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Communistic propaganda matter, to prohibit the Page Comptroller General of the United States Con.
transmittal of in the United States mails, or

Communications from, transmitting-Continued
in interstate commerce for circulation or use

Reports by, on-
in public schools (See bills S. 1409, S. 1824.)

Audit of -

Farm Credit Administration, corporations
Domination in unions, to establish effective means

of the, and the agricultural marketing
to determine, and to eliminate Communists

revolving fund, fiscal year 1952.--
from positions of influence and control in

Farmers' Home Administration, fiscal year
labor unions--(See bill S. 1254.)

Domination of certain unions, public policy and,

Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, fiscal
report on, to print as a Senate document ---- 137

year 1952_-.
Organization, to make it unlawful for a member

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, fis-
of, to hold an office or employment with any

cal year 1952---
labor organization, and to permit the dis-

Federal Housing Administration, fiscal year
charge by employers of persons who are mem-

1952 ---
bers of organizations designated as subversive

Federal National Mortgage Association, fis-
by the Attorney General of the United

year 1952.----
States (See bill S. 23.)

Federal Prison Industries, Inc., fiscal year
Party and similar organizations, to outlaw-(See

1952 ..
bill s. 200.)

Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and
Party in America, resolution favoring to outlaw

Preventive Medicine, Inc., fiscal year
and make membership in, unlawful


Party of the United States, report of the Subver-

Government Services, Inc., for the year end-
sive Activities Control Board, requiring the,

ing December 31, 1952.--
to register as a Communist-action organiza-

Home Loan Bank Board and the organiza-
tion under the Subversive Activities Control

tions under its supervision, the Federal
Act of 1950----


Home Loan Bank, Federal Savings and
Communists and subversive activities, resolution fav-

Loan Insurance Corporation, and the
oring the right and duty of Congress and the

Home Owners' Loan Corporation, fiscal
judiciary to investigate all, and to use every

year 1952...
legitimate and constitutional means to drive

Housing and Home Finance Agency, Ofice
them out of the Federal, State, and other in-

of the Administrator, fiscal year 1951.--.
strumentalities of government.--


Inland Waterways Corporation, fiscal year
Community water supplies, resolution favoring the

fluoridation of, and urging that fluoridation

Institute of Inter-American Affairs, fiscal
be adopted in all communities in the Com-

year 1952.
monwealth of Massachusetts and commend.

Joint Senate and House Recording Facility,
ing the local, State, and Federal departments

for period—
of health in their efforts to make the above

January 5, 1951, to June 4, 1952.-----


June 5, 1952, to January 3, 1953..
Comptroller General of the United States-

National Capital Housing Authority, fiscal
Communications from, transmitting-

year 1952...
Proposed legislation, draft of-

Office of the Treasurer of the United States,
To expedite the payment of the Comptroller

for period June 21, 1949, through June
General of judgment rendered by the dis-

30, 1951.---
trict courts and the Court of Claims against

Panama Canal Company and the Canal
the United States, together with an analysis

Zone government, fiscal year 1952-----
of current laws and proceedings governing

Public Housing Administration, fiscal year
payment of judgment against the United



Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration,
Reports by, on-
Alaska Railroad, survey and review of the

an agency in the Department of the In-
operations of the, fiscal year 1952_.


terior, fiscal year 1952-----
Alaska Road Commission, survey and review

Reconstruction Finance Corporation, fiscal
of, for fiscal year 1952-----


year 1952.-----
Audit of-

Tennessee Valley Authority, fiscal year
Bureau of Customs, Treasury Department,

for fiscal year 1952, of the importation

Veterans' Canteen Service, fiscal year 1952.
into the United States of Canadian wheat

Virgin Islands Corporation, fiscal year 1952.
classified for customs purposes as “wheat,

Claim of the Bracey-Welsh Co., Inc., against
unfit for human consumption”.


the United States..
Bureau of Engraving and Printing, fiscal

Department of the Interior, Southwestern
years 1951 and 1952.---

Bureau of Land Management, Department

Power Administration, fiscal year 1952----
of the Interior, fiscal year 1952---------

General Accounting Office, annual report of

Commodity Credit Corporation, fiscal year

the, for fiscal year 1952---


Illegal expenditures made by the Department
Export-Import Bank of Washington, fiscal

of the Navy in connection with the suit
year 1952.


brought by the United States against Fall-
Farm Credit Administration, agricultural

brook Public Utility District, and others, in
marketing revolving fund administered

the United States District Court for the
by, for the 4-year period ended June 30,

Southern District of California, Southern
























Comptroller General of the United States Con.

Communications from, transmitting—Continued
Reports by, on
Office of Investigation, General Accounting

Office, report of investigation by, covering
the sale of Government-owned timber by
the Forest Service, Department of Agricul-
ture, and the Bureau of Land Management,

Department of the Interior---
Comptroller of the Currency, communication from,

transmitting annual report, calendar year

Concepta, Sister (Ida Riegel) — (See bills S. 366, S.

Conditional gifts to further the defense effort, draft

of proposed legislation to authorize the ac-

ceptance of.--
Confederate Reunion and Sons of Confederate Vet-

erans Convention to be held in Mobile, Ala.,
June 9 through June 11, 1953, to authorize the
attendance of the United States Marine Corps

Band at the— (See bill S. 1764.)
Conference reports, requiring statements signed by a

majority of conferees of each body to accom-

pany—(See S. Con. Res. 50.)
Committee to wait upon the President to inform

him that the two Houses have completed the
business of the session and are ready to ad-

journ, to appoint- (See S. Res. 161.)
Members appointed---
Report of, that the President had no further

communication to make...
Eighty-third, to establish the date of the second

regular session of the- (See H. J. Res. 325.)
Granting the consent of, to certain Western

States and the Territories of Alaska. and
Hawaii to enter into a compact relating to
higher education in the Western States and
establishing the Western Interstate Commis-

sion for Higher Education-(See bill S. 1515.)
Joint session-
To count the electoral vote_ (See S. Con. Res.

Tellers on the part of the Senate appointed.-
Tellers on the part of the House appointed..
Announcing of results----

Report to the Senate on result of votes cast..
To receive messages of the President-(See

H. Con. Res. 24.)

Library of—(See Librarian of Congress.)
Members of-
Certain other officers and employees of the

United States, and certain officials of political
parties, to require to file statements disclosing
the amount and sources of their incomes, the
value of their assets, and their dealings in

securities and commodities—(See bill S. 334.)
Establishing rules of procedure in cases where a,

in debate, makes derogatory remarks con-
cerning a citizen of the United States (See

S. Con. Res. 11.)
To abolish the franking privilege of, and to

require the payment of postage on all official
mail sent by the Government of the United

States (See bill S. 2503.)
To amend the Civil Service Retirement Act,

with respect to the survivorship benefits
granted to— (See bill H. R. 3073.)

Members of

To increase the salaries of—(See bill S. 1663.)
To prohibit the donation to or acceptance by,

of contributions for services rendered or to be
rendered as such Members or for reimburse-
ment of expenses incurred in the performance
of their duties as such Members—(See bill

S. 177.)
To provide a 3-day period for the election of,

and the appointment of electors of President

and Vice President-(See bill S. 806.)
To provide chapel facilities for-(See S. Con.

Res. 14; H. Con. Res. 60.)
Notifying the President that the two Houses are

ready to adjourn sine die-(See S. Res. 161.)
To appoint committee to notify President of

assembling of—(See S. Res. 1.)
Members on part of the Senate appointed.---

Members on part of the House providing for--
Sine die adjournment of the first session of the

Eighty-third, providing for- (See S. Con. Res.

Taxation and borrowing powers of the, proposing

an amendment to the Constitution of the
United States relative to the-(See S. J. Res.

To enable the, in aid of the common defense, to

function effectively in time of emergency or
disaster, proposing an amendment to the
Constitution of the United States—(See S. J.

Res. 39.)
Witnesses before either House of, or their com-

mittees, to amend the immunity provision
relating to testimony given by—(See bill s.

Congress of 1754, held at Albany, N. Y., on June 24

of that year, creating a committee to assist
in the celebration of the 200th anniversary

of the-(See S. J. Res. 99; H. J. Res. 290.)
Congressional and Judicial Salaries, to provide for the

creation of a Commission on-(See bill S.

Congressional appropriations, resolution favoring

Congressional committees
Resolution commending the work of, in their ef-

forts to expose all persons and organizations
whose aim is to undermine our American

form of government-----
Resolution favoring new rules of investigation for,

that will give more freedom to those appear-

ing before the committees..
Congressional investigations
Establishing rules of procedure in—(See S. Con.

Res. 10.)
Memorial remonstrating against present purposes

and practices of, and favoring investigations
only where a constructive purpose is clearly

Congressional Salaries, Commission on, for the crea-

tion of a—(See bill s. 295.)
Beach erosion control of the shoreline of the State

of, from the Hammonasset River to the East

River— (See bill S. 2006.)
Civil defense and disaster compact entered into by

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode
Island, Massachusetts and, reaffirmation and
acknowledgment of---









Copy of civil-defense compact between Delaware,

Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mex-
ico, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oklahoma,
Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas,
West Virginia, Ohio, Arizona, California, and

Interstate civil defense and mutual-aid compact,

notification to the Senate of entrance into,
with Ohio, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New

Hampshire, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. 163
Legislature of the State of -

Communications from, transmitting-
« Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-

Annual inspection and certification by the

Coast Guard of all vessels, regardless of
size, which carry passengers for hire,

Atomic Energy Act, favoring the amending

of the, so as to eliminate any language
which may be interpreted as providing for
the extension of tax exemption to private
contractors with the Atomic Energy Com-

mission or to vendors of such contractors. 289
Educational television, remonstrating
against any assignment to commercial
stations of the 3 channels now allocated
to Connecticut for, and to ask an ex-
tension for 2 years of the period for ac-
ceptance of them.--

Excise tax of 20 percent on purses, hand-

bags, pocketbooks, wallets, and billfolds
of a price not exceeding $10, favoring the
elimination of__

Federal Beach Erosion Board, favoring ac-

tion to expedite completion of the reports
of the

Immigration and Naturalization Act of

1952, urging need for revising in harmony

with American democratic concepts--- 352, 357
Motor-fuel taxation, favoring the retire-

ment of the Federal Government from
the field of

World federation, withdrawing its previous

action favoring the calling of a constitu-
tional convention to consider an amend-
ment to facilitate participation in a, and
favoring the strengthening of the United
Nations Organization ----

Milford, proposing to transfer to the town of, of

one 420-foot retriever boat (hull No. 21191)
for use in rescue and patrol work-

Senators from
Bush, Prescott-
Credentials presented..

Oath administered__

McMahon, Brien-
Announcement of the death of_

Funeral expenses, to pay-(See S. Res. 10.)
Purtell, William A.-
" Credentials presented.--

Oath administered..

Windsor Locks, to direct the Secretary of the

Army to convey certain land located in, to the

State of Connecticut-(See bill S. 489.)
Connecticut River flood-control compact, granting

the consent and approval of Congress to the

(See bill S. 261.)
Connelly, Jessie-(See bill S, 170.)
Conservation of natural resources, message from the
President of the United States on.---


Conservation, resolution favoring, to integrate the sub- Page

ject of, into the grade- and high-school sub-
jects so that every child may learn the funda-
mentals of conservation, and provide in the
training of teachers a thorough understand-
ing in the conservation of our natural re-

Consolidated General Appropriation Act, providing

for a-

- (See S. Con. Res. 8.)
Constantina, Sister (Teresia Kakonyi.)— (See bill s.

Constellation, to provide for the repair and restora-

tion of the frigate-(See bill S. 2246.)
Constitution of the United States-

Amendments proposed-

Appropriations, relating to— (See S. J. Res. 30.)
Candidates for President and Vice President-
Providing for nomination of, and for elec-

tion of such candidates, by popular vote-

(See S. J. Res. 84.)
Providing for nomination of, by primary elec-

tions— (See S. J. Res. 17.)
Relating to the nomination and election of,

and to succession to the office of President
in the event of the death or inability of

the President- (See S. J. Res. 85.)
Citizens of the United States who have attained

the age of 18, to grant the right to vote- (See

S. J. Res. 53; S. J. Res. 103.)
Congress, to enable the, in aid of the common

defense, to function effectively in time of

emergency or disaster-(See S. J. Res. 39.)
Election of President and Vice President
Providing for the direct popular-(See S. J.

Res. 55.)
Providing for the election of—(See S. J. Res.

With respect to the-(See S. J. Res. 95.)
Equal rights for men and women, relative to-

(See S. J. Res. 49.)
Indian tribes, to restore the same rights to the,

which are enjoyed by all citizens of the

United States (See S. J. Res. 4.)
Jesus Christ, recognizing the authority and

law of- (See S. J. Res. 87.)
Nomination and election of candidates for

President and Vice President, relating to the,
and to succession of the Office of President in
the event of the death or inability of the

President- (See S. J. Res. 8.)
President and Vice President, election of elec-

tors of, in the several States, for the election
of President and Vice President by such elec-
tors, and, in certain cases, for the election of
President and Vice President by the joint
membership of the Senate and House of

Representatives— (See S. J. Res. 100.)
Private property, relative to the taking of— (See

S. J. Res. 3.)
Qualifications of electors, relating to the-(See

S. J. Res. 25.)
Right to vote, to grant to citizens of the United

States who have attained the age of 18% (See

S. J. Res. 64.)
Sixteenth amendment, taxes on incomes, pro-

viding for
Convention for the purpose of considering an

an amendment to, resolutions favoring the
calling of..---

Supreme Court, relating to the composition and

jurisdiction of the-(See S. J. Res. 44.)
Taxation and borrowing powers of the Congress,

relative to the- (See S. J. Res. 61.)

Constitution of the United States-Continued

Amendments proposed-Continued
To assure the equal application thereof, to indi-

viduals of both sexes— (See S. J. Res. 111.)
Treaties and executive agreements, relative to

the making of— (See S. J. Res. 1.)
Treaties, relating to the legal effect of certain-

(See S. J. Res. 43.)
XVI, relative to taxes on incomes, inheritances,

and gifts—(See S. J. Res. 23.)
Amendments to, requiring a yea-and-nay vote on

the passage of joint resolutions proposing

(See S. Res. 144.)
Article V, resolution favoring the calling of a con-

vention by Congress for proposing an amend-
ment to, or as such a convention may deem
appropriate to amend said article, to provide
an additional independent mode of proposing
amendments to the Constitution by the sev-
eral States-----

Full faith and credit clause of the, to further im-

plement the— (See bill S. 39.)
Memorial favoring a proposed amendment to the,

to change the method of electing the President

and Vice President of the United States------ 186
Memorial urging the passage of House Joint Reso-

lution 57, proposing an amendment to the,
relating to treaties and international agree-

Proposed amendment relative to the making of

treaties and executive agreements, resolutions

185, 202, 424
Resolution favoring the calling of a convention by

Congress for proposing an amendment to
article V of the, or as such convention may
deem appropriate to amend said article, to
provide an additional independent mode of
proposing amendments to the Constitution by
the several States---

476, 481
Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of

Independence, and the Bill of Rights, proceed-
ings on December 15, 1952, in the Exhibition
Hall of the National Archives Building, at the
enshrining of the------

Construction contracts made by executive agencies, to

prescribe policy and procedure in connection

with-(See bill S. 848.)
Consumer commodity prices and margin spreads under

the economic stabilization program, report of
the Joint Committee on Defense Production

Consumer Interests, to create a Select Committee on-

(See S. Res. 38.)
Consumer (ultimate), interests of, directing certain

Senate committees to investigate the effect
upon, of major legislation within their juris-
diction, and authorizing them to recommend
remedial legislation if necessary-(See S. Res.
128, S. Res. 129, S. Res. 130, S. Res. 131, S. Res.

132, S. Res. 133, S. Res. 134.)
Conte, Silverio Salvatore-(See bill S. 103.)
Continental Shelf, rentals, royalties, and other sums

payable under leases of the, resolution favor-
ing to provide that all, shall be appropriated
exclusively as grants in aid to elementary, sec-
ondary, and higher education ---

Contract Settlement Act of 1944

To authorize the payment of fair compensation

to persons contracting to deliver certain
strategic or critical minerals or metals in cases
of failure to recover reasonable costs- (See
bill. S. 1963.)

Contract Settlement Act of 1944-Continued

To establish a time limitation upon the filing of

certain claims thereunder-(See bills S.

1242; H. R. 2566.)
Draft of proposed legislation favoring---

Contractors with the United States during World War

II, to provide for the payment of lump-sum
death benefits to the survivors of certain

(See bill S. 29.)
Contracts with the United States, to encourage the

making of, by requiring the inclusion of an
escalator clause to provide adjustments for
approved price and wage increases—(See bill

S. 413.)
Convict labor, peonage, slavery, and involuntary servi-

tude, to strengthen the laws relating to— (See

bill S. 467.)
Coone, Maria Anna-(See bill S. 1651.)
Cooper, John Sherman (Senator from Kentucky) -
Committee assignments.

61, 62, 90
Committee to make a study of proposals for a

modification of existing international peace

and security organizations, appointed on..- 605
Credentials presented.--

Excused from attendance..

Fourth of July 1953 observance at Independence

Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., appointed member on

the part of the Senate to participate in.---- 423
Funeral committee, appointed on..

255, 500
Oath administered..

Washington's Farewell Address, designated to
read on February 23, 1953.


Resolution favoring to protect and defend the

right and opportunity of the, to construct and
operate generating plants and transmission

lines and appropriate adequate funds ---- 186
Resolution remonstrating against further crip-
pling tax levies against --

Copper, import taxes on, to continue until the close of

June 30, 1954, the suspension of certain-(See

bill H. R. 568.)
Resolution favoring--

Copses, Peter James, Beatrice, Victoria, and James

Peter Copses— (See bill S. 2214.)
Cordon, Guy (Senator from Oregon)-

Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, ap-
pointed member of..

Committee assignments.

Conferee, appointed as.

277, 300, 397, 400, 403, 444, 499, 537, 541, 578
Fourth of July 1953 observance at Independence

Hall Philadelphia, Pa., appointed member on

the part of the Senate to participate in.-- 423
Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, appointed
member of.-----

Rules of the Senate, notices of proposed motions
to suspend.

377, 378
Corn and feed grain prices, resolution favoring the

support of, upon a flexible basis and to au-
thorize the liquidation of the surplus corn and
feed grain now in the hands of the Govern-
ment at prices which the livestock industry

and other purchasers are able to pay------ 347
Corn and wheat-
To increase allowances for carryover and acreage

allotments for the 1954 crops of—(See S. J.

Res. 79)
To increase allowances for carryover and acreage

allotments for, to establish a special contin-
gency reserve— (See bill S. 2102.)


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Corn-marketing quotas, to amend the Agricultural Page

Adjustment Act of 1938, with respect to the
date of the proclamation of—(See H. J. Res.

Cornelius, Arthur Alexander and Frank Thomas-

(See bill S. 2051.)
Cornelius, Esther—(See bill S. 1512.)
Corregidor Bataan Memorial Commission, to create a

Commission to be known as the- (See bill

S. 1744; H. R. 4167.)
Cosande, Pedro Boulin-(See bill S. 2581.)
Cost-of-living allowances, to permit payment of cer-

tain, outside the continental United States at
rates in excess of 25 percent of the rate of

basic compensation- (See bill S. 1803.)
Draft of proposed legislation favoring ----

Length of staple of, presented for entry into the

United States, providing that the, be deter-
mined in accordance with the official stand-
ards of the United States as established by the

Secretary of Agriculture (See bill S. 2412.)
Presented for entry into the United States, pro-

viding that it be classified by the Department

of Agriculture— (See bill S. 2402.)
Cotton-marketing quotas, to amend certain provisions

of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938,

relating to—(See bill H. R. 6665.)
Cotton Products Identification Act of 1953, to enact-

(See bill S. 91.)
Council of Economic Advisers, Reorganization Plan

No. 9 of 1953 providing reorganizations in the 324
Countryman, Mrs. Frank McLaughlin-(See bill

S. 479.)
Court of Claims (See under Courts of the United

Court of Military Appeals, to provide that the judges

of the, shall hold office during good behavior-

(See bill S. 1459.)
Courts of the United States
Administrative Court of the United States, to im-

prove the administration of justice by the cre-

ation of an- (See bill S. 14.)
Administrative Office of the United States

Communications from, transmitting-
Proposed legislation, drafts of -
Bankruptcy Act, to amend, so that referees

serving the District of Columbia shall not

be required to reside in such District---- 125
To revise the procedure in the district

courts of the United States, relating to
the disposition of the wages and effects of
deceased and deserving seamen..

United States Commissioners who are re-

quired to devote full time to the duties of
the office, to provide that they may be

allowed their necessary office expenses. 360
Report by, on, annual report of the Director

fiscal year 1952, together with reports of the
annual and special meetings of the Judicial
Conference of the United States held in

Statistical tables reflecting the business

transacted by the bankruptcy courts for
fiscal year 1952-

Chief Justice of the United States, communica-

tion from, transmitting report by, on special
meeting of the Judicial Conference, held on
May 8, 1953..

Circuit and district judges, appointment of addi-

tional—(See bill s. 15.)

Courts of the United States—Continued

Court of Claims-
Communications from, transmitting-
Case of Central Railroad Company of New

Jersey v. The United States, copy of the
findings of fact of the court in the

Corrected copy of---

Judgment of the court in the case of J. D.

Motlow, and Thomas Motlow, Administra-
tors of the Estate of Lem Motlow, Deceas-
ed, and Ophelia Motlow v. The United

Report by, on dismissal by the court of the

case of V. A. Verhei v. The United States--- 23
Statement of all judgments rendered by the

Court of Claims for the year ended Octo-
ber 3, 1952, the amount of, the parties
in whose favor rendered, and a brief synop-
sis of the nature of the claim.--

Conferring jurisdiction upon to hear, examine,

adjudicate, and render judgment on certain
claims of individual Navaho Indians against

the United States— (See bill S. 108.)
Eleventh judicial circuit, to provide for the crea-

tion of an, comprised of Alaska, Idaho, Mon-
tana, Oregon, and Washington (See bill S.

Federal courts, to establish uniform qualifications

for jurors in the— (See bill S. 961.)
Judges of the United States courts and United

States attorneys—
Resolution favoring passage of legislation relat-
ing to the increase of salaries of.

To increase the salaries of—(See bill S. 1663.)
Judges of the United States, to increase the sal-

aries of — (See bills S. 5, S. 1163.)
Justices and judges traveling while attending

court or transacting official business at places
other than their official stations, to increase to
$15 per day the limit on subsistence expenses

allowed to- (See bill S. 32.)
Stay of execution or sentence in connection with a

habeas corpus proceeding or other proceeding
collaterally attacking the conviction of any
person, to limit in certain cases the power of a
single justice or judge of the United States to

grant-(See bill S. 2373.)
Supreme Court-
Authorizing to make and publish rules for pro-

cedure on review of decisions of the Tax Court

of the United States (See bills S. 856, S. 965.)
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of

the United States relating to the composition

and jurisdiction of the— (See S. J. Res. 44.)
Resolution opposing the passage of any legisla-

tion which would circumvent the decision
of the----

240, 250
Tax Court decisions, making provision for judicial

review of certain-(See bill S. 984.)
Tax Court of the United States-
To amend the Internal Revenue Code with re-

spect to the retirement of judges of the— (See

bill H. R. 5256.)
To authorize the Supreme Court of the United

States to make and publish rules for procedure

on review of decisions of the— (See bill S. 856.)
United States district courts-
To provide for a jury commission for each of,

and to prescribe its duties—(See bill S. 959.)
To provide for jury trials in condemnation pro-

ceedings in-(See bill S. 30.)
Coussoulis, Lillian Kontou-(See bill S. 437.)
Cox, Edward Eugene, announcement of the death of

the late Representative and proceedings


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