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De Bow, J. D. B. Mortality statistics of the 7th Decow, S., and Joseph Hendrickson, vs. Thos. L.

census of the U. S., 1850; with comparative Shotwell. Report of case of. Ph., 1834. go and illustrative tables. W., 1855. 80° 10–630

2-216 Deborah's diary. Miss A. Manning 18-2035 De Cressy

18-825 De Bradi. See Bradi.

Dee, J. Private diary, and catalogue of manuscripts. Debrett's illustrated house of commons and the ju

Camden soc. pub. v. 19.

27_195 dicial bench, 1867. R. H. Mair 271 27 Deeds. Harper, S. Hints for abstracting title d. 2-330 Debts. Ram, J. Assets, d., and incumbrances Deems, C. F. What now? for young ladies leaving

v. 8 of 2-55
school. N. Y., 1852

33-441 – See Finance : National debt.

Deerbrook. H. Martineau

18–2115 Debure, G. F. Bibliographie instructive; or, traité Deerslayer. J. F. Cooper

18-715 de la connoissance des livres rares et singu- Defamation. Cooke, G. W. Law of v. 53 of 2-55 liers. P., 1763–82. 10 v. 8

Defence of the Christian doctrines of the society of 1, Theologie ; 2, Jurisprudence, sciences et arts; 3, 4, Belles.

friends; being a reply to the charge recently lettres ; 5, 6, 7, Histoire; 8, 9, Catalogue des livres de

revived against the early quakers by the fol. Gaignat ; 10, Table des livres anonymes.

lowers of Elias Hicks. Ph., 1825, 80*32–1112 De Burgh, W. Elements of maritime international Defence of the drama; containing Mansel's free

law; with a preface of some unsettled questions thoughts, and a discourse by Father Caffaro.
of public law. L., 1868. 8°

N. Y., 1826

2+-190 Début à l'opera, un. E. Feydeau

34-5288 Defence of the stage. J. w. Calcraft : 24-174 Suite (St. Bertrand) 34-5289 Defences, military and naval

6-657 Début dans la magistrature. _J. Sandeau 34-5287 See Military and naval arts. Decade of Italian women. T. A. Trollope 30–1238 Defences of the northeastern frontier. [Report of Decades. II. Bullinger


select committee in U. S. house of rep. ) Decameron. G. Boccacio. [English] 18-357

264_979 [French]

34-5335 De Foe, D. Aveniures de Robinson Crusoe. B., [Italian]


34-4024 Novels from

v. 1 of 18-1589 Complete English tradesman. Ox., 1841.25. Tales and fables from 23–74, 242,476,789

1-242 De Candolle, A. P. Vegetable organography ; or, Same. L., 1745. 2 V.

1-23 an analytical description of the organs of Family instructor. Ox., 1841. 2 v. 33-7 plants; trans. by B. Kingdon. L., 1841. Life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe 18–830 2 v. 80

9-36 History and reality of apparitions. Ox., 1840 Decanver, H. C. Catalogue of works in refutation

32-1681 of methodism. Ph., 1846. 8°

21-308 Political history of the devil: 18-3724 Decatur, S. Mackenzie, Å. S. Life of. (s. A. B.

History of the plague in London, in 1665, and 21)

The consolidator. Ox., 1840

18-3904 Decimal system in numbers, coins, and accounts. History of the Union between England and Sir J. Bowring


Scotland; with an appendix of original pain weights and measures.

B. F. Craig 14-170 pers, and a life of the author. L., 1786. 4° Felton, J. H. Argument for . 1-85

274_329 See Number ; Tonal system; Weights and – Life, adventures, and piracies of Captain Single


18-826 Decimal system for libraries. N. B. Shurtleff 21-351 – Life and adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell, Decision. Mrs. Hofland


18-3698 Decision, the. Grace Kennedy v. 1 of 18–3876,1732 Memoirs of a cavalier

18-827 Deck and port. W. Colton.

260-203 The memoirs of Captain George Carleton, and Decker. See Dekker.

the life and adventures of Mrs. Christian Da. Declaration of independence. Brotherhead, W.


18_829 Book of the signers 30-2024 New voyage round the world

18-3696 See Native American, the 2-811 Religious courtship

18-3697 De Clifford. R. P. Ward

18-3432 Chadwick, W. Life and times of 30-1134 Decline and fall of the Roman empire. E. Gibbon Chalmers, G. Life of

30–1713 274_2244 to 8 De Forest, J.'W. History of the Indians of ConSee Russell, w. Modern Europe. 27a-3528

necticut. Hartford, 1853

262_396 of

274_1015 Miss Ravenel's conversion from secession to loyDecline of the French monarchy. H. Martin


18-3877 274_1811 – Oriental acquaintance; or, leiters from Syria. Decomberousse. See Scribe, A.-Ė. Théâtre com.- N. Y., 1856


Seacliff; or, the mystery of the Westervelts 18–833 Decoration. Beaumont, A. de. Les arts décoratifs Deformities of the chest. Mrs. Godfrey

10-127 34-4669 See Orthopedics. Labarte, j. Arts of the middle ages and renais- De Graff, S. Modern geometrical stair-builder's


guide; geometrically illustrated by steel enMarch, T. c.' Flower and fruit decoration gravings; together with the use of the most


important principles of practical geometry. See Architecture ; Design ; Letters ; Mono- Ph., 1854.40

5-719 grams; Ornament.

De Genlis. See Genlis. De Cordova. See Cordova.

Degerando, J. M. Self-education; or, the means De Costa, B. F. de. Lake George; its scenes and and art of moral progress. B., 1830. go 13-65

characteristics, with glimpses of the olden Degrand, T. P. F. Tariff of duties on importations times. N. Y., 1868


into the U. States, and revenue laws and cusDecourcelle, A. See Bourgeois, A.

tom-house regulations. B., 1828 1-144 - et L. Thiboust. Je dine chez ma mère. Com- De Haas, W. History of the early settlement and édie, melée des couplets. P., 1860 34-3181

Indian wars of Western Virginia ; embracing See McLachlan, for English adaptation. v. 14 of an account of the various expeditions in the


west previous to 1795. Wheeling, 1851. De Courcy, H. See Courcy.

26-275 Découveries scientifiques ‘modernes. L. Figuier De Hell. ' See Hommaire de Hiell

, i. 34-5122,3 Deipnosophists. Athenæus





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Deism. Leland, J. View of the principal deistical Delaware. Laws, 1700–1797. New Castle, 1797. writers

2 v. 80

2-117 Déjazet. E. de Mirecourt

34-4401 Laws, Dover, i826-43. V. 6, 8, 9. 80 2-118 De Kay, J. E. Sketches of Turkey in 1831,2, by Tatnall, A. Catalogue of phænogamous and an American. N. Y., 1833. 80 279–213

filicoid plants in New Castle co. 11-213 Zoology of New York; or, the New York fauna. De Lazie, U. Dreams within dreams. 18-914 Alb., 1842-4. 5 y.

9-1229 Delbruck, J. Les crèches de Paris

34-4296 Dekker, T., and T. Middleton. The honest whore De Leon, T. C. Southi songs; from the lays of later

v. 3 of 24-98
days. N. Y., 1866

23-837 - The roaring giri

v. 2 of 24-98 Delepierre, 0. Historical difficulties and contested De Kock. See Kock.

events. L., 1868. 8°

29-2137 De Kroyft, S. H. Place in thy memory. N. Y., Sketch of the history of Flemish literature and 1850


its celebrated authors. L., 1860. 822-1013 De La Beche, H. T. Geological manual. Ph., 1832. Delestre-Poirson. See Poirson. 80

9-225 Delhi. Browne, J. C. Punjaub and D. in 1857 The geological observer.' Ph., 1851. 8. 9-226

286-407 Researches in theoretical geology. L., 1834

Greathed, H. H. Letters written during siege 9-227 of D.

286-315 Report on the geology of Cornwall, Devon, and Hodson, W. L. R. 'Siege of D. 286-310 West Somerset. L., 1839. 8°

9-337 Minturn, R. B. From New York to D. 295–155 Delaborde, H. Les écoles italiennes et l'académie Deligny, G. L'héritage d'un banquier. P., 1867 de peinture en France. 80 34-4669

34–5529 Delacour, A. See Labiche et Delacour.

Delile, J. La conversation, poëme. P.,

1812 34-4044 Delafaye-Bréhier, Mme J. Les trois orphelines. Dithyrambe sur l'immortalité de l'ame, suivi du 4me ed. P.


passage du S.. Gothard, poëme tr. de l'Anglais. Delafield, J. Inquiry into the origin of the antiqui- L'homme des champs, ou les géorgiques franties of America; with an appendix by J. çaises. P., 1802,11

31-4041 Lakey. N. Y., 1839. 40

262_245 L'imagination, poëme. P., 1811. 3 v. 34-4039 Delafield, R. Report on the art of war in Europe in Les jardins, poëme. P., 1807

34-4042 1854-6; from notes and observations made as La pitié, poëme. P., 1803

34-4043 a member of a "military commission to the Poësies fugitives. P., 1802

344040 theater of war in Europe.” W., 1860. 4° 6–995 Les trois règnes de la nature; avec des notes Delamere, E. S. and E. J. Wholesome fare; a manual par M. Cuvier et autres savantes. P., 1809. of the laws of food and the practice of cookery.

2 v.

34-4038 L., 1868

6-248 Della Crusca. ' [Pseul.] See Merry, R. Delamotte, F. The book of ornamental alphabets, Della Rocca, c'sse. Correspondance inédite de la

ancient and mediæval. 6th ed. L., 1865. duchesse de Bourgogne et de la reine d'EsOb. 80

pagne. P., 1865

34-5363 Examples of modern alphabets. *3d ed. L., Delmard, s. D. Village life in Switzerland. L., 1865 1866. Ob. 80 5-525

270_725 Delamotte, P. H. "The practice of photography: a De Lolme, J. i. Constitution of England; or, the manual for students and beginners. L., 1855 English government compared with the repub


lican form of government, and the other monDelano, A. Life on the plains and among the archies in Europe. Dub., 1793. go 2-635 diggings: an overland journey to California. Delord, T. Une course en Italie

34-4655 Aub., 1854 266-260 De L'Orme. G. P. R. Jumes

18-1615 Delano, Amasa. Narrative of voyages and travels Delorme, Marion, et Ninon de L'Enclos. P. Lacroix in the northern and southern hemispheres.

34-4102 B., 1817. 8° 291–246 Delphine. Mme de Staėl-Holstein

34-3817 Delany, M. G. Autobiography and correspondence; Delphine. Mad. de Staël

18-848 with reminiscences of George III and Queen Delrieu, André. Le Rhin-Légendes, mæurs, traCharlotte. Edited by Lady Llanover. L., ditions, coutumes. B., 1870

34-5142 1861,2. 6 v. 89

30-1346 Deluge. Harcourt, L. V. Doctrine of the d. 32-729 De Larame, L. (Ouida.] Beatrice Boville 18-3870 Demerara. II. Martineau

18-3860 - Cecil Castlemaine's gage; and other stories Demi monde, le. A. Dumas, fils

34-3290 18-3880 Demidoff, A. de. Travels in southern Russia, and Chandos


the Crimea, through Hungary, Wallachia, and Held in bondage; or, Granville de Vigne Moldavia, in 1837. 2d ed. L., 1855.


275-1213 Idalia

18-1558 Democracy. Blackie, J. s. Lecture 2-929 Randolph Gordon; and other stories 18-3912 Brougham, H. Political philosophy v. 3 of 2–565 Strathmore; or, wrought by his own band Camp, G. S.

2-584 18_3050 Partridge, J. A. Theory of

2-825 Tricotrin: the story of a waif and stray 18-4140 See Government; Parties; Politics. Under two flags: a novel

18-3920 Democracy in America. De Witt, C. La démo. De la Rive. See La Rive.

cratie américaine

34-3186 Delassements. C. Portelette 34-5021 Gillet, R. II.

264_1014 Delaunay, Mme de Staal. See Staal.

Tocqueville, de

26458 Delaveau, H. Le roman satirique en Russie 34–4679 Democracy unveiled. T. G. Fessenden 23-887,8 Delavigne, G., et Scribe. Le diplomate

Democratic party. Gillet, R. H. Democracy in the v. 4 of 34-3736 U. S.

20^-1014 See Scribe, A.-E. Théâtre. Com.-v.

Record of. Secession and reconstruction 26-977 Delavigne, J. F. C. Mésseniennes et poésies di- See Parties; Politics. P., 1824

34-3182 Democratic review. See U. S. Magazine 17-33 Same. 14me ed. P., 1826,7. 3 v. 34-4196 Democrats of Marylebone. J. W. Brook 32-2245 Théatre. P., 1826. 4 v. 34-4197 Democritus minor. See Burton, R.

33-284 Delaware. G. P. R. James

18-1614 De Moges. See Moges. Delaware. Beers, D, G. Atlas

25-312 Demogeot, Jacques. La critique et les critiques en – Ferris, B. Original settlements on the 1). river

France au XIXe siècle. Suivi de Paris nouveau 262_74 - poëme. P., 1857


2 v.



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withi some prac

2 v.

Demogeot, Jacques. Histoire de la littérature Denison, E. B. Astronomy without mathematics. Française, dépuis ses origines jusque à nos

2d ed. L., 1866

12-83 jours. 4me ed. P., 1860

34-3183 Lectures on church building ; Demoiselle de cinquième.' C.,P. de Kock 34–5145 tical remarks on bells and clocks. 2d ed. L., Demoiselle de la mansarde. É. Carlen 34-4193


5-150 Démon de l'argent. H. Conscience 34-3160 Rudimentary treatise on clocks and watches and Demonology. Scott, W. Letters on d. 32-1575

bells; with a full account of the Westminster See Witchcraft.

clock and bell. L., 1860

6-312 De Morat, A. J., and I. N. Peirce. An exposition Denison, G. A. The church of England and com

on the most improved telegraph cable, and mittee of council on education. L., 1849. 80 the theories connected therewith. Ph., 1867

13-224 6, u. p.

See Goode, W. De Morgan, A: Arithmetical books from the inven: Denison, Mrs.' M. A. Antoinette, the original of tion of printing to the present time. L., 1847.

“ The child angel"

18-834 80 21-152 Carrie Hamilton

18-835 Book of almanacs; with an index of reference Days and ways of cocked hats

18–836 by which may be found the almanac for any Gracie Amber

18–837 year up to A. D. 2000. L., 1851 12–72

Home pictures

18-838 The differential and integral calculus; with ap- Lover's trials

18–823 plications. L. 80 14-164 Master

18_839 Elements of algebra preliminary to the differen

Mill agent

18–843 tial calculus. 2d ed. L., 1837 14-54 Opposite the jail

18_841 Elements of arithmetic. L., 1858 14-38 What not

18-842 Formal logic; or, the calculus of inference, Denison, s. C. Is the ballot a mistake? L., 1838. necessary and probable. L., 1847. 8° 15–147


33-374 Globes, celestial and terrestrial. L., 1845. 8° Denmark. Boisgelin, L. de. Travels through 1. 12–70

270-1214 Trigonometry and double algebrå. L., 1849 Bremner, R. Excursions in D.

276-86 14-55 Brown, J. Northern courts

274-2751 See Central society of education : 13–51 Dunham, S. A. History of

274_2762 Demosthenes. Orationes, Ex. recens. Guil. Din- Engelhardt, C. D. in the early iron age 274-4037

dortii. Ed. 3a. Lips., 1855. 2 v. 34-312 Gallenga, A. Invasion of, 1864 274_2712 Orations. Trans. by T. Leland. N. Y., 1831. Gosch, C. A. D. and Germany since 1815 33--695

274_2596 Orations against Leptines, Midias, Androtion, Herbert, A. Danes in camp

270_748 and Aristocrates. Trans., with notes, by C. Laing, $. Observations on

276-690 R. Kennedy. L., 1856 33-697 Marryat, H. Residence in

276-594 Orations on the crown and on the embassy; Roger's present state of D.

272-2786 with notes by C. R. Kennedy. L., 1865 33–703 Skinner, J. E. H. Tales of the Danish heroes Orations pronounced to excite the Athenians

274_2752 against Philip of Macedon. Trans. by T. Taylor, B. Pictures of :

276-449 Leland. L., 1825. 80

33-694 Worsaae, J. J. A. Primeval antiquities 272_2805 Speeches of Æschines against Ctesiphon and See Europe, northern ; Scandinavia ; SchleswigDemosthenes on the crown. Literally trans

Holstein question ; Sound dues ; Zealand. lated into English by H. Owgan. Dub., 1852 Dennery and Clement. Ernestine. F's S. D. v. 14 33-700

24-221 Demoustier, C. A. 'Lettres à Émilie sur la mytholo- Dennis, G. The cities and cemeteries of Etruria. gie. P., 1817. 6 v.

L., 1848. 2 v. 8°

276_126 Dempsey, G. D. Rudimentary treatise on drainage Handbook for Ireland. L., 1864 270-6.3

of towns and buildings. L., 1863 6-36 A hand-book for travellers in Sicily: including Rudimentary treatise on the locomotive engine. Palermo, Messina, Catania, Syracuse, Etna, 2d ed. L., 1857 .


and the ruins of the Greek temples. L., 1864 Rudimentary treatise on iubular and other iron

276-692 girder bridges, particularly describing the Dennis, J. Evenings in Arcadia.' L., 1865 22–1016 Britannia and Conway tubular bridges; with Pioneer of progress; or, the early closing move. illustrations of the application of malleable iron


2-636 to the art of bridge-building. L., 1850 6440 Dennistoun, J. Memoirs of the Cukes of Urbino: Demurrer. Mansel, G. B. Law and practice of illustrating the arms, arts, and literature of

v. 26 of 2-55

Italy, from 1440 to 1630. L., 1851. 3 v. Dendy, W. C. Legends of the lintel and the ley

272 2203

Denny, E. Military journal; with memoir. [v. 7 Denham, D., and H. Clapperton. Narrative of travels of Penna. hist. soc. mem. ]

26-137 and discoveries in northern and central Africa Denominations. See Sects and denominations and in 1822-4. B., 1826. 80


their names. Same. L., 1828. 2 v. 80

286-229 Denon, V. Travels in upper and lower Egypt, during See Clapperton.

the campaigns of Bonaparte in that country. Denham, J. (Bell's poets of G. B.) v. 12 of 23-471

N. Y., 1803. 2 v.

286-57 (Sanford's Br. poets)

23-57 De Normand. See Normand. Denina, Carlo J. M. Essay on the revolutions of Denounced, the. J. Banim

18-275 literature. Trans. by J. Murdoch. L., (1771) Dens, P. Theologia moralis et dogmatica. Dub.,

1832, 80

34-355 Denis, P.'s. L'application de la chinie à l'étude Dental cosmos: a monthly record of dental science. physique du sang. P., 1838. 8° 34-4907

Ph., 1860–64. v. 1-5. So

10_313 Denis Donne. [Mrs. P. Cudlip]

18-3211 Dentistry. Bond, T. E. Treatise on dental medi. Denis Duval. W. M. Thackeray


10–354 Denise. By the author of Mademoiselle Mori" Desirabode, Science and art of the dentist 10-426 18-832 Forget, A. Dental anomalies

104536 Denison, c. w. illustrated life, campaigns, and Fox, J., and C. A. Harris. Diseases of the bupublic services of P. H. Sheridan. Ph., [1865)

man teeth

10-476 30-1741 Harris

, C. A. 'Dental surgery 10–147


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2 v.

Dentistry. Piggot, A. S. Dental chemistry and Dermody, T. Life, with poetry, by J. G. Raymond metallurgy 8-43

30–130 - See Chemistry, dental; Teeth

Dermot MacMorrogh. j. Q. "Adams 264_758 Dentologia. S. Brown

10-19 De Rheims, J. F. H. First practical lines in geoDenton, Rev. W. Servia and the Servians. L., 1862 metrical drawing, containing a copious series


of examples and problems in practical geo. Denton, W. and E. M. F. Soul of things; or, psy

metry, &c.
L., 1865. 80

chometric researches and discoveries. Dernier Abencerage. See Aventures du.

Dernier Irlandais, le. É. Berthet

34-3916 De Piles. See Piles, R. de.

Dernier jour d'un condamné. V. Hugo 34-3418 Depons, F. Voyage to the eastern part of terra Dernier rendezvous, la. H. Murger 34-3581

firma in South America, 1801-1804. N. Y., Dernière année de Marie Dorval. A. Dumas
1806. 3 v. 80

34-3214 De Pontès. See Davesiès de P.

Dernière Aeur d'une couronne. si. Mars 34-4021 Depping, G. B. Expeditions des Normands. P., Dernière idole. E. L'Epine, et A. Daudet 34–3497 1816

34-5418 Dernières chansons. P. J. de Beranger 34-3074 - Evening entertainments; comprising delinea- Dernières fées. P. Féval

34-3326 tions of the manners and customs of various Dernières lettres d'un bon jeune homme. E. About nations. 2d series, new ed. Ph., 1833. 2 v.

34-5243 29_174 Derniers Bretons. E. Souvestre

34-3785 De Puy, it. W. Ethan Allen and the Green moun- Derniers paysans. E. Souvestre

34-3787 tain heroes of '76; with a sketch of the early De Rohan. E. Sue

18-3064 history of Vermont. Buffalo, 1853 264-307 De Ros, Lieuto-gen., Lord. Memorials of the tower De Quincey, T. Autobiographic sketches. B., 1853 of London. L., 1866

274-331 30-1930 Derosne, C. B. Voyage du nunge volant 34-4346 The avenger ; and other papers.' B., 1859 Derrick and drill. E. Morris

6-372 33–749 Derricks. See Cranes. Beauties, selected from the writings of. B., 1862

Dervishes, the. J. P. Brown

32-2379 33-808 De Sanctis. See Sanctis. Biographical essays. B., 1860

30–644 Désaugiers, M. A. M. Chansons et poésies. P., The Cæsars. B., 1851


34-4466 Confessions of an opium-egter. Ed., 1856 Chansons et poésies diverses. Notice et notes.

P., 1827. 4 v.

34-4467 Essays on philosophical writers and other men De Saulcy. See Saulcy. of letters. B., 1854.

33-770 Desbarrolles. See Craig, A. R. Essays on the poets, and other English writers. Desbordes-Valmore, Mme. Poesies. Notice. P., B., 1865


34-3879 Historical and critical essays. B., 1853. 2 v. Descamps, J. B. Voyages pitioresques de la Flandre


et du Brabant. Augmentéu de la vie des Klosterheim


plusieurs Peintres Flamands; par Mr. J. B. Letters to a young man ; and other papers. B., Deschamps. Amst., 1772

34-4480 1854

33-756 Descartes, R. Discourse on the method of rightly Life and manners; from the autobiography of an conducting the reason ; meditations and prinEnglish opium-eater. B., 1851 30–1934

ciples of philosophy. E., 1863 15-230 - Literary reminiscences; from the autobiography Deschamps, P. Essai bibliographique sur M. T. of an English opium-eater. B., 1851. 2 v.

Ciceron. Avec une preface par J. Janin. 30–1933 P., 1863. 89

21-153 Logic of political economy, and other papers. Deschanel, E. A. E. M. Le Bien et le mal qu'on a B., 1866


dits des enfants. Ed. interdite. Leip., 1857 Menorials, and other papers.' B., 1856. 2 v.

34-4029 33-764

Histoire de la conversation. Éd. interdite. Leip., Miscellaneous essays. B., 1865


34-4030 Narrative and miscellaneous papers. B., 1853. Description and history of vegetable substances used 2 v.


in the arts, and in domestic economy. B., Note-book of an English opium eater. B., 1855 1830

6-834 33-765 Descriptive geometry. See Drawing ; Geometry. Shakspeare, a biography. E., 1864 30-1676 Desert home. Mayne Reid

18-2605 Theological essays, and other papers. B., 1854. Desert pathway. W. Robertson

32-1069 2 v.

33–771 Deserted wife. Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth Stirling, J. a. ' De Q. and Coleridge on Kant

18-2972 22-1223

Deserts of North America. Ė. Domenech 200-391 De Quincy, Q. See Quatremère de Quincy. Desforges, P. J. B. C. Le sourd, ou l'auberge De Pressense. See Pressensé.

pleine. C. A. C. v. 8

34-3139 De Profundis. W. Gilbert 18-3717 Le sourd. Le texier

4,34-4832 Derby, earl of. See Homer.

Le sourd. Comédie imitée de D. 34-4225 Derby, G. An inquiry into the influence upon Le sourd. Réduite. P. T. B.

34–4181 health of anthracite coal when used as fuel Deshler, C. D. Selections from the poetical works for warning dwelling houses, etc. B., 1868 of G. Chaucer ; with a concise life, and re


marks illustrative of his genius. N. Y., 1848 Derby, G. H. ' Phoenixiana :

18-845 - Squibob papers

18-824 Design and designs. Billings, R. W. One hundred Derby, R.C. Hanaford, Mrs. P. A. 'The young d. for oriel windows

5-600 30-1714 Dresser, C. Art of decorative design 5–404 Derham, W. Astro-theology. sih ed. L., 7741.

Dunlap, W. History of the arts of d. in the 32-1813 U. S.

5-5 - Physico-theology; or, a demonstration of the Haydon, B. R. 'Lectures on painting and d. 5-72

being and attributes of God, from his works Howard, F. Patterns for ornamental windows
of creation. L., 1727

5–602 Dermatology. Griffith, s. G.

St. Helen's crown glass company's patterns See Skiu.



[blocks in formation]


10 v.

Design and designs. Sloan, S. D. for domes, Devy, J. Logic; or, the science of inference. L.,
roofs, and spires


Sympson, S. "New book of cyphers 5-478 Devil, political history of. D. De Foe: 18-3724
Vorbilder für fabrikanten und handwerker Deville, A. Tombeaux de la Cathédrale de Rouen.

Rouen, 1833. 8°

See Architecture ; Decoration ; Drawing. De Vingut. See Vingut.
Desilver, R. Philadelphia directory and stranger's Devises. Jarman, T. Construction of v.21,22 of 2-55

guide, 1824, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35 & 6, 37. 8 v. Powell, J. J. Essay on v. 21,22 of 2-55

25–152 See Wills.
Desirabode, M. Complete elements of the science De Voe, T. F. The market assistant ; containing a
and art of the dentist. 2d ed. Balt., 1847.

brief description of every article of human

food sold in the public markets; with inci.
Desk-book of English synonymes. J. Sherer 22-223 dents and anecdotes. N. Y., 1867 0-175
Deslandes, R. See Lurine.

Market book; containing an historical account
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and Brooklyn. v. 1. N. Y., 1862. 891-161
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C. A. C. v. 6

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part. Leip.
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choisies. P., 1823
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Despotism in America. R. Hildreih:

2-711 Dew, T. Digest of the laws, customs, manners, and
Dessert. See Confectionery.

institutions of the ancient and modern na-
De Staël. See Staël.

tions. N. Y., 1853. So

Destiny. S. Ferrier
18–1071 Dew. Wells, W. C. Essay on

Destiny of nations. J. Cumming


See Meteorology.
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Euvres choisies. comédies en prose et en vers. 12th ed. Ph., 1853. 80

Notice. P., 1815

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– La philosophe marié; Le glorieux ; Le dissi- islands in 1855,6. L., 1857. 8° 286-291
pateur; La fausse Agnès. C. A. C. v. 4 Sporting in both hemispheres. L., 1858 20–311

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Desultoria : the recovered mss.of an eccentric during the reigns of James I and Charles I.


Edited by J. 0. Halliwell. L., 1845. 2 v. go
Desultory man.
G. P. R. James

Desultory thoughts and reflections. Countess of De Wette, w. M. L. Critical and historical intro-


duction to the canonical scriptures of the old
Desvergers. See Chapeau.

testament. Trans. by T. Parker. 2d ed.
Detective police, the. C. Dickens

B., 18.18. 2 v. 80

Detroit. Clarke, J. F. Surrender of the

post of D.

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by-laws, etc., 1851; annual reports, 1852, 58– of providence in the world and man. N. Y.,

1864. 89

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Dettes de Cour. A. Maquet

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whence it is; how it works. B., 1865. 80
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Deux misères. É. Souvestre

34-5213 Street thoughts. B.,


Deux oceans, les. ,J. Arago

34-4009 Verdict of reason upon the question of the
Deux saurs, les. E. de Girardin


future punishment of those who die impeni.
Deux soirées à l'hotel de Rambouillet. F. Bungener tent. B., 1865

34-3105 Dhu, Helen. [Pseud.] Stanhope Burleigh 18-3000
Deux transfuges, les. 0. Honoré

34-4141 Diable à Paris. See Tiroir du diable 34-3943
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18-1413 Diable boiteux. A. R. Lesage

De Vere, A. May carols, and hymns and poems. Diable médecin, E. Sue

N. Y., 1866

23-924 Diagnosis. See Disease; Microscope.
Picturesque sketches of Greece and Turkey.

Dialect of Leeds and its neighborhood ; illustrated
L., 1850.


by conversations and tales of common life.
De Vere,' M. S. Outlines of comparative philology,

L., 1862

with a sketch of the languages of Europe, ar- Dialects. See English language; and also Bargy,
ranged upon philologic principles; and a (in supplement;) Cornwall; Cumberland;
brief history of the art of writing. N. Y.,

Devonshire; Dorset; Essex; Forth; Lanca-


shire; Leicestershire; North country; North-
Stray leaves from the book of nature. N. Y.,

ampton; Sussex; Teesdale; Westmoreland.
9-918 Dialogues. Abbott, J.

v. 8 of 18_15
Studies in English. `N. Y., 1867 22-418 Fowle, W. B. Hundred d.

De Vere. R. P. Ward .

18-3433 Goinbot, Mme. Nouveaux d. pour les etablisse-
Devereux. E. L. Bulwer

ments de demoiselles


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2 v.

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