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Ellis, H. T. Hong Kong to Manilla and the lakes Ellison, T. Slavery and secession in America, his.

of Luzon, in the Philippine isles, in the year torical and economical. L. (1861) 262468
1856. L., 1859

29b-168 Elliston, R. W. Raymond, G. Lite and enterprises
Ellis, J. Avoidable causes of disease, insanity, and

deformity. N. Y., 1860
10-389 Ellwood, T. Life by himself

i1 of 30–1878
Ellis, R. Chemistry of creation; a sketch of the See Webb, Maria.

chief chemical and physical phenomena of the Ellsworth, H. W. Text-book of penmanship; with
earth, the air, and the ocean. L.


the rules for punctuation, and directions for
Ellis, R. L. See Bacon, F.

letter writing. N. Y., 1862

Ellis, Mrs. S. S. The beautiful in nature and art. Elly, S. Ostentation; or, critical remarks on “Quaker.
L., 1866

ism; or, the story of my life."

With an ap-
The brewer's family


pendix by J. Post. 2d ed. Dub., 1853. So
Brother and sister

Chapters on wives

18-1006 El-Medinah. 'Burton, R. F. Pilgrimage to 281–227
Daughters of England

33-1050 See Medina.
The family monitor ; women of England, El-Mukattem. Lands of the Moslem ; a narrative
daughters of E., wives of E., mothers of E.

of oriental travel. N. Y., 1851. 8° 286-473
N. Y., 1848. 80

33-1050 Elmes, J. Classic quotations: a thought book.
Family secrets

N. Y., 1867

Hearts and homes

18-1007 General' and bibliographical dictionary of the
Home; or, the iron rule


fine arts; containing explanations of the prin-
Housekeeping made easy; or, complete instruc-

cipal terms used in the arts of painting, sculp-
lor in all branches of cookery and domestic ture, architecture, and engraving ; historical
economy. Ed. by Mrs. Mowatt. N. Y., 1860 sketches of the rise and progress of their dif-


ferent schools; and accounts of the best books
Look to the end

on the fine arts. L., 1826. 89

Madagascar; its social and religious progress. Lectures on architecture. 2d ed. L., 1823.80
L., 1863

The 'mothers of England. N. v., 1844.80 Sir Christopher Wren and his times; with illus-


trative sketches and anecdotes of the most


distinguished personages in the 17th century.
Mothers of great men.
L., 1859. go 30–1191
L., 1852. 8°

My brother

18–1010 Thomas Clarkson: å monograph; being a con-
Pictures of private life


tribution towards the history of the abolition
Poetry of life. Ph., 1835. 2 v. 33-1155,935

of the slave trade and slavery. L., 1854

Prevention beiter than cure; or, the moral Topographical dictionary of London and its
wants of the world we live in. N. Y., 1847 environs; containing descriptive and critical


accounts of public and private buildings, etc.
Prose works. i. Y., 1844. 2 v. go

L., 1831. 80

Temper and temperament

18–1014 Elmwood, Elnathan. See Yankee among the nulli-
Voice from the vintage


Wives of England, their relative duties, domes- Elocution. Apthorp, H. O. Grammar of e. 22-602
tic influence, and social obligations. N. Y., Austin, G. Chironomia .

1843. 8°

28b-45 Bautain, M. Extempore speaking 22-604
33–1050 Comstock, A. System of

Women of England, their social duties and do- Cull, R. Garrick's mode of reading the liturgy
mestic habits. N. Y., 1839 33–34, 1050

Ellis, T. T. Leaves from the diary of an army sur-

- Culver, R. Questional reader and union speaker
geon; or, incidents of field, camp, and bos-

pital life. N. Y., 18633

26"-497 Frobisher, J. Ė. culture of voice and action
Ellis, William. Introduction to the study of the

social sciences. L., 1849
2-648 Griffith, A. A. Lessons in

Outlines of the history and formation of the un- Gummere, S. R. Principles of

derstanding. L., 1817
15–292 Mitchell, M. S. Manual of

Outlines of social cconomy. i., 1860 2–646 Public speaker, the

Philo-socrates. L., 1864.

4 v.
33-142 Russell, W. Orthophony

Progressive lessons in social science. 2d ed. Sheridan, T. Lectures

L., 1862
2-649 Smart, B. H. Practice of

Religion in common life. . L., 1857
32–2184 Vandenhoff, G. Art of

Thoughts on the future of the human race. L., See Eloquence; Oratory; Readers and speakers;


Speech ; Voice.
Ellis, Rev. William. History of Miadagascar ; com- Elocutionary manual. H. Corson

prising also the progress of Christian mis. Elocutionist, the. J. S. Knowles

sions, and an authentic account of the perse- Eloisa. J. J. Rousseau

cution and recent martyrdom of the native Elora. Seely, J. B. Wonders of

Christians. L. 2 v. go

284-64 Eloquence. Maury, abbé. Principles of 22-685
Narrative of a tour through Hawaii; with re- Porter, E. Lectures on e. and style 22-711

marks on the history, traditions, etc., of the See Elocution ; Oratory.

Sandwich islands. L., 1826. 80 296-248 Eloquence de la chaire. J. S. Maury 34-3515
Polynesian researches, during a residence of Eloquence of the ancients. Ld. Brougham 2-561

nearly eight years in the Society and Sand- Elphinston, J. Principles of the English language,
wich islands. L., 1831. 3 v.

29b-107 digested for the use of schools. L., 1766
Three visits to Madagascar in 1853–6 ; including

a journey to the capital; with notices of the Propriety ascertained in her picture; or, English
natural history of the country and of the speech and spelling rendered mutual guides.
present civilization of the people. L., 1858.

L., [1780.) 4°


281–275 Elphinstone, M. History of India; the Hindúand Ma.
Ellison, T. Hand-book of the cotton trade. L., hometan periods. 4th ed. L., 1857. 8° 284-167
1858. 8°
1-267 Saine. 5th ed. L., 1866. 8°


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Elphinstone, M. Account of the kingdom of Caubul Emerson, G. B. Report on trees and shrubs of
and its dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and Massachusetts. B., 1846. 80

India ; comprising a view of the Afghaun na- The schoolmaster-Character, studies, and duties
tion, and a history of the Dooraunee monarchy.

of the teacher. N. Y., 1848

L., 1842. 2 v. go

281–94 Emerson, G. R. London : how the great city grew.
Elsie Dinsmore. Martha Farquharson 18-1059

L., 1862

Sequel to, under title of Holidays at Roselands Emerson, J. Letters from the Ægean. N. v.,

1829. 80

Elsie Magoon. F. D. Gage

18-1129 Emerson, R. W. Complete works; comprising his
Elsie Venner. O. W. Holmes


essays, lectures, poems, and orations. L.,
Elsie's married life." Mrs. M. Daniel i8-2098,4048 1866. 2 v.

Elster's folly. Mrs. H. Wood
18-3738 Conduct of life. B.,

Elton, C. Norway; the road and the fell. L., 1864 English traits. B., 1856

271_715 Essays. B., 1844. 2 v.

Elton, c. A. History of the Roman emperors, from May-day, and other pieces. B., 1867 23-942

the accession of Augustus to the fall of the last Nature; addresses and lectures. B., 1849
Constantine. L., 1825

Specimens of the Greek and Roman classic Poems. B., 1860

poets, from Homer to Tryphiodorus; trans- Emery, S. H. Ministry of Taunton, with incidental
lated into English verse, with notices. Ph., notices of other professions. B., 1853. 2 v.
1854. 3 v.

Elton, J. F. With the French in Mexico. L., 1867. Emigrant's lost son ; or, life alone in the forest. G.

H. Wall

Elves, the. Trans. from the German of Tieck, by Emigration. British mechanic's and laborer's guide
T. Carlyle; with other tales and sketches to the United States

18–297 Bromwell, W. J. History of immigration to
Elwes, a: Guy Rivers ; ór, a boy's struggles 18-1021 the U. S.

Paul Blake

18-1022 Brown, s. r.' Western gazetteer; or, emi-
Ralph Seabrooke

grant's directory

Elwes, H. and J. Lives of. L.
33–153 Dufferin's Irish e.

Elwell, J. J. Malpractice and medical evidence. Everett, E. Immigration to the U. s. 262-611
N. Y., 1866.89

10-633 Gesner, A. New Brunswick, with notes for
Elwood, A. K. Memoirs of the literary ladies of emigrants

England. L., 1843. 2 v.
30–1448 Head, F. B. The emigrant

Elwyn, A. L. Glossary of supposed Americanisms. Maury, s. M. History of the emigrant surgeon's
Ph., 1859


Ely, A. Journal of a prisoner of war in Richmond. - Peck, J. M. Guide for emigrants to the west
N. Y., 1862

Ely, Rev. E. S. Visits of mercy; journals of a Sanderson, J. P. Opinions of Am. statesmen
preacher to hospital and alms-house in New on foreign immigration

York. 6th ed. Ph., 1829. 2 v. 32–1886 Stewart, č. Guide to new Canada 266-155
Ely lectures. Barnes, A. Evidences of Christianity See Migration.
in the 19th century
32–2354 Emigrants, the. A. Seymour

Elzevirs. Bérard, A. S. L. Essai bibliographique Émile. J. J. Rousseau

sur les éditions des E. .
21-10 Same

v. 8,9 of 34-4841
Emancipation. W. E. Channing
2-603 Emilia Wyndham. ' Mrs. A. Marsh

Cochin, A. Results of .

2-619 Emilie de Coulanges. M. Edgeworth. v 3 18–977
Report of select committee on.' w., 1862. "pph. Emilius. J. J. Rousseau

2-990 Emily Chester. A. M. Crane

Thome and Kimbali. E. in the West Indies Emina. La princesse de Belgiojoso 34-4014

266_422 Eminent men and popular books. See Biography
- See Slavery; and also, Morley, H.

and criticism

Emanuel, H. Diamonds and precious stones; their Emma. J. Abbott

V. 2 of 18-16
history, value, and distinguishing character. Emma. Jane Austen

istics. L., 1865

9-333 Emma de Lissau : a narrative of vicissitudes and
Emanuel Philibert. A. Dumas


trials ; with notes, illustrative of the manners
Embalming. Gannal, T. N. History of 10-49

and customs of the Jews. By the author of
Greenhill, T. Art of


"Sophia de Lissau." Ph., 1855 32-318
Embankments. Wiggins, J. Practice of embank- Emmet, Robert. 2me ed. P., 1858 34-3388
ing lands from the sea

4203 Madden, R. R. Life and times of 30–1145
Embassies and foreign courts; by “The roving See Philips, c.

Englisliman." L., 1855
29a_200 Emmet, T. A. Haines, C. G. Memoir of

Emblems. Pigott, R. E. divine and moral

Memoir of

32–2025 Emmet, T. A., m. D. Vesico-vaginal fistula from
Quarles, Ė. E. divine and moral :


parturition and other causes; with cases of
Embroidery. See Needle work.

recto-vaginal fistula. N. Y., 1868. 8° 10–861
Embury, Mrs. Emma C. Waldorf family 18–1024 Emmons, E. Agriculture of New York, comprising
Emerald isle, a poem. C. Phillips


an account of the classification, composition,
Emerald, the ; a collection of tales, poems, and es-

and distribution of the soils and rocks; with
says. B., 1866


a view of the climate and the agricultural pro-
Emeric-David, T. B. Notices historiques sur les ductions of the state. Alb., 1846–56. 5 v. 4°
chefs d'ouvre de la peinture moderne, et sur

les maitres de toutes les ecoles. P., 1854

Geological report of the midland counties of

North Carolina. N. Y., 1856. 8 9-338
Emerick, A. G. (ed.) Songs for the people. B., Manual of geology, for colleges and academies.
(1852.] go

2d ed. N. Y., 1860

Emerson, c. N. Internal revenue guide. Spring- Emmons, R. Battle of Bunker hill; or, the temple
field, 1867. 8°


of liberty : an historic poem in four cantos.
Emerson, F. North American arithmetic: part


third. B., 1851
14–36 Emmons, s. B. Spirit land. ' B., 1857"




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Emmons, G. F. Navy of the United States from Enfants, l'ami des. A. Berquin

34-4596 the commencement, 1775, to 1853, with a brief Enfield, E. Indian corn; its value, culture, and uses. history of each vessel's service and fate; to

N. Y., 1866

4230 which is added a list of private armed vessels Enfield, W. History of philosophy from the earliest fitted out under the American flag. W., 1853. periods; drawn up from Brucker's Historia 40


critica philosophiæ. L., 1840. 8° 15-28 Emory, W. H. Report on the v. s. and Mexican Engel, c. Introduction to the study of national boundary survey. W., 1857. 3 v. 4°

music. L., 1866. 8o.

5-1067 266-1002 Music of the most ancient nations, with special Emotional disorders. Wm. Murray 10-701

reference to recent discoveries in western Asia, Emotions. Bain, A. The e. and the will 15-162

and in Egypt. L., 1864. 8°

5-1028 Cooke, W. Mind and the e. 10-546 Engel, M. Sce H. Siddons

24-73 Émotions 'de Polydore Marasquin. İ. Goslan Engelbrecht, J. C. Materia musica ; a class-book


containing the principles of music, applied to Empire, the. Goldwin Smith 272_1086 piano-forte playing. B., 1868

5-1128 Empire chinois. L'abbé Huc

34–3961 Englehardt, C. Denmark in the early iron age, Employer and employed, rights of. M. Justitia

illustrated by recent discoveries in the peat 2–1013

mosses of Slesvig. L., 1866. 4o. 274_40:37 Crumpe, s. Essay on the best means of pro- Engelmann, w. Bibliotheca historico-naturalis. viding employment for the people 3-86

Verzeichniss der Bücher über Naturgeschichte, Penny, V. Employment of women 6-911

(1700–1846.) Erster band. Leip., 1846. 8* Emporium of the arts and sciences, conducted by

21-179 John R. Coxe. v. 1,2. Ph., 1812. 8° 6–846 Bibliotheca zoologica-verzeichniss der schriften En avant, messieurs! G. H. D. Mathias 33-1339

über Zoologie, welche in den periodischen En quarantaine. É. Souvestre


Werken enthalten und vom Jahre, 1846-1860, En famille. E. Souvestre


selbständig erscheinen sind. Bearb. von J. Enamellirg. See Gessert, M. A.


V. Carus und W. Engelmann. Erster Band. Enault, É. Danielle. [Echo des feuilletons, 224 Leip., 1861. 80

v. 2 of 21-179 ann.]

34-4733 See Enslin, T. C. F. Bibliotheca med. Énault, L. Alba. 'P.. i860 :

34-3295 Engineer, the.' L., 1860–68. 9 v. 4o. 6-1021 Christine. 3me ed. P., 1861 34-3296 J. Abbott

v. 7 of 18–15 Nadéje. 2me ed. P., 1860

34-3298 Engineering. Appleton's dictionary of machines. Same.“ [Echo des feuilletons, 22° ann.] 34-4733 &c.

6-804 La rose blanche. P., 1857

34-3294 Brees, s. c. illust: glossary of pract, architecStella. P., 1863

ture and civil engineering

6-22 La vierge du Liban. 2me ed. P., 1860 34–3297 Burnell, G. R. Annual retrospect

6-25 See Chatillon, A. de 34-3119 Byrne, O. Pocket-book for.

6-28 Encamping. Polybius. Roman encampment 292_412 Campin, F. Mechanical e.

6-478 Rhodes, G. Tents and tent-life 29a_103 Cresy, E. Encyclopædia of civil e. 6-35 See Military.

Fairbairn, W. Useful information for engineers Enchanted beauty. W. Elder 33-1130

6–48 Enchiridion. F. Quarles


Hoskola, H. D. Mining, surveying, engineer Encore les femmes. A. Karr

ing, etc.

0-347 Encouragements de la jeunnesse. J. N. Bouilly Humber, W.

Record of modern e. 6-1007

34-5071 Lacroix, E. Bibliog. des ingénieurs, des archEncyclopædia Americana. Ed. by F. Lieber and

ictes, etc.

21-325,6 others. Ph., 1829–47. 14 v. 89. 33–1259 Moseley, H. Mechanical principles of e. 11-120 Encyclopædia Britannica ; or, dictionary of arts, Nystrom, J. W. Technological education for sciences, and general literature. 8th ed. B., engineers

6-66 1860. 22 v. 4° 33–1268 Rankine, W. J. M. Manual of

6-69 Same. Pub. by® T. Dobson.' Ph., 1798-1803. Rules and tables

14-137 21 v. 4° 33-1267 Rudiments of civil e.

6-79 Encyclopædia. Bible cyclopædia

32-2020 Sganzin, M. I.

Civil e.

6–81 Brewster, D. Edinburgh e.

33–1266 Stevenson, D. Civil e. of North America 6-91 Hall, W. H. New e.

33-1500 Stuart, B. How to become a successful engiHoward, G. S. New royal cyclopædia 33–1501

13-216 Nicholson, W. British e.

33-1263 Warr, G. M. Dynamics, machinery, equilibrium See Conversations-lexicon ; Cyclopædia ; Dic

of structures, and strength of materials 11-111 tionary; Dictionnaire ; and names of special Weale, J. Dictionary of terms

6-77 subjects.

Whewell, W. Mechanics of e.

11-309 Encyclopédie théologique. See Brunet, G.

Weisbach, J. Mechanics of e.

11-74 End of prelacy. R. C. Shimeall .

32–1664 See Military, and names of engineers, particular Endrulat, B. Das Schillerfest in Hamburg, 1859. engineering subjects, and individual works. Hamb., 1860. go

34-2408 Engineering facts and figures for 1863–6; an anEndymion. J. Keats


nual register of progress in mechanical enEnéide, 1. P. Virgilius Maro. Trad. par J. Delille.

gineering and construction. [First edited by 34-3892

A. B. Brown.) L., 1863-6. 4 v. 6–24 Energy. Mrs. Hofland 18-1442 Engineer's manual

6-979 Enfance de Jésus, on l'éducation chretienne. A. Engineer's power loom. G. White

6–419 Monod .

34-4556 Engines. Rankin, W. J. M. Steam e. and other Enfance, littérature de l'. A. Vinet

prime movers

6-128 Entances célèbres. Mme L. Colét

34-5077 See Machinery; Steam engines. Enfans, les. Mme Guizot 34-5431 Engines of war. J. W. Jervis

6-135 Enfant de ma femme, l'. c. P. de Kock

34-4758 England, J. Miraculous restoration of Mrs. Ann Enfant des bois, l'. E. Berthet


Mattingly. Charleston, 1830. 80 32-1518 Enfant maudit, etc. H. de Balzac 34–3063} England, (the united kingdom of Great Britain and Enfant du siècle. A. de Musset


Ireland.) (Titles of subdivisions of this artiEnfants de l'amour. E. Sue


cle, as arranged below: Constitution ; Cabinet, Enfants de la neige. A. Aufavre .


court, and parliament; Government service Enfants du boulevard. H. de Kock

and establishments; Commerce, finance, and



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resources; Army and navy; Miscellaneous
politics and government history ; Education,
religion, and sociology ; Domestic and social
lite; Antiquities; General history; Travels,
topography, tours, etc. ; Miscellany. N. B.

For laws, see Law.]
Bagehot, W. English constitution 274_42
Brodie, G. Constitutional history of the British
empire .

272_118 Broom, H. Constitutional law

2-321 Brougham, H. British constitution 274_124 Creasy, E. S. English constitution 274-302 Ewald, A, C. “Our constitution” 274_376 Fischel, E. English constitution. 274_395 Fonblanque, A. How we are governed 274-405 Hallam, H. Constitutional history of E. 274–518 Hensman, A. P. Hand-book of the constitution

274-541 Howley, E. English constitution 274-576 May, T. E. Constitutional history of E., 1760– 1860

274_825 Rowland,' D.' Manual of the constitution

272_1028 Russell, J. English government and constitution

274_1041 See Constitutions; Government. Cabinet, court, and parliament. Amos, A. Observations on statutes of reformation parliament

27_13 Auckland, W. E., Là. Journal and correspond

274_40 Bedford's correspondence

274_56 Bonaparte, L. Histoire de la parlement Anglaise

34-4904 Burke, E. Correspondence, 1744-1797 270-160 Burton, T. Diary in the parliaments of 1656-9

274_180 Castlereagh, Viscount. Memoirs and correspondence

274_213 Chatham, earl of

. Correspondence 274_241 Clarendon, H. State letters and diary for 1687-90

274_262 Coke, R. Detection of the court and state. [Stuart period]

274_271 Cornwallis, Ld. Correspondence . 274_1023 Colchester, Lord. Diary and correspondence

274–274 DeFoe, D. History of the union between E. and Scotland

274_329 Four years of a liberal government 32-2503 Gardiner, S. R., (ed.) Debates in 1610

v. 81 of 274_195 Grant, J. Random recollections of the house of lords, 1830–6

30-244 The British senate. Second series of random recollections of the lords and commons

30-243 Grenville papers

274_480 Hale, M. Jurisdiction of the lords' house, or parliament

274_505 Hatsell, J. Precedents of proceedings in the house of commons

274_4051 Hutton, R. H. Studies in parliament 270_595 Jesse, J. H. Memoirs of the court of England, during the reign of the Stuarts 274_634

Court of England, 1688–1760 274_633 Lewis, G. C. Administration, 1783–1830

274_726 Mair. Debrett's illustrated house of commons and judicial bench

274_327 Manchester, Duke of. Court and society from Elizabeth to Anne

274_793 Michelsen, E. H.

E. since the accession of Victoria

274_841 - Olifield, T. 1. B. ' Boroughs of G. B., with cinque ports

274_894 -- Representative history of G. B. and Ireland

England, Parry, C. H. Parliaments and councils

274_922 Peel, R. Memoirs

274_940 Speeches in house of commons 274_941 Pepys, S. Diary. (Charles II and James HI]

278_942 Proceedings in Keni–1640. Camden soc. pub. V. 80

274_195 Raikes, T. Journal, 1831–1847

274_981 Private correspondence with Wellington

27-982 – Rose; w. g. Diary and correspondence

274_1020 Sidney, H. Diary of the times of Charles II

274_1075 Six year old parliament :

274_1082 Thoms, W. J. Book of the court 279.93 Todd, A. Parliamentary government in E.

274_1155 Townsend, w. c. House of commons 272_1160 Walpole, H. Letters

274_1201 Wraxall, N. W. Memoirs of my own time1772–1784

274_1238 Posthumous memoirs

274_1239 See Long parliament; Parliamentary govern

ment; Statesmen. Government service and establishments. Black book, the

274-90 Bree, J. Naval, military, and civil est. during 14th century

274_4016 Guide to employment in civil service 274_486 Our postal and revenue establishments 274–901 Parkinson, J. C. Under government 270_918 See Who's who; Grande Bretagne in the Al

manach de Gotha ; Great Britain in Martin's Statesman's year book; Great Britain in Ainer

ican annual cyclopedia. Commerce, finance, and resources. Bristed, J. Hints on the national bankruptcy

27_110 Resources of the British empire 279-111 Gladstone, W. E. Financial statements 1-170 Doubleday, F. Financial hist, of E. 1-146 Northcote, S. H. Financial policy of 1-151 Present state of G. B.

1-206 Sinclair, J. History of public revenue 274-1079 See Bank of England ; Coinage ; Commerce ;

Customs ; Finance; National debt ; Revenue;

Army and navy.
Adams, W. H. D. Famous ships

27446 Anderson, A. Journal of the forces under Pigot,

Abercrombie, and Hutchinson 286-903 Barrow, J. Naval worthies of Elizabeth's reign

30-1593 Beamish, N. L. King's German legion 27-64 Bourne, H. R. F. English seamen under the Tudors

296-314 Campbell, J. Lives of the British admirals

30-1150 Connelly, T. W. J. Royal sappers and miners

274_286 Drake, s. Heroes of England 30-1408 Entick, J. British marine

274_4020 Esquiros, A. English seamen and divers

270-609 Field exercise and evolutions of infantry Fonblanque, A. Administration and organization of the British army

6-600 - Gleig, G. R. Eminent British commanders

30-203 James, w. Naval history of Great Britain

274_621 War between G. B. and u.s. :

264_987 Jameson, R. Record of the Cameron Highlanders

274_1338 Johns and Nicholas. Naval and military heroes

274_639 Kincaid, j. Adventures in the ritie brigade



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England. Kingston, W. H. G. Blue jackets

Leeke, W. Ld. Seaton's regiment : 274_718
Martineau, H. England and her soldiers 272_801
Maxwell, W. H. Victories of Wellington

Nicolas, H. History of the royal navy 271-878
Our naval position and policy

Pasley, C. W. Military policy and institutions

Rafter, Capt. The guards

Regulations for volunteer force

Rennie, D. F. British arms in China and Japan

Sinclair, Å. Reminiscences of discipline, cus-

toms, and usages in royal navy 274_1077
- Sherer, M. Military memoirs of the Duke of

Southey, R. Early naval history of E. 27-1101
White, T. E. Rise and progress of naval power

See Battles; Cavalry ; Crimea; Hospitals ; Mili-

tary ; Peninsular war; Shipwrecks; Thirty
years war; Waterloo.
Miscellaneous politics and govt. history.
Adderley, C. B. Relations with the colonies

T. C. 'Plea of the

unrepresented com

Bulwer, E. L. The present crisis (1834)

Buxton, c. Ideas of the day on policy 272–183
Cobbett, W. Manchester lectures 2-617
Fame and glory of E. vindicated 276_11
Haller, A. V. Moderate monarchy 274_520
Jenkinson, C. Collection of treaties 1648–1783

Junius' letters

274_651 to 4
Lauderdale, Earl of. Letters to the peers of

Lester, C. E. Condition and fate of E. 270-10
Glory and shame of E.

Marsh, it. Politics of G. B. and France 272_3501
Miller, J. Historical view

North Briton, the

Regnault, E. Criminal history

of the English

Shebbeare, J. Letters to the people 27-1073
Somers, Lord. Rights of Englishmen 2-866
Twysden, Sir R. Considerations V. 45 of

See Colonial policy ; Colonies; Corn laws; Elec-

tions; Government; International policy; Re-

form ; Schleswig-Holstein question.
Education, religion, sociology.
Carrel, A. Counter-revolution for reëstablish-
ment of popery

Children's employment commission, (1862.)
Fifth report. L., 1866. fo

Cobden, J. White slaves

Collings, J. Establishment of common schools

Davesiès de Pontes, L. Études sur l'angleterre

Eden, F. M. State of the poor 274_4041
Education, 1865. Revised code of regulations.
Hamilton, Sir W.+ Discussions on university re

Heywood, J. Academic reform and university

Hill, F. Children of the state

Kay, J. Social condition and education of the

Mair, R. H. Educator's guide

Manning, H. E. England and Christendom

Maurice, F. D. Representation and education

Progress of science in E.

England. Report of capital punishment commission,

with minutes of evidence. L., 1866. 8° 2-686
Rollin, L. Decline of E.

Senior, N. W. Suggestions on popular educa.

Smith, G. Religion of ancient Britain 32-1676
Timbs, J. Progress of education in England

Wiese, G. German letters on English educa-

See British muse


Cambridge; Church;
Education ; Libraries ; Oxford; Reform ;

Domestic and social life.
Andrews, A. Eighteenth century 274_21
Berry, M. Comparative view of social lite in
England and France

Brookes, J. Manners and customs of the English

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Clarke, S. R. Conversations

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Fenn, J. Paston letters

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reigns of Stuarts

Home life of ladies in the 17th century 272_564
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Our English home

Savage, J. Memorabilia

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Timbs, J. Nooks and corners of English life

Wright, T. Domestic manners and sentiments
during the middle ages

See Folk lore; Heraldry; Manners and customs.
Akerman, J. Y. Remains of pagan Saxondom

Bigsby, R. oid places revisited 274_82
Brewer, J. N. Introduction to beauties of E.
and Wales

Boutell, C.

Christian monuments of E. and

Manual of British archæology 274_97
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Strutí, J. Dress and habits of the people of E.

Regal and ecclesiastical a.

Wright, T. Coli, Roman, Saxon 27_1244
See Anglo-Saxon; Stonehenge.
General history-from before Norman
conquest to recent dates.
Bartle, G. Synopsis

Berard, A. B. School history 274_73
Bigland, J. History, to 1812 27_80
Calcott, Lady. Little Arthur's history (to

Collier, w. F. History of the British empire

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[to 186:3]

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of Englishmen

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Guldsmith, o. 'Abridgment (to death of
Geo. II]

Goodrich, s. g.' Pictorial history, to 1845

Keightley, T. History of E [10 1839



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