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Dialogues. Lucian. Selections

33-422 Northend, C. Entertaining d. : 33-561

See Readers and speakers. Dialogues des morts. Fénélon

34-3307 Dialogues et entretiens philosophiques. Voltaire. V. 32

34-4868 Dialogues of the dead. Fénéion

33-656 G. Lyttleton

33-50 Dialogues, poems, songs, and ballads, by various

writers, in the Westmoreland and Cumberland dialects; with glossary. L., 1839

22-1274 Dialogues upon the usefulness of ancient medals,

especially in relation to the Latin and Greek poets. J. Addison. L., 1746

33-841 Diamante, J. B. El honrador de su padre. T. T. E. v. 5

34-2 Diamants , les. J. de Saint-Felix

34-4619 Diamond cross. C. Moreton

18-2254 Diamond cross. W. B. Phillips

18–2495 Diamond necklace. See La Motte Valois. Diamonds. See Gems, jewels, and precious stones. Diana of Meridor. A. Dumas

18-929 Diane de Lys. A. Dumas fils

34-3283 Diane et Blanche. X. de Montépin 34–4131 Diane et Louise. F. Soulié

34-3764 Diaries of a lady of quality. F. W. Wynn 274-1249 Diarrhæa and cholera. J. Chapman

10-666 See Acholic discases. Diary of a blasé. Fr. Marryat

18-2095 Diary of a desennuyée

18–851 Diary of a dutiful son. T. G. Fonnereau 33–1100 Diary of an ennuyée. A. Jameson

276-444 Same

v. 2 of 33–1154 Diary of Lady Willoughby. H. M. Rathbone

18–2577 Diary of a milliner, the.' Belle Otis

18-3972 Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan. Mrs. Charles

18-854 Diary of an old doctor. J. A. Maitland

18-2021 Diary of a physician. S. Warren

18–3460 Diary of a poor young gentlewoman ; trans. from the

German by M. A. Childs. L., 1860 18–3743 Diary of a Samaritan. (By a member of the Howard association of New Orleans.) N. Y., 1860

10–745 Diary of a southern refugee during the war; by a

lady of Virginia. Ñ. Y., 1867 26__956 Diaz del Castillo, B. Memoirs, written by himself,

containing a true and full account of the dis-
covery and conquest of Mexico and New
Spain; trans. by J. I. Lockhart. L., 1844.
2 v.

264_37 True history of the conquest of Mexico; trans.

by M. Keatinge. L., 1803. 2 v. 8° 26–38 Same. L., 1800. 40

264_1005 Dibdin, c. Complete history of the English stage. L., 1795. 5 y. 80

24-179 Datchet Meade ; a serenata

5–872 The lord of the manor ; altered from Burgoyne. D. L. T. y. 7

24-107 The quaker. B. D. v. 1

24-143 Same, D. L. T. y. 9

24-107 Dibdin, C., jr. The farmer's wife. D. L. T. v. 5

24-107 My spouse

and 1. D. l. T. v.7 24-107 Dibdin, T. Heart of Mid-Lothian. F's S. D. v. 22

24-221 Ivanhoe. 'F's S. D. v. 40

24-221 The lady of the lake. F's S. D. v. 35 24-221 London theatre. A collection of the most cele

brated dramatic pieces, from copies used in the theatres. L., 1815

24-107 Reminiscences. N. Y., 1828. 80 30-133 The school for prejudice; a comedy. I. B. T. v. 25

24-141 Twenty per cent. D. L. T. v. 11 :

24-107 Dibdin, T. F. Bibliographical, antiquarian, and

picturesque tour in France and Germany. 2d ed. L., 1829. 3 y. 8°


Dibdin, T. F. The bibliomania ; or, book-madness. L., 1809. 80

21-155 Bibliophobia. Remarks on the present state of

literature and the book trade, addressed to the author of the Bibliomania. By Mercurius Rusticus; with notes by Cato Parvus. L., 1832

21-157 The library companion ; or, the young man's guide and the old man's comfort in the choice

of a library. 2d ed. L., 1825. 8° 21-156 Sermons, doctrinal and practical. L., 1820. 8°

32-2137 See Beresford, J. Bibliosophia

21-15 Dicey, E. Battle-fields of 1866. L., 1866. 80

276–875 Cavour; a memoir. 2d ed. Camb., 1861 30-1373 A month in Russia during the marriage of the czarevitch. L., 1867. go

271_884 Rome in 1860. Camb., 1861

276-615 Six months in the federal states. L. and Camb., 1863. 2 v.

200_440 Dichter und Kaufmann.' B. Auerbach

34-584 Dichters ba zar. H. C, Andersen.

34-607 Dick, J. Lectures on theology,


a memoir. N. Y., 1859. 2 v. 89

32-1347 Dick, T. Celestial scenery; or, the wonders of the planetary system displayed. N. Y., 1839

12-3 Same. Ph., 1838

12-4 The Christian philosopher: or,

the connection of science nd philosophy. Ph., 1843

32-2302 - On the improvement of society by the diffusion of knowledge. N. Y., 1833

13-66 Same. Ph., 1848

13-67 The philosophy of a future state. Ph., 1843

32-2303 The philosophy of religion ; or, an illustration of the moral laws of the universe. Ph., 1843

32-2301 Practical astronomer. N. y., 1846 12-6 Sidereal heavens, and other subjects connected with astronomy. N. Y., 1840

12-5 Essay on the sin and evils of covetousness. N. Y., 1836

32-2300 Dick and his friend Fidus. Miss C. M. Trowbridge

18-3317 Dick Moon en France. F. Wey

34-5258 Dick Onslow. W. H. G. Kingston

18-1764 Dick Wilson. J. K. Cornyn

18–749 Dickens, C. American notes for general circulation. Leip., 1842

261–143 Same. L., 1863

26b-144 American notes, change for, by an American lady

18-3649 Barnabé Rudge - Roman anglais. P., 1858. 2 v.

34-4034 Barnaby Rudge

· 18-855,870 Battle of life, and Haunted man 18-856,8 Bleak house

18-857 Child's history of England. N. Y., 1853,4. 2 v.

274_330 Christmas stories. 1843. A Christmas carol

184858 1844. The chimes

18-858 1845. Cricket on the hearth

18-858 1846. Battle of life

18–856,8 1848. The haunted man and the ghost's bargain

18–856,8,67 *** Christmas numbers' of Household words by Dickens and others. 1850

v. 2 of 17-116 1851. What Christmas is to everybody

v. 4 of 17-116 1852. A round of stories by the Christmas fire

v. 6 of 17-116 1853. Another round of stories by the Christmas fire

17-116; 18–858 1854. Seven poor travellers

18–8.58 1855. Holly tree inn

. 12 of 17–116

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Dickens, C. Christmas stories.

Dickinson, Rodolphus. Elements of geography, 1856. Wreck of the Golden Mary

v. 14 of
B., 1813. 80

25-16 17-116 ; 18–858 ; v. 3 of 18-2346

- A new and corrected version of the new testa1857. Perils of certain English prisoners


32-2046 v. 16 of 17-116; v. 7 of 18-2346 Dickinson, R. W. Religion teaching by example; 1858. "House to let v. 18 of 17-116 ; v. 10

or, scenes from sacred history. 2d ed. N. of 18-2346 Y., 1849

32-1152 “ Christmas numbers" of All the year round Dickinson,

W. II. On the pathology and treatment by Dickens and others.

of albuminaria. N. Y., 1868. 8° 10–819 18:59. The haunted house

17-156 Dickson, A. F. Hazael; or, know thyself. Ph., 1860. Message from the sea


32-675 1861. Tom Tiddler's ground

18-858 Dickson, J. H. Fibre plants of India, Africa, and 1862. Somebody's luggage

our colonies. L. go

1-223 1863. Mrs. Lirriper's lodgings 184858 Dickson, S. Fallacies of the faculty, with the prin1864. Mrs. Lirriper's legacy


ciples of clironothermal medicine. L., 1865. 1865. Dr. Marigold's prescriptions 18–858 go

10-307 1866. Mugby junction

18-858 Same, with introduction and notes by w. 1867. No thoroughfare

Turner. N. Y., 1854. 80

10-307 Count Ludwig

18–877,3650 Dickson, s. H. Essays on life,' sleep, pain, &c. David Copperfield

Ph., 1852

10–152 Dombey and son

18-864 Studies in pathology and therapeutics. N. Y., Great expectations


10-757 Hard times

18–866 Dickson, w. s. Narrative of confinement and exile. The haunted man and the ghost's bargain

2d ed. Dub., 1812. 8°

30-2345 18-856,8,67 Dickson, W. B. Poultry, their breeding, rearing, Hunted down; and the Uncommercial traveller diseases, and general management. New


edition, incorporating the treatise of B. Mow. Lamplighter's story, and other nouvellettes

bray, with corrections and large additions by 18–860 Mrs. Loudon. L., 1853

4-240 L'ami commun. [Our mutunl friend. ] Trad. Dickson. See Dixon.

par Mme H. Loreau. v. 1. P., 1867 34–4033 Dictionaries. See Agriculture ; Americanisms: ArLittle Dorrit


chitecture; Art; Arts; Bible ; Bibliography; Martin Chuzzlewit


Biography ; Chemistry ; Chronology ; ClasMaster Humphrey's clock (containing “Old sical ; Cochin Chinese; Commerce ; Coptic; curiosity shop" and "Barnaby Rudge”]

Cyclopædia ; Domestic economy ; Encyclo18-870

pædia; Engineering ; English ; Fine arts; Memoirs of J. Grimaldi; edited by Boz;" with French; Greek; Hawaiian ; Hebrew ; His

illustrations by G. Cruikshank ; revised by C. tory; Italian ; Latin ; Mathematics; MediWhitehead. L., 1853


cine ; Merchandise ; Military and naval arts, Message from the sea; and the Uncommercial

etc. ; Music ; Natural history ; Natural phitraveller


Josophy ; Philosophy; Photography; Roman; Nicholas Nickleby


Rural economy ; Science ; Spanislı ; Women. Old curiosity shop

18-870,873 Dictionarium polygraphicum ; or, the whole body Oliver Twist


of arts regularly digested. L., 1835. 2 v. go Our mutual friend 18-883

5–495 Same in French

34-4033 Dictionary of contemporary biography. L., 1861 Paris et Londres en 1793—Roman anglais. P.,

30-1709 1861

34-4037 Dictionary of country affairs, handicraft, trading, Pictures from Italy. N. Y.,


and merchandising. L., 1704. go 4-292 Posthumous papers of the Pickwick club 18–876 Dictionary of daily wants. L., (1858–60. ]

3 y. Readings, as condensed by himself 18-878

33-1252 Short stories

18-879 Dictionary of Shakespearian quotations. T. Dolly . Sketches by Boz

Ph., 1853

24-202 Tale of two cities

18–881 Dictionary of universal information. Beeton The uncommercial traveller 18–871,882

33-781 and others. Pic-nic papers

18-871 Dictionnaire de conversation. M. w. Duckett Sve All the year round 17–145; Household

34-3989 words

17-116 Dictionnaire, 'historique et critique.' P. Bayle Child-pictures from. N. Y., 1868 18-3992

34-4974 Dickens' little folks. Boy Joe and Samuel Weller, Dictionnaire universelle de commerce, d'histoire the. From “Pickwick papers” 18-3980

naturelle, et des arts. J. et P. L. Savary Child-wife, the. From "David Copperfield"

34-4963 18-3981 Didactics : social, literary, and political. R. Walsh Dame Durden.' From Bleak House 18-3982

33-253 Dolly Varden. From Barnaby Rudge" – See Education.

18-3983 Diday, P. Syphilis in new-born children and infants – Little Nell. From old curiosity shop" 18-3985 at the breast. L., 1859. 8°

10-691 Oliver and the Jew Fagin. From

" Oliver

Diderot, D. Le neveu de Rameau. Introduction

par Ch. Asselineau. P., 1862

34-5225 Sissy Jupe. From "Hard times"

18-3988 Didier, E. Régina di San Gennaro. P., 1864 Smike. From "Nicholas Nickleby" 18-3989

34-4342 Two daughters, the. From “Martin Chuzzle- Didier, F. J. Letters from Paris and other cities of wit"

18-3991 France, Holland, &c., written during a tour Dickeson, M. W.

The American numismatical and residence in these countries in 1816-20. manual. Ph., 1859. 40

N. Y., 1821. 80

276_640 Dickie, G. See McCosh, J.

Didot, A. F. Observations sur orthographe ou orDickins, F. V. See Hyak Nin Is'shiu.

tografie française, suivies d'une histoire de la Dickinson, D. S. Speeches, correspondence, etc. réforme orthographique depuis le XVe siècle

Ed., with biog., by J. R. Dickinson. N. Y., jusqu'à nos jours. 2me ed. P., 1868. 80
1867. 2 v. 80


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Didron, M. Christian iconograplıy; or, the history | Diptheria. Slade, D. D. Nature, treatment, and of Christian art in the middle ages ; trans. by history

10-654 E. J. Millington. v. 1. L., 1851 5–480 Trall

, R. T. Nature, prevention, and treatment Didymus, H. New Orleans as I found it 18–3648


10-334 Dies Borealis. J. Wilson

18-3541 See Throat. Diet. See Cookery ; Corpulence; Digestion ; Food; Diplomacy. Chesney, F. R. Russo-Turkish camRegimen.


274_2884 Dietrich, A. See Russian popular tales.

Dumont, J. Corps universel diplomatique du Dieu dispose. A. Dumas

droit des gens

34-4965, 6 Dieu et diable. A. Dumas 34-4.516 Goldsmith, L. Crimes of cabinets

274_1734 Diez, F. Introduction to the grammar of the History of embassies and foreign courts 292–200

romance languages. L., 1863. 8° 22-74 Horne, T. H. Diplomacy vol. 80 of 2–55,185 Differential calculus. See Calculus.

Negociations secretes touchant la paix de MunDifferential equations. Airy, G. B. Partial d. e.

ster. J. Le Clerc

34-4970 14-169 Lyman, T. D. of the U. S.

26_693 Boole, G. Treatise on

14–24 Papers relating to foreign affairs 26_775 Diffusion of knowledge. T. Dick

13–66,7 Roussel, J. Ceremonial dipl. des cours de Digby, K. H. Broad stone of honor; or, the true l'Europe

34-4969 sense and practice of chivalry. Godefridus, Rush, R. Residence at the court of London Morus, and Tancredus. L., 1846–8. 3 v.

276_19 33–867 to 9 Smyth, Mrs. Gi Romance of 30-2324 Digby Grand.' G. J. W. Melville

18–2175 Sparks, J. Dipl. correspondence of the revoluDigestion. Beaumont, W. Experiments on gas- tion

263_773 tric juice

of the U. s.

262_771 Chambers, T. K. The indigestions

10-725 Trescott, W. H. Diplomatic history 264_365 Comhe, A. Physiology of d.

D. of the revolution

26a_289 Gastric regions and victualling department Webster, D. Diplomatic and official papers 10-455

26_759 Graham, T. J.' Treatise on indigestions 10–53 See names of governments. Johnson, J. Essay on indigestion 10–209 Diplomatist, adventures of a roving. H. Wikoff Leared, A. Imperfect d: 10-246

276-190 Philip, A. P. W Protracted indigestion 10–89 Dippers dipt. 'D. Featley

32–2362 Prout, w. The function of d.

11-59 Dircks, H. The ghost ! as produced in the spectre See Dyspepsia ; Food ; Stomach.

drama. L., 1863

24–168 Digests. Hunter, J. Introduction to the writing Life, times, and scientific labors of the Marquis of d.


of Worcester, with a reprint of his Century of See names of governmenis.

inventions, with a commentary thereon. L., Dikes and ditches. W. T. Adams

1865. 8°

30–1663 Diligence, la. A. Ricard

34-4826 Memoir of Samuel Hartlib; with bibliographical Dillon, H. A. Lite and opinions of Sir Richard notices, and a reprint of “ An invention of Maltravers

engines of motion." L.

30–1938 Dillon, W. See Roscommon, earl of.

Perpetuum mobile; or, search for self-niotive Dilworth, T. Young book-keeper's assistant; or, power, during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centhe Italian way of stating debtor and creditor.

turies. L., 1861

11-281 L., 1792 1-24 Disappointed ambition. A. M. Stewart

18-3017 Same. Wilmington, 1798. go

1-25 Discarded daughter. Mrs. South worth 18–2973 Dime a day. See Robinson, S. How to live 6-216 Discipline. Mary Brunton

18-40.7 Dimmick, F. M. Anna Clayton ; or, the inquirer Discours sur la femme. A. Monod

34-3547 after truth

18-3783 Discourses on retirement and self-denial. N. Y, Dimmick, L. F. Discourse on the moral influence 1857

32-2251 of railroads. Newburyport, 1841

32-247 Discoverie of the true causes why Ireland was neuer Dimock, J. F. (ed.) Metrical life of St. Hugh, entirely subdued. J. Davies 274_1423

bishop of Lincoln, with introduction and notes. Discovery and discoveries. Beckman, J. History
Lincoln, 1860

of discoveries

6-818 Dimond, W. 'The Æthiop. F's s. D. v. 18 24-221 Burney, J. Hist. of voyages of discovery The broken sword. F's S. D. v. 22 24-221

29h-298 The lady and the devil. F's S. D. v. 30 24–221 Cooley, W. D. Maritime and inland discovery Dimond. See Dymond.

291-115 Dipah. M. A. Moore

18-2247 Falconer, T. Discovery of the Mississippi Dining and dinners. Brillai-Savarin.' Handbook

266-661 of dining

10–506 Fleurieu, C. P. C. de. Southeast of New Guinen, Kirwan. Dinners, wines, and desserts 6–193


296_525 Toasts and sentiments

20–207 Timbs, J. Illustrated book of discoveries 6-929 See Cookery ; Domestic economy ; Food.

Whewell, W. Philosophy of

15-16-1 Dinks. See Herbert, H. W.

See Voyages. Dinorah (Le pardon de Ploërmel). G. Meyerbeer Discussions on the constitution proposed to the peo


ple of Massachusetts by the convention of Diodorus Siculus. Bibliotheca historica. Ex. recog. 1853. B., 1854. 80

2-9.50 I. Bekkeri. Leip., 1853,4. 4 v. 34-314 Disease and diseases. Abernethy, J. Anatomy, Historical library of Diodorus the Sicilian, with surgery, and pathology

10-1 the Fragments of Diodorus, and those pub- Barclay, A. W. Medical diagnosis 10–353 lished by H. Valesius, I. Rhodomannus, and Bigelow, J. Nature and disease 10–214 F. Ursinus; trans. by G. Bootin. L., 1814. Brodie, B. C. Pathology and surgery 10_712 2 v. go

2949 Chambers, T. K. Renewal of life 10–552 Diogenes Laërtius. Lives and opinions of eminent Corfe, G. Physiognomy of diseases 10-1003

philosophers; trans. by C. D. Yonge. L., Da Costa, J. M. Medical diagnosis 10-431
15–184 Darwin, E. Zoonomia

10–706 Diphtheria. Chatto, J.' Bibliography of 10-693 Dickson, S. H. Studies in pathology and theraNeidhard, C. Homeopathic view of 10-759


10-757 Semple, R. H. (ed.) Memoirs on 10-693 Dobell, H. Germs and vestiges of disease 10–281

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Disease and diseases. Duncan, J. F. God in dis- Disraeli, I. Calamities and quarrels of authors;


with some inquiries respecting their moral - Gavin, H. Feigned and factitious d.


and literary characters, and memoirs for our Gottlieb, G. Atlas of pathological histology

literary history. New ed. Ed. by B. Disraeli. 10-434 L., 1859

22-1019,24 Hahnemann, s. On clironic diseases 10-292 Curiosities of literature. B., 1834. 3 v. 22-1021 Henle, J. General pathology


Same. 2d series. L., 1824. 3 v. 22-1020 Hufeland, C. G. Manuel de médicine pratique Genius of Judaism. L., 1833

32-1859 34-4935 Literary character; or, the history of men of Jones, H. B. · Applications of chemistry and genius, drawn from their own feelings and mechanics to pathology


confessions. Literary miscellanies; and an Knapp, M. L. Researches on primary pathology inquiry into the character of James I. Ed.

by B. Disraeli. L., 1859

22-1023,4 - Parkin, J. Causation and prevention of disease Miscellanies of literature. L., 1840. 8. 22-1024

10–188 Quarrels of authors; or, some memoirs for our Tanner, T. h.' Index of diseases 10-732 literary history, including specimens of conTissot, 8. A. D. of sedentary persons


troversy to the reign of Elizabeth. N. Y., See Epidemics; Insanity ; Hospitals ; Materia

1814. 2 v.

22-1025,1019 medica anıl therapeutics; Medicine; Mind; and Dissent, the practical evils of

32-2365 names of particular diseases, and parts affected. Dissent from the church of England justified. TowDiseases of women and children. Ashwell, S. D. good

32-1571 peculiar to women

10-636 Dissenters. Bogne & Benneti. History of 32–1523 Bernutz, G., and E. Goupil

. Clinical memoirs Calamy, E. Nonconformist's memorial 30-1623

10-835 See Church of England ; and names of particuBlundell, J. D. of women


Jar denominations. Brown, 1. B. Some d. admitting of surgical Dissertation upon parties ; in several letters to Caleb treatment


D'Anvers. 7th ed. L., 1799. 80 274_332 Hillier, J. Diseases of children

10-858 Distilling. Byrn, M. L. Complete practical disGoocb. Diseases of w. and c.


6-303 Hodge, H. L. D. peculiar to women 10-367 Hall, H. The distiller

6-494 Klob, J. M. . Pathological anatomy of the sexual Distinctions in society. S. Heywood

2-707 10-780 Distinguished men of modern times. L. E. K. L., Patterson, J. New treatment of

1838. 4 v.

30–1982 Simpson, J. Y. Clinical lectures 10-451 Same. n. Y., 1840. 2 v.

30-323 Smedley, Mrs. Manual of hydropathy for 10–582 Distribution of wealth. R. Jones

3-126 Thomas, T. G. Practical treatise on 10-804 District of Columbia, census of, 1867. Report of. Tilt, E. J. Female hygiene

F. B. Hough

262_1022 Diseases of menstruation and ovarian in- Howe, H. Sketch of

262_103 flammation.

10-507 Disturnell, J. The great lakes; or, inland seas of West, C. Lectures on

America. N. Y., 1863

266-445 Williamson, W. Homeopathic treatment of Influence of climate in N. and s. America. N.

Y., 1867. 80

25-181 - See Obstetrics Children ; Parturition.

Post-office directory for 1866 :

25-298 Disgrace to the family.. W. B. Jerrold 18-1684 Ditson, G. L. Circassia ; or, a tour to the Caucasus. Disinfection. Bartholomew, R. Principles and

N. Y., 1850. 8°

286-132 practice of

10-756 Crescent and French crusaders. N. Y., 1859 Disosway, G. P. Earliest churches of New York

286-262 and its vicinity. N. Y., 1865. 8° 32-1846 Diutiska. G. Solling

22-1215 Disowned. E. L. Bulwer 18–475 Diuturnity. R. Abbey

32-1843 Dispensatory.

Christison, R. Cominentary on Divers. Esquiros, A. English seameu and d. pharmacopæias 10-371

276-609 King, John. American dispensatory 10-857 Diversions of Purley. j. h. Tooke

22-254 Wood and Bache. Dispensatory of the U. S. Divina commedia. See Dante Alighieri. 10-549 Divination. M. T. Cicero

33-186 – Sce Materia medica, therapeutics, and phar- Divine attributes, the, etc. E. Swedenborg 32-1883 macy.

Divine comedy. See Dante Alighieri. Disraeli, B. Alroy: a romance

18-901 Divine human in the scriptures. T. Lewis 32–1574 Coningshy; or, the new generation 18-894 Divine inspiration. E. Henderson

32-594 Contarini Fleming 18–895 Divine life. J. Kennedy

32-692 Henrietta Temple : a love story

18–896 Divine rule of faith and practice. W. Goode 32–1707 Lord George Bentinck: a political biography. Divinity. Hill, G.

Divinity. Hill, G. Lectures in

32-1351 L., 1858

30-1092 See Theology. Novels

18–903 Divorce. Woolsey, T. D. D. and d. laws in U. S. Parliamentary reform: a series of speeches, [New Englander, v. 26,7]

17-79 (1848–1866.) Ed. by M. Corry. L., 1867. See Marriage. 80 2-637 Divorce, un. A. Léo

34-4919 Revolutionary epic. L.,


23–746 Dix, J. A. Speeches and occasional addresses. Sybil; or, the two nations

N, Y., 1864. 2 v. 80

33-684 Tancred; or, the new crusade

18-898 Winter in Madeira, and a summer in Spain and Venetia

Florence. N. Y., 1850

27-236 Vivian Grey

18-900 Dix, J. R. Lions, living and dead; or, personal The young duke

18-902,20886 recollections of the great and gifted. L., 1854 MacKnight, T. Biography of 30-1137

30–798 Disraeli, I. Amenities of literature, consisting of

Pen and ink sketches of authors and authorsketches and characters of English literature.

L., 1852

30-1717 N. Y., 1841. 2 v.

22-1018 Pulpit portraits; or, pen pictures of distin. Commentaries on the life and reign of Charles guished American divines; with sketches of I. L., 1851. 2 v. 80


congregations and choirs, and incidental no. Curiosities of literature. [First and 2d series. ] tices of eminent British preachers. B., 1854 B., 1834. 5 v. 22-1022


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Dix, J. R. Pen pictures of popular English preach- Docteur Servans, le. A. Dumas fils 34-3284

with limnings of listeners in church and Doctor, the.

R. Southey

chapel. L., 1832
32–389 Doctor Antonio. G. Ruffini

Dix, W. G. The unholy alliance: an American Doctor Austen's guests. W. Gilbert 18-3930
view of the war in the east. N. Y., 1855 Doctor Birch. W. M. Thackeray

274-2888 Doctor Faustus. Roscoe, T. German novelists
Dix ans d'études historiques.' A. Thierry 34-4367

v. 1 of 18-3785
Dix ans de prison. M. Bernard
34-3081 Doctor Johns. D. G. Mitchell

Dix ans plus tard. A. Dumas
34-3209 Doctor Kemp. Gilbert Rugge

Dix années d'exil. Mme de Staêl-Holstein 34-3818 Doctor Mills's marriage, and what came of it
Dixey speller. [Confederate states] 264-2004

Dixon, Ė. H. Back-bone; photographed from "the Doctor oidham at Greystones. c.'s. Henry 18–905
scalpel.” N. Y., 1866
10-722 Doctor Thorne. A. Trollope

- The scalpel: a journal of health, adapted to Doctor Wilmer's love. Margaret Lee : 18-3952
popular and professional reading, and the ex- Doctor's wife. Miss M. E. Braddon

posure of quackery. N. Y., 1849–56. 4 v. 80 Doctors. See Physicians.

10–297 Doctrine. Bernard, T. D. Progress of d. in the
Dixon, Ė. s.
The dovecote and the aviary; new testament

sketches the natural history of pigeons and – Donaldson, J. Critical history of Christian d.
other domestic birds in a captive state, with

hints for their management. L., 18519-539 Hagenbach, K. R. History of doctrines 32-713
Treatise on the history and management of Neander, A. History of Christian dogmas 32-795
poultry. Ph., 1851

4-50 Shedd, W. G. T. History of Christian d. 32-1113
Dixon, w. H. The holy land ; with illustrations See Church; Theology ; Sects and denomina-
from original drawings and photographs. L.,

1865. 8°

28b_479 Documents relating to the colonial history of New
John Howard and the prison world of Europe ; York. E. B. O'Callaghan

with an introductory essay by R. W. Dickin- Documents relating to the manufacture of iron in
N. Y., 1856


Penna. ; published on behalf of the conven-
London prisons ; with an account of the more tion of iron-masters of Dec., 1849. Ph., 1850.
distinguished persons who have been confined


in them, with a description of the chief pro- Documents relating to the settlement of the church
vincial prisons. L., 1850

of England. G. Gould

New America. L., 1867. 2 v. 80 269–584e | Dodd, C. R. Manual of dignities, privilege, and
Same. Ph., 1867. 80

266-584 precedence, including lists of the great public
Personal history of Lord Bacon, from unpub- functionaries, from the revolution to the pres-

ent time. L., 1843

Robert Blake, admiral and general at sea ; based Dodd, G. Chambers

' handy guide to London. L.,
on family and state papers. L., 1852 30–1211


Same. L., 1858

30-1211a Curiosities of industry and the applied sciences.
Spiritual wives. Ph., 1868. go

L., 1852. 80

story of Lord Bacon's life. L., 1862 30–1406 The food of London. L., 1856

William Penn: an historical biography, from Where do we get it, and how is it made ? &

new sources; with an extra chapter on the familiar account of the modes of supplying our
“Macaulay charges.' Ph., 1851 30-653

every-day wants, and luxuries. L. 6-171
Dixon, J. H. Ballads and songs of the peasantry of Dodd, M. A. Poems. Hartford, 1844 23-71

England; taken down from oral recitation, Dodd, W. Life and beauties of Shakspeare; com-
and transcribed from private manuscripts, rare prising careful selections from each play ; with
broadsides, and scarce publications. Ed. by a general index. B:, 1853

R. Bell. L.
23-811 Dodd family abroad. C. Lever

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Burlington, 1846.89


mon assurances. Ed. by E. Hilliarul. Ph.,
“Songs by the way, arranged by W. c. 1840. 8°

v. 30 & 31 of 2-56
Doane. N. Y., 1860. 80

30–1434 Doddridge, P. Life of Col. J. Gardiner; with the
Doane, W. C. Memoir of G. W. Doane. N. Y., Christian warrior animated and crowned.

N. Y., 1847

Dobell, H. Lectures on the germs and vestiges of Rise and progress of religion in the soul. N.
disease, and on the prevention of the invasion Y., 1859

and fatality of disease by periodical examina- Same, with an introductory essay by J.
tions. L., 1861. 80

Foster. B., 1835

Dobell, S. Poems. B., 1860

23–569 - Harsha, D. A. Life of; with specimens of his
Dobie, D. Key to the Bible: an exposition of the style

history, axioms, and general laws of sacred See Comprehensive commentary.
interpretation. N, Y., 1856

32-182 Dodds, J. The fifty years' struggle of the Scottish
Dobrizloffer, M. Account of the Abipones: an covenanters, 1638 to 1688. E., 1860 32-917

equestrian people of Paraguay. Trans. by Dodge, A. A. Progress; or, the sequel to Jerry
Miss Southey. L., 1822. 3 v. 8. 264_63

and his friends

Dobson, E. Rudimentary treatise on foundations Dodge, A. E. Country living and country think-
and concrete works. L., 1850

ing. B., 1863

Rudimentary treatise on the manufacture of Gala-days. B., 1863

bricks and tiles. L., 1866

6-37 Skirmishes and sketches. B., 1865 33-476
Rudimentary treatise on masonry and stone- Stumbling blocks. B., 1864

cutting. L., 1857

6-41 Summer rest.
S., 1866

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"Memoires pour la vie de Petrarch." L.,

Wool gathering. B., 1867

1805. 2 v.

30–4216 | Dodge, J. R. West Virginia ; its farms and forests,
Same. Ph., 1809. 2 v. 8°


mines and oil-wells. Ph., 1865 266-554
Docks. See Dry docks.

Dodge, M. E. Hans Brinker

Docteur Herbeau. J. Sandeau
34-3715 - Irvington stories


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