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Crop-insurance program, to amend section 508 (a) of Page

the Federal Crop Insurance Act, to extend
for 4 years the authority of Federal Crop In-
surance Corporation to expand the, into addi-

tional counties—(See bill S. 1367.)
Crozet Superhighway Act of 1953, to enact-(See bills

S. 283, S. 1980.)
Crude bauxite—(See under Bauxite (crude).)
Crunk, Ruth D.-(See bill H. R. 2420.)
Cseplo, Jeno—(See bill S. 233.)
Ctibor, Eugene— (See bill S. 1172.)
Culbertson, Janice Beth, a minor-(See bill S. 2378.)
Cunningham, Col. Harry F.- (See bills S. 735; H. R.

Curtis, Nicholas J., petition praying an investigation

of an alleged aspiracy waged against him.- 143
Custom duties, resolution favoring an increase in,

wherever possible and to such an extent as
may be necessary to provide adequate protec-
tion to the agricultural and livestock industry
of the United States---

Customs, collectors of, to require that appointment of

be in accordance with the civil-service laws

(See bill s. 1327.)
Customs Simplification Act of 1953, to enact (See

bill H. R. 5877.)
Cvirka, Mamertas and Mrs. Petronele— (See bill S.

Cyprus, resolution remonstrating against the refusal

of the British Government to restore to the
people of, their freedom and their right to
reunite themselves with their mother Greece- 129


Cracchiolo, Francesco (See bill S. 102.)

Cranney, Wayne C.-(See bill S. 1499.)
Cranston, Mrs. Martha May Reekie— (See bill S. 2442.)
Craps, Anne Elizabeth, resolution praying to permit

the legal entry of, into the United States.-- 212, 216
Credentials of Senators-designate-
Kuchel, Thomas H.

Purtell, William A

Lennon, Alton A.-

Credentials of Senators-elect-

Barrett, Frank A.-
Beall, J. Glenn.-
Bricker, John W.
Bush, Prescott..
Butler, Hugh---
Byrd, Harry Flood..
Chavez, Dennis..

Cooper, John Sherman..

Daniel, Price-

Flanders, Ralph E.

Goldwater, Barry M..

Gore, Alberto---

Griswold, Dwight-

Holland, Spessard L_-

Ives, Irving M.---

Jac on, enry M..

Jenner, William E.

Kennedy, John F-

Kilgore, Harley M..

Knowland, William F..

Langer, William.

Malone, George W. (Molly).

Mansfield, Mike.

Martin, Edward.

McCarthy, Joseph R_

Pastore, John O..

Payne, Frederick G...

Potter, Charles E----

3, 4
Purtell, William A.

Smith, H. Alexander

Stennis, John C..

Symington, Stuart

Thye, Edward J..

Watkins, Arthur V--

Williams, John J.--
Credit formerly made available to any area or region

by the Regional Agricultural Credit Corpo-
ration, to extend for 5 years the authority
of the Secretary of Agriculture to make loans
for the purpose of making available in-(See

bill H. R. 4158.)
Criel, Guy-(See bill S. 2386.)
Crime offenses (organized) against any of the several

States, to punish the use of interstate com-
merce in furtherance of conspiracies to com-

mit-(See bill S. 2123.)
Crimes against defenseless prisoners of war, resolution

• favoring strict justice to the perpetrators

278, 280, 281
Crimes against humanity in totalitarian countries,

establishing a joint committee to investigate

alleged (See S. Con. Res. 16.)
Resolutions favoring the establishment of_----- 212, 218
Crimi, Joseph V., father of the minor child, Joseph

Crimi-(See bill S, 2553.)
Crippa, E. D., appointed on the Commission on Judi-
cial and Congressional Salaries---

Criswell, Julia S. (See bill H. R. 4375.)
Critical raw materials, to investigate the accessibility

and availability of supplies of critical—(See
S. Res. 143.)





Dagamac, Pedro P.-(See bill S. 1136.)
Dairy Herd Improvement Association budget for this

next fiscal year, resolution praying the Di-
rector of the Budget Bureau be supported in

his approval of a---
Dairy products-
Resolution favoring the support of at 90 percent

of parity-
Resolution recommending that they be supported

at the same percentage of parity as basic agri-

cultural commodities
Resolutions urging price supports on, of not less

than 90 percent, and urging deferment from
military duty of all boys contributing to farm

and factory production..
To provide mandatory price supports through 1957

for-(See bill S. 1159.)
Dairymen, resolution urging the passage of an ade-

quate budget to insure the investment they
are making in the division of dairy-herd-

improvement investigations
Dalao, Esteban Boadilla-(See bill S. 685.)
Dam and water reservoir projects constructed by the

Federal Government, installation of improve-
ments and facilities needed for the protection,
development, and utilization of Federal re-

sources affected by—(See bill S. 158.)
D'Amico, Carlo (Adiutore)-(See bill S. 1841.)
D'Amico, Salvatore - (See bill s. 2133.)
D'Amore, Settimo—(See bill S. 2500.)
Dams and hydroelectric plants located in the United

States, to define the powers of the United
States members of the International Joint
Commission relating to the disposition of

electric power developed at~ (See bill S. 1557.)
Dances conducted to maintain and operate commu-

nity halls and community centers, to exempt
from tax admissions—(See bill S. 2011.)



Dandurand, Gerard Lucien—(See bill S. 1417.)

Danesi, Paolo (See bill S. 1440.)
Daniel, Price (Senator from Texas).
Committee assignments..

Credentials presented.

Excused from attendance..

279, 403, 423, 447
Oath administered

Danish vessels, to provide for the payment of the

balance of the compensation promised in
connection with the requisition in 1941 of 40%

(See bill S. 2237.)
Darmody, Donald James-—(See bill H. R. 2645.)
Darviris, Dr. Panagiotis— (See bill S. 1299.)
Dason Equipment Corp.-(See bill H. R. 1133.)
Daughters of the American Revolution, (See Na-

tional Society of the Daughters of the Ameri-

can Revolution.)
Davenia, Carmela Daino— (See bills S. 1819; H. R.

Davis Dam project and the Parker Dam power project,

to consolidate the- (See bill H. R. 3598.)
Davis, Harold Joe-(See bill H. R. 1460.)
de Anda-Munoz, J. Trinidad—(See bill S. 2042.)
Deang, Jose-(See bill S. 1443.)
De Angelis, Mrs. Anna L.- (See bill S. 1268.)

Announcement of and proceedings thereon-
Bryson, Joseph R----

Cox, Edward Eugene..

Hull, Merlin.-

McMahon, Brien..

Memorial addresses on the late.

Sabath, Adolph J.-

Smith, Willis.--

Funeral expenses, to pay—(See S. Res. 124.)
Memorial addresses on the late--

Stigler, William G-------

Taft, Robert A---

Funeral expenses of, to pay—(See S. Res, 159.)
Memorial services for, providing for— (See S.

Res. 158.)

Remarks in tribute to..

Tobey, Charles W..

Funeral expenses, to pay—(See S. Res. 152.)
Memorial addresses on the late-

Withers, Garrett L.--

Memorial addresses in tribute to the late

Of former Senators-
Memorial addresses on-
La Follette, Robert M., Jr., from the State of

Wagner, Robert F., from the State of New

Deaver, Louis H.-(See bill E. 1610.)
Deaver, Willwood, and Belle Fourche irrigation dis-

tricts, to provide that certain costs and ex-
penses incurred in connection with repayment
contracts with, shall be nonreimbusable-

(See bills S. 644, S. 727.)
de Bakker, Jan-(See bill S. 1710.)
Debt limit-(See under Public debt.)
Decker, Edna V. R.-(See bill S. 686.)
Decker, M. Roman, (See bill S. 517.)
Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the

United States, and the Bill of Rights, proceed-
ings on December 15, 1952, in the Exhibition
Hall of the National Archives Building at the
enshrining of the ---

DeCourcy, Mrs. Elizabeth-(See bill S. 210.)
Deeb, Mary Bouessa—(See bill S. 248.)

Defense contractors, act relating to the inspection and Page

audit of plants, books, and records of, to con-
tinue the effectiveness of, for the duration of
the national emergency proclaimed Decem-
ber 16, 1950, and 6 months thereafter-(See

bills S. 1236; H. R. 2313.)
Defense Department- (See Department of Defense.)
Defense effort, resolution pledging continued support

in the, in the event of sudden attack by Soviet

Defense Establishment, Reorganization Plan No. 6 of
1953, relating to improvement of the-----

Defense Housing and Community Facilities and Serv-

ices Act of 1951, amending-(See bill S. 799.)
Defense Materials Procurement Agency, establishment

within the, of a Mine Incentive Payments Di-

vision—(See bill S. 1539.)
Defense Mobilization, Office of
Director of, communications from, transmitting

reports by, on, Defense Production Act, bor-
rowing authority under section 304 (b) of, for

quarter ended
June 30, 1952.-

September 30, 1952_

December 31, 1952-.

March 31, 1953_-

Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1953, to create in the

Executive Office of the President a new agency,
to be known as the..

Defense Production Act

To provide authority for temporary economic

controls— (See bill S. 1081.)
To prohibit the grading of livestock and to re-

move price ceilings from livestock-(See bill

S. 473.)
Borrowing authority authorized under, quarterly

reports on—(See under Defense Mobilization,

Office of.)
Defense Production Act amendments of 1953, to en-

act-(See S. J. Res. 93.)
Defenses of the United States, resolutions opposing the

passage of any legislation which would jeop-
ardize the-----

214, 250
De Galzain, Sister Marie Therese-(See bill s. 518.)
DeGrafft, William Robert (See bills S. 567; H. R.

deHuy, Oscar Ems—(See bill S. 1351.)
DeJureidini, Eulalia G. Vda., petition relating to her
claim for damages..

Delani-Beltayne, Daniel S.-(See bill S. 1134.)
Broadkill River in, to provide for the abandon-

ment of a certain part of the Federal project

for the-(See bill S. 639.)
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal at Summit, con-

struction of a highway bridge across the-

(See bill s. 121.)
Copy of civil-defense compact between Florida,

Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New
Hampshire, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode
Island, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia,
Ohio, Arizona, California, Colorado, and

Copy of civil-defense compact between South Da-

kota, Oklahoma, Oregon, California, New
Jersey, Montana, Pennsylvania, Arizona,
Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Wyo-
ming and ----

Interstate civil-defense and mutual-aid compact,

notification to the Senate of entrance into,
with the States of Ohio, Connecticut, Florida,
Maryland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and
West Virginia











Legislature of the State of -
Communications from, transmitting-
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Commending Senator Frear for the posi-

tion he has taken in regard to having
the United States consider with caution
any and all Communist proposals for a
settlement of the prisoner-of-war issue
or the Korean conflict itself----

Election of the Honorable Dwight D.

Eisenhower as President of the United
States, expressing appreciation of the as-
sumption of Government authority by

the new administration through the--- 143, 146
4-H Clubs in the State, favoring the out-

standing work now being accomplished
by members as well as the leadership of
the, and congratulating the parents for
the encouragement and assistance they
have given to make 4-H Club movement
a success.

Gasoline taxation, favoring the withdrawal

of the Federal Government from the field

296, 302
Treaties and executive agreements, favor-

ing legislation which would amend the
Constitution of the United States rela-
tive to the making of

Mispillion River, modification of the existing proj-

ect for the, in order to improve facilities for

navigation—(See bill S. 1668.)
Senators from
Frear, J. Allen, Jr., attended

Williams, John J., credentials presented and

oath administered.---
Delaware and Chesapeake Canal, to provide for the

installation and maintenance of an electric
lighting system on the south bank of the-

(See bill S. 640.)
Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, modification

of the existing project for navigation on the

Delaware River—(See bill S. 2317.)
Del Basso, Dario—(See bill S. 284.)
Del Curto, Anny-(See bill S. 52.)
Demcheshen, Michael—(See bill H. R. 965.)
Demetrois, Petros Demou—(See bill S. 2343.)
DeMontigny, John L.-(See bill S. 1183.)
Denehy, Margeret T., estate of— (See bill S. 2184.)
Denes, Magdalene Rose- (See bill S. 2057.)
Denny, Charles H. and Dorothy Mae— (See bill S.

DeNuzzi, Frank—(See bill H. R. 937.)
De Oliveira, Antonio Silva-(See bill S. 1479.)
DePadora, Maria, also known as Sister Rosanna-

(See bill S. 355.)
Department of Agriculture— (See also Secretary of

Making additional for, fiscal year 1954—(See

H. J. Res. 305.)
Supplemental estimate of, fiscal year 1954_ 476
Bankhead-Jones Act, to amend, to strengthen

the conduct of research of the— (See bill S.

Extension Service-
Resolution favoring that it be divorced from

the Farm Bureau, so the elected farm com-

mittees will administer the farm programs-- 201
Farm Credit Administration-
Funds payable from, report on obligations in-

curred in excess of the quarterly limitation of
an allotment of

Foreign excess property, report on disposal of by,
fiscal year 1952-.


Department of Agriculture—Continued

Forest Service-
Memorial requesting favorable action on certain

legislation authorizing the, to expend 10 per-
cent of its revenue from national forests, not
to exceed $5,500,000 from the improvement of

facilities in our national forests.-
Resolution urging that greater financial support

be given the, for the development of national-
forest recreational resources and areas, in-

cluding wildlife resources.-
Production and Marketing Administration-
Violations of law by the, by exceeding limita-

tions of allotments made within the total
quarterly apportionments of appropriations,

report on.-
Obligations incurred in excess of the quarterly

limitation of an allotment of an appropriation

for, report on --
Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1953 to make it pos-

sible for the Secretary of Agriculture to
simplify and improve the internal organi-

zation of..
Rural Electrification Administration, drafts of

proposed provisions pertaining to loan author-

izations for, fiscal year 1953_-
Tort claims paid by-

Fiscal year 1952_-

Fiscal year 1953-
Department of Agriculture Appropriation Act,

1954, to enact (See bill H R. 5227.)
Department of Commerce — (See also Secretary of

Activities of, under the act providing for war-risk

insurance and certain marine and liability in-

Quarterly report of-
For periods ended June 30 and September 30,

For period ended December 31, 1952_

For period ended March 31, 1953_-
Appropriations, supplemental estimate for, fiscal

year 1954
Disposal by, of foreign surplus property during

the year 1952, report of
Foreign-Trade Zones Board (See report of

under Secretary of Commerce.)
Maritime Administration-
Action taken by on coordination of forwarding

and similar servicing of water-borne export
and import foreign commerce of the United
States, reports on- (See under Secretary of

Activities and transactions of, under the Mer-

chant Ship Sales Act of 1946, quarterly re-
ports on—(See under Secretary of Com-

To direct, to sell certain vessels to citizens of the

Republic of the Philippines; to provide for
the rehabilitation of the interisland com-

merce of the Philippines—(See S. J. Res. 68.)
Tort claims paid by, fiscal year 1952_--
Weather Bureau, Chief of, fifth interim report of,

of causes and characteristics of thunder-

Department of Defense — (See also Secretary of De-

Appropriation bill, memorials remonstrating

against section 640 of, because it would cut

the standard of living by 20 percent-
Appropriations, proposed provision pertaining to

an appropriation for, fiscal year 1954.--
Hospitals and related facilities, draft of proposed

legislation to authorize the transfer of be-
tween the Veterans' Administration and.---










Department of Defense-Continued

Inventions Awards Board within the, to author-

ize the establishment of an- (See bill S. 27.)
Professional and scientific positions established in

the, annual report of, for the calendar year

Reorganization Plan No. 6 of 1953, relating to im-
provement of the ---

Report of the Bureau of the Budget on reappor-

tionment of appropriations for retired pay
for, which indicate a necessity for deficiency
or supplemental estimates for fiscal year

Report stating that no claims for tort arising from

the acts or omissions of employees of the, ex-
cluding the military departments, were paid
during the year 1952---

Sundry administrative matters affecting, draft of
proposed legislation to provide for--

Working capital funds of the, financial condition

of, report of the Secretary of Defense on, at
June 30, 1952, and the results of their opera-

tion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1952-- 78
Department of Defense Appropriation Act, 1953,

amending title V to permit the continued use
of appropriations thereunder to make pay-
ments to ARO, Inc., for operation of the Ar-
nold Engineering Development Center after

March 31, 1953—(See bill H. R. 4230.)
Department of Defense Appropriation Act, 1954, to

enact (See bill H. R. 5969.)
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare -(See

also Federal Security Agency.)
Appropriations, supplemental estimate of, for fis-
cal year 1954.

Appropriations for, draft of a proposed provision

pertaining to, fiscal year 1953_-
Federal Recreation Service in the, to establish a-

(See bill S. 2591.)
To create an executive department of the Govern-

ment to be known as the- (See bill s. 1215.)
Department of Justice-
Annual report of the activities of the Department
for the fiscal year 1952---

Appropriation to, for “Fees and expenses of wit-

nesses,” fiscal year 1953, report of the Director
of the Bureau of the Budget of reapportion-
ment on a basis which indicates a necessity

for a supplemental estimate of appropriation. 113
Bureau of Prisons, certain employees of the, to

confer jurisdiction upon the United States
Court of Claims with respect to claims against
the United States of — (See bills S, 1855; H. R.

Immigration and Naturalization Service-
Commissioner of, communications from, trans-

Reports by, on
Annual report of the Service, fiscal year

Certain aliens granted admission in the

United States under section 212 (a) (28)
(I) (ii) of the Immigration and National-
ity Act, facts and pertinent provisions of
law in the cases of ------

Certain aliens who were granted temporary

admission into the United States under
the authority of section 212 (d) (3) of
the Immigration and Nationality

211, 287, 357, 454
Certain aliens whose deportation has been

suspended for more than 6 months,
facts and pertinent provisions of law
in which the cases of_.

197, 277, 296, 329, 376, 420, 470
Withdrawal of names from..

167, 182, 212, 214, 225, 277, 289, 359, 392

Department of Justice-Continued

Immigration and Naturalization Service Con.
- Commissioner of, communications from, trans-

Reports by, on-
Permanent residence in the United States,

granting applications for to certain dis-
placed persons under section 4 of the
Displaced Persons Act of 1948_-

167, 197, 211, 277, 296, 329, 376, 424, 584
(For previous entries on these subjects see

under Attorney General.)
Resolution praying that administrative funds

be made available to the, to hire personnel
and facilities to investigate Japanese desery-
ing citizenship----

Office of Alien Property-
Annual report of-
For fiscal year 1951.--

For fiscal year 1952_

Reorganization Plan No. 4 of 1953, providing for
reorganizations in the.--.

Reports of the Bureau of the Budget on reappor-

tionment of appropriations for support of
United States prisoners, which indicate a
necessity for deficiency or supplemental esti-
mates for fiscal year 1953_

To reorganize the, for the protection of civil

rights— (See bill S. 464.)
Department of Justice Appropriations Acts, reports of

the Attorney General showing special assist-
ants, with compensation, employed from

allotments contained in-
For period July 1 to December 31, 1952_

For period January 1 to June 30, 1953_

Department of Labor- (See also Secretary of Labor.)
Bureau of Apprenticeship, resolution favoring suf-

ficient funds to be allocated to the, to continue
their contribution to health, welfare, and
national security---

Establishment by the Secretary of Labor of other

bureaus of, in the Pacific Northwest, reso-
lution favoring-----

Report of the Bureau of the Budget on reappor-

tionment of appropriations for grants to
States for unemployment compensation and
employment service administration, Bureau of
Employment Security, which indicate a ne-
cessity for deficiency or supplemental esti-
mates for fiscal year 1953_--.

Tort claims paid by, calendar year 1952.----

Departments of Labor and Health, Education, and

Welfare Appropriation Act, 954, to enact-

(See bill H. R. 5246.)
Department of Labor Yearbook No. II, authorizing

the printing of the, entitled “The Workers'
Story, 1913–53,” as a Senate document,

(See S. Res. 113.)
Department of State(See also Secretary of State.)
Foreign excess property owned by or in the cus-

tody of, report on the disposal of, for period

January 1, 1950, to June 30, 1952.-
Foreign Service-
Fee stamp requirement in the, draft of pro-
posed legislation to repeal.--

Retirement and disability fund, reports on,
fiscal years 1951 and 1952_-

Terminated war agencies in liquidation by the,

to authorize relief of authorized certifying
officers from exceptions taken to payments

pertaining to—(See bill S. 1184.)
Draft of proposed legislation favoring---

To reorganize, in the interest of economy, effi-

ciency, and a more effective administration of
foreign affairs-(See bill S. 623.)
















Department of State Continued

Tort claims paid by, for the calendar year 1952.--
Under Secretary of State (for Administration),

to provide for an-(See bill S. 243.)
Department of the Air Force—(See also Secretary of

the Air Force.)
Legislation and Liaison, Director of—
Communications from, transmitting-
Reports by, on-
Average monthly flight pay of officers above

the rank of major, for period March 1

to August 31, 1952---
Corrected report on.
Confidential semiannual report for the

period ended December 31, 1952, on re-

search and development procurement.--
Excess personal property located in areas

outside the continental United States,
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Virgin
Islands, annual report of the disposal

of for 1952----
Officers assigned to permanent duty in the

executive element of the Air Force at
the seat of government for the quar-

ter ended-
June 30, 1952-
September 30, 1952.
December 31, 1952_
March 31, 1953.

June 30, 1953_
Tort claims paid by the Department of the

Air Force, fiscal year 1952_---
Transportation service by motor vehicle or

water carrier furnished to and from their
places of employment, personnel attached
to or employed by the Department for

fiscal year 1952.---
Official records of the, to authorize the Secretary

of Defense and the Secretary of the Air Force
to reproduce and to sell copies of— (See bill

H. R. 2319.)
Official Register of, to cause to be published-

(See bill S. 1642.)
Department of the Army—(See also Secretary of the

Appropriated funds available to, report of the

Secretary of Defense on adjustments between
appropriations to improve the administration

Certain property formerly within the Wingate

Ordnance Depot, N. Mex., draft of proposed
legislation authorizing the Secretary of the

Interior to transfer to the---
Civil functions administered by the, appropria-

tions for, fiscal year 1954—(See bill H. R.

Civil functions, supplemental estimate of appro-

priations for the, fiscal year 1954.--
Claims for damage to or loss or destruction of

property or personal injury or death caused
by military personnel or civilian employees,
or otherwise incident to activities of the De-
partment of the Army, draft of proposed legis-
lation for settlement of by removing certain
limitations on the nature of personal injury

and death claims---
Military personnel and civilian employees of the,

draft of proposed legislation to amend the
Military Personnel Claims Act of 1945, to pro-
tect those whose ability to file a claim for loss
or damage to their property incident to sery-

ice has been interrupted by an armed conflict-
Military personnel claims paid by the, report of

for fiscal year 1953_

Department of the Army-Continued
Official records of the, to authorize the Secretary

of Defense and the Secretary of the Army to
reproduce and to sell copies of -- (See bill

H. R. 2319.)
Official Register of, to cause to be published

(See bill S. 1642.)
Research and development contracts, confidential

report of, for period ended December 31,

Tort claims paid by, fiscal year 1952---
Department of the Interior-(See also Secretary of the

Appropriations for, fiscal year 1954—(See bill

H. R. 4828.)
Bureau of Coal Mine Inspection and Safety, to

establish within the, and to transfer to such
Bureau the functions of the Bureau of Mines
under the provisions of the Federal Coal Mine

Safety Act, (See bill S. 2262.)
Bureau of Indian Affairs,
Functions of the, to abolish to remove the

guardianship over the Indians and trustee-

ship over Indian lands—(See bill S. 2515.)
Rental housing units provided by, report on..
Bureau of Land Management-

Audit report of, fiscal year 1952---
Temporary and certain other employees of the,

relating to the activities of— (See bill H. R.

Bureau of Mines
Anthracite Research Laboratory, Schuylkill

Haven, Pa., report on the activities of, ex-
penditures by, and donations to, calendar year

Inspection of coal mines by, for fiscal year 1952,

report on.
Lignite Research Laboratory, Grand Forks, N.

Dak., report on activities of, expenditures by,

and donations to-----
Bureau of Reclamation-
Area Planning Office, Austin, Tex., document

prepared by, entitled "Water Supply and the
Texas Economy, an Appraisal of the Texas

Water Problem," ordered printed.---
Emergency fund, report of obligations incurred

in excess of approved cumulative apportion-
ments of the appropriation for, for the first

and second quarters of fiscal year 1952------
Contracts negotiated by, for experimental, devel-

opmental, or research work, and for the man-
ufacture, or furnishing of supplies for experi-
mentation, development, research, or test,
reports of the Administrator of General

Services on-
For period January 1 to June 30, 1952_

For period July 1 through December 31, 1952---
Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration-

Audit report of, fiscal year 1952---
Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to

liquidate the— (See S. J. Res. 98.)
Report of, on the lower Nueces River project,

Texas --
Southwestern Power Administration, audit report

of, for fiscal year 1952---
Tort claims paid by, fiscal year 1952---
Department of the Navy—(See also Secretary of the

Act relat to pay of civilian employees of the,

appointed for duty beyond the continental
limits of the United States and in Alaska-

(See bill H. R. 2226.)
Draft of proposed legislation.-






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