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and to cause each grave to be marked with a small head-, Feb. 22, 1867, 8 stone or block, which shall be of durable stone, and of June 8, 1872, v. 17 such design and weight as shall keep it in place when set, ľ873,46: 17, p.545 and shall bear the name of the soldier and the name of his See note 1. State inscribed thereon, when the same are known, and also with the number of the grave inscribed thereon, corresponding with the number opposite to the name of the party in a register of burials to be kept at each cemetery and at the office of the Quartermaster-General, which shall set forth the name, rank, company, regiment, and date of death of the officer or soldier; or if these are unknown, it shall be so recorded.

SEC. 4878. All soldiers, sailors, or marines, dying in the Who may be service of the United States, or dying in a destituto con- al cemeteries. dition, after having been honorably discharged from the July 17, 1862, s. service, or who served during the late war, either in the June 1, 1872, v. 17, regular or volunteer forces, may be buried in any national P: 202, Mar. 3

1873, v. 17, p. 605. cemetery free of cost. The production of the honorable discharge of a deceased man shall be sufficient authority for the superintendent of any cemetery to permit the interment.


431. Establishment of office.

77. Maps, charts, etc.
77. Money received from sale.
686. Foreign hydrographic surveys.

3692. Proceeds of sales of stores to sur-

veying expeditions.
Charts, how sold.
Civil employees.

Title 10.

Act Jan. 12, 1895, 8UPP., P.

SEC. 431. There shall be a Hydrographic Office attached to the Bureau of Navigation in the Navy Department, for Hydrographic the improvement of the means for navigating safely the June 21, 1866, s. vessels of the Navy and of the mercantile marine, by pro

1, v. 14, p. 69. viding, under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy, accurate and cheap nautical charts, sailing directions, navigators, and manuals of instructions for the use of all vessels of the United States, and for the benefit and use of navigators generally.

SEC. 77. The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to cause to be prepared, at the Hydrographic Office attached to the 361, 1892-1895. Bureau of Navigation in the Navy Department, maps, etc.

Maps, charts, charts, and nautical books relating to and required in navi. gation, and to publish and furnish them to navigators at the cost of printing and paper, and to purchase the plates and copyrights of such existing maps, charts, navigators' sailing directions and instructions, as he may consider necessary, and when he may deem it expedient to do so, and under such regulations and instructions as he may prescribe.

All moneys which may be received from the sale of maps, Ibid. charts, and nautical books shall be returned by the Secretary of the Navy into the Treasury of the United States, to sales of maps, be used in the further preparation and publication of maps, charts, navigators' sailing directions, and instructions for


re ceived from


Note 1.-An act approved Feb. 3, 1879, chap. 44, provides for headstones for soldiers'

20 Stat. L., p. graves in private cemeteries.


the use of seamen, to be sold at the cost of printing and

paper. Ibid.

SEC. 78. All appropriations made for the preparation Foreign hydro graphic surveys. or publication of foreign hydrographic surveys shall only

Feb, 21, 1861, s. be applicable to their object, upon the approval by the 7, v. 12, p. 150.

Secretary of the Navy, after a report from three competent
naval officers, to the effect that the original data for pro-
posed charts are such as to justify their publication; and
it is hereby made the duty of the Secretary of the Navy to
order a board of three naval officers to examine and report
upon the data, before he shall approve of any application
of moneys to the preparation or publication of such charts

or hydrographic surveys.
Rev. Stat., p. SEC. 3692. All moneys received from

sale of Proceeds of materials, stores, or supplies to any exploring or surveying ertainles, etc., expedition authorized by law, shall respectively revert to

May 8,1872, 3.5, that appropriation out of which they were originally
3, 1847, s. 1, 129,7: expended, and shall be applied to the purposes for which
171: Apr. 20,1800, they are appropriated by law.
88.1, 2. v. 14, p. 40;
July 28, 1866, s.
25. v. 14, p. 336;
June 8, 1872, v.
17, p. 337.

Feb. 14, 1879. All charts hereafter furnished to mariners or others not
Cost price for in the Government service shall be paid for at the cost

Feb. 14,1879, v. price of paper and printing paid by the Government.
20. p. 286; May 4,
1878, v. 20, p. 51.




1362. Grades of line officers.

Change of titles.
1363. Number on the active list.

1364. When exceeded.
1365. Selection of rear-admirals during

1366. Promotion of rear-admirals during

1367. Secretaries to admiral, etc.

Officers as secretaries and clerks


1434. Command of squadrons, flag officer.
1435. Assignment of lieutenant-com-

1467. Rank of line officers.
1468. Precedence of commanding officers.
1469. Aid or executive.
1470. Rights of staff officers, senior to


1472. Line officer as chief of a burean.
1490. Ensigns as steerage officers.

See note 1.

Title 16, chap. I. SEC. 1362. The active list of the line officers of the Navy

Grades of line of the United States shall be divided into eleven grades, as otticers.

follows, namely:

First. Admiral.
Second. Vice-Admiral.
Third. Rear-admirals.
Fourth. Commodores.
Fifth. Captains.
Sixth. Commanders.
Seventh. Lieutenant-commanders.

Eighth. Lieutenants.
Mar. 3, 1883, 22
Stat.. p. 172.

Ninth. Lieutenants junior grade.
See act of June

Tenth. Ensigns. 26, 1884, in relation to graduates of Naval Acad. emy to be commissioned en. signs. See act Mar. 3,

Eleventh. Midshipmen. 1883, p. 63.

Note 1.--See sec, 5, act of June 29, 1888, chap. 496, "An act to prevent injurious deposits in New York Harbor, and so forth," in relation to a line officer of the Navy to act as supervisor of the harbor. Title, Care of Public Property.

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and Vice-Admiral to


Provided, That vacancies occurring in the grades of Admiral Admiral and Vice-Admiral shall not be filled by promotion, cease. or in any other manner; and that when the offices of said, July 16, 1862, s. grades shall become vacant, the grade itself shall cease to Dec 21, 1864, s. 1 exist.

v. 13, p. 420; July 25, 1866, s. 1, v. 14, p. 222; Mar. 2, 1867, s. 1, v. 14, p. 516; Jan. 24, 1873,

v. 17, p. 418. The title of master is hereby changed to that of lieuten Mar. 3, 1883. ants, and the masters now on the list shall constitute a Titles of masjunior grade of, and be commissioned as, lieutenants, hay-ter and midship ing the same rank and pay as now provided by law for Mar. 3, 1883,

22 Stat. L., 472. masters, but promotion to and from said grade shall be by examination as provided by law for promotion to and from the grade of master, and nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to increase the pay now allowed by law to any officer in the line or staff; *

the title of midshipman is hereby changed to that of ensign, and the midshipmen now on the list shall constitute a junior grade of, and be commissioned as, ensigns, having the same rank and pay as now provided by law for midshipinen, but promotions to and from said grade shall be under the same regulations and requirements as now provided by law for promotion to and from the grade of midshipmen, and nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to increase the pay now allowed by law to any officer of said grade or of any officer of relative rank.

SEC. 1363. There shall be allowed on the active list of the Title 15, chap. 1. line officers of the Navy one Admiral, one Vice-Admiral, six Number on the rear-admirals, ten commodores, forty-five captains, eighty- active list, fire commanders, seventy-four lieutenant-commanders, tuo 1, v. 14, p. 222; hundred and fifty lieutenants, seventy-five masters, and sev-9, 10, v. 16, p. 333; enty-five ensigns.

Stat. L., p. 285. Hereafter only one-half of the vacancies in the various Aug. 5, 1882. grades in the line of the Navy shall be filled by promotion Rule of promo. until such grades shall be reduced to the following num. tion in the dime; bers (as in sec. 1363], and thereafter promotions to all stat., p. 286. vacancies shall be made but not to increase either of said grades above the number aforesaid.

SEC. 1364. The provisions of the foregoing section (1363 Title 15, chap. 1. and August 5, 1882] shall not have the effect to vacate the commission of any lieutenant-commander, lieutenant, mas

July 25, 1866, ter, or ensign appointed according to law, in excess of the ss. 1, 2.14. .

222; July 16. 1862, respective number therein fixed; nor to preclude the advancement of any officer to a higher grade, for distinguished Seo Promotion. conduct in battle, or for extraordinary heroism, under the provisions of sections fifteen hundred and six and fifteen hundred and eight.

SEC. 1365. During war rear-admirals shall be selected Selection of from those officers on the active list, not below the grade during war. of commanders, who shall have eminently distinguished , July 16,52862, s. themselves by courage, skill, and genius in their profession; but no officer shall be so promoted, under this provision, unless, upon recommendation of the President by name, he has received the thanks of Congress for distinguished service.

Aug. 5, 1882, 22

When ceeded.


8.9, v. 12, p. 584.

rear admirals

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sea service.

Promotion of SEC. 1366. During peace, vacancies in the grade of rear-
during peace.

admiral shall be filled by regular promotion from the list July 16, -1862, 8. of commodores, subject to examination according to law.

See Promotion;
also act Aug. 5,
May 4, 1878.

On and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and
Secretaries to seventy-eight, there shall be no appointments made from
Admiral and
Vice-Admiral on

civil life of secretaries or clerks to the Admiral or Vice

Admiral, when on sea service, commanders of squadrons, May 4, 1878, v. 20, p. 50.

or of clerks to commanders of vessels; and an officer not
Lieutenant of above the grade of lieutenant shall be detailed to perform
the junior grade.
Mar. 3, 1883. the duties of secretary to the Admiral or Vice-Admiral,

when on sea service, and one not above the grade of lieuten-
ant of the junior grade to perform the duties of clerk to a
rear admiral or commander, and one not above the grade of
ensign to perform the duties of clerk to a captain, com-

mander, or lieutenant-commander when afloat.
Title 15, chap. 2. SEC. 1434. The President may select any officer not be-

Command of low the grade of commander on the active list of the Navy,
Dec. 21, 1861, s.

and assign him to the command of a squadron, with the 4, v. 12, p. 329. rank and title of "flag-officer;" and any officer so assigned

shall have the same authority and receive the same obedi-
ence from the commanders of ships in his squadron, hold-
ing commissions of an older date than his, that he would

be entitled to receive if his commission were the oldest. Lieutenant.

SEC. 1435. Lieutenant-commanders may be assigned to commanders, how assignable.' duty as first lieutenants of naval stations, as navigation

July, 16, 1862,8: and watch officers on board of vessels of war, and as first July 25, 1866, s. 5, lieutenants of vessels not commanded by lieutenantv. 14, p. 223.

commanders. Title 15, chap. 4. SEC. 1467. Line officers shall take rank in each grade Rank. See same

according to the dates of their commissions.
sec. Rank and
July 16, 1862, 8. 1,
v. 12, p.583; Apr.
21, 1864, s. 7, v. 13,
p. 54; Jan. 24,
1865, s. 1, v. 13, p.

Commanding SEC. 1468. Commanding officers of vessels of war and of
officers of vessels
and stations. naval stations shall take precedence over all officers placed

Mar. 3, 1871, s. under their command. 12, v. 16, p. 537.

SEC. 1469. The Secretary of the Navy may, in his 11871, s. tion, detail a line officer to act as the aid or executive of 12, v. 16, p. 537. the commanding officer of a vessel of war or naval station,

which officer shall, when not impracticable, be next in rank
to said commanding officer. Such aid or executive shall,
while executing the orders of the commanding officer on
board the vessel or at the station, take precedence over all
officers attached to the vessel or station. All orders of
such aid or executive shall be regarded as proceeding from
the commanding officer, and the aid or executive shall have

no independent authority in consequence of such detail. Rights of state

SEC, 1470. Staff officers, senior to the officers so detailed, Mar. 3, 1871, s. shall have the right to communicate directly with the com12, v. 16, p. 537.

manding officer.

3, v. 12, p. 584 ;

Aid or execu. tive officer.


as chief of bu. reau.


rated as m a tes.

SEC. 1472. When the office of Chief of Bureau is filled Relative rank by a line officer below the rank of commodore, said officer shall have the relative rank of commodore during the time 1 Mar 3, 1877, s,

12, v. 16, . 537. he holds said office.

That the distinctive badge adopted by the Regular Army Mayat 28.083. and Navy Union of the United States may be worn, in their Supp. R. s., own right, upon all public occasions of ceremony by offi. 1892-95, p. 336. cers and enlisted men of the Army and Navy of the United Navy officers States who are members of said organization.

may wear Regular Army and Navy Union

badge. MATES.

R.S., sec. 1227. Sec.

Sec. 1408. Seamen may be rated as mates. 1556. Pay of mates. 1409. Rating shall not discharge from en

listment. SEC. 1408. Mates may be rated, under authority of the Title 16, chap. 1. Secretary of the Navy, from seamen and ordinary seamen Seamen may be who have enlisted in the naval service for not less than two See note ). years.

May 17, 1864, 8. 3, v.13, p, 79; Mar. 3, 1865, s. 3, v. 13,

p. 539. See note 2. SEC. 1409. The rating of an enlisted man as a mate, or

Rating shall

not discharge his appointment as a warrant officer, shall not discharge from enlistment. him from his enlistment. SEC. 1556.

Mates, when at sea, nine hundred Title 15, chap. 8. dollars; on shore duty, seven hundred dollars; on leave, or Pay of mates.

July 15, 1870, 8. waiting orders, five hundred dollars.

3, v. 16, p. 330. That the law regulating the retirement of warrant offi. Aug. 1, 1894. cers in the Navy shall be construed to apply to the twenty- 28 Stat. L. 212. eight officers now serving as mates in the Navy, and the 95, p. 220. said mates shall be entitled to receive annual pay at the dates may be rates following: When at sea, one thousand two hundred rantofficers. See dollars; on shore duty, nine hundred dollars; on leave or 1408, titlo" War. waiting orders, seven hundred dollars:

See note 3. R.S., secs. 1408, 1409.


R.S., sec. 1556. Provided, however, That nothing herein contained shall Pay not in.

creased prior to be so construed as to authorize any increase of pay for any this act. time prior to the passage of this Act.


rant Officers.


| Sec.

426. Chief of Bureau.

Medical Corps, number of.
1369. Appointments in, how made.
1370. Appointment of assistant surgeons.
1371. Appointment of surgeons.
1372. Rank of assistant surgeon in case

of delayed examination. 1373. Surgeon of the feet. 1374. Duties of surgeon of the fleet.

1375. Details of medical officers to Bureau

of Medicine and Surgery.
1411. Acting assistant surgeons.
1471. Rank and title of Chief of Bureau.
1473. Rank when retired.
1474. Rank of medical officers.
1481. Retired from age or length of serv.

ice, rank.
1556. Pay.

Title 10.

SEC. 426. The chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery shall be appointed from the list of the surgeons of the Navy. Chief of Bu.

See title Rank and Precedence, sec. 1471. July 5, 1862, s. 1, v. 12, p. 510.


Note 1.-Mates are petty officers. See 160 U. S., 593.

Note 2.-See Op., XI. p. 251, June 20, 1865, defining the status of mates and acting master's mates." Not warrant officers.

Note 3.-The law on this subject is found in Revised Statutes, seca. 1405, 1406, 14431465 ; 1491, 1882, Aug. 5, ch.391, par, 4 (1 Supp. R. S., 377); 1883, Mar. 3, ch. 97, par. 5 (1 Supp. R. S., 401).

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