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Q. I am only interested in the instances in which you purchased a ticket with your travel card for her use.

A. Yes.

Q. In how many instances?

A. That is all I know.

Q. I show you this Xerox copy of tickets purchased August 5 and ask you to examine it, please, sir.

The price shown there is $112.50; is that correct?

A. That is right.

Q. Do they represent the passage purchased for you and your wife to Miami and return on August 5?

A. Yes.

Mr. O'CONNOR. Would you mark those as "Stone Exhibit 3"?

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(The above-referred-to documents were marked "Stone Exhibit 3" and received in evidence.)


Q. I show you three tickets in the name of C. Lewis and three tickets in the name of O. Clark purchased the same date with your travel credit card and ask you if those are the tickets which you purchased for Miss Huff and Mr. Powell?

A. I don't know. I just don't remember.

Q. They were purchased on August 5, as you can see the date there. A. Yes.

Q. Did you purchase any other tickets on August 5?

A. I don't recall. I don't know. I don't remember whether I did or not. What tickets I did

Q. You are certain that on August 5

A. No; I am not certain. If my card was used, I must have purchased them or given somebody else the card to purchase the tickets. Q. Is there anything else you might need to refresh your recollection?

A. If I see things, they might help me.

Q. What discussions did you have with Mr. Powell and Miss Huff, if any, prior ot your trip to Miami to meet them? Did you arrange to meet them in Miami or something?

A. Yes. Well, now-let's see.

Yes-I don't know if we went down there or not. We went down after and arranged to meet them—not in Miami. Meet them in Bimini on vacation.

Q. No previous arrangement to meet them in Miami and go to Bimini with them?

A. No.

Q. Where did you stay at Bimini?

A. At Brown's Hotel.

Q. How long were you there?

A. Three or four days.

Q. Do you have the dates?

A. No, I don't. It was about August 9, somewhere around there; around that time.

Q. Can you tell us the purpose of the trip?

A. Part business, part vacation.

Q. What was the business nature?

A. The business was an investigation of the site of picketing, construction trades discrimination in Miami, Fla.

Q. This was an official trip?

A. Yes; and for an investigation of the neighborhood legal services program.

Q. Did you make that investigation in Miami?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have a report of that investigation?

A. I have it here. It was filed with the committee.

Q. You did file a report on it?

A. Yes, sir; I have two of them. Here is one on the migrants and the other on the picketing investigation.

Q. Did you claim any per diem in connection with the official travel? A. I can't remember if I did or not. I don't know if I did on that trip or not. I can't remember.

Q. But your presence in Miami was on official business?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. And your wife accompanied you and was not an employee? A. No; she was not an employee on the staff.

Q. We have a substantial number of trips between here and New York in connection with travel allegedly performed by you in which Miss Swann was on the same trip. Have you ever traveled with Miss Swann on any trip whatsoever?

A. No. A couple of trips I went with her where she

Q. I beg your pardon?

A. A trip she took to New York and took some materials up, but not as a rule, no.. There wasn't any consistent travel.

Q. If I said that you took nine trips with Miss Swann

A. No.

Q. You were not on a trip to Miami with Miss Swann in July of 1965 ?

A. No.

Q. Nor were you in Miami with Miss Swann in September of 1965? A. I don't think I was.

Q. Well, I am certain

A. I wasn't with-no. I mean I

Q. A trip taking place on the same time, on the same plane, the same flight?

A. No.

Q. If she was on an airplane you were on, you would know it? A. Yes.

Q. Particularly if it was in connection with committee business? A. That is right.

Q. What explanation do you have to offer for the name of Swann being on a ticket which is on the same flight with you in these nine instances?

A. The explanation is that I don't think I took those trips.

Q. You don't think you took those trips?

A. No. Those are to Miami and New York?

Q. They are District of Columbia to New York; New York to District of Columbia; Miami to District of Columbia to Miami; District of Columbia to Miami; Miami to District of Columbia; District of Columbia to Miami; New York to District of Columbia; District of Columbia to New York.

A. No.

Q. Definitely?

A. Yes, definitely.

Q. Actually, Mr. Stone, what the committee would like to determine you being as close to Mr. Powell as you are is the practice in his office, and you at his direction, in obtaining tickets for persons not employed on the staff for use in connection with travel-now, can tell us in how many instances this occurred to your knowledge? A. I don't know of any instances where that occurred. In other words, the tickets purchased with the staff members' name that was given to somebody else?


Q. Yes.

A. I don't know of any instance of that.

Q. Well, your wife was one.

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