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Anatomy and physiology. Alcott, W. A. House Andersen, H. C. True story of my life. A sketch. I live in


Trans. by M. Howitt. B., 1847 . 30-23 Draper, J. C. A., p., and hygiene 10-588 What the moon saw; and other tales. Trans. Gove, M. S. Lectures to women


by H. C. Dulcken. Lond., 1866 . 18-141 Ruschenberger, W. S. W. 9-619 Wonderful tales from Denmark

18-149 Lambert, T. S. Human a., p., and hygiene Die zwei baronessen. L., 1848

34-617 10-197 Anderson, Adam, Origin of Commerce. Continued Swedenborg, E. The economy of the animal by Coombe. Dublin, 1790. 6 v. 80 1-3 kingdom 10–817 Same. L., 1764. f

1-523 Todd, R. Cyclopædia

10–457 Anderson, Æneas. Journal of a secret expedition See Microscope; Crania; Physiology; Medicine. under Lieut.-Gen. Pigot. L., 1802. 4° 285–903 Anatomy and philosophy of expression. Sir C. Bell Anderson, C. Annals of the English bible. L.,

1845. 2 v. 8°

32-752 Anatomy of melancholy. R. Burton 33–284, 5 Anderson, F. Zenaida .

18-139 Anatomy of suicide. F. Winslow

10-622 Anderson, F. L. M. Seven months residence in Anatomy of the external forms of man. J. Fau

Russian Poland in 1863. L., 1864 276-701

5–223 Anderson, J. C. The Roman city of Uriconium at Anburey, T. Travels through the interior of Amer. Wroxeter, Salop. L., 1867

274_25 ica. L., 1789

266-612 Anderson, Jas. 'Present state of the Hebrides, and Ancelot, Mme. M. Georgine. P., 1856 34-4004

western coasts of Scotland-the substance of Neud de Ruban. P., 1857


a report to the lords of the treasury. Dublin, Une route sans issue-un mystère douloureux.

1786. 8°

274-100 P., 1857

34-4005 Anderson, Rev. Jas. The ladies of the covenant. – Les salons de Paris—foyers éteints. 2'me ed., Memoirs of distinguished Scottish female P., 1858

characters. N. Y., 1851

32–329 Anchors. Cotsell, G. Treatise on

6-583 Memorable women of the puritan times. L., Ancien régime et la révolution, 1. A. de Tocque- 1862. 2 v.

30-1404 ville

34–4565 Anderson, Jas. s. M. ` History of the church of Ancient church. W. B. Killen


England in the colonies and foreign depend. Ancient cities and empires. E. H. Gillett 284_256

encies. 2d ed. L., 1856. 3 v. 32–1782 Ancient Danish ballads. R. C. A. Prior 23-616 Anderson, John. History of Edinburgh, with brief Ancient empires: their origin, succession, and re

notices of eminent or remarkable individuals. sults. With a preliminary view of the unity

E., 1856. 89

274_1300 and first migrations of mankind. London. Anderson, John. Story of the life of John Ander80


son, the fugitive slave. Edited by Harper Ancient history. See History, ancient.

Twelvetrees. L., 1863

30-1466 Ancient lyre. C. Zeuner

5–1016 Anderson, John, D.D.' Course of creation. Cin., Ancient monuments of the Mississippi valley. Squier, 1851

9-202 E. G., and H. Davis. 11-502 v. 1, and 264-1202 Dura den. A monograph of the yellow sand. Ancient regime. G. P. R. James .


stone and its remarkable fossil remains. E., Ancient sea margins. R. Chambers

1859. 80

9-201 Ancient world. D. T. Ansted

9-203 Anderson, Rev. John. Wanderings in the land of Ancren riwle. Camden soc. pub. v. 57 27-195

Israel and through the wilderness of Sinai in Ancres brisées—La C'sse de la Tour-du-Pin 34-3926

1850–51. Glasg.

289_577 Avdalucia, summer in

276-104 Anderson, Jos. Bible light from Bible lands. N. Andaman islanders. Mouat, F. J. Adventures and

Y., 1856

32-603 researches among 28b-423 Anderson, P. The English in Western India.

2a Anderdon, W. H. Antoine de Bonneval 18-3887

ed. L., 1856. 80

284_168 The Catholic crusoe. Adventures of 0. Evans, Anderson, R.' Observations upon the Peloponnesus Esq.


and Greek islands in 1829. B., 1830 270 163 Andersen, H. C. Alasverus. L., 1847 34-604 The Hawaiian islands; their progress and conAus Herz und Welt. L.


dition under missionary labors. B., 1864. go Bilderbuch ohne bilder. 5te auf. L., 1854 34–612

32-1515 Blanche the Huguenot

18-150 Anderson, T. ' Elements of agricultural chemistry. Contes trad. par Soldi. Notice. P., 1856 34–3024 Ed., 1860

4134 Eines dichter's bazar. L., 1847

34-607 Anderson, Wm. Genealogy and surnames : with Dramatische schritlen. L., 1847 34-606

some heraldicand biographical notices. Edin., Fairy tales

1865. go

22-304 Gesammelte gedichte. L., 1847 34-608 Anderson, Wm. (ed.) Glimpses of nature, science, Gesammelte historien. L.


and art for the young. Edin. 33-1284 The ice maiden and other tales

18–143 Anderson, Wm. Practical mercantile letter-writer. Der improvisator. L., 1849


A collection of modern letters of business. The improvisatore

N. Y., 1859

1-108 In Schweden. L., 1851

34-615 Anderson, Wm. (Colonel.) Mode of manufactur. In Spain. Trans. by Mrs. Bushby. L., 1864 ing gunpowder at the Isbapore mills in Ben.

gal. L., 1862. 8°

6-553 Märchen.' L., 1849 :

34–611 Anderson, Wm. (reporter.)


of Edinburgh Märchen meines lebens. L.,

1848 :
and their homes. Ed., 1867

2-493 The mud-king's daughter

18–3784 Anderson, Rev. Wm. Self-made men. L., 1861 Neue märchen . 34-604

30_1334 Nur ein geiger. L., 1849

34–613 Anderson, wm. See Hall

, Newman. 0. Z. L., 1849

34-614 Andersonville. Hamlin, A. C. Martyria 262_837 - Only a fiddler; and o.'T. 'Trans. by Mary Jones, Jos. Investigations. See Flint, A. (ed. ] Howitt. 18-3830

10_806 Reiseschatten. ' 2te auf. L., 1858 :

34-615 List of Pennsylvania soldiers buried at 26-u. p. Sand-hills of Jutland 18-145 Spencer, A. Narrative

26_814 Sein oder nicht sein. L., 1857

34-616 See Prisons; and United States, war of 1861-'5. Story book

18-146 Anderssen, A. See Dufresne, J. To be, or not to be? Trans by Mrs. Bushby Andersson, C. J. Okavango river. N. Y., 1861.

8 v.


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Andersson, C. J. Lake Ngami; or, explorations Andromeda, and other poems. C. Kingsley 23-464

and discoveries in southwestern Africa. N. Andros, A. C. Pen and pencil sketches of a holi. Y., 1857. 8 v.


day scamper in Spain. L., 1860 276_592 Andes. Brand, C. Voyage to Peru, 1827 260_11 Ane á M. Martin, 1'. C. P. de Kock 34-4801 Head, F. B. Rough notes. (1827) 266_47 Ane mort, l'. J. Janin

34-3424 Holton, J. F. Twenty months in the 266-320 Anecdote biography. J. Timbs

30–1263 Rickard, F. I. Mining journey 26"-451 Anecdotes. Rev. J. Adams

33-902 Andover, Mass., history of. A. Abbot. 264_630 Addison, Mr. [Pseud.]

33-975 André, G. G. Classical French grammar. L., 1866 for the family

33-672 22-6 - and sayings of Dr. Johnson

30-272 André, J. Biddle, C. J. The case of Major André.

Arvine, K. Literature and fine arts 33-377 [Vol. 6 of Penn. Hist. Soc. Memoirs) 264_137 Beloe, W. A. of literature and scarce books Sargent, W. Life and career of 30-1332

21-140 André. M'me A. A. Dudevant

34-3704 Bigelow, L. J.' Bench and bar 30–1974 André le Savoyard. C. P. de Kock 34-4834

Bourne, W. 0. Fables illustrated by facts Andrea Delfin. P. Heyse 18–1395

18–4010 Andreas Ilofer. Mrs. C. Mundt

1844050 Chambers

, R. (ed.] Book of days 33-953 Andreé de Taverney. A. Dumas. 18–922 Chamfort, S. R. N.

34-3111 Andrew, J. A. Brown, A. G. jr. Life of 30–2368 Coleman, G. Circle of anecdote and wit 33-121 Andrew, W. P. The Indus and its provinces; their Hogg, J. A. of Sir Walter Scott 30–481 political and commercial importance. L., 80 Ireland, W. H. Napoleon

30-387 1-289 Keddie, W. Literary and scientific 33-126 Andrews, Via Media. Is the P. E. church the King, W. A. of his own time

33-11 middle way between the Romish and non- Kirkland, F. Commercial and business 1-187 Episcopal churches ? Phil., 1847. 8032-1291

War of the rebellion

264_854 Andrews, A. The eighteenth century; or, illustra- Krasinski, H. Private .

299-104 tions of the manners and customs of our Malcolm, J. P. Manners and history of Europe. grandfathers. L., 1856


274_3493 - History of British journalism. L.; 1859. 2 v. Malone, E. Prior's selections 30-1237

22–907 Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVI. et la famille Andrews, c. c. Digest of the opinions of the attor. royale

34-3510 neys general of the U. S., with references to Martin, C. W. A. historiques

345172 leading decisions of the supreme court. W., Mathews, Mrs. Friends for the fireside 33-123 1857. 8

2-218 Moore, F. A. and incidents of the war 261-804 History of the campaign of Mobile. n. Y.,

Oxberry, W. Histrionic

30-1299 1867. So

Percy, S. & R.

33-800 – Minnesota and Dacotah.' w., 1857 266-317 Seward, W. Distinguished persons 30-809 Andrews, E. A. Copious and critical Latin-English Sinclair, C. Kaleidoscope

33-122 lexicon, founded on the larger Latin-German Spence, J. Books and men

33-343 lexicon of Dr. W. Freund, with additions and Spooner, S. Painters, engravers, sculptors, and corrections. N. Y., 1857. R 8° 22-398 architects, and curiosities of art

5-62 Leisure hours. B., 1844 . 33-3 Tavern anecdotes

33-125 Slavery, and the domestic slave-trade in the U. Thiebault, Baron de. Frederick the great and S. B., 1836.

his court

30-179 Andrews, E. 'A. and S. Stoddard.' Grammar of the Timbs, J. Century of

33–1145 Latin language, for the use of schools and col- See Jest books; Table talk. leges. B., 1865

22-7 Anecdotes, moral and religious. Andrews, G. H Modern husbandry; a practical Arvine, K. Cyclopædia

32-761 and scientific treatise on agriculture. L., 1853. Christian missions

32-11 80 4-79 Gathered treasures

33-369 - Rudimentary treatise on agricultural engineer- Guthrie, T. Platform sayings

33-90 ing. L., 1853. 3 v. 4–202 Lambeth and the vatican

32-123 Andrews, I. W. Why is allegiance due ? and where Noble deeds of the great and brave 30–1572 is it due ? - an address. Cinc., 1863. 80 Old chest.

33-634 264975 Sadlier, Mrs. J. Catholic

32-2305 Andrews, Jas. P. History of Great Britain con- Spurgeon, C. H.

32-2190 nected with chronology of Europe. L., 1794. Starling, E. Noble deeds of woman 30–498 4° 274_4033

33-532 Andrews, John. History of the war with America, Anecdotes of animais. Brown, T. 9-519,20 France, Spain, and Holland, (1775–'83.) L., Goodrich, S. G.

9-682 1785. 4 v. So 262_4 Jesse, E. Dogs

20-388 Andrews, L. Dictionary of the Hawaiian language ; Lee, Mrs. R.

9-666 with an English-Hawaiian vocabulary and a Wood, J. G. Sketches and a. 9-662,3

chronological table. Honolulu, 1865. Go 22–9 See Animals. Andrews, Samuel J. The life of our Lord upon the Anemones. Gosse, P. H. British sea . 9-554

earth, in its historical, chronological, and geo- Anent the North American continent 26-1005 graphical relations. N. Y. 1862. 8032-1009 Anêr's return. A. S. Hoermann

18-3964 Andrews, Sidney. The south since the war. B., Ange Pitou. A. Dumas

34-3229 1866 261-560 Angel and demon. T. 8. Arthur :

18-167 Andrews, S. P. Discoveries in Chinese or the sym- Angel in the house. C. Patmore.

23-408 bolism of the primitive characters of the Angel of the household. T. S. Arthur. 18_163 Chinese system of writing. N. Y., 1854 Angel of the iceberg. J. Todd

18–3244 22-404 Angel world, and other poems. P. J. Bailey 23-276 Andrews, w. . Illustrations of the West Indies. Angela. Mrs. A. Marsh

18-2100 (Vol. I. contains sailing directions for the Angélique et Jeanneton. Pigault-Lebrun 34-4809 Caribbean sea, gulf of Mexico, and Florida. ) Angell, Jas. B. Hand-book of French literature ; L. 2 v. ob. 40


historical, biographical and critical. P., 1857 Andrieux, F. G. J. 8. Les étourdis; Le rêve du

22-910 mari ; Anaximandre. C. A. C., 5. 7 34–3138 Angell, John. Stenography; or, short-hand im. Andromaque. J. Racine

proved. L., (1758]. 80


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Angelo, C. A. Sketches of travel in Oregon and Idaho. N. Y., 1866

266_571 Angelo, H. Pic-nic; or, table-talk; including num

erous recollections of public characters. L., 1834. 80

33-984 Angelo, M. See Buonarroti. Angelo Sanmartino

18-151 Angels. Whately, R. Scripture revelations 32-602 Angels' song. C. B. Tayler .

18-3150 Anges de bonté. M. A. Blanchard

34-4294 Anges du foyer. E. Souvestre

34-3778 Anglais amoureux. A. Paul .

34-4139 Anglais et Chinois. J. Méry

34-4120 Angleterre (l') comparée à la France. P., 1851

34-4204 Angling. Anderdon, J. L. The river dove 20-450 Best, T. Art of a.

20–311 Cotton, c. Trout and grayling 20-504 Fisher, P. Angler's souvenir

20–351 Fitzgibbon, E. Hand-book. By Ephemera

20-380 Hofland, T. c. British angler's manual 20-381 Ronalds, A. Fly-fisher's entomology 20–453 Wade, H. Halcyon

20-491 Walton, I. Complete angler.

20–504 See Fishing Angling literature, historical sketches of. R. Blakey

22-937 Anglo-American, the. A journal of literature, news,

politics and the drama. Vols. 4–6. N. Y., 1844-5. 40

17-509 Anglo-American literature and manners. P. Chasles

22–960 Anglo-Indian life. 'C. Grant [?] :

285–388,98 Anglo-Saxon chronicle, according to the several

original authorities. Ed., with trans., by B. Thorpe. L., 1861. 2 v. 80

274_27 Ancient history exemplified in a dissection of. L., 1830

274_28 See Bede, the venerable :

32-21 Anglo-Saxon church. Lingard, J. Antiquities 32–129

Soames, H. Hist. and revenues 32–1797 Anglo-Saxon home. J. Thrupp

270-1149 Anglo-Saxon language and literature. Barnes, W. Se Gefylsta : A first-class book

22-32 Beowulf. Poems. Ed. by B. Thorpe 22-929 Boethius. Alfred's version and English trans.

15-176 Bosworth; J. A.-S. and English dictionary Conybearė, J. J. Illustrations of A.-S. poetry

22-994 Gospels. Ed. by B. Thorpe

32-1176 Haigh, D. H. Sagas

279-502 Klipstein, L. F. Grammar

22-145 Langley, L. Introduction to a.-s. reading

22-147 Petheram, J. Progress and present state of A.S. literature

22–1169 Shute, s. M. Manual for beginners 22-224 Thorpe, B. Analecta

22-1245 Vernon, E. J. Guide to A.-S. tongue 22-271 Anglo-Saxons. Miller, T. History 274_845 Turner, S. History

272_1170,1 Angus, J. 'Hand-book of the English tongue, for the use of students. L., 1862

22-405 The voluntary system-reply to Dr. Chalmers on church establishments. L., 1839. 89

32-1906 Animal heat. T. Spencer

10–376 Animal kingdom. F. Cuvier

9-529 – Jones, T. R. Organization

9-571 Animal life. Agassiz, L. Structure of 9-675 - Lewes, G. H. Studies in

9-578 Animal economy. Hunter, J. Observations 9-724 Animal physiology. See Physiology Animalculae. Catlow, A. Drops of water 9-526 Mantell, G. A. Thoughts on a.

9-582 Pritchard, A. T. Infusoria

9-607 Sanders, J. M. The crystal sphere 9–1033

Animals. Allen, R. L. History of domestic a.

4-149 Bingley, W. Animal biography : 9-513 Broderip, W. J. Leaves from the note-book of a naturalist

9-509 Brown, T. Popular natural history 9-520 - Catton, C., Jr. Thirty-six animals drawn from nature

9-1241 Clark, M. J. Mind in nature :

9-674 Gamgee, J. Our domestic a.

4-152 Hall, J. C. Interesting facts .

9-560 Hall, Mrs. S. C. Animal sagacity. 9-699 Kearley, G. Links in the chain

9-668 Lankester, E. lises of a.

6-875 Low, D. Domesticated a. of Great Britain 4–95 Mennier, V. Les animaux à métamorphoses

34-4610 Morris, F. 0. Sagacity and character 9-713 Mushet, D. Wrongs of the animal world 15–329 Reason why-natural history

9-647 Roberts, M. Domesticated a.

9-617 Sayings and doings of

9-627 Swainson, W. A. and menageries 9-636 Habits and instincts

9-638 Geography and classification of 9-642 Thompson, E. P. Passions of a.

9–693 Timbs, J. Strange stories

9-716 Vasey, Mrs. G. Natural historian . 9-650

Watson, J. S. Reasoning power of 9-698 Animals and plants, variation of. C. Darwin 9-919 Anjou, L. A. History of the reformation in Sweden.

From the Swedish, by H. M. Mason. N. Y. 1859

32-834 Anley, C. Influence

18-152 Anna, the daughter at home

18–154 Anna Clayton; or, the mother's trial 18–153 Anna Clayton; or, the inquirer after truth. F. M. Dimmick

18-3783 Anna Hammer. Temme

18_1198 Anna Ross. Grace Kennedy

18-1728 Annales d'hygiène publique et de médecine légale. P., 1829–53. 50 v. 8°

34-4900 Deuxième série. v. 1, 2, 5, 7-16, 28-9. P., 1854 -'68. 15 v. 80

34-4901 Annales typographici. M. Maittaire

21-328 Annals of a quiet neighborhood. G. MacDonald

18-3802 Annals of congress. See Debates and proceedings. Annals of Great Britain, from the ascension of George III. to the peace of Amiens. E., 1807. 3 v.

272_30 Annals of military and naval surgery, and tropical medicine and hygiene. Vol. 1. L., 1863

10-415 Annals of the American pulpit.' w. B. Sprague

30–933 Annals of the army of the Cumberland. John Fitch

26_525 Selections from the same

26-511 Annals of the English stage. J. Doran 24-123 Annals of the parish. J. Galt

18–1132 Annals of the poor. L. Richmond

18_2648 Annals of the rescued. J. B. Wightman 2-1054 Annals of the sixth Pennsylvania cavalry. S. L. ·

264_1010 Annals of the wars of the eighteenth century. E. Cust

294_127 Annan, W. Difficulties of Arminian methodism; a

series of letters addressed to bishop Simpson. Phila., 1861.

32–1382 Annandale, T. Malformations, diseases and injuries

of the fingers and toes, and their surgical treatment. Phila., 1866. 80

10–583 Anne of Austria. Freer, M. Married life 271–1718 Regency

274_1719 Motteville, M'me de. Anne d'Autriche et sa

34-3575 Memoirs

272_1825 Anne of Great Britain. 'Boyer, A. Life and reign





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Anne of Great Britain. Strickland, A. [Lives of the Ansted, D. T. Scenery, science and art; being exQueens. ] Vols. 11 and 12 of


tracts from the note-book of a geologist and Thomson, Mrs. A. T. Court of 30-346

mining engineer. L., 1854

9-206 Anne, T. La reine de Paris. Episode du temps de and R. G. Latham. The Channel islands. L., la fronde. P., 1856

1862. 80

276-638 Anne of Geierstein. 'Sir W. Scott:

18-2752 et al. Natural history of the inanimate creaAnnée littéraire et dramatique. G. Vapereau 34–3880

tion. L., 1856

9-1013 Année musicale. P. Scudo

34-3748 See Manual of geographical science 25–74 Année scientifique. L. Figuier

35–5424 Anstey, T. C. Plea of the unrepresented commons Annie Grayson. Mrs. N. P. Lasselle 18–1810 for restitution of the franchise. An historic Anniversary calendar, natal book, and universal inquiry. L., 1866. 8o.

274_34 mirror. L., 1832. 2 v. 8°

292_183 The queen's supremacy in its relations with the Annuaire de l'instruction publique pour l'an. 1801. Roman Catholic church. L., 1850. 8° 33–374 P.

34-5396 Anstice, J. Selections from the choric poetry of the Annuaire des deux mondes. 'Histoire generale des Greek dramatic writers. Trans, into English divers etats. P., 1861-'64. 4 v. go 34-4502

verse. L., 1832 Annual cyclopædia, American

29a-402 Anstie, F. E. Notes on epidemics. Phila., 1866 Annual of scientific discovery; or, year book of

10-651 facts in science and art. Edited by D. A.

Stimulants and narcotics; their mutual relaWells and S. Kneeland. B., 1850-'68. 16 v. tions; with special researches on the action of

11-259 alcohol, æther and chloroform, on the vital Annual register, or a view of the history, politics organism. L., 1864. 8°

10-436 and literature, from 1758-1780, 1782–1803, Antarctic regions, voyage in. Sir J. Ross 296_200 1805–1807, 1864-1865. L., 1795–1866. 47 v. Antelme, A. Histoire naturelle des insectes et des 80


mollusques. Sous la direction de M. Geoffroy Annual reports. See Names of societies, etc.

Saint Hilaire. P., 1842. 2 v. 34-4010 Annual retrospect of public affairs for 1831. B., 1831. Ante bellum. Mary Lennox

18_4073 2 vols.

2743362 Anthing, F. History of the campaigns of Prince Annual. Caunter, H. Oriental a.


Alexander Suworow Rymnikski, with a preThe gift


liminary sketch of his private life and charGift of affection

acter. N. Y., 1800

274_2862 - Heath's for Ireland, 1837. [See Ritchie, L.] Anthon, C. Classical dictionary: containing an


account of the principal proper names menLower, M. R.' Groombridge's annual reader tioned in ancient authors. N. Y., 1841. 80 29_266

33-1255 Percival, E. Souvenir gallery 33–1142 New classical dictionary of Greek and Roman Rough and ready


biography, mythology, and geography. N. Routledge's every boy's a. [Same as Magazine

33-1256 for boys]

17-157 - Manual of Grecian antiquities. i. Y., 1852 Token of friendship 33-1251

274_3051 Tuthill, Mrs. L. C. Mirror of life 33–1141 – Manual of Roman antiquities. N. Y., 1851 Walker, T. R. Oriental annual 33–1140

274_2128 Annuities. Baily, F. Doctrine of

1-158 System of ancient and mediæval geography, for Ellis, C. Law of. Vol. 4 of .

2-55 the use of schools and colleges. Ñ. Y., 1850. Milne, J. Valuation of .


25-65 Morgan, W. Principles and doctrine of 2–66 Anthon, C. E. Pilgrimage to Treves, through the Price, R. Observations on


valley of the Meuse and the forest of Arden. See Insurance, life.

nes, in the year 1844. N. Y., 1845 276-50 Anonymiana. S. Pegge

33-60 Anthon, H. True churchman warned. N. Y., Another blow for life. G. Godwin

1843. 80

32–1428 Anquetil, L. P. Histoire de France, jusqu'a la See Smith, H.

32-1428 mort de Louis XVI. Continuée par J. P. Anthon, J. The law student. in. Y., 1850. go Gallais, Tables synchroniques par M. de

2-298 Vaublanc. P., 1818–19. 13 v. 8° 34–4854 Anthony, Miss s. Hopkins, s. Life and character The same, without the continuation. P.,


30-21 1822. 14 v. (Vols. 3, 9 and 10 missing] 34-4475 Anthracite in the manufacture of iron. W. R. A summary of universal history. Vols. 2, 3.

Phila., 1806. 8°

292228 Anthropological review. Vols. 1-5. 1., 1863-". Ansart, A. J. The spirit of St. Vincent de Paul. 8°

9-988 1868

32-2357 Anthropological society of London. Memoirs, 1863 Ansayrii, thé. F. Walpole

-'6. L. 8°

29_187 Ansell, c. A treatise on friendly societies. L., Anthropology. Blumenbach, J. Treatises 9-669 1835. 89 1-266 Rauch, F. A.

15-107 Anson's voyage. Ř. Walter : 296–3, 501 Waitz, T. Introduction

9-652 Anspach, F. R. The sepulchres of our departed. See Ethnology; Human race; Man and manPhila., 1854 .


kind; Races. The two pilgrims ; or, the Israelite and Christian Anticipations of the future. In the form of letters on their journey to the carthly and heavenly from an English resident in the U. S. to the Canaan. Phila., 1857.


London Times, from 1864 to 1870. RichAnsted, D. T. Ancient world; or, picturesque mond, 1860

264_885 sketches of creation. Phila., 1847 9-203 Antifanaticism. Martha H. Butts'

18–531 Applications of geology to the arts and manu- Antignostikus. A. Neander

32-648 factures. L., 1865

9-310 Anti-Jacobin, or weekly examiner. 4th ed. L., Elementary course of geology, mineralogy and 1799. 2 v. go

17-18 physical geography. L., 1850

9-204 Anti-logarithms. Filipowski, H. E. Table 14-15 Gold-seeker's manual. L., 1849

6–274 Anti-masonry. See Free masonry. Great stone book of nature. L., 1863 9-205 Antipodes, rambles at the

296_169 The Ionian Islands in 1863. L., 1863. 80 Antiquarian ramble through the streets of London.

274_1091 Physical geography: L., 1867. go 25-173 Antiquary, the. Sir W. Scott

J. T. Smith

18-2753 286-91

N. Y.,

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V. 34

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5-u. p.


Antiquis legibus, liber de. Cam. soc's. pub.

Apostles, the. E. Renan

32–1844 274_195 Apostolic age. Baumgarten, M.' History of the Antiquités d’Herculanum. 'F. and {P. Piranesi church in

32-762 34-4975 Apostolic church. Schaff

, P. History of 32-476 Antiquities. Brande, T. Popular a. of Gt. Britain Coleman, L. Apostolical and primitive church 272_101

32–790 Fosbroke, T. D. Encyclopædia 292_264 Apostolic fathers. Blunt, J. Right use of 32-933 Linton, W. Colossal vestiges 29a_142 Wake, W. Genuine epistles .

32-12 Ruins of sacred and historical lands 294_208 Apostolic succession. Boardman, H. A. Prelatical Salkeld, J. Compendium of classical a. 274–3534

doctrine examined

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10–547 mains

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Appeals to the heart. T. Spencer

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34-308 carbon oils. N. Y., 1859. 8°

6-275 Apple, the, and its varieties. R. Hogg 4-223 Anti-slavery. See Slavery.

See Pomology: Anti-slavery and reform papers. H. D. Thoreau Appleby bros. Illustrated hand-book and price


current of machinery and iron work. L. Anti-slavery society, American. Jay, w. Inquiry 1863. 80

6-276 2–740 Appleton, J. Works, embracing theological lectures, - See American anti-sl. soc. ; Pennsylvania soc. academic addresses and sermons. With mefor abolition.

moir. Andover, 1836. 2 v. 8° 32-644 Antoine de Bonneval. W. H. Anderdon 18–3887 Appleton, N. Slavery and the union. B. 1860. Antoinette. M, A. Denison

pph. 8°

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2 v.

go O'Meara and Las Cases. 2d ed. L., 1826.

6-804 80


- Hand-book of American travel. T. A. Richards Antonia. E. Berthet 34-3912

266-325 Antonia. A. A. Dudevant


– Hand-book of southern travel. E. H. Hall Antonina. Wilkie Collins 18-680

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logue. Phila., 1838

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21-446 ography.

With maps and notes by the trans- Après de Mannevillette, J. B. N. D. d'. The East lator. N. Y., 1814. 2 v. 80


India pilot; or, oriental navigator. A collecApelles. Houssaye, A. L'hist. d'Apelles 34-3296 tion of charts and plans. L., 1802. fo 25–352 Apelles and his cotemporaries. H. Greenough? Apthorp, H. 0. Grammar of elocution.


22-602 Apello Cæsarem. R. Montagu

32-1858 Apuleius Madaurensis, l. contes merveilleux. P., Aphorisms. Ramsay, G. Moralist and politician 1853

34-5337 33-1275 See Garland of flowers

23-66 Parr, s. A. opinions and reflections 33-156 Aquarium, the. Jones, T. R. Aquarian naturalist Sinclair, C. Kaleidoscope 33-122

9-572 Apocalypse 'of St. John. Croly, G. New interpre. Edwards, A. M. Life beneath the waters 9-684 tation 32-63 Gosse, P. H.

9-552 Exposition by a secular priest 32-1742 Hibberd, s. The book of the à.

9-936 Swedenborg, E. A. revealed

32-622 Humphreys, H. N. Ocean and river gardens Walmsley, C. Hist. of church deduced from a.

9-938 By Sig. Pastorini

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9-973 See Revelations; Prophecy.

Aqueducts. King, C. Memoir of Croton aqueduct, Apocatastasis, the. L. Marsh

with essay on a. in general .

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18-1604 1820, 80

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30-1163 Renan, E. Les apotres 34-4560 Niebuhr, C. Travels


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