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February 4th, 1856.-Mrs. C-, aged fifty-five years.She first noticed a small lump in the breast last April. It was then the size of a pea, since which it has gradually increased until the present time, when it is the size of a hen's egg. She describes the pain as shooting, pricking, just like the sting of a bee. In August, 1855, she placed herself under the care of Mr. Smith, surgeon to the Homœopathic Hospital, in Golden Square, under whose treatment her general health was much improved. I made my first application to-day, first destroying the skin with nitric acid.

February 5th to 18th.-Dressed the breast daily with puccoon until the 18th, when the tumour was destroyed. February 26th.-The tumour came away to-day; the sore looking very healthy.

April 5th.-Wound nearly healed; general health quite good.

April 28th.-Wound entirely healed, and quite well.

May 6th.—Mrs. C― called to-day, and was examined by a number of eminent medical men, who pronounced it to be a complete cure.

April 2nd, 1857.-Mrs. C

remains quite well,


February 19th, 1856.—Mrs. T—————, aged fifty-three years. -About a year ago she felt a small lump near the nipple.

She at once placed herself in her surgeon's hands, who treated it as cancer; but, the tumour gradually increasing, she consulted Dr. Pettigrew upon the 24th October, 1855, who confirmed the opinion of her medical attendant, and recommended its removal by the knife, but to this she would not accede. After this, she applied a mixture of Fuller's earth and linseed oil, until she came to see me to-day; and as she was very much agitated, I merely made a slight application, desiring her to return to-morrow.

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February 28th.-The tumour is about the size of a large egg, and the pain during the last three months has been shooting and stinging;" the nipple is retracted, and the skin over the disease corrugated. To-day I destroyed the skin by acid, and afterwards applied the puccoon.

March 15th. I have continued the application of the puccoon almost daily until to-day, when I find the tumour is destroyed.

March 23rd.-The tumour fell out during the night.

March 25th.—I find that a small portion of the disease at the top of the sore has not been destroyed. Applied my applications to it.

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April 15th. The piece that was left has separated, and

come away.

May 18th.-Ulcer nearly healed.

June 5th.-Patient quite well.

April 13th, 1857.—I have seen the patient, and she is now perfectly well.


April 3rd, 1856.-Mrs. E. H-, aged thirty-four years. -In March, 1855, she discovered a small lump in the left breast, the size of a large pea. On the 2nd of April she consulted Dr. Cholmondeley, and continued under his treatment until the following June. During this period the tumour increased a little, and darting, shooting pains came on. She then consulted Messrs. Marsden and Cooke, at the Cancer Hospital, and continued under their treatment until she consulted me on the 3rd of April, 1856, the lump rapidly increasing, and the pain much aggravated when under their


Messrs. Marsden and Cooke told the patient that it was cancer, and proposed an operation, to which she refused to submit. I saw her upon the above date, when I commenced treatment by destroying the cutis by means of nitric acid, and afterwards applying a plaster of the puccoon.

April 5th.-Very comfortable and happy; no pain. Dressed the breast in the usual manner until the 25th inst., when the disease was dead.

May 6th.-Tumour came away. Its size was 11⁄2 inch long by 1 inch broad, and 12 inch thick. Healed up in a few days, and well at the present time.


April 15th, 1856.-Mrs. E. R, aged fifty years.About nine years ago she discovered a "small lump" draw

ing in the nipple. She went to Mr. Lane, and was under his care for twelve months, during which time it gradually increased, and the peculiar shooting pains came on, She then went to Dr. Pettigrew, who skilfully removed it by an operation on the 12th October, 1849. In the beginning of 1854, a small lump made its appearance again, and at present it is about the size of a walnut, with darting pains. She never knew of cancer in any of her family. On Tuesday, April 15th, 1856, Dr. Pettigrew brought her to me, and I made my first application, destroying the cutis in the usual manner. The treatment was continued almost daily, until the 3rd of May, when the tumour was destroyed.

May 12th.-Tumour came out, the sore appearing quite healthy.

June 5th.-Ulcer all healed.

April 3rd, 1857.-—I have seen this patient often since she was healed. She continues quite well, and there is no appearance of any disease.


aged thirty-seven years.—

May 19th, 1856.-Mrs. S. CAbout four years ago shereceived a blow on the breast, since which time she has had pain of a "shooting, pricking" character in it. About a month ago she first discovered a lump, which has rapidly increased. She had an uncle who died of cancer in the bowels. She was sent to me by Mr. Brown, of Hans Place, Chelsea, but, as she

was very nervous, I desired her to call again. She again called, when I determined to treat the case by absorption. I made my first application by applying to the whole surface of the breast a plaster of the brown ointment; next day I dressed it with the iodide of lead ointment. I continued this treatment, alternating the ointments, and in a few weeks all traces of the disease were removed.

April 6th, 1857.—Mrs. C— called to-day with a baby in her arms, quite well, not the slightest sign of disease can be detected.


May 27th, 1856.-Mrs. B, aged sixty-three years.Three years ago she first discovered a small lump in her breast, which soon became painful. She can give no cause for its appearance, and there never has been any cancer in her family. The pain she felt has "a striking, shooting, stinging character." It gradually increased, until now it is the size of a large goose-egg. She has been under the care of three different surgeons, who employed iodine and other remedies without any effect, and they all pronounced it to be cancer. I commenced treatment to-day in the usual manner. The disease was destroyed by the 28th June, and the tumour came away on the 8th July, leaving a healthy sore, which was healed by the 1st September. She then returned home, and continues perfectly well.

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