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Subtitle A-Federal Procurement Regulations System Continued


Subpart 7-1.0—Regulation System

Sec. 7-1.452-2 Responsibilities. 7-1.453 Procurement policy. 7-1.453-1 General. 7-1.453-2 Associate Assistant to the Ad

ministrator for Management (M/AAA/ SER).

Subpart 7-1.5—Contingent Fees

7-1.507 Use of Standard Form 119. 7-1.507-3 Exceptions.

Sec. 7-1.002 Purpose. 7-1.003 Authority. 7-1.004 Applicability. 7-1.006-1 Code arrangement. 7-1.006-2 Publication. 7-1.007-3 Citation. 7-1.008 Agency implementation. 7-1.008-50 Responsibility. 7-1.008-51 AIDPR Notices. 7-1.008-52 Appendices. 7-1.008-53 Implementation within

procuring activities. 7-1.009 Deviations. 7-1.009-50 Policy. 7-1.009-1 Description. 7-1.009-2 Procedure.

Subpart 7-1.6-Debarment, Suspension, and



Subpart 7-1.1 (Reserved)

Subpart 7-1.2-Definition of Terms

7-1.202 Executive agency. 7-1.204 Head of the agency. 7-1.205 Procuring activities. 7-1.206 Head of the procuring activity. 7-1.251 AID. 7-1.252 Administrator. 7-1.253—7-1.254 (Reserved) 7-1.255 Cooperating country. 7-1.256 Foreign Assistance Act. 7-1.257 Government, Federal, State, local

and political subdivisions. 7-1.258 Mission. 7-1.259 Overseas. 7-1.260 Third country national (TCN). 7-1.261 Cooperating country national

(CCN). 7-1.262 U.S. National (USN).

7-1.600 Scope of subpart. 7-1.601 Policy. 7-1.602 Definitions. 7-1.603 Establishment and maintenance of

records and lists of debarred, suspended

and ineligible contractors. 7-1.603-1 Consolidated list of debarred,

suspended and ineligible contractors. 7-1.603-2 Agency records. 7-1.604 Effect of listing. 7-1.604-1 General. 7-1.604-2 Continuation of current con

tracts. 7-1.604-3 Restrictions on subcontracting. 7-1.605 Debarment. 7-1.605-1 General. 7-1.605-2 Causes for debarment. 7-1.605-3 Procedures. 7-1.605-4 Period of debarment. 7-1.605-5 Scope of debarment (imputed

conduct). 7-1.606 Suspension. 7-1.606-1 General. 7-1.606-2 Causes for suspension. 7-1.606-3 Procedures. 7-1.606-4 Period of suspension. 7-1.606-5 Scope of suspension. 7-1.607 Interchange of information.

Subpart 7-1.3—General Policies

[blocks in formation]

AUTHORITY: Sec. 621, 75 Stat. 445, as source for an overseas program or acamended; (22 U.S.C. 2381) E.O. 10973, Nov.

tivity. 3, 1961, 26 FR 10469; 3 CFR 1959-63 Comp.,

(b) At Missions where joint adminisunless otherwise noted.

trative services are arranged, procurSOURCE: 30 FR 12968, Oct. 12, 1965, unless

ing offices may apply the Department otherwise noted.

of State Procurement regulations

(DOSPR)/FPR for all administrative Subpart 7-1.0—Regulation System

and technical support procurement

except in defined areas. The defined AUTHORITY: 41 CFR 7-1.008-51.

areas and administrative guidelines for SOURCE: 47 FR 37882, Aug. 27, 1982, unless

procurement will be furnished to the otherwise noted.

overseas Missions by the Office Man87-1.002 Purpose.

agement Operations. Administrative

and local support services include the The Agency for International Devel

procurement accountability, mainteopment Procurement Regulations

nance and disposal of all office and (AIDPR) supplement the Federal Pro

residential equipment and furnishings, curement Regulations (FPR) and im

vehicles and expendable supplies purplement the procurement related as

chased with administrative and/or pects of the Foreign Assistance Act, Executive Order 11223, and estab

technical support funds, either dollars lished AID policies on procurement as

or local currency. set forth in Supplement B to AID

87-1.006-1 Code arrangement. Handbook 1. The AIDPR provides for the codification and publication of (a) The Federal Procurement Reguprocedures for the procurement of lations System brings together in services and personal property by AID Title 41 of the Code of Federal Regu

lations, the procurement regulations 87-1.003 Authority.

that apply to all civilian agencies of AIDPR is prepared by the Associate the Government. FPR is Chapter 1 of Assistant to the Administrator for Title 41; AIDPR is Chapter 7. Management (M/AAA/SER) by direc- (b) FPR will be divided into 49 parts, tion of the Administrator of AID pur- and Parts 1 through 49 of AIDPR will suant to the Foreign Assistant Act of

expand upon or modify the policies 1961, complies with Federal Procure

and procedures included in FPR. Mament Regulations System, and imple

terial issued in the first 49 parts of ments and supplements the Federal

AIDPR will be numerically keyed to Procurement Regulations (FPR). See

the corresponding sections of FPR. FPR 1-1.0.

Parts 50 through 99 of AIDPR will be (47 FR 37882, Aug. 27, 1982, as amended at used for procurement policies and pro48 FR 25189, June 6, 1983)

cedures for which FPR has no, or is 87-1.004 Applicability.

not expected to have, a counterpart. (a) Unless a deviation is specifically 87-1.006-2 Publication. authorized in accord with AIDPR 7

Those parts of AIDPR which con1.009, or unless otherwise provided, FPR and AIDPR apply to all procure

tain basic and significant policies and ments (regardless of currency of pay

procedures considered to be of interest ment) of personal property and non

to the general public will be published personal services to which AID is a

in the daily issues of the FEDERAL REGdirect party. This regulation does not

ISTER and, in cumulated form, in the apply to procurements by other par

Code of Federal Regulations. Copies of ties, such as borrowers and grantees,

AIDPR in FEDERAL REGISTER and Code which are financed under programs

of Federal Regulations form may be administered in whole or part by AID,

purchased from the Superintendent of nor to contracts entered into jointly

Documents, Government Printing by AID and the borrower or grantee to Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. make a procurement from a third

33-136 0-84--2

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