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Month. Master, professor of mathematics, assistant surgeon, paymaster and

chaplain, and captain in the Marine Corps First lieutenant in the Marine Corps

17 First assistant engineer, ensign and pilot, and second lieutenant in the Marine Corps

15 Cadet midshipman, passed midshipman, midshipman, clerks of

admirals, paymasters, and of officers cominanding vessels, second and third assistant engineers, masters, mates and warrant offi

10 All enlisted men except warrant officers.



Rates ard disabilities specitied

by law.

See note 10.

$24 00

Loss of both hands.

$25 00

$31 25 $50 00 $72 00 Loss of both feet

20 90
31 25 50 00

72 10 Loss of both eyes.

25 00
31 25 50 00

72 00
Loss ofan eye, ihesight of the other
previously lost...

$25 00 31 25 50 00

72 00 Loss of 1 hand and 1 foot.

$20 00

24 00

$36 00 Total disability in 1 hand and 1 foot

20 00 24 00

36 00 Loss of a hand or a foot..

15 00 18 00 Totally or permanently disabled

in same.. Amputation at or above elbow or knee..

15 00 18 00 24 00 Amputation at hip-joint....

15 00 18 00 24 00

$37 50 Inability to perform manual labor.

20 00 24 00 Ditto-equal to loss of hand or foot Regular aid and attendance.

25 00 31 25 50 00 Total disability in both hands.

25 00 31 25 50 00

Extends the provisions of act of

June 17, 1878.

24 00

80 00

24 00

Ponsiong are not to be with. held.


SEC. 4734. The provisions of law which allow the with

holding of the compensation of any person who is in arrears Act May 20, shall not be construed to authorize the pension of any pen

sioner of the United States to be withheld. Time for which SEC. 4735. No pension shall be granted to a widow for a widow shall not the same time that her husband received one.

a Act A pr. 30, 1844.

See resolution
Jan. 23, 1845.

Pensions to certain soldiers

war of 1812.

Feb. 14, 1871, s.

9, 1878.

SEC. 4736. The Secretary of the Interior is directed to and sailors of the place on the pension-roll the names of the surviving officers

and enlisted and drafted men, including militia and volun1. Seo act Mar. teers, of the military and naval service of the United States,

who served sixty days in the war with Great Britain, of eighteen hundred and twelve, and were honorably discharged, and such other officers and soldiers as may have been personally named in any resolution of Congress for any specific service in that war, although their term of service may have been less than sixty days, subject, however, to

the provisions of section forty-seven hundred and sixteen. Pensions under

SEC, 4737, Pensions, under the preceding section, shall preceding sec

be at the rate of eight dollars per montlı, and shall be paid Febre Act®Mar: to the persons entitled thereto for the term of their lives

from and after the fourteenth day of February, eighteen hundred and seventy-one. But that section shall not apply to any person who is receiving a pension at the rate of eight

tion; rate of.

2. 9, 1878.

9, 1878.

dollars or more per month; nor to any person who is receiving a pension less than eight dollars per month, except for the difference between the pension now received and eight dollars per month.

SEC. 4738. The surviving widows of such persons as are Pensionatosur: embraced within the provisions of the two preceding sec-officers, etc., of tions shall be allowed, on the conditions and limitations the war of 1812. therein expressed, the same pension that such persons them- 1. See act Mar. selves would have been entitled to receive thereunder if 9, 1878, s. 6. living on the fourteenth day of February, eighteen hundred and Provided, however, Such widows were married to the husbands, on account of whose services the pension is claimed, prior to the treaty of peace which terminated the war of eighteen hundred and twelve, and bave not remarried. SEC. 4739. Before the name of any person is placed upon

Proof required; the pension-roll under the three preceding sections, proof stricken from shall be made, under such regulations as the Secretary of pension rolls the Interior may prescribe, that the applicant is entitled to 3. See act Mar. a pension under the provisions of the sections herein cited; and the Secretary of the Interior shall cause to be stricken from the pension-roll the name of any person whenever it appears, by proof satisfactory, that such name was put upon such roll through false or fraudulent representations. SEC. 4740. The loss of a certificate of discharge shall not Loss of dis:

charge certifideprive an applicant of the benefits of sections forty-seven cate. hundred and thirty-six, forty-seven hundred and thirty , Feb. 14.1871, 9. seven, and forty-seven hundred and thirty-eight, but other 9, 1878. proof of services performed and of an honorable discharge, if deemed satisfactory, shall be suflicient.

SEC. 4741. The officers and seamen of the revenue cutters of the United States, who have been or may be wounded or of revenne cut. disabled in the discharge of their dutv while co-operating teract A pr. 18, with the Navy by order of the President, shall be entitled 1814. to be placed on the Navy pension-list, at the same rate of pension and under the same regulations and restrictions as are provided by law for the officers and seamen of the Navy.

SEC. 4742. From and after the second day of April, Certain claims eighteen hundred and sixty-two, no claim for a pension, or ary pensions profor an increase of pension, shall be allowed in favor of the hibited.

Act Apr. 2, children or other descendants of any person who served in 1862. the war of the Revolution, or of the widow of such person, when such person or his widow died without having established a claim to a pension.

SEC. 4743. In all cases where a pension has been granted to any officer or soldier of the Revolution in his life-time, widows of Revo. the evidence upon which such pension was granted shall be

lutionary sol. conclusive of the service of such officer or soldier in the pensions. application

Resolution July of any widow, or woman who may have been the widow, of such officer or soldier, for a pension; and upon proof by her that she was married to any such officer or soldier and that she is a widow, she shall thereupon be placed upon the pension-rolls at the same rate that such officer or soldier received during his life-time.

Pension to offi. cers and seamen

Evidence nec.

essary to enable

diers to obtain

1, 1848.

. 2.

sec. 2, act of Feb. 28, 1883.

liable to attachment.

8. 2.

Any pledge, SEC. 4745. Any pledge, mortgage, sale, assignment, or mortgage, sale, assignment, or transfer of any right, claim, or interest in any pension which transfer of pon- has been, or may hereafter be, granted, shall bo void and of

Mar. 3, 1873, s. no effect; and any person acting as attorney to receive and 3.8; Mar.18, 1918; receipt for money for and in behalf of any person entitled 8.4 July z 1838 to a pension shall, before receiving such money, take and ; 6, ,

subscribe an oatlı, to be filed with the pension agent, and Amended by by him to be transmitted, with the vouchers now required

by law, to the proper accounting officer of the Treasury, that he has no interest in such money by any pledge, mortgage, sale, assignment, or transfer, and that lie does not know or believe that the same has been so disposed of to

any person. Pension not SEC. 4747. No sum of money due, or to become due, to

any pensioner shall be liable to attachinent, levy, or seizure Mar. 3, 1873, s. by or under any legal or equitable process whatever, whether 8.3; July 7, 1838, the same remains with the Pension Office, or any officer or

agent thereof, or is in course of transmission to the pensioner entitled thereto, but shall inure wholly to the benefit of such

pensioner. Commissioner SEC. 4748. That the Commissioner of Pensions, on applifurnish Oprinted cation being made to him in person, or by letter, by any instructions free claimant or applicant for pension, bounty-land, or other of charge.

Mar. 3, 1873, s. allowance required by law to be adjusted or paid by the 22: July 14, 1862. Pension Office, shall furnish such person, free of all expense,

all such printed instructions and forms as may be necessary in establishing and obtaining said claim; and on the issuing of a certificate of pension or of a bounty-land warrant, he shall forthwith notify the claimant or applicant, and also the agent or attorney in the case, if there be one, that such certificate has been issued, or allowance made, and the date

and amount thereof. Certain soldiers

SEC. 4749. No soldier or sailor shall be taken or held to

be a deserter from the Army or Navy who faithfully served Act July 19,

according to his enlistment until the nineteenth day of April,

eighteen hundred and sixty-five, and who, without proper 1882, and actfuly authority or leave first obtained, quit his command or refused 5, 1884, and also to serve after that date; but nothing herein contained shall act May 17, 1880.

operate as a remission of any forfeiture incurred by any such soldier or sailor of his pension; but this section shall be construed solely as a removal of any disability such soldier or sailor may have incurred by the loss of his citizenship in consequence of his desertioni.


Seo sec. 4768.

and sailors not to be deemed do. serters.




4750. Secretary of Navy trustee of Navy

pension fund.
4751. Penalties, how to be pued for, etc.
4752. Prize money accruing to United

States to remain a fund for pen.

sions. 4753. Naval pension fund, how to be in:

vested. 4754. Rate of interst on naval pension

fund. 4755. Naval pensions payable from fund. 4756. Pensions to disabled seamen and

marines of twenty years' service. 4757. Pepsions to disabled seamen and

marines, ten years' service.
Petty officers to receive same pen-

sion as enlisted men.
4758. Secretary of Navy trustee of priva-

teer pension fund. 4759. Privateer pension fund, how de

rived. 4760. To be paid into Treasury, etc. 4761. Wounded, etc., privateersmen to be

placed on pension list.

4762. Commanding officers of privateers

to enter names, etc., in a journal.
4763. Transcript of journals to be trans-

initted to Secretary of the Navy.
4766. Pensions to be paid only to persons

5438. Making or presenting false claims.
Act May 21, 1872.-- Penalty upon claim

agents for retaining without con-
sent or refusing to deliver dis.
charge papers or land warrants

of any soldier or sailor.
5486. Embezzlement of pension money

by guardian.
550). United States officer accepting

5451. Bribery of any United States officer.
1782. No United States Senator or Repre.

sentative or Department officer or
clerk shall receive or agree to re-

ceive any compensation, etc.
1176. Trusses.
1177. Application for truss.

Title 57.

SEC. 4750. The Secretary of the Navy shall be trustee of the Navy pension-fund.

Secretary of Navy trustee.

July 10, 1832, s.

1, v. 4, p. 572. SEC. 4751. All penalties and forfeitures incurred under Penalties, how

to be sued for, the provisions of sections twenty-four hundred and sixty- etc. one, twenty-four hundred and sixty-two, and twenty-four Mar.2, 1831, s. hundred and sixty-three, Title “THE PUBLIC LANDS. 3, v. 4, p. 472. shall be sued for, recovered, distributed, and accounted for, under the directions of the Secretary of the Navy, and shall be paid over, one e-half to the informers, if any, or captors, where seized, and the other half to the Secretary of the Navy for the use of the Navy pension-fund; and the Secretary is authorized to mitigate, in whole or in part, on such terms and conditions as he deems proper, by an order in writing, any fine, penalty, or forfeiture so incurred. SEC. 4752. All money accruing or which has already ac

Prize money

accruing to the crued to the United States from sale of prizes shall be and United States to remain forever a fund for the payment of pensions to the remain a fund for officers, seamen, and marines who may be entitled to re- July 17, 1862, s. ceive the same; and if such fund be insufficient for the 11, v. 12, p. 607. purpose, the public faith is pledged to make up the defici- under prize. ency; but if it should be more than sufficient the surplus shall be applied to the making of further provision for the comfort of the disabled officers, seamen, and marines.

SEC. 4753. The Secretary of the Navy, as trustee of the Naval pension naval pension-fund, is directed to cause to be invested in and to me to be theregistered securities of the United States, on the first day July 1, 1864,

v. 13, p. of January and the first day of July of each year, so much of such fund then in the Treasury of the United States as may not be required for the payment of naval pensions for the then current fiscal year; and upon the requisition of the Secretary, so much of the fund as may not be required for such payment of pensions accruing during the current fiscal year shall be held in the Treasury on the days above named in each year, subject to bis order, for the purpose of

See sec. 4630,

res. 424.


disabled enlisted

such immediate investment; and the interest payable in coin upon the securities in which the fund may be invested, sball be so paid, when due, to the order of the Secretary of the Navy, and he is authorized and directed to exchange the amount of such interest when paid in coin, for so much of the legal currency of the United States as may be obtained therefor at the current rates of premium on gold, and to deposit the interest so converted in the Treasury to the credit of the naval pension-fund; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to interfere with the payment of naval pensions under the supervision of the Secretary of

the Interior, as regulated by law. Rate of interest

SEC. 4754. The interest on the naval pension-fund shall on naval pension

hereafter be at the rate of three per centuin per annum in July 23, 1868, s. 2, v. 15, p. 170.

lawful money Naxy pensions SEC. 4755. The Navy pensions shall be paid from the Navy payable from fuid.

pension-fund, but no payments shall be made therefrom 16, p. 222; July except upon appropriations authorized by Congress. 23, 1868, s. 2, v. 15, p. 170; Jan. 19, 1877, v. 19, p. 224. Half rating to

SEC. 4756. There shall be paid out of the naval pensionpersons serving fund to every person, who, from age or infirmity, is disabled twenty years in from sea-service, but who has served as an enlisted person

or Corps.

in the Navy or Marine Corps for the period of twenty years, Mar. 2, 1867, s. 6. V.4, p. 618; and not been discharged for misconduct, in lieu of being Dec. 23, 1886. provided with a home in the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia,

if he so elects, a sum equal to one-half the pay of his rating at the time he was discharged, to be paid to him quarterly, under the direction of the Commissioner of Pensions; and applications for such pension shall be made to the Secretary of the Navy, who, upon being satisfied that the applicant comes within the provisions of this section, shall certity the same to the Commissioner of Pensions, and such certificate shall be his warrant for making payment as herein

authorized. Serving not loss

SEC. 4757. Every disabled person who has served in the than ten years may receive Navy or Marine Corps as an enlisted man for a period not

less than ten years, and not been discharged for misconduct, may apply to the Secretary of the Navy for aid from the surplus income of the naval pension-fund; and the Sec. retary of the Navy is authorized to convene a board of not less than three naval officers, one of whom shall be a surgeon, to examine into the condition of the applicant, and to recommend a suitable amount for his relief, and for a specified time, and upon the approval of such recommendation by the Secretary of the Navy, and certificate thereof to the Commissioner of Pensions, the amount shall be paid in the same manner as is provided in the preceding section for the payment to persons disabled by long service in the

what aid.

Dec. 23, 1886.
See note 1.

Note 1.-Pensions granted under sections 4756 and 4757 are wholly under control of the Secretary of the Navy, to whom applications should be made. The Pension Offico also requires that claimants shall tile an application, properly executed before a court of record, as an identification of the party whose claim has been adjudicated by the Navy Department.

The rule now in force regarding these pensions, is that they will be considered as commencing on the date of filing the application in the Navy Department. (See Pension Ottice Digest, p. 191.)

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