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went again in the spring of this year by myself. But other than that, I usually went with the chairman when I went to New York City. Q. Would anyone else be with you besides the chairman?

A. No; sometimes Miss Corrinne Huff was along.

Q. Would anybody else be along?

A. No, sir.

Q. On your trips to Miami, would anybody be with you?

A. Again it was the same thing, either the chairman or Miss Huff. My wife went with me once. But we went to Bimini when we went together, as part of a vacation. We went beyond Miami.

Q. Could you tell us the procedure you followed when you obtained tickets for someone else on the staff or in the Congressman's office to travel on your credit card?

A. Simply I would send a messenger over. The chairman would tell me what tickets he wanted to get or what tickets he wanted and I would merely have the messenger take my air travel card plus this transportation voucher with a memo describing the purposes of the trip. Maybe not the purpose, but the destination.

Q. You would fill out this transportation request for two tickets or however many you wanted?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. It was necessary to put a name in there as to who was going to be traveling?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Whose name would you put in there?

A. Put the person's name who was going to travel unless I put my name or whatever name the chairman ordered me to put in.

Q. What names would the chairman order you to put in from time to time?

A. My name, Lewis, Clark, Swann, Warren. Those are the only


Q. Would he order you specifically to put those names in when he asked to pick up tickets for him?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Did the persons or the parties whose names appeared on the ticket perform the travel?

A. Not very frequently; no, they didn't.

Q. Who would be actually performing the travel on those tickets? A. The chairman.

Q. Who else with the chairman?

A. Miss Huff.

Q. Who else?

A. That is all.

Q. No one else?

A. No, sir; not that I know of.

Q. Did you ever purchase tickets in the name of Miss Swann?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Do you know of occasions when Miss Swann did not make the trip or you purchased a ticket in her name?

A. She made a couple of trips, but I do not know which ones.

Q. Miss Swann or somebody else using her name?

A. I don't really know.

Q. Approximately how many tickets would you purchase in which you substituted other names than the regular traveler?

A. I just couldn't begin to give an estimate.

Mr. HAYS. Mr. Stone, would it be fair to say that if the chairman told you to buy tickets in the name of so-and-so and so-and-so, you bought them?

The WITNESS. That is right.

Mr. HAYS. What did you do with those tickets?

The WITNESS. I put them in the middle of his desk.

Mr. HAYS. Would you have any knowledge necessarily of who traveled?

The WITNESS. No, sir. There is a record, you will find one time I bought about 20 or 30 tickets at one time and gave them all to him. All in 1 day I bought these.


Q. Whose names were used on those tickets?

A. Swann, Clark, Lewis, mine.

Q. You had to use staff member names, did you not?

A. Yes, they were all staff names.

Q. They were for people other than staff people?

A. No, they were all for him.

Q. They were for him, but the people making the actual travel were not staff people?

A. No, that is not true.

Q. They all went with him?

A. When you say other, you mean someone else other than staff people were using them?

Q. Yes.

A. No.

Mr. HAYS. Let us ask it this way: When we are speaking of staff people, you consider Miss Huff to be staff?



Q. In other words, when we refer to staff people, we mean employees of the Congressman's office, on his congressional payroll, the staff members of the full committee and the subcommittees?

A. That is right.

Q. You say one time your purchased 20 tickets?

A. That is right.

Q. In 1 day?

A. That is right.

Q. Were they for use of staff members or did you deliver 20 tickets to the Congressman's office?

A. I gave them to the chairman.

Q. You gave them to the chairman?

A. Yes.

Q. You do not know what use he made of them?

A. No, sir.

Q. What names did you purchase those tickets in? Were they all purchased in your name or did you use the names of other members of the staff?

A. Other members of the staff.

Q. You used names of members of the staff?

A. Lewis, Clark, Swann.

Q. Why did you use those names?

A. He told me to.

Q. He gave you the 20 names to use?

A. No, just four names.

Q. He gave you four names?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Did you purchase five tickets in each name?

A. I do not remember.

I just remember there was one time I

purchased a substantial number.

Q. When did this take place?

A. I think it was last January or February, somewhere around there. It was one day in which a lot of tickets were purchased. Q. January, February 1966?

A. Yes, sir. Somewhere around the early part of the year.

Q. Did the Congressman depart after he received those 20 tickets? A. Sometimes he did, sometimes he did not. Sometimes he would not depart for quite a while when he had them.

Q. What you are saying is you do not know whether those tickets were used or not?

A. No, I do not.

Q. I would like to know, and I know the committee would, whether the tickets were used and whether those named on the tickets were still here in Washington.

A. I do not know. I mean for the most part the chairman used the tickets.

Q. You know Chuck Stone did not go on those trips.

A. I know Chuck Stone did not go on those trips.

Q. You did not go?

A. Mrs. Stone will verify that.

Q. We have made an analysis of the trips that were taken by you or tickets that were purchased by you for which you claimed no reimbursement. There are certain tickets, in cross-checking them with others that have been acquired, in which the name of Swann appears quite frequently.

A. Yes.

Q. Didn't Miss Huff travel under the name of Swann?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. How often would she travel under the name of Swann?

A. I don't know. I don't know how many times.

Q. It was customary for her to travel under an assumed name, is that correct?

A. That is right.

Q. Who would decide what name she was going to travel under on

a particular trip?

A. The chairman.

Q. Did she also travel under the name of Lewis?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Quite frequently?

A. Whatever "quite frequently" means.

[blocks in formation]

Q. New York City.

A. It would vary.

Q. How did this practice originate?

A. I don't know. What do you mean?

Q. I mean buying tickets and putting in an alias on it.

A. This was to avoid his troubles with the press, I assume. He wanted to travel anonymously. You will remember when he went to Europe this year in June his name wasn't even carried on the manifest of United States Lines.

Q. Did he have an alias at that time?

A. No, he wasn't even carried.

Q. Anyhow, it was the practice down there to purchase tickets in your name and someone's name knowing there was going to be travel by Powell and Huff?

A. I wouldn't say "knowing." Sometimes we did and sometimes we didn't.

Q. Sometimes you did and sometimes you didn't?

A. That is right.

Q. Were there others for whom tickets were purchased besides Miss Huff and the Congressman?

A. Not that I know of.

Q. In obtaining these tickets, I assume you always used your "Q" card?

A. That is right.

Q. Are we safe in saying that the travel you did personally was purchased on your personal card as distinguished from the "Q" card? A. Yes, but there might be some that would show up on the other card. I tried in my own mind to make that distinction.

Mr. HAYS. Mr. Stone, do you have any kind of diary or record of when you traveled?

The WITNESS. I thought I did, but I don't. I don't have any record at all.


Q. In other words, the diary was brought to the office the other day when you were in and it was of no help to you?

A. There was nothing in there.

Q. Let's examine a particular case. The tickets you purchased August 5, 1966. You purchased three round-trip tickets, Washington to New York to Miami, one in the name of Clark, one in the name of Swann, and one in the name of Givens. Do you recall that?

A. How did it go, from Washington to New York?

Q. To New York to Miami.

A. New York to Miami?

Q. Yes.

A. I don't recall that, but if my card was used, I guess I did it. Q. At the same time you purchased two additional tickets, one in the name of Stone and one in the name of Swann, Washington to Miami?

A. That would seem more logical. The Washington-New YorkMiami, I don't recall.

Q. Now, the Washington-to-Miami trip, that was for you and your wife, was it not?

A. That is right.

Q. Your wife was traveling under the name of Swann?

A. Yes; that is right.

Q. And the tickets to Washington, New York, Miami, were purchased for Mr. Powell, Miss Huff, and Miss Givens?

A. I guess so.

Q. Well, it is not "I guess so."

A. I don't know.

Mr. HAYS. Let's put it this way, Mr. Stone: That is what the record shows and you have no other recollection?

The WITNESS. That is right.


Q. On that trip, Mr. Powell traveled under the name of O. Clark? A. I don't know.

Q. One was O. Clark and one C. Lewis. You are familiar with them?

A. Yes.

Q. The tickets Miami to Washington to Miami and return to Washington were in the name of Swann and Stone; is that correct? A. Yes.

Q. Why did you purchase the ticket for your wife in the name of Swann?

A. The chairman said that he wanted me to go down as his guest and he would pay for the trip and he reimbursed the committee with a personal check for the money expended.

Q. But you did use the committee credit card for the acquisition of the tickets?

A. Yes.

Q. In what other instances have you done likewise?

A. That is the only time that I can recall. By "personally" do you mean for some member of my family or something like that? Q. Yes.

A. That is the only time.

Q. Have you ever taken your wife on another trip with you?

A. No. I can't recall that I did.

Q. Did you ever take her to New York with you?

A. No.

Q. Chicago?

A. No.

Q. Miami?

A. No. No. I can't recall any and I am almost sure I didn't.
Q. I would like to show you these tickets-

A. I took her with me when I drove to New York.

Q. Did you?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. When was that?

A. I have forgotten, but we drove to New York in the springQ. You claimed no reimbursement?

A. No; just the mileage; that is all.

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