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BALLAD OF THE RIDGEWAY The place of my soul is the windROAD.

scoured down

Where the red sun burns all day; From the blinking surt where the And O! the road, the gallant road! Lizard sprawls

Let me follow and touch my friend,To the iron fangs of the North,

The great green snake of turt that There is many a road to stir the blood

glides of him who fareth forth;

With never a coil nor bend. All roads seem good to the wise of mood,

Fetid and foul are the city streets; But of all the roads that be,

O let me once more feel My chosen way is the broad Ridgeway, The ample wind in my shoulder-parts That is home and friend to me.

And the leaping turf at my heel!

O let me fly from the tunnelled ways Now new-made roads are ruts for And the antheap towns of toil, toads,

To breast the brow of Wantage Hill, Girls' ribbons, coilful things;

And smell the ancient soil! But the Roman wrought, as a Roman ought,

Now some love women, and these are A street for the cars of Kings.

wise; He hurled his chain o'er the breast And some love ale and wine; broad plain

And the poet's art is life to the heart, Sheer forthright to its bent,

But a road is a thing divine. Like a fetter forged on the giant flank There are roads of the best 'twixt East of a captive continent.

and West,

But of all the roads that be, He passed; his legionaries tread

O the royal way, the broad Ridgeway, A dimmer, grayer plain

Is the king of roads for me! Than Ashdown field, where, shield to

St. John Lucas. shield,

The Spectator.
Clashed Wessex man and Dane.
But folk who travel Lambourn way
At eve from Wantage town,
Still hear a Latin watchword ring

Across the drowsy down;

She stooped with serious eyes And sentinels with falcon face

Where peace in shadow lay, Beneath a ghostly moon,

Searched in my frightened eyes, and
Clank starkly round the thymy mound smiled
Where shepherds lolled at noon;

All fear away.
The gates divide, and like a tide
The whispering legion swings,

Pierced to my heart-my heart,
With tarnished eagles, down the slope All language else forgot,
To tame the Briton Kings.

Caught all the secrets love to love

Refuses not.
But I am a man of the common kind,
I see no fiercer sight

Trembling, and dim, and weak,
Than the old hawthorn at sentry-go

Took my cold, idle hand And the glowworm's cresset alight;

That yearned, yet trembled to receive The wonderful breath of the sleeping

Her mute command. earth Drifts from the land below,

Out of the dusk a birdAnd the big and little stars of God

A leaf from the tossing treeThey watch me as I go.

Eyes in a fading mist of age

Summoning me. Let the valley lanes seem good to those

Walter de le Vare. Who love a guarded way;

Blackwood's Magazine.


Home and Day School for Girls

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now a subscriber 3 months (13 ern climate. Northern and foreign teachers. Terms, $400 to $60). Miss AGNES D. WEST, Prin. Refers to Rev. A. S. Lloyd, D.D., 281 4th Ave., New York City. numbers) upon receipt of one dollar

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