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6 v.

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Dodge, 0. E. and W. 0. Dodge's literary Domesday of St. Paul's. Camden soc. pub. v. 69 museum. B., 1853. v. 8. 40 17-517

272_195 Dodge, R. Diary, sketches, and reviews, during a

Domestic annals of Scotland. R. Chambers 27-1315 European tour in 1847. N. Y., 1850. 80* Domestic architecture. See Architecture.

276-696 Domestic architecture in England. T. H. Turner Dodge, W. s.' History of the old second division

5-166 of the army of the Cumberland. Chicago, Domestic chaplain, the.' J. Ė. N. Moleswortů 1864. 80 262_869

32-2143 Robert Henry Henderhorst; or, the brave Domestic circle, the. M. Sorin :

32-200 drummer-boy of the Rappahannock. Chicago, Domestic cookery. E. E. Lea

6-194 1867. Sm. 40 30–1972 Domestic duties. Mrs. W. Parks

6-210 Dodington, G. B. Diary from 1749 to 1761. L., Domestic economy. Beecher, C. E. Treatise on 1784. 80 30-134

6-155 Dods, J. B. Spirit manifestations examined and Clerical economics

6-247 explained ; Judge Edmonds refuted. N. Y., Cobbett, W. Cottage economy

6-167 1854

32–1577 Donovan, M. Domestic economy 6-173 Dodsley, R. A collection of poems by several Leslie, E. Ladies' house-book

6-198 hands. L., 1763. 23-502 Robinson, S. How to live

6-216 (Walsh's Br. poets) 23-250 Rumford, B. T., Count. Essays

11-64 Cleone: tragedy. B. B. T. v. 12 24–71

Six hundred dollars a year

6-220 Same. M. B. Þ. v. 2

24-142 Warren, Mrs. How I managed my children Same. S. B. T. v. 5 24-191

6-226 The king and the miller of Mansfield. M. B. D. How I managed my house

6-227 5 24-142 Webster, T. Encyclopædia of

6-230 Sir John Cockle at court. m. B. D. 5 24-142 Willich, A. F. M. Dictionary of

6-228 Doering, H. See Döring, H.

See Cookery ; Housekeeping. Doesticks. [Pseud.) See Thomson, M. M.

Domestic encyclopædia. A. F. M. Willich 6-228 Dog Crusoe. R. M. Ballantyne 18-251 Domestic habits of birds. J. Rennie

9-710 Dogs. Herbert, H. W. The dog. ' By Dinks, , Domestic history of American revolution. E. Ellet Mayhew & Hutchinson 20-418

26_266 Jesse, E. Anecdotes of

20-388 Domestic manners and sentiments in England durJesse, G. R. History of British d. 9-717

ing the middle ages. T. Wright 274_1247 Jolinson, J. B. The dog, and how to break him Domestic medicine. Family and ship medicine

chest companion

10-493 Martin, w. c. L. History of the dog 9-583 Gardner, J. Household medicine 104450 Mayhew, E. Management of 20-419 Gunn's domestic medicine

10-458 Meyrick, J. House and sporting d. 20–422 Hunt, E. M. Patient's and physician's aid Mills, J., The life of a fox-hound . 20-424

10–221 Walsh, J. H. The dog in health and disease Theobald, J. Every man his own physician 20–502

10-120 Youatt, W., on the dog


See names of different systems of practice. Doggett, D. S. A nation's Ebenezer. (Thanks- Domestic portraiture; or, the successful application

giving discourse.) Rich'd, 1862. 8° 264-2150 of religious principle in the education of a Döhren, J. v. Hamburgisches Wechselbuch, nach family, exemplified in the memoirs of three of

der Duhamelchen, ed. von 1702. Hamburg, the deceased children of the Rev. Leigh Rich-

mond. N. Y., 1857

30-458 Dolby, T. Dictionary of Shakespearian quotations. Same, with introductory remarks by the Rev. Ph., 1853

E. Bickersteth. N. Y., 1843

30-4580 Dolby and father. By “Buz., N. Y., 1868 See Richmond; Wilberforce.

18-886 Domestic receipt-book. C. E. Beecher 6–1555 Dolce, L. Aretin ; a dialogue on painting. L., 1770 Domestic service. Beecher, C. E. Letters to per

sons in

33-453 Dolce far niente. j. R. Tait 23-509 Plain talk to domestics

6-212 Dolcino and his times. A. Gallenga 278_2232 Domestic service guide ; a handbook of the duties of Dollars and cents. Miss A. B. Warner 18-3446

the housekeeper, cook, lady's maid, nursery. Döllinger, J. J. I. The church and the churches ; or, maid, house-maid, laundry-maid, dairy-maid, the papacy and the temporal power; an his

butler, valet, footman, coachman, groom, torical and political review; trans. by W. B. gardener. L., 1868

6-249 McCabe. L., 1862. 80 32-1005 Domestic stories. Miss D. M. Muloch

18-2286 The first age of Christianity and the church ; Domestic tales. Mrs. Hofland

18-1453 trans. by H. N. Oxenham. L., 1866. 2 v. Domicil. Phillimore, R. Law of v. 57 of 2-55

32-1914 Dominica. Atwood, T. History of 266-652 The 'Gentile and the Jew in the courts of the See Saint Domingo.

temple of Christ ; an introduction to the his- Dominie's legacy; consisting of a series of tales il-
tory of Christianity; trans. by N. Darnell. lustrative of tlie scenery and manners of Scot-
L., 1862. 2 v. 8°


18-893 Dollman, F. T. Examples of ancient pulpits exist- Don Alonso. N. A. de Salvandy

34-5136 ing in England. L., 1849. 4° 5-774 Don Giovanni. Mozart, W. A.

5-794,6 Dolly Varden. [Dickens' Little folks] 18-3983 Arr. for piano solo. W. A. Mozart 5-797 Dolomite mountains. Gilbert and Churchill's excur- Don Juan ; opera.

G. G. Byron

23-766 sions through 276-691 Don Juan. W. A. Mozart

5-796 Domat, J. The civil law in its natural order; trans. Don Juan de village, les. Mme et Maurice Dudevant from the French by W. Strahan; ed. by L.

34-5269 S. Cushing. B., 1861. 2 v. 8° 2-327 Don Quichotte. M. de Cervantes 34-5176 Dombey and son. C. Dickens

18-864 Don Quijote de la Mancha. M. de Cervantes Saave. Domenech, E. Seven years' residence in the great dra

34-18 deserts of North America. L., 1860. 2 v. Don Quixote. M. de Cervantes

1&600 266-391 Don Quixote, rambles in the footsteps of. H. D. Domesday book. See Morgan, J. F. England Inglis

279-790 under the Normans

274_855 Dona Blanca of Navarre. F. N. Villoslada 18 3404

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1859 10–226

Doña Isabel de Solis. F. Martinez de la Rosa 34-1 Doré, G. See Dante. Donaldson, James. Critical history of Christian Doré; by a stroller in Europe. N. Y., 1857 276–426 literature and doctrine from the death of the Dorfgeschichten. B. Auerbach

34-525 apostles to the Nicene council. L., 1864-6. Dorgan, J. A. Studies. Ph., 1862

23–702 v. 3. 89

32–1635 Döring, H. Biographien-Lessing, Herder, KlopDonaldson, Joseph. Recollections of the life of a stock, Schiller, Goethe, Wieland. 2 v. 34-600 soldier. L., 1856

30–1517 Mozart-Biographie. Trad. par C. Viel. 1860 Donaldson, J. W. Classical scholarship and classi

34-3187 cal learning considered with especial reference Dorlcote-mill-[Mill

on the Floss. ] Scènes de la to competitive tests and university teaching ; vie anglaise. E. D. Fórgues 34-4657 a practical essay on liberal education. Camb., Dormont, A. Marthe. P., 1860

34-3188 1856

13–68 Dorothy: a tale by the author of "Still waters" The new cratylus; or, contributions towards a

18-906 more accurate knowledge of the Greek lan- Dorp and the Veld. Barter, C. Six months in guage. 3d ed. L., 1859. 80 22-421

286-170 Theatre of the Greeks; a treatise on the history Dorr, B. Churchman's manual: an exposition of

and exhibition of the Greek drama, with vari. the doctrines, ministry, and worship of the ous supplements. 7th ed. L., 1860. 8°

Prot. Epis. church in the U. 8. 4th ed. Ph., 22-1028 1857

32-1612 Varronianus ; a critical and historical introduc- Historical account of Christ church, Philadel.

tion to the ethnography of ancient Italy, and phia, to A. D. 1841 ; and of St. Peter's and
to the philological studyof the Latin language. St. James's until the separation of the
3d ed. L., 1860. 80

churches. N. Y., 1841

32-71 See Müller, K. 0.

22-1154 Notes of travel in Egypt, the holy land, Turkey, Donaldson, T. L. Rudimentary treatise on clay and Greece. Ph., 1856

29b-237 lands and loamy soils. L., 1852 4-261 The recognition of friends in another world. Donaldson manor. M. J. McIntosh

4th ed. Ph., 1842

32–72 Doncel de don Enrique el doliente. M, J. de Dorr, J. C. R. Lanmere

18-907 Larra

34-25 Dorset, c. Sackville, earl of." (Sanford's Br. poets) Donders, F. C. On the anomalies of accommoda

23-171 tion and refraction of the eye, with a prelimi- Dorset dialect. Barnes, w. Grammar and glossary nary essay on physiological dioptrics ; trans.

22–28,488 by W. D. Moore. L., 1864. 80 '10-832 Dorsetshire. Hand-book for travellers 275-555 Donegal county. McFarland, J. Statistical survey, Dorsey, A. H. The student of Blenheim forest. 1801 276_872 2d ed. Balt., 1867

18–3886 Donizetti, G. "Lucia di Lammermoor; with Italian Woodreve manor

18–908 and English words. B. 4°

5–910 | D’Orsey, A. J. D. Spelling by dictation. Progres. – Lucrezia Borgia ; with Italian and English sive exercises in English orthography. L., words. B. 40


22-76 Donne, A. Mothers and infants. B.,

Dorsey, S. A. Recollections of Henry W. Allen. Donne, J. Poetical works; with a memoir. B.,

N. Y., 1866

30–1872 1855

23–440 Dort. Articles of the synod of Dort, with notes by (Sanford's Br. poets)


T. Scott, and an introductory essay by S. Walton, I. Life of

Miller. Ph., 1856

32-1132 Donne, W. B. Essays on the drama, and on popu- Dorval, la dernière année de Marie

A. Dumas lar amusements. 2d ed. L., 1863 22-1030

34-3214,28 Donoho, T. S. Ivywall. W., 1860 23-579 Dot de Suzette. J. H. Fiévéė

34–4730,5139 Donovan, M. Domestic economy; v. i, containing Dostie, A. P. Reed, E. H. Life of 30-2366

brewing, distilling, wine-making, baking, &c. Douai, A. Practical and complete German gram.
v. 2, human food, animal and vegetable.

mar. B., 1860

22-77 1830–7. 2 v.

6-173 Douai bible. See Bible. Doolittle, J." Social life of the Chinese'; with some Double deceit. L. Osborn

24-205 account of their religious, governmental, edu- Double meprise. P. Mérimée

34-3522 cational, and business customs and opinions. Doubleday, T. Financial, monetary, and statistical

281-495 Doomed chief. D. P. Thompson

history of England, from the revolution of 18-3220 1688. L., 1847. 80

1-146 Dora. Julia Kavanagh

18-4058 - Political life of Sir R. Peel. 1., 1856. 21. go Dora Darling, the daughter of the regiment 18–890

30-1276 Dora Deane. Mrs. M. J. Holmes

18–1462 – True law of population shewn to be connected Dora d'Istria. [Pseud.] See Ghika, H.

with the food of the people. 3d ed. L., 1853. Doran, J. Book of the princes of Wales. L., 1860


3-89 30-1025 Doubly false.Ann 8. Stephens

18-3014 – Habits and men ; with remnants of record touch- Douce, F. Holbein's dance of death exhibited in

ing the makers of both. N. Y., 1855 33–536 engravings on wood, with a dissertation on History of court fools. L., 1858 294_130

the several representations of that subject; Knights and their days. N. Y., 1856 271–3397 also, Holbein's bible cuts, consisting of ninety Lives of the queens of England' of the house of illustrations on wood, with introduction by T. Hanover. N. Y., 1855. 2 v.

F. Dibdin. L., 1858

5-136 Monarchs retired from business. N. Y., 1857. Illustrations of Shakspeare, and of ancient man.


ners; with dissertations on the clowns and New pictures and old panels. ' L., 1859 33–899

fools of Shakspeare, on the collection of popu. Table traits, with something on them. N. Y., lor tales entitled Gesta Romanorum, and on 1855


the English Morris dance. L., 1807. 2 v. 80 - "Their majesties servants." Annals of the

24-12 English stage, from Thomas Betterton to Doughty, J. and F. Cabinet of natural history and Edmund Kean; actors, authors, audiences.

American rural sports, with illustrations.
L., 1864. 2 v. 80

Ph., 1830. 2 v. 40

9-1235 Doré, G. The legend of the wandering Jew. Pho- Douglas, A. M. Claudia

18-3973 tographs from the illustrations. Ph., 1864. · In trust

18-960 4° 5–760 Stephen Dane


2 v.

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Douglas, H. Naval gunnery. 5th ed. L., 1860. Doyle, Rev. J. W. Fitzpatrick, W. J. Life of 80 6-590

30–1764 Naval warfare with steam. L., 1858. 80 6-591 D'Oyly, G., & R. Mant. New testament according Observations on modern systems of fortification, to the authorized version; with notes, ex

including that proposed by M. Carnot, and a planatory and practical; with appropriate in. comparison of the polygonal with the bastion troductions, tables, indexes, and maps. L., system. L., 1859.80

1838. R. 8°

32-2018 Douglas, James. "'Antiquity of the earth. L., 1785. Dozens versus tens. T. Leach

14-172 9–1233 Dozy, R. See (ort, H. Travelling anecdotes, through various parts of Drait of a penal code for the state of New York. Europe. 3d ed. L., 1786. 80 27_146

Alb., 1864. 8°

2-226 Douglas, John. The criterion; or, rules by which Drafting. See Drawing.

the true miracles are distinguished from the Drafts. See Bills; Exchange.
spurious. L., 1807. 80

32-998a Drafts on my memory. W. P. Lennox 30-1758 Same. Oxford, 1832. 8°

32–998 Drainage. Dempsey, G. D. Drainage of lands 6-44 Douglas, S. A. Addresses on death of. W., 1861.

of towns and buildings

6-36 8°pplı. 30-1607 French, H. F. Farm drainage

4-151 Sheahan, J. W. Life of 30-1024 Klippart, J. H. Land drainage

4-297 See Cutts, J. M. ; Lincoln, A.

Monteath, R. Draining bogs of Ireland 4_287 Douglas farm. M. E. Bradley 18-392 Munn, B. Practical land-drainer

4-103 Douglass, F. Claims of the negro. Rochester, 1854. Waring, G. E. Draining for profit and for 80


4-278 · My bondage and my freedom. n. Y., 1855 See Hydraulics ; Sewage.

30-843 Drake, B. Life of Tecumseh, and of his brother the Dove, H. w. 'Distribution of heat on the surface of prophet; with an historical sketch of the the globe. L., 1853. 4°

Shawanoe Indians. Cin., 1841

30-322 Law of storms considered in connection with Drake, D. Natural and statistical view or picture the ordinary movements of the atmosphere.

of Cincinnati and the Miami country. Cin., 2d ed. Trans. by R. H. Scott. L., 1862. 8°


204_67 11-184 Mansfield, E. D. Life and services of 30-844 Dove, P. E. Elements of political science; with Drake, Sir F. Life of

30-324 an account of A. Yarranton. E., 1854. 8 Service against the Spaniards in 1587. Camden

soc. pub. v. 87

274-195 Theory of human progression, and natural prob- Drake, J. R. Culprit Fay. N. Y., 1859 23-519 ability of a reign of justice. L., 1850. 8° Drake, L. Heroes of England: stories of the lives


of the most celebrated British soldiers and Dove in the eagle's nest. Miss C. M. Yonge

sailors. L., 1843

30-1408 18-3633 Drake, N. Essays: biographical, critical, and hisDovecot and rabbit warren.

L. :

torical ; illustrative of the Tatler, Spectator, Dovecote and aviary. E. S. Dixon


and Guardian. L., 1805. 3 v. 33-731 Dover, G. W. A. Ellis, Lord. Life of Frederick II, Literary hours; or, sketches critical and narraking of Prussia. N. Y., 1838. 2 v. 30–183

tive. 2d ed. Sudbury, 1800. 3 v. 8o 33-734 Dow, jr. [Pseud.) See Paige, E. F.

- Mornings in spring; or, retrospections, bio. Dowding, W. C. Life and correspondence of George graphical, critical, and historical. L., 1828. Calixtus. Oxf., 1863


33-733 Dower. Park, J. J. Law of v. 11 of 2–55 Shakspeare and his times: including the biogDowling, J. G. Introduction to the critical study graphy of the poet, criticisms on bis genius

of ecclesiastical history. L., 1838. 8° 32–1870 and writings, new chronology of his plays, & Dowie, J. The foot and its covering ; comprising a disquisition on the object of his sonnets; and

full translation of Dr. Camper's work on the a history of the manners, customs and amuse. best form of shoe. L., 1861


ments, superstitions, poetry, and elegant liteDown in Tennessee. J. R. Gilmore


rature of his age. L., 1817. 2 v. 4° 30–2002 Down south. S. P. Day

266-416 Drake, S. G. Biography and history of the Indians Downing, A. J. Architecture of country houses ; of North America, the most celebrated

with remarks on interiors, furniture, and the speeches of their orators, and an analysis of best mode of warming and ventilating. N. Y., the authors on the question of the peopling of 1850. 89


America. 3d ed. B., 1834. 8° 264_66 Cottage residences ; a series of designs for rural Same. 11th ed. B., 1857. 80

262-663 cottages and cottage villas, and their gardens History and antiquities of the city of Boston to and grounds, adapted to N. America. P't 1.

the year 1670; with notes, historical and 2d ed. N. Y., 1844. 8°

critical B., 1854. 8°

26_453 Fruits and fruit trees of America ; revised by C. Indian biography, containing the lives of more Downing. 3d ed. N. Y., 1859


than two hundred Indian chiefs. B., 1832 Rural essays; with a memoir of the author by

30-135 G. W. Curtis. N. Y., 1853

4-85 The witchcraft delusion in New England, as Treatise on the theory and practice of landscape exhibited by Dr. Cotton Mather in The wongardening, adapted to N. America. 2d ed.

ders of the invisible world ; and by Mr. Robert N. Y., 1844. 89


Calef in his More wonders of the invisible Same. 6th ed. N. Y.,

1860. go


world. Roxbury, 1866. 3 v. Sm. 4° 32–1974 See Wightwick, G.

See Hubbard, W. Downing, C. T. Neuralgia: its various forms, Drama. Collier, J. P. History of English dramatic pathology, and treatment. L., 1851.


22-989 10-422 Corneille, P. Discours sur la tragédie 31-3162 The stranger in China ; or, the Fin-qui's visit Davidge, W. Drama defended v. 22 of 24-113 to the celestial empire, in 1836,7. Ph., 1838. Defence of the d.

24-190 281-5 Donaldson, J. W. Hist. of Greek å. 22-1028 Downing, Miss F. M. Nameless


Donne, J. The d. and popular amusements Downing, s. Elements of practical hydraulics. 2d

22-1030 ed. L., 1861. 80

11-177 Dumas, A. Simple lettres sur l'art dramatique Downing, Major Jack, [Pseud.) See Smith, Seba.



2 v.

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Drama. Francklin, T. Antient tragedy

24-28 Girardin, M. Cours de littérature dramatique

34-3662 Guizot, F. P. G. Étude sur la comédie grecque

34-3384 - Hazlitt, w. Dramatic literature of the age of Elizabeth

22-1084 Hone, W. Ancient mysteries

32-1808 Metastasio, P. Analisi e osservazioni sull'arte poetico-drammatica

v. 14 of 34-2323 Taylor, E. Cursory remarks on tragedy 24–178 - Fapereau, G. L'année littéraire et dramatique

34-3880 Walker, J. c. Memoir on Italian tragedy 22-890 See Acting; Actors; Dramatic biography and

bibliography: Shakspeare; Stage; Theatre. Drama of exile. Mrs. E. B. Browning 23-286 Dramas, amateur and juvenile, with scenes, prov

erbes, etc. Baker, G. N. Amateur dramas

20-155 Campan, Mme. Théâtre pour des jeunes per

34-5005 Curo, M. Nouv. théâtre des jeunes filles 34-5016 - Fowle, W. B. Parlor dramas

24-203 Genlis, Mme de. Théâtre d'éducation 34-5018 Leclerque, T. Proverbes dramatiques 34–3488 Méry, J. Théâtre de salon

34-3530 Monnier, H. Paris et la province 34-3557 Narbel, c. Comédies à l'usage des famille's


Dramas. Ourliac, E. Théâtre du seigneur Croquignole

34-5188 Poujol, A. Proverbes bourgeois 34-3626 Ricochets, les

34-4224 Smith, C. W. Dramatic scenes from standard authors

24-201 Sourd, le

34–4225 Souvestre, E. Théâtre de la jeunesse 34–3812 Tourte-Cherbuliez, Mme. Comédies de société

34-5023 Villemin, E. Gymnase dr. des salons 34-3895

See Théâtre.
Dramas, collections. Bôcher, F. College series of
French plays (1-4)

34-5356 - British drama

24-143 British theatre, Bell's

24-71 Inchbald's

24-141 Sharpe's

24-191 Chefs-d'auvre des auteurs comiques

34-3132 to 3139 Tragiques

34-3140 Dibdin, T. London theatre

24-107 French's minor drama

24-113 Modern standard drama

24-221 Le Texier. Receuil des pièces de théâtre

34-4832 Modern British drama (1811)

24-142 Ochoa, E. de. Tesoro del teatro español 34–2 Petit théâtre bouffon

34-4181 See Prologues and epilogues


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Dramas, arranged alphabetically by titles. (NOTE.-For Greek and Latin classics in the original, see the names of their anthors in the body of the catalogue. Translations are entered here under the titley given by the translators. Attention is requested to the exceptional arrangement of the directing Dunbers in this article. A number standing before a comima, points out a volume; a number standing before a semicolon or period, points out a book; and, if the latter number be less thau 500, the book is in class 24 ; is greater, in class 31-foreign languagesunless therwise marked. Abbreviations : C, for comedy ; Cb, comédie-ballet; Cd, comédie-drame, or comic drama ; Ct, coinedietta; Cv, comedie vaudeville; F, farce; I., 101st-piel; Md, melodrama; N, vachspiel; 0, opera ; Oc, opera-comique; P, posse; S, schauspiel; Trag, tragedy ; Trag.-lyr., tragédie-lyrique; Tr, trauerspiel; Va, vaudeville; Vo, vorspiel.) A quelque chose malheur est bon. Va. Alchemist. C. Jonson

45;3,142 Amelia. 0. H. Carey

159 Seribe et Masson

10,3736 Alchemist's daughter, the; a dramatic Amélie. Trag. Voltaire : 6,3897;2,4868 A secreto agravio secrete vengaza. Cald

sketch. T. B. Read. 198 (class 23) - See Matilda. eren 3,2 (class 34) Alchymist. C. Altered from Jonson 30.71 Americans in Paris. C.

7,221 Aben Humeya. Martinez de la Rosa Alcibiades. Trag. Otway

1,195 Ami de la maison. c. Marmontel 3138 2,1 (class 34) Alcide al bivio. Festa, Metastasio 12,2523 Amitié à l'épreuve. C. Favart 3,4448 Abendstunde, die Kötzebue 23,2022 Alessandro nell' Indie. Metastasio 3,2523 Amor el uso. A. de Solis 5,2 (class 34) Abschied, der. N. Kotzebue 44.2202 Alexander the great.

See Rival queens.
Amore paterno. C. Goldoni

12,2.521 Abafar. Trag. Ducis

2,3140 Alexandre le graud. Trag. Racine 3632; Amori di Zelinda e Lindoro. C. Goldoni Serpo de Madrid, el. c. Vega 2,2 (clas 34)


7,2521 Aebarnians, the. C. Aristophanes 56;57;186 Alexis the czarewitz. Trag. Eustaphieve Amour médicin. Cb, Molière 3:511;2, 4832,4394 Achille. Trak. La Fontaine 44.33

419 (class 30) Amour pour amour. C. La Chaussée 4152 Atbille in Sriro. Metastasio 6,2523 Alfred der Grosze: o. 'Körner

4,532 Amour usé. C. Destonches

7, 4451 Actress of Padua. See Angelo. Alfred the Great. Knowles

Amouis de Bastien et Bastienne. Parodie. Adtiaide da Guesclin. Trag. Voltaire Alienated manor. C. Baille


3137;1418 2,3897;2,4568 Aline. E. Stirling

17,221 Amphitruo (or Amphitryon.) č. Plautus Adelaide or Wulingen. Kötzebue 2,165 Alix. Feuillet


2,03;1,185 Grigitha. Tras. M. G, Lewis 41.921 All for love. Trag. Dryden 12,71;1,107:25, Amphitryon c. "Molière : 3741;4.594 Adelsbi, Terrace 9;150:189 141:1,14:2:2,143:16,19) Anatomist, the. F. Ravenscroft

13,191 Adriano in Siria. Metastasio 4,2523 All in the wrong. C. A. Murphy 1,107:2,191 : Anaximandre. c. Andrieux

3138 Adrieune Lecouvreur. Cd. Scribe et Legouvé | All's fair in love. J. Brougham 21,221 Ancestress. L. E. Landon 2,675 (class 23)

3,3733 All's well that ends well. Shakspeare André del Sarto. A. de Musset. 3396 Adriedis, the actress.' J. Oxenford 28,221 2,24;25;2,61;3,62;5,63;1,64;1,65;5,76; Andrian, the. C. Terence

9;186;189 Adulatore, l'. C. Goldoni 10,2521

3,80;3,124;3,136 Andromache. Trag. Euripides 2,50 Advokaten, die S. Iffland


All that glitters is not gold. ca.' T. and J. Andromaque. Trag. Racine 3124,3632:4461; a. Chatterton

2,47 (class 23)
M. Morton

6493 Æmp. C. Vanbrugh

All the world's à stage. F. G. Brookes See Distrest mother. Æthing', the, W. Dimond 221 37,113 Andy Blake, C. Boucicault

14,113 Agamemnon, Trag. Eschylus 34:52:157 J. Jackman :

2,143 Angel of the attic. Serio-comic dr. T. Mor- Same 836 (class 23) Almansor. Trag. Heine


37,113 Agamemnon. Trag. ' Alfieri 1.1 Alpenhutte. 0. Kotzebue. 33,2202 Angelica. Metastasio

11,2-23 Axamempon. Tras. Lemercier 2,3140 Alphonsus. R. Greene

115 Anvelo. Hugo

341:2, 4605 A. anmune. Trag. Alfieri

2.2322 Alie Leibkutscher Peter des Dritten. Kotze- , Angelo; or, the actress of Padua. Beckett Azathocle. Trag. Voltaire 9,3897;7,4568


23,221 Age, ibe: a colloquial satire. P. J Bailey Alten Liebschaften. 1. Kotzebue 32 2202 Anglois à Bordeaux. C. Favari

4448 503 (clas. 23) Alzira. Trag. A. Hill

1.71:2,1-13 Animal magnetism. F. luchbald 18,113 Aside Trag: Alfieri 5,2522 Alzire. Trag. Voltaire 2,3897;3900;2,4565 Anne Blake. W. Marston,

34, 221 A Trax Ulfieri 3,1 Amadis. Trag-lyr. Quinault

4460 Anne Boleyn. Trag. Boker 1,416 (class 23) Arbete und der Meerman. Dram. Gedicht. Amant bourri, l'. C. Mon vel

3135 - Same

5a (cla 24) Andersen

606 Amante di se medesimo. C. Goldoni 19,2121 Anne Boleyn. Milman . 3,619 (class 23) Agradecas y no amar. c. caideron. 3.2

Amante militaire, l'. C. Goldoni 19,2521 Annette et Lubin. (v. Favart 3137,4448

(class 34) Amanti timidi, gli. C. Goldoci 19,2.521 Anthony and Cleopatra. Burletta. C. Selby Anne. Trag. Sophocles 2,54 Amants magnifiques, les. СЫ. . Moliere

27,113 A IX Trii Sophocles 27;28;51;53;

3541;4594 | Antigone. Trag. 'Alfieri

1.1:1,2522 Ajaxud Ulysses. J. Shirley

6,97 Amasis. Trag. La Grange Chancel 3170 Antigone. Trag. Sophocles 27:25;31; Als !!' imbarazzo. C. Giraud 2518 Amateurs and actors; a musical farce. R.

1,54;1,55 Aladdio

25, 221
B. Peake
20,113 Antigono. Metastasio

S,2523 Alarming sacrifice. P. Buckstone 33,113 Ambassadeur, 1. Cv. Scribe ei melesville Antonio and Mellida. J. Marston

1,83 Albert Yun Thurneisen. Tr. Iffland

4,3736 Antonio Melidori. P. H. Ilayne 154 (class 23) Ambitieux et l' indiscrete, le. 'Tragi-com. Antonio's revenge. J. Marston

1,83 All som inreos. Trag. 'J. Banks


6,4481 Antony and Cleopatra. Trag. Shakspeare Alreded. Zaiamea, Calderon 3,2 (class 34) Ambitious stepmother. Rowe: 1,163

6,24; 25; 6,61; 13,63; 2.64; 12,70; 10,50; A.-**** Tian-lyr. Quinault

Ambitious vengeance. R. Merry 871 (class

9,121; 9,136;2,141 A.centes for Alcestis.) Trag. Euripides

23) Anything for a quiet life. Middleton

4,98 48;50 Ambrose Gwinett. md. D. Jerrold 24,221 Apatista, l'. c. "Goldoni 30,2521

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Apollonius, Prince of Tyre. L. Irvine 1,77 Beatrice, O S. Leland


Bridal. Knowles
Apostate. R. L. Sheil .
8,221 Béatrix. C. Legouvé.
4095 Bride. Baillie

Apparition, the. Plautus 2,53;3,185 Beauty and the beast. Planché. 2,113 Bride of Lammermoor. Calerait

Appius and Virginia. Trag. Webster 3,81 Beaux messieurs de Bois-doré. Dudevant Bride of Messina. Schiller 3,125 (class 33)
Apprentice. F.
A. Murphy 1,107;5,142;

et Meurice
5271 Brigand. Planché

1,143 Beaux' stratagem. c. Farquhar 41;1,107; Brillen-Insel. Phantast.-oper. Kotzebne
Arabische Pulver. Posse nach Hollberg.


27,2202 Beggar of Bethnal Green. Knowles 69:70 British 'slave. J. B. Howe

36, -21
Arcadia. Pastoral. J. Shirley 6,97 Beggar's bush. Beaumont and Fletcher, Brittanicus. Trag. Racine 3125;3632;4+01;
Archi-menteur. C. Destouches 10,4451


Arden of Feversham. Tray. Lillo 2,142,1,143 Beggar's opera. 'J. Gay : 1,107;20,141;5, Broken heart. Trig. Ford

Ariane. Trag. Corneille

142;1,143:18,191 Broken sword. Wm. Dimond 22, 221
Aristodemo. Monti
2329 Beichte die. L. Kotzebue . 37,2202 Brothers. J. Shirley,

Armand. A. C. M. Ritchie 138;27, 221 Bela's Flucht. S. Kotzebue

33, 2202 Brothers. c. Cumberland 1,107;4,142:2, 143
Armas de la hermosura. C. Calderon 3,2 Belagerung von Saragossa. L. Kotzebue Brothers. Terence

(class 34)
28, 2202 Brothers. Trag. E. Young

Arme Minnesärger. S. Kotzebie
31,2202 Bella Selvaggia. C. Goldoni
23,2521 Bruder Moritz. L. Kotzebue

Arme poet. S. Kotzebne
37,2202 Belle Arsene. C. Favart

4448 Bruto primo. Trag. Altieri

Armide. Trag-lyr. Quinault

4460 Belle's stratagem. C.

H. Cowley

1,107; Bruto secondo. Trag. Alfieri 6,2522
Armuth und Edelsinn. L. Kotzebue 5,2202

7,141;1,143,36,221 See First Brutus, Second Brutus,
Arnold and André. G. H. Calvert 11S

Belle-mère. C. Scribe et Bayard
4,3736 Brutus. J. H. Payne

Arraignment of Paris. G. Peele 115 Belphegor. Webb

43,221 Brutus. Trag. Voltaire '3897;3900;1, 453
Art and artifice. J. Brougham 28,221 Belshazzar. Milman 1,619 (class 23) Bubbles of the day. D. Jerrold

Art de conspirer. C. Scribe
1,3733 Ben Bolt. J. B. Johnstone

20,221 Budget d'un jeune ménage. Cv. Scribe et
Artaserse. Metastasio
4,2523; 2530 Ben, the boatswain. T. E. Wilks 19,221


Arte de conspirar. C. Larra 2,25 (class
34) Bengal tiger. F. C. Dance
25,113 Bugiardo. C. Goldoni

Artémire, fragmens d'. Trag. Voltaire 1, Bérénice. Trag. Racide 3632;4461;5493 See Menteur.

456S Beräknappen, die. 0. Körner 4,532 Buona famiglia. C. Goldoni 16,2321
As you like it. c. shakspeare 2,24;25;2,61; Bertrain. Maturin

7.221 Buona madre. C. Goldoni

1,62; 5,63; 1,64; 1, 65; 4,76; 3, S0; 2, 124; Bertrand et Raton. c.' Scribe : 1,3733 Barbero benefico. C. Goldoni 7,2521
3,136;3,141:9,221 Bestohlenen, die, L. Kotzebue 48,2202 Burgraves. Hugo

Asilo d'amore. Festa teat. Metastasio 11, Besuch, der. L. Kotzebue

15,2202 Burla retrocessa. c. Goldoni

2523 Betrothal. Boker

2,416 (class 23) Burlador de Sevilla. C. Molina 4,2 (class 34)
Asinaria. c. Plautus
5,185 Betsy Baker. F. J. M. Morton 24,113 Busiris. Trag. E. Young

Asmodeus. T. Archer

26,221 Better late than nerer, C. Cannon 195 Busy body. C. Centlivre 20,71;2, 107;16,141; Plautus
1,53;5, 18.5 Bettine. C. A. de Musset .


Assassin. C. E. About

3007 Betulia liberata. Metastasio : 10,2523
Astrea placata. Metastasio 11,25:23 Beulah spa. Burletta. C. Dance 36,113 Cæsar. See Julius C.; Mort de César,
Atalanta in Calydon. A.C. Swinburne 154 Beverlei. (an imitation of “The gamester.''] Cagnotte, la. Cv. Labiche et Delacon
Atalantis, W. G. Simms 1,362 (class 23)

Saurin 4462

Atenaide, l'. Metastasio
12, 2523 Bewusztseyn. s.`imand

9,529 Cain; a mystery. Byron 4,35;8,335 (class
Athalie. Trag. Racine 3122;3632;4461;5193 Beyden kleinen Auvergnaten. Kotzebue

Atheist. C. Otway

38,2-02 Caio Graccho. Monti
Athenian captive. Trag. Talrourd

209 Beyden Klingsberg. L. Kotzebue 10,2202 Caius Gracchus. Trag. Knowles 70
Atrée et Thyeste. Trag. Crébillon 4479 Bianca Capello. Trag. L. Osborn 227 Calaynos. Trag. Boker. 416 (class 23); 5a
- See Pelopides
7,4569 Bienfait anonyme. C. Pilhes 1,4852

(class 21)
Attilio Regolo. Metastasio

7,2523; 25:30
Bird in a cage J. Shirley
2,97 Caliste. Trag. colardean:

Atys. Tray-lyr. Quinault

Birds. C. Aristophanes · 8;46;2,50;1,57 Call at No. 1-7. F. J. Triplet 36,113
Aucassin et Nicolette. C. Sédaine
4463 Biter. N. Rowe.
2,163 Calomnie. C. Scribe

Aucbindrane. Trag. Sir W. Scott 6, 204 Bizarrias de Belisa. c. vega 2,2 (class' 34) Calvary. Trag. L. Osborn

(class 23) Black-eyed Susan. D. Jerrold . 59;30, 221 Camaraderie. C. Scribe

Auguste et Théodore. c. see Le Texier Blanche et Guiscard. Trag. Saurin 4462 Cameriera brillante. C. Goldoni 6,221

Blanche of Brandywine

26,221 Camilla Cv. Scribe et Bayard 7,3736
Aulularia. Plautus

Bleeding nun. M. G. Lewis

24,221 Camilla's husband. W. Phillips 41,21
Austeuer, S. Mand

6,529 Blighted being. F. T. Taylor . 31,113 Camille. From the French of A. Dumas
Author. Foote
5,112 Blind geladen. L. Kotzebue 33, 2202


Author's farce. i. Fielding

1,192 Blinde gärtuer. Liedersp. Kotzebue 44,2202 Camp des bourgeoises. Dumanoir 3190
Autre Tartuffe, le, ou La mère coupable. Blinde Liebe. L. Kotzebue 21,2202 Campaspe. J. Lilly
3,4832 Bloody brother. Beaumont and Fletcher Campiella. c. Goldoni

See Mère coupable.

1,40 Caprice. C. 0. S. Leland

Avant, pendant, et apres. Scribe, et de Bloomer costume: F. 'E. Stirling

6,113 Caprice, un. C.

A de Musset


5,3736 Blot in the 'scutcheon. R Browning 2,262 Caprices de Mariamue. A. de Musset 3596
Avare. C. Moliere

(class 23) Capitaën Belrunde. L. Kotzebue. Von
Avaro. C. Goldoni
21,2321 Blue devils. Ct. 'Colman, jr. : 9,221


Avaro fastoso. C. Goldoni
6,2121 Blumen. Körner

4,532 Captain. Beaumont and Fletcher 1,40
Avenger. Md.
H. Lee

30, 221 Blurt, master-constabie. T. Middleton 1,95 Captain of the watch. F. J. R. Planche
Avocat chansonnier. Proverbe. 'D'Orvigny Boadicea. Trag. Glover

6,71;2, 142


Avocat Patelin. c. Brueys et Pålaprat 1145 Boda y el duelo. C. Martinez de la Rosa
Buba para los otros. c. vega 2,2 (class 34) Captain Kyd. J. s. Jones

Captain's hot amiss. F. T. E. Wilks 20,115
Avventure della villeggiatura. C. 'Goldoni

2,1 (class 34)
Bold dragoons. ca. M. Barnett

Captives C. Plautus


18.221 See Gefangene.
Avventuriere onorato. Goldoni

1,2321 Bold stroke for a husband. C. H. Cowley Caractacus, Dr. poem. W. Mason 16,71;
Avvocato Veneziano. C. Goldoni 3,2321


Awkward arrival. C. J. S. Coyne 12,113
Bold stroke for a wife.' c. Ceutlivre Cardinal. J. Shirley :

Aylmere. R. T. Conrad


18,71;2, 107;4, 142;1,143;11,191 Careless husband. C. Cibber 28,71:13 a od
Bombastes furioso. Burl, trag. op. T. B.

23,141;3,142,2, 143
Bacchæ, or Bacchanals. Trag. Euripides.

6,113 Carmelite. Trag.' Cumberland

1,80;836 (class 23) Bon papa. Cv. Scribe et Mélesville 2.3736

Carinosine, A. de Musset.

48;1,50 (class 24) Bon ton; or, High life above stairs. Gar- Carolus Magnus. L. Kotzebue 22,22
Bacchides. Plantas


5,142;1,143 Carpenter of Rouen. J. S. Jones 16,221
Bachelor of arts. Ca. 'P. Hardwicke 35,221 Bondman. Trag. Massinger 21;1,142 Carthaginian, the. Plautus 2, 53,4,153
Bachelor's bed-room. Comic scene.

C. Bonduca, Beaumont and Fletcher 2,10 Casa con dos puertas mala es de guardar.
23.113 Altered by Colman

C. Calderon

3,2 (class 34)
Bäbbel. P. Kotzebue
35.2012 Boots at the Swan. F. C. Selby 1,113 Case is altered. B. Jonson

Bajazet. Trag. Racine 3632;4461;5193 Borderers. Trag. Wordsworth 1,453 (class Case of couscience. Tuch bald 1269 (class 30)
Bail Chapman and Shirley

23) Casina. C. Plautus

2, 3;3,185
Ballet extravagant. C. Palaprat 14-15 Born to good luck. F.' T. Power

6,113 Casket. Plautus

Bamboozling. F. T. E. Wilks 3,113 Bossu. See Duke's daughter.

Castalda, C. Goldoni

Banca rotta. C. Goldoni

22,2.121 Bottega del caffè. C. Goldoni 1,2521 Castigo de la miseria. c J. de la Hua
Barbarossa. Trag. Brown 16,71;5,141; Bottle. T. P. Taylor .


5,2 (class 3+)
2,142;1,143:13, 191 Buona Moglie. c. Goldoni


Castle of Andalusia.' com. op. O Kele
Barney, the baron. F.'
23,113 Bourgevis gentilhomme. Cb. Molière 354);

Baron d'Otranto. C. Voltaire :
6, 486S

Baron d'Otraute. Opéra buffa. Voltaire. Bonrgeoises de qualité. c.

Castle spectre. Dr. romance. M. G. Lewis
Dancourt 3133

Barrack room. Mus. burl. 'Bayiy

Bourgmestre de Sardam. Va. Múlesville, Catilina Trig Crébillon
Merle et Boirie.
4181 --Voltaire

6,3-97:4, 4SS
Bartholomew fair. B. Jonson

45 Box and Cox. F.

J. M. Morton
3,113 Catiline. G. Croiy :

960 (class 23)
Baruffe Chiozzotte, C. Goldoni 30.2321 Box and Cox married and settled. J. S. B. Jopson
Bashful lover. Tragi-com. Massinger 21 Coyue

7,113 Cato. Trag. Addison 1,71:3, 107;1,142; 1,143
Bataille de dames. C. Scribe et Legouvé. Boy mariyrs. Hist. drama, Tayieure 32,921 Catone in Utica. Metastasio
3,3733,0356 Braggard captain. Planens 2,53;1,185 ! Cat paw. C. D. Jerrold

Sec Ladies' battle,

Brandschatzung. L. Kotzebue 50,2202 Cavalier di spirito. C, Goldoni 341,2321
Battle of Alcazar. G. Peele
115 Braut. L. Körper

3,032 Cavalier giocondo. C. Goldoni 22.2321
Battle of Hastings. Trag. Camberland 6,71 Breach of promise. C. Buckstone 35,221 Cavaliere di bon gusto. C. Goldupi
Bayard. S. Kotzebue
14.2202 Brian Boroihine. Knowles

Beala enamorada. C. Molina 5,2 (class 34) | Brian O'Limu. F.


8,113 Cavaliere e la dama. c. Goldoni


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