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Coxe, A. C. Christian ballads. Ph., 1855 23–385 Crafts, W. A. The southern rebellion : a history

Impressions of England; or, sketches of Eng. of the United States from the commence

lish scenery and society. N. Y., 1856 275–402 ment of President Buchanan's administration Coxe, J. R. Inquiry into the claims of Dr. Wm. through the war for the suppression of the

Harvey to the discovery of the circulation of rebellion. B., 1865–7. 2 v. 4° 26e-1224 the blood. Ph., 1834.80

10–557 Craftsman, the, by Caleb D'Anvers. [Pseud.] Writings of Hippocrates and Galen. Epitomized [Written by Bolingbroke, Pultenay, and from the original Latin translation. Ph.,

others.] L., 1731-37.

17-498 1846. 80

10-34 Cradock, J. Literary and miscellaneous memoirs. Coxe, R. S. Reports of cases argued and deter- L., 1826. 4 v. 80

33-785 mined in the supreme court of New Jersey,

Cradock Nowell. R. D. Blackmore

18-3823 1790–95. v. 1. Burlington, 1816. 89 2-25 Craggs, R. (Walsh's Br. poets)

23-62 Coxe, T. Statement of the arts and manufactures Craig, A. R. Modern palmistry; or, the book of

of the United States for the year 1810. Ph., the hand. Chiefly according to the systems 1814. 4°


of d'Arpentigny and Desbarrolles. Ñ. Y., View of the United States in a series of papers,


33-1379 written between 1787 and 1794. Ph., 1794. Craig, B. F. Weights and measures-decimal sys80

tem. N. Y., 1867

14-170 Coxe, William. Account of the Russian discoveries Craig, Isa. Poems. E., 1856

23-622 between Asia and America, with the conquest Duchess Agnes, etc. L., 1864

23-969 of Siberia, and history of the transactions and Craig, J. Remarks on some fundamental doctrines commerce between Russia and China. L., in political economy. E., 1821. 8° 3-84 1787. 8°

296_232 Craig, J. D. Hand-book to the modern Provençal – History of the house of Austria, from the foun

language. L., 1863

22-313 dation of the monarchy by Rudolph of Haps- Craig, N. B. History of Pittsburgh, with a brief burgh to the death of Leopold the Second:

notice of its facilities of communication, and 1218–1792. 3d ed. L., 1847. 3 v. 279_2550

other advantages for commercial and manuSee Kelly, W. K.

facturing purposes. Pittsb., 1851 264_425 Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough, with his Craighill, W. P. Army officer's pocket companion. original correspondeuce. Ed. by J. Wade. N. Y., 1862

6-585 30–927 Craik, D. M. M.See Mulock, D. M.. Memoirs of H., Lord Walpole, selected from his Craik, G. L. Bacon; his writings, and his philosocorrespondence and papers. L., 1808. 2 v. phy. L., 1860

15-166 80

30–534 - Compendious history of English literature, and – Sketches of the lives of Correggio and Parme- of the English language; with numerous giano. L., 1823 .


specimens. L., 1861. 2 v. 80 22-1001 – Travels in Switzerland, in a series of letters to English of Shakespeare illustrated in a philo

W. Melmoth. Dub., 1789. 2 v. 8° 271-122 logical commentary on his Julius Cæsar. L., Coyne, J. S. An awkward arrival. F's M. D. v.


24-94 12

24-113 Pursuit of knowledge under difficulties. IllusBox and Cox married and settled. F's M. D. trated by memoirs of eminent men, N. Y., v. 7

1839. 2 v.

30-1801 - Cockneys in California. F's M. D. v.4 24-113 Same. New ed., enlarged. L., 1858. 2 v. Fraud and its victims. F's S. D. v. 39 24-221

30–1803 The love knot. F's S. D. v. 40


Same. Illustrated by anecdotes; with a prePas de fascination. [Lola Montez.] F's M. D. face and notes by F. Wayland. N. Y., 1847. 24-113

30-1802 - The trumpeter's daughter. F's M. D. v. 35 Same. Illustrated by female examples. L.,


30–1804 Unprotected female. F's M. D. v. 30

24-113 Romance of the peerage; or, curiosities of family The vicar of Wakefield. F's S. D. v. 11 24-221

history. L., 1849. 4 v.

274_149 Wanted, 1000 milliners. F's M. D. v. 26 24-113 - et al. Pictorial bistory of England. L., 1839. Cozzens, F. S. Acadia ; or, a month with the blue

8 v. 80

272-296 N. Y., 1859 261-351 -- Index, by II. C. Hamilton

274_297 - Sparrow grass papers; or, living in the country Craik, G. M. Faith Unwin's ordeal 18-3812 18–759 Leslie Tyrrell

18-3927 et al. Sayings of Dr. Bushwhacker and other Lost and won

18-761 learned men. N. Y., 1867 33-1377 Winifred's wooing

18-3722 Crabb, George. English synonymes explained. N. Cramp, J. M. Text-book of popery; comprising a Y., 1826. 8°

22-70 brief history of the council of Trent, a translaNeue practische Englische grammatik. 4te. tion of its doctrinal decrees, and copious exAufl. Frankfurt, 1825

34-2395 tracts from the catechism published by its - Universal technological dictionary; or, familiar authority. N. Y., 1831

32-62 explanation of the terms used in all arts and Crane, Annie M. Emily Chester

18–1025 sciences. L., 1823. 2 v. 4°

Opportunity; a novel

18-3963 Crabb, George, (barrister.) History of the English Crane, G. Principles of language, exemplified in

law; or, an attempt to trace the rise, progress, a practical English grammar. L., 1843 and successive changes of the common law.

22-68 Burlington, 1831. 8o. 2-26 Crane d'enfant, le. E. Sue.

34-4637 Law of real property; with notes and references Cranes. Glynn, J. Construction of

6-330 to American decisions. Ph., 1846. 80

See Derricks.
v. 54 & 55 of 2-55 Cranford. Mrs. E. C. Gaskell

18-1145 Crabbe, George. Poems. L., 1820.0980

23-64 Crania. Davis, J. B. Catalogue of skulls 10-824 Poetical works; with his letters, journals, and Meigs, J. A. Catalogue of human c. 10-786 life, by his son. L., 1851. 8 v. . 23–333

Mensuration of the human skull

10âu. p. - Heber, and Pollok. Poetical works. Ph., Cranmer, T. Miscellaneous writings and letters. 1847. 80


Edited for the Parker society by J. E. Cox. Cracroft, B. Essays, political and miscellaneous. Camb., 1846. 80

32-1207 Ph., 1868. 2 v.

33-1392 Contemporary biographies. Camden soc. pub. Cradle of the twin giants. H. Christmas 11-218


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Cranmer, T. Life of

30-172 Cre-Fydd's family fare. See Young housewives'
Lee,'H. F. Life and times of

daily assistant

Strype, J. Memorials of
30-112 Creichton, J. Memoirs


of 30-1878
Crantz, D. History of Greenland; containing a Creigh, A. History of the knights templar of the

description of the country and its inhabitants, state of Pennsylvania, 1794-1866. Ph., 1867
and particularly a relation of the mission car-

ried on by the Unitas Fratrum at New Herrn- Masonry and anti-masonry: a history of ma-
huih and Lichtenfels. L., 1767. 2 v. 80

sonry in Penn. since 1792. Ph., 1854 2–628

26_54 Creighton, J. Dictionary of scripture proper names.
Crashaw, R. Complete works. 'Edited by W. B. L., 1808

Turnbull. L., 1858
23-528 Creoles and coolies. P. Beaton

(Sanford's Br. poets)

23–72 Créquy, R. C. Froulay, marquise de. See Causen
Crater ; or, vulcan's peak. J. F. Cooper 18-714

(de St. Malo.)
Crauturd, Q. Essais sur la littérature française, à Crescent and the cross. E, Warburton 296-31

l'usage d'une dame étrangère. P., 1815. 3 v. Crescent and French crusaders. G. L. Ditson

Craven, Mrs. Å. A sister's story. From the French Crescimbeni

, G. M. Comentari della poesia Italiana.
by E. Bowles


Ripub. da T. J. Mathias. Londra, 1803. 3 v.
Craven, H. T. Meg's diversion. F's S. D. v. 43

24-221 Cressy and Poictiers. J. G. Edgar 18-4041
Craven, J. J. Prison life of Jefferson Davis. N. Battles of. From Sismondi, with int. trans.
Y., 1866

Craven, K. Excursions in the Abruzzi and northern Cresy, E. Encyclopædia of civil engineering ; his-
provinces of Naples. L., 1838. 2 y. 8

torical, theoretical, and practical. L., 1847.
2 v. 8°

Crawford, m.'s. "Life in Tuscany. `N. Y., 1859 Crests from the ocean world.' A. Tripp 27-894

276-527 Crete. Howe, S. G. The Cretan refugees and their
Crawford, J. M. Mosby and his men. 'N. Y., 1867 American helpers

264875 Skinner, J. E. H. Roughing it in, 1867 270-937
Crawfurd, J. History of the Indian Archipelago ; Spratt, T. A. B. Travels and researches in
containing an account of the manners, arts,

languages, religions, institutions, and com- Crevier, J. B. l. llistory of the Roman emperors,
merce of its inhabitants. E., 1820. 3 v.

from Augustus to Constantine. Trans. by J.
Mill. L., 1814. 10 y. 80

Crawley, Capi. [Pseud.) See Pardon, G. F.

Crichton, A. History of Arabia and its people. L.,
Crayon, Geoffrey. [Pseud.] See Irving, W.


Crayon : a journal devoted to the graphic arts, and Same. N. Y., 1834. 2 v. :

the literature related to them. N. Y., 1855- and H. Wheaton. Scandinavia, ancient and
60. 7 v. 4°


modern; being a history of Denmark, Sweden,
Crayon miscellany. W. Irving


and Norway; comprehending a description
Creasy, E. S. The fifteen decisive battles of the

of these countries; with illustrations of their
world; from Marathon to Waterloo. N. Y.,

natural history. E., 1838. 2 v. 274_2755
29462 Same. N. Y., 1841. 2 v.

- History of the Ottoman Turks; chiefly founded Crichton. W. H. Ainsworth

on Von Hammer. L., 1854-6.

go Cricket. Fitzgerald, R. A. Jerks in from short
leg. By Quid

Rise and progress of the English constitution. Pycroft, J. J. The cricket ficia

3d ed. N. Y., 1856


Creation in plan and in progress. J. Challis Cricket bat, the; and how to use it. L., 1861

Creation. Debate between the church and science. Cricket on the hearth. C. Dickens

[Containing defence of Lewis' six days) Crime and punishment. Beccaria, M. Crimes and


Lewis, T. Six days of

32-1135 Kingsmill

, J. Prevention of crime 2-757
Lord, E. Epoch of

32-335 Thomson, A. Punishment and prevention 2-891
McCosh & Dickie. Typical forms and special See Criminal; Juvenile delinquency; Punish-


ment; Reformatory institutions.
Murphy, J. Bible and geology consistent 32-305 Crimea. Adye, J. Review of the Crimean war
Shuckford, S. Creation and fall of man 32–212

Sumner, J. B. Records of the

32-941 Barker, W. B. Account of the Crimea 27-2868
Vestiges of the natural history of: 9-305 Bazancourt. L'expedition de Crimée 34–4302
Creation and deluge, according to a new theory;

War in the east

removing most of the difficulties heretofore Chambers, W. and R. Pictorial history of the
suggested by sceptical philosophers, and indi-

Russian war

cating future cosmological changes. Ph.,

Demidoff, A. de. Travels in

1854. 80
9-217 Dix, W. G. Unholy alliance

Creation : oratorio.' J. Haydn

5-849 Eastern hospitals and English nurses 10-744
Crébillon, P. J. de. Čuvres. P., 1802. 2 v. 34–4479 Goodman, M. Experiences of an English sister
Rhadamisthe et Zénobie. C. A. T. v. 1 34-3140

of mercy

Crèches de Paris, les. J. Delbruck


- Hommaire de Hell, x. Travels in the steppes
Crecy. See Cressy.

Credit system. Colwell, S. Analysis of 1-134 Kinglake, A. w. Invasion of the Crimea
Thornton, H. Paper credit of Great Britain

1-231 Koch, c. Tour to the Crimea and Odessa
Creed of Christendom. W. R. Greg 32-1970

Cree language. Howse, J. Grammar 22-132 – Molénes, P. de. Commentaires d'un soldat
Creecy, J. R. Scenes in the south, and other mis-

cellaneous pieces. Ph., 1860 33-1139 Morell, J. R. Neighbors of Russia 274_2954
Creeds. See Sects and denominations, and their Nolan, E. H. War with Russia 27-2958

Our veterans of 1854


2 v.

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Crimea. Pictures from the battle-fields 276-840 Crittenden commercial arithmetic and business Russell, W. H. British expedition to 27-1038 manual. J. Græsbeck

14-174 Spencer, E. Fall of the

274-2988 Crochet work. See Knitting. Tott, F.' Memoirs 296-265 Croes, J. Norton, J. N. Life of

30–1631 Travels in the History of the embassy from Crofton, D. Genesis and geology. B., 1853 32–421 Petersburg to Constantinople in 1793. L., Crofton, W. The immunity of “habitual crimi89


nals;" with a proposition for reducing their Tyrreli , H. War with Russia


number. 2d ed. L., 1861. 8° 2-1062 War, the. Voices from the ranks 278_2997 Crock of gold. M. F. Tupper

18-3339 - See Baltic; England; France; Great battles ; Crocker, A. Letter on the duty on railroad iron. Russia ; Sebastopol; Turkey.

1844. 8° No. 2 .

v. 6 of 1-341 Crimes. See Crime.

Crocker, J. New proposal for a geographical sysCrimes, celebrated. A. Dumas


tem of weights and measures. L., 1864.80 Crimes of cabinets. L. Goldsmith 274–1734

1-184 Crimes of the kings of France from Clovis to Lewis Crockett, David. Account of coi. Crockett's tour XVI. Transl. by J. Trapp. L., 1791 272_1967

to the north and down east. Ph., 1835 Criminal history. Old Bailey experience 2-823

266-555 Knapp & Baldwin. Newgate calendar 274–695 Life of Martin Van Buren. Ph., 1835 30-533 Regnault, E. C. h. of the English government Sketches and eccentricities of Col. David Crock.


ett of West Tennessee. N. Y., 1833 30-113 See Criminal trials; Trials.

Crohoore of the billhook. M. Banim

18-283 Criminal law. Best, W. M. Presumptions of law Croix d'argent. E. Sue

34-3831 & 4637 and fact

v. 47 of 2–55
Croix de Berry.

Mme Émile de Girardin, etc. Dearsley, H. R. Criminal process v. 83 of 2–55

34-3351 Joy, H. H. Admissibility of confessions in Croke, A. Report of case of Horner against Lidchallenge of jurors

v. 40 of 2–55

diard, upon the question of what consent is Stephen, H. J. Summary v. 27 of 2-55

necessary to the marriage of illegitimate miWharton, F. C. l. of the U. S.


nors; with introductory essay. L., 1800. 80 See Penal codes.

2-351 Criminal prisons of London. Mayhew & Binncy Croker, J. W. Essays on the early period of the


French revolution. L., 1857. go 27a_1666 Criminal trials. Burton, J. H. Narrative of c. t. Croker, R. Travels through several provinces of in Scotland.


Spain and Portugal. L., 1799.80 27-106 Chandler, P. W. American

2-15 Croker, T. C. (ed.) Popular songs of Ireland; with Jardine, D. C. t. with memoirs 278-624

introductions and notes. L., 1839 23-558 See Trials.

Croly, G. The apocalypse of St. John; or, prophecy Criminals, extradition of. G. C. Lewis 2–765

of the rise, progress, and fall of the church of “Criminals, habitual.” Crofton, W. Immunity Rome. Ph., 1827

32-63 of

2-1062 Historical sketches, speeches, and characters. Crinoline from 1730 to 1864.

L., 1864. Ob. 40
L., 1842

33–892 5–693 Life and times of his late majesty George IV. Cripple of Antioch. Mrs. E. Charles 18–760

With anecdotes of distinguished persons of Crisp, Richard. Richmond and its inhabitants from the last fifty years. N. Y., 1837 30-198 the olden time. L., 1866 274_305 Poetical works. L., 1830. 2 v.

23-960 Crisis, the. T. Paine v. 3 of 33-1188 Salathiel .

18-763 Criterion, the. J. Douglas

32-998 Croly, Mrs. J. c. Jennie Juneiana. Talks on woCriterion. H. T. Tuckerman


men's topics; by Jennie June. B., 1864 Critical and social essays reprinted from The Nation.

33–1067 N. Y., 1867

33–278 Crombie, J. Essay on church consecration. 3d Critical English testament, the ; an adaptation of ed. Newry, 1816

32–1571 Bengel's Gnomon, with numerous notes, by Crompton, S. French, G. J. Life and times of W. L. Blackley and J. Hawes. L., 1866. 3

30–1173 32–1872 Cromweli, o. Carlyle, T. Letters and speeches Critical essay on the modern medals ; with some re.

30–118 flection on the taste and judgment of the an- Cromwell, T. 'Oliver Cromwell and his times cients. L., 1704 294_156

30-119 Criticism. Alford, H. The queen's English 22-400 Fellowes, W. D. Historical sketches of 27-390 Arnold, M. Essays in 22-915 Forster, J. Life of

30-170 Breen, H. H. Modern English literature 22–411 Cromwell and the republicans 30-171 Dallas, E. S. The gay science

22-629 Guizot, F. P. G. Cromwell and the English Gould, E. S. Good English


274_488 Harris, J. Philological inquiries 22-1081 Harris, W. Life and writings of 274_523 Kames, Lord. Elements of 22-661,2 Hawks, F. L. Biography

30–858 Moon, G. W. The dean's English 22–476

Headley, J. T. Life of .

30–120,692 Poe, E. A. The literati

v. 3 of 33–294
Lamartine, A. de

34-4088 Wallace, H. B. Literary c. 33-608 Merle d'Aubigne's protector

30-116 See Drama ; Literature; Rhetoric; and names Noble, M. Protectorial house of 30_1044 of authors criticized.

Smith, G. Three English statesmen 30-1984 Criticisms on the bar. By Amicus Curiæ. J. P. Southey, R. Life of

30-114 Collier .

2–295 Critique (la) et les critiques en France au XIX Cromwell, O. and R. See Burton's diary 274–180 siècle. J. Demogeot

34–3184 Cromwell, o., R., and H. Memoirs of the protector, Critique on the poems of Robert Burns. Illustrated Oliver Cromwell, and of his two sons Richard by engravings. E., 1812. 8° 22-1004

and Henry. L., 1822. 2 v. 89 30_1095 Critiques d'art et de littérature. Le c'te L. Clement Cromwell, T. Excursions through Ireland. L., de Ris

1820. 2 v.

276-906 Crito. [Pseud.] See Brown, S.

Oliver Cromwell and his times. L., 1822 30-119 Crittenden, S. W. and S. H. Inductive and prac- Walks through Islington; comprising an his

tical treatise on book-keeping by single and torical and descriptive account of that dis-
double entry. Ph., 1866.80

trict. L., 1835. go



of .

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Cromwell, R. Guizot, F. P. G. Richard Cromwell Crozer, J. P. Life by J. W. Smith 30-2355 and the restoration 271_489 Crucible, the. J. A. Goodhue

32-1405 Cromwellian settlement of Ireland. J. P. Pender- Cruden, Alexander. Complete concordance to the gast


old and new testaments, and to the apocrypha, Croniques de London.' Camden soc. pub. v. 28

with a compendium of the bible, and a brief 272_195

account of its history, and a sketch of the life Crook in the lot. T. Boston

32-1357,92 of the author by W. Youngman. L., 1839. Croome, W. Golden sands of Mexico . 18–764


32-1622 Croppy. M. Banim

18-282 Cruden, R. P. History of the town of Gravesend in Croquet, as played by the Newport club; by one of the county of Kent and of the port of London. the members. N. Y., 1865

L., 1843.80

274-310 Fellow, R. Appointment and laws 20-347 Cruelest wrong of all

18–772 Jacques, J. Laws, regulations, and implements Cruelty. Mushet, D. Wrongs of the animal world 20–390

15-329 Crosby, F. Everybody's lawyer and counsellor in Cruikshank at home

18-773 business. Ph., 1859

2-145 Cruikshank, G. Vol. i of my sketch book. L., Life of Abraham Lincoln, with speeches, mes- 1834. Oblong 8°

5-378 sages, proclamations and other official 'docu. Cruise, W. Digest of the laws of England respectments. Ph., 1865


ing real property. 4th ed. by H. H. White. Crosby, T. History of the English baptists, from L., 1835. 7 v. 80

2-342 the reformation to the beginning of the reign Cruise in Japanese waters. S. Osborn 296_173 of George I. L., 1738–40. 4v. 8° 32-64 Cruise in the Pacific. F. Aylmer

296-182 Crosland, Mrs. N. English tales and sketches Cruise of the Alabama and the Sumter.' R. Semmes 18–765

26&_570 Hildred, the daughter 18–766 Cruise of the Betsey. H. Miller:

9-263 Light in the valley. My experiences of spiritu- Cruise of the Dashaway. May Mannering 18–4097 alism. L., 1857

32-2241 Cruise of the Frolic. W. H. G. Kingston 18-1775 Lydia ; a woman's book 18–768 Cruise of the Midge. F. Chamier

1&_606 Memorable women; the story of their lives. Cruise of the Pearl. E. A. Williams 296-165 1854

30–796 Cruising in the last war. C. J. Peterson 18-2477 Cross, F. Hints to all about to rent, buy, or build Crummel, A. The future of Africa ; being addresses, house property. 4th ed. L., 1854 6–34

sermons, etc., delivered in the republic of Landed property ; its sale, purchase, improve- Liberia. 2d ed. N. Y., 1862 286-387 ment, and general management. L., 1857 Crump, A. Banking, currency, and the exchanges.

L., 1866

1-283 Cross, Jolin. "Law of lien and stoppage in transitu. Crump, W. H. The world in a pocket-book; or, Ph., 1841. 80

v. 34 of 2-55

universal popular statistics. Ph., 1841 294–6 Cross, Joseph. Camp and field. [Book 1. Diorama Crumpe, S. Prize essay on the best means of proof 1862.] Macon, 1864

264–1901 viding employment for the people. 2d ed. L., Cross, J. L. The true masonic chart; also, a his

1795. 80

3-86 tory of freemasonry. 12th ed. N. Y., 1857 Crusades. Bescherelle, L. N. Les grands guerriers 2-630

34-4860 Cross, M. E. The mirror of intemperance and his- Chronicles of, by Richard of Devizes, Geoffrey tory of the temperance reform. Ph., 1849 de Vinsauf, John de Joinville

294_8 2-1051 Edgar, J. G.' C. and the crusaders 294_112 Cross, the. Mortillet, G. de. Signe de la croix Fuller, T. History of the holy war 292_136 avant le Christianisme 34-4699 Keightley, T. Crusaders

294_132 Cross-bearer, the ; a vision. B., (1861] 32-1490 Michaud, J. F. History of

292_199 Cross country. W. Thornbury 270_605 Mills, C. History of

292_23,24 Cross of honor. Mrs. P. Cudlip

18-3218 Proctor, H. Rise, progress, and results of Crosse abbatiale, la. E. Sue 34-4638

292_133 Crossed path, the. W. W. Collins

18-682 Sybel, H. von. History and literature of 294_135 Croswell, w. Poems, sacred and secular; with Crusades against the Albigenses. J. C. L. Simonde memoir by A. C. Coxe. B., 1861 23-600

de Sismondi

32-1300 Crotch, W. Elements of musical composition, com- Crusoe. See Catholic C. ;

Prairie c. prehending the rules of thorough bass, and Crusoe's island. J. R. Browne

266-501 the theory of tuning. L., 1812. 4° 5–994 Crusoes. See Australian C. ; Canadian C. Crotchets and quavers. M. Maretzek 5–1020 Crusius, L. Lives of the Roman poets. L., 1733. Croup. Green, H. Pathology and treatment of 2 v.

30-123 10-750 Crustacea. White, A. 'Popular history of British Ley, H. Essay on 10-532

9-655 - See Diphtheria; Respiration.

Cruttwell, c. Tours through the whole island of Crowe, Mrs. C. Night side of nature 18–771

Great Britain. L., 1806. 6 v. 80 276-297 Crowe, E. E. Greek and Turk; or, powers and Cruz, Ramon de la Manolo, T. T. E. v. 5 34-2 prospects in the Levant. L., 1853. 8° 286–327 Cryptography. N. Bridges

22-49 History of France. L., 1830. 3 v. 27_1671 See Cyphers. Same. L., 1858–68. 5 v. 8° 274_1672 Crystal palace, N. Y. H. Greeley

6–333 History of the reigns of Louis XVIII and Richards, 'w. C. Day in the New York c. p. Charles X. L., 1854. 2 v. 8° 272_1673

6-918 and G. P. R. James. Eminent foreign states

- See Industrial exhibition.
men. L., 1833-8. 5 v.
30-258 Crystal spheres. J. M. Sanders

9-1033 Crowe, J. A., and G. B. Cavalcaselle. Early Flem- Crystalline. F. W. Shelton

18-2822 ish painters ; notices of their lives and works. Crystals. Francis, J. G, Rambles in search of seaL., 1857

side pebbles and c.

9-232 History of painting in Italy, from the second to Cuba. Carleton, G. W. Our artist in Cuba 5–385 the sixteenth century. L., 1864–6. 3 v. 80 Dana, R. H., jr. To Cuba and back 260-352 5–382,3 Gan. Eden ; or, pictures of

265_269 Crowell, J. Republics established and thrones over- Gibbes, R. W. C. for invalids

264-379 turned by the bible. Ph., 1849 32–1683 Howe, J. W. Trip to

266-302 Crowfield, Christopher. [Pseud!] See Stowe, H. B. Humboldt, A. Island of C.


des c.

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Cuba. Norman, R. M. Rambles by land and water Cumberland, R. John de Lancaster

266-92 The West Indian ; comedy. I. B. T. v. 18
Notes in c.

Turnbull, D. Travels in west c. 266-277

Same. M. B. D. v. 4

Yankee travels through
266-301 Same. S. B. T. v. 4

Cuba and the Cubans; a history of the island, its The same in German, trans. by Kotzebue
present condition, and its relation to England

v. 31 of 34-2202
and the U. S.; by the author of “ Letters

The wheel of fortune. 1. B. T. v. 5 24-141
from Cuba.” Ñ. Y., 1850

260-558 Cumberland (England.) Dialogues, poems, etc., in
Cubillo, A. Las muñecas de Marcela. T. T. E.

C. dialect

34-2 Gilpin, S. Songs and ballads

Cudjo's cave.' J. T. Trowbridge
18-3327 Murray's handbook

Cucheval-Clarigny, N. Une famille américaine. See North country.
(The pearl of Orr's island, by H. B. Stowe) Cumberland statesman

34–4657 Cuming, F. Sketches of a tour to the western coun-
Cudlip, Mirs. P. (Annie Thomas.) Barry O'Byrne try. Pittsburg, 1810

18-3709 Cumming, J. Bee-keeping; by "the Times” bee.
Called to account; a novel

master. L., 1864

Cross of honor

18-3218 The communion table ; or, communicant's
Dangerous secret ; House in Piccadilly; Philip manual; a plain and practical exposition of

the Lord's supper. L., 1849

Denis Donne

18-3211 The destiny of nations as indicated 'n prophecy.
Gerard Carlton

L., 1864

House in Piccadilly

18-3708 God in history. 5th ed. L., 1851 32-2169
Married at last

18–3756 The great consummation ; the millennial rest;
On guard. Theo. Leigh


or, the world as it will be. N. Y., 1863. 2 v.
Philip Morton

Played out

18-3228 The great preparation ; or, redemption draweth
Playing for high stakes
18-4033 nigh. N. Y., 1860,1. 2 v.

Theo. Leigh

18–3215 - The great tribulation; or, things coming on the
Walter Goring ; Gerard Carlton 18–3224

earth. N. Y., 1860. 2 v,

Cudworth, R. True intellectual system of the uni. Last of the patriarchs; or, lessons chiefly from
verse, wherein all the reason and philosophy the life of Joseph. Ph., 1856

of atheism is confuted. v. 1. And., 1837. The last warning cry. N. Y., 1867 32-1958
2 v. 8°

15-25 Moses right and Bishop Colenso wrong; being
Cueva, J. de la. Ei saco de Roma ; Ei infamador. popular lectures on the pentateuch. N. Y.,
T. T. E. v. 1


Culbertson, M. S. Darkness in the flowery land; or, Ritualism the highway to Rome. 1., 1867
religious notions and popular superstitions in

North China. N. Y., 1857

286-256 Teach us to pray; being experimental, doctrinal,
Culinary chemistry. F. Accum.


and practical observations on the Lord's
See Cookery.

prayer. N. Y.,

Cull, R. Garrick's mode of reading the liturgy of and D. French. Report of the controversial
the church of England ; with notes and a dis-

discussion on the differences between protest-
on public reading. L., 1840. 80

antism and popery ;

new ed. L., 1852

Cullen, A. Principles of the bankrupt law. L., Cumming, J. G. The isle of Man ; its history,


physical, ecclesiastical, civil, and legendary.
Culley, R. s. Handbook of practical telegraphy. L., 1848

L., 1863. 80

6-823 Cumming, R. G. Five years of a hunter's life in
Culm rock. w. 1. Bradley. (Glance Gaylord) south Africa. N. Y., 1850. 2 v. 286-141

18-778 Cummings, A. See Payson, E.
Culprit Fay. J. R. Drake

23-519 Cummings, J. W. Italian legends and sketches
Cultivator. A monthly journal, devoted to agricul-

ture, horticulture, and floriculture. Ñ. Y., Cummings, P.' Dictionary of congregational usages
1844. New series.
v. 1. 80

and principles. B. 1854

Culture demanded by modern life. E. L. Youmans Cummins, G. D. Sketch of the life of the Rev. W.

M. Jackson. N. Y., 1856

Culver, R. The questional reader and union speaker, Cummins, Maria. El Fureidis

principles of elocution. Ph., 1864 22-628 Haunted hearts

Culverwell, N. Of the light of nature, with preface Lamplighter

by John Brown, and a critical essay by J. Mabel Vaughan

Cairns. E., 1857. 8°

15–146 Cunningham, Alexander. The Bhilsa topes; or,
Cumberland, G. An essay on collecting works of buddhist monuments of central India ; com-

the ancient Italian school; accompanied by a prising a brief historical sketch of the rise,
critical catalogue. L., 1827. 4° 5–692

progress, and decline of buddhism, with an
Cumberland, R. Memoirs, written by himself; with account of the opening and examination of
illustrative notes by H. Flanders. Ph., 1856.

the arious groups of topes around Bhilsa.

L., 1854. go

The battle of Hastings; tragedy.' B. B. T. Cunningham, Allan. Life and times of Charles I.
v. 6

Ph., n. d.

The brothers. D. L. T. v. 1 :

24-107 Life and writings of Sir Joshua Reynolds. N. Y.,
Same. M. B. D. v. 4


The carmelite ; tragedy. 'B. B. T. v. 5 24-71 Life of Sir David Wilkie ; with his journal,
The fashionable lover ; comedy. B. B. T.

tours, and critical remarks on works of art,
v. 18


and a selection from his correspondence. L.,
Same. d. L. . v.4

1843. 3 v. 80

Same. S. B. T. v. 8

24-191 Lives of the most eminent British painters and
First love ; comedy. I. B. T. 24-141

sculptors. N. Y., 1831-4. 5 v. 30–406
The Jew ; comedy. I. B. T. v. 8 24-141 Cunningham, J. W. Velvet cushion 18-779


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