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The Name* of Contributors are Printed in Small Capitals.

Abbams, Ler., Isolation and Plants, 836
Agricultural, Science, A. D. Hall, 449; Colleges

and Exper. Stations, Assoc. of, E. W. Allen,


Agriculture, Report of Secretary of, 740

Alaska, Recent Change of Level in, R. S. Tabb,

L. Mabtin, 879

Aldrieh, J. M., N. Am. Diptera, C. T. Bbues, 176

Alijin, K. W., Assoc. of Agric. Colleges and Exp.

Stations, 850

Allen, J. A., Origin of Birds, 431; Evolution of

Species, 661

American Association for the Advancement of Sci-

ence, Summer Meeting of Section E, 333, 528;

New Orleans Meeting, 540, 643, 765, 805, 809;

Section C, 804; Section K, 840

Americanists, Congress of, 574

Ames, J. S., Poynting and Thomson on Heat, 699

Ames, J. S., Physics, W. Le C. Stevens, 175

Ames, L. D., Mo. Soc. of Teachers of Math., 48

Amoeba, Death of an, E. Linton, 88

Anatomists, Congress of, 409

Anthracnose, Eungi-eausing, J. L. Sheldon, 51

Anthropological Assoc., Am., G. G. Maccubdv, 591

Anthropology at the Exposition, W J Mcgee, 811

Aphid, Lacustrine, T. D. A. Cockebell, 704

Apple Production, H. J. Wildeb, 715

Arachnida, Fossil, H. F. O., 57

Araucarinese, R. B. Thomson, 88

Archeolo«ieaI, Notes, C. R. Eastman, 23; Society,

Wisconsin, H. I. Smith, 152

Arnold, C, Chemistry, W. Mcphebson, 828
Artedi, Peter, C. R. Eastman, 378
Artiodnetyl, Miocene, E. H. Babboub, 797
Astronomy, Physics and Chem., N. Y. Acad, of

Sci., C. C. Tbowbbidoe, Hi «
Atmosphere Explorations, 57
Azimuth, Sun's, Chart for, R. A. Harbis, 409

Bagley's Educative Process, E. A. Kibkpatbick,


Bailey, V., Biol. Soc. of Washington, 870

Bain, S. M., and .S. H. Essabt, Clover Diseases, 503

Bakeb, C. P., Fleas and Disease, 340

Bancroft, W. D., Roozeboom's Heterogenen

Gleichgewichte, 751

Banks, N.. Notes on Entomology, 720

Babbocr, E. H.. Miocene Artiodactyl, 797

Babkeb, L. F., European and Amer. Science, 299

Babus, C, Physics in Nineteenth Century, 353,


Bat, Red, Young of, H. L. Wabd, 20

Bathygnathus Borealis, Leidy, E. C. Case, 52

Baueb, L. A., Terrestrial Magnetism at Carnegie

Jnst., 25; Magnetic Observations during Solar

Eclipse, 216, 411; Magnetic Survey of N.

Pacific Ocean, 443

Beach, A Blazing, D. P. Penhallow, 794

Beauchamp, W. M., Indian Bone Combs, 402

Bell, L., Turner and Hobart on Insulation of

Electric Machines, 465

Bell-toads, L. Stejnegeb, 502

Berry, E. W., Torrey Botanical Club, 49, 118
Bessey, C. E., Botanical Notes, 21, 282, 506, 721,
803, 881; Conard's Waterlilies, 562; Campbell
on Mosses and Ferns, 631; Smith on Bacteria
and Plant Diseases, 670; Freeman on Min-
nesota Plant Diseases, 700
Biological, Soc. of Washington, E. L. Morris,
834; V. Bailey, 870; Station in Greenland,
M. E. Hendrikson, 877
Biology, and Mathematics, G. B. Halsted, 161;
and Medicine, Exper., Soc. for, W. J. Gies,

Bird Life of Central Illinois, 573

Birds, Origin of, W. E. D. Scott, 271; J. A.

Allen, 431

Boli.ey, H. L., Wheat Rust, 50; and F. J. Pbitch-
Abd, 343

Bolton, H. O, Bibliography of Chemistry, J. L.

Howe, 304
Bolyai Prize, G. B. Halsted, 270
Bolza, O., Calculus of Variations, E. R. Hedbick,


Botanical, Soc. of Washington, II. J. Webbeb, 14;

Notes, C. E. Bessey, 21, 282. 506, 721, 803, 881

Bourdeau, L., Histoire de l'habillement, O. T. M.,


Brace, DeWitt Bristol, E. W. Davis, 513

Brain, Vertebrate, W. A. Locy, 180

Bbeazeale, J. F., Nutrient Solutions and Wheat
Cultures. 146

Bbewsteb, E. T., Collapse of Evolution, 796

Brigham, A. P., Physical Geography, M. S. W.

.teffebson, 630

British Association, S. African Meeting, 93; Ad-
dress of President, G. H. Darwin, 225, 257;
Address to Math, and Physical Section, A. R.
Forsyth, 234; Report of "Council, 284; Affili-
ated and Corresponding Societies, 312

Britton, N. L., Nomenclature at Botanical Con-

gress, 217'

Brontosaurus, Weight of. W. K. Gregory, 572

Brown, A. E., Rothschild on Anthropoid Apes, 12

Brown, E. W., Webster on Dynamics of Particles,

Bruce, D., Stock Diseases in S. Africa, 289, 327

Baits. C. T.. Aldricli on X. Amer. Diptera. 170

Bisiinell. Jb.. D. L, Small Mound- oi the U. K..


<_ ALHurs. F. H. II.. Clenison Col. Sci. Club. 700
CuuipbeH. D. I".. Calculus. C. .1. Keyseb. 113
Campbell. D. H.. Mosse- and Ferns. (.. E. Bessey.

Caiidv. A. L.. Analvtical Gcometrr. I. .7. Keysek.


< arnegie. lust.. Dep. Terrestrial Magnetism. L. A.

Baieb. 25: 1'ouiidatioii. (iK4.
Cabbel. A., and C. C. Gt'THBiE. A Transplanted

Kidnev. 473: Replantation of Tlivroid Gland.


Case. E. C. Bathyguathus Borealis. Leidy. 52
Casey. T. L.. Mutation Theory. 307
Castle. W. E.. V\ei-»mann on Evolution. tittM
Catalogue of Seientiuc Literature, 252: A. Liveb-

Kidge. 441
Caves, Hydration. E. H. Kkavs. 502
Census. State. Figures for 1905, J. F. C BO WELL. 884
Certificate. Admission to College by. G. E. Mac-
Lean. 107

Chamberlain. C. J.. Alternation of Generation*.

Chemical Hoe.. Amer.. 804: A. M. Patterson. 74;
N. Y. Section. F. H. Povoh. 80. 525. 759:
Northeastern Section. A. M. Comey. 702: of
Washington. A. Seidell. 703
Cbeniistrv. Inorganic Notes on. J. L. H.. 34C. 408:
Physiological. J. H. Long. 129: Physical. .1.
H. VAN! Hoiy. 049; Congress of Applied. 58
Chester. F. 1).. Soil Bacteria. A. Scunedjeb. 337
Chittenden. K. H.. Physiological Ecimomv in Nu-
trition. G. Lcsk, 404

Christensen. (.'.. Index Filicuni. W. K. Maxon. 207

Chromosomes and Sex in Insects. E. B. Wilson.


< Lark. H. L.. A Denial. 18

Clay Worker*. School for. 845

Clements. F. E.. Haberlandt on Lichtsinnesorgane

der Laubbljitler. 330

Clements. F. E.. Research Methods in Ecology.

C. 45

Clemson Col. Sci. Club. H. Metcalf. 248: F. H. H.

Cai.hovn, 700
'Clon.' Spelling of. C. L. Poi.labu. 87. 469: C. R.

Eastman, 206
Clover Diseases. S. M. Bain. S. H. Essary. 503
Cockkbeli.. T. D. A.. Needs of Scientific Men. 178;

'K' in Zoological Nomenclature. 399: A

Lacustrine Aphid. 704
Okiiiill. G. E.. Oregon Aead. of Sci.. 117
<"okeb. K. E.. Orthogenetie Variation. 873
Cole. F. N.. Amer. Math. Soc.. 430. 701
l oli Bacillus. Organisms Resembling. H. Metcau.


Color Peiception. W. A. Kepneb. 080

Colorado I'uiv. Kci. Hoc. F. Ramaley. 50 . 700

( omancbe Formation in S. Colo.. N. H. Dabton


Combs. Indian Bone. W. M. Beai Champ. 402
CoMEY. A. M.. Northeastern Section of Amer.

Chem. Hoc 702

Conard. H. S.. The Walerlilies. C. E. Besret. 502

Cbowei.i . .1. V.. State ( ensus Figure*. K84

Crown Gall, G. (;. Heugcock. 120

CrsHMAN. A. S.. Rock for Fertilizing. 838

Cyanide of Potassium. F. J. H. Merrill. 508

D.. T.. Ihickworth's Morphology and Anthropology.


4>ai.i W. H.. Evolution. .1. T. GiruoK. 503

Daly. R. A., Machine-made Line Drawings, 91

Daxdeko. J. B.. Thistle-down. 5tt8

Dabton. N. H,, Comanche Formation in B. E.

Colo., 120

Dabwin. G. H.. Address of President of British

Association, 225. 257

Davenport. C. B.. Species and Varieties, H. de
\ ries. 3«t»: Black Sheep. 074

Davis. E. W.. DeWitt Bristol Brace. 513

Dlaley, J. y.. Suziologie, L. Gumplowicz. 466

Dlan. B.. Primary W ing Feathers of Falcons. 4SM»

Deer. Japanese. L. Stlmneoeb. 402

Degrees, Honorary, W. 1 BE LEASE. 073; at Har-

vard University. 20

De YTies. H.. Species and Varieties. C. B. Daven-
Pobt. 30"

Dinosaur, Armored. S. W. Williston. 503

Discussion and Correspondence. 18, 67, 110. 140.

178, 200. 270. 307 . 338. 399. 431. 407 . 485,

520. 508. 5!)7. 037. 073, 706, 761. 792. S36, 872

Disease. Animals and. H. B. Wabd, 193; Fleas

and. C. F. Bakeb, 340

Diseases. Stock, in S. Africa. D. Bruce. 289. 327

Doctorates conferred by American Universities, 321

Drawings. Machine-made. R. A. Daly. 91

Drinker. President. Inauguration of, 509

Drum-fishes. H. M. Smith, 376

Duckworth, W. L. H., Morphology and Anthro-
pology. T. D., 398
Dices. A.. The Fins of Fishes, 798
Dyab, H. G.. Lepidoptera Phalama'. 247

Eable. F. S.. Nomenclature at Botanical Congress.


Eastman. C. R.. Areheological Notes. 23; Spelling

of • Clon.' 200; Peter Artedi, 378

Eckel. E. ('.. Cements. Limes and Plasters, S. F.

Peckham, 522

Eclipse. Total Solar. L. A. Rafeb. 210. 411

Edson. Arthur Woodbury. 61

Education, Technical, in Australia, 508

Educational Association. 379

Egg-ease, Cretaceous Chima-roid. T. Gill. 601

Eiuenmann. C. H.. Fishes of Panama, 18

Eldridge, George Homans, 62

Electrometer. W. T. Pobteb. 002

Eliot. ('. W„ American Universities. 769

Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc. A. S. Wheels*. 597, 760

Emch. A.. Projective Geometry, C. J. KEYSEB. 113

Emebbon. B. K... Geikies Oology. 628

Engineering. Societies. J. W. LlEB. Jr., 65; Prob-
lems in Physics, J. L. Ttlton. 141; and Min-
ing Journal. R. T. H., 179

Entomology, Notes on. N. Bakks. 720

Erdmann. H., and P. Koethner. Naturkonstanten.

K. E. Gcthe. 750

Errors. Probable. R. Pearl. 802
Eskaby, S. H., and S. M. Bain. Clover Diseases.

Evolution. Organic P. B. Hahley. 143; Laws

of. F. H. GmniNGS. 206; Collapse of. E. T.

Brewsteb. 796

Exoglossum East of Delaware Basin. E. Smith.


Exploration of North Sea, 723

Falcons, Wing Feathers of, B. Dean, 499
Fellow Of The Association, Meeting Rooms, 701
Fieberger, G. J., Civil Engineering, H. N. Oqden,

Filing Pamphlets, W. Stone, 53

Fins of Fishes, A. Duces, 798

Fish, Ancient Greek Names of, T. Gill, 140;

Sargasso, T. Glix, 841
Fisheries, Bureau of, Biol. Laboratory, F. B.

Sumner, 885

Fishes of Panama, C. H. Eioenmann, 18

Fissurella and Siphonaria, M. A. Willcox, 90

Florida, University of, 473

Foebste, A. F., Classification of Ordovician Rocks,

Folk-lore in California, 337

Forestry, Notes on, 55

Formations, New York, A. W. Grabau, 528

Forsyth, A. R., Address to Math, and Physical
Section of British Assoc., 234

Fossil Remains, O. A. Peterson, 719

Franklin, W. S., Lantern Slides, 637; Experi-
ment in Hydraulics, 793

Fbaps, G. S., Absorption of Nitrogen from Atmos-
phere, 527

Freeman, E. M., Minnesota Plant Diseases, C. E.
Bessey, 700

Freund, I., Chemical Composition, L. Kahlen-
Uero, 567

Fuller, M. L., Geol. Soc. of Washington, 755

Fullerton, G. S., Metaphysics, A. E. Taylor, 84

G., S. H., Winslow's Applied Microscopy, 630
Gadow, H., Orthogenetic Variation, 637
Gardner, F. D., Soil Testing, 678
Geikie, J., Geology, B. K. Emerson, 628
Generations, Alternation of, C. J. Chamberlain,

Geographical Society, National, 750

Geological Soc. of Amer., 083; of Washington,

M. L. Fuller, 755
Geology and Geography at Am. Assoc., E. O.

Hovey, 333

Gibson, A. E., Absorption of Nitrogen from At-
mosphere, 403

Giudings, F. H., Evolution, 200

Gies, W. J., Soc. for Exper. Biol, and Medicine,
035; Physiology and Exper. Medicine at Am.
Assoc., 840

Gill, T., Ancient Greek Fish Names, 140; Habits
of an Orphidiid, 342; Cretaceous Chimaeroid
Egg-case, 001; The Sargasso Fish, 841

Glaciation, Permian, in S. Africa, 475

Goebel, K., Plant Morphology, 33

Grabau, A. W., New York Formations, 528

Granville, W. A., Differential and Integral Calcu-

lus, C. J. Keyser. 113

Greek at Cambridge, 724

Greene, E. L., Latin and Botanical Diagnosis,

Greene, J. D., Geographical Distribution of Stu-

dents. 637

Gregory. W. K., Weight of Brontosaurus, 572
Gudcer, E. W., Habits of Rissola marginata, 342;

Eggs of Pterophvne Histrio, 841
Gulick, .T. T.. Evolution, W. H. Dall, 593
Oumplowicz, L., Soziologie, J. Q. Dealey, 466
Gutiie, K. E., Erdmann's and Koethner's Natur-

konstanten. 750

Guthrie, C. C, and A. Carrel, A Transplanted

Kidney, 473; Replantation of Thyroid Gland,


H., J. L., Notes on Inorganic Chemistry, 340, 408

H., R. T., Engineering and Mining Journal, 179

Haberlandt, G., Lichtsinnesorgane der Laubblilt-

ter, F. E. Clements, 330

Hadley, A. T., Educational Problems at Yale

University, 514

Hadley, P. B., Organic Evolution, 143; Photo-

tropism in Homarus Americanus, 675

Haeckel, E., Evolution of Man, J. P. McM., 137

Hall, A. D., Agricultural Science, 449

Hall, L. B., Hinds's Inorganic Chemistry, 522

Halsted, G. B., Biology and Mathematics, 101;

The Bolyai Prize, 270

Harper, R. M., 'Hammock,' 400

Harris, J. A., Seedling Stages, 184

Harris, R. A., The Sun's Azimuth, 409

Harvey Society, 413

Hawley, E. H., Musical Instruments of Malaysia

and West Coast of America, 597
Hedgcock, G. G., Crown Gall, 120
Hedrick, E. R., Calculus of Variations, O. Bolza,


Hellmann, G., Meteorologie und Erdmagnetismus,

H. L. Rotch, 110
Hii.lebrand, W. F., Mercury Mineral from Ter-

linqua, Tex., 844

Hinds, J. I. D., Inorganic Chemistry, L. B. Hall,


Hobart and Turner on Insulation of Electric Ma-
chines, L. Bell, 405

Holland, W. J., Museums and Experts, 792

Hopkins, A. J., Bureau of Soils, 597

hovEY, E. O., Section E of Am. Assoc., 333

Howard, L. 0., Breeding Beneficial Insects, 407;

Stegomyia and Yellow Fever, 520

Howe, J. L., Bolton's Bibliography of Chemistry,

304; A Tree's Limb without Bark, 527

Howe, M. A., Torrey Botanical Club, 758

Huestis, C. H., Fall of Meteor, 604

Hydraulics, Experiment in, W. S. Franklin, 793

Ichthyosaur-like Remains in Wyo., J. C. Merriam,

Insects, Beneficial, L. O. Howard, 467; Time Re-
quired to Kill, with CSj, F. L. Washburn, 800

Ions, Falling-to-pieces of, L. B. Joslin, 762

Irrigation, C. S. Moncrieff, 577

Isolation and Plants, Ler. Abrams, 836

Jackson, D. C, The Teacher of Mathematics, 1

James, E. J., The State University, 609

James, President, Installation at Univ. of Illinois,

Jeffersox, M. S. W., Brigham's Physical Geog-

raphy, 630

Jones, H. C, Nemst's Theoretical Chemistry, 372

Jordan, D. S., Stiles on Zoological Nomenclature,

490; Origin of Species, 545; Types in Zoolog-

ical Nomenclature, 598; Loch Leven Trout,

714; Ontogenetic Species, 872

Jordan, D. S., Guide to Study of Fishes, J. Reig-
Hard, 801

Joslin, L. B., Falling-to-pieces of Ions, 762

Kahlenberg, L., Chemical Composition, I. Freund,

Kelep, Cotton-protecting, Dr. Cook on, W. M.
Wheeler, 706

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