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Subtitle A–Federal Procurement

Regulations System

The Office of the Federal Register which preceded the effective date of published the following document at the FAR. 50 FR 26987, July 1, 1985.

The Office of the Federal Register EDITORIAL NOTE: On September 19,

(OFR) normally reissues its CFR revi. 1983 (48 FR 42103), a joint document

sions of both Title 32 and Title 41 vol. issued by the General Services Admin

umes as of July of each year. Because istration, the Department of Defense

of numerous amendments published to and the National Aeronautics and

both the DAR and FPR during the Space Administration, established a

July 1, 1983 to July 1, 1984 CFR revi. new Federal Acquisition Regulation in

sion cycle, the Office of the Federal Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regu

Register issued full text revisions as of lations (CFR). The general Federal

July 1, 1984, for each of the CFR volAcquisition Regulation (FAR) pub

umes containing DAR or FPR regulalished on that date is codified at Chap

tions. ter 1 of Title 48. Chapters 2 through

These 14 CFR volumes are: 49 of Title 48 were reserved and estab

DEFENSE ACQUISITION REGULATIONS lished for individual agency implementations and supplementations of the

Title 32

(Part 1-39), volume I FAR. The FAR in Chapter 1 together

(Part 1-39), volume II with the agency regulations in Chap

(Part 1-39), volume III ters 2 to 49 comprise the Federal Acquisition Regulations System that FEDERAL PROCUREMENT REGULATIONS went into effect on April 1, 1984.

Title 41, The FAR system replaced both the

Chapter 1, (Parts 1-1 to 1-10) Federal Procurement Regulations Chapter 1, (Part 1-11 to Appendix)— System (FPRS) for civilian contracts Chapter 2 (41 CFR Subtitle A, Chapters 1 to 49) Chapters 3 to Chapter 6 and the Defense Acquisition Regula Chapter 7 tions (DAR) for defense contracts (32

Chapter 8 CFR Chapter 1, Parts 1 to 39). While

Chapter 9

Chapters 10 to 17 the new FAR regulations in Title 48

Chapter 18: replaced the Title 32 DAR and Title 41

Volume I (Parts 1-5) FPR regulations as of April 1, 1984,

Volume II (Parts 6-19) both the DAR and FPR provisions Volume III (Parts 20-52 and Appendix) continue to apply to those contracts Chapter 19 to Chapter 100

These CFR volumes represent the final codified versions of the former procurement systems which continue to apply to those contracts entered into prior to the adoption of the FAR. Because the former FPR and DAR regulations do not apply to contracts entered into subsequent to the effectiveness of the FAR on April 1, 1984, it is unlikely that there will be any fur

. ther amendments to these regulations. Since July 1, 1984 there has been only one amendment published in the FEDERAL REGISTER which affected the former FPR or DAR regulations. This amendment was not a substantive amendment; it was a clarifying statement to a Labor Department procurement regulation in 41 CFR 29-70.103 (see 49 FR 38108, Sept. 27, 1984).

The FPR and DAR regulations issued in the July 1, 1984 CFR editions are substantively unchanged. The Office of the Federal Register normal.

ly does not reissue CFR volumes when there have been no amendments issued to a particular volume during the revision cycle. A cover is usually issued and sent to CFR subscribers indicating that the last edition should be retained. The Superintendent of Documents, Governnment Printing Office continues to sell the “old” edition until supplies are exhausted.

Since the 1984 FPR and DAR regulations were printed in the 14 volumes listed above, OFR will not reprint the full text of these regulations in the July 1, 1985 CFR revisions. Users should retain the 1984 edition of these volumes. The 1985 revision of Titles 32 and 41 will contain only text of those parts not affected by the FAR and a note referring the reader to the 1984 edition for the text of the FPR (41 CFR Chapters 1 to 49) and DAR (32 CFR Parts 1 to 39).

Subtitle B—Other Provisions Relating to Public Contracts




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50-201 General regulations ....
50-202 Minimum wage determinations
50-203 Rules of practice..............
50-204 Safety and health standards for Federal supply

contracts ..............................................
50-205 Enforcement of safety and health standards by

State officers and employees ........... 50-206 The Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act interpre.

tations ....... 50-210 Statements of general policy and interpretation

not directly related to regulations

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