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Dunlap, J. D. Book of forms, for practice in the Dupont, P. Chants et chansons, (poésie et musique.) courts of Pennsylvania, and of the United P., 1855. 3 v. 80

34-1132 States, and for conveyancing; also for public | Dupont-White, C. Gouvernement représentatif, officers and men of business generally. 4th ápropos d'un livre de J. S. Mill. 80 31-4678 ed. Ph., 1866. 80

2–33 Duport, P. See Scribe, A.-E. Théâtre. Com. v. Dunlap, s. F. Vestiges of the spirit-history of man. Duppa, D. F. See Central society of education 13-51 N. Y., 1858. So

32-760 Duppa, R. Life of Michael Angelo Buonnaroti. L., Dunlap, W. History of the American theatre. N.


30-407 Y., 1832. 8°

22-1035 Du Pratz. See Le Page du. Same. L., 1833. 8:

22-1034 Dupuis, H. L. Holy places; a narrative of two History of the rise and progress of the arts of years' residence in Jerusalem and Palestine. design in the United States. N. Y., 1834. 2 v.

L., 1856. 2 v.

286_165 80.

5-5 Dupuy, Miss E. A. Country neighborhood 18–91 - Memoirs of c. B. Brown, with selections from Planter's daughter.

18-952 his original letters and miscellaneous writings. Dura Den. J. Anderson

9-201 L., 1822. 8°

30-2319 Duras, Jme de. Ourika ; Edouard 31-1730 Dunlavy; J. The manifesto; or, a declaration of Durbin, J. P. Observations in the cast; chiefly in

the doctrine and practice of the church of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Asia Minor.
Christ. N. Y., 1817. 8

N. Y., 1815. 2 v.

291-18 Dunlop, J. History of fiction : a critical account of Observations in Europe; principally in France the most celebrated prose works of fiction,

and Great Britain. N. Y., 1844. 2 r. from the earliest Greek romances to the novels

27'-147 of the present day. Ph., 1842. 2 v. 22-1038 Durham. See North country; Teescale. History of Roman literature, from its earliest Duringsfeld, Ida de. Sec Reinsberg. period to the Augustan age. Pl., 1827. 2 v. Durivage, O. F. The lady of the lions. F's M. D.

V. 29

24-113 Memoirs of Spain during the reigns of Philip The stage-struck Yankee. F's . d. v. 97 IV and Charles II, from 1621-1700. E.,

21-113 1834. 2 v. 80

274_2021 Duruy, v. Ilistoire Grecque. 2me cd. p., 1856 Dunlop, R. H. W. Hunting in the Himalaya ; with

343979 notices of customs and countries, from the Histoire Romaine, jusq'à l'invasion des barelephant haunts of the Dehra Doon to the

bares. 5me ed.P., 1862

34-39-0 bunchowr tracks in eternal snow. L., 1860 Histoire sainte, d'après la bible. P., 1963 281-354

34-3981 Dunlop. See Wallace-Dunlop

Resumé d'histoire de France. ' P. 34-3978 Dunn, Henry. Gautimala ; or, the united provinces Dusch, T. v. Thrombosis of the cerebral sinuses. of Central America, in 1827,8. N. Y., 1828.

Trans. by G. Whitley. L., 1861. &• 10-699 80

266-29 Dusenbery, B.' M. Monument to the memory of Dunn, H. Principles of teaching. 6th ed. L. 13-271 Andrew Jackson. Ph., 1846

30-251 Dunn, J. Oregon territory and the British North Dussauce, H. Practical treatise on the fabrication

American fur trade; with an account of the of matches, gun cotton, colored fires, and ful. habits and customs of the principal native minating powders. Ph., 1864

6-318 tribes on the northern continent. Ph., 1845 See Ulrich, L.

264-68 Dussek, J. L. Ausgewählte compositionen für das Dunn, R. Medical psychology. l., 1863 10–400

pianoforte zu zwei und zu vier länden. Dunn Browne. [Pseud.) See Fisk, S.

Wolfenbüttel. 40

5-S.54 Dunne, J. H. From Calcutta to Pekin ; notes taken Dust and foam. T. R. Warren

298-156 from the journal of an officer between those Dutch at home. A. Esquiros

276-609 places. L., 1961 . 286-375 Dutch pictures. G. A. Sala

18–2719 Dunning, T. J. Trades unions and strikes. L., 1860. Dutch pilgrim fathers, and other poems. E. Hopper 2–613

23-817 Duns, J. Biblical natural science. 1. 2 v. 8° 32-2005 Dutch republic. See Holland.

Science and Christian thought. L. 32-1881 Dutchman's fireside. J. K. Paulding 18-2454 Dunster, II. P. Discoveries of Columbus and of the Duties of human life, the. Trans. from a Sanscrit English in America ; including concise narra

manuscript, written by an ancient Brahmin. tives of the first settlements formed by our Edited by J. Perkins. N. Y., 1861 33-39 own countrymen in that continent. L. Duties of man. J. Mazzini

2-792 26_459 Duties of men. T. Gisborne

2–663 True stories of the times of Richard 11. L.

Duty of the free states. W. E. Channing 2-603

272_348 Duty, Christian aspects of. J. J. Tayler 32-1450 Dunton, J. Life and errors; with the lives and See Morals.

characters of more than a thousand contem- Dutton, H. Observations on Mr. Archer's statistical porary divines, and other persons of literary survey of the county Dublin. Dub., 1902. So eminence; to which are added his conversa

27-931 tion on Ireland, and selections from his other Dutton, T.. Dramatic censor; or,

Dutton, T.. Dramatic censor; or, weekly theatrical works. 1818. 2 v. 8°

report. L., 1800. 2 v. 80

24-78 Dupareque, F. Treatise on the functional and or- Duval, A. V. P. 'Le prisonnier. Le Texier ganic diseases of the uterus. Trans., with

v. 3 of 31-1832 notes, by J. Warrington. Ph., 1837. 8° 10-486 Duveyrier, A. H. J., dit Molesville. See Scribe, Dupaty, L. E. F. C. Mercier. See Scribe, A.-E.

A.-E. Théâtre. Théâtre. Com.-v.

Duveyrier [Melesville], Merle, et Boirie. Le bourg. Dupin, 11. See Scribe, A.-E. Théâtre. Com.-v.

mestre de Sardam. P. T. B.

34-4181 Duplessis, P. Aventures Mexicaines. P. 34-3292 Duyckinck, E. A. & G. L. Cyclopædia of American

Le Batteur d' Estrade. N. Y., 1856. 8° 34-4618 literature; embracing personal and critical Duplex, G. Matter; its forms and governing laws. notices of authors, and selections from their L., 1857

9-1016 writings, from the earliest period to the pres. Du Ponceau, P. s. 'Dissertation on the nature and

ent day ; with portraits, autographs, and other character of the Chinese system of writing;

illustrations. N. Y., 185.7,6. 21. 8 22-596 with a Cochin Chinese and Latin dictionary. Duyckinck, G. L. Life of George Herbert. V.Y., Ph., 1838. &



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Duyckinek, E. A. National portrait gallery of emi. Dyeing and calico printing. Ulrich, L. Art of dye. nent Americans, from paintings by A. Chap- ing cotton and wool in Paris

6-317 pel; with biographical and historical narra- Dyer and colour maker's companion: containing tives. N. Y., (1862.) 2 v. 40. 30-2011

upwards of two hundred receipts for making Dwellers on the threshold. W. H. D. Adams

colours on the most approved principles; to

11-237 Dwellings. Aslpitel, A., & J. Whichicord. Fire

gether with the scouring process, and plain

directions for preparing, washing-off, and proof houses in flats

finishing the goods. Ph., 1850

6-322 Bardwell, W. Healthy homes, and how to Dyer, G. Privileges of the university of Cammake them


bridge ; together with additional observations - Brooks, S. H. Rudimentary treatise on 6-20

on its history, antiquities, literature, and biBurn, R. S. Mechanical arts concerned in con

ography. L., 1824. 2 v. 89

13-02 struction of dwelling-livuses 6-296 Dyer, J. (Bell's poets of G. B.)

23-493 Hare, T. Dwellings of the people 2-697 (Walsh's Br. poets, v. xix.)

23-201 See Architecture.

Dyer, R. Nine years of an actor's life. L., 1833 Dwight, B. W. Modern philology: its discoveries,

30-1888 history, and influence. N. Y., 1859,64. 2 v. Dyer, T. H. Ilistory of the city of Rome: its struc8°


tures and monuments, from its foundation to Dwight, Mrs.' E. B. Memoir of, by h. G. 0.

the end of the middle ages. L., 1865. 8° Dwight 30-139

270-2205 Dwight, H. E. Travels in tlie north of Germany in The history of the kings of Rome; with a dis1925,26. N. Y., 1829


sertation on its sources and evidence. Ph., Dwight, H. G. O. Christianity revived in the east ; 1808. 80

274_2206 or, a narrative of the work of God among the History of modern Europe, from the fall of Armenians of Turkey. N.Y., 1850 32-303

Constantinople in 1453 to the war in the Cri. Memoir of Mrs. E. B. Dwight, including an ac- mea in 1857. L., 1861-4. 4v. 8° 274–3405

count of the plague of 1837; with a sketch of Life of Jolin Calvin. N. Y., 1850 30-609 the life of Mrs. Judith S. Grant. N. Y., 1840 Ruins of Pompeii ; a series of eighteen photo


graphic views; with an account of the deDwight, J. s. Select minor poems, from Goethe and struction of the city. L., 1867. 4° 271–1225

Schiller ; with notes. B., 1839 . 23-99 Dying speeches and behavior of state prisoners that Dwight. M. A. Grecian and Roman mythology. have been executed the last 300 years; with 3d ed. N. Y., 1856. 8°


their several characters. L., 1720 2-282 Introduction to the study of art. `N. Y., 1856 Dymond, A. H. Law on its trial; or, personal rec


ollections of the death penalty and its oppoDwight, Theodore. Character of Thomas Jefferson, nents. L., 1865 .

2-644 as exhibited in his writings. B., 1839 30–266 Dymond, J. Essays on the principles of morality, History of the Hartford convention; with a re

and on the private and political rights and view of the policy of the United States govern- obligations of mankind. N. Y., 1834. 8° ment which led to the war of 1812. N. Y.,

15-323 1833.

264_724 An inquiry into the accordancy of war with the Dwight, Theodore, jr. History of Connecticut. principles of Christianity; with observations V. Y., 1841


on some of the causes of war and some of its Summer tours; or, notes of a traveller through effects. Ph.

2-645 some of the middle and northern states. 20 Same: with notes by T. S. Grimké. Ph., 1834. ed. N. Y., 1847 . 266-31

2-6456 See Darby, W.; Garibaldi, G.

Dynamics. Tait

, P. G.; and w.j. Steele. Õ of a Dwight, Timothy. The conquest of Canäan; a particle

11-325 poem. Hart., 1785 23-883 Warr, 1). Treatise

11-111 - Remarks on the review of Inchiquin's letters Whewell, W. Treatise on

11-254 published in the Quarterly Review. B., 1815. See Mechanics. 8

201–550 Dynevor terrace. Miss C. M. Yonge . 18-3615 Theology, explained and defended in a series of

Dysentery. See Acholic diseases. 5th ed. V. Y., 1828. 4 v. 8° Dyspepsia. Drewry, G. O. D. and nervous de. 32-76

10-789 Travels in New England and New York. N. H., Halsted, 0. New method of curing 10-58 1921,2. 4 v.

261-30 See Digestion. Spravue, W. B. Life of._(s. A. B. 14) 30-497

Dzungaria. Valikhanof. Description of D, 281-483 Lwight, T. W. See Wines, E. C. Dwight, W. Life and letters. B., 1868. 8. 30–2346 E pluribus unum. L. B. Prince.

264-913 Dwyer, C. P. Economic cottage builder. Buffalo, Eachard, L. See Echard. 1856. 89

5-315 Eadie, J. Paul the preacher; or, a popular and Dyaks. Boyle, F. Adventures among the D. in practical exposition of his discourses and Borneo


speeches as recorded in the acts of the apos. Dyce, Alex. Remarks on Mr. J. P. Collier's and

tles. N. Y., 1859

32-837 Mr. C. Knight's editions of Shakespeare. L., Eagle puss; or, life on the border. c. Montgomery 1844. So 24-74

260-239 Dye, J. S. History of the plots and crimes of the Eagles, j. Essays contributed to Blackwood's great conspiracy to overthrow liberty in

magazine. E., 1857. go

33-724 America. N. Y., 1866. 80 2044807 The sketcher. E., 1856. 80

5-392 Dyeing and calico printing. Bancroft, E. Permanent Eames, J. A. The budget closed; letters from colors

Europe. B., 1860

276-567 Berthollet, c. L. and A. B. Elements of the Another budget; or, things which I saw in the art of d.

east. B., 1855

289-195 Cooper, T. D. and c. p.

6-308 Ear. Harvey, W. E. in health and disease 10-206 Napier, E. Chemistry applied to d. 6-378 Kramer, W. Aural surgery of the present day O'Neill, C. Chemistry of 6-382

10-830* Dictionary of

6-384 Moschzisker, F. A. von. Diseases and their Practical treatise on


10-407 Tucker, W. Family dyer


0-431 - Eyc, car, throat diseases, eic. 10-512






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v. 13.


Ear. Toynbee, G. Diseases of

See Deafness; Hearing.
Eardley-Wilmot, J. E. Lord Brougham's law re-

forms; comprising the acts and bills intro-
duced or carried by him through the legisla-
ture since 1811 ; with an analytical review of
them. L., 1860

2-167 Earl, G. W. The native races of the Indian archipelago-Papuans. L., 1853

298–240 Earle, P. Marathon, and other poems. Ph., 1841

23-76 Earl's daughter. Miss Ė. M. Sewell

18-2807 Earl's heirs. Mrs. H. Wood

18-3578 Early, J. A. Memoir of the last year of the war for.

independence in the Confederate States of
America ; containing an account of the opera-
tions of his commands in 1864,5. N. Orleans,
1867. 80

26&_998 Early and late papers.

W. M. Thackeray 3311371 Early ballads, illustrative of history, traditions, and customs. Ed. by R. Bell. L.

23-726 Early choice. W. K. Tweedie

32-600 Early closing movement. T. Dennis 2-636 Early dawn, the. Mrs. Charles

18-3899 Early days of Elisha. F. W. Krummacher

32-393 Early efforts. 'L. Warfei

Early English. See English.
Early English prose romances. Ed. by Wm. J.

22-1238 Early English text society. [Publications ; com

menced L., 1864; still printing.) 8° 22-1043 (1) Morris, R., [Ed.) Early English alliterative poems, in the west-midland dialect of the 14th century, with notes,

1861. In v. 1.
(2) Furnivall, F. J., [Ed.) Arthur; a short sketch of his

life and history, in English verse of the first half of the
15th century.

1864. In v.1.
(3) Hall, F., [Ed.) Tractate concernyng ye office and dewtie

of kyngis, spirituall pastoris, and temporall iugis.

Laitle compylit be William Lander. 1864. In v. 2. (4) Morris, R., [Ed.] Sir Gawayne and the green knight; an

alliterative romance-poem, (ab. 1320-30, A. D.) 1864.

lu v. 2.
(5) Wheatley, H. B., (Ed.] of the orthographie and con.

gruitie of the Britan tongue be Alexander Hume,

In v. 3.
(6) Skeat, w. W., [Ed.) Lancelot of the laik; a Scottish

metrical romance. 1865. In v. 3. (7) Morris, R., [Ed] Story of Genesis and Exodus; an early

English Song (Ab. 1250.) 1965. In v. 4. (8) Perry, G. G., (Ed.) Morie Arthure. Ed. from R. Thorn

ton's MS. (Ab. 1440, A. D.) 1868. In v. 5. 9) Kingsley, G, H, (Ed.) Chaucer-- Animaduersions uppon

corrections printed in 1998. Sett downe by Fraucis

Thyune. 1805. In v. 5, (10 and 21) Wheatley, H. B., [E1.] Merlin; or, the early,

history of king Arthur: i prose romance. (Ab. 1450

1460.) Iu v. 6. (11, 19 and 35) Hall, F., [Ed.] The works of Sir David Lynde

say (Ab. 1552.) 1665. In v. 7. (12) Furnivall, F. J., (Ed.) Wright's chaste wiso; a merry

tale by Adam of Cobsam. (Ab. 1462.) 1865. In v, S. (13) Cockayne, O., (Ed.) Seinte Marherete, the meiden ant

martyr, in old Englisli. First edited from the skin

books in 1862. 1566. In v. S.
(14) Lumby, J. R., [Ed.] king Horn, with fraginents of

Flor z and Blauncheflur, and of The assumption of our
lady, from a MS, in the Cambridge university library.
Also, from MSS. in the British museum, 'The assumption
of our lady and fragments of the Floyres aud Blanche.

flur. 1866. In v. S.
(15) Furnivall, F. J., [Ed.] Political, religious, and love

poems, from the archbp. of Canterbury's Lambeth MS.,

NO 306, and other sources. (1350-1531.) 1866. In v. 9. (16) Furnivall. F. J., (Ed.) Book of quinte essence from the

Sloane MS. (Ab. 1460-70.) 1866. In v, 10.
(17) Skeat, W. W., (Ed.) Parallel extracts from twenty-nine

manuscrípis or Piers Plowman, with comments, and
& proposal for the society's three-text edition of this
poem, 1866.

In v. 10.
(18) Cockayne, O., [Ed.] Hali meidenhad; an alliterative

homily of the thirteenth century. 1566. In v. 10.
(19) [See No. 11.)
(20) Perry, G. G., [Ed.] Prose treatises of Richard Rolle de

Hampole, (who died A. D. 1319,) from Thornton's MS.
(1440.) 1866.

In v. 10.
(21) [See No. 10.)
(22) Skeat, W. W., [Ed.) Romans of Partenay, or of Lusig-

nen, otherwise known as the tale of Melusine. 1966.

In v. 11.
(23) Morris, R., [Ed.) Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Inwyt; or,

remorse of conscience. In the Kentish dialect, 1310,
A D.; from the autograph MS. in the British museum.
1960. In v. 12.

(24) Furnivall, F. J., [Ed.) Hymns to the virgin and Christ;

tbe parliament of devils, and other religious poems;

from archbo. of Canterbury's Lambeth MS. 1567. In (25) Furnivall, F. J., (Ed.) Stacions of Rome, (verse, 1370;

prose, 1460-70;) and the Pilgrim's sea-voyage temp. Hen. VI.,) with Clene maydenhod, from the Vernon MS., (ab. 1370.) A supplement to “ Political, religious, and love poems," and "Hali meiden had." 1867. In

V. 13. (26) Perry, G. G., [Ed.) Religious pieces in prose and verse,

from Thornton's MS., (cir. 1440.) 1867. Tu v. 13. (27) Wheatley, H. B.. (Ed.) Manipulus vocabularum; a

rhyming dictionary of the English language, by Peter Levins, (1570,) with an alphabetical index. 1867. In

V, 14. (28) Skeat, W. W., [Ed.] The vision of William concerning

Piers Plowman, with Vita de Dowel, Dobet et Dobest, by Wm. Langland, (1362.) Part I, the Vernon text,

or text A. 1867. In v. 15. (29 and 34) Morris, R., (Ed.) Old English homilies and

homiletic treatises, (Sawles ward, and the wohunge of ure Lauerd; uresins of ure Louers and of ure Lesdi, &c.,) of the 12th and 13th centuries. From MSS, in Br. museum, Lambeth, and Bodleian libraries. 1869. In

v. 16. (30) Skeat, W. W., [Ed.] Pierce the ploughmans crede, (ab.

1394;) to which is appended God spede the plough,

(ab, 1500.) 1867. In v. 17. (31) Peacock, E., [Ed.] Instructions for parish priests, by

John Myrc. 1868. Inv. 17. (32) Furnivall, F. J., (Ed.) The babee's book, and other

books on “manners and meals in the olden time.'']

1868. In v. 18.
(33) Wright, T., [Ed.] The book of the knight of La Tour-

Landry. 1868. In v. 19.
(34) [See No. 29.) (35.) [See No. 11.]
Reports, etc., to 1868 .

22-1042 Early history of western Pennsylvania and the west,

and of western expeditions and campaigns

1754-1833. Pittsburg, 1846. 8° 264-580 Early lessons. M. Edgeworth. [First part of Harry and Lucy]

18-970 Early life of Louis Napoleon, from authentic records. L., 1860

30-1474 Early magnetism in its higher relations to humanity;

as veiled in the poets and the prophets. By ΘΥΟΣ ΜΑΘΟΣ. L., 1846. 80

11-79 Early travels in Palestine, comprising the narratives

of Arculf, Willibald. Bernard, Saewulf, Siguril, Benjamin of Tudela, Sir John Maundeville, De la Brocquière, and Maundrell. Edited,

with notes, by T. Wright. L., 1848 289-210 Earnest ministry the want of the times. J. A. James

32-1400 Earnest student, the. N. Macleod

30-1996 Earnestness. C. B. Tayler

18-3152 Earp, G. B. History of the Baltic campaign of 1834,

from documents and other materials furnished

by Sir C. Napier. L., 1857. So 274_568 Ears of the spiritual harvest; or, narratives of the Christian lite. Ph.

32-630 Earth. Gumpach, J. v. True figure and dimensions of the e.

12-36 Higgins, w. M. Physical condition of

11-30 Mudie, R. The earth

25-34 Pratt, J. H. Figure of the e.

12-103 Worms, H. Proofs of the rotation of the e.

11-194 See Astronomy; Geography; World. Earth and man. A. Guyot

25-25 Earth, plants, and man. J. F. Shouw

9-10-29 Earth, sea, and sky. J. M. Wilson

11-144 Earthworm and common house fly. Samuelson and Hicks

9-624 Earth:quakes, enquiry into the cause of 11-18

Mallet, R. and J. W. Catalogue of 11-179
Mallet, R. First principles of observational

seismology-great Neapolitan earthquake of

11-517 Pepe, G. 'Ragguaglio del tremuoio accad. nei R. di Napoli, 180.5

34-2513 – True and particular relation [Lima, 1746)

11-18 East and eastern travel. Browne, J. R.


296_167 Chateaubriand, F. A. de. Travels in the e

296-11 Falkland, Lady. Journal in ė. 28-313

[blocks in formation]

Carne, J. Recollections of travels in the e

other poems

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East and eastern travel. Burt, N. C. The far east Eastern church. Stanley, A. P. Lectures on his.

tory of

See Greek c.

28b_48 Eastern courts. Roberts, E. Embassy to 286-11
- Charles, Mrs. Ė. Wanderings over bible lands. Eastern Europe and the Emperor Nicholas; by the


author of " Revelations of Russia." L., 1846.
- Clarke, E D. Travels in

3 v.

Damer, Mrs. G. L. D. Tour in Greece, Turkey, Eastern Europe and western Asia. H. A. Tilley
and the holy land

Dorr, B. Notes of travel in Egypt, the holy Eastern life. it. Martineau

land, Turkey, and Greece

291-237 Eastern penitentiary of Pennsylvania ; first and
Durbin, J. P. 'Observations in


second annual reports. Pl., 1831. 8° 2-991
Eames, J. A. Letters from .
286-195 McElwee, T. B. Hist. of

Eddy, D. C. Walter's tour in. (See Eddy, D. Eastern tales; by the author of the Branch and

Fetridge, W. P. Harper's handbook for travel- Eastford. Wesley Brooke


29b-196 Eastlake, C. L. Materials for a history of oil paint-
Gillett, E. H. Ancient cities and empires 282–256 ing. L., 1847. 8

Hahn-Hahn's travels in

286-169 Eastlake, Lady E. See Jameson, A.
Holthaus, P. D. Wanderings of a journeyman Eastman, J. Ř. Discussion of the West India cy-
tailor, 1824-40


clone of Oct. 29, 30, 1867. Prepared by order
Kinglake, A. W. Eothen


of Com. B. F. Sands, supt. U. S. N. observa-
Lamartine, A. de. Holy land

tory. W., 1868. 17pp. 8°

Lands of the Moslem

281-473 Eastman, Mary H. Aunt Phillis's cabin 18–963
Letters from the old world

281-120 Dahcotah; or, life and legends of the Sioux
Lloyd, W. Journey from Cawnpore to the

Boorendo pass
286-216 Fashionable life

Macleod, N. Eastward

286-533 Easton, Alex. Practical treatise on street or horse-
Madden, R. R. Travels in

power railways. Ph., 1859. 80

Masson, C. Various journeys in 286–360 Easton, J. Human longevity: recording the name,
Millard, D. Travels in


age, place of residence, and year, of the de.
Morris, E. J. Tour through Turkey, Greece, cease of 1712 persons, who attained a century,
Egypt, etc., to the holy land


and upwards, from A. D. 66 to 1799 ; with
Mott, V. Travels in, 1834 to 41 29b-227

anecdotes of the most remarkable. Salisbury,
Ouseley, W. Travels in various countries of.

1799. 80

(1810-12) :
286-911 Eastward. N. Macleod

Paine, C. Tent and harem ; notes of an oriental Eastwick, E. B. Journal of a diplomate's three


years residence in Persia. L., 1864. 2 v. 89
E. de. Land of the gospel 286_481

St. John, S. Life in the forests of the far east Venezuela; or, sketches of life in a South Amer-


ican republic; with list. of the loan of 1864.
Stanhope, Lady Hester. Travels 28b-488

L., 1868. 8°

Spencer, J. A. Travels in

286-134 Eastwood, J., and W. A. Wright. Bible word-book;
Swift, J. T. Going to Jericho


a glossary of old English bible words. L.,
Taylor, B. Visit to


Thomson, J. T. Life in the far east 285–462,3 Easy introduction to the game of chess; including
Torrens, H. D. Travels in


the whole of Philidor's analysis ; with selec-
Traces of travel brought home from 28-20

tions from Stamma, etc. Ph., 1817 20-38
Tronson, J. M. Voyage to
281-324 Easy Nat. A. S. Stinson

Turner, W. M. Glimpses in the Orient 285-384 Easy Warren. W. T. Coggeshall

Upham, T. C. Letters, æsthetic, social, and Eaton, A. Index to the geology of the northern


states, with transverse sections, extending
Walpole, F. Travels in the further e.


from Susquehanna river to the Atlantic;
Warburton, E. Egypt and the holy land 281–31 crossing Catskill mountains; with geological
Ward, A. Around the pyramids 29b-203

grammar. 2d ed. Troy, N. Y., 1820 9-228
Wheeler, C. H. Letters from Eden 286-592 Manual of botany for North America. 7th ed.
Wilson, H. II. Travels in

Alb., 1836

Wiltman, W. Travels in Turkey, Asia Minor, Eaton, C. A. Rome in the 19th century; containing
Syria, and Egypt (1799-1801)


a complete account of the ruins of the city.
East and West Indies. Reynold, Abbé. Settlements 5th ed. L., 1852. 2 v.

and trade of Europeans in

292_31 Eaton, F. R. Shakespeare and the bible. L., 1858.
- See Eastern archipelago ; India ; Indies; West 80


Eaton, J. H. Life and services of Andrew Jackson.
East India pilot. J. B. N. D. d'Après de Manne-



25-352 Eaton, J. M. 'Treatise on the art of breeding and
East Indian archipelago. Gibson, w. M. Journey managing tame, domesticated, foreign, and

fancy pigeons. L., 1858. 80

East Lynne. Mrs. H. Wood

18-3579 Eaton, s. J. M. Petroleum; a history of the oil
Eastburn, Rev. J. Green, A. Memoirs of 30–140 region of Venango county, Penn., and a dis-
E: stbury. Anna H. Drury


cussion of ancient oil operations; with a map,
Eastcott, R. Sketches of the origin, progress, and and illustrations of oil scenes and boring im-
effects of music, with an account of the ancient plements. Ph., 1866

bards and minstrels. Bath, 1793. 8° 5–1042 Eaton, w. Felton, C. C. Life of. (S. A. B. 9)
Easter offering. Frederika Bremer 18–395,6

Eastern archipelago. Belcher, E. Survey of islands Eaux de St. Ronan. W. Scoit

296-104 Eaux de Taunus. V. Hérault

- Raffles, T. s. 'Commerce and resources of Ebelians. See Dixon, H. Spiritual wives.

30–2018 Eberle, J. Treatise on the diseases and physical
See Borneo ; Figi; Java ; Malaysia ; New education of children. 4th ed., with additions
Guinea ; Philippine islands ; Sumatra.

by T. D. Mitchell. Ph., 1850. 8° 10–469

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Eberle, J. Treatise on the practice of medicine; Eclipse of faith. H. Rogers

with notes and additions by Geo. M'Clellan. Ecole de la vie. G. de la Landelle

6th ed. Ph., 1845. 2 v. go

10-41 École des propriétaires. P. Meurice 34-4640
Ebers, J. Seven years of the king's theatre. L., Écolier, l'. Mme Guizot

1828. 8°
24-72 Economica. S. Blodget

Ebert, F. A. General bibliographical dictionary. Economic cottage-builder. c. P. Dwyer 5-315

From the German. Oxf., 1837. 4 v. 8° 21-170 Economic position of the British laborer. H. Faw-
Ecce cælum. E. F. Burr


Ecce Deus. Essays on the life and doctrine of Jesus Economist, the, etc. v. 3,5–21. [1845–63.] po 1-520
Christ; with controversial notes on

Economy. See Domestic e.; Political e.
Homo." B., 1807

32-1961 Economy of the animal kingdom. E. Swedenborg
Ecce Deus-Homo. Ph., 1868

Ecce ecclesia : an essay showing the essential identity Economy of capital. R. H. Patterson 1-226

of the church in all ages. N. Y., 1868 32–2406 Economy of the eyes. W. Kitchener 10-774
Ecce homo. A survey of the life and work of Jesus Economy of human life, by an ancient Bramin 33-381
Christ. B., 1866 .

32-1796 See Proverbs of all nations.
See Parsons, T.

32-2310 Economy of the laboring classes. Wm. L. Sargant
" Ecce homo." W. E. Gladstone

Ecce Homo, the new. J. C. Blumenfeld 2-555 Écrivains français.' A. Roche

Eccentric personages. W. Russell

30-1753 Ecrivains et poëtes modernes. R. G. E. Taillandier
Ecclesiastes. Hengstenberg, E. W. Commentary on

32-1362 - See Authors ; Literary and scientific men; Lit-
· Macdonald, J. M. The book of E. explained erature.

32-134 Ecuador. Hassaurek, F. Four years among Span.
Stuart, m. commentary


Ecclesiastical antiquities of France. G. D. Whit- See Colombia.
5-351 Ecueil, l'. C. de Bernard

Ecclesiastical biographies. J. H. Gurney 30-1970

Edda of Sæmund, the

Stephen, J. Essays in

32-1685 See Ireland.
See Saints ; Hermits.

Eddy, A. D. The obligations of the Christian citizen ;
Ecclesiastical cases relating to doctrine and disci- with a review of high-church principles. N.
pline; with a preface by the ld. bishop of Y., 1843.

London, and an historical introduction edited Eddy, D. C. Heroines of the missionary enterprise ;
by G. C. Brodrick and W. H. Freemantle. L., or, sketches of prominent female missionaries.
1865. 80

B., 1850

Ecclesiastical history, polity, etc. See Church. Percy family. The Alps and the Rhine. B.,
Ecclesiastical register. See Am. ch. rev. 32–1814


Ecclesine, J. B. Compendium of the laws and de-

The Baltic to Vesuvius. B., 1863

cisions relating to mobs, riots, invasion, civil

Paris to Amsterdam. B., 1863 276_661
commotion, insurrection, etc., as affecting fire-

Through Scotland and England. B., 1863
insurance companies in the United States. N.

Y., 1863. go


A visit to Ireland. B., 1863 270-659
Eccleston, J. Introduction to English antiquities; Walter's tour in the east-Athens. N. Y., 1865
intended as a companion to the history of

England. L., 1847. 8°

Constantinople. 'N. Y., 1865

Echard, L. The gazetteer's or newsman's inter-

Damascus. N. Y., 1864

preter. 8th ed. L., 1706. Followed by 2d

Egypt. N. Y., 1863

ed. of 2d part. L., 1707.

25-73 Young man's friend; containing admonitions
Échec à l'éléphant. L. Gozlan


for the erring, counsel for the tempted, encour-
Echelle de feinmes. E. Souvestre


agement for the desponding, and hope for the
Echerolles, A. des. Private trials and public calami. fallen. B., 1865 .

ties during the trouble of the first French Young woman's friend; or, the duties, trials,
revolution. L., 1853. 2 v.


loves, and hopes of woman. B., 1860 32-1836
Echo des feuilletons, ''. Recueil de nouvelles, le- Eddy, R. History of the 60th regiment N. Y. state
gendes, anecdotes, épisodes, etc. Ext. de la

volunteers, from July, 1861, to Jan., 1864.
presse contemp. Directeurs :

Im. Dufour,
Ph., 1864

Mulat, et Boulanger. 22e année. P., 1861. 86 Eddy, Z. 'Immanuel; or, the life of Jesus Christ.

Springfield, 1868. go

Echoes from the gun of 1861

18-984 Ede, Geo. Management of steel, including forging,
Echoes of a belle, by Ben Shadow


hardening, tempering, annealing, shrinking,
Echoes of nature. E. Brown


and expansion; also the case-hardening of
Echoes of the universe. H. Christmas 32-306

iron. N. Y., 1864

Eckermann, J. P. Conversations with Goethe in Eden, Emily. Semi-attached couple 18-1896
the last years of his life. Trans. by S. M. Semi-detached house

Fuller. B., 1839

30-207 * Up the country.' Letters from the upper prov.
Eckfeldt, J. R., and W. E. Du Bois. Manual of gold inces of India. 2d ed. L., 1866. 2 v. 286-517

and silver coins of all nations, struck within Eden, Sir F. M. The state of the poor; or, history
the past century. Ph., 1842. 4° 1-522

of the laboring classes from the conquest. L.,
New varieties of gold and silver coins. 2d ed.

1797. 3 v. 4°

N. Y., 1851 .

1-124 Eden, L. S. A lady's glimpse of the late war in
Eclectic magazine of foreign literature, science, and Bohemia. L., 1867

art, (successor to the Eclectic museum, which Eden, R. H. The bankrupt law as amended by the
was formed from the American eclectic and

new act of the 6 Geo. IV, e. 16. Ph., 1841. Se
The museum.] v. 1, 2, 31-6, 48–63 ; and new

v. 34 of 2-55
series, 1-7. N. Y., 1843-68. 80 17-36 Eden, w. See Auckland.
Eclectic moral philosoplıy. J. R. Boyd 15-11 Edersheim, A. History of the Jewish nation after
Eclectic medicine. Hollembach, H. Materia medica the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus. E.,

King, J. Am. dispensatory 10-83* Edgar. S.” The variations of popery. N. Y., 1849.
Paine, W. Epitome of practice





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