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till, tiri, existing is ports with the excepco Di Lmg Beach. Caiit, avui, Seattie Vask cannot accommodate vessels which require a dent of water in excess of tā teet tu maneuver Fuuly loaded. a mattern sinertanker of 200.000 dead veigic tons or more draws tirom Au to 100 feet of water.

trongn tiere are in ports in the word tatav which can handle sunertankers, the Cnited states is without a single place to tie up and oiloand me of the th3 tankers of the so-called "supercategory now in existence. To get the depth of water needed om tije Atlantic Ccean, a nooring system. mau have to be located as far as 41 miles out to ea.

Morenver the Cnited States pians to develop with the assistance of construction subsidies its own fleet of 30 to 1) supertankers. If there are no ports to receive them, the United States will then have 30 to 10 "Flying Dutchmen." doomed to sail the seas but unable to find rest at home.

But even if there is no alterative to constructing deepwater panets, we must not be too hasty in building them if it means legitimate environmental concerns will be ignored. These concerns must ble roognized and accommodated if all t.s. interests are to be satis

The Federal Government and the regulatory authority to properly handle this aspect of deepwater port

y han several States need additional development. A wide range of other regulatory gaps need to be filled as well. International jurisdiction, Federal-State jurisdiction, basic Federal regulatory authority, taxation, financing, landside impact, are but a few of the other factors which cannot be ignored in superport policy. To be

sure, the fundamental question of whether or not superports are actually needed is necessarily a part of the much larger energy policy question. It would be counter-productive to consider the need for superports without reference to energy policy in general. This committee does not intend to divorce consideration of superport policy from its deliberations on energy.

(The bill and agency comments follow :)

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JANUARY 4, 1978
Mi ** Noix (Pas himself, MT kennxny, Mr. MAONUSON, Mr. ROTH, and Mr.

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A BILL ? #mand the Parts and Waterwais Safety Act of 1972 to

piwwista (ali kuhariin to low placed in the National Oceanic ** Afmeyr Adminmnian for the certification of the

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"SEC. 301. This title may be cited as the 'Offshore

6 Marine Environment Protection Act of 1973'.




“SEC. 302. (a) The Congress finds

“(1) that the construction and operation of large



scale offshore artificial structures, both fixed and float





ing, designed to be used as ports and terminals, powerplants, airports, research platforms, and other uses, are presently planned;

“(2) that there is a nationwide need to oversee the planning, construction, and operation of such facilities to prevent damage to coastal navigable waters, the coastal zone and the resources therein, including, but not limited to, fish, shellfish, and wildlife, marine






and coastal resources and recreational and scenic values,


which waters and resources are hereafter in this Act


referred to as the 'marine environment'; and


“(3) that the planned development of such fa


cilities involves and affects interstate and foreign com


merce, fisheries and wildlife, and navigation and will



affert l'united States citizens and the marine environ


ment over a broud geographical area.


“ (l) The purpose of this Act is to provide for the 4 fullest protection of the marine environment possible to 5 prevent adverse impact which may result from the construc6 tion and operation of such facilities by authorizing and direct7 ing the Secretary of the Department in which the National 8 Oceanic and Atinospheric Administration is operating to issue

& certification that in respect of any artificial structure all 10 possible precautions have been taken to protect the marine 11 environment, or to deny such certification if the facility is 1. adjudged by the Secretary to pose an unreasonable threat to 13 the integrity of the marine environment.

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"Sud, BOB, For the purposes of the Act the term

***] Secretary' means the Secretary of the Depart17 ment in which the National Ocennie and Atmospheric Adin ministration is operaring

nihil lusticial na natin mens any manmade structure, * mihar tined string loated in brigable waters of the

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