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(c) Other covered programs. Assuring issue; and not be detrimental to parcompliance with these public partici- ticipation by the widest possible pation requirements for programs not public. Hearings and meetings on the covered by paragraphs (a) and (b) of same matter may be held jointly by this section is the responsibility of the more than one agency where this does Administrator of EPA. Citizens with not conflict with the policy of this information concerning alleged fail. paragraph. Special efforts shall be ures to comply with the public partici- made to coordinate public participapation requirements should notify the tion procedures under this part and Administrator. The Administrator will applicable regulations elsewhere in assure that instances of alleged non this chapter with environmental ascompliance are promptly investigated sessment and analysis procedures and that corrective action is taken under 40 CFR Part 6. EPA encourages where necessary.

interstate agencies in particular to de

velop combined proceedings for the 8 25.13 Coordination and non-duplication. States concerned. The public participation activities

8 25.14 and materials that are required under

Termination of reporting requirethis part should be coordinated or

ments. combined with those of closely related All reporting requirements specifiprograms or activities wherever this cally established by this part will terwill enhance the economy, the effec- minate on (5 years from date of publitiveness, or the timeliness of the cation) unless EPA acts to extend the effort; enhance the clarity of the requirements beyond that date.



Sec. 30.305-2 Notification of intent (A-95, Part


Sec. 30.100 Purpose. 30.101 Authority. 30.105 Applicability and scope. 30.110 Publication. 30.115 Copies. 30.120 Citation. 30.125 Public comment. 30.130 Grant information. 30.135 Definitions. 30.135-1 Administrator. 30.135-2 Agency. 30.135-3 Allowable costs. 30.135-4 Applicant. 30.135-5 Budget. 30.135-6 Budget period. 30.135-7 Educational institution. 30.135-8 Eligible costs. 30.135-9 Federal assistance. 30.135-10 Grant. 30.135-11 Grant agreement. 30.135-12 Grant approving official. 30.135-13 Grant award official. 30.135-14 Grantee. 30.135-15 In-kind contribution. 30.135-16 Nonprofit organization. 30.135-17 Project. 30.135-18 Project costs. 30.135-19 Project officer. 30.135-20 Project period. 30.135-21 Regional Administrator. 30.135-22 Subagreement.

30.305-3 Time limitations. 30.305-4 EPA processing. 30.305-5 Programs requiring State plans

and jointly funded projects (A-95, Part

III). 30.305-6 Coordination of planning in mul

tijurisdictional areas (A-95, Part IV). 30.305-7 Confidential information. 30.305-8 Specific requirements for the

Construction Grant Program. 30.310 Unsolicited proposal. 30.315 Application requirements. 30.315-1 Signature. 30.315-2 Forms. 30.315-3 Time of submission. 30.315-4 Place of submission. 30.320 Use and disclosure of information. 30.325 Evaluation of application. 30.330 Supplemental information. 30.335 Criteria for award of grant. 30.340 Responsible grantee. 30.340-1 General policy. 30.340-2 Standards. 30.340-3 Determination of responsibility. 30.345 Award of grant. 30.345-1 Amount and term of grant. 30.345-2 Federal share. 30.345-3 Grant agreement. 30.345-4 Costs incurred prior to execution. 30.345-5 Effect of grant award. 30.350 Limitation on award. 30.355 Continuation grants.

Subpart A-Basic Policies 30.200 Grant simplification goals and

policy. 30.205 Role of EPA 30.210 Role of the grantee. 30.215 Records of grant actions. 30.220 Consolidated grants. 30.225 Foreign grants. 30.225-1 Clearance requirements. 30.225-2 Criteria for award. 30.225-3 Allowability of costs. 30.225-4 Payments. 30.230 Grants administration review. 30.235 Disclosure of information. 30.245 Fraud and other unlawful or cor.

rupt practices.

Subpart C-Other Federal Requirements 30.400 General grant conditions. 30.405 Statutory conditions. 30.405-1 National Environmental Policy

Act. 30.405-2 Uniform Relocation Assistance

and Real Property Acquisition Policies

Act. 30.405-3 Civil Rights Act of 1964. 30.405-4 Federal Water Pollution Control

Act Amendments of 1972, Section 13. 30.405-5 Title IX of the Education Amend

ments of 1972. 30.405-6 Hatch Act. 30.405-7 National Historic Preservation

Act. 30.405-8 Public Law 93-291. 30.405-9 Demonstration Cities and Metro

politan Development Act and Intergov

ernmental Cooperation Act. 30.405-10 Flood Disaster Protection Act. 30.405-11 Clean Air Act, Section 306. 30.405-12 Federal Water Pollution Control

Act, Section 508. 30.410 Executive Orders. 30.410-1 Executive Order 11246.

Subpart B-Application and Award 30.300 Preapplication procedures. 30.305 A-95 procedures. 30.305-1 Specific areas of clearinghouse


Sec. 30.635-4 Invention reports. 30.635-5 Property reports. 30.635-6 (Reserved) 30.635-7 Compliance. 30.640 Utilization of Government procure

ment sources. 30.645 Force account work.

Sec. 30.410-2 Executive Order 11988. 30.410-3 Executive Order 11514. 30.410-4 Executive Order 11738. 30.410-5 Executive Order 11990. 30.415 Additional requirements-Federally

assisted construction. 30.415-1 Davis-Bacon Act. 30.415-2 The Copeland Act. 30.415-3 The Contract Work Hours and

Safety Standards Act. 30.415-4 Convict labor. 30.420 Additional requirements-all EPA

grants. 30.420-1 Prohibition against contingent

fees. 30.420-2 Officials not to benefit. 30.420-3 Prohibition against violating facil

ities. 30.420-4 Conflict of interest. 30.420-5 Employment practices. 30.420-6 Conservation and efficient use of

energy. 30.425 Special conditions. 30.430 Noncompliance.

Subpart F-Project Costs 30.700 Use of funds. 30.705 Allowable costs. 30.705-1 Payment to consultants. 30.710 Federal cost principles. 30.715 Direct and indirect costs. 30.715-1 Direct costs. 30.715-2 Indirect costs. 30.720 Cost sharing. 30.725 Cost and price analysis. 30.725-1 Policy. 30.725-2 Price analysis, 30.725-3 Cost analysis. 30.725-4 Requirements.

Subpart D-Patents, Data, and Copyrights 30.500 General. 30.502 Definitions. 30.505 Required provision regarding patent

and copyright infringement. 30.510 Patents and inventions. 30.515 Required patent provision. 30.520 Optional patent provision. 30.525 Data and copyrights. 30.530 Required data and copyright provi

sion. 30.540 Deviations.

Subpart G-Grantee Accountability 30.800 Financial management. 30.805 Records. 30.810 Property. 30.810-1 Definitions. 30.810-2 Purchase of property. 30.810-3 Property management standards. 30.810-4 Title to property. 30.810-5 Real property. 30.810-6 Federally-owned nonexpendable

personal property. 30.810-7 Nonexpendable personal property

acquired with Federal funds. 30.810-8 Expendable personal property ac

quired with grant funds. 30.810-9 Property reports. 30.815 Final settlement. 30.820 Audit.

Subpart E-Administration and Performance of


Subpart H-Modification, Suspension and


30.600 General. 30.605 Access. 30.610 Rebudgeting of funds. 30.615 Payment. 30.615-1 Method of payment. 30.615-2 Cash depositories. 30.615-3 Withholding of funds. 30.615-4 Assignment. 30.620 Grant related income. 30.620-1 Proceeds from sale of real or per

sonal property. 30.620-2 Royalties received from copy

rights and patents. 30.620-3 Interest earned on grant funds. 30.625 Grantee publications and publicity. 30.625-1 Publicity. 30.625-2 Publications. 30.625-3 Signs. 30.630 Surveys and questionnaires. 30.635 Reports. 30.635-1 Interim progress reports. 30.635-2 Final report. 30.635-3 Financial reports.

30.900 Project changes and grant modifica

tions. 30.900-1 Formal grant amendments. 30.900-2 Administrative grant changes. 30.900-3 Transfer of grants; change of

name agreements. 30.900-4 Grantee project changes. 30.915 Suspension of grants-stop-work

orders. 30.915-1 Use of stop-work orders. 30.915-2 Contents of stop-work orders. 30.915-3 Issuance of stop-work order. 30.915-4 Effect of stop-work order. 30.915-5 Disputes provision. 30.920 Termination of grants. 30.920-1 Termination agreement. 30.920-2 Project termination by grantee. 30.920-3 Grant termination by EPA.


(g) Federal Grant and Cooperative 30.920-4 Effect of termination.

Agreement Act of 1977 (41 U.S.C. 501); 30.920-5 Annulment of grant.

and 30.920-6 Disputes provision.

(h) Toxic Substances Control Act (15 Subpart I-Deviations

U.S.C. 2601). 30.1000 General.

(40 FR 20232, May 8, 1975, as amended at 42 30.1000-1 Applicability.

FR 56051, Oct 20, 1977; 43 FR 28485, June 30.1000-2 Request for deviation.

30, 1978) 30.1000-3 Approval of deviation.

8 30.105 Applicability and scope. Subpart 1-Disputes

(a) Parts 30 through 34 to this sub30.1100 Final disputes decision.

chapter contain policies and proce30.1105 Grantee appeal.

dures which apply to all grants made 30.1115 Rights of the grantee and the Gov by the Environmental Protection ernment.

Agency and are designed to achieve 30.1120 Decision of the Administrator.

maximum uniformity throughout the 30.1125 Questions of law.

various grant programs of the Envi. 30.1130 Delegation of authority. 30.1150 Appeal procedures.

ronmental Protection Agency and,

where possible, consistency with other APPENDIX A-GENERAL GRANT CONDITIONS

Federal agencies. These policies and APPENDIX B-PATENTS AND INVENTIONS

procedures are mandatory with reAPPENDIX C-RIGHTS IN DATA AND COPY

spect to all Environmental Protection RIGHTS

Agency grants and apply to grants AUTHORITY: Authorities cited in 8 30.101.

awarded or administered within and SOURCE: 40 FR 20232, May 8, 1975, unless

outside the United States, unless othotherwise noted.

erwise specified. Supplementary poli$ 30.100 Purpose.

cies and procedures applicable to only

certain grant programs are issued in This subchapter establishes and

regulations specifically pertaining to codifies uniform policies and proce

those programs under Part 35 (State dures for all grants awarded by the

and Local Assistance), Part 40 (ReU.S. Environmental Protection Agency

search and Demonstration), Part 45 (EPA).

(Training) and Part 46 (Fellowships). 8 30.101 Authority.

Grants or agreements entered into

with funds under the Scientific ActiviThis subchapter is promulgated by

ties Overseas Program which utilize the Administrator of the Environmen- U.S.-owned excess foreign currencies tal Protection Agency pursuant to the

shall not be subject to this subchapter. authority conferred by Reorganization

(b) Assistance agreements designatPlan No. 3 of 1970 and pursuant to the

ed as grants or cooperative agreements following statutes which authorize the

under the Federal Grant and Cooperaaward of assistance by the Environ

tive Agreement Act shall be subject to mental Protection Agency:

part 30 and other provisions of this (a) Clean Water Act, as amended (33

subchapter which are applicable to U.S.C. 1251 et seq.).

grants. (b) The Clean Air Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1857 et seq.);

(40 FR 20232, May 8, 1975, as amended at 43 (c) The Solid Waste Disposal Act, as

FR 28485, June 30, 1978) amended by the Resource Conserva

8 30.110 Publication. tion and Recovery Act of 1976 (42 U.S.C. 6901 et seq.);

This subchapter is published (in (d) The Safe Drinking Water Act (42 Title 40) in the daily issue of the FEDU.S.C. 3000-1, 300j-2, 3000-3);

ERAL REGISTER and in cumulated form (e) Section 301 et seq. of the Public in the Code of Federal Regulations. Health Service Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 241, 242, 243, and 246);

8 30.115 Copies. (f) Sections 20 and 23 of the Federal Copies of this subchapter in FEDERAL Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenti- REGISTER and Code of Federal Regulacide Act, as amended (7 U.S.C. 135); tions form may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Gov. related requirements, to include or ernment Printing Office, Washington, provide for statutory changes, and to D.C. 20402.

improve Agency and grantee adminis

tration of grants. Therefore, public 8 30.120 Citation.

comment is solicited on a continuous This subchapter will be cited in ac basis and may be addressed to the Dicordance with FEDERAL REGISTER rector, Grants Administration Divistandards. For example, this section, sion Environmental Protection when referred to in divisions of this Agency, Washington, D.C. 20460. subchapter, should be cited as “40 CFR 30.120."

8 30.130 Grant information.

Application forms and information 8 30.125 Public comment.

concerning Agency grants may be obThis subchapter will be amended tained through the Grants Adminisfrom time to time to establish new or tration Division, Environmental Proimproved grant policies and proce- tection Agency, Washington, D.C. dures, to simplify and abbreviate grant 20460, or any EPA regional grants adapplication procedures, to simplify ministration office. Addresses of EPA and standardize grant conditions and Regional Offices are as follows:

[blocks in formation]

26 Federal Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10007.....
6th and Walnut, Curtis Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 19106 .....


[blocks in formation]

Delaware. District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsyl

vania, Virginia, West Virginia. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi,

North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wis

consin. Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma,

lowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska,
Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota,

Utah, Wyoming
Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, American

Samoa, Guam, Trust Territories of Pacific Is

lands, Wake Island.
Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington.



IX .......

215 Fremont Street, San Francisco, Calif. 94105.......

[blocks in formation]

[40 FR 20232, May 8, 1975, as amended at 43 FR 28485, June 30, 1978)

8 30.135 Definitions.

directives, orders, or other documents All terms used in this subchapter

of the
of the

Environmental Protection which are defined in the statutes cited

Agency relating to grants, unless the in $ 30.101 and which are not defined

context clearly requires a different in this section, shall have the meaning

meaning. given to them in the relevant statutes.

8 30.135-1 Administrator. As used throughout this subchapter, the words and terms defined in this The Administrator of the Environ. Section shall have the meanings set mental Protection Agency, or any forth below, unless (a) the context in person authorized to act for him. which they are used clearly requires a different meaning, or (b) a different 8 30.135-2 Agency. definition is prescribed for a particular The United States Environmental part or portion thereof. The words and Protection Agency (EPA). terms defined in this section shall have the meanings set forth herein whenever used in any correspondence,

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