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Correspondence regarding contributions, books for review, and all other editorial
matters should be sent to the Editor, Prologue: The Journal of the National
Archives, National Archives (GS), Washington, DC 20408.
Subscription rates are $5.00 for one year, $9.00 for two years, and $12.00 for three
years. Single issues of the current volume are available for $2.00 each. Please
make check or money order payable to National Archives Trust Fund (NATS)
and send to the Cashier, National Archives (GSA), Washington, DC 20408.
Notice of nonreceipt of an issue must be sent within six months of issue publica-
tion date. Back issues are available from Kraus Reprint Co., Millwood, NY 10546.
Contributions contained in Prologue are the result of independent research and
study on the part of the individual contributors and, as such, do not represent the
views of the National Archives and Records Service or any other agency of the U.S.


A Note from the Archivist

I am pleased to announce that beginning with the next issue, Prologue will have as its editor John J. Rumbarger, who has joined the staff of the National Archives and Records Service.

Rumbarger received his Ph.D. in American history from the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1969 he has been assistant executive secretary of the American Historical Association and editor of the AHA Newsletter and the Employment Information Bulletin.

For the first four years, a most trying time for a new journal, Prologue was ably edited by Herman J. Viola, who has moved on to broader responsibilities at the Smithsonian Institution. It was Viola's inspired and dedicated leadership that launched Prologue. The style and format of the journal is directly attri. butable to his efforts, and the National Archives will always be in his debt for the magnificent job he performed in seeing the journal through its infancy.

Viola never ceased to improve Prologue during his four years as editor. We are looking forward to continued progress under the editorship of John J. Rumbarger.

Jawab kehonde

James B. Rhoads




Summer 1973

Volume 5

Number 2

Published Quarterly by the National Archives and Records Service of the General Services Administration

77 The United States Bureau of Customs and Smuggling on Puget Sound,

1851 to 1913
Roland L. De Lorme

89 The Bonneville Power Administration and the New Deal

Philip J. Funigiello

98 Black-White Occupational Distribution in Miami during World War I

Charles Garofalo

102 Bringing the Archives into the Classroom: The Federal Records

Center as the Historian's Laboratory
Jack F. Kilfoil

104 Accessions and Openings

116 Genealogy Notes

120 News and Notices

123 Publications of the National Archives and Records Service

126 Book Notes

132 Contributors

Unless otherwise noted photographs are from the National Archives and Records Service.
The cover design is an adaptation of the National Archives emblem by Antoinette Dibrell.

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