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Statement of organization and general informa-


Public information ..........................................................

Employee responsibilities and conduct .........

Implementation of the Uniform Relocation Assist-

ance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act

of 1970 ...................................................

Tuition fees for direct training .........

Implementation of procedures on the National

Environmental Policy Act ..........

Nondiscrimination in programs receiving Federal

assistance from the Environmental Protection

Agency-effectuation of Title VI of the Civil

Rights Act of 1964 ..........

Equal employment opportunity under EPA con-

tracts and EPA assisted construction contracts ...

Administrative claims under Federal Tort Claims


Security classification regulations pursuant to Ex-

ecutive Order 11652 ......

Nondiscrimination in programs receiving assist-

ance from the Environmental Protection

Agency-effectuation of section 13 of the Feder-

al Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of

1972 ..................................................................................

Employees' personal property claims ...........

Administration of the Clean Air Act and the Fed-

eral Water Pollution Control Act with respect to

Federal contracts, grants, or loans..........

Implementation of Privacy Act of 1974.

Implementation of the Equal Access to Justice

Act in EPA administrative proceedings ............

Certification of facilities ...........

Small business ...............

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to provide for the treatment of the en

vironment as a single interrelated PART 1-STATEMENT OF ORGANIZA

system. Complementary to these activ

ities are the Agency's coordination and TION AND GENERAL INFORMA

support of research and antipollution TION

activities carried out by State and

local governments, private and public Subpart A-Introduction

groups, individuals, and educational

institutions. EPA reinforces efforts 1.1 Creation and authority.

among other Federal agencies with re1.3 Purpose and functions.

spect to the impact of their operations 1.5 Organization and general information.

on the environment. 1.7 Location of principal offices. Subpart B—Headquarters

§ 1.5 Organization and general informa

tion. 1.21 General. 1.23 Office of the Administrator.

(a) The U.S. Environmental Protec1.25 Staff offices.

tion Agency's basic organization con1.27 Office of the Assistant Administrator sists of headquarters and 10 regional for Air, Noise, and Radiation.

offices. EPA headquarters in Washing1.29 Office of the Assistant Administrator ton, D.C. maintains overall planning, for Water and Waste Management.

coordination, and control of EPA pro1.31 Office of the Assistant Administrator

grams. Regional Administrators head for Enforcement. 1.33 Office of the Assistant Administrator

the regional offices and are responsifor Planning and Management.

ble directly to the Administrator for 1.35 Office of the Assistant Administrator the execution of the regional profor Research and Development.

grams of the Agency within the 1.36 Office of the Assistant Administrator boundaries of their regions. for Toxic Substances.

(b) EPA Management Directives

System contains definitive statements Subpart C-EPA Field Installations

of EPA's organization, policies, proce1.41 Regional Offices.

dures, assignments of responsibility, AUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 552.

and delegations of authority. Copies

are available for public inspection and SOURCE: 43 FR 28479, June 30, 1978, unless

copying at the Management and Orgaotherwise noted.

nization Division, 401 M Street SW.,

Washington, D.C. 20460. Information Subpart A-Introduction

can be obtained from the Office of

Public Awareness at a regional office. 8 1.1 Creation and authority.

(c) EPA conducts procurement purReorganization Plan 3 of 1970, estab- suant to the Federal Property and Adlished the U.S. Environmental Protec ministrative Services Act, the Federal tion Agency in the executive branch as Procurement Regulations, and implean independent agency, effective De menting EPA regulations. cember 2, 1970.

8 1.7 Location of principal offices. 8 1.3 Purpose and functions.

(a) The EPA headquarters is in The U.S. Environmental Protection Washington, D.C. The mailing address Agency permits coordinated and effec- is 401 M Street SW., Washington, D.C. tive governmental action to assure the 20460. protection of the environment by (b) The addresses of and States abating and controlling pollution on a served by the EPA regional offices (see systematic basis. Reorganization Plan $ 1.41) are: 3 of 1970 transferred to EPA a variety (1) Region I, Environmental Protecof research, monitoring, standard set- tion Agency, Room 2203, John F. Kenting, and enforcement activities relat- nedy Federal Building, Boston, Mass. ed to pollution abatement and control 02203. (Connecticut, Maine, Massachu

setts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Subpart B-Headquarters and Vermont.)

(2) Region II, Environmental Protec. 81.21 General. tion Agency, Room 1009, 26 Federal

EPA Headquarters is comprised of Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10007. (New

(a) the Office of the Administrator; Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and

(b) eight staff offices which advise the the Virgin Islands.)

Administrator on EPA activities and (3) Region III, Environmental Pro

programs with respect to their astection Agency, Curtis Building, Sixth signed areas of responsibility; and (c) and Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. six operational offices, each headed by 19106. (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsyl- an Assistant Administrator and revania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the sponsible for a major EPA functional District of Columbia.)

or program area. (4) Region IV, Environmental Protection Agency, 345 Courtland Street

8 1.23 Office of the Administrator. NE., Atlanta, Ga. 30308. (Alabama, The Environmental Protection Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississip- Agency is headed by an Administrator pi, North Carolina, South Carolina, who is appointed from civilian life by and Tennessee.)

the President by and with the consent (5) Region V, Environmental Protec

of the Senate. The Administrator is retion Agency, 230 South Dearborn sponsible to the President for providStreet, Chicago, Ill. 60604. (Illinois, In

ing overall supervision to the Agency. diana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and

He is assisted by a Deputy AdministraWisconsin.)

tor who is appointed from civilian life

by the President by and with the con(6) Region VI, Environmental Pro

sent of the Senate. The Deputy Adtection Agency, First International

ministrator assists the Administrator Building, 1201 Elm Street, Dallas, Tex.

in the discharge of his duties and re75270. (Arkansas, Louisiana, New

sponsibilities and serves as Acting AdMexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.)

ministrator in the absence of the Ad(7) Region VII, Environmental Pro

ministrator. tection Agency, 1735 Baltimore Avenue, Kansas City, Mo. 64108. $1.25 Staff offices. (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebras

(a) Office of Administrative Law ka) changed to Region VII, Environ

Judges. The Office of Administrative mental Protection Agency, 324 E. 11th

Law Judges, under the supervision of Street, Kansas City, Mo. 64106. (Iowa, the Chief Administrative Law Judge is Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska).

responsible for presiding over and con(8) Region VIII, Environmental Pro ducting formal hearings in accordance tection Agency, Lincoln Tower, 1860 with sections 556 and 557 of title 5 of Lincoln Street, Denver, Colo. 80203. the United States Code (formerly the (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Administrative Procedure Act) and South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.) other hearings, and issuance of initial

(9) Region IX, Environmental Pro decisions, if appropriate, in such protection Agency, 215 Fremont Street,

ceedings. The office provides superviSan Francisco, Calif. 94105. (Arizona,

sion of the Administrative Law Judges California, Hawaii, Nevada, American

in certain Agency regional offices who Samoa, Trust Territories of the Pacific

operate as a component of the Office

of Administrative Law Judges. The Islands, Guam, Wake Island, and the

Office provides the Agency Hearing Northern Marianas.)

Clerk. (10) Region X, Environmental Pro

(b) Office of Civil Rights. The Office tection Agency, 1200 Sixth Avenue,

of Civil Rights, under the supervision Seattle, Wash. 98101. (Alaska, Idaho,

of a Director, serves as the principal Oregon, and Washington.)

adviser to the Administrator with re(43 FR 28479, June 30, 1978, as amended at

spect to EPA's civil rights program.

spect to 44 FR 41778, July 18, 1979)

The office develops policies, procedures, and regulations to implement the Agency's civil rights responsibil. It develops policy guidance and proities and provides direction to regional vides oversight of the Agency's educaand field Directors of Civil Rights. tion and manpower development proThe office implements and monitors gram. The office collaborates with the the Agency's equal employment oppor- Office of the Assistant Administrator tunity program; provides advice and for Enforcement and the regional ofguidance to EPA program officials and fices in assuring compliance by FederRegional Administrators on EEO mat- al activities with applicable environters; serves as advocate for furthering mental standards. of career opportunities for minorities (d) Office of International Activities. and women; and processes complaints The Office of International Activities, of discrimination for Agency disposi under the supervision of an Associate tion. The office assures: (1) Maximum Administrator, provides leadership to participation of minority business en and collaborates with the Agency terprises under EPA contracts and planning and resources management grants; (2) equal employment opportu- officials and with program managers nity under Agency contracts and con- in the development of international struction contracts under Agency programs and activities designed to grants; (3) compliance with the Davis- further the overall mission of the EnBacon and related acts; (4) compliance vironmental Protection Agency, subwith the nondiscrimination on account ject to U.S. foreign policy objectives of age and physical handicap provi established by the President and the sions of laws affecting Agency pro- Secretary of State. The office develops grams; and (5) that services or benefits policies, procedures, and agreements dispensed under any program or activ for the conduct of international activiity receiving Agency financial assist ties, and coordinates the conduct of all ance are dispensed on a nondiscrimina- Agency international activities, assurtory basis.

ing that adequate program, scientific, (c) Office of Environmental Review and technical inputs are provided. The Office of Environmental Review, (e) Office of Legislation. The Office under the supervision of a Director of Legislation, under the supervision develops and recommends policies and of a Director, serves as the principal procedures for national programs deal- point of congressional contact with ing with environmental problems aris- the Agency. The office reviews and ading from Federal facilities and federal- vises the Administrator and other ly supported or authorized activities. Agency officials on all legislative proThe office develops internal policies posals originating within or affecting and strategies for carrying out EPA's the Agency. It prepares, reviews, and responsibilities for controlling environ obtains clearance of proposed legislamental pollution from Federal facili- tion and reports on legislation; perties and from federally authorized or forms legislative drafting services; cosupported activities. It develops poli- ordinates preparation of testimony; cies and procedures for the processing and reviews transcripts of hearings. of environmental impact statements The office maintains an effective liaisubmitted to EPA and coordinates the son with the Congress on Agency acreview of those impact statements on tions of interest to the Congress, and, actions having a high degree of na- as necessary, maintains liaison with tional controversy, visibility, or signifi- Agency regional and field officials, cance. It develops policies and proce other Government agencies, and dures for preparation of impact state public and private groups having an ments on EPA's own activities. It pro interest in legislative matters affecting vides a clearinghouse mechanism for the Agency. It assures prompt rereceiving inquiries or requests from sponse to the Congress on all inquiries Federal agencies for consultation and relating to activities of the Agency. technical assistance. It reviews other (f) Office of Public Awareness. The Federal agencies' policies and proce- Office of Public Awareness, under the dures for correcting environmental supervision of a Director, is responsiproblems at Federal facilities and rec ble for providing newsworthy informaommends changes where appropriate. tion to the various communications

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