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Idem, s.3.

The present silver coins of the United States of smaller denominations than one dollar shall hereafter be a legal tender in all sums not exceeding ten dollars in full pay. ment of all dues, public and private.


Title 37.

Value of the



3564. Value of foreign coins, how ascer. 3567. Spanish and Mexican coins.

3584. Not a legal tender, etc.
3565. Value of the sovereign or pound Table. Estimate of value of foreign

coins. 3566. Recoinage of foreign coins.

SEC. 3564. The value of foreign coin as expressed in the Value of for money of account of the United States shall be that of mikor teorines how the pure metal of such coin of standard value; and the

Mar. 3, 1873, s. values of the standard coins in circulation of the various 1, v. 17, p. 602.

nations of the world shall be estimated annually by the Director of the Mint, and be proclaimed on the first day of January by the Secretary of the Treasury.

SEC. 3565. In all payments by or to the Treasury, whether 80 v ereign pound sterling. made here or in foreign countries, where it becomes necesIbid, 8.2.

sary to compute the value of the sovereign or pound sterling, it shall be deemed equal to four dollars eighty-six cents and six and one-half mills, and the same rule shall be applied in appraising merchandise imported where the value is, by the invoice, in sovereigns or pounds sterling, and in the construction of contracts payable in sovereigns or pounds sterling; and this valuation shall be the par of exchange between Great Britain and the United States; and all contracts made after the first day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, based on an assumed par of exchange with Great Britain of fifty-four pence to the dollar, or four dollars forty-four and four-ninths cents

to the sovereign or pound sterling, shall be null and void. Recoinage of SEC. 3566. All foreign gold and silver coins received in foreign coin. Feb. 9, 1793, 9.3, payment for moneys due to the United States shall, before ; 1; 1; 301; Fob. being issued in circulation, be coined anew. 21, 1857, . 2, v, Spanisl SEC. 3567. The pieces commonly known as the quarter,

coins. Feb. 21, 1857, s. eighth, and sixteenth of the Spanish pillar-dollar, and of 1, v. 11, p. 163. the Mexican dollar, shall be receivable at the Treasury of

the United States, and its several offices, and at the several post-offices, and land-offices, at the rates of valuation following: the fourth of a dollar, or piece of two reals, at twenty cents; the eighth of a dollar, or piece of one real, at ten cents; and the sixteenth of a dollar, or half-real, at five cents.

SEC. 3584. No foreign gold or silver coins shall be legal Foreign coins, tender in payment of debts. Feb. 21, 1857, s. 3, v. 11, p. 163.



P. 163.


Title 39.





TREASURY DEPARTMENT, DEPARTMENT No.1. BUREAU OF THE MINT, Secretary's Office. "S Washington, D.O., January 1, 1883.

SIR: In pursuance of the provisions of section 3564 of the Revised Statutes of the United States, I have estimated

the values of the standard coins in circulation of the various nations of the world, and submit the same in the accompanying table. Very respectfully,


Director of the Mint. Hon. Chas. J. FOLGER,

Secretary of the Treasury.

[blocks in formation]

Argentine Republic Peso.

Gold and $0 96.5 po to, ši 1, and 1 peso, silver.

argentine and argentine. Austria.



40.1 Belgium


Gold and 19.3 5, 10, and 20 francs.

silver. Bolivia



91.2 Boliviano. Brazil

Milreis of 1,000 Gold..... 54. 6

reis. British Possessions Dollar


1 00 in North America. Chili.


Gold and 91.2 Condor, doubloon, and silver.

escudo. Cuba



93. 2 1,5, 1, 1, and 1 doubloon. Denmark



26.8 10 and 20 (rowns. Ecuador.



81.2 Peso). Egypt.

Gold.. 04.9 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 pias-

ters. France


Gold and 19.3 5, 10, and 20 irancs.

silver. Great Britain.... Pound sterling.. Gold......4 86.61 sovereign and sover.

eign. Greece....


Gold and 19.3 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 silver.

drachmas. German Empire Mark


23.8 5, 10, and 20 marks. Hayti...


Gold and 96.5 1, 2, 5, anı 10 gourdes.

silver. India. Rupee of 10 an Silver

38.6 tas. Italy


Gold and 19.3 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 lire.

silver. Japan



87.6 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 yen: gold

and silver yen. Liberia


Gold. 1 00


88.2 Peso or dollar 5, 10, 25,

and 50 centavo. Netherlands


Gold and 40.2

silver. Norway



26.8 10 and 20 crowns. Peru..



81.2 Sol. Portugal... Milreis of 1,000 Gold...

1 08 2, 5, and 10 milreis. reis. Russia. Rouble of 100 Silver

65 1, à, and 1 rouble.
Spain ....

Peseta of 100 cen. Gold and 19.3 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 pese.

tas. Sweden..



26.8 10 and 20 crowns. Switzerland


Gold and 19,3 5, 10, and 20 francs.

silver. Tripoli Mahbub of 20 Silver


Gold...... 04. 4 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500

piasters. l'nited States of Peso

Silver :...

81. 2 Peso. Colombia. Venezuela...... Bolivar ..

Gold and 19.3 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Boli. silver.



Washington, D. O., January 1, 1883. The foregoing estimation, made by the Director of the Mint, of the value of the foreign coins above mentioned, I hereby proclaim to be the values of such coins expressed in the money of account of the United States, and to be taken in estimating the values of all foreign merchandise, made out in any of said currencies, imported on or after January 1, 1883.

CHAS. J. FOLGER, Secretary of the Treasury.


Title 37.


Sec. 3569. Use of the metric system author 3570. Authorized tables of weights and ized.


3551. Dies may be executed, etc. SEC. 3569. It shall be lawful throughout the United Use of metric States of America to employ the weights and measures of system author- the metric system; and no contract or dealing, or pleading ized.

July 28, 1866, s. in any court, shall be deemed invalid or liable to objection 1, v. 14, p. 339.

because the weights or measures expressed or referred to

therein are weights or measures of the metric system. Authorized ta. SEC. 3570. The tables in the schedule hereto annexed bles of weights and measures. shall be recognized in the construction of contracts, and in Ibid., 8.2.

all legal proceedings, as establishing, in terms of the weights and measures now in use in the United States, the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the metric system; and the tables may lawfully be used for computing, determining, and expressing in customary weights and measures the weights and measures of the metric system.

Measures of length.

[blocks in formation]
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SEC. 3551. Dies of a national character may be executed

Title 37. by the engraver, and national and other medals struck by National and the coiner of the Mint at Philadelphia, under such reg- be struck at miut ulations as the superintendent, with the approval of the at Philadelphia. director of the Mint, may prescribe. Such work shall not, 52, v. 11, p. 432; however, interfere with the regular coinage operations, June 16, 1874, ch!

288, v, 15, p. 76. and no private medal dies shall be prepared at any mint, or the machinery or apparatus thereof be used for that purpose.



415. Establishment of the Department of

Act July 11, 1890, Assistant Sec.

retary of the Navy.
417. Procurement of naval stores and

equipment of vessels. 418, Custody of the books and records. 419. Establishment of Bureaus. 420. Custody of books and records of

Bureaus. 421. Appointment of chiefs of Bureaus. 422. Chiefs of Bureaus of Yaris anil

Docks, Equipment and Recruiting,

Navigation, and Ordnance. 423. Chief of Bureau of Construction and

Repair. 424. Chief of Bureau of Steam Engineer

ing: 425. Chief of Bureau of Supplies and


426. Chief of Bureau of Medicine and

429. Reports to be made to Congress by

the Secretary.
1375. Assistant to Bureau.
1436. Chiefs of Bureaus, staff oflicers, ex.

empt from sea duty.
1471. Title of cbiefs of Bureaus.
1472. Relative rank of chief of Burean of

lower title than commodore.
1473. Retired chiefs of Bureaus.

Surgeon-General to act on board of

1565. Pay of chiefs of Bureang.
416. Clerks and other civil employés.

Chief Clerk-appointment clerk.
Navy Department building.

[ocr errors]

SEC. 415. There shall be at the seat of Government an Title 10. Executive Department, to be known as the Department of

Establishment the Navy, and a Secretary of the Navy, wbo shall be the of the Depart

mentofthe Navy. head thereof.

20 A.G.Op., p.8. Apr. 30, 1798, s. 1, v. 1, p. 553.


Assistant Sec.

July 11,

1890. For an assistant Secretary of the Navy, to be appointed, Supp. R. S., p. from civil life, by the President, by and with the advice

and consent of the Senate, who shall receive a compensaretary of the tion, at the rate of four thousand five hundred dollars per Navy.


See note 1.

R. S., sec. 416. Mar. 3, 1891, ch. 541, par. 8.

Mar. 3, 1891.


cato-General of

R.S., sec. 416.

Assistant Secretary of the Navy, who shall hereafter Supp. R. S., p. perform such duties as may be prescribed by the Secretary Assistant Sec. of the Navy or required by law. retary of Navy.

July 11, 1890, ch. 667, par.5.

June 8, 1880. That the President of the United States be, and he is 21 Stat. L., 164. hereby, authorized to appoint, for the term of four years, Supp. R. S., pp. by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, from

Judge-A dvo: the officers of the Navy or the Marine Corps, a judgeNavy to be ap

advocate general of the Navy, with the rank, pay, and pointed. allowances of a captain in the Navy or a colonel in the

Marine Corps, as the case may be. Office of, to be And the office of the said judge-advocate-general shall in Department; his duties, etc. be in the Navy Department, where he shall, under the R. S.. sec. 349. direction of the Secretary of the Navy, receive, revise,

19, , ch. 329, par. 8. and have recorded the proceedings of all courts-martial,

courts of inquiry, and boards for the examination of officers for retirement and promotion in the naval service, and perform such other duties as have heretofore been performed by the solicitor and naval judge-advocate-gen

eral. June 6, 1895. That the Act “ to authorize the President to appoint an 29 Stut. L., 251. officer of the Navy or the Marine Corps to perform the Supp. R. S., v. duties of solicitor and judge-advocate general, and so forth, Navy. and to fix the rank and pay of such officer," approved June cate generals eighth, eighteen hundred and eighty, is hereby amended

by inserting in said Act in lieu of the words with the 8, ch. 129 di supp: rank, pay, and allowances of a captain in the Navy, or a

colonel in the Marine Corps, as the case may be," the words R. S., $ 349.

" with the rank and highest pay of a captain [in the Navy, or the rank, pay, and allowances of a colonel in the Marine Corps, as the case may be:”

Provided, That this amendment shall take effect from Became a law July nineteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, the date

on which the present incumbent entered on duty, and that proval, June 5, the amount herein appropriated shall be payable from the

appropriation “Pay of the Navy." Mar. 28, 1896.

That hereafter the commissions of all officers under the 29 Stat. L... 75. direction and control of the Secretary of the Treasury, S. R. S., " the Secretary of War, the Secretary of the Navy, and the 2, p. 454.

2, p. 500.


R. S., 290).

- to date from 1892.

without the President's ap


Note 1.-R. S., § 1794, required all civil commissions for Presidential appointments to be made out and recorded in the Department of State.

The act in the text, together with those of 1874, March 18, ch. 57 (1 Surp.R.S.,5), relating to the Post-Oflice Department; 1875, March 3, ch. 131, § 14 (1 Supp. R. 5., 78), relating to the Department of the Interior; and 1888, Aug. 8, ch. 786 (1 Supp. R. S., 605), relating to the Department of Justice, now require all commissions to be made out and recorded in tho Dopartment under which the oflicer is to serve.

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