List of References on Federal Control of Commerce and Corporations, Volume 1, Issue 6

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1904 - Interstate commerce - 22 pages

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Page 6 - That all fermented, distilled or .other intoxicating liquors or liquids transported into any State or Territory, or remaining therein for use, consumption, sale or storage...
Page 17 - ... research and the realities of the system: Violence done to TV research. Stanford, Calif.: Institute for Communication Research, Stanford University, March 1972. (8) Slaby, RG, Quarforth, GR, and McConnachie, GA Television violence and its sponsors. Journal of Communication, 1976, 26 (1), 88-96. (9) United States Congress. House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. Hearings before the subcommittee on communications. Sex and violence on TV. 94th Congress, 2nd session, 1976. Washington:...
Page 7 - The legislative regulation of railroads. ( In Engineering magazine, vol. 9, July, 1895, pp. 623-634.) [Regulation of interstate commerce by Congress; testimony before the Select committee on interstate commerce of the Senate; New York, May 21, 1885.] (In US 49th Congress, 1st session. Senate report no. 46, pt. 2. Report of the Senate Select committee on interstate commerce. (Testimony), pp. 89-126. Washington, 1886. 8.) Report upon the adjustment of railroad transportation rates to the seaboard.
Page 14 - An enquiry into the constitutional authority of the Supreme federal court, over the several states, in their political capacity. Being an answer to Observations upon the government of the United States of America: by James Sullivan, esq., attorney general of the state of Massachusetts.
Page 7 - Review for Apr., 1880. Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York. Report of the special committee on railroad transportation, as to the results of the recent legislative investigation of rail-road management in this state. . . Adopted . . . 1880. New York, 1880. 24 pp. 8. Fink (Albert). Argument before the committee of commerce of the House of Representatives of the United States, on the Reagan bill, for the regulation of interstate commerce. New York : Russell Brothers, 1880. So pp. 8. The...
Page 17 - State regulation of the relation of parent and child, and of guardian and ward...
Page 16 - Teisberg, AK Report of the Committee on government ownership, control, and regulation of railways. (In United States. Interstate commerce commission. Proceedings of a national convention of railroad commissioners, May 19 and 20, 1896, pp. 66-78. Washington, 1896. 8.) The report is also signed by Isaac B. Brown and Olin Merrill, and is followed by a minority report signed by SO Wilson. Thompson, JE The farmers
Page 13 - Nimmo (Joseph), jr. The regulation of commerce through a dispensing power. Efforts of the Interstate Commerce Commission to gain Autocratic Control of the Internal Commerce of the United States. The political aspects of the question. Washington: Rufus H. Darby Printing Co., 1903.
Page 5 - A treatise on the constitutional limitations which rest upon the legislative power of the states of the American union.

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