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Is it an altogether pleasing emotion?

No: there is a measure of uneasiness with it. What is its influence upon us?

It urges us to effort and action. 2. What is a Wish?

An Inactive Desire. 3. What is Hope? A feeling produced by an object which we think to be in

our reach. 4. What is Expectation?

An advance on hope, by greater probability. 5. What is Confidence? The feeling that exists when there is no doubt of obtain

ing the object. By what, as to Good not possessed, are our feelings influenced?

By Probability Explain your meaning. They are more or less intense, according to the various

degrees of probability as to our obtaining it. Mention the feelings produced by good enjoyed. Joy, Gladness, Cheerfulness, Mirth, Contentment, Satis

faction. Mention the feelings produced by Good not enjoyed, but

Desire, Wish, Hope, Expectation, Confidence.


How may evil be regarded by us, as to ourselves ?

Either as Present, or as Apprehended.

Present Evil.

What does Present Evil excite in our breasts ?

Various painful emotions.

1. What is Sorrow?

A painful feeling produced by loss or disappointment. 2. What is Grief?

A silent, deep, painful sorrow. 3. What is Melancholy?

Gloomy sadness : a continued sense of calamity. 4. What is Discontent? A painful feeling arising from the comparison of our own

state with that of others. 5. What is Dissatisfaction? It arises from disappointment, or from the partial accom

plishment of our desires. 6. What is Vexation and Chagrin?

Higher degrees of dissatisfaction, with irritation. 7. What is Impatience?

A mixture of sorrow and anger, with a feeling of irk


8. What is Repining?

Sorrow, with resentment against a superior agent. 9. What is Regret?

A feeling of sadness, with a conception of the cause.

Are there not some Virtuous Affections excited by Sorrow,

or called into action by the evils which produce it? There are such. 1. What is Patience?

Calm acquiescence in a state of which we feel the evil. 2. What is Resignation? It adds to patience a submissive disposition to the Divine

What does it acknowledge with regard to God?

That He afflicts us, and is just and good in what He does. What happy feeling does it imply?

Hope: hope of benefit and deliverance.

Apprehended Evil.

If Evil be Apprehended, what does it excite in the breast?

Various painful emotions. 1. What is fear? It arises from the sense of danger: from the prospect of

what is disagreeable, or of losing what is agreeable. 2. What is Consternation? A foreboding of tremendous evils: painful confusion and

amazement at the contemplation of evil. 3. What is Abject Fear? It is inspired by the idea of irresistible power in the

cause of it. To what is it closely allied?

To superstition. 4. What is Terror? Fear rousing to defence or escape; unless it overwhelm

the mind, and suspend all the power of action. 5. What is Dread? A degree of permanent fear: an habitual apprehension of

some tremendous event. 6. What is Despair? The fear of losing, or of suffering, or of remaining in a

state, without hope. 7. What is Cowardice? An habitual temper which disqualifies us for opposing

dangers. 8. What is Pusillanimity? A feebleness of mind, by which we are terrified at trifles

and imaginary dangers. 9. What is Timidity ?

A degree of pusillanimity, but not reproachable. 10. What is Doubt?

Fearful apprehension from the uncertainty of events.

Can you express your meaning in other words ?

Fluctuation of the mind between hope and fear. 11. What is Irresolution ? A painful state of mind when it cannot determine what

conclusion is to be formed, or what course of action is to be pursued.

Are there any Virtuous affections opposed to fear?

There are such. 1. What is Fortitude ?

Firmness of mind to resist dangers and endure sufferings. By what is it supported ?

By Hope.
By what may it be strengthened ?

Perhaps sometimes by a portion of the angry affections. 2. What is Courage ?

Active fortitude. 3. What is Intrepidity ?

Undaunted courage. Recapitulate. If Evil be Present, what feelings are excited ? Sorrow, Grief, Melancholy, Discontent, Dissatisfaction,

Vexation, Chagrin, Impatience, Repining, Regret. What Virtuous Affections may co-exist with present evil ?

Patience, Resignation. If Evil be Apprehended, what feelings are excited ? Fear, Consternation, Abject Fear, Terror, Dread, Despair,

Cowardice, Pusillanimity, Timidity, Doubt, Irresolu

tion. What Virtuous Affections may be excited by it?

Fortitude, Courage, Intrepidity.



What do you mean by Self-love?

The love of ourselves. To what does it lead us ?

To study our own interest, gratification, and comfort. Does the notion of good and evil in ourselves excite various

emotions ? Such is the case. 1. What is Complacency?

Being pleased with; having full delight in. Explain it as an emotion. A full and continued satisfaction, connected with a con

siderable degree of approbation, as to ourselves or

others. To what only, in strict propriety, is the word applicable?

To the good which originates in moral excellence. Is complacency pleasant ? High measures of it are the most grateful of all the affec

tions. 2. What is Pride ?

An undue or unjust elation of mind. From what does it arise? From an opinion of talents and worth which we have not:

or from unduly valuing any endowments which we

have. Mention some of these endowments. They may belong to the body, or to the mind, or to birth,

rank, fortune, &c. 3. What is Vanity?

Pride fondly courting notice and applause. 4. What is Haughtiness?

An overt act of pride: pride swelling and overbearing.

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