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see a paper directing you to ENQUIRE WITHIN," some one is there to answer you.

Old Dr. KITCHENER lives at No. 41 ; Mrs. HITCHING lives at 161 ; Mrs. Child lives at 203 ; Dr. BREwEr lives at 291 ; Dr. STENHOUSE at 320; Dr. BURGESS at 324 ; Dr. ERASMUS Wilson at 399 ; Dr. SouthWOOD Smith at 401 ; Dr. BLAIR at 446 ; M. SoyER at 765 ; Dr. BABINGTON at 1287 ; Dr. CLARKE at 1291; Dr. Scott, at 1296; the gentleman who lives at 343, has requested us (because of the delicacy of the communication), not to publish his name ; a Doctor lives at 906; a GARDENER at 1021; a SCHOOLMASTER at 1323; a DANCING MASTER at 1678 ; an Artist at 1851; a NATURALIST at 1925; a MODELLER at 1931 ; a Cook at 1972 ; a PHILANTHROPIST at 2006; à LAWYER at 2047 ; A Surgeon at 2186; a CHESS PLAYER at 2354 ; a CHEMIST at 2387 ; a BREWER at 2559 ; and so on.

Well! there they live—always at home-knock at their doorsENQUIRE WITHIN, NO FEES TO PAY !!

We have taken so much care in selecting our information, and have been aided by so many kind friends in the production of our volume, that we cannot turn to any page without at once being reminded of the GENEROUS FRIEND WHO ABIDES THERE.

To some extent, though in a far less degree, we have been indebted to the authors of the following useful books. In the first place we must express our chief obligations to “Dr. KITCHENER's Cook's ORACLE,” to “THE Cook," in " Houlston and Stoneman's Industrial Library;" to “ THE SHOPKEEPER’s Guide,” to “ Mrs. RUNDELL'S COOKERY,” to “ HOME TRUTIS, FOR Home Peace," and also to "THE FAMILY FRIEND,” “ TREASURES IN NEEDLEWORK," "THE PRACTICAL HOUSEWIFE,” and to “The FAMILY TREASURY.” We now invite the thousands who may “ ENQUIRE WITIIIN” to our future monthly INTERVIEW, wherein we will endeavour to supply whatever ENQUIRERS may not find by ENQUIRING WITHIN. Our INTERVIEWS will be varied, genial, and entirely original in their arrangement. The pleasure of your company is earnestly solicited.






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