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Colorado Continued

Senators from-

Johnson, Edwin C., attended----

Millikin, Eugene D., attended--
Soil survey and land classifications of lands to

be served by the Collbran reclamation project
in, for irrigation in the production of agricul-
tural crops, report of the Secretary of the Inter-

ior on.----
Southern Ute Tribe of the Southern Ute Reserva-

tions, to authorize enrolled members of the, to
acquire interests in tribal lands of the reserva-

tion- (See bill S. 2400.)
Submarginal lands acquired by the United States

in the State of, to authorize the conveyance to
the former owners of mineral interests in cer-

tain—(See bill S. 134.)
Township 8 north, range 53 west, of the sixth prin-

cipal meridian in, to authorize and direct the
Secretary of the Interior to correct an incom-
plete and faulty survey in, and to issue patents
describing any new areas included in lots 1, 2, 3,
and 4 in sections 1 through 6, township 8 north,
range 53 west, of the sixth principal meridian

in Colorado (See bill S. 2030.)
Colorado River at Bridge Canyon, authorizing the con-

struction, operation, and maintenance of a
dam and incidental works in the main stream

of the— (See bill S. 1438.)
Colorado River storage project and participating proj-

ects, Secretary of the Interior to construct,

operi te, and maintain the-(See bill S. 1555.)
Columbia Basin, Dry Falls Dam, to name the equalizing

reservoir back of, Steamboat Lake- (See.

S. J. Res. 75.)
Columbia Basin Orchard-(See bill H. R. 2033.)
Columbia Institution for the Deaf, to amend the

charter of the, change its name, define its
corporate powers, and provide for its organi-

zation and administration-(See bill S. 2556.)
Appointment of Director of the.
Columbia River Basin-
Authorizing the appropriation of funds to provide

for the completion of certain projects for flood
control and related purposes in the-(Şee bills

S. 1633; H. R. 4025.)
Modification of the general plan for the compre-

hensive development of, to provide for addi-
tional hydroelectric-power development-

(See bill S. 87.)
Columbium-tantalum-bearing ores and concentrates,

tungsten, manganese, chromite, mica, asbes-
tos, and beryl, to encourage the discovery,
development, and production of, in the United
States, its Territories, and possessions--(See

bill S. 1620.)
Columbus, Christopher, resolution commending the

Columbus Celebration Committee of Newport
County, for its endeavor to add to monuments,
commemorating the lives of great men,

statue of..d
Colwell, Ingrid Birgitta Maria (nee Friberg)-(See bill

H. R. 4886.)
Comes In A Day, Olive Old Bull— (See bill S. 163.)
Commerce Department-(See Department of Com-

Commercial and industrial enterprises, to establish

corporations to assist financial institutions in
making credit available to and to provide
capital for such enterprises-(See bill S.

Commercial samples and advertising material, removal

of the injunction of secrecy from the inter-
national convention to facilitate the importa-
tion of.

Commission on Area Problems of the Greater Wash- Page

ington Metropolitan Area, for the establish-

ment of a-(See bill H. R. 2236.)
Commission on Congressional Salaries, to create-(See

bill S. 295.)
Commission Foreign Economic Policy, for the estab-

lishment of the-(See S. J. Res. 78.)
Members appointed on.---

Commission on Governmental Functions and Fiscal

Resources, to establish a-(See bill S. 1514.)
Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, National,
members appointed on----

Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, National,

to establish a temporary—(See bill s. 1328.)
Commission on International Telecommunications, to

strengthen the foreign relations of the United

States by establishing a- (See S. J. Res. 96.)
Commission on Judicial and Congressional Salaries, to

provide for the creation of a--(See bill S.

Members appointed on..

Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch

of the Government, members appointed on.-- 500
Commissioner of Education, annual report by the, to

provide for an, regarding educational activi-
ties carried on by or under the supervision of,
or with the aid of, the executive branch of the

Government (See bill H. R. 5691.)
Committee of conference, requiring statements signed

by a majority of conferees of each body to ac-
company conference reports (See. S. Con..

Res. 50.)
Committee on Retirement Policy for Federal Person-

nel-(See Retirement Policy for Federal

Personnel, Committee on.)
Committee on Un-American Activities, resolution com-

mending Congress for its support of a, and
urging its continued support.

Committee to assist in the celebration of the 200th

anniversary of the Congress of 1754, held at
Albany, New York, on June 24 of that year,

creating—(See S. J. Res. 99; H. J. Res. 290.):
Members appointed.-

Committee to make a study of proposals for a modifi-

cation of existing international peace and se-
curity organizations, creating-(See s. Res.

Members appointed..

Authorized to report on legislation and nomina-
tions, during the recess of the Senate ---

375, 385, 420, 499, 579
Jurisdiction of Senate committees, prescribing the

procedure in making inquiries or investiga-
tions where the, is questioned—(See S. Res.

Members appointed or assigned to


Standing on

61, 62, 63, 81, 90, 145, 308, 429, 463
Excused from..

Joint ---

86, 87, 90, 97, 108, 109, 121, 142, 163, 185, 193,

309, 333, 385, 584, 600.
Resignations from---

86, 333
Uniform rules for the conduct of Senate committee

hearings, to promote the effectiveness of in-
vestigations by committees of the Senate to
establish, and to insure orderly and fair proce-
dure and the protection of individuals—(See

S. Res. 83.)
Witnesses before either House of Congress or their

committees, to amend immunity provision re-
lating to testimony given by-(See bill S, 16.)







Committees, joint

Atomic Energy-
Members appointed.--

Member resigned.

House members appointed.

Budget, to create— (See bill S. 833.)
Central Intelligence, establishing a- (See S. Con.

Res. 42.)
Civil Rights, establishing-(See S. Con. Res. 3.)
Defense Production-
House members appointed-

Reports by, on-
Activities of the joint committee---

Aluminum expansion program and competi-

Consumer commodity prices and margin

spreads under the economic stabilization

Tax-authorization program, review of ---- 214
Disposition of Papers in the Executive Depart-

House members appointed.

Members on the part of the Senate, appointed.. 90,

121, 142, 163, 185, 208, 255, 286, 327, 352, 376,

405, 439, 487, 509, 520.
Reports on.

126, 156, 210, 256, 361, 386, 481
Economic Report-
Members appointed.--

House members appointed...
Gold-mining industry, to establish, to investigate

the- (See S. J. Res. 109.)
Highway financing, use, and safety-

Providing for a, to study— (See S. Con. Res. 21.)
Illegal use by organized crime of facilities of inter-

state commerce, to investigate, establishing-

(See S. Con. Res. 5.)
Immigration and Nationality Policy
Members appointed.--

House members appointed..

Inauguration of the President-elect, to arrange

for the
Members appointed.----

Internal Revenue Taxation-
House members elected on.--

Members on the part of the Senate, providing
for-(See S. Res. 51.)
House members appointed.

Natural Resources, to establish a- -(See S. J. Res.

Navajo-Hopi Indian Administration-
Member appointed---

House members appointed.

Nonessential Federal expenditure, to investigate
House members appointed.--

Observance of the 50th Anniversary Year of Con-

trolled Powered Flight, Establishment of-

(See S. J. Res. 42.)
Members appointed.-

385, 600
House members appointed.--

Policy Governing the Private Financial Interests

of Executive Officials, establishing a tempo-

rary-(See S. Con. Res. 7.)
Postal Service-
Reports by, on-
Final report of the committee.--

President-elect of the United States, inaugura-

tion of—(See President-elect of the United

Presidential election and succession, to investigate

the question of, establishing a - (See S. Con.

Res. 2.)
Members on the part of the Senate, providing
for- (See S. Res. 51.)
House members appointed..


Committees, joint-Continued

Public transportation serving the District of

Establishing a, to make a study of—(See S. Con.

Res. 19.)
Railroad Retirement-
Reports by, on-
Social insurance policies and the railroad re-
tirement system.-

Committees, Select

Consumer Interests, to create(See S. Res. 38.)
Small Business-
Annual report of the committee for the 2d ses-
sion of the 82d Congress.-

Limit of expenditures for the, increasing-(See

S. Res. 115.)
Members appointed--

Reports by, on-
Future of irregular airlines ---

Independent motion-picture exhibitors, prob-
lems of.----

Small business and defense subcontracts.. 244
Tax problems of small business---

Committees, special-
Rates of Compensation of Certain Officers and

Employees of the Senate, To Study-
Members appointed-

From the Committee on Appropriations.-- 599
From the Committee on Post Office and Civil

From the Committee on Rules and Adminis-

Reconstruction of the Senate Roof and Skylights

and Remodeling of the Senate Chamber-
Providing for the transfer of records and aboli-

tion of the(See S. Res. 92.)
Committees, standing-

Agriculture and Forestry-
Authorized to report on drought relief during
the recess of the Senate..--.

Authorized to report on wheat allotments dur-
ing the recess of the Senate-----

Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

90, 176, 200, 277, 395, 403, 416, 487, 507
Investigations by
Effect upon the interests of the ultimate con-

sumer of major existing legislation within
its jurisdiction, and to recommend reme-
dial legislation if necessary-(See S. Res.

Wheat unfit for human consumption, impor-

tation of— (See S. Res. 127.)
Members appointed.---

Members assigned.

Additional expenditures by the, authorizing-

(See S. Res. 153.)
Authorized to report during the recess of the

Senate, and to file with the Secretary notices
of motions to suspend the rules.--

Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

Authorizing additional expenditures by-(See

8. Res. 121.)
Members appointed..

Members assigned..

Armed Services-

Authorized to sit during session of the Senate_-98, 285
Extending the authority of, for hearings and

investigations— (See S. Res, 50.).
Hearings and investigations by, authorizing ex-

penditures for-(See S. Res. 86.)
Members appointed.-

Members assigned --


Committees, standing—Continued
Page Committees, standing-Continued

Armed Services —

Foreign Relations-
Preparedness Subcommittee No. 1 (Aircraft

Subcommittee on Government Information
Procurement)—first report of the, on the con-

Program, authorized to sit during the session
tract award of the C-119 airplane, to print as

of the Senate ---

a Senate document.--.


Temporary employment of two additional
Subcommittee on Airplane Procurement-au-

clerical assistants by, continuing the author-
thorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

ity for the- (See S. Res. 33.)

326, 372

Government operations-
Subcommittee on Ammunition--authorized to

Additional personnel and funds for, providing
sit during the session of the Senate.


for-(See S. Res. 56.)
190, 200, 201, 206, 292
Authorized to report---

Temporarily increasing the membership of-

Authorized to sit during the session of the
(See S. Res. 32.)


63, 108, 176, 206
To discharge the Committee on Rules and

Members appointed.

Administration from further consideration

Members assigned..

61, 463
of — (See S. Res. 97.)

Members excused from ---

Banking and Currency-

Reports by, on-
Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

Activities of the committee.---

63, 136, 149, 178, 206, 308, 357

Interim report on control of trade with the
Expenditures by, increasing the limit of— (See

Soviet bloc----

S. Res. 136.)

Organization of Federal Executive Depart-
Investigations by-

ments and Agencies.---

Effect upon the interests of the ultimate con-

Senate action on reports of the so-called
sumer of major existing legislation within

Hoover Commission.--

its jurisdiction, and to recommend remedial
legislation if necessary—(See S. Res. 129.)

Subcommittee on Investigations-
Foreign investments, means of expanding-

Authorized to report following the sine die

(See S. Res. 25.)
Members appointed.


Authorized to sit during the session of the
Members assigned..


86, 89, 90,
District of Columbia

108, 136, 176, 178, 185, 190, 222, 243, 247, 257 260,

273, 284, 289, 292, 296, 305, 308, 346, 416, 420, 429
Authorized to return to Robert J. Barrett cer-
tain documents.---


Subcommittee on Reorganizations, authorized to
Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

sit during the session of the Senate.. 152, 284, 288

63, 326, 334, 346, 538

Temporary personnel, authorizing to employ
Investigations by

and increasing its limit of expenditures-
Public transportation serving the District of

(See S. Res. 40.)
Columbia—(See S. Res. 140.)

Interior and Insular Affairs
Members appointed.--


Additional expenditures by, authorizing-(See
Members assigned.--

61, 308, 463

S. Res. 123.)

Authorized to sit during the session of the
Authorized to report----


124, 132,
Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

136, 176, 296, 372, 390, 403, 405, 416, 423

201, 288, 392

Investigations by-
Investigations by

Critical raw materials, accessibility and avail-
Effect upon the interests of the ultimate con-

ability of supplies of—(See S. Res. 143.)
sumer of major existing legislation within

Effect upon the interests of the ultimate con-
its jurisdiction, and to recommend remedial

sumer of major existing legislation within
legislation if necessary-(See S. Res. 130.)

its jurisdiction, and to recommend remedial
Members appointed.--


legislation if necessary-(See S. Res. 132.)
Members assigned..


Fuel reserves, extending the authority for a
Foreign Relations-

study and investigation of the, and the
Additional expenditures by the, authorizing-

formulation of a fuel policy for the United
(See S. Res. 125, S. Res. 149.)

States-(See. S. Res. 45.)
Authorized to sit during the session of the

Members appointed.-


108, 136, 198, 200,
Members assigned.--

273, 277, 280, 285, 296, 305, 314, 329, 351, 390, 420

Reports by, on-
Changing the name of, to that of the Committee

Investigation of attorney and other con-
on International Relations— (See S. Res. 82.)

tracts with Indians, ordered printed.----- 69
Investigations by-

Subcommittee on Indian Affairs, authorized to
Attempts of foreign governments to infuence

sit during the session of the Senate----- 277, 281
the foreign policy of the United States and

Subcommittee on Minerals and Fuels, author-
means of their financing, to investigate-

ized to sit during the session of the Senate -- 248
(See S. Res. 160.)
Foreign information programs, effectiveness

Subcommittee on Reclamation, authorized to

of, extending authority for investigation

sit during the session of the Senate ---
with respect to the-(See S. Res. 44.)

Interstate and Foreign Commerce-
Interim report on..


Authorized to sit during the session of the
Members appointed---

Senate ---

429, 520, 557
Members appointed--


Expenditures for the investigation of certain
Members assigned..


problems relating to interstate and foreign
Pamphlet prepared by the staff of, on the United

commerce, increasing the limit of, and ex-
States and the Korean situation, ordered

tending the time for a report thereon-(See


S. Res. 135.)

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Committees, standing—Continued
Page Committees, standing-Continued

Interstate and Foreign Commerce-

Investigations by-

Investigations by-
Certain problems relating to interstate and

Trading With the Enemy Act, increasing the
foreign commerce- (See S. Res. 41.)

limit of expenditures for a review of the

administration of the— (See S. Res. 47.)
Dismissal of the Director of the National
Bureau of Standards, whether it resulted

Western European nations, emigration of

refugees from
from political pressure or political con-

Extending the authority to investigate prob-
siderations- (See S, Res. 96.)

lems connected with-(See S. Res. 68.)
Effect upon the interests of the ultimate

Report on

consumer of major existing legislation

Members appointed.

within its jurisdiction, and to recommend

Members assigned.--

62, 429
remedial legislation if necessary-(See S.

Report and hearings of a subcommittee of the,
Res. 131.)

on subversive influence in the educational
Federal Communications Commission, pro-

process, to print copies of ---(See S. Con. Res.
cedures of, in acting upon television station

licenses— (See S. Res. 101.)

Subcommittee on Antitrust Monopoly, author-
Federal Power Commission, practices and

ized to sit during the sessions of the Senate. 285, 287
procedures of the, in considering applica-


Constitutional Amend.
tions for licenses for hydroelectric devel-

ments, authorized to sit during the session of
opments—(See S. Res. 142.)

the Senate.

155, 182, 198
Interstate Commerce Commission, organiza-

Subcommittee on Immigration, authorized to
tion and operations of the, extending the

sit during the session of the Senate --- 308, 395, 423
time for study of—-(See S. Res. 22.)

Subcommittee on Improvement of Judicial
Transportation and communications prob-

Machinery, authorized to sit during the ses-
lems, extending the time for investigation

sion of the Senate.-

of certain—(See S. Res. 23.)

Subcommittee on Internal Security, author-
Members appointed.


ized to sit during the session of the Sen-
Members assigned.--

62, 90, 530

113, 136, 152, 206, 308, 395
Reports by, on-

Subcommittee on Judgeships, authorized to sit
Communications study-.-

during the session of the Senate..

Report on waterfront investigation, New York

Subcommittee on Trading With the Enemy Act,
and New Jersey submitted pursuant to S.

authorized to sit during the session of the
Res. 41.-


124, 132, 167, 190, 476

Labor and Public Welfare-
Subcommittee Investigating Waterfront Rack-

Additional clerical assistants, authorizing the

employment of by-(See S. Res. 37.)
Authorized to sit during the session of the

Authorized to sit during the session of the

182, 185

185, 198, 200, 201, 247, 520
Authorized to report following the sine die

Investigations by-


Effect upon the interests of the ultimate con-

sumer of major existing legislation within
Additional expenditures by the, authorizing-

its jurisdiction, and to recommend remedial
(See S. Res. 154.)

legislation if necessary—(See S. Res. 134.)
Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

Members appointed..

ate - 121, 132, 138, 149, 201, 247, 281, 392, 401, 420, 520

Members assigned.---

62, 81

Authorizing to have printed for its use certain

on Labor-Management Rela-

matter relating to the immigration laws-

Report prepared for, during the 2d session of
(See S. Res. 61.)

the 82d Congress, on public policy and Com-
Authorizing to make certain expenditures and

munist domination of certain unions, to
employ temporary personnel-(See S. Res.

print as Senate document.--.


Study prepared for, on State and municipal
Certain matter relating to the Subversive Activi-

fair-employment legislation, to print as
ties Control Board, authorizing to have

Senate document.---

printed for its use— (See S. Res. 109.)

Study prepared for, on employment and eco-
Hearings and reports of a subcommittee of, en-

nomic status of Negroes in the United
titled, “Interlocking Subversion in Govern-

States, printing of.--.

ment Departments,” to print parts of -(See

Temporarily increasing the membership of -
S. Con. Res. 48.)

(See S. Res. 32.)
Investigations by-

To discharge the Committee on Rules and Ad-
Antitrust laws of the United States, and their

ministration from further consideration
administration, interpretation, and effect,

of-(See S. Res. 97.)
authorizing—(See S. Res. 14.)

Membership of certain, to amend the Rules of the
Bankruptcy proceedings, relative to the ap-

Senate relating to—(See S. Res. 18.)
pointment of receivers and trustees in, and

Post Office and Civil Service-
protection of investors—(See S. Res. 28.)

Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

Effect upon the interests of the ultimate con-

Investigations by-
sumer of major existing legislation within

Manpower studies in the executive depart-
its jurisdiction, and to recommend remedial

ments, extending the time for completion
legislation if necessary-(See S. Res. 133.)

of the--(See S. Res. 53.)
Internal security of the United States, to in-

Postal rates and charges in handling certain
crease the limit of expenditures in connec-

mail matter, certain matters respecting-
tion with-(See S. Res. 46.)

(See S. Res. 49.)

Committees, standing-Continued

Post Office and Civil Service-Continued
Members appointed.

Members assigned..

Subcommittee on Federal Manpower Policies

during the 82d Congress-
Certain reports prepared by-
Request that they be printed as Senate

List of, ordered printed as Senate docu-

Public Works
Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

Limit of expenditures by, increasing—(See s.

Res. 141.)
Members appointed.

Members assigned..

62, 308
Rules and Administration-
Limit of expenditures for, increasing-(See S.

Res. 106, S. Res. 137.)
Members appointed.

Members assigned.-

To discharge from further consideration of S.

Res 32, temporarily increasing the member-
ship of the Committees on Armed Services and

Labor and Public Welfare-(See S. Res. 97.)
Veterans' Affairs

Creating-(See S. Res. 66.)
Creating and defining its jurisdiction—(See S.

Res. 24.)
Committees who are working toward the elimination

of men and women in responsible positions
who are found to be disloyal to this country,
and remonstrating against the admission of
Communist China in the United Nations

Commodity Credit Corporation-
Audit report of, fiscal year 1952..

Authorizing the, to make loans to producers of

livestock-(See bill S. 2554.)
Foreign Trading Division in the, to establish a,

in order to promote the disposal in foreign
countries of surplus agricultural commod-

ities_(See bill S. 1369.)
Policies and programs for rotation of grains in

storage, to establish and to offset the price-
depressing effects of necessary marketing of
commodities to avoid spoilage or deteriora-

tion—(See bill S. 1064.)
Stocks of, resolution favoring to desist dumping of
on farm markets.--

To authorize to make agricultural commodities

owned by it available to the President for the
purpose of enabling the President to assist
in meeting famine or other urgent relief re-
quirements in countries friendly to the United

States (See bill S. 2249.)
Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act, amend-

ing, in order to relieve innocent purchasers
of fungible goods converted by warehouse-
men from claims of the Commodity Credit

Corporation (See bill S. 2526.)
Commodity Exchange Act-

Investigation and enforcement provisions of the,

to strengthen the (See bill S. 1990.)
Section 2, relating to the meaning of the word

"Commodity"- (See bill S. 1386.)
To include wool among the commodities regu-

lated by such act— (See bill S. 2313.)

Commodity loan program and agricultural conserva-. Page

tion payments for soil conservation, resolu-
tion favoring support of the, and that farmer-
elected community committeemen have re-
sponsible participation in the administration
of farm programs.--

"Commonwealth,” defining and delimiting the term,

with respect to certain areas other than a

State or Territory- (See S. J. Res. 104.)
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in Ottawa,

Canada, report of the delegation appointed to

Communications Act-

Amending--(See bill H. R. 6436.)
Section 309 (c), to extend the time within which

the Federal Communications Commission
must enter certain findings with respect to
protests filed under-(See bills S. 1626; H. R.

Draft of proposed legislation favoring----- 153
Section 311—(See bill S. 538.)
Section 319, with respect to permits for con-

struction of radio stations— (See bill H. R.
4557. )

Draft of proposed legislation favoring---- 153
Section 501- (See bill S. 2016.)
Section 501, so that any offense punishable

thereunder, except a second or subsequent
offense, shall constitute a misdemeanor rather
than a felony-(See bill H. R. 4559.)

Draft of proposed legislation favoring-- 185
To provide for forfeiture in cases of violation of

the rules and regulations of the Federal Com-

munications Commission-See bill S. 1979.).
To repeal such provisions of the Ship Act of 1910

as remain in effect-(See bill S. 1947.)
With respect to implementing the International

Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea re-
lating to radio equipment and radio operators

on board ship (See bill S. 2453.)
Construction permits under the, to remove the re-

quirement of, for mobile stations and to per-
mit the Federal Communications Commission
to waive such requirement for certain other

stations-(See bill S. 1627.)
Draft of proposed legislation to amend to provide

a small civil penalty for violation of the rules
and regulations of the Commission applicable
to all radio stations other than those in the
broadcast service, and to further provide for
collection or mitigation thereof by the Com-

Communications, acquisition and interception of in in-

terest of national security and defense-(See

bill S. 832.)

In every form, resolution remonstrating against- 386, 448
International, resolution favoring all efforts of the

United States in combating the expansion of. 287
On guard against, resolution urging to be al-

278, 280
Resolutions relating to

Struggle of the Government of the United States

against, communication reaffirming determi-
nation to stand behind -

Anti-Semitic campaign, relative to the- (See S.

Res. 71.)
Controlled countries, to prohibit the procurement

for the Armed Forces of any article produced
in, or imported from--(See bill S. 441.)

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