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that notice that it has been sent, with a request for an acknowledgment of its receipt, may be given.

SEC. 74. Government publications furnished to judical Publications to and executive officers of the United States for their official use shall not become the property of these officers, but on the expiration of their official term shall be by them delivered to their successors in office and all Government publications delivered to designated depositories or other libraries shall be for public use without charge.

SEC. 75. Documents and reports may be furnished to . Foreign lega. foreign legations to the United States upon request specifying those desired and requisition made upon the Public Printer by the Secretary of State: Provided, That such Propiso.

Reciprocal disgratuitous distribution shall only be made to legations tribution. whose Governments furnish to legations from the United States copies of their printed and legislative documents desired.

Sec. 76. The charts published by the Coast and Geo- . Coast Survey detic Survey shall be sold at cost of paper and printing R. S.Sec. 4691, as nearly as practicable; and there shall be no free distri. p. 911, amended. bution of such charts except to the Departments and officers of the United States requiring them for public use; and a number of copies of each sheet, not to exceed three hundred, to be presented to such foreign governments, libraries, and scientific associations, and institutions of learning as the Secretary of the Treasury may direct; but on the order of Senators, Representatives, and Delegates not to exceed ten copies to each may be distributed through the Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Sec. 77. The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to Hydrographic cause to be prepared at the Hydrographic Office attached R. S., soc. 432, to the Bureau of Navigation, in the Navy Department, p. 72. maps, charts, and nautical books relating to and required in navigation, and to publish and furnish them to navigators at the cost of printing and paper, and to purchase the plates and copyrights of such existing maps, charts, navigators' sailing directions and instructions as he may consider necessary and when he may deem it expedient to do 80, and under such regulations and instructions as he may prescribe.

All moneys which may be received from the sale of maps, Receipts from charts, and nautical books shall be paid by the Secretary R. S., soc. 433, of the Navy into the Treasury of the United States, to be p. 72, amended. used in the further preparation and publication of maps, charts, navigators' sailing directions, and instructions for the use of seamen, to be sold at the cost of printing and paper.

SEC. 78. All appropriations made for the preparation or Foreign hydropublication of foreign hydrographic surveys shall only R.S., soc. 3686, be applicable to their object, upon the approval by the p. 723. Secretary of the Navy, after a report from three competent naval officers to the effect that the original data for proposed charts are such as to justify their publication; and it is hereby made the duty of the Secretary of the Navy to



of documents.

Bills and roso


order a board of three naval officers to examine and report upon the data before he shall approve of any application of moneys to the preparation or publication of such charts or

hydrographic surveys. Ilustrations in SEC. 80. No document or report to be illustrated or accomreports, etc.

panied by maps shall be printed by the Public Printer until the illustrations or maps designed therefor shall be ready for publication; and no order for public printing shall be acted upon by the Public Printer after the expiration of one

year, unless the entire copy and illustrations for the work Proviso. shall have been furnished within that period: Provided, This

section shall not apply to orders heretofore made for the

printing of a series of volumes on one subject. Binding. SEC. 81. Every public document of sufficient size on any

one subject shall be bound separately, and receive the title suggested by the subject of the volume, which shall be the chief title, and the classification of the volume shall be placed on the back at the bottom, as simply indicating its

classification and not as a part of the title. Classification The executive and miscellaneous documents and the

reports of each House of Congress shall be designated as "House Documents," “Senate Documents," " House Reports," " Senate Reports,” thus making two classes for each House, and each volume shall receive the title suggested by its subject matter clearly placed upon its back.

SEC. 82. The Public Printer shall bind four sets of Senate lutions, bound

and House of Representatives bills, joint and concurrent resolutions of each Congress, two for the Senate and two for the House, to be furnished him from the files of the Senate and House document room, the volumes when bound to

be kept there for reference. Committee re. SEC. 83. The Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the

House shall procure and file for the use of their respective Houses copies of all reports made by committees, and they are hereby directed at the close of each session of Congress to cause such reports to be indexed and bound, one copy to be deposited in the library of each House and one copy in the room of the committee from which the reports

emanate. Binding bonds, SEC. 84. Registered bonds and written records may be R.S., sec. 3787, bouud at the Treasury Department. Franking doc SEC. 85. The Vice-President, Senators, Representatives,

and Delegates in Congress, the Secretary of the Senate, and Clerk of the House of Representatives may send and receive through the mail all public documents printed by order of Congress; and the name of the Vice-President, Sevator, Representative, Delegate, Secretary of the Senate, and Clerk of the House shall be written thereon, with the proper designation of the office he holds; and the provi. sions of this section shall apply to each of the persons named therein until the first day of December following

the expiration of their respective terms of office. Correspond.

The Vice-President, members and members-elect of and ence, etc., free.

Delegates and Delegates-elect to Cougress shall have the



p. 744.








for the

privilege of sending free through the mails, and under their frank, any mail matter to any Government official or to any person, correspondence, not exceeding one ounce in weight, upon official or departmental business.

SEC. 86. No printing or binding shall be done at the Work must be Government Printing Office unless authorized by law. k. s., sec. 3745, Binding for the Departments of the Government shall be p. 744, amended.

Binding done in plain sheep or cloth, except that record and account books may be bound in Russia leather, sheep fleshers, and skivers, when authorized by the head of a Department: Provided, The libraries of the several Departments, the Libraries, etc. Library of Congress, the libraries of the Surgeon-General's Office, the Patent Office, and the Naval Observatory may have books for the exclusive use of said libraries bound in half Turkey, or material no more expensive. SEC. 87. All printing, binding, and blank books for the

done at Printing Senate or House of Representatives and for the Executive and Judicial Departments shall be done at the Government R.S., s.c. 3786,

p. 744, amended. Printing Office, except in cases otherwise provided by law.

SEC. 88. The Public Printer shall execute such printing. Printing, etc., and binding for the President as he shall order and make requisitions for, and deliver to the Executive Mansion two copies each of all documents, bills, and resolutions as soon as printed and ready for distribution.

SEC. 89. No printing shall be done for the Executive appropriations Departments in any fiscal year in excess of the amount of pd, etc. the appropriation, and none shall be done without a special requisition, signed by the chief of the Department and filed with the Public Printer.

No report, publication, or document shall be printed in excess of the number of one thousand of each in any one fiscal year without authorization therefor by Congress, except that of the annual report of the head of the Depart

Department ient without appendices there may be printed in any one fiscal year not to exceed five thousand copies, bound in pamphlet form; and of the reports of chiefs of bureaus Bureau reports. without appendices there may be printed in any one fiscal year not to exceed two thousand five hundred copies, bound in pamphlet form: Provided, The Secretary of Agriculture Crop reports, may print such number of copies of the monthly crop report, etc. and of other reports and bulletins containing not to exceed one hundred octavo pages, as he shall deem requisite; and this provision shall apply to the maps, charts, bulletins, and minor reports of the Weather Bureau, which shall be printed in such numbers as the Secretary of Agriculture may deem for the best interests of the Government: Provided further, That the Secretary of the Treasury may authorize the printing of the notices to mariners, tide tables' coast pilots, bulletins, and other special publications of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and of the Light-House Board, and the Secretary of the Navy may authorize the printing of the charts, maps, notices to mariners, tide tables, light lists, sailing directions, bulletins, and other special publications of the Hydrographic Office in such editions as the interests of the Government and of the public may require.

Num ber lim. ited.


Marine notices, etc.


Bills and resolutions.


Heads of Executive Departments shall direct whether reports made to them by bureau chiefs and chiefs of divi.

sions shall be printed or not. Departments SEC. 90. The heads of Executive Departments, and such to order docunients required. executive officers as are not connected with the Depart

ments, respectively, shall cause daily examination of the Congressional Record for the purpose of noting documents, reports, and other publications of interest to their Depart. ments, and shall cause an immediate order to be sent to the Public Printer for the number of copies of such publi. cations required for official use, not to exceed, however, the number of bureaus in the Department and divisions in the office of the head thereof. The Public Printer shall send to each Executive Department and to each executive office not connected with the Departments, as soon as printed, five copies of all bills and resolutions, except the State Department, to which shall be sent ten copies of bills and resolutions. When the head of a Department desires a greater number of any class of bills or resolutions for official use, they shall be furnished by the Public Printer on

requisition promptly made. Form, etc., of SEC, 91. The annual reports of executive officers shall reports.

be printed in the same type and form as the report of the head of the Department which it accompanies, unless other

wise ordered by the Joint Committee on Printing. Departmental SEC. 92. Government publications printed for or received

by the Executive Departments, whether for official use or for distribution, shall be distributed by a competent person detailed to such duty in each Department by the head thereof. He shall keep an account in detail of all publications received and distributed by him. He shall prevent duplication, and make detailed report to the head of the Department, who shall transmit the same annually to

Congress. Work for De. SEC. 93. When any Department, the Supreme Court, the partments, etc.

Court of Claims, or the Library of Congress shall require printing or binding to be done, it shall be on certificate that

such work be necessary for the public service; whereupon Estimate of

the Public Printer shall furnish an estimate of the cost by

the principal items for such printing or binding so called Requisitions.

for, after which requisitions shall be made upon him therefor by the head of such Department, the Clerk of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of the Court of Claims, or the Librarian of Congress; and the Public Printer shall place the cost thereof to the debit of such Department in its annual

appropriation for printing and binding. Restriction of SEC. 94. No head of any Executive Department, or of any printing

bureau, branch, or office of the Government, shall cause to be printed, nor shall the Public Printer print, any document or matter except that which is authorized by law and necessary to the public business; and executive officers, before transmitting their annual reports, shall carefully

examine the same and all accompanying documents, and Excluding un. exclude therefrom all matter, including engravings, maps, ter

drawings, and illustrations, except such as they shall cer


necessary mat.




tify in their letters transmitting such reports are necessary and relate entirely to the transaction of the public business.

SEC. 95. Heads of Departments are authorized to ex Exchange of change surplus documents for such other documents and books as may be required by them, when the same can be done to the advantage of the public service.

SEC. 96. The Postmaster-General shall contract for all Postmaster. envelopes, stamped or otherwise, designed for sale to the tract for all en public, or for use by his own or other Departments, and velopes. may contract for them to be plain or with such printed matter as may be prescribed by the Department making requisition therefor: Provided, That no envelope furnished propiso. by the Government shall contain any business address or ments. advertisement.

SEC. 97. All blanks and letter heads for use by the judges Judicial blanks, and other officials of the United States courts other than such as are required to be paid for by any of these officers out of the emoluments of their offices shall be printed at the Government Printing Office upon forms prescribed by the Department of Justice, and shall be distributed by it upon requisition.

SEC. 98. The libraries of the eight Executive Depart. Documents to ments, of the United States Military Academy, and United libraries. States Naval Academy are hereby constituted designated depositories of Government publications, and the superintendent of documents shall supply one copy of said publications, in the same form as supplied to other depositories, to cach of said libraries.

That the Secretary of the Treasury, at the request of a Dec. 21, 1879. Senator, Representative, or Delegate in Congress, the head Impressions of a Department, or Bureau, art association or library, be from viguettes and he is hereby authorized to furnish impressions from reau of Engrav. any portrait or vignette which is now, or may hereafter be, ''Boc. 22,1879, Ý: a part of the engraved stock of the Bureau of Engraving 21, p. 59. and Printing, at such rates and under such conditions as he may deein necessary to protect the public interests.


213. State Department records.
882. Copies of Department records and

883. Transcripts from books of the Treas.

ury in suits against delinquents. 886. Copies of records, etc., in ottice of

Solicitor of Treasury. 887. Transcripts in indictinents for em.


888. Copies of returns in returns-office.
896. Copies of consular records.
908. Little & Brown's edition of statutes.
1778. Oaths, acknowledgments.
512-515. Returns office.
5103. Destroying public records,
5108. Officer in charge destroying records.

Title 5.

of records.

SEC. 213. For making out and authenticating copies of records in the Department of State, a fee of ten cents for Fees for copies each sheet containing one hundred words shall be paid by

Sept. 15, 1789, s. the person requesting such copies, except where they are 6, v. 1, p. 69. requested by an officer of the United States in a matter relating to his office.

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