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60 c.

Ingram, J: K. The Present Position and Prospects of Political Economy. London, 1878.

Marshall, A. The Present Position of Economics. Lond. and N. Y., Macmillan, 1885.

Author Prof. of Pol. Econ. in Univ. of Cambridge.

Rogers, J. E. THOROLD. The Economic Interpretation of [English] History. N. Y., Putnam, 1888. 547 p. 0. $3.

Instructive as showing the powerful influence economics have had in English history.

Twiss, TRAVERS. View of the Progress of Political Economy in Europe since the 16th Century. Lond., 1847. 8°. [Out of print and scarce.]

An excellent work, very concise, but covers only a limited period—the last four centuries.

Blanqui, J. A. 1798-1854. History of Political Economy in Europe. Tr. by Emily J. Leonard, with an introduction by David A. Wells. N. Y., Putnam, 1880. xii+575 p. 0. $3.

Not always trustworthy in its statements and criticisms, and half a century old. “A brilliant but light writer," says Cossa. Succeeded J. B. Say as professor.

Block, MAURICE. Le progres de la science economique depuis Adam Smith. Paris, 1890. 2 v. 8°.

Writter, from the classical standpoint. For advanced students. “A work which in some respects compares with the best productions of recent times in any country. Of the first importance and of enduring value.”E. R. A. Seligman.

Laveleye, Emile de. New Tendencies of Political Economy; tr. by G: Walker. N. Y., I. S. Homans, 1879. 12°, pap., 25 C.

Villeneuve-Bargemont, J. P. A. de. Histoire de l'économie politique. Paris, 1841.

2 v. 8°. Of religious bias, aiming to oppose a “Christian political economy to the "English" doctrine. “Now wholly forgotten,” says Cossa.

Dühring, E. Kritische Geschichte der National Oekonomie und des Socialismus. 1871. 3d ed., Berlin, 1879. 8°.

The most recent history, but ill-balanced, specially emphasizing List and Carey.

Eisenhart, H. Geschichte der Nationalökonomik. Jena, 1881. 243 p. 8o.

The most philosophical sketch of the subject.

Kautz, Julius. Die Geschichtliche Entwickelung der National Oekonomie und ihrer Literatur. Vienna, 1860.

2 v. 8°. The best book on the subject. It has never been translated.

Roscher, W: Geschichte der National Oekonomie in Deutschland. Munich, 1874. 2 v. 8°.

Cossa calls this the most remarkable and satisfactory, work on the history of political economy in one of the most cultivated nations of Europe.

Roscher, W: Zur Geschichte der Englischen Volkswirthschaftslehre. Leipzig, 1851-2.

“A learned and elegant exposition of the changes in English political economy, 16th-17th centuries.”—Cossa.

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POLITICAL ECONOMY, GENERAL WORKS. As elementary works, American, see Mason and Lalor's Primer; for private reading, Bowker's or Perry's (smaller book); for school study, Perry's or Chapin's (free trade), Steele's (protection), or F. A. Walker's Elementary Course.” English, see Jevons' capital Primer; Marshall's, readable and illustrative, or Macleod's, rather analytic and abstruse, also Roger's bright lessons Americanized by G. H. Putnam ; see also translations of Bastiat and About. For high school and college use, the leading works are Perry's (best known, now in 18th ed.), F. A. Walker's (scientific and moderate), Laughlin's (with good diagrams), Ely's (“historical school”), Andrew's (very succinct and scientific), and Thompson's or Bowen's (protectionist). Gregory, Sturtevant, and other writers also cover this field. The great writers of the past are Adam Smith, Ricardo (on rent), Malthus (on population). Mill; the early French economists; and, in America, H. C. Carey, head of the protectionist school. Of living or recent writers, Wells, the free-trade leader, Sumner, extremely individualistic, Amasa and his son F. A. Walker, and for the protectionists, Greeley and Denslow, may be noted among Americans; Cairnes, Jevons, Bagehot, Fawcett, Thorold Rogers, among English; Cherbuliez and Chevalier among French; Roscher and Cohn among Germans.

AMERICAN WORKS. Andrews, E. B. Institutes of Economics. Boston, Silver, Burdett & Co., 1889. 227 p. D. $1.30.

Author Pres. of Brown Univ. “A succinct text-book" for colleges, high schools, and academies. Extremely concise and thorough in analysis ; references to the best authorities on special themes preface each section, and foot-notes guiding to illustrative facts follow.

Bowen, FRANCIS. American Political Economy. 1870. New ed. N. Y., Scribner, 1885. D. $2.50.

Author Prof. at Harvard Univ. A systematic treatise, with special reference to the U. S. Includes remarks on management of the currency and finances since the outbreak of the war. Reviews Ricardo's doctrin of rent, and favors protection.

Bowker, R: R. Economics for the People. 1886. 3d ed. N. Y., Harper, 1890. 279 p., S. 75 c.

Author a business man. “Plain talks on economics, especially for use in business, in schools, and in women's reading classes." Intended for popular reading, as well as for study. Includes chapters on economic history and literature, and supersedes same writer's brief summary “Of Work and Wealth." Adopted in the Chautauqua reading course.

Carey, H:C. 1793-1879. Principles of Social Science. 1837-40. 3 v. Phila., H. C. Baird & Co. 8°, $3.

The comprehensive work on political economy of the most original of American econ- • omists, who is not merely the chief American advocate of protection. His views concerning value (as the cost of reproduction) and rent (opposing Ricardo by a theory of increasing production from land) command even more attention from German than from American economists. For full contents, see Brooklyn Lib. Cat.

Carey, H: C. Manual of Social Science. Condensed from Carey's Principles of Social Science by Kate McKean. Phila., H. C. Baird & Co. D. $2.25.

Chapin, A. L. First Principles of Political Economy. N. Y., Sheldon, 1880. 213 p., S. 60 c.

Author Pres, of Beloit Coll., Wis. A systematic and comprehensive text-book, orthodox school, with questions after each chapter.

Clark, J. B. The Philosophy of Wealth ; economic principles newly formulated. Boston, Ginn & Co., 1886. 235 p. D. $1.10.

Not a text-book nor an exhaustive treatise, yet may be used with advantage by classes instructed partly by lectures and partly by topical reading. A work thoroughly scientific in treatment, fully recognizing the influence of moral forces in the economic field.

Denslow, Van Buren. Principles of the Economic Philosophy of Society, Government, and Industry. N. Y., Cassell, 1888. 782 p. 0. $3.50.

A clear and full exposition of economics from the stand point of a protectionist. Useful for its quotations of definitions by leading writers, and for diagrams. Has excellent indexes, personal and general.

Ely, R: T. Introduction to Political Economy. N. Y., Chautauqua Press (Hunt & Eaton), 1889. 358 p. 0. $1.

Author Prof. in Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Secy. of Amer. Economic Assoc., and a leader of the new school” of national or historical economists, of which this text-book, prepared for Chautauqua students, is representative. Has a brief course of reading and bibliography.

Greeley, HoracE. 1811-72. Essays on Political Economy. New ed. Phila., Porter & Coates, 1877. 16°, $1.

Serving to explain and defend the policy of protection to home industry as a system of national coöperation for the elevation of labor." The famous editor of the N. Y. Tribune was, next to Carey, the great American apostle of protectionism.

Gregory, J. M. New Political Economy. Cincinnati, Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co., 1883. 12°, $1.20.

Laughlin, J. LAURENCE. Elements of Political Economy, with some application to questions of the day. N. Y., Appleton, 1887. 363 p. D. $1.50.

A text-book explaining the elementary principles of political economy, with illustrative charts, and series of questions and problems. Intended for American youth whose education ends with the high school or academy. Clear and compact.

Macvane, S. M. Working Principles of Political Economy. Effingham, Maynard & Co., 1890. 392 p. 8°, $1.50.

Mason, A. B., and Lalor, J. J. Primer of Political Economy; in sixteen Definitions and forty Propositions. Chicago, McClurg, 1876.67 p. 16°, 60 c.

Newcomb, SIMON. Principles of Political Economy. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 548 p. 0. $2.50.

An elaborate treatise, scientific in structure.

Perry, A. L. Elements of Political Economy. 1866. 18th ed. N. Y., Scribner, 1883. 608 p. 0. $2.50.

Author Prof. in Williams Coll. A systematic treatise, long the leading text-book in Amer, colleges, with a historical introduction and a free-trade chapter on American tariffs.

Perry, A. L. Introduction to Political Economy. N. Y., Scribner, 1877. 348 p. D. $1.50.

A simpler re-working of this author's well-known “ Elements,” in six chapters on Value, Production, Commerce, Money, Credit, Taxation.

Richmond, Wilfrid. Christian Economics. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1888. 278 p. D. $2.

A volume chiefly of sermons intended to enforce the ethical relations in economics.

Steele, Geo. M. Outline Study of Political Economy. N. Y., Chautauqua Press, 1885. 195 p. D. 60c.

Author Principal of Wesleyan Acad., Wilbraham, Mass. Follows Carey, sums up in favor of protection and of taxation on expenditure, e.g., rent. A Chautauqua text-book.

N. Y., N. Y.,

Sturtevant, J. M. Economics; or, The Science of Wealth. Putnam, 1879. 343 p. D. $1.75.

Thompson, R. E. Political Economy, with special reference to the industrial history of nations. 1875. 3d rev. ed. Phila., Porter & Coates, 1882. 419 p. D. $1.50.

An exposition by a teacher favorable to protection, Prof. in the Univ. of Pa. A third and revised edition of his work of 1875, “ Social Science and National Economy."

Walker, AMASA. 1799-1875. The Science of Wealth; a Manual of Political Economy. 1866. Student's ed. Phila., Lippincott. 12°, $1.50.

Walker, FRANCIS A. Political Economy. (American Science SeriesAdvanced Course.) N. Y., Holt, 1887. 537 P., O. $2.

Specially valuable in its elucidations of the questions of land and wages.

Walker, FRANCIS A. Political Economy. (American Science Series Briefer Course.) N. Y., Holt, 1883. 490 p. 0. $1.20.

Specially valuable for "some applications of economical principles” (to questions of the day) which form the last part.

Walker, FRANCIS A. First Lessons in Political Economy. (American Science Series-Elementary Course.) N. Y., Holt, 1889. 323 p. D. $1.00.

For use in high schools and academies. Suitable for youths of from 16 to 18.

Wayland, F. 1796–1865. Elements of Political Economy. 1852. Recast by A. L. Chapin. N. Y., Sheldon, 1878. 12°, $1.75.

For many years a standard text-book.

Note.-The important "Systematic Political Science,” by the Faculty of Political Science of Columbia College, 9 vols., 8°, now in preparation, will include a volume on · Historical and Practical Political Economy,” by R. M. Smith, and another on the “ Historical and Comparative Science of Finance (a subject hitherto generally included in the English text-books on Political Economy), by Edwin R. A. Seligman.

ENGLISH WORKS. Bagehot, WALTER. 1826–77. Postulates of English Political Economy. N. Y., Putnam, 1885. 114 p. D. $1.

An examination of two leading postulates-the transferability of labor and of capitalmasterly and suggestive. Points out to opposite parties the common ground on which they can be reconciled. Part of a comprehensive survey which the author did not live to complete. Author editor of The Economist, London.

Cairnes, J. E. 1824-75. Character and Logical Method of Political Economy. 1857. 2d ed. N. Y. Harper, 1875. 229 p. 12°, $1.50.

Includes valuable chapters on the Malthusian doctrine of population and on Ricardo's theory of rent. Cossa declares Cairnes“ foremost among contemporary English economists.'

Cairnes, J. E. Some Leading Principles in Political Economy Newly Expounded. N. Y., Harper, 1874. 506 p. 0. $2.50.

This is specially valuable for the subject of wages, in regard to which it establishes the standard of sound doctrine, and for some points in international trade. It contributes also to a re-analysis of cost and supply and demand. For full contents, see Brooklyn Lib. Cat.

Fawcett, H: 1833–88. Manual of Political Economy. 1863. 6th ed. Lond. and N. Y., Macmillan, 1886. D. $2.60.

Readers who have not the time or the preliminary training required by the more comprehensive works, will find in this volume a briefer and simpler statement of the doctrine iaught by Mill. This edition contains a chapter on State Socialism and Land Nationalization, with additions on the precious metals, slavery, coöperation, local taxation, etc.

Fawcett, Mrs. M. G. Political Economy for Beginners, with questions. 1869. 7th ed. Lond. and N. Y., Macmillan, 1889. 227 p. S. 75 C.

Fawcett, Mrs. M. G. Tales in Political Economy. Lond., 1874. 104 p., 16°, 90 C.

Author wife of Prof. Fawcett, and a clear and clever writer.

Jevons, W. STANLEY. 1835–82. The Theory of Political Economy. 1871. 2d ed. Lond. and N. Y., Macmillan, 1879.315 p. 8°, $3.

Less available for general readers, because it employs the methods and nomenclature of pure mathematics, but, partly for this reason, it is one of the recent works which have contributed most to the progress of the science. His view is that value depends entirely upon utility.

Jevons, W. STANLEY. Primer of Political Economy. N. Y., Appleton. 134 p. S. 45 c.

McCulloch, J: R. 1789-1864. Principles of Political Economy. New ed. N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1883. 517 p. 0. $2.50.

A leading writer of the English free-trade school and its encyclopedist. Includes sketch of the rise and progress of the science (60 pages).

McCulloch, J:R. Political Economy, together with an Essay on the Interest and Value of Money, by JOHN LOCKE. New ed. Lond., 1878. 8°, $1.60.

Macleod, H. DUNNING. The Principles of Economical Philosophy, Lond., 1872–75. 2 v. 8°, $12.

“A learned and acute, but paradoxical writer, combining good observations on special questions, with dangerous errors and old sophisms," says Cossa. This comprehensive work opposes Say and Mill on credit and Ricardo on rent. For full analysis, see Brooklyn Lib. Cat.

Macleod, H. DUNNING. Elements of Economics. V. I, 1881. N. Y., Appleton, 1886.

D. $1.75. Macleod, H. DUNNING. Economics for Beginners. Lond. and N. Y., Longmans, 1886.

171 P., S. $1. Marshall, ALFRED. Principles of Economics. Lond. and N. Y., Macmillan, 1890. V. 1, 28+754 p. 8°, $4.

The most important work in English since J. S. Mill. To be completed in a 2d v.

Marshall, ALFRED and Mary Paley. Economics of Industry. Lond. and N. Y., Macmillan, 1881. 231 p. S. $1.

Malthus, T: R. 1766-1834. _Principles of Political Economy. Lond., 1821.

Definitions of Political Economy. Lond., 1827. Now chiefly of historical interest and not comparable with his Essay on Population. He supported the taxation of imported corn and the theory of over-production.

Martineau, HARRIET. 1802-76. Illustrations of Political Economy. Lond., 1859.

Excellent short stories illustrating economic principles. For full contents, see Brooklyn Lib. Cat., p. 742.

Mill, JAMES. 1773-1836. Elements of Political Economy. 1821. 3d ed. Lond., 1826.

Chiefly notable as the father and instructor of J. S. Mill. A résumé of Smith, Malthus, and Ricardo.

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