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McCormick, Henry J. Morgenthau, Karl E. Mundt, Donald M. Nelson, Henry M. Regnery, Daniel C. Roper, Julius Rosenwald, Dr. Edward A. Rumely, Truman Smith, George Sokolsky, R. Douglas Stuart, Jr., Robert A. Taft, Freda Utley, Arthur H. Vandenberg, Henry A. Wallace, and Burton K. Wheeler.

The Wood papers provide a valuable supplement to several other collections previously opened for research at the Hoover Library. These include the Herbert Hoover postpresidential papers; the papers of the

; First and Second Hoover Commissions; and the papers of Paul Grady, Verne Marshall, Hanford MacNider, Bradley D. Nash, Neil MacNeil, Gerald P. Nye, Admiral John F. Shaffroth, Lewis Stone Sorley, Charles Callan Tansill, Walter Trohan, and William Hallam Tuck. The papers contain approximately 18,400 items occupying eight feet of shelf space. A detailed finding aid is available at the library.

directed to Sears managers and executives between 1924 and 1953, that reveal not only sales figures and profits but some methods Wood used to rebuild the company after 1929. The bulk of the papers, however, do not concern business but rather Wood's interest in the formation of social, economic, and foreign policy during the period 1933 to 1959. Included are copies of papers of the War Resources Board, on which Wood served, and correspondence with President Roosevelt, Colonel H. K. Rutherford, Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., and Sidney Weinberg. Military historians will be interested in Wood's correspondence with General H. H. Arnold, Harry Elmer Barnes, Levin H. Campbell, William R. Davis, John T. Flynn, Walter H. Frank, Louis A. Johnson, Charles A. Lindbergh, Douglas A. MacArthur, George C. Marshall, Merrill C. Meigs, Henry J. Riley, and Truman Smith. These letters concern military preparedness, the attack on Pearl Harbor, strategy and tactics, conditions in the peacetime army, 1935-41, logistical studies for the air force and army, and postwar unification of the armed services. The papers also document Wood's services with the two Hoover Commissions, his activities on behalf of the Republican party, and his participation in a number of organizations including the Committee for the Nation, 1933-36, the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, 1939-45, the America First Committee, 1941, American Action, 1946-47, For America, 1954-55, and Americans for Constitutional Action, 1958-59.

Among Wood's other correspondents during this period were William Benton, James F. Byrnes, W. J. Campbell, William L. Clayton, Samuel Crowther, Lawrence Dennis, Everett M. Dirksen, James A. Farley, Merwin K. Hart, Herbert Hoover, George M. Humphrey, H. L. Hunt, Joseph P. Kennedy, Leon Keyserling, Phillip F. LaFollette, Robert M. La Follette, Jr., Alfred M. Landon, Walter Lichtenstein, Joseph R. McCarthy, Colonel Robert R.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library has received material concerning the President's Commission on the Status of Women. Nine volumes of reports, dated October 1963, were received from Bertha Whittaker, a management assistant for the Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women. Katherine Pollack Ellickson, who was executive secretary of the commission, sent a memoir entitled “Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's Contribution to the Status of Women, 1968” and notes prepared by Bess Furman Armstrong on the "Tour of the Roosevelt Mansion," which Mrs. Roosevelt conducted for the commission.

Pauli Murray has given the library her correspondence with Mrs. Roosevelt, 193962. Murray, a lawyer and writer, was a WPA teacher in the 1930s and became secretary of the annual National Sharecropper's Week in 1939. She corresponded regularly with Mrs. Roosevelt and was invited occasionally to Hyde Park. Vincent Astor; Aviation Folder; “B” General Correspondence; B. M. Baruch; Earl and Raissa Browder; Bureau of the Budget; Charles C. Burlingham; James F. Byrnes; John Franklin Carter; Coordinator of Information-William J. Donovan; “D” General Correspondence; Joseph E. Davies; Dumbarton Oaks; Morris Ernst; Executive Office of the President-J. F. Byrnes, Lauchlin Currie, Harry Hopkins, Isador Lubin, Capt. John L. McCrea, Samuel I. Rosenman, James Rowe, Jr.; “F” General Correspondence; Federal Communications Commission; Federal Power Commission; Fun; “H” General Correspondence; Henry T. Hackett; Robert E. Hannegan; Harry L. Hopkins; “K” General Correspondence; "L" General Correspondence.

handwritten letters, are not duplicated in any of the library's collections of the presi

dent's papers.

The library has received an additional fifty feet of the papers of John M. Carmody that include additional personal and general correspondence, articles, publications, speeches, and books, 1911-63. Carmody served as a member of the National Mediation Board, administrator of the Rural Electrification Administration, and member of the Maritime Commission during Roosevelt's administration. The papers were given to the library by Catherine Carmody.

A number of tapes, motion picture films, and still photographs have been received from various sources. Tape recordings include several speeches by the president as well as Winston Churchill's address to the joint session of Congress on December 26, 1941. The motion picture films consist of ten reels of negative kinescope of Mrs. Roosevelt's 1959-60 television series "Prospects of Mankind,” which were donated by Henry Morgenthau III. Still photographs from the Stephen Early papers and the Gardner Jackson papers were accessioned. Several hundred photographs of WPA Federal Arts Projects murals were given to the library by Erica Rubinstein, who also gave the library a copy of her doctoral dissertation dealing with the murals.

Forty-eight linear feet of additional papers of Leland Olds, a member of the Federal Power Commission, 1939-40, and commission chairman, 1940-44, have been received. The papers include personal correspondence, Federal Power Commission state and regional files and reports, notes on books and speeches, and clippings, 1920-49. The papers were given to the library by Olds's secretary Elsie Meyer.

The Stephen Early papers, which were recently accessioned by the library, have been opened to researchers.

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Formerly classified material has been opened in the Map Room Papers. Documents under the following headings of the Message Files are open: Roosevelt-Stalin Messages; Miscellaneous Presidential Messages; Messages to and from Harry Hopkins; Miscellaneous Non-Presidential Messages.

Documents under the following headings of the President's Trip Files are open: Casablanca, 1/9-31/42; Trips between 5/147/25/43; Quebec, 7/31-8/29/43; Trips between 10/7-11/7/43; Cairo, Teheran, 11/ 11-12/17/43; Hobcaw Dispatches (4/9-5/ 6/44); Trips between 5/11-7/5/44, 7/138/16/44, 9/24-11/25/44, 11/28-12/18/44; Crimean Conference, Sec. 2-A Map Room File and Sec. 1-B and 2-B President's Party File.

Documents under the following headings of the Special Files are open: Joint U.S.British Statement on Submarine Warfare; MR 000.2 Currency for France; MR 000.7 Overlord, Public Statements on; MR 011 Civil Affairs for Italy; MR 011 North Africa, French National Committee; MR 011 Civil Affairs for France; MR 052 Polish-Russian Relations; MR 210 Control Commissions; MR 210 Moscow Conference;

MR 300 Spain, Portugal, Azores; MR 303 Bombing of Rome; MR 310 Anvil; MR 310 Aegean Operation (Accolade) ; MR 310 Russian Participation in the War Against Japan; MR 340 Sending Officers to Moscow to Discuss Future Operations; MR 370 Surrender of Italy; MR 370 Bulgaria, Peace Feelers; MR 371 Germany, Occupied Countries-Zones of Occupation; MR 450 Transfer of Italian Ships to the Soviet Union; MR 450 Disposition of French Ships at Alexandria; MR 530 Air Operations Against Japan; MR 530 U.S.-USSR-Italy, Shuttle Bombing Operations.

Documents under the following headings of the Military Files are open: Series 1: #4 Guam; #5 China; #8 Convoys, Troop Movements; #9 Indo-China; #11 New Zealand; #12 Continental U.S. Ports; #13 Alaska; #14 Africa; #15 South America; #16 Central America and West Indies; #17 Europe; #18 Iceland, Newfoundland; #21 International Relations; #24 U.S. Losses (Merchant Vessels); #27 Allied Losses (Combatant Ships); #28 Allied Losses (Merchant Vessels); #30 Enemy Losses (Aircraft); #31 Enemy Losses (Combatant Ships); #32 Enemy Losses (Merchant Vessels); #33 Enemy Losses (Personnel); #34 Operation Orders; #38 Singapore, Malaya; #41 Situation Reports; #44 Battle of Atlantic; #45 Enemy Naval Activity; #50 Anzac Area; #52 Allied Fleet Dispositions. Series 2: #1 and #2 North America; #3 Central America, West Indies; #4 South America; #5 Iceland; #6 Europe; #7 British Isles; #8 Mediterranean; #9 Africa; #10 Indian Ocean; #14 East Indies (to 140 Degrees East); #15 Australia; #16 New Zealand; #18 South Pacific; #21 Japan; #22 Command Changes; #23 Operation Orders; #24 International Relations; #25 Allied Fleet Locations; #26 Enemy Surface Locations and Activities; #27 and #27a, b, c Nazi Sub Activities; #28 Jap Sub Activity; #29 Naval Conflict (Including Sea-Air); #30a Attacks on Subs (Positive Sinkings); #30b Probable Sub Sinkings; #30c Uncertain Results of Sub Sinkings; #31 U.S. Sinkings (Merchant Transports); #32 U.S. Combat Ship Losses; #33 U.S. Ships Attacked; #34 U.S. Casualties (Personnel); #35 Allied Sinkings (Merchant Transports) ; #36 Allied Combatant Ship Losses; #37 Allied Ships Attacked; #38 Allied Casualties; #39 Enemy Sinkings (Merchant and Transport); #40 Enemy Combatant Ship Losses; #41 Enemy Ships Attacked; #43 Enemy Ships Damaged; #44 Atlantic Convoy Information; #45 Pacific Convoy Information; #46 Miscellaneous; #50 Sailings, Arrivals in Port.

Army Dispatches: MR 000.2 Educational Institutions, Education (Civil); MR 000.5 Crimes, Offenses, Criminals, Penal Institutions; MR 000.71 Propaganda; MR 204 (8) Sec. 1-A Tables of Japanese Losses; MR 204 (8) Sec. 2-A Table M-V, World Wide Merchant Tonnage Losses; MR 204 (8) Sec. 3-A The United States Fleet; MR 210 (1) Commissions, Conferences, Councils, Boards, Missions; MR 210 (2) Allied Control Commission for Rumania and Bulgaria; MR 220 Sec. 1 Organization of the Army; MR 300 China-Burma-India; MR 300 the Balkans; MR 310 Torch.

Documents under the following headings of the Naval Aide's Files are open:

Air Base, Clipperton Island; Air Routes; Axis War Potential; Bolero; Building Programs; Cairo Conference; Casablanca Conference; First Quebec Conference; France and Free French; General Correspondence; Germany and German Occupied Countries; Habbakuks; India-Burma; Intelligence Matters; International Agreements; Italy and Sicily; Japan and Japanese Islands; Logistics, General; London War Council; Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean; Overlord Operation; Pacific Area; Pacific War Council; Philippine Islands; Press, Propaganda, Press Releases, Press Correspondents, etc.; Protection of Convoys; Reports; Russia; South America and South Atlantic; Southwest Pacific; Torch.

Material under the following headings of the Official File has been opened: OF 200BBB Reedsville, West Virginia, 1938; OF 300 Democratic National Committee-Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Washington, Wisconsin, Appointments-Agriculture; OF 300c Campaign Contributions, Subscription List, State Finance Chairmen, High-Salaried Persons, Deluxe Invitations to Be Sent; OF 400 State File (Federal Appointments) – Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming; OF 463c Poland-World War II–Volunteers, War Executive Files; OF 466b-Misc. Public Works Administration; OF 466c Division of Subsistence Homesteads; OF 466e National Recovery Review Board; OF 466f Advisory Committee on Allotments; OF 494 Pensions; OF 499 International Labor Conference; OF 500 U.S. Comptroller General; OF 503 Rural Life; OF 510 Rubber Industry; OF 511 Hospitals, Medical Practice; OF 514 Emergency Officers; OF 526 Government Contracts, Brewster Aeronautical Corp.; OF 536 Czechoslovakia; OF 550 Lists-General, Rudolph Forster, Maurice Latta; OF 561 U.S.S. Cuyahoga; OF 567 Pan American Conference; OF 568 Dairy Industry; OF 570 The Executive Council; OF 593 Andrew Jackson; OF 633 Public Domain; OF 635 Rivers and Harbors, Florida Ship Canal; OF 638 International Radio Telegraph Co.; OF 643 Reconstruction Finance Corporation; OF 644 Federal Home Loan Bank Board; OF 644b Home Owners' Loan Corporation; OF 648 Central Statistical Planning Board; OF 654 Metric System; OF 633 Standard Oil; OF 676 Allowances to Officers (Army and Navy); OF 684 Drug Industry; OF 697 Fraternal Order of Eagles; OF 706 Credit; OF 716 National Labor Relations Board, Special Board Folder; OF 720 Olympic Games; OF 723 Roerich Peace Pact; OF 725 Bridges; OF 727a Social Welfare; OF 736 Commodity Credit Corporation; OF 761 Liquor; OF 788 National Emergency Council; OF 792 Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee; OF 800 Electricity (Public Utilities); OF 808 Patents; OF 810 Pooling; OF 813 National Defense Advisory Commission; OF 838 Physically Handicapped Persons; OF 856 Republican Party; OF 857 Straw Votes, Gallup Poll; OF 859 Telegraph, Radio and Cable Companies; OF 863 California Debris Commission; OF 876 Coins; OF 880 Liberty Magazine; OF 892 Foodstuffs; OF 911 Lobbies; OF 916 Libraries; OF 917 Museums; OF 921 Botanical Gardens; OF 928 National Parks and Monuments; OF 954 Art and Artists; OF 961 Legion of Honor; OF 962 Government Revenue Bills; OF 971 Export-Import Bank of Washington; OF 989 Jens, Murray and Company; OF 994 Missing or Lost Persons; OF 996 Junior Order of American Mechanics; OF 1030 U.S. Patriotic Society; OF 1042 Junior Patriots of the Republic; OF 1050 Aluminum Production; OF 1051 General Casimir Pulaski; OF 1059 Federal Communications Commission; OF 1060 Securities and Exchange Commission, Empire Ordnance Corporation; OF 1091 Federal Housing Administration; OF 1092 National Resources Planning Board; OF 1095 Miscellaneous and 1095a Railroad Retirement Board; OF 1095b Railroad Investigating Committee; OF 1108 Prison Industries; OF 1111 and 111la U.S. Territorial Memorial Commission; OF 1114 Utopian Society; OF 1124 Darwin Memorial Expedition; OF 1187 Guards of Washington; OF 1200 Industrial Control Reports; OF 1276 Price, Barton, Coffman and Beville (Texas Alcohol Tax Unit); OF 1278 National Whirligig; OF 1301 Chamberlain Hotel Corporation; OF 1314 Radio Corporation of America; OF

1328 American Institute for Economic Research; OF 1336 Americans, Inc.; OF 1354 Committee for Economic Recovery; OF 1370 Second Term; OF 1398 Commerce Commission (Proposed); OF 1400 Father's Day; OF 1413 Selective Service Legislation; OF 1413c Civilian Advisory Committee on Selective Service; OF 1414 Land Matters; OF 1435 Emergency Relief Appropriations Act of 1935; OF 1435a Protests re: Appointment of R. E. Wood and Donald Nelson; OF 1440 National Legal Emblem; OF 1501 World Power Conference; OF 2374 Indian Association of America, Inc.; OF 3583 Board of Investigation and ResearchTransportation; OF 3700 Federal Security Agency; OF 4000 Dollar-A-Year Men-Applications; OF 4351 Postwar Problems; OF 4408 War Bonds and Stamps; OF 4559 Office of Lend Lease Administration; OF 4675 World War II-Crimean Conference; OF 4725c United Nations-Interim Commission of Food and Agriculture; OF 4725g United Nations-San Francisco Conference; OF 4735 War Production Board; OF 4857 Inter-American Defense Board; OF 5528 Executive Committee on Economic Foreign Policy; OF 5666 Save the Redwoods League.

In addition, material, in some cases only one document, has been opened in approximately 575 OF name files. Most, but not all, of these files relate to private persons. An alphabetized list is available without charge from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, NY 12538.

Formerly classified documents have been opened in the following files: U.S. Group Control Council-Germany in the Charles Fahy papers; Reparations File of the Isador Lubin papers; President's Personal File PPF 557 Henry T. Hackett; documents originated by the War Production Board in the Morgenthau Diaries; Weston Howland and Whitney H. Shepardson Files of the Henry Wallace papers; documents originated by the War and Navy Departments and the

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