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Harold Williams, Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission-Contin-


Adopt margin requirements..

Prepared statement

A. The commission's response to the March silver trading crisis.

B. The statutory framework for regulating futures trading

C. Margin regulation.

Prepared statement before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer,

and Monetary Affairs of the House of Representatives Committee on

Government Operations, May 14, 1980

Prepared statement before the Subcommittee on Agricultural Research

and General Legislation of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nu-

trition and Forestry, May 2, 1980.....

Letter to James M. Stone, re: Application of the Kansas City Board of

Trade for contract market designation in a future based upon the value

line stock market average

Subsequent information received regard the Securities Investor Protec-

tion Corporation......

Robert L. Martin, Commissioner, CFTC.

Present level of margins set too low.

Silver market bubble.

Prepared statement

James M. Stone, Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Read

P. Dunn, Jr., Commissioner, CFTC; David G. Gartner, Commissioner,


Invitation to trouble

Restrict speculative lending

Prepared statement.

Panel discussion:

Hole in the regulatory net.

Statutory problems

CFTC stepchild among regulatory agencies.

Disparity and discrimination

Tax trading.

Possible collapse of major broker-dealer.

Controls on off-budget credit programs...

Extension of credit ..

Availability of information.

Restructured loan to stabilize situation.











Lee H. Berendt, President, Commodity Exchange, Inc-Continued

Chronology of activities relating to the silver market from September

1979 through March 1980—Continued

C. Exhibits of Commodity Exchange, Inc. - Continued

6. Liquidation trading order and exemptions .....

7. Position limit rule as amended ..

8. Comex response to CFTC inquiry

9. Daily Comex settlement prices for spot silver

D. Statement of Comex Clearing Association, Inc.:

I. Scope of statement.

II. Role of clearing association

III. Self-regulatory approach.

IV. Chronology

E. Attachments of Comex Clearing Association, Inc.:

1. Attachment A-Original margin rates for silver effective on

and after September 10, 1979 ....

2. Attachment B-Original margin rates for silver effective on

and after September 21, 1979 ..

3. Attachment C-Resolutions of board implementing Comex

original margin rule Q..

4. Attachment D-Informating sharing agreement between Asso-

ciation and Comex

5. Attachment E-Original margin rates for silver effective on

and after January 7, 1980....

6. Attachment F-Extract from minutes of Board meeting of

January 27, 1980.

7. Attachment G-List of officers and directors of Comex Clear-

ing Association, Inc..........

8. Attachment H-List of clearing members....

Andrew F. Brimmer, former Public Governor of Commodity Exchange, Inc

Caution against a rush to judgment....

Letter to Senator Stewart regarding foreign banking institutions

Robert K. Wilmouth, president, Chicago Board of Trade

Exchange emergency powers

Prepared statement

Detailed statement.



Part I.--Financial and precious metals futures and the role of


1. The role of financial and precious metals futures....

2. The role of speculation in futures markets....

Part II.-Futures "margins”.

3. The nature of futures "margins”

4. Policy goals and economic analysis of futures margins

5. Margins at the Chicago Board of Trade

6. Analysis of S. 2704 .....

Part III. --Recent events in silver

7. The silver and gold markets: An economic analysis.

8. Performance of the Chicago Silver Futures Market.

9. Self-regulatory activities of the Chicago Board of Trade in

the Chicago Silver Futures Market

Part IV.-Futures regulation

10. CFTC jurisdiction .....

11. CFTC powers to protect the market.

12. Self-regulation and the public interest.

Clayton Yeutter, president, Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Dynamism of the industry.

Pyramiding ..

Prepared statement:

The economic purpose of futures markets.

The role of the speculator.

S. 2704 ......

Summary of comments on S. 2704


W. N. Vernon III, Kansas City Board of Trade.

Benefits of futures trading

Prepared statement

Page Mortgage Bankers Association of America .......

720 Scott D. Dial, past silver specialist for Clayton Brokerage Co. Inc.

723 Silver Users Association: Statement of May 2, 1980

726 Statement of May 22, 1980

728 Statement of June 5, 1980

728 Newsletter of Jan. 11, 1980

735 Newsletter of May 8, 1980

737 The Mortgage Corporation.

739 Andrew G. E. Racz, security analyst ...........

742 (See also committee print, Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, “Information Related to Futures Contracts in Financial Instruments, Parts I and II-Including Positions of Exchange Directors in Silver and Gold Futures.")

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