Standard of Weights & Measures for Certain Agricultural Products, Hearings ..., on H.R. 3241 ..., Jan 25, 29, 1924, Volume 66, Part 1

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Page 19 - ... point of view, as well as from the point of view of the Nation in a period of emergency, the limitation of their skills may ultimately become a serious loss.
Page 8 - That the standard of weights for the following wheat-mill and corn-mill products, namely, flours, hominy, grits, and meals, and all commercial feeding stuffs, shall be one hundred pounds avoirdupois, and the standard measure for such commodities, when the same are packed for sale, shipped, sold, or offered for sale in packages of five pounds or over, shall be a package containing net, avoirdupois weight one hundred pounds, or a multiple of one hundred pounds, or one of the following fractions thereof:...
Page 8 - Near the bottom of the first page of the bill, line 9, it says, " shall be a package containing net avoirdupois weight 100 pounds, or a multiple of 100 pounds, or one of the following fractions thereof : 5, 10, 25, or 50 pounds.
Page 1 - If there are any questions I will be glad to answer them if I can. The CHAIRMAN.
Page 7 - The CHAIRMAN. Are there any questions? If not, we will hear from Senator Jordan.
Page 6 - Eighty -six beds. Mr. LOWE. It is almost the same proportion to be cared for, Mr. Chairman. Mr. RABAUT. That is what I want to find out. I want to find out whether we are on the escalator scale or not. CONSOLIDATION OF THREE MAIN BUILDINGS I note that the proposed consolidation of the three main buildings is presently estimated to cost $14,200,000. What is your proposed program of financing this project? Dr.

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