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media regarding actions taken or planned by the Agency. It is responsible for providing direction to the Agency's community relations, public participation, and environmental education and information programs. The office develops and produces publications and other materials necessary to inform the general public, State and local governments, and concerned and/or affected groups about the Agency's mission. It supports, encourages, and promotes public participation in the development, revision, and enforcement of environmental quality standards related to the Agency's program responsibilities.

(g) Office of Regional and Intergovernmental Operations. The Office of Regional and Intergovernmental Operations facilitates communications between the Administrator/Deputy Administrator and the Regional Ad. ministrators and provides a headquarters secretariat for the Regional Administrators in dealing with intergov. ernmental organizations and State control agencies. The office coordinates the efforts of principal headquarters organizational components dealing with broad-gauged and issueoriented intergovernmental and regional problems to assure a concerted effort by the headquarters and regional offices in maximizing the value of intergovernmental activities for environmental programs. It works with the regional administrators and headquarters program offices on a continuing basis to develop and encourage the adoption of improved methods for dealing effectively with State and local governments and communities on specific EPA program initiatives.

(h) Office of General Counsel. The General Counsel serves as the princi. pal legal adviser to the Administrator and as chief law officer of the Agency. The Office, including the regional counsels, which are under the supervision of the General Counsel, provides legal opinions, legal counsel, and litigation support; and assists and advises in the formulation and administration of the Agency's policies and programs. (43 FR 28479, June 30, 1978, as amended at 44 FR 45131, Aug. 1, 1979)

$1.27 Office of the Assistant Administra

tor for Air, Noise, and Radiation. The Assistant Administrator for Air, Noise, and Radiation serves as principal adviser to the Administrator in matters pertaining to air, noise, and radiation programs, and shall be responsible for the management of the air, noise, and radiation programs of the Agency, including; program policy development and evaluation; environmental and pollution sources standards development; program policy guidance and overview, technical support and evaluation of regional air, noise, and radiation program activities; development of programs for technical assistance and technology transfer; and selected demonstration programs. The Offices of Air Quality Planning and Standards; Mobile Source Air Pollution Control; Noise Abatement and Control; and Radiation Programs proCon gram activities of the Office of Assistant Administrator.

(a) Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. The Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, under the supervision of the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Air Quality Planning and Standards, is responsible for developing national standards for air quality, emission standards for new stationary sources, and emission standards for hazardous pollutants; for developing national programs, technical policies, regulations, guidelines, and for assessing the national air pollution control program and the success in achieving air quality goals; for providing assistance to the States, industry and other organizations through manpower training activities and technical information; for providing technical direction and support to regional offices and other organizations; for evaluating regional programs with respect to State implementation plans and strategies, technical assistance, and resource requirements and allocations for air-related programs; for developing and maintaining a national air programs data system, including air quality, emissions and other technical data; and for providing effective technology transfer through the translation of technological devel

opments into improved control pro- Assistant Administrator for Radiation gram procedures.

Programs, is responsible for the radi(b) Office of Mobile Source Air Pollu ation activities of the Agency, includtion Control. The Office of Mobile ing development of radiation protecSource Air Pollution Control, under tion criteria, standards, and policies; the supervision of the Deputy Assist- measurement and control of radiation ant Administrator for Mobile Source exposure; and research requirements Air Pollution Control, is responsible for radiation programs. It provides for characterizing emissions from technical assistance to States through mobile sources and developing pro EPA regional offices and other agengrams for their control, including as cies having radiation protection prosessment of the status of control tech grams, establishes and directs a nanology; for developing and recom tional surveillance and investigation mending emission standards and relat program for measuring radiation ed test procedures for mobile sources; levels in the environment, evaluates for carrying out a regulatory compli and assesses the impact of new and deance program to insure adherence of

veloping radiation technology on man mobile sources to standards; and for

and the environment, assists in the carrying out surveillance activities

training of personnel for radiation with respect to mobile source emis

protection programs in the States and sions.

for other purposes, maintains liaison (c) Office of Noise Abatement and

with other public and private organiControl. The Office of Noise Abate

zations interested in environmental rament and Control, under the supervi

diation. sion of the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Noise Abatement and Con- 81.29 Office of the Assistant Administra. trol, is responsible for developing noise

tor for Water and Waste Management. protection criteria, standards, and policies; developing methodologies for

The Assistant Administrator for

Water and Waste Management serves measuring and controlling noise expo

as principal adviser to the Administrasure; developing research requirements for the Agency's noise control

tor in matters pertaining to water and and abatement programs; coordinates

hazardous materials programs, and is all Federal noise control programs, in

responsible for the management of the cluding evaluating all other Federal

water and solid waste programs of the agency standards and regulations, ex

Agency, including program policy deisting and proposed, with respect to

velopment and evaluation, environnoise to determine if such standards

mental and pollution sources standprotect the public health and welfare;

ards development program policy provides technical assistance to States,

guidance and overview, technical supthrough EPA's regional offices, and to

port, and evaluation of regional water other agencies having noise control

and solid waste management, developand abatement programs; establishes ment of programs for technical assistand directs, through the regional of ance and manpower development, and fices and with appropriate headquar

selected demonstration programs. The ters inputs, national surveillance and Offices of Water Planning and Standmonitoring systems for measuring

ards, Water Program Operations, noise levels in the environment; evalu

Drinking Water, and Solid Waste perates and assesses the impact of new form program activities of the Office and developing noise control technol of Assistant Administrator. ogy; assists in the training of person

(a) Office of Water Planning and nel, such as for State noise control and Standards. The Office of Water Planabatement programs; and maintains li- ning and Standards, under the superaison with other public and private or vision of the Deputy Assistant Adminganizations interested in environmen istrator for Water Planning and tal noise control.

Standards, is responsible for develop(d) Office of Radiation Programs. ing an overall program strategy for The Office of Radiation Programs, the achievement of water pollution under the supervision of the Deputy abatement. It assures the coordination

of all national water-related activities requisite to protect the public health within this water program strategy, and welfare, and to protect existing and monitors national progress toward and future underground sources of the achievement of water quality drinking water; provides guidance and goals. The office is responsible for the technical information to State agendevelopment of effluent guidelines cies, local utilities, and Federal faciliand water quality standards, and other ties through the regional offices on pollutant standards, regulations, and program phasing and implementation; guidelines. The office exercises overall evaluates the national level of compliresponsibility for the development of ance with the regulations. The office effective State and regional water plans and develops policy guidance for quality planning and control agencies. response to national, regional and It is responsible for the development local emergencies; reviews and evaluand maintenance of a centralized ates, with regional offices, technical water programs data system including data for the designation of sole-source compatible water quality, discharger, aquifers; designs a national program and program data files.

of public information; identifies re(b) Office of Water Program Oper- search needs and develops monitoring ations. The Office of Water Program

requirements for the national drinking Operations, under the supervision of

water program; and develops national the Deputy Assistant Administrator

accomplishment plans. for Water Program Operations, is re

(d) Office of Solid Waste. The Office sponsible for developing national pro

of Solid Waste, under the supervision grams, technical policies, regulations,

of the Deputy Assistant Administrator and guidelines for water pollution con

for Solid Waste, is responsible for protrol in the areas of municipal

viding program policy direction to and wastewater treatment, construction

evaluation of solid waste management grants for treatment plants, municipal

activities throughout the Agency; espoint source abatement and control,

tablishes, monitors, and evaluates oil and hazardous materials spills, and

solid waste research requirements for other water related activities. Specific

the Agency; and carries out resource cally, the Office of Water Program

recovery, hazardous waste, and waste Operations articulates EPA strategies

systems management activities. for implementing legislative mandates in the municipal wastewater treatment

8 1.31 Office of the Assistant Administrafield; provides national direction for

tor for Enforcement. interstate, State, and local authorities in the planning, design, and construc

The Assistant Administrator for Ention of municipal wastewater treat

forcement serves as the principal adment systems; provides technical di viser to the Administrator in matters rection and support to regional offices pertaining to the enforcement of and other organizations, and evaluates standards for environmental quality, regional programs with respect to mu and is responsible for the conduct of nicipal point source abatement and enforcement activities on an control, oil and hazardous materials agencywide basis. This Office is respills prevention and response, ocean sponsible for the conduct of Agency related technical activities, construc activities for enforcement of environtion grants, and manpower develop mental quality standards, including ment for water related activities.

the gathering and preparation of evi(c) Office of Drinking Water. The dential data and conduct of enforceOffice of Drinking Water, under the ment proceedings. The Deputy Assistsupervision of the Deputy Assistant ant Administrators for Water EnforceAdministrator for Drinking Water, is ment, General Enforcement, and responsible for the drinking water ac. Mobile Source and Noise Enforcement tivities of the Agency, including imple, perform the functions and activities of mentation strategy. This Office estab the Assistant Administrator for Enlishes policies and standards, and de- forcement. velops regulations and guidelines for (a) Office of Water Enforcement. drinking water quality and treatment The Office of Water Enforcement,

under the supervision of the Deputy bodies in the areas of mobile sources Assistant Administrator for Water En of air pollution and noise abatement. forcement, provides program policy direction to the water quality enforce 8 1.33 Office of the Assistant Administrament, drinking water enforcement, tor for Planning and Management. and National Pollution Discharge

The Assistant Administrator for Elimination System (NPDES) program

Planning and Management is responsiactivities of the Agency, including

ble on an agencywide basis for plandirect supervision of those enforce

ning overall program activities; manment activities reporting directly to

aging the Agency's resources; developthe Office of Water Enforcement and

ing and conducting a comprehensive technical program direction to the re

audit program; developing and congional water enforcement activities. It

ducting administrative programs and develops agencywide objectives and

systems; developing and conducting programs for water enforcement and

comprehensive occupational safety permit activities, including the devel

and health programs, and representopment of procedures, regulatory ma

ing the Administrator in dealings with terial, guidelines, criteria, and policy

other Federal agencies in areas includ. statements designed to bring about ac

ing Government fiscal, management, tions by individuals, private enter

and administrative activities. The prise, and governmental bodies to im

Deputy Assistant Administrators for prove the quality of the water. (b) Office of General Enforcement.

Administration, Planning and Evalua

tion, and Resources Management, and The Office of General Enforcement,

the Director of Audit, perform the under the supervision of the Deputy Assistant Administrator for General

functions and activities of the Office Enforcement, provides program policy

of Assistant Administrator. direction to Agency enforcement activ

(a) Office of Management and ities in the stationary sources of air

Agency Services. The Office of Manpollution, radiation, pesticides, solid

agement and Agency Services, under waste, and toxic substances program

the supervision of the Deputy Assistareas. The Office develops agencywide

ant Administrator for Administration, objectives and programs for general

is responsible for development and enforcement activities, including the

conduct of programs for organization development of procedures, regulatory

and management systems, control, and materials, guidelines, criteria, and

services; personnel policies, procepolicy statements designed to bring

dures, and operations; personnel, about actions by individuals, private

physical, and document security and enterprise, and governmental bodies in

inspections; emergency preparedness; the areas of stationary sources of air management information systems, pollution, radiation, pesticides, toxic automatic data processing managesubstances, and solid waste.

ment and operations; facilities and (c) Office of Mobile Source and Noise space management; contracting and Enforcement. The Office of Mobile procurement services; general adminisSource and Noise Enforcement, under

trative and support services; and other the supervision of the Deputy Assist areas of administrative management, ant Administrator for Mobile Source including records management, comand Noise Enforcement, provides pro

mittee management, directives sysgram policy direction to Agency en

tems, and an Agency library system. forcement activities in the mobile (b) Office of Planning and Evaluasources of air pollution and noise tion. The Office of Planning and Evalabatement program areas. The Office uation, under the supervision of the develops agencywide objectives and Deputy Assistant Administrator for programs for enforcement activities, Planning and Evaluation, is responsiincluding the development of proce ble for development and conduct of dures, regulatory materials, guidelines, programs for long-range and strategic criteria, and policy statements de planning; compiling reports to the signed to bring about actions by indi. Congress and the President on Agency viduals, private and governmental programs and activities; systems anal

ysis of Agency programs and activities, ences; and monitoring systems. The including the development, initiation, Office participates in the development and monitoring of new and redirected of Agency policy, standards, and reguAgency programs and goals; coordinat- lations. The Office provides for dising the Agency's environmental stand- semination of scientific and technical ards and regulations development knowledge, including analytical methprocess, economic and industrial anal ods, monitoring techniques, and modysis of the impact of abatement regu- eling methodologies. It serves as coorlations and programs on firms, indus dinator for the Agency's policies and tries, and functional and geographic programs concerning carcinogenesis sectors; policy development processes; and related problems. The Office asprogram progress measurement; and sures appropriate quality control and planning policy direction, needs assess- standardization of analytical measurement, program review.

ment and monitoring techniques (for (c) Office of Resources Management. which he is assigned responsibility) The Office of Resources Management,

utilized by the Agency; and exercises under the supervision of the Deputy

review and concurrence responsibilAssistant Administrator for Resources ities on an agencywide basis in all Management, is responsible for re

budgeting and planning actions involvsources management, including devel

ing monitoring which require Headoping and administering a zero-base

quarters approval. The Deputy Assistbudgeting system in accordance with

ant Administrators for Monitoring and Office of Management and Budget dir

Technical Support; Energy, Minerals ectives; budget formulation, prepara and Industry; Air, Land, and Water tion, and execution, including funding

Use; and Health and Ecological Effects allotments and allocations; and finan

perform the functions and activities of cial management and services; includ

the Office of the Assistant Adminising developing and maintaining ac

trator. counting systems, fiscal controls, sys

(a) Office of Monitoring and Technitems for payroll and disbursement,

cal Support. The Office of Monitoring and grants policies and procedures.

and Technical Support, under the su(d) Office of Audit. The Office of

pervision of the Deputy Assistant AdAudit, under the supervision of a Di

ministrator for Monitoring and Techrector, is responsible for development

nical Support, is responsible for planand conduct of a comprehensive audit

ning, managing, and evaluating a comprogram for the Agency, including the

prehensive program for: (1) The develconduct of internal and external

opment of reference or standard enviaudits of Agency programs and the

ronmental monitoring, methods and provision of an independent appraisal

systems; (2) the development of for the Administrator and other

agencywide quality assurance proAgency officials of the program, finan

grams including standardization of cial, and administrative operations of

analytical methods and sampling techthe Agency.

niques, and quality control; (3) the [43 FR 28479, June 30, 1978, as amended at provision of technical support to the 44 FR 41778, July 18, 1979)

Agency utilizing the unique equipment

and personnel expertise available in 8 1.35 Office of the Assistant Administra

the Office of Research and Developtor for Research and Development.

ment; and (4) the provision of regional The Assistant Administrator for Re services and regional liaison between search and Development serves as the the EPA regional offices and the principal science adviser to the Admin Office of Research and Development. istrator, and is responsible for the de- (b) Office of Energy, Minerals, and velopment, direction, and conduct of a Industry. The Office of Energy, Minnational research, development, and erals, and Industry, under the supervi. demonstration program in: Pollution sion of the Deputy Assistant Adminissources, fate, and health and welfare trator for Energy, Minerals, and Ineffects; pollution prevention and con- dustry, is responsible for planning, trol and waste management and utili- managing, and evaluating a comprezation technology; environmental sci- hensive program for the: (1) Assess

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