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Q. Did you make a trip to New York on that date?
A. I don't think so.
Q. That is, you have no recollection of it?
A. No, I have no recollection.

Q. If you had made a trip to New York on that date, would you have submitted an expense voucher for the trip?

A. Yes.

Q. The G.A.0. audit indicates that no expense voucher was submitted by you for that trip. Have you found anything in your records to show that you made such a trip?

A. No, I was unable to find anything in my records which would indicate that I made such a trip.

Q: I take it from your previous testimony that in each instance where you made an official trip you submitted an expense voucher?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you account for the fact that this ticket shows travel to New York by M. Schwartz and you submitted no expense voucher for any trip to New York at that time?

A. No, I cannot.

Q. Do you have any knowledge or any belief that any air line ticket was purchased your name and used by some one else?

A. No, I have no such knowledge nor belief.

Q. Have you ever obtained an air line ticket in your name which you turned over to another person?

A. No, I did not. Q. I now hand you a document marked “Witness Schwartz Exhibit Number 3” for identification, being an expense voucher specifically No. 8859, and ask you if you can identify it?

A. Yes, sir, I can identify this voucher.
Q. Will you also examine the attached papers.

Are those attached papers the supporting expense records?

A. Yes, they appear to be.
Q. Did you submit that voucher for reimbursement for expenses listed thereon?
A. Yes, I did.

Q. What are the dates for which you claimed per diem on that voucher and the place where you incurred the expense?

A. The dates are Junc 2 through June 18, and the place is Miami, Florida.
Q. Can you state the year in which you made that travel?
A. Yes, 1966.
Q. How do you establish that since it is not shown on the face of the voucher?

A. The receipt for the automobile which I rented during that period shows the date in which the car will be returned.

Q. Did you make the trip to Miami for which you claimed reimbursement in this voucher?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. And were you there for the period of June 2 through June 18 on Committee business?

A. Yes, I was.
Q. How did you travel to and from Miami?
A. I traveled by plane.

Q. Do you recall the name of the air line on which you traveled from Washington to Miami?

A. No, but I would assume it had to be either Eastern Airlines or National Airlines.

Q. Would your answer be the same for the name of the air line on which you made the return trip?

A. Yes, as I believe those are the only two air lines which run from Washington to Miami and back.

Q. Can you describe the nature of the Committee business you transacted in Miami during that period ?

A. Yes, I investigated the question of discrimination in apprenticeship training programs

Q. Who, if anyone, accompanied you to Miami at that time?
A. I made the trip by myself.

Q. Was any other Committee staff member with you while you performed your duties in Miami during that period?

A. No.

Q. Did you make use of any Government office while you were in Miami?
A. Yes.

Q. Where was the office located and what was the name of the Government agency?

A. The office was located in downtown Miami in a Federal building which house the Department of Labor personnel for their Wage and Hour Division.

Q. Did you use that office during the entire time you were in Miami?

A. Yes, although much of my work involved traveling to various destinations in Dade County for the purpose of interviews.

Q. Were you engaged in the performance of your official duties during the entire time for which you claimed per diem?

A. Yes.

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Form T-1-A.

State Road Department of Florida

AIRPORT EXPRESSWAY TOLL FACILITY Official Toll Receipt When Validated

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