34-5206 including applications. 2d Am. ed. Pli., Mme Favart et le maréchal de Saxe.

1858. go

Favart, M. et Mme)
34-4447 Same. v. 2. 2d ed. L., 1858. go

8-87 Le notaire de Chantilly. P.,


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