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§ 1060.103

Manner of acquisition.

All reasonable equipment, supplies, and/or services necessary for the safety and convenience of SATAF personnel in the performance of their duties will normally be provided through the contractor from the following sources:

(a) Transfer from the host base supply channels.

(b) Acquisition by the integrating contractor or furnished as GFP under the contractor's facilities contract.

(c) Acquisition by the integrating contractor under a CPFF supply contract containing a permissive clause recognizing costs related to SATAF support as allowable costs under the contract.

Finding Aids

This Code of Federal Regulations volume contains regulations constituting Title 32, Chapter VII (Parts 1000 to 1099) promulgated during 1949-1962 which were in force and effect on December 31, 1962. The following finding aids used in conjunction with this volume and the daily FEDERAL REGISTER, are designed to assist the user with respect to current regulations, and research concerning regulations which have expired or those which have been superseded or deleted from the Code of Federal Regulations.

A subject index to the entire Code of Federal Regulations is published separately and revised annually.

Code of Federal Regulations Volumes

List 1-Current Volumes

The following list shows all Code of Federal Regulations volumes containing regu-
tions in effect as to facts arising on and after January 1, 1963. For superseded

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