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Department of the Navy-Continued

Contract negotiated for research and development

projects by, for period ended December 31,

1952, report of the Munitions Board on.-- 316
Contracts in excess of $50,000 for research devel-

opment, and experimental purposes awarded
by the, semiannual confidential report for the

period July 1 to December 31, 1952, of --- 327
Foreign excess property disposal by, report of for
calendar year 1952--

Illegal expenditures made by, in connection with

the suit brought by the United States against
Fallbrook Public Utility District, and others,
in the United States District Court for the
Southern District of California, Southern
Division --

Naval Petroleum Reserves, Director of-
Communications from, transmitting-
Reports by, on-
Agreements entered into under authority of

the act of June 17, 1944, covering the sale
of oil and gas products from the naval
petroleum reserves during calendar year

Official records of the, to authorize the Secretary

of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy to
reproduce and to sell copies of — (See bill H. R.

Official Register of, to cause to be published-

(See bill S. 1642.)
Department of the Treasury—(See also Secretary of

the Treasury.)
Administrative expenses in the, draft of proposed

legislation to authorize certain.
Appropriation for, for the fiscal year 1954, commu-

nication from the President of the United
States, transmitting a proposed provision per-
taining to an -

Certain employees of who, while in the course of

their official duties, suffered losses for personal
property by reason of war conditions and
whose claims for such losses have been consid-
ered and approved by the Secretary of the
Treasury upon the recommendation of a
Treasury Claim Board, draft of proposed leg-
islation for the relief of...

Certain employees of, who suffered losses of per-

sonal property by reason of war conditions,

relief of-(See bill S. 1179.)
Coast Guard-
Report of the Bureau of the Budget on reappor-

tionment of appropriations for operating ex-
penses for, which indicate a necessity for defi-
ciency or supplemental estimates for fiscal
year 1953..

Deputy to the Secretary in the, to establish the

position of -(See bill S. 2460.)
General Counsel of the
Communication from, transmitting-
Communication to the chief of staff of the

Joint Committee on Internal Revenue and
Taxation, with respect to changes in the
definition of gasoline and other petroleum
products now taxable under the Internal
Revenue Code ---

Paul D. Banning, chief disbursing officer, for the

relief of—(See bill S. 2015.)
Secret Service Division-
Report of the Bureau of the Budget on reap-

portionment of appropriations for salaries
and expenses for, which indicate a necessity
for deficiency or supplemental estimates for
fiscal year 1953_-

Tort claims paid by, fiscal year 1952


Department of Welfare, petition urging positive action Page

to forestall President Eisenhower's recommen-
dation to Congress for a----

Departmental and agency heads, to amend the Rules

of the Senate to permit weekly appearances
of, in the Senate to answer questions of Sen-

ators—(See S. Res. 58.)
Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce Appro-

priation Act, 1954 (See bill H. R. 4974.)
Dependents Assistance Act of 1950–

To continue in effect certain of the provisions

thereof — (See bill s. 1188.)
Draft of proposed legislation favoring--

To provide punishment for fraudulent accept-

ance of benefits thereunder— (See bill

S. 1754.)
Depinto, Giovanni-(See bill S. 570.)
Deputy United States marshals, to provide for the

appointment of, without regard to the provi-
sions of the civil-service laws and regula-

tions— (See bill S. 44.)
Derogatory remarks made by a Member of Congress

in debate, concerning a citizen of the United
States, establishing rules of procedure in cases

of — (See S. Con. Res. 11.)
Dertouzos, Vassilios—(See bill S. 2509.)
DeRyck, Mrs. Clementine— (See bills S. 834; H. R.

Desotell, Charles Anthony—(See bill S. 846.)
De Szethofer, Leon J. and Blanche Hrdinova de Szet-

hofer-(See bill S. 2586.)
De Thassy, Eugene-(See bills H. R. 1756, H. R. 6649.)
Detroit Automotive Products Co.—(See bill S. 100.)
Devine, Patrick—(See bills S. 1467, S. 1471.)
Devletoglou, Andreas E.-(See bill S. 557.)
Devlin, Alphonsus— (See bill S. 2340.)
de Wolff, David Arthur-(See bill S. 641.)
Diamond, Raleigh B.—(See bill S. 1939.)
Diarbekerian, Sarkis and his family—(See bill S. 821.)
Diaz, Eduardo Juarez—(See bill S, 2595.)
Didolis, Demitrios (James)—(See bill S. 2508.)
Diehl, Frieda- (See bill S. 1047.)
DiGiorgi, Mother Anna-(See bill H. R. 1187.)
Dikof, Nicola Marin-(See bill S. 95.)
Dikova (Dikoff), Mrs. Donka Kourteva and her son

Nicola Marin Dikoff-(See bill S. 95.)
Di Michele, Nino Sabino—(See bill S. 661.)
Dinewitz, Mordechay-(See bill S. 1320.)
Dioleti, Zafiro Konstantinou—(See bill S. 1447.)
Di Pasquale, Joseph-(See bill S. 431.)
Dirksen, Everett McKinley (Senator from Illinois) –

Committee assignments...

61, 62
Conferee, appointed as.

497, 523,537, 570
Excused from attendance -

Fourth of July 1953 observance at Independence

Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., appointed member on

the part of the Senate to participate in --- 423
Funeral committee, appointed on.-

Joint Committee on Immigration and Nationality
Policy, appointed member of..

Disability compensation awards, to revise the basis for

certain, (See bill s. 1406.)
Disbursing officers, certifying officers, and payees, to

relieve with respect to certain payments made
in contravention of appropriation restrictions
regarding citizenship status (See bill S.

Disbursing officers-
Draft of proposed legislation to amend the act re-
lating to the relief of certain.

To amend the act relating to the relief of certain-

(Şee bills $. 1240; H. R. 2567.)





Disbursing officers of the United States, to amend the Page

act of December 23, 1944, authorizing certain

transactions by—(See bill S. 1307.)
Draft of proposed legislation favoring -

Discrimination in employment because of race, color,

religion, national origin, or ancestry, resolu-
tion urging legislation to prohibit----

Discrimination under law on account of sex, resolution
favoring to prevent---

Displaced Persons Act of 1948, section 4, reports grant-

ing applications for permanent residence of
certain displaced persons under, together with
a statement of the reason for such grant --- 139,

167, 197, 211, 277, 296, 329, 376, 424, 584
Displaced persons and war orphans legislation, reso-
lution favoring supplemental.--

Displaced persons (European) act authorizing for a

limited period of time the admission into the
United States of certain for permanent resi-

dence, amending-(See bill H. R. 5363.)
Displaced persons granted temporary admission into

the United States under the ninth proviso, re-

port of the Attorney General concerning ---- 142
Displaced persons-
House bill 2076, which would admit 328,000, abol-

ish the present quota system of immigration,
and weaken the existing immigration laws,
resolution remonstrating against---

Letter commending the President's request for

emergency legislation to permit the entry of
240,000 ---

Resolution urging emergency legislation permit-

ting admission of 240,000 over and above ex-
isting quotas as recommended by the Presi-

Distilled spirits, resolution favoring to reduce the Fed-
eral excise tax on..

District of Columbia-
Act authorizing the Commissioners to appoint a

member of the Metropolitan Police Depart-
ment or a member of the Fire Department of
the District as Director of the District Office
of Civil Defense, amending-(See bill H. R.

Act to establish a code of law for the, amending,

relating to continuing decedent's business-

(See bills S. 1673; H. R. 4487.)
Act to establish a code of laws for the, amending

to increase the maximum sum allowable by
the court out of assets of a decedent's estate
for funeral expenses-(See bills S. 1670; H. R.

Act to establish a code of laws for the, amend-.

ing in respect to the recording, in the Office
of the Recorder of Deeds, of bills of sale,
mortgages, deeds of trust, and conditional
sales of personal property-(See bill, H. R.

Act to provide that the Board of Education of

the, shall have sole authority to regulate the
vacation periods and annual leave of absence
of certain school officers and employees of the
Board of Education of the District of Colum-

bia, amending-(See bill S. 1945.)
Act to regulate the practice of veterinary medicine

in the, amending-(See bill S. 2172.)
Authorizing the, to enter into interstate civil-de-

fense compacts—(See S. J. Res. 63.)
Bankruptcy Act, draft of proposed legislation to

amend, so that referees serving the District of
Columbia shall not be required to reside in
such District---

Bar of the, conferring authority on the United

States Court of Appeals for the District of
Columbia to regulate admission to the-(See
bill S. 149.)

District of Columbia Continued

Board of Commissioners-
Communications from, transmitting
Reports by, on-
Annual report of the District, fiscal year

Civil defense activities, calendar year 1952;

expenditures, fiscal year 1952, and finan-
cial period from July 1 to December 31,

To permit to establish daylight-saving time in

the District- (See bill S. 1419.)
Board of Education of the, employees of the, to in-

crease the salaries of, and to provide for a
study of the pay scales and classifications of

such employees—(See bill S. 2118.)
Boiler Inspection Act of the, to amend—(See bill

S. 1005.)
Business corporations in the, to provide for the in-

corporation, regulation, merger, consolidation
and dissolution of certain—(See bill H. R.

Capital Transit Co., proposed cancellations of

service by the, power of Interstate Commerce
Commission to investigate and act on-(See

S. Res. 26.)
Columbia Institute for the Deaf-

House Members appointed on..

Senate Member appointed a Director of_-----
Columbus University of Washington, relating to

the incorporation of the-(See bill H. R.

Commission on Area Problems of the Greater

Washington Metropolitan Area, for the estab-

lishment of a-(See bill H. R. 2236.)
Commissioners of

Appointment of special policemen by—(See bill

S. 1001.)
Number of, to increase to five — (See bill S. 545.)
To authorize to permit certain improvements to

two business properties situated in the Dis-

trict of Columbia—(See bill H. R. 3087.)
To authorize to sell certain property in Prince

Georges County, Md., acquired as a site for the
National Training School for Girls—(See bill

H. R. 2969.)
To enable to provide for administrative expenses

of the Office of Administrator of Rent Con-
trol for the period ending April 30, 1953—

(See S. J. Res. 52.)
Compact or agreement between Maryland, Vir-

ginia and, providing for joint planning in the
the building and improvement of roads lead-
ing in and out of the National Capital and in
the beautification of roadsides and public
parks within the metropolitan area of the
National Capital, and joint execution of such
plans, granting the consent of Congress to-

(See S. J. Res. 36.)
Control of dangerous weapons in the, to provide

for the better- (See bill S. 183.)
Crime in, prevention, detection, and punishment

of_(See District of Columbia Law Enforce-

ment Act of 1953.)
Daylight-saving time in the District, to permit the

Board of Commissioners of the to establish-

(See bill S. 1419.)
Delegate from the, to provide for, to the House of

Representatives—(See bill S. 697.)
Delegates representi the, to national political

conventions, to regulate the election of — (See

bill S. 1611.)
District Court for the, to authorize the care and

treatment at facilities of the Public Health
Service of narcotic addicts committed by the
(See bill H. R. 6702.)



District of Columbia Continued
District Office of Civil Defense, to amend the act

to authorize the Commissioners to appoint a
member of the Metropolitan Police Depart-
ment or a member of the Fire Department of

the District as Director of—(See bill S. 1120.)
Elected mayor, city council, school board, and non-

voting Delegate to the House of Representa-

tives, to provide for the-(See bill S. 2413.)
Employees of the, in the metropolitan area of the

District of Columbia, making January 20,

1953, a holiday for—(See S. J. Res. 20.)
Federal payment to the, to increase the author-

ized amount of the annual, to an amount equal
to 25 percent of the expenses of the Govern-
ment of the District of Columbia-(See bill S.

Ford's Theater in Washington, requiring the prep-

aration of an estimate of the cost of recon-

structing-(See S. J. Res. 69.)
Gambling, except casual social gambling in the,

to provide for the more effective prevention

and punishment of all-(See bill S. 182.)
Government-owned burial lots and other proyerty

in Washington Parish Burial Ground, Wash-
ington, Secretary of the Army to convey cer-
tain, and to exchange other burial lots—(See

bill S. 1545.)
Heliport in the, to provide for a, for use in heli-

copter service between the Friendship Inter-
national Airport and the downtown area of

the District of Columbia—(See bill S. 1974.)
Highway-railroad grade separations in the, to au-

thorize the appropriation of funds for the

construction of certain-(See bill H. R. 6080.)
Interstate extradition in the, to make uniform pro-

cedure on- (See bill S. 184.)
Investigation and study by the Interstate Com-

merce Commission of the adequacy and con-
venience of passenger carrier facilities and
services and the reasonableness of fares in
the metropolitan area of the District of Co-

lumbia--(See bill S. 611.)
Juvenile Court of the District of Columbia and the

Municipal Court for the District of Columbia,
to provide for the suspension of the imposition
or execution of sentence in certain cases in-

(See bill H. R. 1832.)
Law of the
Relating to forcible entry and detainer, to

amend— (See bills S. 1671; H. R. 4486.)
Relating to publication of partnerships, to

amend-(See bills S. 1672; H. R. 4485.)
License law of the, amending-(See bill S. 880.)
Licensing and registration fees, to authorize the

Commissoners of the District to fix certain-

(See bill S. 1324.)
Life insurance, business of, in the, amending act

to regulate— (See bills S. 879; H. R. 2582.)
Maryland, to retrocede the, to the State of — (See

bill S. 374.)
Members of certain regulatory agencies of the, to

prohibit the acceptance of certain offices or
employment by persons who within 2 years

have served as- (See bill S. 885.)
Memorial to J. Finley Wilson to, authorizing the

erection of a- (See S. J. Res. 11.)
Memorial to the Marine Corps dead of all wars in

the act authorizing the erection of-(See S. J.

Res. 32; H. J. Res. 157.)
Metropolitan Police force, the United States Park

Police, the White House Police, and the Fire
Department of the, to adjust the salaries of
officers and members of the— (See bill H. R.

District of Columbia-Continued
Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act of the, to

enact-(See bills S. 2028; S. 2305.)
Municipal court and municipal court of appeals

for the, to amend the act relating to retire-
ment of judges of, and title IX of the District
of Columbia Revenue Act of 1937—(See bill

S. 1740.)
Municipal court for the, to provide for the suspen-

sion of the imposition or execution of sentence
in certain cases in the, and in the juvenile
court of the District of Columbia.- (See bill

S. 872.)
Narcotic addicts committed by the District Court

for the District of Columbia, to authorize the
care and treatment at facilities of the Public

Health Service of -(See bill H. R. 6702.)
Narcotic Drug Act of the, to amend—(See bill S.

Narcotic drugs, to provide criminal penalties for

unlawful possession of, with intent to barter,
exchange, sell, or give the same to another-

(See bill S. 187.)
National Symphony Orchestra, to provide for the

financing of open-air concerts and free chil-

dren's concerts by the- (See bill S. 1003.)
Needy persons in the, to provide public assistance

to (See bill S. 2141.)
Officers and employees, present and former, of the,

to prescribe certain penalties applicable to,
who refuse to testify concerning matters re-

lating to their public office-(See bill S. 186.)
Officials of the, to make certain transactions in-

volving the making of gifts to, or the receiving
of gifts by, prima facie evidence of a violation
of certain statutes relating to bribery-(See

bill S. 185.)
Passenger carrier facilities and services and the

reasonableness of fares in the metropolitan
area of the District of Columbia, investiga-
tion and study by the Interstate Commerce

Commission of-(See bill S. 611.)
Persons charged with offenses cognizable by the

criminal branch of the municipal court for
the, to limit the cases in which they may for-
feit collateral in lieu of appearing for trial-

(See bill S. 180.)
Public transportation of passengers by motor ve-

hicle and street railroad within the metro-
politan area of Washington, to provide for a

commission to regulate the- (See bill S. 922.)
Public transportation serving the
Establishing a joint committee to make a study

of— (See S. Con. Res. 19.)
Providing for a study and investigation of—(See

S. Res. 140.)
Public Utilities Commission of the-
Communication from, transmitting report of the

Commission's activities for 1952.
To authorize to regulate and condition the dec-

laration and payment of dividends by public
utilities in the District of Columbia— (See bill

S. 1403.)
Railroad tracks and related facilities, to authorize

the Potomac Electric Power Co. to construct
certain across Kenilworth Avenue NE, in

the- (See bill S. 1691.)
Real property, certain, in the, to authorize the Ad-

ministrator of General Services to dispose of
and to appropriate the proceeds of such dis-

posal-(See bill s. 2541.)
Revised Statutes of the United States relating to

the, amending—(See bill S. 1004.)




District of Columbia-Continued
St. Elizabeths Hospital, in the, to provide for the

admission to, of certain citizens of the United
States adjudged insane in foreign countries-

(See bill H. R. 304.)
Sara Louisa Rittenhouse, to authorize the erection

of a memorial to, in Montrose Park-(See S. J.

Res. 37.)
Square 355 in the, to remove restrictions on the use

of a porton of, acquired by the District of
Columbia as part of a site for a wholesale

farmers' produce market (See bill S. 1002.)
Supplemental estimate of appropriations for, fis-

cal year 1954.------
Tax stamps, to provide for the redemption of

(See bill H. R. 4940.)
Taxes imposed by the laws of the, to establish a

policy with respect to the granting of special
exemptions to organizations and corporations

from-(See bill S. 568.)
Tests for alcohol in persons tried in the, for certain

offenses committed while operating vehicles,
to prescribe the weight to be given to evi-

dence of certain— (See bill S. 1302.)
To amend the Fire and Casualty Act to provide

that an agent or solicitor may secure a license
to solicit accident and health insurance in
the, under that act without taking the pre-
scribed examination, if he is licensed under

the Life Insurance Act (See bill S. 1839.)
Correction in enrollment of the bill—(See S.

Con. Res. 35.)
To provide an elected city council, school board,

and nonvoting delegate to the House of Repre-

sentatives for the- (See bill S. 999.)
To retrocede the, to the State of Maryland-(See

bill S. 374.)
Transportation of schoolchildren in the, to provide

for the regulation of fares for—(See bill S.

Uniform Simultaneous Death Act shall apply in

the- (See bill S. 2303.)
Users of narcotics in the, to provide for the

treatment of—(See bills S. 755; H. R. 3307.)
Veterans' Service Center, resolution favoring the

granting of the $5,000 supplemental appro-

priation for 1953 for the..
District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Act

To provide for the control of the consumption

of alcoholic beverages in certain clubs in the
District of Columbia-(See bills S. 1279; H. R.

To restrict the sale on credit of beverages, except

beer and light wines, not consumed on the

premises where sold—(See bill S. 1723.)
District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1954, to

enact—(See bill H. R. 5471.)
District of Columbia Barber Act, amending-(See bill

S. 1683.)
District of Columbia Business Corporation Act, to en-

act-(See bills S. 36; H. R. 3704.)
District of Columbia Charter Act, to enact (See bills

S. 999, S. 2413.)
District of Columbia Credit Unions Act, to amend-

(See bill S. 873.)
District of Columbia Emergency Rent Act, amending-

(See bill S. 2527.)
District of Columbia Emergency Rent Act of 1951,

amending, to extend the provisions of—(See

bill S. 1767.)
District of Columbia Equal Rights Act, to enact-(See

bill S. 534.)

District of Columbia Law Enforcement Act of 1953, to Page

enact- (See bills S. 1946; H. R. 5312.)
District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Salary Act

of 1953, to enact-(See bills S. 1306, S. 1404,

S. 2394; H. R. 3795.)
District of Columbia Public School Food Services Act,

amending, section 3—(See bill S. 1000.)
District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency,

Chairman of, communications from, trans-
mitting, reports by, on Board of Directors ac-

tivities and expenditures, fiscal year 1952---- 20
District of Columbia Revenue Act of 1937, amending

title IX- (See bill S. 1740.)
District of Columbia Teachers' Leave Act of 1949, to

amend— (See bill S. 1393.)
District of Columbia Traffic Act, 1925—

Amending-(See bill S. 1585.)
To require that motor vehicles operated for

pleasure purposes in the District of Columbia
by minors licensed to drive in the District
shall carry emblems or devices calling atten-
tion to the fact that such motor vehicles are

being operated by minors—(See bill s. 500.)
Dittmar, Horst F. W. and Heinz-Erik-(See bill S. 506.)
Divorce decree granted in a foreign nation, relating

to the effect, under certain circumstances of

a-(See bill S. 2283.)
Dobratz, Mrs. Carl-(See bill S. 2240.)
Doctor Draft Act resolutions favoring the amendment
of the

Dodge, Agnes P., widow of Louis Dodge, authorizing

payment of gratuity to (See S. Res. 73.)
Dollar, resolution favoring efforts now being made to

stabilize the value of the, to combat inflation

and maintain the economy of the country---- 439
Domestic Metals and minerals Act of 1953, to enact-

(See bill S. 869.)
Domestic Minerals Act of 1953, to enact-(See bill

S. 1539.)
Domestic Minerals Program Extension Act of 1953, to

enact (See bill S. 1620.)
Domestic Tungsten Program Extension Act of 1953, to

enact (See bills S. 1619; H. R. 2824.)
Dominican Republic, Senate of the, letter from, relat-

ing to Senate Resolution 303 of the United
States Senate, in connection with Pan-Amer-
ican Day-

Dorcey, Stephanie Marie— (See bill H. R. 884.)
Dore, James, Jr.—(See bill S. 1733.)
Dorghali, Allen M.-(See bill S. 2362.)
Dotson, Floyd E., draft of proposed legislation for the
relief of_-

Douaihy, Salifa—(See bill S. 792.)
Douglas MacArthur Day, resolution favoring an an-

nual day and date for observance of faith,
hope, and charity to be dedicated or known

Douglas, Paul H. (Senator from Illinois)—

Committee assignments.

61, 62, 63
Conferee, appointed as.

486, 534
United States Commission for the Bicentennial of
Columbia University, appointed on.

Draft deferment of farm boys, resolution favoring the
use of the unit system in the----

Drafting of young men 18 and 19 years of age, resolu-

tion favoring action to avoid, and to limit
deferments to older men.--

Dragazis, John Aristidis—(See bill S. 321.)
Drake, Linda Lee (Ami Kuroda)—(See bill S. 1370.)







Draper, Dr. Lyman Copeland, to provide for the issu Page

ance of a special series of postage stamps in
commemoration of the life and works of-

(See bill S. 2139.)
Dresden, Linnea—(See bill S. 643.)
Driftwood, Harvey-(See bill S. 1718.)
Drucka-Podberezka, Joanna Maria—(See bill S. 352.)
Drugoci, Elisabeta-(See bill s. 2228.)
Drugs (obsolescent) now held in the national stock-

pile, report of the Administrator of the Gen-
eral Services Administration of a notice to be
published in the Federal Register of a pro-
posed disposition of.---

Dryden, Therese Jane- (See bill S. 2256.)
Dufault, Michael Francis and Pauline Ann-(See bill

S. 2050.)
Duff, James H. (Senator from Pennsylvania).

Committee assignments..

61, 62
Conferee, appointed as

Fourth of July 1953 observance at Independence

Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., appointed member on

the part of the Senate to participate in.---- 423
Select Committee on Small Business, appointed
member of.---

Duke, Russell W., citing, for contempt of the Senate-

(See S. Res. 103.)
Duncan, Jenny Evelyn Elsie- (See bill S. 230.)
Dunnous, Jack— (See bill S. 2377.)
Duran, Jose Maria Thomasa-(See bill H. R. 2623.)
Dutchess, Patricia Ann-(See bill H. R. 3244.)
Dworshak, Henry C. (Senator from Idaho)-

Committee assignments..

Conferee, appointed as.

489, 507
Excused from attendance----

Fourth of July 1953 observance at Independence

Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., appointed member on

the part of the Senate to participate in ----- 423
Naval Academy, Board of Visitors to, appointed
member of..

Dwyer, Reverend Francis T.-(See bill S. 1937.)
Dyson, Donald R. and Kenneth M.-(See bill S. 803.)
Dzieczko, Michajlo—(See bill S. 1321.)


Economic Stabilization Agency, appropriations for,

draft of a proposed provision pertaining to,

fiscal year 1953_-.
Economy Act of 1953, to enact-(See bill S. 1006.)
Edmondson, Robert Edward, petition of praying for re-

dress of grievances, succor, and relief.---
Advisory Committee on, to the Secretary of the

Department of Health, Education, and Wel-
fare, resolution urging that careful consid-
eration be given to the appointment of a
highly competent, and to the appointment of
an outstanding professional educator as Com-

missioner of Education..
Board for Fundamental Education, to incorporate

the— (See bills S. 1055, S. 1796.)
College or university, to provide for loans to in-

dividuals for the purpose of enabling them to

obtain-(See bills S. 157, S. 2168.)
Commissioner of—(See under Federal Security

Compact relating to higher, granting the consent

of Congress to certain Western States and the
Territories of Alaska and Hawaii to enter
into a, and establishing the Western Inter-
state Commission for Higher Education_(See

bill S. 1515.)
Free public education required in connection with

the national defense, to assist in the provision

of facilities for- (See bill S. 38.)
Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of,

Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1953 concern-

Office of—(See under Federal Security Agency.)
Educational agencies, to improve and extend for 2

years the act granting Federal financial as-
sistance to local, in the maintenance and op-
eration of public elementary and secondary
schools where activities of the Federal Gov-
ernment have created unusual burdens— (See

bill H. R. 6078.)
Draft of proposed legislation.-
Educational Finance Act of 1953, to enact-(See bill

S. 277.)
Educational Foundation, United States (See United

States Educational Foundation.)
Edwards, Lewis Roland-(See bill S. 53.)
Egurrola, Francisca—(See bill S. 383.)
Ehlers, Fred and Bernice—(See bill S. 1795.)
Ekholm, Mrs. Ruth R. (See bill H. R. 711.)
Election and nomination of candidates for President

and Vice President, proposing an amendment
to the Constitution of the United States re-
lating to the, and to succession to the office
of President in the event of the death or

inability of the President, (See S. J. Res. 85.)
Election day, making a legal holiday—(See bill S. 805.)
Election of candidates for President and Vice Presi-

dent by popular vote, proposing an amend-
ment to the Constitution of the United States
providing for nomination of, and for— (See

S. J. Res. 84.)
Election on November 4, 1952, resolution relating to

the number of votes cast in the----
Election procedure (uniform) for obtaining an ad-

visory vote for presidential candidates, reso-

lution favoring establishing a.
Elections (See also Federal elections.)
Electoral votes, counting of, joint session for, provid-

ing for— (See S. Con. Res. 1.)
Tellers on the part of the Senate appointed------
Tellers on the part of the House appointed..
Announcing of results---
Report to the Senate on result of votes cast-



East Coast Ship & Yacht Corp., of Noank, Conn., re-

lief of- (See bill S. 2160.)
Eastland, James O. (Senator from Mississippi) —
Attended -

Committee assignments.

61, 62
Conferee, appointed as.

Excused from attendance..

Fourth of July 1953 observance at Independence

Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., appointed member on

the part of the Senate to participate in ---- 423
Funeral committee, appointed on.

Joint Committee on Immigration and Nationality
Policy, appointed member of..

Ebuna, Glicerio M.— (See bill S. 2542.)
Echelle, Giovannina—(See bill S. 2445.)
Economic Advisers, Council of—(See Council of Eco-

nomic Advisers.)
Economic conditions, petition praying enactment of
legislation dealing with certain.

Economic controls, to provide authority for tempo-

rary— (See bill S. 1081.)
Economic mobilization and stabilization, banking and

housing policies, to investigate problems re-

lating to—(See S. Res. 42.)
Economic Report of the President

Midyear report






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