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The terms above represent levels or rankings of text. All of the NASA PR is contained in 41 CFR Chapter 18, which is referred to as the “Regulation." This Regulation is divided into “parts" and each part is divided into “subparts.” In the CFR system, the CFR section is the basic unit of text. In the NASA PR, the paragraph is the basic unit of text.

Within the text of a NASA PR paragraph, there is not a uniform numbering system for the subdivision of text as there is for text within CFR sections. However, most NASA PR paragraphs are consistent within themselves. Users are advised, therefore, to be alert for codification variations in numbering within NASA PR paragraphs.


The regulations in these CFR volumes include the text of the 1977 NASA Procurement Regulation updated by the incorporation of amendments in NASA Procurement Regulation Directives (PRD's) through PRD 78-10, the text of the July 1, 1979 CFR Supplement (PRD's 78-11 through 13) and the text of PRD's 78–14 through 17 and 79–1 through 7 published in the Federal Register since August 1, 1979. Volume III includes an Appendix containing those PRD's which are outstanding and still in effect but which have not been incorporated. For a list of these outstanding PRD's, see the List of Unincorporated PRD's and Sections Affected in the Finding Aids section of each volume.


Each of the three volumes is individually paginated. The page number is centered at the bottom of each page.

The following information should be of use to those users who are familiar with NASA PR replacement page technique for updating the regulations. The upper left corner (for even pages) and the upper right corner (for odd pages) contain pagination information for each section of the part. These page identifiers begin numbering anew with each part. A typical reference might be “1-2:3". The number to the left of the dash refers to the NASA PR part. In this case, the “1” refers to “Part 1." The number to the right of the dash refers to the NASA PR subpart and the number to the right of the colon refers to the page of that NASA PR subpart. Thus, the reference “1-2:3” indicates that the user has page 3 of Subpart 2 of Part 1.


Each volume has a complete table of contents listing of all the NASA PR parts, appendices, and supplements contained in the three volumes.

Each of the three volumes also has a table of contents listing the parts contained in that particular volume and the page where each part (or appendix) begins. This table appears on page 3 of each volume.

For this volume Donna L. Rickett was Chief Editor. The Code of Federal Regulations publication program is under the direction of Martha B. Girard, assisted by Robert E. Jordan.

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