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(41) preached, in the course of twenty two sabbaths, ninety sermonsa Twice have I administered the sacrament of the Lord's suppery baptized four children, admitted eight persons into the church, and assisted in gathering two churches.

The Rev. Mr. Cram closes his lengthy journal; containing mang Useful remarks, as follows :

“ While I was travelling as a Missionary in the western parts of the state of New York and on the Susquehanna in Pennsylvania, I frequently had evidence of the good effects of missionary labours. Those settlers, who were early visited after their first emigrating from the old settlements, are in a situation far preferable to those who were neglected for many years. This is strikingly evident from comparing the settlements in Pennsylvania with those in the state of New York. Tliose Missionaries have been most useful who have insisted most on the distinguishing truths of the gospel, who have laboured to meet every objection and who have been strict in admitting persons to sealing ordinances.

The counties of Ontario and Stuben, comprising the lands called the Boston Preemption, as these lands were sold by the state of Mas. sachusetts, and many of the inhabitants of Ontario in particular were from thať státe, would naturally look up to the Massachusetts Missionary Societies for missionary aid. Though they have a number of ministers on that tracť of land, yet but little aid has been afforded by themi to vacant societies, and perhaps their cir. cumstances will not allow of their affording much assistance.

The other places, which I have visited, and which appear to me to call the loudest for missionary aid, are the country north of the Mohawk River and on the Black River, and counties inhabited by the New England emigrants in Pennsylvania. There is a prospect that the Missionary Society in Hampshire County will send to the people north of the Mohawk, and that the Connecticut Missionary Society will send to Pennsylvania, as it naturally belorigs to them. By Connecticut the New England emigrants were first led to settle in Pennsylvania ; and most of the emigrants are from Connecticut. These emigrants are in a very unhappy state of society, the uncer: tainty of the title to their lands has had a pernicious influence on their morals."

: The Rev. Mr. ALEXANDER terminates his particular journal,

containing too many instructive remarks to be inserted in this public cation, in the following manner ; ...“. During my absence, I rode eleven hundred and thirty-thred miles, preached sixty-three sermons, baptized fifteen persons, at, tended thirty-four conferences, gathered two churches and assisted ingathering another. I received, in contributions for the use of the Massachusetts Missionary Society, 21 dols. 78 cents, and was in their employ sixteen sabbaths.” . Caleb Alexander,

While remarking that we are highly pleased with the journals .. of our assiduous and faithful Missionaries, which exhibit evidence

of their having been peculiarly useful to the infant churches and nu. merous inhabitants of the extensive regions where they have laboured, we lament that Mr. Sewall and other missionary Brothers, have not furnished particular abstracts or summaries for publication.

The journals, though entertaining and instractive, are too lengthy for the press, and no persons but the authors are capable of making proper abstracts. The Journalist is the best qualified to compress his own materials. We, therefore, earnestly request all future Missionaries to prepare a summary of their labours and all interesting occurrences for the public. By this method we shall extend the field of useful information, and probably encourage the friends of missionary institutions who are waiting for success.

Abiel Holmes, ? Committee.

Samuel Spring.

The Massachusetts Missionary Society for prope agating the gospel in dcc't with J. SIMPKINS, Cr. 180).

Dols. Cts. May 20 By balance due per adjustment ........ 909 77

28 By cash rec'd of 130 persons for yearly tax , .270 10

By contribution at Old South ........ 133 00
By Dr. Emmons, a donation : ........ 5 00
By Rev. J. Strong,, i do. .......
By J. Punchard, from gentlemen .. 60o

Carried forward, 1325 87

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Amount bro't forward, Dols. 1325 May : 28 By Rev. S. Niles, a donation ......... 100

By Rev. J. H. Church, do. from his society .. 17 25
By S. Stickney, ... do. .......... 18
By Rev. S. Austin, . do. from his society ...
By Rev. S. Spring, . do. from his do.....
By Rev. P. Litchfield, do. from his do.....
By Rev. S. Worcester,do. from his do.: ... 21 75
By Rev. O. Thompson do. from his do..... 30 55
By Rev. T. Dickinson, do. from six females .. 6 oo
By Capt. N. Johnson. do. ........... I 00
By Rev, J, Barker, do, from his society ...
By Rev. D. Hopkins, do, from his do. .....
By Rev. E. Smith, do, .......... 7 70
By Rev. J. P. Fisher, do. from his society .. 16 oo
By Rev. P. Sanborn, do. from D. Smith ... 1
By ... do..... do. from J. Damon . . 15 00
By J. Davis, .,.. do. from ist. par. in Rowley 38 08
By Rev. Mr. Austin, do. from Rev. Mr. Hattock 16 38
By Rev. Mr. Judson, do. from his society .. 16
By Rev. E. Parish, do. from his do. ...."
By Rev. S. Mead. do. from E. P. ..... 6 00
· By ... do. .... do, from J. Torrey e. 2 oo

By donations from sundry persons ....... 5 oo
By Dr. Morse, a donation from an unknown lady 20 00

By Rev. Mr. Williams, do. from his society - 3
July 22 By Rev. E. Gillet for his tax and sermons .. 6 50

28 By a donation from an unknown person .... 100

29 By cash rec'd of C. Alexander : ......5 Aug. 13 By'a donation from an unknown person .... 5 oo Sept. 28 By interest on 35 dols.. . 28 By interest on 35 dols. .


i oo Oct. 7 By a donation from Miss Kingsbury ...,

By: . do. · from an unknown person ....

21 By cash of sundry persons for tax ....... Nov. 17 By do, of C. Coffin, jr, for 2 years tax ... 4 00 Dec. I By do. of Rev. A. Wines for tax ...... 2 00

e By do. of D. Beal for do. .......

6 By do. of T. Odiorne for do. ..... 1802.14 By a donation from Widow Martha Poor .... 2 Jan. 16 By cash of Rev. J. Sawyer & S. Montgomery for tax 4 00 Mar. 1 By do. of Rev. L. Woods & W. Bartlet, jr. for do. 4 00

17 By do. of Rey. J. Spaulding for do. , ..., 2 00 May 21 By do. of Rev. J. Baker for donation and tax • 5 oo

By do. of Rev. W. Riddle for tax i..... 2 oo


Dols. 2020 17

The Massachusetts Missionary Society for prop. agating the gospel in acc't with J. SIMPKINS, Dr. 1801,

Dols. Ctse May 28 To paid Dr. Emmons' order to Rev. D. Avery 224 97

To do. ...,, do, ., to Rev. J. Cram264 62

To paid postage letters to secretary ..... 36 June 22 To paid Dr. Emmons' order to Rev. A, Winęs 20 00

To paid Young & Minns' bill, per rec't .. I July To paid porterage of books sent Eastward , .. I 50

29 To paid Dr. Emmons' order to Rev.C. Alexander 50 00

To paid postage ļetiers to President ...... 2 02 Octob. 7 To paid Dr. Emmons' order to Rev. J. Sewall . 50 00

20 To paid Capt. Marshall's bill for keep'g trustees 15 92 22 To paid for keeping their horses , .,..... 750 24 To paid Dr. Emmons' order to Rev. D. Avery 50 00

To paid for carrying book to Salem,...,.: 55 Dec. 1 To paid Dr. Emmons' order to Rev, A. Wines 239 97

2. To paid do, ... to Rev.C. Alexander 94 Co Jan. 1802 To paid postage of letters to the president i May 4 To paid Dr. Emmons' order Rev, J. Sewall, 95

12 To paid B. Russell's bill for advertizing . I oo

To paid Adams & Rhodes' do....... 1 Nov. 27 To paid W. Hilliard for printing Sermon .. 50 00

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Of the above balance there is due the Rev. Mr. Avery, the Rev, Mr, Cram and the Rev. Mr. Sewall, about 700 dollars,

Boston, May 25, 1802, WE the subscribers, being chosen a committee by the Massachua setts Missionary Society, to examine the Treasurer's accounts, have attended that business, and find the accounts rightly cast and well vouched, and there are due from the Treasurer to said societya Eight hundred and forty-nine dollars and sixty-eight cents. .

Samuel Niles,
John Punchard,
John Pearson

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Of Rev. Mr.

DONATIONS. * Received from Rev: Mr. Cram, from different so. cieties, . . . . . . . . . . . . Dols. 35 43

Of Rev. JOTHAM SEWÁLL, at Eastport, . . . . . 7 18
Of Rev. Mr. Avery, from different societies, . . 59 48
Of Rev. CALEB ALEXANDER, from several societies, . 21 78

Dols. 123 87
Officers for the Year 1802.
Rev. NATHANIEL EMMONS, D. D. President.
Rev. Samuel Austin, Secretary.
Deacon John Simpkins, Treasurer.

Rev. David Sanford -Rev. Daniel Hopkins-Rev. Ezra Weld

Rev. Samuel Spring-Rev. Joseph Barker Rev. Samuel Niles Rev. Samuel Austin-Rev. Abiel Holmes-Rev. Jona. Strong.

....... As an appendage to the Report, after remarking that the Missionary Societies of New-York, Connecticut and Hampshire are successfully engaged in diffusing the influence of the gospel even among ignorant natives, we also subjoin the following abstract from the report of the Directors of the London Missionary Society, May, 1801.

Mission at Otaheite. “Since the last annual meeting, letters have been received from our brethren at that island : they bring intelligence to the 13th of January, 1800, and are peculiarly cheering, after the melancholy recital of the separation of their brethren, which had been previously received, and the painful apprehensions for their safety, which in consequence had been felt. If these preceding and seemingly calam. itous circumstances are excepted, the mission to Otaheite presents views of an hopeful and encouraging nature. It has assumed cona sistency and order; it combines integrity of character, fortitude of mind, and fixedness of resolution, with a continued progression of effort, for the exalted purpose of presenting the doctrines of the blessed gospel to the acceptance of the perishing heathen, and of ex. hibiting an uncorrupt example of their tendencies and effects, in their own characters and conduct.

The kind providence and the tender mercies of God have been remarkably experienced and warmly acknowledged by our brethren

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